Worry and Admissions

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Late afternoon finds If'an down at the beach with his huge brown, the dappled dragon up to his chest in water and half scrubbed. It looks like If'an only has about a third of the dragon left to bathe. "Lift yur wing, ya thief…" The burly man is just dressed in a pair of old, cutoff trousers as he hangs from Izzuth's back to wash under the light brown limb.

Walking along the Beach, Garait seems focused and looking for someone or something and is carrying a package as he does. He notices the Brown and recognises the voice before he notices the rider. When he does notice the rider and his state of dress, his jaw nearly drops and he blushes a deep red. No, he won'tt be going out ther right now. He's dressed in khaki's, a light blue shirt and sandles. His eyes show a mi of emotions, if they are paid attention to: a hint of anger maybe, a hint of lust and seceral others. "Afternoon Izzy, May I have a word when you have a moment?"

Izzuth rumbles a greeting to the youngster, which gets his lifemate's attention, though he doesn't stop scrubbing until he's finished with the area under the brown's wing. Only when he's finished does If'an look in the direction his dragon's attention is focused, "Oi!" He waves a greeting, "A'lo, Garait!" He grins and gives the dragon under him an affectionate pat, "Now ya get t' meet my Izzuth." He gives the dragon a quick scritch, "Stay there, I'm ready f'r a break, anyways." With that, he slides downt the brown's side to land in the water with a splash to swim into shore and shake off, almost like a canine, "Wha's goin' on?"

Nodding his greeting to Izuth, he smiles at the dragon, "It's nice to meet you." Then the rider is swimming towards shore and is near him. Shirtless and in We shorts. Garait's breath shallows a little bit as his eyes widen some and his face stays flushed red. fter a few attempts to speak, he hands the brownrider the carving of a dragon, which is stained brown, "Here, I um, got this, um, for you from the Traders."

A look of surprise crosses If'an's face when he's given the package and he shakes as much water off of his hands as he can before taking it, "Ya didn' have t' get me nothin…" He gives the boy a considering look before he opens it, his eyes wide at what he's just been given, "I…" He turns it over in his hands, studying the craftsmanship and care that went into it, "This had t' set ya back." He stops to really look at the boy, "Thank ya. I'll treasure it." Izzuth rumbles curiously and lumbers out of the water to see what it is that his rider has just been given, crooning in approval when it's held up for his inspection. Even the dragon likes it!

Garait bows his head shyly, still blushing, bit glances from the ground to the brownrider, but seems to have trouble with words, "I ummm, well, um, when I saw it, I wanted to get it for yu and wasn't worried about the price." Tough it set him back, yes. The Beastcrsfter takes a step towards the browrider, "You realy likr it?: He seems hopefull and a hint of desire creeps into his voice.

If'an looks slightly pained at the hope in the youngster's voice, but nods, "Yar… I like it." He looks up at the dragon when Izzuth rumbles happily, "An' Izzuth likes it, too." He sighs, "How old 'r ya, Garait? Fourteen turns? I got almos' twenty-five."

Garait blushes smes and stops, He's worried about age? "I git fifteen Turn, bhivh meas I can get married. Or not." Or something else. He's shy, but his tenage hormones are definirwly showing.

Izzuth rumbles and gently nudges If'an towards the boy, making the tall man stumble forward, clutching the little wooden dragon protectively to his chest and shaking his head at the dragon, literally, being pushy. He sighs and shakes his head, "Seems Izzyth don't see a probl'm with it." He might be as bad as a teenager himself, most of the time, but that doesn't mean he wants to take advantage of someone who might not really know what he wants, yet. "It ain't gonna help my reputation if'n I encouraged ya…" Not that he really cares about his reputation, but it wouldn't help the apprentice's, either, "C'mon. Le's go some'eres we c'n talk, a'ight?"

Blushing some and chewing on his lower lip some then, he nods, mixed emotions running across hi face. Emarrassment, shyness, desire and interest are all there, but also a hint of fear too. No one really wants to be rejected, do they? "Umm, well I guess, sure…." So uncertain of himself now, Garait seems almost like he wants to hide now, hoping all will be forgotten.

"C'mon." If'an moves to try and drape a companionable arm around the youth's shoulders and lead him away from the beach, "Izzuth'll be fine wallowin' 'round here in th' water. I know a quiet spot in th' garden where we c'n talk 'bout this." He doesn't seem to notice the apprentice's discomfort, just trying to guide him somewhere a little more private, but still more public than his weyr.

The Beastcraft Apprentice lets If'an's arm drape around his shoulders, enjoying the proximity to the brownrider and lets himself be guided to the spot the brownrider mentioned. "Sure, talking will be nice." Garait seems to retreat into himself a little more, looking down and chewing on his lower lip more, thinking way too much about what this may mean.

Izzuth croons encouragement to Garait as the pair leaves the beach for the meadow, If'an falling silent while they walk, except for promising that 'it ain't much further, now' when they reach the garden.


Xanadu Weyr - Secluded Alcove
A twisting, darkly mulched pathway, leads through a densely wooded area off to a set of wooden beams grown into the landscape to form a set of rustic stairs. Each one covered in a bit of leafy moss here and there. Just beyond the path opens up into a romantic secluded garden cut into the wilds themselves. The aromatic scent of the woods is enhanced by the restful sound of a small waterfall splashing over a natural rock formation down into a mountain spring that feeds other water required points of interest elsewhere. Huge mossy covered boulders surround the scene, sparse flowering trees and bushes darting the background with their pale pink blossoms.
A few benches are set off in private areas here and there for the murmured discussion of lovers. Visitors are encouraged to take a swim in the pond, or lounge on the velvety carpeted mossy rock encasing the body itself. Several large flat stones stand alone just inside, allowing one to sit and refresh themselves by sinking perhaps just their legs into the fresh cool water.

Garait follows the brownrider, looking a bit forlorn and embarrassed, glancing aat If'an now and then. Hopes fading more as they get closer and he stays silent as well, waitingg for the other man to speak.

If'an leads the apprentice somewhere that might be just romantic enough to get his hopes up. Judging by the lack of hesitation in following the path, he's probably been here quite a few times before, though. He drops his arm once they've arrived at his chosen destination, "I used t' come here a lot with Jessi when we was candidates…" He smiles a little at the memory, "I found some pups an' she was helpin' me with 'em." Since he's a miner, not a beascrafter, and really doesn't have any idea how to take care of orphaned animals. He walks over to sit on one of the benches, "Sit with me."

A single flash of something (anger? jealousy?) crosses Garait's eyes when the brownrider mentions Jessi, but nothing is said, nor are the puppies addressed. He looks around at the place, enjoying the surrounding for a moment as he goes to sit by If'an on the bench. Many emotions are still on his face as he glances at the man, "If'an, I umm, well um,…." He doesn't finish what hee was going to say, instead deciding to listen to the brownrider, mybe still clinging to a little hope.

"I'll tell ya now: I ain't good with relationships." If'an doesn't beat around the bush, "I don' like bein' tied down. Izzuth's done tha' already, an' he's all I e'er want perm'nent, like." He's being brutally honest, but only because he thinks the boy deserves to know where he stands, "I don' mind foolin' 'round, but tha's all I'll do." It's all he does with a certain greenrider, too. "I know ya know how things is with riders, yur mom bein' one. I just ain't gonna pr'tend that yu'r gonna like ever'thin' I do, or make no promises I don' plan on keepin'." It's not a 'no', though!

Blinking a few times, Garait nods and listens to the Brownrider, fully expecting to be let down gently (or even not so gently), but when a definite no doesn't come, he stares for a moment, unsure of what to do or say. He takes a few breathes then and starts, "Well, I'm not asking for permanent and not sure if I would, and I don't know much about relationships either. All I know is I kinda like both guys and girls." He is being honest as he talks to, "But I, um, do find you attractive annd have some interest." There he said it! "I am not expecting you to change or anything, how can I?" He seems unsure of what to say then and looks at the brownrider.

If'an nods, reaching over to try to pat the youth's knee, "A'ight." He doesn't seem surprised that the apprentice finds him attractive and interesting, just smirking faintly at that comment, "Well, then. I ain't got no probl'm with it then." He chuckles softly, "Izzuth seems t' approve." He looks down at the boy beside him, "Says yu'r a hard worker." That's very high praise, indeed, from the large brown! The rider chuckles again, "An' ya are righ attractive yurself…" Seems that he's at least a little interested, himself.

Garait blushes as he listens to the rider, and his blush grows deeper the more the brownrider speaks. "Tell Izzuth i said thank you and that I try to work hard." He looks at the brownrider and smiles, "You….you really think I'm attractive?" If the brownrider lets him, he leans up, hesitate and tries for a quick kiss at the least.

If'an nods again, as though approving that the young beastcrafter is a hard worker and admits to it. He quirks a little crooked smile and nods, "I'll tell him." The question gets a shrug, "Why wouldn' I?" He doesn't stop the youth from trying to kiss him, even letting it linger a little. He's gentle, for all he makes a show of being tough, bringing one hand up to lightly cup the teenager's cheek and leaving it there when he pulls back a moment later. His expression is soft, even tender, "I ain't gonna push f'r nothin' ya ain't ready f'r. Izzuth'd sit on me if'n I tried, an' I'm sure Myrna's green'd do th' same."

Smiling at the brownrider which seems brighter after the kiss, Garait admits, "I just wasn't sure what you'd think of me or if you'd notice me with….others around. He listens and smirks at the brownrider, "My mom's green would too." He does seem slightly embarrassed then, "I, um, do want to try stuff sometime." His inexperience is definitely showing then, but is it inexperience with men, or is he still a *gasp* virgin?

"Oh, I noticed ya…" If'an chuckles, "If I hadn' noticed ya, I wouldn' of bought ya a drink th' other day." He laughs a little at the youth's mom's dragon sitting on him, "Prob'ly most a' th' dragons 'round here'd do it." And then he'd have to deal with angry riders, too! He slips his hand away from the apprentice's cheek and quickly ruffles his hair, trying to ease the boy's tension, "Garait, I'd love t', but not 'til yu'r ready." Unless there's a flight… He might get a little pushy then…

Happily smiling then, Garait seems a little suprised, "I thought you were just being nice." He grins at the brownrider as his hair is ruffled, "Thank you. Just, um, take it easy when thing happen?" Full blushing then, and most definitely no experience with guys, but there is a yearning for it as well.

If'an smirks, "If Jessi ain't showed up all glowin'…" He has an arrangement with Jessi; she stays in his weyr when she can't find other company while she's pregnant or while Aisu is proddy. It works well. He couldn't settle down with her, though… too many kids! He sobers quickly at the request and nods, "'Course I'll take it easy…" A quick flash of worry crosses his face, but is gone almost before it can really be registered. Seems that the beastcrafter isn't the only one that's nervious, and excited, by the thought.

Garait nods, and tries not to make a face when Jessi is mentioned, but does give Iffy a curious look before moving on, "Well, I know you'll be good no matter what." He looks at Iffy then, chewing on his lower lip, not sure of where to go from here.

If'an chuckles, glad for the fact that this youngling with a crush on him thinks so highly of him. He stands and sighs, eying the pond longingly. He looks back down at his young companion, "I'd ask if ya wanna go f'r a swim, but I gotta get back an' finish bathin' Izzuth." He reaches down to try to give the apprentice's shoulder a quick squeeze, "Yu'r welcome t' come, but it'll take a while…"

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