Making a Trade

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

It's The Day. That dreaded day that comes around once a month. Cleaning day! All things dirty must be cleaned and shined and polished and turned to new … only to be used and look the exact same way they did before they were cleaned, but … eh. ka-el's not the one that makes the rules. He merely follows them. And so this misty summer morning, the apprentice has filled a large bucket with soapy water and carries it to the clearing. He wears a too large, dingy looking sleeveless shirt, shorts, and sandal like shoes. The bucket is plopped down on a patch of grass, soap sloshing over the side a bit. He inhales a breath, holds it, then releases it heavily. Might as well start with the most difficult task first! "Alloy…"

Standing nearby, Garait is feeding his little green firelizard small bits of fish, herdbeast and other meats to see what she likes best. She of course chirps more for her favorites as she sits on the Apprentice BeastCrafter's shoulder. He just shakes his head at the firelizard and happens to glance up and see Kale. He raises his eyebrow then and walks towards the SmithCrafter, "That looks….fun Kale." Enough said.

There's a new fixture in the clearing… a caravan! Looks like they've just got here, though. There's still a lot of activity, and shuffling around over there. They'd managed to situate themselves out of the way of traffic, but they can still easily be seen. One of those who is working on getting things together is a short, slender, black-haired young man. He's doing the smaller things, of course…. because from the looks of him, he isn't exactly the strongest in the world.

The firelizard that appears from between is large enough to be bronze, but from the looks of him … he's gray! Or rather, splotchy gray and black with a hint of a burnished bronze peeking out from beneath the blanket of soot that has covered him. Kale eyes him blandly. Oh, this shall be …. yes, fun. Garait has it right. He glances over to the beastcrafter with a smirk. "Oh, you have no idea the thrill that's about to unfold," he comments, eyeing the ashen firelizard, who is now sniffing at the bucket tentatively. K'churr? "I'd invite yours along for the ride just for the experience, but she's young and clean," he notes as he pulls a rag from his shoulder, bending to dip it into the water. But something soon catches his attention. Something over there. He pauses, eyeing the caravan and nodding towards it. "Looks like traders are about."

Glancing at the wagons and then back to Kale, he nods, "It seems so, I wonder what they have….you going to check them out?" But Apprentices shouldn't have many marks to spend, should they? Once his little green is done eating, she curls up on Garait, looking sleepy.

At some point during the process of setting up, the slender black-haired young man will look up and see Kale and Garait there. And he will pause in his work, to send a pleasant wave and a smile in their direction. He pauses, to look at someone else of the caravan. There's a short exchange, and then he starts heading towards the pair in the clearing.

"Yes, I do," remarks Kale who drapes the still dry rag around his neck, sparing Alloy a glance. "You've been spared a moment," he says to the firelizard, who is now peering over the rim of that washbucket into the soapy water, head tilted. "A moment mind you," he emphasizes before he nods to Garait, heading towards the caravan. And look, someone is heading their way! Meeting halfway, he nods towards the unfamiliar dark-haired Garawan, offering a smile. "Good day, and … er, welcome to Xanadu," he offers, extending a hand in greeting. A soot free hand, at that!

Garait pauses for a moment and nods to the approaching boy, "Welcome…" Er what Kale said, yes. "Nice day to set up here." He doesn't offer a hand, but nods instead. No need to offer hands that were just feeding firelizard meat afterall.

It's notable that the black-haired trader has a pair of gloves on his hands. Despite the warm weather. And even though he's got the sleeves of his shirt rolled up. It's very strength. Also… the handshake isn't returned. However, the black-haired trader bows politely to both of them as he speaks. "Greetings to you both as well," he says. He sounds very formal. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Garawan. The caravan has just arrived here not too long ago." That's pretty clear but he does offer it nonetheless.

Idrissa is making her way on into the clearing coming from the area where the stables could possibly be found. A yawn escapes her while she works on trying to brush off some dirt as she goes. The movement of others is soon caught and she glances around curiously while tilting her head and ponders as takes everything in. She continues forward heading on towards where Kale happens to be. "Hello." Is offered, tone friend and smile seen.

Mikal strolls out into the clearing, his direction looking like it's headed towards the hatching grounds but he's detoured as he spies Kale. So then his steps alter and he moves in that direction. "Heya Kale…Idrissa." her name is added on as she's spotted.

Well this isn't awkward at all. Kale's offered hand is left outstretched yet untaken, clean as it is. He gives him a vaguely questioning look though lowers his arm without complaint at the offered bow. "Not from around here, obviously huh?" is questioned with a vague grin. "I'm Kale. Well met," he says in introduction, eyes glancing to the caravan again inquisitively. "So we'd be the first to see your wares, huh? I met with a trader once on…" he pauses to think. "Eastern? Maybe. I don't remember. She was to find me boots, but I never heard from her again." He pauses then as others arrive, and he grins to both Idrissa and Mikal. "Hey, good mornin'!" Alloy is still investigating that soapy bucket, now gnawing on its handle.

Garait blinks as more people arrive and nods towards Idrissa, "Hello again." He watches the bow and notes the gloves, but says nothing since he's getting used to odd,. He watches Kale in amusement and just takes it all in. "Boots would just mean another thing to clean though."

"Hello," Garawan replies as Idrissa and Mikal appear, also offering a polite bow to both of them as well. Kale makes mention of having met with a trader in Eastern, and Garawan rubs his chin in thought. "Hmmm… was this recently?" he inquires. "If so, it may have been Jaireme. She was captured by the Search and Impressed. That might be why you never heard from her." A pause… and the shrewdness might be seen entering his expression. "Are you still looking for a pair of boots?" he inquires. "We do have all new wares, we can here after a stop in Landing to restock."

Idrissa smiles and waves to Mikal. "Hey Mikal." is offered while she comes to a stop next to Kale, a curious glance offered to Garawn whom gets a nod as well. She tilts her head and catches sight of Alloy and peers at him a few moments. "Why is Alloy chewing on the bucket handle Kale?" This questioned before she goes about listening in on the conversation. She waves to Garait as well. "Hey."

Kale nods to Garait, "True," he agrees. "But I can't very well wear these near the forges," he says, lifting up his sandaled food and wiggling his bare toes. "Unless I wish to lose a toe. Toenail. Foot.." A smirk follows as his foot is set back down on the ground. "And my other pair are getting worn, besides." Boots are a must! At the name given by Garawan, he pauses to think, brows knitting faintly. "Ah… I don't rightly remember. That could've been it, and that'd be a likely reason if it was her. And yes, I'm always looking for a good pair've boots," he answers just before looking to Idrissa. "Uh.." He glances to the ashen bronze. "Maybe he thinks he can eat it before its time. It's his bath day," he snickers. "And he knows it."

Garait shakes his head with a thoughtful look in his eyes, "If boots are all you want, then get boots, I just want to check them out. "He glances at Idrissa again, but says nothing. "Bath time means play time usually."

Mikal gives Garawan a curious look too as he come up along side Kale, his head tilted slightly. He remains unnaturally quietly though, at least for him. For now he's content to listen to the conversation.

There's mention of still needing a pair of boots, and Garawan nods. "Pardon me one moment, and I will go see what we have… oh." He looks to Kale. "What size of boot do you need?" Might help to learn that first before he runs off to look for a pair of boots. Also, to the group at large, "Might the rest of you be looking for something?" Since he /is/ about to make a trip to the caravan, and might as well find it all in one go instead of having to make multiple trips.

Idrissa peers from one to another and then eyes Kale's feet a moment, curiously. "Well you sorta need your feet I imagine. Be hard to stand at the forges on your knees after all." At the question from Garawan she ahs softly. "No, don't think so." Not like she has money for such things anyway.

Mikal peeks towards Kale's feet then looks back up. "I don't need anything." he murmurs.

"Not quite play time," remarks Kale, who seems happy to put off Alloy Washing for as long as he's able. Alloy, by now, has given up his investigation of the bucket and bounces off to go digging through the grass and dirt, perhaps seeking a snack, giving Kale all the more reason to bathe him. Garawan's question is regarded with a grin, but…eh. "Well. The same size of these," he says, pulling off one of those sandals. "Buuut…see, there's a slight catch. At the time, I was savin' up marks. But…currently, I'm a bit short on them. But. You're a trader, right? Maybe some sort've deal can be made?" He grins at him, though can't help but laugh at Idrissa's comment. He smirks at Mikal. "Haven't seen you in a bit. What've you been up to?"

Garait ponders for a few moments, "Well, I'll check it out in a bit. I'm not sure what to get." He glances towards the Caverns, but watches te exchange.

Elsie launches from her perch on Mikal's shoulder to join Alloy with a chirp. Now there will be two dirty lizards. Mikal's nose wrinkles up a bit at the mention of saving up marks. "Mebbe you could do chores for 'em." suggests the lad. "Oh I've been sooo busy studying in the infirmary. Got some rest time now though."

Idrissa's and Mikal's responses are noted, and Garawan nods. "Do let me know if there is anything you think of that you need," he offers. Here Kale speaks up and Garawan turns his attention to him. He examines the sandal, but doesn't take it. "I can see what we have," he promises. Though the mention of being short on marks — and at Mikal's suggestion on doing chores in return — prompts a thoughtful 'hrm'. "Well, we could always use some help setting up," he suggests.

Idrissa glances to Kale at the bit on marks he was saving and looks a bit guilty over the fact that he doesn't have enough now. "Kale…" Is said while she eyes him a moment. A slight nod and smile is seen while she looks to Garawan. "Sure."

"Yes, or.." supplies Kale, who probably isn't in too much of a hurry to tack on more chores to his schedule, "I could show you some things I have. I'm a smith, and I've some things I've made that maybe you could use or sell.." Apprentices can't exactly sell what they make, but no one said a thing about trading! Alloy, who now has a green partner in crime, chirrups to Elsie. Food! Food! Right over here in this dirt pile! Hearing Idrissa, Kale offers her a soft smile and a headshake. "Don't worry about, Idrissa. It went to a better cause."

Elsie does a head tilt at the prospect of food and follows Alloy's example eagerly.

"Ah, there is that, too," Garawan replies. "There are a few metal items we have been lacking in. The smith at Landing was out, unfortunately. How about I go find those boots and come back with a list of metal items we need? I can assure an absolutely fair trade."

Idrissa sighs a moment and shakes her head. "Sure, better cause when you need boots so you don't lose your toes when you’re at the forges." Ya that is /totally/ a better cause. She watches the firelizards curiously a few moments, seeming amused and shakes her head slightly. "I think Alloy has other plans then a bath at the moment Kale."

Kale's brows raise hopefully towards Garawan, nodding in answer to him. "Sounds like a plan. I'm sure I'll be able to come up with some of the things on that list." Or all, hopefully! Luckily there aren't too many smith apprentices around. The extra dorm space has made a wonderful area to store knicknacks and experiments. He slips his sandal back onto his foot, giving Idrissa a sidelong glance. "Hey, it's not like my old boots are in tatters yet. I probably have another good month before they become a health hazard," he says good naturedly. "It was definitely a better cause. Don't worry." As for Alloy? He eyes the digging, lizards. "That just means EXTRA SCRUBBING," he says, elevating his voice a bit. "Heh, sorry about that Mikal. Want me to get Elsie too?"

Mikal seems simply amused by his green's antics. "Naw, s'alright. I don't mind scrubbing her. She gets dirty on purpose just so I can spend an afternoon bathing and oiling her.

Garawan nods to Kale's affirmative response. "All right, then. I will be back shortly," he agrees. And he turns to make his way back over to the waiting caravan. He'll spend a few moments talking to the others there, locating boots, and asking around about what metal things they need.

Mikal whistles to get Elsie's attention. "I think we'll go do that bath now and I need to find some new oil. I'll see you guys around!"

Idrissa ponders this still but soon nods. "Hopefully you don't lose a toe from it. I'd hate for you to blame me for that over and over." She is joking, or it at least seems that way! A chuckle escapes her while she watches the firelizards digging and she shakes her head.

Alloy churrs and pauses a moment, looking at the congregation of humans from which that loud voice came. Eh. Whatever, it's back to making a mess! And why? Because it annoys Kale, that's why, and there are few things more humorous than that! Kale shakes his head and waves to Mikal a he heads off with his newly dirtied green. In Garawan's wake, he shouts, "if you have any firelizard tying rope there, I'll take some of that too!" he calls jokingly, a grin punctuating his words. He moves nearer to Idrissa now and curls his arms around her playfully from behind, grinning as he rests a chin on her shoulder. "Oh yeah. If an anvil or molten iron is dropped on me and I lose my foot, you'll definitely owe me. Bigtime. Like, homemade bubbly pies for life big time. With klah. And cakes. And … meatrolls."

Idrissa smiles and chuckles as she hears Kale, she turns to look at him and leans back against him for the moment. "Well I suppose in /that/ regard I can figure out how to make them bubbly pie things. Maybe Lorelai could teach me how to make them even." Well it’s a thought!

Ooh ho, Alloy sees his opportunity! Kale is distracted. There isn't even a thought of bathwater on his mind anymore. Sooo .. *pop* goes the firelizard, off between and somewhere else! Freedooom! Kale notices that and frowns at the area that his firelizard once was. "Sooner or later, he'll get washed…" he murmurs. He tightens his hold on Idrissa, smirking now. "You'd learn to make bubbly pies? For meee?" he says theatrically, batting his eyelashes comically. "The fruit filled kind with the powdery sweet stuff on top?"

Idrissa nods with a warm smile seen while giving his arm a slight squeeze. "Of course I would. I would eat the first hundred dozen or so just to make sure I don't kill you from food poisoning or something." She peers around as Alloy disappears and chuckles. "Wonder where he went."

"The first hundred dozen huh?" Kale contemplates that number. "You have room enough in your stomach for that? I think you'd burst.." He grins and loosens his grip on her enough to poke his index finger to her stomach. "Yup. You'd definitely pop. I don't want such guilt on my conscience, so please, don't eat a hundred dozen. Maybe just … fifty dozen. Yup Fifty dozen may definitely fit there." He tries to poke again, just to be a ticklish nuisance. As for Alloy. If Kale really and truly needed him back, he could get him. But at the moment, he doesn't seem to be making any efforts.

Idrissa squeaks at the poking and gives his hand a slight swat at first while she wiggles a few moments. "As if I would eat them all. I'd get Alloy and Ripley to help with that." Maybe Toral to but she doesn't comment on that outloud.

Kale chuckles. "Get them involved and there's not going to be a single pie left to eat," he remarks, amused, ceasing his poking attack on her stomach. For now. Instead, his arms loop comfortably around her again and he glances to the caravan, watching the people set up, likely catching glimpses of Garawan boot searching. He falls quiet for a while, but it's a comfortable sort of silence. Or so it seems. "Hey. .. You seen Soriana lately?"

Idrissa grins and nods while she chuckles and peers off towards the caravan a moment herself before she glances back to Kale. "Well maybe that is the idea with them? If they eat it all then you won't have to try it so no worry of dying?" Possible! As for the question on Soriana she blinks, surprised it seems. "Ah, well… Yes earlier today actually."

Kale nods in answer, figuring she's seen her lately. They are still friends, after all, even if he is not. But, since technically he's not her friend, why does he bother asking about her. Good question indeed! "She's doing alright then?" he asks, still as casually as ever. Not caring either way, you see. Just asking.

Idrissa they are indeed friends, but she hasn't really talked to Soriana that much lately. "She said she was fine. Though I'm getting the feeling she isn't fine. We all use that sharding word too much and don't mean it I'm thinking." Fine, the word of the turn!

Kale twists his mouth a little as his chin lowers back down onto her shoulder. Fine but not fine. "I feel fine .. at moments. Maybe it's the same for her. I thought about speaking with her.." And it only took him weeks! "..sometime. But, I don't wish to make things worse. If she's feeling … heh, fine about it more often now, I don't want to mess it up, you know?" He pauses, thinking it over. "Make sense?"

Returning with two pairs of boots in one gloved hand and a piece of paper in the other is Garawan! "Apologies for taking so long, things are in such horrible disarray still," he offers.

Idrissa isn't sure about the whole 'fine' bit, how can everyone be so FINE after it all? Maybe they are, and maybe she is just thinking to much on this all? It is possible. A soft breath escapes her. "Maybe." She looks to Kale and turns to lean close and give him a hug. "I know ye don't want to mess it up." Anymore then he /already/ has but she keeps that bit to herself. She lets go of Kale once hearing Garawan has returned. "That's alright."

Maybe. It's not quite 'hey, you're right Kale!' but not totally 'no, you're absolutely wrong, Kale' either. Hey. He'll take it! Haring Garawan's return, he lifts his head from her and allows his arms to fall while he turns to acknowledge the man. And boots! "It's alright," he says with Idrissa, waving off his apology. "M'sure it's not easy finding things when you've just arrived and are looking to get settled. But, you did find some!" He grins, eyeing the pairs retrieved. "And .. how many things are on your list? May I see the boots?"

Garawan nods and hands the boots to Kale. "I found those that looked nearest as though they would fit," he replies. And as Kale is trying on the boots — also, don't be trying to walk off with 'em, because some of the people in the caravan are very large, strong, scary-looking men! — Garawan looks at his list. "Hmm…." Things! Stuff! Dinguses! Whatchamacallits and doohickeys! The typical stuff a caravan needs.

Idrissa isn't about to go and say that to Kale at the moment. So sorry! She'll just have to burst that bubble of his it seems. She looks at the boots curiously and then tries to peer at the list wondering everything that is on it herself.

Kale settles onto the grass to pull on the boots to see if they fit. Hmmm. Stealing them? Does it cross his mind? Of the many things that does cross his mind within a day, thievery is not one of them. It's a good deal for everyone! And even better? The first pair fit! Ish. With one boot on, he wiggles his toes. "These are a bit tight.." he says after a moment's consideration, though he keeps it on while listening to the list of things, mentally checking off what he knows he has. "Hey … hey, that's not too bad," he says, a grin emerging. "I think I've most of those things. If I can bring…eh, more than half, would that be a fair deal?" he asks, pulling off the boot to try on the second, which seem to fit better. "What do you think?" he asks of Idrissa.

Garawan's list has the various metal things that a caravan might need. Possibly nails, pins, needles — most of them are small items, but there are a few medium-sized items. Nothing impossible to get hold of. Also Garawan doesn't seem to be against Idrissa looking at the list. In fact, he turns the paper so she can see it, giving a smile. Noting that the second pair, seem to fit better, Garawan names a price. "…So." Chinrub. "That sounds fair," he replies with a nod. And then he smiles. "I'm glad I was able to provide you with what you need." He'll pick up the first pair that didn't fit well.

Idrissa hums and glances to Kale to peer at the boots a moment. "Well, how do they feel?" Yes, senseable question perhaps! A smile is seen and she nods to Garawan while looking at the list a moment. She wonders if Kale can get a hold of this stuff.

"Better than the first," answers Kale, who pulls the second boot of the pair on and stands up to try them out by walking around a few paces. Yes, they fit! He grins, pleased, then flops back down to pull them off. "You'll hold these for me then? I can have your things my lunchtime, which is when I can come back here and bring'm. I'll make it a personal challenge to gather them all," he says, standing with bare feet to hand the boots back to "How long are you here for? We can definitely spread the word that the caravans are in the clearing, but you've already picked the best spot. Everyone passes through here, and dragons land all the time."

Garawan nods to Kale's question. "I will indeed," he promises, with a nod, accepting the boots again. H holds then in his free hand, tucking the boots that did not fit under an arm. As for how long they'll be here? "Very likely until the hatching. We sort of follow them, as that seems to draw people." More people means more money, after all.

Idrissa hums softly. and nods to the list before glancing to Kale. "I can get them the runner shoes." She isn't going to take no for a answer either it seems. A look is sent to Garawan and she smiles. "I'll be back soon with them. Can't have him going around barefoot after all." She waves and turns heading back towards the stables in search for the runner shoes it would seem!

"Makes sense," says Kale in regards to the length of time the caravan will be on Xanadu. He's about to say more, but this is when Idrissa makes her proclamation to help. He opens his mouth to protest, but alas he's too late! Off she goes, and he's left to watch her, waving in her wake. "She's far too nice," he comments with an exhale, though his words are said with a hint of a smirk. Hopefully there aren't any grumpy journeymen about to ruin her plans! "With all the egg following you've done," he says, turning back to Garawan, "have you ever been searched before?"

Garawan looks to Idrissa at the statement. "Oh! That would be very helpful, thank you." He bows. "Good day to you," he offers as she departs. And then the question from Kale, he turns to look at the other fellow. "Only once," he states. "Just this past time in Eastern. So did Jaireme. She Impressed, I did not." A pause, and a shrug. "Ah, terrible loss of a trader."

Note: This log is continued in the next titled Better Impressions, since it ended up being super long!

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