Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Fear Of The Dark Egg

Completely and utterly black. Nothing gives but the darkness here, as it abounds upon the shell of the egg. There is no end, no light, just the sinking feeling of nothingness and fear. Fear of what it holds and conceals…

99 Bottles of Beer Egg

If counted, there are likely to be 99 bottles found in the imagery of this egg. If it is beer or not, it is hard to say, other than the foam rising at the crest of the egg and the amber gold coating the rest of it. Odd bubbles and fizz look to be playing in and around entirety of the shell. It is just looking to be cracked…

Sunken In The Depths Egg

The depths of the ocean cover this egg, hiding something that glimmers in the darkness of its pools. Here and there are hints of promising fortune, only to fade away by the everlasting wash of oceanic waters.

Fifteen Shades of Vomit Egg

If it doesn't make you want to hurl when you look at it, you're not looking close enough. Chunky and varied in color, this shell has the remnants of a spoiled dinner or one that has come back up to resurface after too much drink. A mixture of browns, yellows, and greens blends in an awful assortment, hiding in plain sight the fact that this is an egg and not the left overs of a drunken sot.

Of Delicate Flesh Egg

This small egg is bathed with hints of soft peaches, from top to bottom. Clouds of fleshy hues roll over the frame of shell, with a hint of blush or rose here or there. It invites a touch or two, doesn't it?

Hard Steel Egg

Made of tarnished metal, this large egg is covered completely by this mottled silver and steel. It appears something forged by a smith and seems as hard. It looks like it just may never crack and instead could just be a decoration.

As per the title of the tavern, wanderers do find their way into the Tavern and usually end up leaving like wherries. Ers'lan is not a wanderer anymore, per say, living at Xanadu with a sure sign that he is good and stuck on his shoulder - but he's likely still to leave a wherry with how many empty mugs are on his table. There is an odd look to his shoulder now and then, toward the knot of a dragonrider, between gulps of ale and between speculative glances toward the makeshift tub of sand which holds some eggs - firelizards by the size of them. His own firelizard is near by, the gold doing her little possessive watch over the eggs but not without trying to get attention from her two brown companions. Ers'lan just shakes his head, dropping it with the other hand ruffling through his hair. It's been a day, like most others; a guy just gets through it with what he has left and manages to enjoy a bit at the end, with a pint or two of ale. Or three.. or four… Ers'lan looks to have done good and already developed a strong appetite for the drink tonight. As for the rest of the Tavern, it has its regulars, it has its gamblers and wenches, harpers and mary-sues. Another day, another night in Xanadu.

Mhairie swaggers into the tavern and takes a look around, been awhile since she's been here, but it's certainly not changed much. She makes her way to the bar and orders up a bottle of whiskey and a glass. Pouring a shot, she tosses it back and then turns around and leans back on her elbows on the bar. She looks around, more at the structure of the place then at the people at first. However, her eyes do drift around, to those not imbibing in much and then to those that are. Still, it's nice to relax in a tavern instead of having to run one.

Mahlia has completed her last assignment for the day, meeting with the dragonhealing geneticists at Xanadu's research facility, and stopping at the tavern for a nice mug of ale while waiting for a ride back to Eastern. The flurry of the Tavern pushes Mahlia towards an opening near what looks like a safe haven away from wenches, mary-sues and the lot of em. Instead she stands near well hydrated rider and defensive gold, not paying too much mind to them, but instead looking as if she is waiting for a familiar face.

The pub door opens, and on the threshhold the Weyrwoman pauses as if to steel herself to enter (or maybe she's debating whether to actually carry out whatever errand has brought her here). Pale eyes scan the room, stop at Ers'lan. With a deep breath then, she enters the raucous, glass-clinking, crockery-ratting din, waving a silent 'no thanks' in the direction of the bar in answer to Beldar's browlifted question. She isn't here to eat or drink, at least not yet. Her steps take her right on over to where the brownrider has seated himself. "Wingsecond," the tone of her one-word greeting says nothing about why she is here or whether she approves or disapproves of his post-work activity.

J'yn's wandering of Pern has, once again, brought him to Xanadu. And apparently the flame-tipped bronzerider has remembered that this place is supposed to have a pretty good tavern, and so this is where he has managed to wander. Iernien heads towards the bar almost immediately, to order himself a glass of ale. Only after the drink order is placed does he finally glance around, though he doesn't immediately recognize any of the patrons, so he just leans against the bar lazily.

Did someone ask for a familiar face? Morez wanders into the tavern not long after the rush of visitors. After finishing his duties for the day at Eastern, it was pretty simple to figure out where Mahlia would be. So what's there to do but engage in a little weyrhopping and follow the trail? He takes a look around, confused for a moment, worried he has the wrong pub until he spots Mahlia in her little safe haven. He steps over with a friendly smile and wave. "Hello there!"

Movement catches the brownrider's gaze, his face lifting for a moment from the pit of his mug toward the sea-foam green eyed girl standing near with that small freckled nose. For a time, he spends looking at her. Drunken haze or not, he's left oogling like any tavern sot might, especially with that fitted black tunic — and this is where his head starts leaning to the side as his eyes lower. This just happens to be the second that the Weyrwoman makes her greeting known and it's the one-word greeting that really has him sluggishly draw his eyes away from a pretty face toward well… another pretty face? Maybe? There's a look of 'I didn't do it' on his face as it draws around to regard Thea. Ers'lan sighs as he sits back, "AYE…" he returns with stout voice that booms a little louder than he meant to, surprised to say the least of how he could make his voice that hard. Clearing his throat, he stands, albeit wobbly, a little pie-eyed, but he stands. "Suppose fer now, aye. Whar can I do fer ya,… m'lady?" Oooh, he hasn't used that one in ages! Back to his old roots? Or just too drunk to care what he says? Hard to say. Sexy, his little gold, does give a wing flap for anyone who gets too near.

Of Delicate Flesh Egg does a shimmie so hard that it makes Sexy chirrup with surprise, nudging the egg with her muzzle to encourage it.

Mhairie certainly enjoys being the objects of attentions. Especially by such an attractive looking male. Course, there's another rught nearby too. "Well, hello there." she says to J'yn, especially now as it seems that the brownrider's attention has been altered to Weyrwoman of this particular Weyr. She shifts again so she can pour another drink, no longer leaning back against the bar. Course her interest is peeked by the accent of the brownrider and she taps her chin a little in thought, even if she has her attention on J'yn, her fellow Ierne rider, even if she's not had to opportunity to have met him as of yet, at least she thinks she hasn't.

Mahlia's attention is brought to the oogling brownrider, noticing his gaze shift as the Weyrwoman approaches, she flashes him a quick smile before turning a bit so as to not blatantly eavesdrop on their conversation. The swirling verdancy in her eyes travels towards flame-tipped wanderer at the bar, over towards whiskey drinking swagger and then settling on her fellow Eastern gent. She waves him over and says "Hello love, glad ya made it! So excited spending the day in the genetics lab" she bubbles with joy "Learned so much today!" At this moment a passing dredge delivers her order, another ale and a various assortment of tasty treats. A kiss is planted on Morez's cheek before she comments "Jus' got us some ale, seems she's got the right idea over there" a cephalic point gestures towards Mhaire, peripheral attention still held by oogler and Weyrwoman.

Morez smiles chipperly as he claims a seat close to Mahlia, returning the cheek-kiss as he settles in and grabs one of the aforementioned ales. "Thank you, love… glad to hear you had an exciting day! They have some pretty hi-tech stuff here, from what I've heard. M'sure that holds true for the healers as much as anything. It's great to see you're getting into it so much." He takes a long sip from the drink as he glances over at the riders, curious but careful to avoid being rude.

Thea isn't really interested in firelizards, either that or simply hasn't noticed them. Anyone who knows her knows she just tends to tune them out since they're everywhere. No, her attention is on the wobbling Ers'lan, who gets a bit of a concerned look as he pushes to his feet and looms over her. Calmly, "You can sit down?" Please - before you fall and crush her. Perhaps thinking to encourage this, she sinks into a seat at his table. The others nearby are recognized as visitors and given a quick, but none-the-less warm smile and a "Welcome to Xanadu." It's the brown on her shoulder that notices the wing-flapping gold, gives her a churrup of approval and hence draws the Weyrwoman's eyes to that moving egg. Ice green eyes close briefly. Greaaaat.

J'yn's eyes were scanning the tavern, and they had paused on the form of the eastern gal with the tight tunic, but alas she is greeted by Morez and his cheek-kiss. And so, flame-tipped bronzer releases gaze from her only to be caught once more by Mhairie, a fellow Iernian, and those tight black leather pants are admired even as he returns the greeting. "Ah, hullo there." Turning attention, now, to the greenrider, he recieves his ale, taking a quick sip. "What's a beautiful woman like you doin' in a place like this?" Attention, then, is caught once more by the rustle of small brown wings on his own shoulder. Thea's greeting is thus caught and he calls back, "Ierne's Duties Ma'am." With a brief incline of head.

Ers'lan barely has time for the preamble that the Weyrwoman has brought along with her, since his firelizards behind him are acting rather strange, with a recognizable wobble of the eggs. A wobble of his legs brings him to clamp a hand down on the table, "Reckon I whar be gettin free drinks from 'em eggs… now they just be goin and hatchin befer I can…" a sidelong look returns to Thea, as if remembering that his superior had come directly to him and obviously wanted something of him. But why now. He was drunk… or getting drunk. There's a disgruntled look on his face for it - as the thoughts seep through to expression. As she gives permission for him to sit, he does so, heavily at that, chair groaning underneath his abrupt weight upon its wooden hinges. He waves a hand at the eggs once he notices the Weyrwoman eyeing them up, pulling the tub of sand aside to set them on a chair beside him - out of sight out of mind right? It works, cause Thea's in his face and he can't concentrate on the pretty ladies in the room! Rubbing his hand through his chin whiskers afterward, he grunts, "Be ya wantin an ale? Rum? Whiskey? Somethin ta make ya look a bit happier than staring at me with those big green eyes and jus bein all business like… Makes a man nervous, reckon it does."

Sexy didn't like Ers'lan moving the tub at all, hissing a bit but holding onto it fiercely to go along for the ride. She tries to nip Ers'lan in the process but misses, turning her attentions to the eggs as she humms lightly, then deeper as the one egg looks ready to hatch!

Oooo… it gives a little shake, a little wiggle… It knows how to shimmy and sway, to give a glint of something more of it than what wasn't seen before. Abruptly, Of Delicate Flesh Egg breaks to reveal what lies underneath the skin… !

A Pirate's Wench Green Hatchling
For a firelizard to be slim looks awkward, but this harlequin green pulls it off in a fashion that makes her look curvy and delightfully pleasant to look at. She has gorgeously long wings with mint cream sails and hints of teal that brush her talon tipped spars. Her wings aren't so long that they hinder her, but often provide her necessary accessories to give a seductive illusion. A lithe tail tapers off behind her, mint cream on the underside with that light dusting of teal on the hip. This mint cream washes up her under belly and chin, touching just the upper curve of her pointed muzzle. Teal again here dusts up the bridge of her muzzle and around large eyes, where the teal gets more intense above the sockets and upon the ridge of each eyelid. Head knobs and neck ridges are teased with lime hints, which mottle further into a necklace, where shoulders meet her strong neck muscles. Bangles of this lime mottling are around each ankle, cutting off the harlequin green to allow mint cream to take over each paw, talons once more touched teal.

A Pirate's Wench Green Hatchling is out of sight and out of mind… but not for long! The tub she scrambles over as she creels for something she does not yet know but feels the need to know. She tries chomping on some of her egg shell remains but that won't do. Tempting her boundaries and leaving them well behind, the freshly hatched firelizard is dropping egg-wet to the tavern floor, snaking underneath the chair and giving a loud song of need. FEED ME.

Now there's a hatchling after her own heart it seems. Mhairie looks at the hatchling with some appreciation and then there's a laugh as a disgruntled warble can be heard from out in the clearing. She smiles at J'yn though as she takes her eyes away from the hatching for a moment "Why, lookin' for handsome man and a good drink. Why else be in a tavern? Well, I suppose there's the food too, but I like ta save that for later." she then looks back at the hatchling "Though perhaps I'll be tryin and taken home a girl. I do enjoy them from time to time." she notes with a smile. "She is a beauty." She looks over at bartender and orders up some meatscraps. "Course, been a long time since I felt girlish enough to try for one of the little beasties." she notes as she takes the bowl and smiles at J'yn and then heads over towards Ers'lan "Plannin' on tryin' to keep the little thing? Or?"

Morez may be distracted by ale and riders, but the sight of little eggs popping open not all that far away is an attention grabber which defeats the others pretty easily. He sets down his mug and blinks, peering at the hatchling as if he's not sure he's seeing what he thinks he's seeing. "Huh. Are those eggs hatching?" He states, firmly claiming the role of captain obvious.

Mahlia takes a few nibbles of meatroll and spiderclaw wrap before washing it down with the last of her ale before ordering a round of whiskey, with plenty to share "Aye love s'best around" she nod, swigging down a hearty shot of tasty spirit as the Weyrwoman greets. Glass is placed on the table and filled with a few more to pass out "Thank you m'lady" she says to Thea with a bow "S'mfirst time here at Xanadu, lovely, really! Whiskey?" All meant with sincerity, drinks offered to all, riders, gent, weyrwoman and already slightly inebriated included. "Shards!" she tries to contain as green hatchling appears, covered in goo "'Scuse my explitive.. I just uhh.. I mean s'hatching!" She points towards the minty firelizard, the callow her eyes brightening at the site. Instinct causes her to grab for some remaining caprine and bovine meatroll "Lil' gal must be hungry if she eatin' shells n'all" a little giggle escapes, observing, offering, but not overbearing.

Thea responds to J'yn with, "And Xanadu's to your queens." The Weyrwoman visibly relaxes, if only slightly, as Ers'lan's bottom connects with the chair sans mishap. Without taking her eyes off Ers'lan, her fingers reach to gently but firmly shut the little wide-open maw of the brown on her own shoulder, hushing mid-warble his joyous welcome to the little green. Out of the corner of her mouth she growls, "Shep, don't you -dare- !" And of course she makes the wingsecond nervous by continuing to regard him steadily all the while. Her lips twitch with the effort to suppress it, but she smiles fractionally. "Free drinks for eggs. Really." So not a question though brows are raised as she says it, then asks mildly, "So… how many have hatched already?" His gold must have laid two dozen by the looks of him. With a forefinger she pushes at first one empty glass, then another to clear the space in front of her. "Nothing for me, thanks." Still she'll let him dangle as to why she is here, reaching instead for his napkin and wiping a puddle of ale from the tabletop with a look of distaste. Her gaze flicks towards Mahlia, "None for me thanks," she repeats of the whiskey barely managing not to shudder, "But I am glad you like Xanadu."

J'yn mmms, "She's got herself a nice shape.." But whether he means the firelizard hatchling or Mhairie is up for debate. And what is a bronzer to do but follow the greenrider towards the hungry little firelizard. Eyes watch the little creature briefly but soon enough they're back on his fellow Iernian and he takes a long drink of his ale. "Wouldna mind takin' either one home, what 'bout you?" He asks of the crooning brown whose tail is wrapped about rider's neck.

Ers'lan tries to deny the truth, waving a hand, "Nay, they be narh hatching…" He tries to suppress the curiosity, since his Weyrwoman is sitting with him and trying to do something important. He plays it out like he isn't aware of them hatching, until he drops his head down and notes the scrambling of a gooey little green between his boots. Then there's people around him and some doing ridiculous things to get meat ordered fast. At least -other- people were prepared. There's a sheepish look to Thea. He -was- trying to ignore the eggs. For her. Really! Honest. Look at his smile, doesn't it scream sincere! Probably just a comical drunk, at the moment. Regardless, Mhairie snaps his attention first and foremost, since she walks over to him and asks about the 'lizard. "Uhhh… buy me 'round an sit on me knee fer a bit later and ya can have her." Was he joking? Hard to say, but he moves his chair back enough and nudges the green forward, toward Mhairie, "Quickin.. befer she decides she be better eatin on her own…" Thea gets a timely look, trying to shoulder a meek look, innocence as he murmurs, "Reckon thar be quite a lot of 'em out thar, can't seem 'em ta be worth more than a drink when folks can go find 'em in the sand or cliff sides…" Or wait for their own to mate. "None be hatched, jus' be giving out the eggs fer folks who can trade…" Which brings his eyes back round to Mhairie and then J'yn, giving both a little brow waggle. Mahlia and her friend Morez are regarded as well, seemingly eyeing them up as to what he can get out of them for eggs er… firelizards.

Mhairie laughs brightly and yells out "A round on me!" she then turns her smile back onto Ers'lan and then she sobers it a little as she glances at the Weyrwoman. "Aye, I wouldnae be minding sittin' on yer lap fer a bit." she states as she leans down to scoop up said little green. "Lets get ya fed, hmm?" she murmurs as she offers some scraps to the little one. There's a loud sigh just outside the tavern door and Mhairie looks that way "Good thing dragons can't fit in here." she notes and then smiles at J'yn "Oh, I certainly wouldn't mine either, or both." A look at Ers'lan or many? Mmmm. Now that could be fun indeed. To Thea "Sorry ta be disturbin' yer little meetin' here."

Morez smiles heartily and raises his glass in response to the greeting. "Eastern's duties! Sorry there, got a touch distracted by the… well." His free hand waves in the direction of the popping eggs, as if it's rather obvious. He glances sideways to Mahlia with a faintly amused look. "What do you say? Try to bring home an new friend or two for our menagerie?" He asks. "Ah. Looks like one has found a home already. Good!"

Sexy grabs one of the eggs from the tub of sand and carefully brings it upon the table with her limbs clutched around it, curling herself around it with a possessive little hiss.

The others, well, they're about to hatch just the same. Ers'lan slides the chair out and frowns to see the whole lot of them wobbling - but at the same time, now everyone can see all the eggs and the brownrider can prevent any others from injury of a fall.

Hard Steel Egg is still in the tub and looks to be the next to hatch, cracks already forming in the otherwise hardened casing.

The formerly quiet blue on Mahlia's shoulder bugles and gives his pet a little nip, with chitters of encouragement as her freehand reaches up to scritch intrigued headknobss. The meaty part of the treat in her hand is dangling towards the little green hatchling at an unassuming distance, though respect is paid towards the approaching greenrider who sits and scoops. She laughs loudly before offering a drink to Mhairie, Ers'lan, Morez and J'yn "First one's on me, aged 10turn, no promises 'er trades needed!" She continues to watch for what happens next, smiling at Morez and nodding "S'nuthin like new friends eh?" At that her attention comes back towards Thea "S'quite the weyr, hatchling genetic lab is amazing. Sorry to interrupt but m'names Mahlia" she extends hand towards the weyrwoman "Newest dragonhealing interest at Eastern,, y'll prolly see a lot of me 'round here, not necessarily in the tavern.." her eyes glimmer as the gold sets egg on chair.

Tap… Tap… Tap… Clink - The sounds of a smithy shop or of swords clashing. It rings out several more times like morse code, until a head of that inside raptures the shell in one forceful blow…!

Captain of the Guard Bronze Hatchling
Here, stands a proud shining example of strength, for even at birth, his frame is rippling with muscle, carrying promises that his power will only continue to grow the more he battles for what he wants. He is stout and built tough. His neck as thick round as his gargantuan head is wide, with muzzle blunted though jaws are broad to ensure a good hard bite. His limbs are just as bulky with razor crimson talons tipping each of his paws, while a lengthy tail has a certain sharp tip to it that makes it look lethal. Great wings adorn him, size enough to keep him aloft for longer durations of time than some of his brethren. Of color, he is a truest of bronzes - freshly poured and made, with glints of gold and russet under tones. It's a solid color that washes over his entire frame, save for a few locations where sections gleam like polished armor. His under belly and chest is dressed with light gold, a plate to protect. Gauntlets of the same golden hue are attached to each of his legs. And still, his wing spars are drenched in a blazed metal of tarnished steel, like swords extending to either side of his body.

Captain of the Guard Bronze Hatchling shakes himself off, standing steady regardless of just being hatched. He wobbles as he crosses the sand in the tub and hitches his feet upon the edge of it, eyes swaying this way and that - red and hungry. The clink of a sword, a real one, has this bronzes head turning ever so slightly to find the source.

Morez seems to have his interest grabbed by the latest egg which shows signs of wobbling. "Well, would you look at that." He remarks, eyes wide. "Never seen an egg that color before. Looks like something I'd be making at the forge! Probably a tough little critter inside…" And then it goes and pops open. "Hah! Told you. There's a strong looking fellow. Anyone got any bait for 'em?" He takes a look around for something that should seem edible to the new hatchling.

Dryly amused by Ers'lan's claim to the contrary and overly-innocent herself now, "Oh they arrrrrrrren't?" Thea pauses mid-swipe of that table because, well. Every firelizard in the room is humming, Shep right along with them, albeit with his mouth obediently closed. Her eyes have taken on a little devilish twinkle as she glances Mhairie's way, and responds with a gracious. "Congratulations." For the firelizard, the lap? Maybe both! As for her apology, "Not at all, I haven't actually started with him, really." Is she being… sweetly ominous? Her head tips in acknowledgement to Mahlia, a genuine smile curving her mouth as she reaches her own hand to the woman. "Mahlia, well-met. I'm Thea and I do hope you'll be helping them get to the bottom of why our queens seem to be rising so often."

J'yn recognizes that sound..the clinking of metal catches bronzerider's attention away from Mhairie and the sexy green she just impressed as hand instinctively reaches for sword strapped to side. Silver eyes cast glances around, but spotting no reason for the clinking other than the cracking of the metallic looking egg, he grins at the newly hatched bronze. "Ah, there's a fellow I could get t'like, not like you ya plushdoll." And a finger pokes at the plump brown even as hand withdraws from hilt.

Mhairie tips her head in acknowledgement, though her eyebrows arch a little at the interesting tone in Thea's voice. "Well, then." she then goves a laugh. "Names Mhairie, and me Captain out there is Fiviath." she states and then she eyes the bronze a little "He is a fine fellow, isn't he?" There's a sweet smile "Not unlike some I be seein' here." she notes as her eyes drift lower to J'yns… sword. "Nice."

Ers'lan was in a good mood until that sweetly ominous promise that she hadn't even gotten to the base of the matter yet, which means she hasn't had times to sink her claws into him. She's just baiting him like a cat would a mouse. He is about to say something in respect to her words, instead, it is Mhairie that provides the happy distraction, as his eyebrows waggle to the easy going woman. He can't help but eye up that candy as she stoops to pick up her new found firelizard. Oh he's doing it in front of the Weyrwoman, but he can't help it. Booze addled, in his element, distracted in all corners by women…He just sighs with a hazy smirk on his face. This brownrider can't help but cant his head toward J'yn either, if it was for Mhairie's own look, or the fact that the man brought attention to it himself, Lan is now looking over that way too. Or down. Then back round to Thea. Seeing her continous stare has him reach for those rounds being passed to him now, thankful to drink in deeply to avoid her gaze.

Mahlia ooo's and gives Morez a little nudge, handing him the most delectible parts of remaining spiderroll "There ya' go luv!" With a wink and beaming grin she watches bronze hatchling, of course, inevitably fawning over metallic sheen like anyone else who is paying attention. Meatroll is still held in one hand, while the other completes firm shake "Thea, well met. First order of business is tracking lineages to help with Eastern's infertility.. wonderin' if I'll find something correlated 'tween increased flights!" It's as if she's come to her own mental epiphany and takes note, just for a moment before attention turns towards Ers'lan "Can't promise ya I'll sit on yer lap, but drinks are to be had!" A shot is pushed his way and she smiles towards the newly impressed rider "Congrats, Mhairie, n'lovely name ya got there.. lovely name for a lovely lady I suppose." All eyes on bronze hatchling, warm smile plastered.

Almost gagging yet? There's a heave and a ho, and a shell that expands as if it is going to let blow! It isn't a threat either, since chunks of shell are spewed in all directions…!

Just A Drunken Sot Brown Hatchling
Rotund limbs fit a plump body colored with redwood and wheat, a form imbued with eager energy despite its chubbiness. He's graceless, inelegant but there is a cheerful edge to a rounded head with a short muzzle and large, appealing eyes. Heavy streaks of burnt umber dapple along a thick neck, capped with broad ridges that fade along a heavy back only to resume upon his chunky tail. Wings are short and wide, bulky spars stained with foxy hues which spill over the pale wheat of expansive sails. As if he had too much to drink, he has a low swaying belly that will stick with him for as long as he lives - a little pot-bellied creature, with a burp or two to go along with it. Overall, he's sturdy and there is a touch of pompous style to his stance, habitually braced and rarely still, soft hide forever rippling over husky muscles, spangled with a spattering of nut colored crumbs.

Just A Drunken Sot Brown Hatchling isn't like his brother in arms, in fact he's the opposite. Ooops-a-daisy. He flutters and falls, stands, wobbles, and flutters again. Being so egg-wet, he's bound to attract a mound of sand in all directions. Rolling over onto his back, he lies there with his budda belly pointed skyward while he lolligags about. Not in a hurry or if he's in a hurry he can't get anywhere.

Morez gratefully accepts the offered bait from Mahlia, giving her a bit of a smile. "Thanks, love." He holds it out, waggling it a little, otherwise uncertain about just what he should be doing to attract the attention of the little critters. In lieu of other ideas, he swigs down more ale and continues along with the conversation. "Maybe you could just send a couple of your extra-fertile queens our way, and everything would sort of even out." He jokes with a bright smile. "But if anyone's bright enough to get to the bottom of it, it's Mahlia here."

After giving the surface in front of her a critical eyeing and deemed dry enough, the Weyrwoman removes something from her lap and places it on the table. It's a thin, flat box, leather-bound and stained to a glossy, rich chesnut finish. The package is wrapped with a double band of ribbon - one gold the other bronze. Affixed to the top, front and center is the official seal of Xanadu. The gentle sound of eggshell clinking against wood draws her eyes and a half-grin of approval is awarded the irate mama, "You give him whatfor. Putting your babies down there!" It's a… sisterhood of sorts? Of course she is witness to the bronze's hatching and skitters her chair back just a little while pushing that box slowly across the table on the clean path she's created for it. In an aside to Mahlia, her smirk including Morez, "Or maybe have them come spend some time here?"

J'yn does note Mhairie's glance over his sword, and he grins then towards greenrider. "Mmm, got any of that there meat I kin borrow?" Apparently he's decided he may just like that fine bronzen fellow as a companion. "I think he might be a perfect match fer m'self an' Orionth." And then, if offered by Mhairie he will offer the meaty bits towards the strong bronze otherwise he will steal some meaty bits and pieces from someone nearby, wait not steal, borrow yeah! And when bronzen guard's head turns towards his sword as well, the Iernian grins. "Y'like weapons, hmm?" Directed to either 'swordlookers' or firelizard. Reflecting light in a glimmer nearby the tub of eggs and hatchlings from his well-polished sword. Brown hatchling is noted, but since J'yn already has a plumply round jolly brown, he favours the bronzen creature over his drunkard brother, at least for now.

Mhairie does smile for the congratulations, course the little green is now fast asleep in the crook of the Seacrafting Vintner's arms. "I do believe I'll call her Alvilda." she notes thoughtfully and then she smiles at Mahlia "Why thank ya me dear, I am partial to it. " she notes with a smile. She does settle herself down in a seat and then calls back to the bar for her own bottle of whiskey and a murmur to keep the drinks flowing. She's a prosperous tavern owner after all. At the box, her eyes drift over towards the Weyrwoman again and there's a thoughful look. At J'yn's question she smiles "Yer welcome to all my meat here." she notes with a twinkle. "And aye, I do like a fine weapon, even better when a fine man be carryin' it."

Ers'lan regards J'yn, unfortunately missing out the enthusiasm that Morez has for the find sword-swinging bronzeriding stud over there. Rather, the interest is in trade while he can muscle it in. So Ers'lan mutters, "Teach me whar ya know of yer sword, reckon in a few days time… n' this one 'ere be yers…" te offer made for the Ierne dragonrider to take up the bronze firelizard in exchange for a little blade time with the brownrider. Ers'lan is already hefting the creature out of the tub despite the wiggling protests and handing it quickly to J'yn - even before the man agrees and even if he doesn't, the firelizard changes hands. A chance move, since some firelizards might between out of fright, though it could be that Sexy was around humming which kept the firelizard just struggling instead of disappearing completely. He does happen to notice the shiny box that has been put underneath his nose. He blinks over and across at Thea, even as she sides with -his- firelizard over -him-… Women! His expression reads one of a vexed confusion, eyes down at the box, "A gift, fer me?" The last gift he was ever grateful to receive from her, in fact there have been many. Thus, his expression wanes to one of curiosity, fingers reaching out for it — but oop… there's a brown firelizard. "Oy, reckon someone needin ta be takin this one too…" A look around the tavern.

Sunken In The Depths Egg is the egg between Sexy's talons and it gives a jolt now, cracks forming, layers giving way. Sexy only clutches it tighter, as if to prevent it from hatching. MINE. No hatchie!

Mahlia cannot help but chuckle a bit as the tiny brown stumbles, only to fall face up, large belly protruding in lackadaisical stupor "Look'a that one Morez.. 'es silly. Y'should bring the meat to 'em, doesna' look like 'es goin huntin fer food." Her opalescent orbs swirl as the gold mama clutches trembling egg. She does note to Thea, though entranced by all the cracks "S'complicated eh? If only t'were as easy os cross weyr flights!" another swig of whiskey is taken and cleared with a lipsmack as she reflects "Ahh Alvilda.. beautiful!" and sends a smile towards the two impressees "Both of em! Congrats!"
Morez chuckles a little at Mahlia's comments on the brown. "Looks like he fell into our collection of Benden. Maybe we should bait him over with the ale rather than the meat." Of course, that jesting remark won't stop Morez from gulping down more of the ale for himself. "Yes, beautiful indeed. A strong clutch, to be sure. They all look healthy and full of vigor."

Ers'lan takes notes of those who are interested in the brown, some in the back talking, some more forward about it. He lifts a hand and points at Morez and Mahlia, "Either of ya visitin folks like ta take 'em home with ya? You…" he notes of Mahlia, "Already be giving me a shot!" Of course he saw that she passed him a drink or two, he takes notice of things like that from pretty women.

Of course, then there's the matter of the egg that Sexy is holding. She creels and has to let go, since the hatchling inside fights out… once and for all.

Eased upon shore with Turns of wave upon wave, the fortune long since lost into the depths of water comes beholden to the seekers of its wealth… The shells of the egg give way to those hunters of forgotten treasures…

Top of the Treasure Pile Gold Hatchling
Sought after by all, she is a firelizard that carries her head with a defined grace with an ostentatious curl of her slender neck, as if knowing that she is of importance to the world. She is a treasure amongst the reeds, burnished gold coiled in wisps of teal and soft silvers. Like her dam before her, she will not be of the smallest, although her petite body does indicate that she is delicately muscled and laced. Her head is small and sleek, with a petite muzzle that tapers to a hooked point. Large wide eyes are delicately placed below dainty eye ridges and not too far back are sleek head knobs tipped in silver. A slender neck hosts sharp ridges, lining her back in a single row of what could be razor sharp teeth to prevent the unwanted touch. Another feature that has slipped down from her dam is the ever long tail that seems ungraciously long, a spindle width that could wrap around her body when curled. Proportional to her body are her broad teal grazed wings, whipped and lashed with tarnished obsidian as if some fool had carelessly left the gold to age too long in water. Both her wing-spar talons and paw talons are ghosted with silver and glints of the brightest sunshine gold, along with a matching diamond blaze set between her eyes.

Mahlia ooo's speechlessly whimsical at the brilliant site of the gold hatchling. Her heart races as matching glistening golden flecks dance in her eyes, Foawr instantly croons towards the treasure as she musters "Morez seems to 'ave the right idea, enticing 'em with ale.. s'agood match though I can't say how much we'll do for the wobbles!" NTime is standing still for her as she mutters, nothing else in the room existing for the moment, except the overwhelming allure of beautiful metallic hatchling.

Mhairie looks over the gold firelizard and then smiles a bit "She's a beauty too. Though I fear I'd be greedy wouldn't I be if I tried to bribe her off of you." she notes to Ers'lan. "Course, I've much to bribe with too." she laugh's merrily though she does nuzzle her sleeping little green. "That same teal coloring though. You two be sisters indeed." she notes softly. Course she does ahve her own treasure in her pirate queen green dragon who was her own bit of sunken treasure. Oh, the coincidences we see in life. "So, what will you be naming him?" she asks J'yn with a tilt of her head. Gift is forgotten for the moment, she'll see soon enough, or she won't." Course there is a twinkle in her eye as she looks back at Ers'lan. "As a tavern owner, I could see you supplied for a time." Oh, she's evil.

"For you, yes." Thea answers this in the patient sort of way one will when answering a drunk. She leans back, retracting her hand promptly lest the befuddled Ers'lan mistake her for wanting the firelizard. "Enjoy those," she says of the newly-impressed 'lizards. Though the way she says it? She's sounding like she's giving condolences rather than congratulations. To Mahlia, "Oh cross-weyr…hmn, flights. If it has anything to do with the males, but… maybe it's something in the water?" She's being facetious, obviously, right? She too watches the gold hatchling, but there's no desire in her gaze, simply a scooting back a few more inches. On the other side of the bar there's an angry shout and a bronzen form zipping overhead. Plop! The Weyrwoman is now wearing someone's sushi. Icy eyes widen and she flicks the glob off her shirt then glares at very amused firelizard who is smart enough to perch out of swatting distance.

J'yn finds his hands full of bronze firelizard, who decides to clamp down on the bronzerider's finger with strong jaw rather than offered meatscraps. "Ow! That's m'finger not food!" But as soon as the finger is traded for the meat, the bronze devours hungrily. "Sword time, hmm? Think I kin do that, no problem." Then, a grin to Mhairie. "Wish I had something worth tradin', I'd be honoured to be bein' bribed by you." A wicked grin towards his fellow Iernian. "I'll add e'en more sword-time ta Mhairie's offer." Ooh, dragonriders are bad. "Dunna know, think I may name 'im something havin' t'do with..aha, I know, will call 'im Lethal..or Lethal Weapon, though that's a tad long fer a firelizard name huh?"

Ers'lan eyebrows lift at the word 'bribe' for when the gold hatchling does make her presence known, there are several offers coming his way. He laughs a bit, caught up in drinking his whiskey. Between getting gifts and bribes, he looks completely smug! FAR TOO SMUG. It just so happens that his bargaining chips are starting to walk away on their own accord! Take for example that brown, pot-bellied fellow, he's searching out a hand that will feed him - nevermind that Lan wants to make some profit off of all this. The bloke is far too interested in Mhairie's offer of a supply of booze, "Oh? Ya reckon ya can see me fit and stocked fer a some time? A few kegs or good bottles of whiskey and rum?" A glance toward the gold as she picks her way out of her shells. "Tempting m'lady… very tempting…" Thea is regarded once more, watching the Weyrwoman move herself far away from the table, "Weyrwoman, ya reckon I do be needin ta give ya something in return…" a laugh then toward the bronzerider who makes an ante up. Can you tell he's having too much fun with this?

Mahlia separates the caprine pieces from meatroll, only the best to be offered as her eyes tear away from little treasure only for a moment, her sparkling gold necklaces accented by green stones from Morez shimmering as she looks to Ers'lan and Thea "Ahh.. the water.. good thinkin' maybe in the sands even? Not churned often I hear." As for the inebriated rider, she entices "Got a whole oaked barrel of Benden's finest ta' trade.. not even close to a bribe worthy of that small fortune" she says, indicating the metallic hatchling. Fowar rumbles, the best he can, flapping blue wings, anything for /her/. The meat that 'made the cut' is twisted between finger tips, wriggling and dancing in hopes of catching the hatchling's eye. Mahlia watches Ers'lan and Thea, wriggling a little bit, hoping she can catch his eye again, even if just for a second for her offer to be considered, hoping a little flirtation in the form of a wink helps her odds.

Mhairie listens a bit to the dragonhealing talk and then she smiles "It's always somethin' in the water." she notes and then looks thoughful "Which concerning the rains in the past could be.' she notes thoughfully and then shakes her head a bit. "A barrel of Benden huh?" she grins at Mahlia and there's an oo' to J'yns offer as well. "Well heck, I just may have to toss in some extra's besides." she notes with an oh so sweet grin. "Perhaps some of my own private stock as well." There's a grin at Mahlia, she jsut can't help but up the ante's, pushin' people to see how far they might go. And then her attention is diverted as a very unlady like sound comes from the little green and then a soft creel. She wants a little bit more perhaps? There's a thoughful look at Thea "Ya know, I had some firelizards trained to drop dead tunnelsnakes on people. Course, I was just a kid then." She sighs a little "Some massive earthquakes scared them off though, fraid somethin mighta happened to him since I ain't seen him back."

"Oh you'll be giving me something in return Wingsec-" Thea starts to assure Ers'lan far too sweetly before she's eyeing him warily as she catches his drift. "Ohhhhh no you don't!" There's a titter of lizardly amusement from up on that drapery rod for her discomfort, then a voluptuous croon aimed at the tiny gold, drawing the Weyrwoman to shoot a glare that way. "Shutup Ruin!" Then to the area at large as if it explains everything, "He hates me. And they-" Her finger lifts to waggle at the brownrider, his eggs and the new 'lizard owners, "-are far too much maintenance. I've spent a small fortune repairing what he's wrecked." On her shoulder the brown gives her a puppy-dog look that is utterly ignored.

"A barrel of Benden's finest…" has the brownrider reiterating it in awe, regarding Mahlia for a third time that very night, smirking behind a lifted mug of ale, eyes left studious and still pie-eyed behind it. "Reckon I wonder how ya be getting yer hands on a cask of it? T'would be worth a small fortune…" A look toward the gold hatchling, who is by and far working her way across the table toward the Weyrwoman. The piece of shrimp could be dangerous for the Weyrwoman - but the gold isn't any where close enough to decide for herself yet. As for the brown, Ers'lan frowns, "Wher did that little rolly polly beastie go?" He looks underneath the table, seeing the firelizard heading toward Morez, waddling as he goes. Just as he's about to prevent the little beast to go free without some sort of bargin made, Ers'lan headcants toward Mhairie again, utterly and completely distracted! Brows jut up at the mention of private stock, muttering, "Reckon I be likin anythin of the private nature…" He chuckles, eyes on the hatchling on the table who Sexy is trying to coax away from the people and toward freedom? A wild firelizard's life huh… That won't do. Meanwhile, the brown has his own agenda planned.

Morez is just about to ofer some other little nugget in the conversation when the little brown drunkenly stumbles into his lap and begins chowing down at the bait. Morez stares at the critter in amazement for a moment, then carefully lifts him up, displaying him to everyone nearby with a proud little chuckle. "Well, would you look at that? Huh! Never had one of m'own before." He ponders as he stares at the beastie.

The darkness creeks and moans, concealing in shadows what means to break loose. In short time, the shattering of the black shell only reveals another kind of shadow in its wake…

In Shadows We Hide Green Hatchling
She is entirely enveloped in the murkiest green possible, on the brink of being cloaked in shadow, dark enough to hide in it. The other colors playing along her sleek hide just seem to overlap, as if a second skin to camouflage her in. Her body is skeletal like, no excess fat to be had anywhere, most of her bones even sticking out slightly. Her thin, long and triangular head is the starting point of thin trails of wispy black brown. The wisps flow vertically all the way down to the base of her tail, ending in a glint of gun metal black - her forked tail weaponized, as any dagger secretly clutched. Her wings are a dark moss green, the spars and finger-joints speckled with a bluish black. Each of her long and frail legs ends in mud brown paws, each holding razor sharp onyx claws. She is the terror that hangs in the shadows, with a strong jaw to prove it.

Blue headknobs bounce up and down from Mahlia's shoulder, Foawr definitely has his own aplan, still warbling to the distracted hatchling and toying with Mahlia's gold necklace in hopes of beckoning gold with gold. Mahlia's smile is beaming at the conversation about one of her favorite topics "M'fathers vintage, m'from Benden, so alway keep a steady supply 'round.. small fortune s'worthy of tradin for me! 'Sides with that tipsy-like brown we may need ta clear the hut!" She chuckles and looks towards Morez and hatchling "Congrats love! Whatcha gonna name em?" is said with some interest as most of her focus remains on the hatchling and bargianing at hand. Another whiskey shot is pushed Ers'lans way "More whiskey always helps ya?"

Morez ponders the question posed by Mahlia as he finds another little meaty scrap for the brown, since the first one seems to disappear very quickly. "Adorable. And very hungry, it seems. Hrm… well, he sure acts sort of like someone who likes the drink. How about Stout? You know, like a dark beer?" It makes sense to him, anyways.

Mhairie laughs "If my father knew I was bargainin' a barrel of his stock for a firelizard…" SHe pauses and then shakes her head "Well, if had ever woken up, he would have fileted my hide." she states with a snerk. "Course, I be bargainin' me own stock." she states merrily "Have some fine brandy that's been agein' many a Turn since I ain't been out at sea much with Fiviath to abide by. Course there's some delightful mixes that flow smoothly. Necters sweetened with the finest cream." Then there's a smile for the Weyrwoman "Aye, they can be maintenance, much like men. Oh but the wonders they can provide. Just gotta…" She pauses a moment for effect "Train them right." Smirk.

Thea grins in spite of herself and quips to both Mhairie and Mahlia, "Sands, water, whichever. It certainly can't be the booze. THEY have too much sense than to drink that." It's a pointed comment sent Ers'lan's way accompanied by an eyeroll for his absorption with the offered booze-barrel. While Shep is behaving - for the most part - his humming is nothing more than what he gave the other hatchlings. Ruin, however, has no compunction or need to please his human. The bronze alights on the back of Thea's chair to entice the little gold with smugly self-glorifiying chitters and promises of shared mayhem-to-be that thankfully the humans can't understand. That goldlet creeping closer to her side of the table is enough impetus to have her rising and stepping around the table to Ers'lan's side. "Put that on so I can leave knowing you won't lose it in the bottom of a mug, hmm?" Her toe taptaps.

J'yn grins, noting the cracking of another egg and the emerging of another little green. And, with a sly grin now that the bronze is satiated, bronzerider is(innocently) holding food out to tease and perhaps entice the newly hatched little green, he's such a sly rider, isn't he? Of course, he really doesn't expect to get away with anothr impression, but it can't hurt to try, can it?

Ers'lan seems very interested in the bantering back and forth between the two women offering him booze! This had to be a better day than he's had in a LONG time! At least ever since he got in the middle of a rock and a hard place, Weyr politics and all. Eyes drift down toward the package. "Ladies ladies.. there's another green… Perhaps I can take one of your offers and let the other have this green with a lesser bid? It would be unfortunate that Sexy didn't have two golds… wouldn't that be something…" He notes, happily, chugging away at his ale, seemingly mindless of the fact that these firelizards wouldn't wait for him. Thea, that's one he watches carefully. As she stands, he has a mind to as well, until she notes the package once more… With a grunt sigh, he nods, making to unwrap the ribbons, hastily. The knot there underneath is regarded with some intake of breath and at first a hesitation that has his eyes darting back up to Thea, "Ya really wan me ta be 'second? Does Keziah wan' it too? She can narh stand me at times… dunno why she be wantin it firm…"

Top of the Treasure Pile Gold Hatchling isn't about to be bargained away for ale! She's clearly worth more than that. She also has her own mind about her and she isn't going to wait for her drunkard of a keeper to decide if he's ready to part with her yet. It's too bad for him. She's making a run for it, darting around any hand of his that tries to stall her, crashing into that beautifully now Un-wrapped package and leaping off into the abyss - with a last minute roll to send her in the direction of a proven mate - bouncing off a shoulder of the brownrider to make it to Thea. Take that brownrider! No treasure or wealth for you! At least this one has shrimp - a fine way to start a new life. Now, where is it? Where is that bronze who promises much mayhem - creel!

Mahlia throws her head back for boisterous laughter "Ohh.. ha father's stock.. nah, spent m'whole life tending to his orchards, keeping records 'bout the vines, helping him perfect his proccess.. S'our stock, nice arragement since moving out to Eastern, but I still earn m'keep when I go back." Long lashes send a wink Mhairie's way "But by the sounds of n'one needs Benden while in yer supply Mahirie!" Foawr's attention is still on the sparkling gem that the other firelizards are interested in, but Mahlia's green eyes are directed towards the newest dark green of the bunch, her sleek onyx talons and murky muddled colors causing an ear to ear grin, oblivious for a moment that the previously fawned over gold has impressed.

The brownrider has once again been thwarted by females - golds! Whatever the case may be, he can't do anything as his hands try to stop the gold from bounding over his shoulder and into the arms of Thea. There isn't much that can be done in this instance as the gold has made her choice and he is left to sink in his chair without the promised 'private stock' or 'Benden finest' … left to sulk in the wake of his smugness. "Shards…" and the mug is placed at his side as he slowly works the knot over the shoulder, looking utterly depressed as he shackles himself in right and well to Xanadu, to the service of the Weyr and its people, to the position of Wingsecond of Search and Rescue. The fact that Mahlia is the only one who has yet to receive a firelizard but has already made offerings, does not go unnoticed. Once he's fixed his new knot in place, given a one-over to how it sits, he lifts the dark little green out of the tub and scoots it over to Mahlia. "Reckon ya did good by me an bought me a shot and some whiskey. Reckon I should have been takin yer offer of Benden's finest befer the little goldlet made her choice… Aye, sometimes females can be so stubborn…" A look toward J'yn, who also was trying to con the green toward him, "Reckon I be gettin 'nuff sword play from you sir, that this lass 'ere be deservin a chance… thar dun narh mean ya can narh have another… just one left, dun narh know iffin it t'will hatch…" A side glance down the bottles of beer egg, then back toward the dark green.

J'yn has been caught in the act. But he just manages a sly smile as green is offered to Mahlia, "Aye, foiled by f'males…'tis a tragedy is it not?" And the green is soon forgotton about in favour of trailing silver-blue eyes over greenrider. Mhairie has his attention again as he watches the woman, draining his ale with ease. "B'sides, there's still at least one female I'm still thinkin' about trying to bring home with me." Wicked gleam, that, admiring over Mhairie's body.

The Weyrwoman snorts at the question, "Of course I want you to be Wingsecond! And Keziah is a master at acting the opposite of how she really feels. Trust me, though. If I didn't want you to have the job, I wouldn't be handing you this knot. I don't DO things I don't want t-" Except impress firelizards, apparently. She catches the ricochet of gold in her periphery, squeaks and ducks - as if that would help. At least she doesn't flail and bat the poor little thing out of the air. Claws tangled in her shirtfront have her cracking her eyes open, then widening to stare at it. "Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff!" While her hands hover, not daring to touch it, the hatchling finds a gobbet of goo hanging on her button, inhales it and peers up adoration. Ruin chortles with glee and zips off to irritate another diner by stealing more meat. Into the silence that is sure to be punctuated by yet another shout over yonder, Thea sighs wearily and grits, "Put the sharding knot on, Ers'lan."

Mhairie just blinks as she watches the gold makes a dash for it and she laughs. Just simply laughs. "Oh, that's just too rich." She smiles at J'yn "Aye, tis a tragedy indeed." Course, the way she laughs she doesn't think any of it is a tragedy. She does smile ever so sweetly "Oh? Is that so?" she asks with a tilt of her head "And just who might that be?" she asks with a tilts of her head "Course, what would ya be trading? A little sword play?" COurse her eyes blinks a little as she eyes Thea and then Ers'lan "Are ye daft man? Never refuse a lady her wishes." she states "And are ya not wantin' to be a 'second?" she asks as she looks amused. "Pickled yer brain perhaps, though thats a good dish, though I've only tried it with 'snake and a few other critters."

Mahlia is tickled with twinges of a timorous nature, the dark swirling depths of her hair, the night of her attire and the swirl of crimson cloak causing her too, to sink slightly and blend with the shawdows as well. Notice of goldlet impression is noted with a "Congrats Thea, well paired regardless of the madness that ensues.. Foawr could warble a thing or two about mischief" which the blue of course does proudly. Random thoughts try to bring her to conversation, but all she can see is the dark depths of the hatchling scooted her way. The same fine pieces of meat are held out towards her with docile encouragement to ease hungry hatchling tummy and she manages a "Congrats Wingsecond Ers'lan, suppose we could find plenty reasons to celebrate, like your promotion?" Another shot of whiskey is pushed his way before callow orbitals fixate on the well blended green.

J'yn mmms, looking over his fellow Iernian none to shyly. "Well, iff'n y'like sword play." Grin is impish, now, as he removes attention from Mhairie only to look over Mahlia briefly, then catching the eye of a passing server from whom he orders another ale. "But then, there is th'matter of that last egg." Eyes trail briefly over the remaining egg curiously. "It may have a lovely f'male for me too."

Ers'lan stands from his chair, albeit with another wobble, eyes on Weyrwoman to see her entangled so with the goldlet, a little pucker of a smirk around his lips before he hides it in one last gulp from his mug of ale. Mhairie and J'yn's conversation does not go upon deaf ears, he catches snippets of it and laughs, "Aye, reckon thar be room fer a brownrider in thar somewhere…?" He does tease, turning bout with Mhairie's chide and Thea's scolding tone of voice. A half smirk for them both, a foot stomping suddenly onto the flat seat of his chair, hoisting himself up with a fresh shot of whiskey in his hand - how did he get that? There is a gratiful nod of his chin to Mahlia, a wink for her as well, even if she does seem paired already with the boy Morez, a sailor is never put out by a married woman - or weyrmated - or dating. Whatever the course is, a wink is delivered, as flirty as he can be. Then, he hoists up his glass and makes a toast, "Reckon I be in fer a celebration 'mates! 'Second of Galaxy." He makes a show of downing his shot of whiskey, before turning a finger on the crowd, "Now all you sots better narh drink up too fast and ruin yerselves." How's that for being proud? No? To further it, since he hangs out with this crowd a lot, he points to a gent in the crowd who catches his cue, starting up a jolly tavern song that catches many chiming in - even Ers'lan with all his seafarring vigor.
"Tap all caskets and find us yer stash - Who calls the round? Whose wallet be heavy? How many pints can this tummy here levy?! Beer, cider, spirits, and ales. Listen to the drunk sailor tell his tales, loosen your belts, cups in the air, the liquor flows free and the barrels won't care." *all sing* "O, Ho, Finish in One. Down, Down, Until it's all gone! Hoorah!" …
Ers'lan jumps down as the bawdy songs start rumbling through the crowd, rounds bought and shared.

Dark jungle of a hatchling is pursuaded and quickly gobbles up the offering from the dopple-like human. A loud sqwak is let out, demanding more, and directing towards slightly larger blue firelizard perched on her new pet. Mahlia laughs "Looks like a day for celebrations! I think she will be called Bagheera!" A few more pieces of meat are fed, but not overfed, while the rest is pushed Thea's way in case it can be put to good use their. Green hatchling clumsily shakes off egg remnants and hops on to Mahlia's tunic, climbing her way up to nuzzle and doze. Back to the conversation previously at hand she says with a toast "To us, our new friends, n'Ers'lans promotion to Wingsecond!" Last round is downed and she pushes back a bit, cradling the green "Would ya look at that, surely it can't be this late already? Wish I could stay to chat more about the water, sands, libations and umm swords" she winks at the wooing riders "Must meet m'ride back to Eastern so I can get workin on clutch notes collected t'day."

Thea's hands finally settle gently, if reluctantly to cup the tiny queen more securely to her chest. The smug bronze lord is darting hither and yon to snatch tidbits that he drops in her snapping maw. With a longsuffering tsk, she tells it, "You do know he's just helping you just to spite me - and wants you to grow up into his personal slave, right?" As for Ers'lan, she reaches down to give his knot a tweak, testing that it's securely fastened. "Congratulations, Wingsecond. "I think you'll enjoy the perks of the position (said in total innocence -really!), if not the extra marks." Eyes widen at the dubious balance as Ers'lan climbs up on the chair, then with a barely-there flutter of a wink at Mahlia, she adds, "Don't let him fool you. He's playing hard to get. Congratulations all on your impressions and enjoy your visit." With that singing spreading ‘round the tavern, she's backing away towards the refuge of the door. Overheard to the hovering Ruin as she makes her way out, "You are in SO much trouble…"

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