Beach Breakaway

Xanadu Weryr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It’s a hot day. One of those types of hot days where being outside just seems like a stupidly unnecessary idea. Lucky for Ka'el, he doesn’t have to be outside. There’s plenty of indoor work to be done in the admin wing! Especially with the races making their way to Xanadu in the upcoming sevens. So much to prep for and get in order! But today, Ka’el’s been staring out the window a lot. Things on his desk are begging for his attention, but his attention remained unfocused til finally, a decision was made. A decision to *gasp* ignore work and go outside! To the beach! It’s hot enough. And on his way, he’s knocked on doors and poked his head in offices and tried to recruit as many as he could to go with him. “Break time!” And so it’s with a small team of people (consisting of mainly the younger crowd of admin. Weyrleader or not, he couldn’t convince everyone!) that he arrives on the beach, already barefoot and barechested, a towel slung over an arm, and a triumphant grin on his face.

Mur'dah is already lounging on the beach in his shorts, Kalsuoth making a nice spot of shade with his bulk for his rider. Shirtless, tan Mur'dah is soaking up the warmth while he can, his injured leg stuck out in front of him. Unwrapped, the sprained ankle is still a purple and black and orange mess, but as he rolls it he seems satisfied that it's not broken at least. Healing. When the beach is visited by the administration though, the brownrider AWLM struggles awkwardly to his feet (foot) and snaps off a smart salute, eyes on Ka'el. "Sir."

Kiena may have been in her office or perhaps she had already fled, not that that would have been terribly fair of her. Isn't the Weyrsecond supposed to be the backup for days like this when the paperwork is overflowing? Yet the bluerider is here on the beach, dressed in a two piece bathing suit and a flowing sarong worn overtop. Break time it is! Spying Ka'el, Kiena snaps off a half-salute, half-wave. "Made your escape too, hmm? No board this time?" she drawls. Never mind that it was HIS idea! Of course the Weyrleader is there! Blue eyes scan the shore then and catches Mur'dah not far off as the AWLM struggles to his feet. There's a concerned frown but a relieved edge to her voice as she steps forwards. "Mur'dah! Hey, how's the ankle? Jays… the bruising looks awful." she remarks, tilting her head as she peers down at it. Leave it to the bluerider to be blunt.

"Hey watch out!" Eltanin calls, lifting his nose up from his usual charts as he's being nearly stumbled upon by a bunch of…persons. Yeah, despite being not that new anymore, he's still on recognize and remember face mode. But then, the Weyrleader's and Weyrsecond's ones are noticed and he lowers his voice, trying to make himself transparent. A break. The idea finally comes through his brain and he rolls his charts up and ambles in, following the others with a smile and nodding politely. "Ma'am, Sir…" He adds, reaching the admin pack's level. The unknown brown rider gets a nod as well. Polite.

Kera has been doing alot of running after Moncerath the past few sevendays, well, months really. But the last sevendays have been more taxxing that what the healer may be used too. Spotting the gathering further along the beach, she and the six month old green slow their steps. It wouldn't do to be completely out of breath when she gets within greeting range. A cheery warble is sent to Kalsuoth before Moncerath splashes her way into the water. "Not too far out Mon." She shields her eyes from the sun to watch her dragonmate a few long seconds before turning towards gathering of huge knots. Giving a polite dip of her head and quick half formed salute, half turning to greet the whole group. "G'afternoon everyone." She nearly trips over the starcrafter's charts "Oh, sorry."

"One candlemark!" Ka'el calls to his dispersing team that's beginning to gallop off, most heading to the water, some looking for spots to sunbathe. All that office work makes one pale! "Maybe two.." he says to himself, smirking. "Or at least til Thea finds out I took most of the techies." What's an office without their tech crew to fix computer problems? Ah well! He heads on down towards the water too, spotting Kiena and the hobbly Mur'dah. "Ah, couldn't find it!" he calls to her, grinning crookedly. "With the move, I think it's still in a box…somewhere. Or beneath a box." Maybe he should've labeled those things. Ohwell. He approaches her and Murdah as well, nodding to him and his salute, though giving a quizzical look to his bruise. He glances to Kiena, who seems knowledgeable about it. “Alright?” he asks with a vaguely elevated brow to the brownrider. More faces are noticed, and Eltanin, as unfamiliar (yet maybe somewhat familiar) as he may be to him, is offered a light smile and nod of greeting. Kera gets a grin, and the greenrider and waved to. “Afternoon, Weyrling!”

Mur'dah salutes Kiena as well, but there's a grin when he does it. "Thanks, I think the color of it really brings out my eyes," he drawls. "Would you mind wrapping it again?" he adds, almost hopefully. "I tried and my toes turned blue…" Whoops. "It's healing though. Trying to move around like you said." As the others arrive, Kalsuoth shifts away with his awkward hop-gait to make room and tuck himself out of the way, though he does rumble happily back to Moncerath. "Hello, Kera," Mur'dah adds, shifting a bit - as if he could hide his massively bruised ankle. Please don't write it in his Healer file. "Also might want to try that salute again," he suggests, grin crooked. "Hey," is tossed to Eltanin, studying him for a moment. Yup! Polite. Looking back at Ka'el, Mur'dah seems a bit surprised when he's spoken to again, but he's quick enough to answer. "Yeah, it's healing. Rolled it falling off a log in the weyrling obstacle course." Whoops. Thankfully no one saw him. "I've…got a board if you want to borrow it, sir," he offers. "Or you know, you can always rent one…"

"That's a shame! So you went ahead with the move, eh? Good luck finding it, if you didn't label nothing!" Kiena muses towards Ka'el, grinning back crookedly. She startles a bit when Eltanin calls out and spotting Kera approaching she waves to them both as she shifts, a bit of a salute fired off to the green Weyrling too. "Afternoon, you too. Your charts alright, Eltanin?" she asks, stumbling a bit over his name. That was right, right? Cough. The Weyrsecond glances briefly to Moncerath as the green goes by, her mouth quirking into a vague smile. "She's growing fast, Kera." Don't they all? Kiena rolls her eyes a bit but all in good natured fun when Mur'dah hopefully asks for her help. "Oh yes, it's quite complimentary. And I suppose I could. Though honestly, you need to learn." she teases the brownrider gently. "Where'd you stash the wrap?"

Eltanin perks a bit, forcing himself to take his eyes off of Mur'dha's colorful ankle. "Oh, it's okay, Kera." He replies the green rider with a smile. "Those are simple copies." So many faces around. He's not agoraphobic but still, it's a lot of people he mets at the same time. Coughing a bit he waves a hand at Kiena's query. "It'll survive, thank you. I have some with Moncerath's signature on them I fear won't last very long though." He doesn't add anything but by the way he's kinda beaming right now, he's definitely silently showing some kind of pride as he's being remembered by the Weyrsecond. Then a wink is sent towards his weyrling friend and as Ka'el's gaze is met, he dips his head again.

Kera steps back a pace, glancing down to the crumpled edge of the chart. An appologetic shrug is offered to Eltanin before her attention takes in Mur'dah's darked ankle, a little smirk at his comment. "Maybe you're right, I'll pencil extra time to practice saluting into my schedule somewhere." Gesturing towards the injured Awlm with a little grin. "Were you demonstrating how /not/ to cross the log?" Looking back to her dragonmate sinking below the water, then a little spout of bubbles fizzle from the surface. As Ka'el heads towards the water, Kera nods agreeably with Kiena. "There are times I'ld swear she gets bigger between one nap and the next." All that can be scene of Moncerath currently is her snout peeking up from below the surface. Casting a curious expression between Kiena and Mur'dah "Who's moving?" Didn't she hear someone say something about moving? Crouching down a pace from the starcharts "Did Minimur return that chart Tani? He didn't have it when he came back so…" She gives a little shrug "I figured he found ya."

Ka'el faintly tips his head to one side at the explanation of the injured ankle. The obstacle course? He nods a little. "Hopefully it won't interfere with your duties with the weyrlings," he says. "Though I suppose the less physical lessons will due til it's healed." Diplomacy, anyone? He'll happily pawn off that lecture to someone else. He's gotten word that he's supposed to give it. A cringe-worthy thought. But what's not as cringe-worthy is the thought of borrowing a board, though in the end, after giving it a brief moment's thought, he shakes his head. "I'll find mine, eventually. Thanks though!" He'll just play in the water old school style today! To Kiena, he laughs and nods. "Finally, yes. Kanekith's warming up to it .. one degree at a time. Still frosty, but he's gettin' there." And appreciative look is given to Moncerath as she plays in the waves. She has the right idea! He wipes sweat from his brow with his arm. But first! Introductions. "I don't think we've met," is said to Eltanin, whose greeting he indeed saw. "My name is Ka'el." He offers a hand. The not-sweaty one.

"You moved?" Mur'dah asks of Ka'el, brows lifting in surprise. "Left your forge weyr?" Glancing back at Kiena, the brownrider looks a bit sheepish. He opens his mouth to say something, but then changes his mind and digs the wrap out of his shorts pocket. "It's here," he says. Glancing around, and with Kalsuoth off over there a ways, the brownrider just hobbles himself down onto the sand once more, like a kid who has asked a grown up to tie his shoes. Peering over at Eltanin, the brownrider looks a bit concerned. "Her signature?" And his eyes flick to Kera, brows lifting in a silent question. What happened there? Then he looks downright startled. "Kera, a moment." And whether or not his ankle is wrapped yet, he'll push to his feet and wobble awkwardly off a few paces, gesturing for the young greenrider to join him.

Kiena chuckles to Ka'el, "Told you he would. Slow and steadily. Glad it all went well, regardless!" Her gaze then turns again to Mur'dah and when he fishes the bandages from his pocket, her mouth quirks into a crooked smile and she snorts softly before taking them from his hands. Kera's comment about demonstrating how not to cross a log earns a good snickered laugh from the Weyrsecond, which is probably NOT a good thing but the bluerider can't help herself. Snicker. She would have crouched down then to wrap Mur'dah's ankle but the AWLM is suddenly on his feet and hobbling off. "Make up your mind!" she growls at the brownrider, hands on her hips. "And don't face plant either!" Grumble. Bandages still in hand, she'll toss them from one to the other as her focus shifts back to Eltanin and Ka'el. "Wait. Moncerath's signature? How'd…? Is there even a chart left?" she muses.

Eltanin takes the offered hand and shakes it lightly, a smile curling his lips. "Weyrleader Ka'el." He begins respectfully. "I'm Eltanin, the newest Starcraft addition to the Weyr." Another smile here as Kiena's snicker seems to be contagious. "He did find me, Kera." He slightly turns to answer the greenrider. "And don't worry about my charts, I always uses copies instead of originals as I'm way too clumsy not to leave Klah's stains or even worse. Though…" And his time, he turns to Mur'dha and Kiena again a broad grin on his face. "I've never torn one apart. But to Kera and Moncerath's defense, I was guilty. I have that bad habit to forget them almost everywhere I go….and I must admit that I often go to the beach…" He sticks his tongue out playfully.

Kera glances towards her frolicking young dragon frequently as she chats, her attention drifting from one face to another. From what she hears, the assumption that Ka'el has movied in with Soriana is made. An agreeable smile is offered to the Weyrleader "Congrats Ka'el." Moncerath's signature gets a laugh, her eyes cut to Eltanin since he mentioned it to begin with. A quick nod is given. "That chart has a few extra ventilation holes. The wind picked it up and off it flew." Kera makes a swooping motion with her hand through the air. "Mon managed to snag it with her talons as tried to fly by her." A quick shrug given as she explains to those gathered. Mur'dah's question get's a confused little frown but she nods and stands once more. "Sure sir." Looking back to Kiena at the bluerider's frustrated outburst, she can't help but crack a grin. It slips away quickly though as she paces the brownrider and waits to see what's going on.

Mur'dah waits until Kera is near, and then he drops his voice to murmur softly to her.

Mur'dah mutters to Kera, "… your flippant,… response… my… and the Weyrsecond, and… all… terms, you are… and… will give… superiors the… begins with… /proper/… I've taught you… and sarcastic… salute… me not only… poorly… your… your… reflects… on… entire… work… was… you're going… cleaning… and you're… arm… sore…. understood?"

"I did," answers Ka'el, speaking to Mur'dah. "Leavin' the forge wasn't .. easy. But I'm thinking I can get a new one brought in. Some lucky Weyrling will get my old place when the time comes that they leave the barracks." And that time comes so much faster than one would think! He pauses there though as the brownrider wants a word with Kera. Ooooh, what'd you do, Kera? Her congratulatory remarks earn a smile though, and he nods to her before giving her a 'good luck' look. Now, he pokes a hand out to Kiena, prodding her arm with a finger. "Alright then, Healer Kiena," he says jokingly, "Let's take a swim while you wait. And you too Starcrafter Eltanin. You've a place to keep your charts safe from dragon claws and splashin' water?"

Kiena chuckles to Eltanin. "At least you've the leisure of going to the beach for your work if you so choose. Suppose if it's just copies, the damage isn't as bad. So long as you don't get yourself in trouble with your Hall." she murmurs, her gaze sliding to Kera before she's heading off with the AWLM. There's a crooked half-grin and then she makes a slight grunted-noise when Ka'el prods her arm and she's swift to jab him right back with a look. "Healer? Ha! Right. I'd be the worse there ever was. I just know the basics. Y'know." Basic training and first aid! Smirking at the Weyrleader, she'll hold up her hand with the rolled up wrap. "I'll swim after I've taken care of that ankle." she muses and tosses the wrap into her other hand.

"Aye Sir!" Tani replies sharply but still smiling. He glances at Kera and Mur'dha though, as he starts to remove his shirt. "Those were copies I made myself so, I'm…not…in…trouble…anymore." comes his voice muffled, commenting Kiena's words. But then, he stays there for a moment, his shirt across one shoulder, torn between the inviting sparkling waters and the injured brownrider and friends. He may make himself helpful? Dilemma. Has he just been order to swim by the Weyrleader himself? "Want an additional hand?" He finally asks.

Kera sighs as she listens to Mur'dah. Managing to keep her expression neutral, the weyrling nods and lifting her hand to salute, again. Keeping her hand up "Yes sir. I'll get right on that sir." Since the rest of her day just got inked in, a nod dips her head a couple of times and she sends a wave towards the others on the beach before turning towards the water where her dragonmate is. The young green is already dripping out of the water with a plaintive warble. A quick wave and forced smile flashes towards those on the beach "G'day everyone." then the green pair make their way back towards the barracks and the extra chores she now has to do.

Mur'dah watches Kera go, looking rather perplexed. "I said tonight," he mutters, hobbling back to his spot and sitting down, giving Kiena a grateful look for waiting for him. "Thanks," he says quietly. Glancing around, if Ka'el is still within hearing distance, Mur'dah will nod. "Hope it's a nice weyr, then, and worth the move," he offers. Tilting his head at the half-on-half-off tunic of Eltanin, the brownrider chuckles. "You all go swim," he encourages. "I'm fine."

Poor Eltanin, caught within his tunic! Ka’el smirks at his apparent predicament. To swim or not swim? Well! Poor Mur’dah seems to have more than enough help wrapping his hurt foot, and as three pairs of hands seems a bit unnecessary for one non-fatal injury, Ka’el himself heads towards the water. He needs to wash this sweat away! And at least get some leisure time in before someone rats him out to the Weyrwomen. He hesitates though, eyes following Kera. But he doesn’t question. The Weyrlings are the assistant weyrlingmasters responsibility, and it’s been handled! Soooo .. Splash! Into the water! Ahhh, finally!

"Not in trouble… anymore?" Kiena quirks a brow at Eltanin, though by now the apprentice is half in and half out of his tunic. Chuckling, she shakes her head only to watch Kera and Moncerath's departure with a vague frown and a shrug. Mur'dah is approaching then and finally the brownrider sits but it's the Weyrsecond's turn to hesitate. "Nah, don't worry about it." she murmurs to Eltanin, gesturing to the water where Ka'el has already splashed and dived in. Grinning, she jerks her head. "Go on. We'll be there in a moment," We? Kiena grins down at Mur'dah and unfastening the sarong and setting it down with the bandages on top, she'll hold out her hand to the AWLM. "Come on. Up! You walked on it, you can swim. It'll be good. Don't they suggest it for injuries anyhow?" Right? "At the very least you can float in the shallows."

Eltanin's head finally reappears from his shirt and he throws it away. "Alright then…" He calls to Kiena and Mur'dah. Seems like his hesitation doesn't last long and it's a dashing Eltanin that hurries over to the shore and dives! Those few months in the Weyr did change him slightly. He'd never done that a turn ago. Turning away from his beloved charts? But then, the heat of this particular day and those tempting waters… Surfacing again, he scans the sand searching for Kera and only catches her trotting away.

Best feeling ever! Ka’el could stay in the water all day if time would allow him the luxury. Maybe his next rest day, whenever that is, should be a designated beach day! He surfaces and gives his head a brisk shake, wiping his face after. He takes a breath to call out to those who are still on shore only to realize that at least one of them has already joined him. And the other two? Slowly making their way to the shallows, it looks like. He swims towards Eltanin. “Starcrafter you said, yes?” he says to him when near. “Where do you come from?”

Kiena won't stray far from Mur'dah's side and even goes as far as to offer him her arm if the brownrider isn't too proud to accept the help. "See? Not so bad." she murmurs as she wades into the waters herself and floats on a little ahead. "Floating means no weight on the ankle, right?" Logic! Sort of. She'll keep a close eye on Mur'dah, to be sure he's not in actual discomfort. Her idea could backfire, but leave it to the Weyrsecond to be overly confident in her help. Leaning back, she'll half float on her back, grinning towards Ka'el and Eltanin as she does. "Better than being cooped up in an office or study all day, isn't it?" she calls to them.

"From Ierne…" Tani replies the floating Weyrleader, running both hands in his wet hair before sinking down a bit more. "I used to skip chores a lot with my brother back then." he chuckles, causing some bubbles to spurt out. "Way much better!" He calls, waving a hand at Kiena and Mur'dah.

Mur'dah isn't too proud to accept the help, and is grateful for it. Once he's steady he'll let her go though, letting his leg hang while he moves about with arm strength. "It feels really good," he admits, smiling as he slowly treads water towards the others. "You don't skip chores now though, right?" he calls to the Starcrafter, his grin amused.

"Ierne," echoes Ka'el, who is situating himself to float on his back, the epitome of laziness. "I've been meaning to take a trip there. After the races, probably. Just for a visit." Diplomacy, see? Stay friendly with the other Weyrs and Holds and things! Kiena's comment earns a snicker. "Definitely. Why do you think I snuck awa- … er, took scheduled time off to come?" Yeah, that's it. Scheduled time off. Totally not sneaking! HIs wiggles his arms a bit to keep himself balanced and afloat, caught laughing at Eltanin's comment. "Skipping chores? Well, the none of us would know anything about that, eh? Never skipped a chore in our lives! Never snuck out past any curfews. Never.." Don't you see the halo over his head? "Have you settled in well enough here?"

"Told you so," Kiena teases to Mur'dah, grinning at the brownrider as she floats in lazy circles, alternating her focus between him and the other two swimming nearby. Eltanin's comment earns a laugh, while Ka'el is given another crooked grin. "Oh sure, "scheduled" time off! Will this be a regular thing?" she drawls back with a snort. Not buying it! Though honestly she's not complaining about the Weyrleader's decision! Scheduled or sneaky, it means she's not INSIDE right now! The Weyrsecond values her occasional sprint to freedom too. Circling back to Mur'dah again, she swims in close and smiles softly. "Has the ankle been getting better? Swimming aside."

Poor Eltanin. Once again caught between telling the truth or quickly inventing a solid excuse or trying an elusive maneuver. Did he just saw something else than Rukbat shining above Ka'el's head? He finally makes his decision and offer a broad grin. "Oh, I wouldn't dare to skip chores here. I wouldn't even dare to simply think about it." He's polishing his own halo now, winking at Ka'el and Mur'dah. Then, something sparks in his mind. A quick review of the Weyr's chain of command and he finally realizes he's swimming with no less than : The Weyrleader, the Weyrsecond and the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. It's maybe not the best time to confess his old pranks. "Though I must say that I've been missing the Weyr. I just came back from a whole sevenday, working on the giant telescope." Yes. He's settled at Xanadu quite well. Beyond his expectations.

Mur'dah nods, "I like Ierne," he says as he paddles closer. As for skipping chores, the brownrider chuckles, glancing briefly at Ka'el and then away to grin at Kiena. "Yeah, yeah, you were right," he teases. "It's healing, just very slowly. /Very/ slowly…I might go to the Healers." Gasp. "How are the girls?" Grinning at Eltanin, the brownrider looks curious. "Where is it? The telescope? Is it open to the public?"

Ka'el gives Eltanin an approving look. Now that's how it's done! The innocent act, played very well. He grins in reply to both him and Kiena, and his eyes turn up to the sky as he answers the latter. "I think so. At least once a seven for all of admin. Maybe not all at the same time." Wouldn't that be a sight to see? The administration wing, silent and empty. The beach, full with those usually wearing suits and ties … stripped to their skivvies. What a mental image! He rolls in the water, abandoning his float to instead alternate between standing and treading water. Eyes turn to Eltanin as he speaks of working on a giant telescope. Thier observatory? No.. he said he'd been away. Mur'dah's initial question is echoed in his mind in general curiosity. "A sevenday's worth of work, too? A grand opportunity for an apprentice of your field." He quiets then, touching base with Kanekith. AKA, His Lookout.

"Never been to Ierne, personally." Kiena admits. "Just Benden, Western and the Emerald Isles north of it and here." For a dragon rider, she's not very well travelled! Or she's skipping any rank-related visits she may have had to make. Those don't count or do they? She'll keep a curious ear on Eltanin's mention of work on a telescope, her questions already being asked by Mur'dah and expanded on by Ka'el. Do tell! There's a laugh as she's rolling over to tread water now. What an image! And what scandal! Who runs the Weyr when the admin skip out? "Oh no. Can't have a mass exodus!" she teases to Ka'el. Isn't that what is (sort of) happening right now? Weyrleader and Weyrsecond at least have escaped! For now. Kiena swims back around to circle Mur'dah, not bothering to hide the small and smug smile on her face. Damn right, she's right! "Uh, yeah? Sprains suck and tend to take forever and a day. And I told you…" That she at least says in a lowered voice and a look to the brownrider. Pot calling the kettle back, mind you! Kiena won't go to the Healer's freely either, less she slice and dice herself open like her last incident. "The girls are fine. With their foster parents today, probably out enjoying the sun."

Eltanin offers his surrounding a kind of unassured smile. Being the center of attention is unusual for him. "It's at Landing." He begins to clarify. He is the shy type, yes, but when it comes to his favorite subject, he forgets about almost anything else. Just look at his sparkling eyes. "There's that largest telescope on Pern there and I had the honor and chance to work on the controlling terminal. With the help of the computer craft, of course." Beware of hi arms as he's now gesturing in the air to figure the really impressive scale of that magnificent piece of machinery. "It was a tough job to configure the telescope too though…" To the brownrider he nods frantically. "Yes it's open to public, you should come! You all should by the way…" And he literally beams but frowns right after. "But…not now though. The work is not totally done. I need her help….err…." he coughs, correcting. "I need someone's help." To Ka'el he adds. "And if it's possible, I'd like to adapt the terminal to control the telescope here, at the Weyr…"

Mur'dah rolls his eyes at Kiena, giving her a look in return. Right. Then he's listening to Eltanin, curious and interested. "Wow," he says, eyes bright with possibility. "Will you let me know when it's open? I'd like to visit." He glances at Kiena to smile, and then back to the others.

The largest telescope on Pern? Ka'el had no idea! Starcrafting isn't really…his thing. He leaves all that up to the starcrafters! But it does sound interesting, and that shows in his eyes, once they've refocused. "You're an apprentice?" he guesses, as swimming doesn't really leave room for knot wearing. "I'd imagine you'd need help. I wouldn't think such a notable telescope would be left to the hands of an apprentice alone." Unless Starcraft deals with things differently than the other crafts do. "In any case, good luck to you and all who are working on it. I'm sure it's worth the trip." And as for controlling the telescope here. He sees those eyes on him and he holds up watery palms. "Don't look at me," he laughs. "That sounds like a request for Jethaniel, techcrafter and Steward. And he'll confer with the Star and Tech Journeymen here, and then they'll confer with the Senior Weyrwoman." She's the real boss! "And me." Maybe. He's more of the … dragonrider boss! "Still. Jethaniel likes new ideas. Worth a shot, if you're up for the challenge." Of communicating with a man who speaks computertalk!

Eltanin listens to Ka'el's words almost religiously and he nods several times. "Oh, I'm not the only one working on it, I can assure you, Sir." He replies, but his mind is already set on something else. Luckily his unwanted confession about a particular starcrafter who's company more than help means a lot to him goes unnoticed and he follows quickly. "I was told I'm kinda gifted so even if still apprentice I've been awarded to work on that project." Soon, his smile fades out but his eyes still sparkle. "I should go fetch all my reports now and be sure I will talk to Jethaniel. Computertalk isn't a problem." Rushing over to the shore he waves. "Excuse me all and….Mur'dah?" Did he pronounced it right? "I will let you know when it's ready. I will et you all know…."

Kiena isn't too savvy at all with technology either and most of what Eltanin describes goes right over her head. Not that that keeps the Weyrsecond from asking questions, even if it shows her to be rather naive. "How'd a terminal here be able to control something as far as Landing? They can be linked?" she asks, glancing curiously to the Apprentice before chuckling to Ka'el's referral to Jethaniel. "I'm curious to see if it can be done!" Just so she can take a peek! Just to look. Not… to push any buttons. Honest! Now the apprentice is fleeing and Kiena simply half-salute and half-waves in farewell. "That'd be great!" she answers, followed by a grin. "Take care and best of luck!" The look she receives from Mur'dah has her giving him a look right back and when she lowers her hand from the wave she'll flicks some water his way. Ha!

Mur'dah snorts softly with a slight smirk for the challenge of speaking to Jethaniel. He knooooows. How his sister can even communicate with him, the brownrider has no idea. 'Please will you endeavor to consider to remove the damp earth and clay from your foot coverings when you decide to grace the threshold with your passing presence.'? It makes his head spin. "Take care, Eltanin," the brownrider calls as the Starcrafter hastens off. And then there were three. And…Kiena is flicking water at him! Blinking and then grinning, the brownrider sheets his hand through the water to send it back.

Ka'el nods to the crafter as he takes his leave, sending his luck with him. If what he's proposing is worth doing, theeen…Jethaniel and whomever else will see that it gets done. Ka'el will stick to the dragonriding aspects of things. And paperworky stuff. And… uh oh. Alert! Alert! Kanekith is prodding him now. Security has been breached! Someone's spilled the beans! Abort mission! And so as water is splashed by the others, Ka'el begins to wade away. "Time's up for me," he says, waving an arm as he gets back to shore. "Take care." He grabs his towel and wraps it about his shoulders, waving to the others that came with him. "Code Bronze! Code Bronze!" AKA, time to get back to work! Dry off! Change clothes! Act like they were never gone despite the smell of sea and surf that'll cling to their skin. He flashes a grin to Kiena and Mur'dah before he too takes his leave.

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