Clearing Crashes and Canines

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Garait is slowly moving away from the Weyr and Stables (perhaps sneaking?) as he makes a face and feeds a bit of meat to baby green firelizard on his shoulder. He seems to be in a thoughtful mood and mixed emotions today, but is paying attention to where he's going this time. No more accidental run ins!

Any time not devoted to craft studies or party planning lends to more explorations for Zahleizjah, who is still working on settling in to her new home. Stumbling out of the thickets and through the ground cover of the nearby forest, the young Starcrafter emerges from the dense wooding and pads out in to the clearing. There is quite the collection of twigs and moss hanging from various places including her hair, and the brownbronze pair are of little help as they play about bouncing from branch to branch and squawking. She minds all those tiny new blooms, tiptoeing past them. "Oh geeze you two.." she says to the firelizards, pulling foliage from her locks. An unfamiliar gent and tiny green are spotted and she heads their way "Hello there.. that's a lovely new friend ya got there!"

She calls out to the 'sneaking gent' in hopes of avoiding a collision course for his mixed emotions and moodiness.

Oh the things an apprentice is tasked to do sometimes! ka-el is hardly ever surprised anymore when his usual duties are interrupted by the onslaught of some random task given to him by a Journeyman who hasn't the time (or desire) to do it himself. And so while in the midst of coalbreaking he was given a new assignment, he barely batted an eye. When he was presented with a large and shaggy canine to deliver to the resident's housing. Well .. he batted one eye, but the job was done. Almost… The coal-dusted apprentice can now be seen (half walking, half pulled) with the massive canine tethered to a leather leash, heading back from the housing area with a less than amused expression on his face. Alloy trails, the bronze firelizard gliding some handful of feet above, wings outstretched and barely moving as he rides the breeze. He notes others in the area, both familiar faces, and his dragged walk is turned in their direction.

It's a fine day for firelizard soaring. Haruhi glides along on a breeze further up in the sky, until she suddenly spots Alloy down there. What's this? The gold trills out to him, launching herself down in a dive to buzz the bronze with merry disregard for those humans (and one canine) down there. Like they're anything near as important as the wonder of her!

Idrissa is also leaving the stables, though she is at least not sneaking, and is a distance behind Garait as well. Her firelizards aren’t with her, seeing how she had been in the stables for most of the day until just recently. A large light tan and ashen gray colored canine is following at her side. The canine looks like a large wolfhound sort of mix and has a dark brown harness upon it. Voices are picked up and her bright gaze drifts over the area to see who all may be around.

In doth come the Weyrleader, from above. There's no chance that anyone could run into Yarovith today or trip over his tail, as the near-black bronze descends his shadow across the clearing, making a sweeping of the sky to find the proper amount of space to land. As large a span as the area is, it is easy enough to do, down sweeping powerfully, large packs on his sides, full of goods perhaps. The entrance is noiseless save for the swoosh and sweep of wind underneath his sails, crouching just so to allow the dismount of his rider. The rider would prefer much of the same, though these days, the burden of a heavy knot on his shoulder makes his appearance quite obvious and no amount of having silent steps will help him get around the crowds that often gather and loiter in the area. But there are perks to the job as well, one such perk has a few cavern workers coming out upon some dragonic message sent, to retrieve the satchels from Yarovith's sides, heaping the loaded parcels onto their shoulders instead of A'dmar having to do it. A'dmar briefly oversees the process, noting the proper direction of the workers, who carry the satchels to the crafter complex and the other to the infirmary. Yarovith at least seems satisfied with the load off his back, moving at once toward the hatching arena where Seryth and his eggs are drawing nearer to hatching.

A fine day for firelizard gliding is a fine day indeed, is it not? That is until a portion of the sky darkens into the form of a green dragon, small as Akiith might be she still casts a nice shadow in the clearing below. And the shadow seems to be growing by the second, entirely too quickly, that can't be safe, can it? Wings spread with an audible snap and the camouflaged green manages to slow herself some, at least enough to not squish anyone below as she lands with a thud and a stagger, brakes not working until she's mere feet from the caverns' entrance. On the small green's back is her equally small rider, clinging for dear life, good thing she has reinforced straps because Serena's body jerks at the sudden stop. "Akiith!" The Harper screeches, closing her eyes, clenching her fists against the straps and just hoping it's not a repeat of the first time they arrived at the weyr. Well, at least no one was squished and the caverns door wasn't smacked into again right? And hopefully the large dark Yarovith manages not to get crashed into either.

Hearing a voice, probably addressing him, Garait almost winces thinking he was caught and then realizes it isn't one of the Journeyman or Master Beastcrafter and relaxes a little. "Hello there," he responds to the StarCrafter, "ummm, yes, she just recently hatched." Probably explains the feeding since baby firelizards do need to eat. Ten he sees Kale and Idrissa, both with canines coming this was and then there's a bronze dragon and the Weyrleader and more people and then a green and her rider. So not a good day for an Apprentice to sneak and hide. He takes a deep breath then and tries to look like he's suppose to be there.

A'dmar stalls his tracks across the clearing at the sight of Akiith and her rider's apparent screech that reaches even his ears. Yarovith merely eyes the small green, his orange maw opening as teeth snap in warning toward the skids of the landing green. Although, the bronze is made to skip side ways regardless of his warning, Akiith's head might have just bumped into his rear hindquarters, which earns a disapproving swish of wings. Yet, the ire is not entirely upon the dragon. Yarovith is mild mannered and he trots away like nothing has happened, slipping into the hatching arena. It is A'dmar who feels it necessary to do the scolding, as his lifemate fails to address many a dragon, prompted only when the beast feels like it and when that happens, mixed messages like table dancing for a punishment happens. The Weyrleader waits patiently in Akiith's smaller shadow, brow risen with some expectation behind those dark eyes, arms held at his side and are soon inclined to fold across his chest if Serena isn't quick in addressing him.

Poor Alloy. So unsuspecting. So serene. So … attacked by Haruhi! The once gliding bronze soon finds himself disturbed by the zipping gold. Bonk! Wings rapidly flap in undignified startlement as he flails in the air, croaking his discontent. Who dare interrupt his … oh. Haruhi. With an indignant cry, he rights his flight and zips after her. Kale, glances up, thankfully spared any divebombing, though the canine he's apparently in charge of now gets to barking thunderously up at the 'lizards, hopping up on hind legs with pink tongue lolling. The landing of dragons both big and small does nothing to calm him either, and Kale's own eyes widen at the sight of an inevitable crash! Phew. Almost. "That was close," he comments aloud, coming to a pause near Garait and Zahleizjah, eyes on the baby firelizard. "That's new. Since when do you have a firelizard?"

Not only is Haruhi attacking Alloy, she's laughing at him! She trills again as she flaps back up into the heavens, chased by the little bronze to whom she projects her bright amusement… only to nearly run into the big bronze! Yeep! A quick duck out of the way, and… straight into the path of a green dragon! Yipe! Haruhi finally dodges into clear airspace, and glares down at the two dragons indignantly. How dare they get in her way!

Idrissa continues to walk along, the large canine staying at her side even at the scent of another canine in the area. Asher lets out a few barks once the other large canine is going about barking at the firelizards, his tail and basically his whole body is wiggling around with pure happiness it would seem. Rissa lets her hand settle against hat harness upon her canine while the two move ever closer towards Kale and the others. There is a glance sent towards the dragons and she blinks while watching them a few moments. Uhohs that could have been bad.

Feeding another bite of meat to the baby green, Garait glances at Kale, "Not very long at all actually. Just sort of happened…." He glances from canine to canine and then shrugs. He looks at the Weyrleader who understandingly does not seem quite happy right now, but turns his attention back to Kale and Idrissa, "Unexpected, but good." By the tone of his voice, not everything has been good though.

Zahleizjah meeps slightly as shadows streak across the sky, squinting those large eyes as they peer towards the dragons descending. A hand covers the peering gaze as she turns back to Garait "Well congrats.. she's a beaut!" Enter the flurry of familiar faces, WL, riders etc, and Zahl is talking herself down from becoming overwhelmed. "Kale! Idrissa! What lovely canines.. they remind me of my not so lil pup from If'an's pre-hatching litter last clutch. How are you two today?" A wave and smile is sent towards A'dmar "Hiya pops.. Sir.." she puts a respectfully formal title on the end, curious as to what's unfolding between dragons over there. Her firelizard pair are uncertain what to make of zipping bronze and gold, wading mid-air as they watch

Serena may not have been at Xanadu very long, but she does know who A'dmar is and as soon as she slides smoothly from her green's back she sends the dragon off to go hang out somewhere away from people and anything that might be squished. "Sorry Sir." She's quick to apologize. "She's really not the most graceful of dragons." The small woman watches after her green a moment. "Bad wing and all." Yes, something like that anyway. "She didn't break the caverns door again at least." That's good, right? At least the Harper is going to give the Weyrleader a beaming smile, maybe he won't be too mad?

Oh Haruhi won't be laughing once Alloy gets a hold of her! No ma'am! But woah, dragons are so big! He veers off as the ginormous cousins get in the way, chittering laughter at Haruhi's misfortune. Ha ha! Kale's attention stays on Garait and now Idrissa, eyes flitting to, "Hey Idrissa and..Asher? Haven't seen him about in a while," he says with lifted brows, struggling to keep his own canine from breaking off the leash as he tries to get at Asher. Another me! Another me! Gotta sniff gotta sniff! Kale isn't sure how beastcrafters deal with fourleggers all day. "Ungh. Well, good for you," he says to Garait. "She looks like a good one. Hello Zahleizzz..jeh." Close enough, right? "Are you looking for a canine? This one's up for grabs."

Idrissa waves to Zahleizjah. "Well, Asher is one of them pups actually. I got him when he was about six months old.." She smiles and glances to the large canine at her side that is really eager to go over to Kale and check out that new canine. Asher's tail wags about while he dances some on his paws, hihihihihihihihi! This is basically what the large wolfish houndish canine is giving off to the other canine. "Just settle down Asher, don't want you jumping on Kale." She peers at Kale curiously. "How did you get a hold of the canine?"

For now, everyone else is forgotten. The crash into the cavern doors has an excuse of ice behind it, but this, a near miss of his own lifemate, certainly doesn't. A'dmar's attention holds to Serena and as she apologizes quickly, his arms do not cross as they might have. Though his dark eyes do not fail to leave her yet, her excuses dismissed with a faint gesture of a finger, his face revealing nothing, though the ire is behind his eyes, cross with the stupidity of the greenrider. "Then she best land in the far meadows where she will not harm anyone nor herself. See to it than you learn to walk distances instead of risking life or limb here." And that was a direct order, "If I see her landing outside of this allowance, you will return to weyrling duties until she learns properly how to land." And that seems to be his introduction to Serena, "Now, don't you have things to attend to?" As in, get going before his ire grows.

Haruhi veers back around, finding herself a perch on the edge of a building and looking dignified. Very, very dignified. Here she is, preening, with so much dignity. After a moment, her gaze sweeps the clearing, and she trills a greeting to the bronze and brown of Zahl's and the new baby green, ignoring the humans and canines. It's into this scene that Soriana emerges from the Annex. Her shift's over, after all. She's done. Time for a break… so of course she walks into A'dmar lecturing a rider, and worse still… Kale. She hesitates when she sees him, glancing back as if she might maybe have something else to do, but… her stomach grumbles and she sighs, hunching her shoulders a little and starting out. Maybe nobody will notice her.

Serena blinks, shrinking away from the ire of the weyrleader, as if she's not small enough already. The Harper, however, isn't much for words despite her profession. A wince and soon the woman is slipping away with a near silent. "Yessir." Not one for conflict or upset large weyrleader-types with odd reputations, so she quickly takes the opportunity to slip away. She'll be leaving herself a note that says to stay away from Xanadu's Weyrleader, ayup. Not that she comes out much anyway, maybe her clutzy green is why.

Garait nods at the Starcraft girl and then Kale, "She is definitely pretty." Peering at the canine Kale has, he raises his eyebrows, "'Up for grabs'? Someone didn't want it?" He thinks for a moment, "I'm sure some of the Journeymen or Master Beastcrafters will take it and help train it." The beastcraft does help train canines as guard dogs, herding dogs, or whatever. "Just don't ask if I want to take him there though," Garrait almost snorts, though the Beastcraft Hall here is relatively close.

Zahleizjah retreats only half way in to her shell, blushing profusely at the greeting from Kale, his own name much simpler to remember and say, the pronunciation of her own provoking a "Zahl.. or Lei or something works too.." she gives Kale the out for future encounters, knowing her name is more than a mouthful for most. "Thanks for the offer Kale, but between these guys.." Ztyr and Bracz creel as they get the shifty eye from their human "And my own canine Draka returning from a hunt within the sevenday, I think I've got my hands full. If I hear of anyone though I'll be sure to let you know.." Eyes brighten Idrissa's direction "How fun! Small Pern it is.. maybe our boys can play some time.." Doggy dates now? She's making leaps and bounds these days! Ztyr and Cracz are keyed in now.. that trill has their attention and suddenly they're headed her direction as well. This causes Zah's attention to wander from A'dmar and greenie in reprimand towards Soriana who's hoping to squeak away. Much to her demise, Zahl is calling people out left and right, oh her sweet awkwardness "Sori!" She calls out to her friend, heading her direction for a greeting and squeeze-offering.

"Long story," replies Kale to Idrissa who pulls back on the leash once Asher and his canine get acquainted, rather energetically. Sniff bark lick buttsniff wagwag hi! At least the large beast is friendly. "Well. Come to think of it, it isn't such a long story," said as he looks to Garait. "A Journeyman had me deliver it to his wife, who .. wanted… somethin' smaller. Quieter. So she told me to bring him back and tell her husband she won't be carin' for a wher-sized beast while he forges away all day." … "So yes. Up for grabs." He grins a bit, glancing in the direction of the stables. "Are you still keepin' a low profile?" he asks the younger apprentice. "Hey, like I said: Maybe nothin' will come from it, and you're worrying for no rea-" The word is interrupted at Zahleizjah's (who will now be referred to as Lei. So much simpler!) call to Sori, and his eyes dart to her, following her as she makes her way towards. Yup. Soriana. He stiffens. "-son," he finishes, quickly returning his eyes to him. "Does your firelizard have a name?" Just act normal!

A'dmar waits until Serena is full on her way before he lets out a breath, eyes slipping toward the clustering group behind him. Teens… and his daughter in amongst them. Though what's more is the presence of a beastcrafter or two in that group. Under the guise of greeting his daughter, as distant and awkward as he is even in that, he will in essence draw close enough to overhear and address one of the teens. But first, his attention rounds to Zahl, "Daughter of mine," he begins when she is not hugging or merry making with the other teens, greeting and squawking to one another. When he has Zahl's attention, he inquires briefly, maybe even with a hint of concern, "Are you moved in well?" And maybe just maybe, his eyes are not really paying attention to Zahl, but instead toward Kale and Garait. Too late for keeping low profiles! No such thing in the Weyr, he should know.

Idrissa just peers at Kale a few moments as the story is told about how he got the canine that is indeed rather wher-sized. A soft ah escapes her while she peers at Asher, while her canine is large he is slender and long legged more for running and tracking from the looks. "So you get to take him for walks and the like?" This questioned with an amused tone. "Suppose you could take him to the kennels. They’ll deal with him and the like there after all." A smile and nod is sent to Zahleizjah. "Sure, just let me know when! Asher loves to play and meet other dogs." Meanwhile Asher is busy snuffling and sniffing at the large dog, he drops down into a playbow, rump and tail wagging about in the air. Standard move for let's play! At Sori's name is called out she glances over curiously, a wave is sent towards her along with a faint smile.

Garait nods at Kale, "Well, they are unhappy and are putting more emphasis on paperwork and training in that area now too." He rolls his eyes then, but continues to speak, "But I don't think they realize it was me who, umm, said anything. "Oh, her name is Forest," with the mention of her name, the little green blinks at him then and he smiles a little at her. "Yes, the kennels would be good for the canine and they'll find a place for him." He then nods at the Weyrleader, "Greetings Weyrleader."

Aaaand she's been spotted. Soriana pauses, and manages to dredge up something like a smile to present to Zahleizjah. "Hey," she says, and gives a brief hug. Her gaze wanders back over to the knot of the others, lingering on Kale before being dragged away to… there's Idrissa. Soriana waves a little, and does the same for Garait, then drags her attention away before she can get distracted by looking at Kale again. "I'm, uh… gonna go grab some dinner," she says, and slips off toward the caverns, double-speed.

Zahleizjah frowns a little "Wher-sized beast eh? I find Draka to be more than pleasing when it comes to down time.." an empathetic gaze falls upon the leashed dog "Poor guy.." those wolfhound looking canines are unique, it's true, a face only a mother could love and Zahl stands by her affection for her companion. "I sure hope he finds a good home.. and I'll definitely drop by with him soon Rissa! Draka needs more animal friends.. outside of his hunting pack and all.." The Starcrafter has wandered towards her Dragonhealing friend "Good to see you.." she gives her a squeeze knowing it's only a matter of time before she'll likely depart again "And umm.. ok see you after dinner.." she meanders back towards A'dmar "Thank you for asking.. the move went.. well" considering she has all of nothing to move "The dorms are.. better than Western's I suppose.. how are you settling in father?" She asks her gaze following his contemplations of Kale and Garait.

"Forest, huh? Green Forest," Kale smirks at the name, a bit distractedly, and nods his approval. "S'pretty unique. And as for your craft … well, if they don't ask, I suppose there's no reason to tell huh?" Apprentices must help one another out! Is difficult enough being the lowest rung on the totem pole. To Idrissa, he shakes his head. "I'll take him back to the forge and see what he wants to do with them. If nothin' else, I'll take him to the kennel after." Eyes trail to Soriana again. He can't help it, and they linger til she takes her leave to the Caverns. A silent exhale follows before his attention flits to the weyrleader, who he gives a nod to. "Weyrleader."

A'dmar regards his daughter for a time, drawing back his contemplative gaze from both smith and beast crafters, dark gaze giving no hints to any thoughts tracking through his mind, "If the dorms are not suitable, my weyr is off the meadow and it currently sees little use." Truly, are all Weyrleader's workaholics? In either case, the invitation has been presented to his daughter and his eyes drift back to the younger men in the area who are greeting him. "I should wonder if I could have some of your time later, apprentice Garait. If it suits your schedule and duties, please see me after the dinner bell." And then it's back to Zahl, nodding, "It is what it is. If you manage it, join me in the morning for breakfast and we can speak more privately." Another invitation, more an order than a request, to both Garait and Zahl. "Excuse me," and he's off, to attend other matters. Always other matters.

Idrissa is in a position that is even lower than the apprentices at the moment. At least that is what it feels like to her when she was kicked down to stablehand after all her hard work as an apprentice. "Don't worry about it Garait. I don't think there question you, as long Jarse isn't your journeyman then you should be fine." Yes she really doesn't like that man. A glance is sent after the leaving weyrleader and she tilts her head slightly. "Sure Zah. Asher loves to play and make new friends."

Finally a himt of a smile as the little green preens a bit, "Well, thank you." He doesn't pay attention to the canines now that he offered his advice. He smirks at Idrissa, "Well, he isn't. Different specialty I believe." Then the Weyrleader addresses him, "Um, okay sir, I will. As soon as I can." And back to worried again and wondering if he did anything wrong.

Zahleizjah doesn't make a big deal of the offer, maybe for professionalism's sake, maybe because she's beside herself with the idea. Living with.. her father? Strange enough to her that she's got any family at all, but to live with one of those whom she has such ties to. Plus she's noticed how he looks at the the male friends she's started making these days… either way she smiles politely and nods "Thank you dad.. Weryleader, Sir.. I will consider that so long as my two firelizards and pup" not a pup "Draka can join me?" She nods and obliges to the offer "Yes.. breakfast in the morning.. done and done.." she waves as he departs then turns back to the group. "Forest you say?? That's a suiting name.." a hand juts out, apparently it's time for an introduction "M'names Zahleizjah.." she says to Garait "You can call me Zah or Lei or something shorter ya know?" Head is cocked as she looks to Idrissa "I'll be sure to watch out for that Journeyman.. is he a real curmudgeon?" She's been getting enough trouble for all the time off for moving so she stores the name in the memory bank of people to avoid when slacking. A glance is spared for the homeless canine and she says to Kale "Y'know if it really comes down to it.. I suppose a pair of canines is as easy to take care of as one and if A'dmar'll let me keep him I'm sure he and Draka would get along just fine.."

Kale watches after A'dmar a moment. Hm. Is it a good or bad thing when the weyrleader wishes to speak with an apprentice privately? Well, he's never been in that situation before, and so he gives a long look to Garait, perhaps sizing him up for a proper coffin. A jerk to his arm brings him back, and he gives a vaguely scowled look to the hyper-energetic dog he has. "In favor of keeping my arm, I'm going to take this one back to the forges and see what I'm to do with him." To Zahleizjah, he nods. "Sure. If you see me coming back with him, then … congratulations, he's yours." He half smirks at them all then, with a fleeting look to the Caverns, heads toward the forges to hopefully rid himself of his barking burden.

Idrissa ehs softly at the bit on Jarse. "Well I suppose that is one thing to call the man." For anyone that knows her Rissa doesn't tend to say anything bad about anyone, at least not for long. So for the fact that she is acting this way towards the journeyman should prove that he is a right down evil thing. Asher settles down to his haunches, wiggling about on his haunches as he still wants to play, he didn't get to play darn it!

Garait blinks a few times, "Well met. I'm Garait, Apprentice Beastcrafter here. Specialising in herdbeasts." He shrugs at Kale, not having any clue why the Weyrleader wants to speak with him. "Maybe they'll train some of the canines for herding…."

Zahleizjah is used to that blinky stare in response to her awkward-self and doesn't skip a beat "Well met Garait herdbeast specialist… I think you're on to something.. Draka would be great for that and it'd be rather helpful to have some four-legged friends in on it. Let me know if you end up with spots for training.." That smile and head wobbling has her picking up on the hints from Idrissa and she "Ohhh…" 's ".. I see.." A wave is sent towards Kale, eyeing that poorly trained pup once again, half hoping his finds a home half hoping she can train him up if he doesn't. "Sounds good n'seeya later.. Soo… does Asher play fetch?" She grabs a nearby stick and holds it up with a little shake.

Idrissa nods slightly while she glances after the leaving Kale before her attention turns back to Zahle. "Oh yes he plays fetch, chase, tackle, anything and everything." She chuckles softly while looking to Asher. "Free, go play." When that 'free' is said Asher bounces forward, a deep bark escaping him in the process as he wiggles upon his oversized paws. "As for herding, Asher may be able to do a bit. His good at following trails and the guards often use him for work in the forest."

Garait nods, "I'm sure they could always use more canines for herding." His eyes gaze towards the direction the Weyrleader went and takes a breath, "I better go and eat since the Weyrleader does want to speak with me." He excuses himself and moves towards the Caverns.

Zahleizjah smirks and nods to Idrissa "Well trained!" she giggles as the large-breed wiggles, bounces and barks her direction. The stick is held up in view, that playful taunting as she sikes the dog up a bit with a fake-out toss or two. The small Starcrafter chucks that stick, further than expected for her small form asking Idrissa "Is If'an and his hound still around these parts? " Not that she knows him well, but she did get Draka from him all that time ago. "Have a good meal Garait.. nice to meet you and see ya around" She waves, and for some reason thinks he looks as though this meal will be his last or something, not understanding or seeing A'dmar in quite the same light at this point… yet! It's only a matter of time before he sets curfews and advises her on dating.. little does she know what this whole family thing is really about.

Idrissa waves after Garait, well seems like everyone is leaving! She smiles and nods to Asher being well trained. "I've trained runners mostly, some canines in the past but never one as big as him. He’s sorta runnerish after all." There is a pause at the question on If'an. "Yes he’s around, his in the Search and Rescue wing actually. So he tends to work a lot anymore." Asher bounces about on his paws and then turns running after that thrown stick. Large paws carrying him quickly, and just before the stick is getting ready to fall he jumps upwards and snags hold of it from the air. The canine bounces down to the ground hoping a few steps before he turns and trods on over to Zahle, tail wagging.

Zahleizjah giggles "Aye runnerish is a good way to explain it.. Draka took a lot of attention when he was a pup, but we've got the whole pack thing figured out. Just gotta be Alpha.." something Zahl's not really good at, so it's a wonder she got that dog trained at all. Must have been pure luck she ended up with a smart pick of litter! More laughter follows the pouncing pup with those big paws as he jumps in to the air and snatches that stick midflight. "Good show!" She reaches for the stick, knowing there must be a code word to avoid that fun tug-o-war parts, hand retracts slightly first and she says with a good amount of firmness "Drop it.." If he does, she'll pick it up and toss it again. "I can imagine it's a lot of work.. have you ever thought about life with a dragon? Or just stick to tha' runners?"

Idrissa smiles and nods while she watches as Asher is there wiggling about wanting the stick thrown again it seems. "I never thought about it like that actually." As the word is said Asher promptly drops the sick along with sitting on his haunches while he wiggles and inches one way and then another, so eager he is to play it seems. "A dragon?" Rissa questions with an unsure tone. "I've thought about it sure. Though I hardly think a dragon would find me interesting. I mean there's Soriana and Kale that are more the type I suppose." She scratches at her neck a few times while Asher takes off after the stick once more. "As it is I'm struggling trying to get my knot back for beastcraft work."

Zahleizjah shrugs as her gaze following the rounds that Asher makes during their game of fetch. "That's just what I was told and it seemed to work out alright.." A few more throws and she's reaching to give the pup some end of game pets before declining another round with one palm up and an "Enough pup.." hoping that the commands aren't too far off for him. "I don't really know what 'the type' means.. I'd never really thought about it y'know.. but, after Standing" and nearly passing out "as Western.. something changed." She stares off, speaking as if her thoughts have just started to spew verbally "I mean m'kinda adverse to the whole idea in general.. all that intruding responsibility.." she doesn't mean for it to sound so harsh, but it likely does. "Your knot.. back?" she's quick to change the subject knowing many wouldn't view it the same way "What happened?" though she still pokes her nose in to Idrissa's business. Oh, the socially strange…

Now. This is how he likes it. Kale heads up from the meadow, sans canine. Seems as if either the Journeyman in question decided to take care of the situation himself, or the big bouncy dog has found a new home elsewhere. Whatever the case, he's not with Kale, and that is a happy fact. The young smith heads back to the clearing, idly dusting his hand against black smudges of coal dust on his clothing along the way.

Idrissa makes a few hand signals to Asher once the game is done. The canine seems to pout but he soon settles down there upon the ground panting and with the stick held between his forepaws. "I'm just not very out going, quiet, shy. Much rather be off working and I dono. I can't imagine a dragon wanting that sort of life." She shrugs nod while glancing to the ground while chewing on her lip. "I don't mind the work or extra responsibility. I had plenty of that before I lost my knot." At the question what happens she is quiet for a few moments. "Jarse doesn't think I'm very beastcraft material. I talked back to him when he was going to hit Ripley, who I admit is not the best firelizard around but he didn't deserve that. Jarse took my knot, said I can work as a stablehand while I prove that I deserve to be in the craft. Along with trying to make eight marks." She doesn't normally talk about stuff like this, though she's told plenty of people so it’s not like she is really trying to hide it anymore. "At this rate I don't think I'll ever get it back." She doesn't notice Kale making his way back just yet.

Zahleizjah smiles and lifts one shoulder with a nod of head to that same side "I dunno… not every dragon is gregarious and a center stager I hear.." something she wouldn't know how to handle if the situation arose. "I guess greatness is just thrust upon some.." or something like that! Her flurry of confused emotions swish about her in her briain. This is overshadowed by her response to Rissa's explanation "Well that's just awful t'hear.. I don't think any creature deserves to be hit for acting up. Just needs more training m'sure.. n'aren't firelizards supposed t'be a lil mischievous?" She eases her friend "Stay strong.. y'stood up for what you believed in. Nothing wrong with that.. keep your head down and m'sure y'can get it back eventually.. Anyyyway…" she turns and notices Kale arriving "So I should probably get going. I've got to pick up Draka soon and report to the Observatory.. See you soon Rissa.." on the way out she waves to Kale "Looks he found a good home.. see ya around.."

"She'll get it back," Kale says, getting close enough to hear near the tail end of the conversation. There's only one thing that Idrissa lost, and he already knows the story. He nods to Zahleizjah as she moves to leave, nodding in reply to her. "Something like that, I hope. Good day to you," he says in her wake, watching her go a moment. He stands next to Idrissa now, eyeing Asher. Eyeing the caverns.. "How's that coming along, anyway?" he asks, giving her a sidelong look. "How you earned any coinage?"

Idrissa ponders quietly while she listens to Zahleizjah, well that is possible she supposes. She looks to Kale, a slight smile seen. "Hey… An slowly." A slight shrug is seen while a sigh escapes her. "Around two marks, maybe three but I’m not sure on the third yet."

"Meaning, you're getting there," says Kale, lightly smiling. "And it's only taken you…" He pauses, trailing off. "Well. It doesn't rightly matter how long it's taken, does it? Nearly three marks. You'll only need five more to go. You'll be there quicker than you realize, and then you'll have your knot back." That is, if Jarse is a man of his word! Which … well, Kale won't think about that. He lifts a hand to her shoulder, giving her a gentle squeeze of encouragement.

Idrissa shrugs a moment as she glances back to Asher. "I suppose so. It's just taking forever Kale." She is missing so many lessons as well. A slight shake of her head is seen. "Anyway… How's it going over with you?" She leans closer to Kale, glad he wandered back at least.

How's it going? What else is there to say? "Fine," answers Kale. Has it really been? Fine … ish. As long as encounters with Soriana are kept rare and fleeting like today, and as long as he is kept busy enough to not dwell on certain things… yes. Things will be somewhat fine. "Jewelry has me next. It isn't something I'm … truly looking forward to. He doesn't go into great detail. Speaking about apprentice duties with her seems … a bit wrong, considering.

Idrissa had to ask though didn't she? Of course she was expecting that answer, it is like a running gag with these three. Everything is 'fine' even if it isn't fine! "Jewelry? That sounds interesting. Do you get to make it all, like dealing with the gems and metals?" Hey she wants to talk about it so open up darn you!

Kale vaguely lifts a brow at her, trying to gauge if she's just being nice or .. does she really want to know? "Ah. Yes," he confirms, nodding. "Jewelry is really different than everything else. It'd a bit like clockwork. More detailed. Smaller things." What's the word he's looking for? "Intricate, I guess. Those who work in it are mostly women," he says, with a vague wrinkle of his nose. "Buuuut we all learn it, in case it's something we end up being good at and can specify in." He smirks, slightly. "Jewelry's nice and all, but … it's for women."

Idrissa is indeed interested it seems, for whatever reason. "Well that sounds interesting." A nod seen while she smirks at the jewelry being for women an all. "I was wondering. Do you think you could maybe teach me how to make runner's shoes? Like the different styles, sizes an everything?" Well she might as well attempt to learn something else just in case she never gets that beastcraft knot back.

"…Teach you? To make runner's shoes?" Kale says it as if she just asked him to take her to one of the moons by dragon back while juggling firelizard eggs with his head on backwards. He quirks a brow at her. "…Really? You wish to be a smith now, do you? You sure you want to come out looking like this every day?" He smirks, gesturing to his ash ridden self. "Mmm, no," he answers honestly. "Not really, anyway. To teach you, I'd have to take you to the forges, and there are strict rules of who can and cannot mess with those. Now, I’m not always one that follows every single rule I know, but .. that's probably one of the better ones to uphold."

Idrissa shrugs a moment. "Maybe I'm just curious? I mean at this rate I may never get my knot back." She smirks. "As if getting dirt ever bothered me before." She points out. A soft ah escapes her and she nods a moment. "Sok, just thought I'd ask. Don't want you to get into any trouble though."

"Dirt and coal dust are very different things," Kale says officially, inclining his chin a bit in a matter of fact way. "You know…I'll see what I can do," he says after a moment's thought, his expression softening a bit. "Maybe can draw out a diagram or something." Which obviously is not going to help much when it comes to actual application but well .. it's something! "They're not too hard to do, once you have the specs." Not to mention general forge use skills! "And you are getting your knot back. You've just … got to keep thinking positive."
Idrissa peers at Kale at the bit on dirt and coal dust. "Well I suppose so. It does seem to stick to you like some glue after all." She shakes her head. "It's alright, I don't want you get in trouble after all. Like I said I was just curious." There is a pause while she glances off. "Sort of hard to think positive when I'm struggling to get the marks. Having to prove myself to Jarse over and over."

Kale frowns slightly at that last bit and falls quiet for a while. His eyes shift from her, straying away. Towards the caverns? Maybe, but his gaze seems distant and thoughtful regardless of where he's looking. Then, after a moment's contemplation, he digs a hand into his pocket and fishes around a moment clutching his fist around something there. "Here," he says, offing his fist to her, uncurling his fingers to reveal a half mark. "You can have this. To help." A pause, and he smirks. "Happy belated turnday. You can't not take it, as it's a gift."

Idrissa isn't one to just give up on being a beastcrafter, but lately she has been leaning closer and closer to it. Perhaps Jarse would be hoping for such a thing which is one reason she keeps struggling though. She glances to Kale and blinks at the item that is dropped into her hand. "Kale.. I can't take this from you." She shakes her head slightly, seeming very unsure what to do or say now. There are a few moments that she pauses before she leans close and give Kale a tight hug. "Thank you Kale."

"You're welcome," answers Kale, returning the hug warmly, head resting on her shoulder for a short bit before he raises it again, pulling away to look her in the eye. "So, no more talkin' about smithing, huh? You're a beastcrafter." He unwraps an arm from her to poke her in the chest. "You, I, and everyone knows it. And you'll be a beastcrafter again, whether it takes you months or turns." A pause. "But it won't take turns." He smirks a little, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "I've got more coal breaking to do. I'll see you later, huh?".

Idrissa nods slightly while glancing to Kale, a soft smile seen. "Alright… I understand really." There is a pause and she leans close to give him a kiss back. "It better not take turns." If it takes turns she is going to most likely got a bit crazy. "Sure. Try not to breathe to much of it in, alright?" He’s going to wind up with black lung or something at this rate.

Kale smirks as he steps away. "Sure. Like I said before, I just won't breathe at all. That'll work loads better, won't it?" His look grows gently playful then before he lifts a hand in a wave to her. One last time do his eyes find themselves straying to the cavern. It's been a while. Maybe he .. No. This is how it should be. Different paths. She does her thing. He does his. And neither one of them cares what the other is doing. He exhales a breath and gives one more smile to Idrissa before he heads back to the forges.

Idrissa grins slightly and nods to Kale. "Right, not breathing is /so/ much better of course." She is totally joking of course. The look towards the cavern is caught and she takes in a soft breath before smiling to him. "See you soon."

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