Sleepy Mumbles

Xanadu Weyr - Dragon's Rest Farm
In contrast to the gigantic barn is the smaller homestead. The structure is a small two-level cottage, complete with a covered porch that sweeps around the exterior. The wooden slats of the house seem freshly painted, as if this old place has been brought back to life by careful hands. A chair-swing sways beneath the shade of the porch, moving with the slightest breeze off the sea. Inside, the quaint space has been decked out with the comforts one might expect. Fluffy rugs cover hardwood floors, and finely carved furniture dominates most of the spaces. A few things here and there seem older, heirlooms that now have a new place to call home.
Everything within the cottage is comfortable, rather than elaborate. Though it may have once been empty, there is now a warm, welcoming feel to the place. Many large windows and sliding doors look out upon both the training field and across the road, a view of the beach and the sea beyond. Even on the hottest days, these can be opened to let in air and leave the rooms cool and comfortable. Set back a ways from many of the other Weyrbarns along the roadway, there is plenty of room for those who need a bit of space and privacy. There is plenty of space, leaving room to grow, to learn, to expand, and most of all… it is a warm, safe place to come home to when the day's tasks are done.

Ka'el lays in bed. Awake. Again. But hey, what's new? But at least he doesn't have that look on his face. That troubled thought look. It's just a thoughtful look. An arm is behind his head, the other stretched at his side. Eyes stare up, contemplating the shadows.

It's a troubleless thoughtful look! Though… trouble's likely not far. Not for a Weyrleader. At least the trouble's not there, gnawing his arm off. Nope. That distinction (dubious as it is) goes to Soriana. Okay, so she's not actually gnawing his arm off. (Yet.) But she does stretch a leg - "Mmnh." - and roll over to catch at his arm - "Gnh." - and snug it against her. "Mrrgle." Awake? Not so much.

Arm gnawing! It's a troublesome thing. Arm snuggling? Less troubling. Far more desirable actually, and when Kale finds his caught by the snuggle monster that is Sori, he faintly smirks and turns his head her way. His thoughts turn. "Hey," whispered. She's not awake. He knows, and that's ok. He rolls over anyway to curl his free arm around her.

For one thing, after the snuggling, the arms usually stay attached! …usually. Sometimes… well, it can get hazardous. "Mlarble?" Soriana answers. Which… might be a greeting? Then again, it might be a question, or any number of other things. "…s'alrea'y done," she mutters as Ka'el begins to shift, almost maybe sort of wakin- nope. That arm goes around her, and she snuggles into it happily. Mmh.

What's already done? Ka'el smirks, closing his arm tighter around her. He kisses her once. Then again, to her cheek, and hair, which he nestles his nose against with a slight grin. Inhale. exhale. "Damn." Said with the exhale, the word spoken with a pleasant sound to it. "Are you up?"

Was Soriana up? …no. Definitely not. But, by the time Ka'el asks, those kisses have had an effect. A waking-upping sort of effect. So. "…I migh' be." Not only are those practically real words, they even make sense in the context of what Ka'el asked! Progress. They're still accompanied by cuddles, though.

Ka'el grins. Good, she's up. Snugging her while she's awake is far more fun. "I like you awake more than I like you sleepin'… least, I do when I'm up." A smirk and he kisses her again, lips lingering against her skin. "Skip work with me tomorrow." Cuz that's totally doable and responsible.

When Ka'el is sleeping, on the other hand, he may prefer the sleeping Soriana who won't talk and make it hard for him to get rest. Because that's what talking does. Little known fact… but Soriana, this time, nuzzles in and kisses back at Ka'el's shoulder, adjusting the position of her arms to one less sleep-grip. "Mmh. We'll go… rock-climbing." Yeah. Because they're being responsible! Or maybe because she's still half asleep. "And then…" Discover her brain is, in fact, half asleep. So, "…take a nap."

Rock climbing. They haven't done that together yet have they? Hmmm. Future escapades! For now, he's fine escapading in bed with her. Holding her. Smirking at the thought of rock climbing. "No naps," he shakes his head. "We'll fall off the edge." Fingers trail down and up her side lazily.

Bedscapades! They can be full of fun and adventure. Or… full of grogginess and naps. Soriana tilts her head up to look at Ka'el, with a dazed happy sort of smile. "S'why you gotta nap at the top," she counter-argues. And not near the cliff? Presumably? "But boulders make pretty crappy pillows." She cuddles closer, shifting one arm up to brush over his shoulder in the process.

"Ooh, I see now," murmurs Ka'el, his smirk slow and lazy. "You'll be my pillow right baby? You're my favorite kind to use." A kiss is followed by another, and gently do his hands massage at her body. "I woke you up. m'sorry. I'll put you back to sleep, hmm?"

"'n what's my pillow?" Half-asleep Soriana may be, but she's still capable of realizing she's being left on the metaphorical rocks! "'m not gonna just…" Whatever it was she'd be doing there. Napping, was it? Because… sleep! "Hah. 'f you were really sorry," she says as she curls fingers around his shoulder and brushes the back of his neck, "Y'wouldn't do it." She kisses at his jaw.

"You're tough. You don' need a pilllow." So apparently, her pillow is the cold hard ground. He chuckles at her latter proclamations, kissing her lips after. "Maybe you're right, but I can't help it that I kinda like talkin to you." Another vague chuckle. "Wake you up sometimes just to make sure I'm not dreamin all this up."

Well, sure, compared to Ka'el, Soriana's plenty tough. "An' you need a featherbed." Never mind he patrolled with Galaxy. He clearly needs the luxuries of the finest things in life! While Soriana can… yep. Rocks and leaves it is! "Mmhf." See her cogent counter-argument? And then she tilts her head up a little to kiss him back. "You could still be dreaming. Or like… we could both be. Lucid. Or something." She kisses again. "S'a thing."

"Don't want to wake up from this one," Ka'el answers, fingers combing through her hair in unhurried strokes. "Could do this… every night with you 'n not get tired've it…" He keeps his voice low. Slow. And that arm that's around her stays that way as he toys with her tresses. "Goin to bed with you. Wakin up with you…best dream I could ever dream up."

Soriana's hair has tangles in it from the night so far, ones that catch against Ka'el's fingers and have to be eased by carefully. She smiles, though, and trails her fingers along the shape where shoulder joins to neck, tracing the muscle that shifts with his motion. "…be pretty tired during the day, though." Even if he didn't get tired at night. Because sleep! Either you get it, or the lack catches up with you. "…but it's not a dream, anyway. So s'better than dreams."

Ka'el closes his eyes with a grin, focusing momentarily on her touch. Careless of her tangles, even when his fingers stutter on them. "Better than dreams, " he agrees, his expression turning mischievous for a second. "There's a couple things in my dreams that've been some that haven't been reality yet…. Still. This right now? Shards.." Happy shards! sleepy shards.

Soriana tilts her head up a little, a faint smirk on her mouth. "Better be the good dreams. No nightmares. Those… we don't make. We unmake 'em. Cuz they're no good. Not like the good dreams." Kiiinda by definition, but she's supposed to be asleep (or at least, falling asleep), so maybe a bit of circular logic isn't so bad. "This one's like… mmh. Comfy. Like a day- nightdream." Which is like a daydream, but at night.

"Nope. No nightmares. Not with you. Not about you." Not anymore. In past times. In bad times. But these present times are good ones. Ka'el likes these a lot. Her weight against him. Her voice. Her breathing. These random pointless talks in the middle of the night. "I love you," is murmured, lips finding her once more. "And our daynight dream."

It's hard to have nightmares with the warmth and reassurance of another presence. Not impossible. Even when it's the best of company, nightmares sometimes sneak in… but they avoid things like this. Beds like this one, where Soriana presses close and half-closes her eyes, considers opening them again but simply flutters them as she kisses him back once more. "I love you too," she answers, and squeezes Ka'el. "It's a good dream. S'better than dreams. S'awesome."

There will be no nightmares tonight. Bad thoughts and feelings can't penetrate the fortress they've made around themselves. A cocoon of arms and legs and lips and tangled bodies. Squeezes and kisses and warm words. Awesome. Yup. Sums it up! He nods in agreement but has no further words. Things are feeling heavy. Sleep is claiming him happily, and he's nuzzles against her as it takes him to a world of dreams.

They could fight the sleep, but why? It's warm happy thoughts and warm cuddly bodies and kisses, growing increasingly vague as they shift from awake (well, sorta awake) to dreaming. Either way, it's a fine way to spend the night.

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