A Fine View

Xanadu Weyr - Clock Tower - Dragon's Ledge
This is a simple ledge, built of the same stone that comprises the clock tower itself. It's large enough for one dragon to stretch out on, and has railings along two sides—the sides perpendicular to the tower. The farthest edge is left railingless for ease in takeoff and landing, and the tower frames the other edge. Underneath the ledge, a pair of shelf supports that protrude from the clock tower wall itself supports the ledge, so it's quite safe for dragon and human alike. Where weight is concerned, it could probably hold a pair of queens. Of course, the ledge isn't nearly big enough.
There's a human-sized door on the tower's wall where a human can venture out onto the ledge if he or she so chooses. Seems this ledge isn't just for dragons. There's only two ways off this ledge, the door in the wall…or straight down. The door would be a far less dangerous way to leave, however…since this ledge is three and a half stories up!

On a fine day like today, and with most of her business in the works, Zahleizjah is finally taking some time to wander around this lovely place known as Xanadu. Her experiences thus far, and life in general, have not given way to such opportunities, but this wonderful fall afternoon, as leaves start to change, Zahl feels the seed of change growing in her as well. Good news has just come her way, and as the crisp air sweeps across the area bringing through windy rustlings of the season to come, the young Starcrafter stumbles upon that clocktower she's been looking for. Up the stairs she's wandered, and right out on to the looking towards the forest and adjacent Weyr. Sitting with legs folded, close enough to dangle them over the edge if outstretched, the raven haired lass and her two companions whistle some sweet tunes while enjoying the scenery.

The day is quite fine. Soriana's mood seems to be anything but; her feet trudge up the stairs slowly. Draped around her shoulders is a brown firelizard, crooning to her in soft tones… not that she seems to be listening to him, though she does lift her hand to pet along the top of his head as she hesitates in the room inside a long moment before pushing open the door. She doesn't bother looking around, simply walking across the ledge to the edge and standing there, hands gripping the rail as she stares out over the Weyr.

Ah spring! A lad's favorite time of year. At least, /this/ young lad's favorite. Beats the sharding out of winter if you ask him. He's some free time for now so he's finding himself wandering to the clock tower. After the winter of ice he's quite curious about it so he's finally taking the time to check it out. The green chirps a greetings to Sori's brown which draws his wandering thoughts to the fact that there are others around. "Hey there Soriana..and Zah. How goes the day?" asks Mikal cheerfully enough.

Zahleizjah raises a brow as she hears that squeaky door behind her open. Apparently this seemingly hidden spot is not so hidden, and tiny neck cranes to catch sight of one familiar brown haired gal and paired brown firelizard. Her friend looks like she's in a well known daze.. oh those late nights! "Hey Sori!" She calls to her softly and sends a wave when attention is caught "Y'alright over there?" Ztyrian and Braczek chitter to the joining firelizards and flutter out over the ledge edge. Zah smile and sends a wave towards Mikal with a smile "Hi Mikal! Good to see you again.. a fine day indeed.. things are finally starting to clear up around here for more exploring! How are you?"

The brown turns his head back to look at Elsie and chirp to her. Zahl's firelizards get their own chirps of greeting, but Toral's sticking with Soriana for now. At the sound of cheerful greetings, Sori's fingers tighten around the rail for a moment, and she takes in a breath before turning around. "Hey," she says, and smiles. It's meant to be a smile, anyhow. "It's a nice day." Never mind how she herself is doing. "How's it going?"

Elsie launches herself off Mikal's shoulder to join Ztyrian and Braczek, offering some fire lizard gossip no doubt. "I even here a few years now, still plenty of places to check out in explorations." he says with a firm nod Zah's way. He ends up leaning against the rail, taking a moment to look over and enjoy the view. "You two got some free time too? How goes your studies?" he asks casually.

The bronze and brown take to lovely launching green with the quickness, warbling and cooing with their own additions it's certain. "This tower is pretty darn cool.. I can only imagine what other fun stuff there is around here! Do ya know if we have to be as worried about rennies and wild beasts around here?" The girl has heard nothing but stories, enough to give her a little scare obviously. She pushes to a stand and leans on the nearby rail gently as well "Good to see you Soriana.. how have shifts been? And Mikal, likewise! I've got completed my transfer to Xanadu so it looks like I'll be around for awhile now.." SHe gazes out across the brilliant skies, taking it all in and enjoying her surroundings.

"Yeah. The clocktower's neat. I found it when…" Soriana trails off into a frown. "About a turn and a half ago." The frown lingers, and Toral bumps his head up against her jaw. She reaches up and pets along his neck, and he croons softly. "Ah, I'm still catching up from the ice storms, but classes are okay other than that," she answers Mikal, then looks back to Zahl. "There's been some trouble with wild felines… and renegades, too, but we're allowed back in the woods again, so it must be okay. I'd still be careful, though. Y'never know what you're going to find." She quirks up her mouth in an almost-smile, then sighs a little and looks out at the edge of the forest.

"Rennies?" Mikal starts to question that term when Soriana answers it for him. "Oh them…I bet they all got scared off." he says with assurance in his tone. "Only wild felines now." his eyes widen a tad. "Got to watch out for them! I heard they hide up in trees and POUNCE when you least expect it."

Zahleizjah gulps slightly and shrugs "Yeah? That's what they say around Westerns sometimes.. but either way m'glad we can go out there. I'd like to learn more about the jungle, got a dagger on the way for if m'ever out alone.." She watches with delight as Mikal's eyes widen and he elaborates, letting out a slight giggle at the pouncing "I suppose learning some archery would do me good as well then.. gotta watch out for lurking creature.." another glance is given towards the melancholy lass, but she's not about to prod when their friendship is only as fresh as spring blossoms. At that perfect moment of silence, or maybe it's just provocative of it, that rich ringing gong of the hands striking the hour resonates from the tower and across the forest to the Weyr, the vibration felt by the closes individuals. "Wow.. now that is pretty cool.." she notes of the bass trembling through her.

Soriana nods to Mikal. "They do," she says of the felines. "Still better be careful. There's gone, and then there's gone for good." She glances back to Zahl. "Ah, it's not jungle here, not like Eastern or something." She glances again, like she wants to see Eastern through the distance… or maybe just because she doesn't much want to look at anyone in particular. "Still, there's some nice places out there." She sighs, and then the booming of the clock makes her look up toward it, watching as the hour booms out.

His interest perks a bit. "Archery? That sounds exciting to learn." Mikal says with a hint of excitement in his tone. "Oh I do miss the beaches of Ista though. Such wonderful sand. But it's great to go walking around the forest here though in the summer and stuff. Just not the winter. Too much ice." He falls silent at the booming sound of the clock.

The ringing seems to continue even after the chimes have stopped, which has also encouraged a great deal of noise from Zah's bronzenbrown pair. The duo are hushed and calmed as they flutter about, eventually landing to take perch on the rail the humans lean against. It's easy to stare out to the skies in a place like this, dragons in flight, pastel shades of afternoon fading away. "Aye, always be careful.. maybe we can all explore together some day soon!" She's obviously excited to be here, and although still halfway awkward is starting to work through her 'stuff'. We all go through these trials and tribulations, so notes with a look of empathy for Sori. A grin and nod towards Mikal "It'd be quite a useful skill.. I know of a trainer, maybe I can get him to come out for lessons some time.." she slips away with dreams of Istan beaches.

Ista. Soriana bites her lip at the mention of Ista, looking away without saying anything. She's sort of grateful for the distraction of the hour ringing out. Afterward, perhaps the conversation will be new. Well, perhaps not entirely, but… "I know a little archery. I'm better at other things, though," she says with a shrug. A moment's hesitating frown, and then she nods and says, "Yeah. It'd be nice to get away for a bit."

Mikal idly reaches to scratch Elsie a moment, letting his own thoughts drift. Perhaps they are joining Zah's dreams of Ista beaches. Regardless though he's silent for some time before eventually he says. "Seen all the new candidates?" he shifts attention towards Soriana now. "There's bets that a Gold will hatch."

Idrissa had caught sight of Soriana heading towards someplace this a way, and while it took her a few moments she figured out where abouts her friend had actually went. She peers out towards the ledge curious like and tilts her head. "Hey." Is soon heard, a faint smile and wave seen while she pauses near the doorway, seeming a bit unsure about wandering to close to Soriana after the other day it would seem.

Zahleizjah nods and takes a deep breath "Yes.. to get away for a bit.. maybe we could travel somewhere if we can collaborate days off…" At the mention of Candidates she's now quiet too, remaining in that dreamland, though very present still. Enter another familiar face, and suddenly it's a party out here! "Hi Idrissa! Good to see you! We were just talking about taking up archery.."

Soriana nods at the mention of the new candidates, then hmms. Her frown fades as she says, "Seryth's clutched strong in the past. Could be there's a gold again, but I'm not sure." She pauses a moment, considering further. "If the senior dragonhealers think one of the eggs looks gold, they haven't said anything to the rest of us. So I don't know." She shrugs, then glances over toward Idrissa. Her face is still for a moment, looking at the other girl, and then she nods slightly. "Hey," she says quietly. "How're you?"

Mikal offers a simply shrug to Soriana. He doesn't have much contact with the dragon healers. "Well the talk in the Infirmary is that a gold will be but only the eggs know I suppose. Hatching'll happen soon." he says excitedly. "Oh heya Idrissa." greets the newest person to join them. "Archery does sound fun." he mentions. Of course he flits from interest to interest without lingering too long on anything he learns or wants to learn.

Idrissa lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a few times. "I'm alright, how are you doing?" This questioned with an unsure tone. Well she hasn't spoken to her in a few days after all. Her gaze turns to the others and she smiles, a nod seen once more. "Archery?" There is a pause and she ahs softly. "I know a bit about it."

Zahleizjah smiles at the talk of archery, nodding yet again "That settles it.. hopefully we can all go out some time! I'd love to learn and I know of a skilled gent named Quorel who's known to be quite the hunter and like to share his knowledge.." that's that, whether it happens or not for them as a group, Zah usually takes well to things she puts her mind to. As for the talk of golds and hatchings, she remains silent, letting some laughter escape as the bronze and brown bicker mid air.

Mikal listens to the chatter, his head tilting to one side in thought. "Shards…nearly forgot. Promised my foster mum I'd do extra chores for her. Gotta run. I'll see you all later." he scoots away from the rail and heads down.

"Yeah, we'll find out when they hatch," says Soriana to Mikal. "Sorry I can't help you in the betting pool." There's a faint moment of a smile for the younger boy. To Idrissa, she shrugs. "Plenty of work to be done. I've been busy." Because that's definitely a real answer to the actual question. So saying, she goes quiet, looking out over the forest again… though she does nod a little at the mention of an outing. Just a little. She nods again to Mikal, looking at him and waving slightly before returning her gaze to the forest.

Idrissa frowns slightly while she watches Soriana, she glances off catching sight of the two firelizards while flutter about in the air. An now she seems rather unsure what to say. As for the talk of possible golds hatching she is only clueless on the matter. "So." Ya that is about all she can comment at the moment it seems.

Zahleizjah waves to the departing Mikal then looks from Idrissa to Soriana then back again, her own honeyed gaze falling on the verdant forest below. The turning and churning of the gadgets within, click and tick and tock, that cool breeze nipping as exposed skin. Ztyr and Bracz do a good job at being entertaining, wingsails and nipping maws as they chase each other about in circles. "Sooo…." cue semi-awkward silence..

Idrissa can't help but smile slightly as she watches the two flutter about. "There rather good at that." Playing it seems. "Willow and Ripley don't play much. Ripley being unable to really fly an all." As if that really explained much of what she is talking about.

Zahleizjah shakes her head and chuckles "Rabble-rousers.. I find it mildly entertaining, though I know some don't allow any such nonsense horseplay on their watches.. I figure it's all in good fun.." She catches the open ended reference and queries "Unable to fly? Well that's a shame poor thing.." There's some squawking and bit more flapping before they finally part and settle on opposite sides of the railing.. break time!

The brown still draped over Soriana's shoulders chirps softly, watching the firelizards at play with a wistful expression. Soriana herself is quiet for a bit, listening to the conversation about the firelizards, maybe, or maybe just staring out across the forest again.

Idrissa shifts some and leans back against the door frame a moment. "Well, Ripley sort of took on a feline to protect me. In the end his wing was badly damanged. He doesn't fly that well because of it now." A glance is sent back over to Soriana as she notices her friend being quiet, which makes her feel rather bad now.

Zahleizjah shares an empathetic frown "Aww.. what a heroic story! Those blasted felines…" Again she's thinking of archery and other adrenaline pumping experiences "Glad you're both alright.." she says with a genuine drawl. It finally gets the best of her and she can't help but ask "You alright Sori?? Don't mean t'pry but is it that gent? We're here if you wanna talk.." she doesn't push it any further.

"Like I said," says Soriana. "There's wild felines to worry about." One corner of her mouth quirks slightly as she says it, but the expression is gone a few moments later, when she catches the edge of that glance from Idrissa. She glances away again to Zahleizjah, just in time to get caught in the concern. She frowns for a moment, then shrugs one shoulder. "I'm fine." Look at her face. It's so /studiously/ calm. That sort of calm takes effort, and is usually a lie. "There's nothing /to/ talk about." Her eyes go to Idrissa, then, and she offers a smile that looks genuine… if brief, and then Sori's looking away again, out past the rail.

Idrissa nods a moment, a faint smile seen while her gaze drifts off to try not and stare at Soriana it seems. At the question now sent to her friend a soft ah escapes her. "It's alright. I don't think she'll talk with me here." A faint frown seen now and she glances back to Soriana. She seems as if she is about to say something but pauses at the look and smile from Soriana. After a few moments she shifts over to sit next to Soriana, even leaning close like they would many times in the past. "Your not fine."

Zahleizjah is privy to the intensity in the air, and she just lets it float on out to the forest, something so mesmerizing about its callow jungle shades. Then as Idrissa speaks up, Zah finally takes a hint, and it is apparent by the expression and verbalization of "Ohh.." that crosses her face. "I umm.. yeah.. sounds like you two should definitely talk.." a glance up to the clock, half past "I should umm probably get going.. but, I hope to see you both around sooner rather than later.. archery and all.." She'll offer hugs and a little wave before inching towards the door, motioning with a flick of her head for the dashing duo to join her.

"Why wouldn't I?" Soriana says to Idrissa, and the quirk of her lips is back again. "I just don't have anything to say about it. It just didn't work out for me. I hope you've better luck." She smiles a brief moment, and then her eyes take the chance to flee again, settling on Zahleizjah. "You don't have to go," she says, and takes the offered hug, but when Zahl flees, Sori doesn't actually try to follow and drag her back. Which leaves her… alone with Idrissa. Right then. She shrugs a little. "Fine enough."

Idrissa glances to Zahleizjah, an she is feeling? This means she has to make up the conversation with Soriana and hope she doesn't give shoved off the railing now? No one to watch and make sure she doesn't get dead! A soft breath is ehard and she looks back to Soriana. "This isn't how it is suppose to be. He was suppose to talk to you. I suppose he didn't then?" This is questioned with an unsure tone while she chews on her lip.

Toral'd be a witness! Then again, he'd perjure himself in firelizard court for the benefit of Soriana, so that's hardly going to help. Soriana tilts her head to the side a little, then turns it into a shake. "There's no supposed to be. There's just how it is." She frowns slightly. "Talk to me? No. I don't think he wants to talk to me."

Idrissa frowns and looks down at her hands, picking at her nails a few moments in the process. She sighs and shakes her head. "He does, he just doesn't think you want to talk to him." She did promise Kale she wouldn't tell Soriana what was talked about, but it is really really hard at the moment!

"Why wouldn't I?" asks Soriana, and frowns. "I just thought…" she trails off into another shake of her head. "Never mind. I guess this is how it is." There's the quirk of her lips again. "I suppose it makes sense. I thought this time was different, but I guess that's how things are with me."

Idrissa isn't sure what else to say on this topic it seems. She looks up to the sky watching it a few moments. "I'm sorry Soriana. I wanted it to work out for you. Really."

"Ah, don't be," says Soriana. "I mean… things aren't so bad. I've got a craft. I've still got friends. Things could be a lot worse. If Kale doesn't want me anymore, well…" she shrugs, and looks away. The sun sure is awfully bright. Enough to make an eye gleam. "I don't need a boyfriend."

Idrissa bites her lip a moment, her eyes close and she just wishes Kale and Soriana would /talk/. Though really this litle group does have a large problem when it comes o talking to one another about things like this. "I wish you would at least try to talk to him."
"Fine. I'll try." Soriana does not say when. She very carefully does not say when, nor what, for there is certain to be, sometime in the next thousand or so turns, a time when Kale is in front of her and blocking a corridor, and at that point, she will try (it will take effort) to talk to him long enough to mutter 'excuse me' and flee past while avoiding eye contact.

Idrissa feels like she won slightly! She is going to talk to Kale! Now she has no idea what to expect from that. "I just want you to be happy Soriana. Truely." This said with a soft tone. "Even if it doesn't work out. We're still friends… right?"

"Of course we are," says Soriana, and her smile flashes briefly into existence, then fades away again. "At least, if you still want to be." She bites her lip for a moment. "I do wish you luck. I mean… it'll be. I hope things are happy."

Idrissa pokes at Soriana's side a moment. "Of course I do. Your my best friend Soriana. An… I hope you always will be." As for things working out she isn't sure if that is possible. "Just have to wait and see I guess. Like with everything else."

Soriana can't help but smile a little at the poke, and she leans closer to Idrissa for a moment to give her a short hug. "Yeah, okay." She's quiet for a long moment, then sighs. "It was easier last time. I guess I was right about the difference. Just wasn't different enough."

Idrissa is surprized at the hug but she doesn't pull away, she hugs her back. What else can she possible say? At the moment she doesn't comment on it and just slips quiet to let the moment pass an to try and not drag up more painful things.

Silence? Oh, yes, Soriana has many thoughts to fill the silence. They're happy memories, that's the problem. They couldn't have the good grace to be fractious and annoying. Why can't she remember the time he forgot her turnday, say? (Admittedly, they'd only just met.) Or the time he was late? (But he'd been working late.) Or even the time he fought J'o? (For Idrissa. How can she be mad about that?) No, instead she's remembering zombie kisses and laughter and a day on black sand beaches with the sun bright and the air warm with what she thought was love. Memories to make her frown.

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