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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Garait slowly pours himself a glass of klah and gets himself a few pieces of fruit on a plate to eat, then moves to one of the tables to eat slowly. He's looking better today and not so disheveled as he has looked the past few days, but still a little quiet and reserved, slightly lost in thought.

The worst thing about being a young smither at Xanadu? Being a young smither at Xanadu when there is not air conditioning to be had! Unlike last time, when the lack of electricity in winter did little to hinder the working of smithcraft, now things are getting downright dangerous. The heat of the forge has made dormitories stifling to even those who have grown accustomed to raised temperatures, and with the number of dimwitted accidents on the rise, apprentices have been given reduced time in the forges. ka-el is not opposed to this, and he's glad to be making his way into the cavern for some chow and hopefully cold drink! "Ugh…it's no better in here.." he murmurs, a lack of windows making air circulation a bit…nonexistant. His firelizard is nowhere to be seen, likely taking refuge in breezier places. Bypassing food for now, he pours himself the coldest drink available and heads for a nearby table. "Mind if I sit?" he asks of Garait.

Already at a table is Soriana, with a plate containing a cheese sammich and a mug that probably contains klah. But, hey, who knows? It's certainly not steaming at the moment. Unlike the surroundings. She lifts the mug up to take a sip, then lowers it as she sees Garait headed for a table and… Kale also heading for that table. Soriana frowns, watching for a moment, then pushes back her chair and picks up her plate and mug, abandoning her former table to approach the other. "Hey."

Garait blinks for a moment before registering that he's being talked to, "Ummm, sure, I don't mind if you join." He then glances at Soriana and smiles, "Hello again, have a seat?" He finally glances around to see if there is anyone else he knows and takes a bite of redfruit.

Kale slides into the offered seat with a nod of thanks to the other guy. "Thanks," he verbalizes, settling his mug down. "You're not a techcrafter are you? If so, I've half a mind to kick ya to get you out there and fix all this." He waves a hand up in general gesture to 'AC' and 'Electricity'. He smirks a bit, though his eyes shift to Soriana as she arrives. Both hands clasp around his mug, which he pulls closer to himself before lifting to drink. "Hey," he says around the rim, the word muffled.

"Thanks," Soriana says to Garait, setting her plate down and taking that seat he offered. It's the one next to Kale. That's the one he offered, right? Must have been. She gives Kale a strange look as she settles down, though. Why's he hiding behind his mug, anyway? …probably nothing. If she didn't hear the words from before, she certainly saw the gesture, because the next thing she says is, "Blame Datsun. He's the one who broke it." She makes a vague electric-ward gesture of her own.

Garait shakes his head, "No, I'm in the BeastCraft and specialising in herdbeasts." Which may explain the lack of meat on his plate. "Actually it was one of the WoodCrafters that causes the power outage. Accidentally of course." He knows because he was around there when it happened. He nods at Soriana, "Yes, Datsun. Sort of dislikes technology doesn't he?"

Kale can only drink for so long before things would start looking weird, so after slowly draining half of his mug, he sets it down again and looks towards Soriana, who has seated herself. "Datsun?" said with a quirked brow, glancing between her and Garait, the beastcrafter, not techcrafter. "What happened?" he asks, the question seemingly meant for Garait since his eyes are on him.

"Sort of? He's downright insufferable about it," Soriana says with a slight roll of her eyes and a shake of her head. Kale's drinking has passed the line of 'must be really thirsty', but not the one of 'recently trapped in the desert' by the time he lowers the mug, and she smiles to him as he looks at her. "Mighta been an accident, but he didn't have to be so gleeful. If he wants all tradition all the time, he can go back to that Hold of his." Not knowing the details, she lets Garait answer the actual question.

Garait takes a breathe and gives a brief summary. "They were digging to build a building or something and Datsun shoved his shovel into ones of the powerlines, sending sparks out and causing the power outage. I kind of saw it since I was going to check somethingg in the Stables. Ended up with more work though since Idrissa wasn't done with her work and couldn't do it alone in the dark." He rolls his eyes then, "Yeah, he may not like the technology, but it does make things a bit easier for us, even in the BeastCraft."

The smile received is reciprocated with a smaller one from Kale. A muted sort of expression that's ended as Garai retells the story. A brow quirks. "Wouldn't it have been marked or something?" he wonders aloud. That's a good question to ask a techie, once he sees one! Blue eyes are given a roll. "He's lucky he didn't get electrocuted and blown to bits. Stupid git. Sounds like he did it on purpose. Hopefully the techcrafters fix it soon." He nods in agreement with Garait. "Smithcraft too. It's shardin' awful in the forges with it bein' out." A look to Soriana. "You were there, too?"

Soriana takes a sip of her drink as Garait tells the story of why there is no power now, and her other hand moves sideways, going for around Kale's lower back without even the subterfuge of pretending to yawn first. Surely they've moved past the need for such sneakings by this point! The muted nature of the smither's smile is noted, a little bit of concern in her eyes, but she's willing to put it down to a long day thus far. "Nah, I wasn't there, I was on shift," she says at the question. "But I saw Datsun that night. He made a bonfire, and then he was all, 'You have me to thank!' and talking about how everything would be so great if there was no technology." She frowns. "We kind of got into a fight about it."

Garait sighss a little, "It wasn't marked, nor did they discuss building with the techcraft to make sure they didn't disturb anything. Datsun was lucky he didn't get electricuted, that's for sure." Though with the number of unhappy people, 'lucky' may not be the right word. He makes no comment about Soriana placing her hand on Kale's back, but just eats a little more fruit. "What I don't get is why he's here at Southern where there is more technology. If he dislikes it that much, why doesn't he request to be somewhere more traditional?" It doesn't seem he expects a real answer from that, just pondering aloud.

Yes, they are so beyond that point! And, that being said, Kale's stoic response to her touch is a bit out of character. Though, oh it's likely because he's drinking that drink of his again, swallow after swallow, til … dang it, what happened to all that liquid that was proving to be such a good excuse to not do or say anything? With his mug emptied, he sets it down again, feeling a bit waterlogged. He eyes Garait's fruit, mind wandering. No technology. Bonfire. Out with Datsun. Why does he linger around here? Thoughts return to the present at that, and he shifts his chair back a bit to rise from his seat, freeing himself from Sori's hold. "That's a grand question. Xanadu's far more advanced than most other weyrs, isn't it? If he wishes to live in dark times, he's a journeyman. He can very well go where he pleases. Unless something's keeping him here." He looks towards Soriana, then shrugs. "That," he points to Garait's plate, "looks good. But you're missin' the best part. Where's your meatroll?" He smirks a bit, moving to snag himself a plate.

Kale's lack of response might be the part where he's drinking, but… ah, now Soriana's looking more than just a little troubled, because something just doesn't seem right here. Especially the bit where Kale pulls away just as soon as he's finished drinking, without even one moment of leaning back. She sighs, and returns her hand to her side, hunching in a little. She stares at her cheese sandwich, until Kale's comment about something else makes her glance up. "Can't think what that'd be. He's got a girl here, but it's not like she kept him from going to the beastcraft hall for that gryphhawk of his, so I wouldn't imagine he'd stay stuck just because of her." Soriana frowns, now that she's on the subject of Datsun and relationships.

Making a face at the word 'meatroll' before responding to anything else, Garait decides to address something else first, "Well, ultimately the CraftHall does have the final say in where everyone is posted, if it's not a good 'fit', either that person or the peple in charge can request they may be moved" He refrains from commenting about relationships, since he's not in one andd then addresses the meatroll situation "Well, after helping raise the animals I'm helping raise be butchered for food, and seeing them butchered too, I've….lost my apetite for meat." At least for now, and with that he sips his drink and eats more of his fruit.

After spending most of her day at the stables Idrissa is making her way finally into the cavern in order to try and get a meal, if anything is left that is. She peers around the cavern a moment before mandering her way on over to the food table in order to pick up a few things onto a plate. With said plate of food stuffs she also picks up a much of klah and is off to find a place to seat. Which is over with the others. "Hey guys." This said with a smile while she settles down upon a seat next to Kale.

"Tell that to Datsun," flippantly remarks Kale to Garait from afar. "He isn't your average journeyman. M'sure he'll be happy to tell you all about him and his journeys of Pern." He snerks, either at that or at Garait's comments regarding meat isn't clear, but nods regardless while happily grabbing a few meatrolls for himself and a few other meaty options. Vegetarian he is not! Bread. Fruit. Done. He heads back to the table now to reclaim his seat, not making any sign of having heard what Soriana said, although he likely did, as he isn't deaf. But apparently she isn't the only one who is frowny when the words 'Datsun' and 'relationships' are used in the same sentence, especially with the way his mind is twisting things despite the 'he's got a girl here' comment. Noting the addition of Idrissa, he lightly smiles. "Hey. This guy was saying beastcraft's having a crap time with the power out, same as us." Hm. He glances to Garait. "What's your name, by the way?"

Is this a sandwich Soriana sees before her, the… edible bit… toward her hand? Oh. It is. Huh. Wouldja lookit that. She's staring at it like she might be questioning that fact, and after a few moments, she sighs. She glances up to Idrissa, and says, "Hey." Her eyes go to Kale's face, noting how he smiles for the other girl. Ah. So that's how it is, huh? Her jaw sets for a moment, and then she shrugs, returning her gaze to the plate in front of her and reaching out to actually pick up that sandwich and take a bite. She looks like it's the most tasteless food ever.

Garait nods a greeting to Idrissa as he finishes another piece of fruit, "Everything okay today?" He then turns to Kale, making a face of the amount of meat on the plate, but makes no comment about it, "My name is Garait." He says nothing else, having been born and raised here after all. He drops the subject of Datsun completely then, "At least working with herbeasts, I'm outside part of the day at least" When there aren't classes, and with the electricity out, it's been more 'hands-on' teaching.

Idrissa smiles and waves to Soriana, not seeming to pick up that there may be something going on it seems. Though this is rather normal with this lot of teens after all. She takes a sip from her mug and ohs softly while glancing to Garait. "So far so go. Sort of hard working with basket of glows. There are a few lamps but they have to be kept in certain areas cause of the hay an so forth." She peers at Kale and nods. "Somewhat at least, but it is doable."

"Garait. Right," remarks Kale, nodding once. He knew the face, but … well, he's not a beastcrafter. "Well met. I'm Kale," he offers before he turns to his food. Time to eat! He picks at his meatroll, as his eyes shift from person to person as they speak of herdbeasts and glows, chewing quietly. "We've been released early. The forges are getting too hot, and the dormitories are no better. But really, most of our work is done at the forge. I like the easy workload, but I know once everything is fixed, we'll make up for it."

Soriana keeps her gaze mostly on her food. Mostly. She can't help but glance up from time to time. She stays silent for a while, listening to the discussion of herdbeasts and glows and forges. When she finally does speak, it's without preamble and with her gaze on Kale. "So should I leave? I've got studying I could do."

Snorting a little bit, Garait states, "Well met Kale. I wish lack of electricity meant a lighter load for the Beastcraft. Animals need tending no matter what." He then raises an eyebrow at Soriana and Kale, but says nothing to that. "Ohh Idrissa, have any of the Apprentices talked to you yet about improving their riding skills for the roundup?"

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and shakes her head. "Well any you lucky. Naw the animals still need to be tended to after all, no days off for us at all." A slight nod seen while she chews on a bite of food, a curious glance is sent over to Garait. "Well, not yet. Did you tell anyone?" Hearing Soriana her attention turns towards her friend, and she blinks, though she follows where the other girl is looking at and eyes Kale a moment. Seems someone didn't talk to Soriana yet!

Wait, is she speaking to him? Kale's not even halfway through his meatroll, btu really, with the peckish way he's eating, it'd likely be another turn before he did get through with it! His eyes flit to meet Soriana's, brows faintly raising in an initial look of surprise. But the mask of indifference is soon put back in place as he lowers his lunchroll down to his plate. "Why do you ask me?" he asks, brows furrowing slightly in question. "Do what you wish."

"Because you haven't said more than two words to me, and those only when you couldn't help it," replies Soriana to Kale. Her voice is kept quiet with an effort, and her arms cross in front of her. "So, I figure it's only polite to give you the choice of whether you want to just keep snubbing me or have me gone so you can enjoy your day. Oh, or you could lecture me first. That's a popular option."

Garait nods at Idrissa slowly, "I did mention it to a few, but they may not have gotten around to it yet Should e soon though." At least it better be!! He sips his drink and snacks on more fruit. He blinks between Kale and Soriana for a second, not knowing exactly what to do. More fruit, yes! That's a good idea!

Idrissa loosk rather confused while she peers between Kale and Soriana. She shifts in her seat seeming a bit nervous as the talk goes on with the two. A soft ah escapes her and she nods once hearing Garait. "Just let them know to come talk to me an so forth."

Kale grimaces, eyes staying rooted on Soriana, though he can all but feel the glances and looks given by Garait and Idrissa. "Why lecture? What I feel hardly makes a difference." His eyes shift to Garait, then Idrissa, his mouth twisting a bit. "I apologize," he says, voice no longer the quiet tone that was used with Sori. "This has gotten weird, so I'm going to take this elsewhere." A gesture is given to his plate before he rises with it, glancing to that empty mug. Eh. Later. "Good to meet you, Garait," is offered to the other boy, a slight, apologetic smirk given. To Idrissa and Sori, he shrugs. "You stay. I'll go."

Soriana's eyes widen at Kale. What he feels doesn't make a difference? She seems entirely surprised at that, wordless for a moment. She stays frozen until he starts to stand, and then she abruptly starts into motion, pushing back her chair and leaving her plate where it is. "Shardit, no. If you're not happy with me, fine. I don't know what the shell I even did, but apparently I'm just stupid. So have your actual romantic relationship," she gestures toward Idrissa, "-and consider yourself lucky to have escaped." She turns to move away at something that only barely avoids being a run. She didn't turn fast enough to avoid the glint of moisture being visible in her eyes. Maybe the dim lighting will have kept anyone from noticing.

Garait nods slowly to Idrissa, "Will do." He blinks at Kale as he decides to leave, "Ummmm well met." He sighs then and shakes his head and blinks at Soriana's escape, but doesn't call or go after her since he doesn't know her that well yet, "Well, um, I should be going. I'd like to talk to my mom and I believe she maybe free now." She is a greerider here and that shouldn't be too hard to find out. With that, he does get up to leave, shaking his head a little.

Idrissa looks utterly confused as everything goes about playing out. Her gaze flicks between Kale and Soriana and she soon frowns. A hand moves to try and take hold of Kale's arm and stop him from leaving, though while she does this Soriana is now on the move? "Soriana…" At the gesture towards her she leans back slightly in her chair, there is a moment where she shifts looking rather nervous once more. While Soriana may think she is quick to escape and try to hide that bit of dampness at her friends eyes she is quick to follow after her. "Soriana, wait… Please? Don't leave like this."

Wait .. drat it all! How does she always beat him to the punch? He was supposed to do the leaving! Kale's arm is indeed caught by Idrissa, which hinders his plan of making a getaway. Instead, Soriana's doing the getting away, leaving him to frown in her wake. Not happy with her? Lucky to have escaped? "You think — …!" he begins, feeling something inside him starting to boil. Anger? Frustation? He's not quite sure what it is, but it's overwhelming. When Idrissa follows after her, he doesn't move, allowing them both to go while he seethes. Poor Garait. Left to figure this out. What a first impression Kale has made! But it's something he'll have to straighten out later. In fact, there's a lot of straightening out left to do here.

Soriana doesn't slow down in the slightest, not even as Idrissa calls after her. If anything, she tries to hurry up and escape, which would be easier if it weren't for the clog of people near the entrance to the caverns, all coming in from… something or other, she doesn't know nor care what. They are, however, blocking the way enough to slow her down.

Idrissa is doing her best to try and catch up with Soriana. A faint glance is sent back towards Kale to see if he is following, and seeing that he is not makes her a bit mad. Her attention is back on Soriana though, and thank goodness for the people blocking the entrance to slow the other girl down. A hand is quick to slip forward and try to grab hold of Sori's arm before she can fully escape. "Soriana." Is said once more.

Kale is not going over there. No way, no how. He knows where this is leading. Soriana running off into the arms of some faceless other. A … not so faceless other. Who cares if the two of them argued? What difference does it make if he's already seeing someone on the weyr? Arguing leads to making up, and his lack of care that Soriana is already seeing someone else is exactly the free thinking type that she's looking for, isn't it? His plate is plopped back down on the tabletop as his face flushes red, anger showing itself. He sinks back in his seat and turns around, focusing every ounce of his attention on his food. Glaring at his food. Silently cursing his food.

Shardit, the crowd has slowed her down too much. Soriana feels fingers catching at her arm, and she yanks it away, the other arm reaching up to scrub across her eyes as she takes a deep breath. That done, she turns back to Idrissa. She can't very well pretend she didn't hear it anymore, but at least she can pretend (badly) to be calm. "I've work to do." And there it is, a break in the crowd. She darts away and is gone.

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