Powerless Days

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Datsun is already here, sitting in one of the plush chairs by the large fireplace which already has a fire going in it. However, while the other chairs face sideways, Datsun's chair faces towards the fire and away from the rest of the Caverns. While the Woodcrafter himself can't be seen unless someone is beside him or in front of the fire, he's still recongizable by the Gryphhawk that's perching on top of the chair's back with its head tucked under a red-black wing.

Garait is not having a good day and it shows in his clothes that are wrinkled and not in the best of condition, while normally he is well-kept. A few strands of hair have escaped the small ponytail and his eyes are slightly bloodshot. He all but plops in a chair, sighing and not noticing anyone at first. Soon it registers that there is a Gryphhawk there and he peers and recognises the guy from the turmoil near the meadow…..Datsun, yes that's it. "Ummmm, hello."

Another long day, made extra-long by the lack of electric conveniences. Soriana makes her way into the caverns, glancing around - more like squinting, in the erratic light of glows and fires - then making her way to pick up some food. She picks up a bowl of fruit in cream sauce - another day, it might be dessert, but today, it's an attempt to not let easily-spoiled food go to waste without refrigeration - and some thin-sliced porcine meat and vegetables in a spicy sauce.

Datsun glances over at Garait when he plops into a closeby chair, recongizing the Beastcraft apprentice from a while ago. "Hey there. Come to give me another dirty look for taking out the Weyr's power?" It seems that's what he's been subject to for most of the day, which would explain the reason why he's not making himself visible. There's a resigned sigh from him, "You're the Beastcraft apprentice, right?"

There is a glow of light floating from the Administration hallway, that reveals itself as being Briana carrying a glowbasket in one hand and her usual roll of paperwork in the other. As she gets nearer the collection of glows, she sets down her own basket to add to the light. The junior seems to be taking the lights out in stride. She tucks her scroll under one arm and goes to find herself some fruit, skipping much of the other food, even some of her favorites, muffins and such. She grabs up a mug of juice and heads over to where the light is the strongest near the hearth. At Datsun's words, she actually smiles, "So I have you to thank for getting rid of the buzzing in my office? It is has been delightfully quiet in there." She doesn't seem to be teasing him but quiet genuine.

Garait shrugs slightly, "Yes, I am one of the Apprentices for he BeastCraft. Garait, born and raised here. I don't really care abot giving dirty looks at the moment, it is what it is and an accident." He sighs though, "Plus it was a long night yesterday and an early morning." He nods at the ladies present, but doesn't say more.

Of course, having an easily recognizable pet doesn't do much for keeping hidden. As Soriana turns back, she notices Ash, and frowns. Gryphhawk means Datsun. Her eyes linger on the chair for a moment, only glancing up when she sees Briana floating by. Sori gives her head a shake, but sadly, as it gets into summer, there aren't terribly many seats not near the fire, so she ends up sitting at a table just a bit behind those chairs.

There's a shift of attention from Datsun to Briana, considering her words for a moment. "Aye, though it wasn't done on purpose, as the Beastcrafter here can attest." He motions at Garait, nodding at his words as he confirms that it was an accident. "I thought I might enjoy today because it would feel like home where there's not any electricity or things like that but some people don't have the same sentiment. In any case, I'm glad it at least got rid of one annoying problem for someone." The Crafter notices Briana's fruit, "If you'll give me that redfruit, I'll carve you." He proposes.

"We have been through worse over the last turn. Surely people can put up with the lack of electricity for a few days." Briana says as she settles down to enjoy her plate of fruit. At the offer from Datsun she blinks up at him before she notices the carving in his hands, "Oh…that…oh sure." She says in a rush of words and passes the Red Fruit over to him. "I am sure the drama of it all will pass and people get over it as they have other things." She looks to Soriana though, "What is the state of the sands and Dragonhealer Complex?"

Garait nods in attest to that it was an accident, "Well, right now there's no worry from me about having electricity or not. It can make some things easier, but there's not much it can do when a herdbeast has a late birth with a little bit of complications. Should be fine now, but we don't need those complications right now." At the mention of redfruit, he raises his eyebrows and thinks. Food. Has he eaten? Maybe? Oh well, he'll eat if he gets hungry.

Soriana spoons up a creamed fruit, then looks over to Briana at the question. "The backup generators for the sands are working. One of the lights over the sands shattered, but they think they've got the glass out. As for the Annex… some minor damage. The records machine is going to need a computercrafter, but we've got what we need to actually treat patients, and that's the important part for now." She doesn't particularly look at Datsun as she says any of this, which is notable only because she does glance over at Garait as he talks about the herdbeasts.

Speaking of others off dealing with the lights out deal here comes Idrissa. She looks tired, well if anyone could see her that is. She has a basket of glows with her while she slowly makes her way on into the cavern, a yawn escaping her in the process. Her movements take her right towards the food table, a mug of klah is poured along with a plate of something foodable looking. With this in hand she is off, and making a beeline towards where she saw Soriana near the fireplace.

"You'd think that, but take away the comforts of convenience and some people get downright irritable." answers Datsun to Briana with a shrug, leaning out of his chair to take the redfruit from the Weyrwoman, Soriana's voice reaches his ears. There's a look from the Woodcrafter to Soriana before grunting and retreating back into the plush chair. A narrow knife is withdrawn from one of several on his belt and he begins to cut away slices and chunks from the redfruit, glancing alternatively between it and Briana before directing his next words to Garait, "Sounds like you haven't had a good day, either. I'm Datsun, by the way."

"Good, then that what is important is taken care of. Pern functioned for many hundreds of centuries with no power, and that with thread falling, I am sure we can do it for a few days." Briana says perhaps entirely too cheerful about the state of things just now. She glances between Soriana and Datsun before shaking her head and watching the woodworker carve her face into a fruit. As Idrissa joins them, the junior waves to the newly arrived Beastcrafter before looking to the first to arrive once more, "I don't think I have had the pleasure sir, so far all I know is that you are a beastcrafter."

Garait moves a few strands of hair behind his ear and listens to Soriana in particular speak and softly says, "Yeah, I guess some things need electricity more than others." He then blinks a couple of times at Briana before it registers that she's one of the Junior Weyrwomen. Yes, bad day, not thinking right and all that. He glances at Briana and blushes slightly, "Um greetings Weyrwoman. Garait, Apprentice Beastcrafter. Born and raised here. My mom is a greenrider here named Myrna." As if that compares to a goldrider, he then sighs again, "Datsun, yes. Bad day all around." Then He notices that Idrissa has entered, who looks about as tired as he feels. "Evening Idrissa. Long day too?"

Soriana nods to Garait, and then she does glance at Datsun with a frown at his words. "As opposed to other people, who get downright irritable about the existence of them." Her gaze goes back to Briana, and it's not without a trace of that frown that she nods. "Of course we can manage. Doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to having power again." She turns back to her plate, stabbing a bit of spicy meat and biting down perhaps a bit more fiercely than the already-dead beast requires before looking up to Idrissa and greeting her with a slight nod while chewing.

Idrissa glances up once she is seated, a smile is seen while she waves back to Briana. "Hello." Is offered to everyone, only after she has taken a long sip from her mug. She peers over to Garait. "Pretty much." She eyes her plate a moment looking over what she may have picked up and thus goes about munching on a bit of spicy meat. Which after a few chews makes her cough hard a time or two.

Briana's words brings a curious smile to Datsun's face and Soriana is ignored, "You're correct, as usual, Weyrwoman. While I have you here, a newcomer suggested to me after I explained what had happened that there should be some kind of warning signs or something. I haven't seen Journeyman Jethaniel and he's been a bit busy of late so I haven't had a chance to suggest it to him. What are your thoughts on that?" Now the redfruit's starting to resemble a person's head by now, half of the red skin gone and the general shape of a face is there except for three red areas where the eyes and mouth would be have been left alone. "Garait. Well met. Are you going to specialize in a specific animal?"

"You are Myrna's? I am sorry to have missed your face then. I hope everything went well with the runner in the end? If you need more glows in the stable, talk with the headwoman's staff they will have some in the old storage." Briana suggests to the beastcrafters. At the suggestion from Datsun, there is a slight nod, "Will bring that up with the tech craft for certain if it has not already been so. For all that we can live without it, there is much we do rely upon. The backup generators can't be relied upon for a length of time and we don't have volcanic sands like the other weyrs. I am sure it will be rectified soon." Until then she will enjoy the lack of buzzing in her office!

Garait nods to Soriana and Idrissa in understanding and looks in concern as Idrissa coughs, making sure she's okay. Upon hearing his name and hearing the question, he nods, "Yes, well met. I believe I'll be specializing in herdbeasts and will hopefully remain here at the Weyr. The Weyr needs to increase its herdbeast population again." He doesn't mention that is because many of them died a while back when they experimented with hormones. He nods at he Weyrwoman and seems pleased that she knows his mom, "Well, I've always loved working with animals and spend more time working with herdbeasts than runners myself, but I knoe the Stabless are dark right now. Right now everything's fine, but it was rough for the past couple of days."

With nothing said to her, Soriana says nothing back. Really, she looks like she'd rather pretend that conversation over there doesn't exist. She instead looks back to Idrissa. "Hey. Heard anything back yet?" she asks the other girl, then takes another bite of her own food while she waits for an answer.

Idrissa is fine really, so much so that she takes another bite of the spicey meat to prove so. She half listens in on the coversation around her, though her mind is clearly wandering. At the direct question from Soriana she peers over a moment. "No… Not yet." There is a slight pause. "What if I don't hear anything back?" She has no idea what she will do if she doesn't, everything lately dealing with Jarse, and the fact she can't do her lessons is really starting to get to her.

Datsun begins to put in the details on the redfruit, following the curves and lines of Briana's face, glancing back and forth as he does so. The tip of his knife is used to put in the smaller and finer linework, "Thank you. I had no idea that there was whatever it was down there until I was sitting on my butt. As exhilarating as that was, I'd rather not relive it again." There's a small smile, "Herdbeasts, hm. Wouldn't it be disappointing to constantly have your beasts eaten by dragons and people and the like, though?"

At the words from Idrissa, Briana looks to the young woman, "You are still at loose ends? Is there anything I can do to help? Maybe I could make sure the Headwoman's put you on stable duty?" She shakes her head a bit, a little worried about the knotless beastcrafter, "Surely you can't have done something so bad to earn being kicked from the craft." The smell of the spicy meat though causes her to try to discreetly move away from the girls. Just opening up the circle, really thats all.

Garait relaxes a little and listens to what she says with a little concern. He then turns and nods slightly at Datsun slightly, "But if someone doesn't take care of them and help in keeping the population of herbeasts up, and maybe increase it if need be, then what would the dragons and people eat?. They do have other purposes than food too, though he does glace at the meat the girls are eating."

"Oh," says Soriana to Rissa, and nods. She frowns for a moment, then shakes her head. "Then we'll try something else, that's all. There's more than one way to fix things." She reaches over to touch Idrissa's hand for a moment, then tilts her head to indicate Briana's encouraging words on the matter. "See?" After which, of course, Sori notices Briana scooting away, and she sighs a little, leaning back in her chair and looking up to the dim cavern ceiling.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly while eyeing her plate a moment, and then there is a new voice in the mist of everything. Her gaze drifts towards Briana and she blinks a moment. She seems rather unsure where to start, a soft sigh escapes her and she eyes her plate a few moments. "My journeyman isn't to happy with me… I talked back to him, and Ripley sort of atacked him" There is a pause. "Though only because Ripley felt threatened by him." Still a firelizard attacking Jarse was not a good thing, and not the real reason all this has happened to her. "He took my knot and told me I'd could work as a stablehand to be given a second chance to get it back. An I'd have to work enough to make eight marks during that time." Seems Rissa just can't keep it bottled up anymore. "I wrote a letter to the Beastcraft Hall an haven't heard from anyone yet."

Suddenly, there's a knife wet with juice pointed in the direction of Briana, "Hey, Weyrwoman! Quit moving, will you? You made me cut you." Indeed, there's a small cut on Briana's left temple extending from the corner of her red eye. The knife isn't put back to the redfruit yet, instead lowering it and keeping it stationary as he turns his attention to Garait, "You have a point. It's a thankless job, though, watching those herdbeasts you raised be taken away and cut up… so I'll thank you. Beastcrafter Garait, thank you for helping provide us with excellent food, be it meat or milk or leather." However, Idrissa's explantation for the lack of her knot earns a look from Datsun around the chair, "/What/? A Beastcrafter should understand how a firelizard behaves, of all people." There's a frown, "I don't think that was enough to warrant taking your knot. Maybe a punishment or not allowing Ripley to be seen by your Journeyman." The Woodcrafter appears to be speaking in the position of a Journeyman, "Is there anyone else above your journeyman here that you can talk to?"

Briana looks to Sori as she hears the sigh and gives an apologetic look, "Its not you I promise…" The rest said in a softer whisper to the woman. She sits up and reaches for her juice and takes a sip. At Datsun's exclamation, she looks up blinking. "Oh sorry." She says but it is with amusement. To anything hearing this conversation and not seeing it it must be confusing. The conversation of Garait's cause her to shake her head, "Not enough of us do thank the Beastcrafters. Us riders go more than our fair share of the beasts and expect them to always be there and in supply, with little thought to how they get there." Idrissa's words cause her to shake her head, "Really? That is awful and I would write myself if it would make a difference? Has the journeyman never worked around firelizards? Even a well trained one might nip if they felt threatened. Taking your knot away…if all you have to do is raise marks to win your knot back, then I will gladly give you some toward your goal."

Garait glances as he hears the conversation among going on about Idrissa, but doesn't add anything right then. He blinks at Datsun holding a small knife at the Weyrwoman, but then nods at the Journeyman WoodCrafter as he and the Weyrwoman both thank him, making him smile. "Well, my ather is a Master BeastCrafter, but he is at fort Weyr and i told Idrissa we could contact him if she wanted…." Briana's offer.

Soriana leans toward Briana for a moment to hear, then nods slightly. She offers Briana a small smile, taking a moment to look over the Weyrwoman before murmuring, "Hope so," in a quiet tone. When Idrissa starts to speak, Sori actually looks a bit surprised to hear her spilling the details - took Rissa long enough to tell it to anyone at all! But after that initial moment of surprise, she hears the rest of it again with just the occasional nod. For all that Soriana doesn't seem to be diving into friendly conversation with Datsun right now, she does mouth 'told you so' silently toward Idrissa as the Woodcraft Journeyman speaks on the subject.

"Beastcraft doesn't deal with firelizard's." Idrissa offers, no she isn't really defending Jarse on that. "An Ripley did sort of try to bite him." That was a rather bad night. She looks back to her plate pokint at it a few times with her fork. "I don't know. He just doesn't seem to like them." Or maybe it isn't anything to do with Ripley and Jarse really doesn't like her? Possible, not that she will comment on that. "I have to basicly work to 'make' the marks but I don't actually get them. I have to do eight marks worth of work as a stablehand. Then he'll consider letting me have my knot back, if I can show I deserve it." A glance is sent towards Soriana, and she smirks a moment. Well everyone can change including her you know!

There's a blink at Idrissa from Datsun, "They don't? Well, wouldn't a Beastcrafter at least be acquainted with how they behave? I saw a good number of them at the Beastcraft Hall when I was there for Ash." He mentions the Gryphhawk still napping on top of his chair. "If you know he doesn't like them, then don't let your firelizard near him." Then he leans back into the chair once he notices the Weyrwoman is relatively still again, resuming his carving. Then the refruit's turned around so that the red side faces him, creating long and narrow grooves to mimic human hair.

"How long should that take to achieve? How much have you 'earned' already?" Briana asks of Idrissa, working her way through this. "At least you can still work in the stables, but if it will keep you from your study for months that seems fairly excessive." She then glances to the redfruit that is slowly becoming her, a curious look upon her face.

Garait shakes his head, "Firelizards would be more in DragonHealer territory I believe? Though they are very useful for the BeastCraft I guess." He's just guessing since he doesn't have a firelizard. He nods in agreement with Briana, "Keeping away from studies is not a good thing and a bit too much."

"Traditionally," Soriana says with a slight arch of her brow for the fact that she's using the word at all, "The beastcraft involved themselves with various animals and the Weyrs and dragonhealers took care of dragons and whers. When firelizards were rediscovered, they seemed to naturally fall under the domain of the Weyrs, since they so closely resembled their larger cousins in anatomy and physiology." She shrugs, and takes another bite of her supper as she listens to the further discussion about Rissa, nodding her agreement from time to time.

Idrissa peers at Datsun a moment. "Well plenty of BeastCrafters have them. There good for messages and so forth so I'm not to surprized that there was many at the hall." She glances to Soriana and nods to what is said on the firelizards. "Ya, all that…" At the question on how mucu she had made she eyes her plate a few moments, picking at the edge of it. "I made a mark. Its been a while to make that." She's lost count. "I try to pick up on lessons from the others, but its not that easy." Especially with Jarse hoving around like an old bitty.

There's a sharp jerk of Datsun's head as the word 'traditionally' in Soriana's voice reaches his head, peering around the wing of his fancy chair at her. All he does is raise both of his eyebrows with a nod at her as if she just proved his point about something before glancing down at his redfruit. One final groove is dug before it's tossed over to Briana, "Catch." His eyes watch the sculpture fly through the air towards the Weyrwoman, red eyes and lips staring out at the Weyr proper as it spins. If she catches it, she'll see that it's a decent copy of her looks, down to the hair except for that little cut on her left temple. Idrissa gets, "Then focus on making up the marks as fast as you can. Don't listen in to the lessons, just do your work. You can catch up once you're done. That's my suggestion, but you don't have to take it."

Briana looks up as the redfruit is tossed her way and extends her hands to catch it. It is a deft catch and soon she is looking down at a redfruit version of her face. She shifts her thumb to hide the mark on the temple. "What work…it will be a shame to eat this." And so it is set on her plate for now. There is a glance towards Idrissa and Sorian and their food as she catches another wiff, turning a bit pale she pushes herself to standing. "If you will excuse me." She says as she rises and heads towards the lower caverns.

Garait blinks and looks at Idrissa, "Worst comes to worst, if you want I can help you with lessons here in the evenings when we can, but I know or specialties will ne different." He blinks in concern at the Weyrwoman as she turns to leave and just nods.

Soriana raises her eyebrows back at Datsun. Whatever point he thinks he's just had proven, she clearly doesn't know what it's supposed to be. She stares back until he looks away again, returning her attention to Idrissa afterward. "Catching up lessons sucks," she says with a frown. Her eyes go to the flying apple, and the corner of her mouth quirks up as she watches it, the expression lingering as she looks back to Rissa. "You should see if you can like… sell Red Feathers to yourself and record it as a commission. That'd get you the marks real fast." She almost laughs, because it's not quite a joke but it's definitely got a sour taste to it, then glances up at Briana as the Weyrwoman excuses herself. "Bye!" she says with a wave, and then after Briana's gone, "Hmm," she says with a thoughtful expression.

Idrissa frowns as she hears Datsun and slip quiet, maybe she hsould just do that? "Its taken so long to just get the mark. All I do is work." The last fun thing she did was go to that party over at Western and it went crazy. She watches while Briana runs off, a soft ah esapes her. "Later." Hopfully she's alright! Idrissa glances over to Garait and smiles a moment. "Thanks."

Datsun watches Briana admire the fruit, shrugging, "It's meant to be eaten either way." However, as she suddenly rises and excuses herself, he watches her depart until she's gone. His eyes shift over to his redfruit carving before standing up and heading over to the serving table to make himself a glass of juice as well as clean his blade off with water and a piece of cloth before it becomes sticky.

Garait smiles at Idrissa, "It's not a problem, really. And do you /have/ to earn the Marks by working in the Stables?" He watches Datsun for a moment as he gets up, and then focuses on Idrissa again.
"You won't help anything if you work yourself to collapse," Soriana notes. "I mean, getting it done's well and good, but… you won't be earning any marks in the infirmary with a sprained wrist because you pushed yourself too hard. Be careful." That said, she applies herself to her meal for a few moments, eating spicy meat and creamed fruit. She's still listening to the conversation, and her eyes track Datsun as he passes her before returning to her bowl, but she doesn't say much.

Idrissa nods as she hears Soriana while eyeing her plate. "I know." This said softly. Her friends know how hard she can push herself, she does tend to work hard and wind up in the infirmary now and then from it already. "I just feel that everything that I have done will be for nothing. All my lessons, everything I've learned."

Garaitnods, "We'll make sure you don't fal behind too far in lessons. Plus…..does helping people learn to ride runners better count toward you earning Marks?"

The glass of juice is drunk right there on the spot until it's disposed into the dirty dishes bin and the now-clean knife is returned to its sheath on his belt. Returning to his chair, Datsun says, "Idrissa, no matter what, don't give up. I really think if you keep doing the work, you'll make up the marks in no time. I think you should also talk to someone else in your Craft to see if anything can be done because it sounds like what happened was not handled well at all." Then to Garait, "Best of luck with your herdbeasts. Well met." All of this is said as he's pulling the long leather glove onto his left arm and waking Ash the Gryphhawk up once he's done talking. Once the red-and-black avain is perched on his arm, the Woodcrafter excuses himself, "I have some traditional work to attend to." Then he's walking off towards the exit.

Soriana glances down to Idrissa's plate as well. Yep, there's still food on it. She points her fork with a slightly raised brow. Gooo oooon. Eaaaaat. She doesn't say it out loud. After this many times saying it, she doesn't think she has to actually say the words. "At least you're still practicing some of the skills, even if you don't have the lessons," she says in an attempt to be encouraging. Then there's Datsun back again. She agrees with the beginning and end of his words to Idrissa, at least. Not giving up is good, and this whole thing does sound horribly handled. She's not so sure about the middle, but she doesn't say anything about it. She just… doesn't nod to that part. As for his parting words, she makes a sour face as she says, "Enjoy."

Idrissa eyes her plate a few moments longer before going about chewing on a bite of food. Perhaps she 'heard' Soriana's push for her to eat? It is possible! "I know. I just see myself failing at this right. I wanted to take my test for senior apprentice an now all this." She chews on her lip a moment after swallowing another bite of food. A glance is offered over to Datsun. "Right… Later Datsun."
Garait does nod to Datsun as he leaves, "Well met." He doesn't say anything about the mention of 'traditional work', but *almost* makes a face. "Ummm, Idrissa, your good at handling runners, yes?"

Soriana has some of her own meal, and sighs. "Yeah, I know. I still think it's pretty messed up. I just hope the beastcraft hall thinks the same… when they finally manage to get back to you. Wonder what's taking them so long? Maybe you should talk to one of other journeymen here, y'know? I mean… haven't any of them noticed you aren't at classes anymore?" She frowns, stabbing another piece of fruit before glancing over to Garait. "Rissa's great with runners."
Idrissa pokes at another bit of spicey meat. "Well I thought they would. None of them have came to ask me what is going on though. For all I know Jarse has told them something. Or who knows what has happened." A bit of tuber is picked up and munched on while she glances to Garait and nods before a smile is een as she hears Soriana. "Well I know a few things."

Garait nods again and smirks, "You willing to help some of the BeastCraft apprentices improve their riding skills? I'm sure there will be marks involved. Plus it will help for a little later this summer…."

That fruit Soriana just took a bite of must be really sour. Oh, no, wait, that facial expression is just because of the idea that Jarse told the other journeymen his side of what happened. And of course they'd believe him, because… journeyman. She frowns for a moment, then sighs. "Yeah. Probably."

Idrissa peers at Garait a few moments. "There are beastcraft apprentices that don't know how to ride runners?" This seems to be a strange thought to Rissa, after all WHO can't ride? Everyone should be able to in her book! "Well, sure I can do that." A glance is sent to Soriana and she nods a moment. "That is the only thing I can figure out."

Garait chuckles softly at Idrissa's expression, "Well, most know how to ride, but we need them to ride well. Seems like we need more herdbeats and someone got the idea to round up some of the wild one, particularly the young ones after they've stopped drinking milk." Don't want the real feral adult ones, that's for sure!

Soriana glances up from her food again at the talk of a roundup. "Huh. That sounds interesting," she says, and smiles. After a moment, she adds, "Should ask for the sweepriders to check out where the herds are, when it comes time… though I suppose the dragons can't really help with the roundup itself, except from a distance. Might terrify the beasts too much."

Idrissa ohs at this while pondering a moment and nods. "Well I'd be more then happy to help with the teaching. Along with whenever the round up happens. I bet Red Feathers and me could do plenty to help." There is a pause and she notices the hour, a soft sigh escapes her. "I need to get back to the stables." So much for finshing her meal! "See you all later." This said while she stands and is off rather quickly.

Garaitnods at Soriana, "That would be very helpful! And I'm sure any drgonrider here can help if they want. After all, this will be for everyone in the Weyr!" He nods at Idrissa and waves as she leaves. He stands up and pours himself some juice then, sipping it,

Soriana hehs a little, and nods to Garait. "I suppose the dragons can loom. Might be useful." The wheels begin to spin for how she'll manage to get herself along on what sounds like an Adventure, and she grins over to Idrissa. "For sure!" she says, then awws and nods. "See you," she says, and waves.

Garait nods at Soriana, "Yes they can. Plus maybe they can help keep the more feral ones away??" After all, who wants a 2000 pound herdbeast charging them? "There are several types og herdbeasts on Southern, but most are…..rather large." He continues to sip his juice as he sits near Soriana.

"When a hungry dragon looms, they tend to keep all the herdbeasts away," says Soriana with a smile. "Not that the herdbeasts generally stick around to ask if the dragon's hungry." She gives a little shake of her head, then tilts it curiously. "So… are the wild ones a different breed than the ones kept at the Weyr? Or are they the same, and they've just… gone wild?"

Garaitthinks a little bit, "Well, they are the same breeds, just gone wild. They were loose after everyone moved to the Northern continent, so there may be some differences now I guess, but basically the same, just wild. Those on the ground will need to make sure to be careful since many have horns and don't want them charging." He chuckles then, "Maybe some of the dragons can eat the more foulnatured ones?"

Soriana nods as Garait explains about the herdbeasts, then laughs. "Maybe they can. Though, even a dragon's got to be careful when it comes to the herdbeasts. Plenty of the injuries we see as dragonhealers are caused by hunting accidents. Some of those beasts are pretty wily, even just the ones in the herds here. Wild ones, probably even more so."

Garait listens to Soriana, nodding, "I really din't think of that. I'm sure if you want to com you can, just in case there are any accidents." Danger, hunting, helping thr Weyr….who wouldn't want to come? "Plus, having a few dragons nearby in case people do get hurt will be helpful."

"I'll be sure to put my name in early for it, so when they assign people to go along, I'm there," says Soriana. "That, or make sure I've got the day off. Either way." She grins. "Yeah, though between's bad for most injuries. You'd want to fly them straight. I guess you won't be all that far off, though, not if you've gotten runners there."

Garait shakes his head some, " I don't think we'll be too far off, but runners are quicker than by foot." He finishes off his juice and stretches, "I'm sure we'll have fun with the adventure of it, n matter what, and I'll definitely be going. Seeing Herdbeats in the wild and rrounding theem up will be considered one of my 'lessons' for the BeastCraft." It's about time there was a fun lesson!

"Oh, sure," says Soriana with a chuckle. "Not all that much faster once they're carrying your tent and your dinner all day, though, and especially not if you expect to graze them instead of carrying their feed into the bargain." She shrugs, and spears a last bit of fruit to eat. "Heh. Should definitely be educational! They'll probably make you write a report on it, though. That's what my seniors always seem to want before they'll give me credit."

Garait makes a face when the word 'report' is mentioned, but smiles, "Well, even if there is a report involved, it'll be worth it I think. It'll be interesting to compare the wild herdbeasts here in Southern to the more docile ones, especially those up north for differences….."He stops then and sighs then, realising finally one of the possible projects they'll have him working on. He tries to stifle a yawn, and then nods toward Soriana, "I do need to get some rest, so if you'll excuse me…." He pauses then, "Oh, I'm sure you'll know when the time for this foundup will happen, but when I see you agaib and it's getting close, I'll let you know."

There are always projects. Soriana nods as the beastcrafter discusses that, then hehs. "Yeah, okay. Seeya!" she says, then nods. "Yeah, let me know as you find out details. I'm sure word'll get around, but it's nice to get news right from the source sometimes."

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