Modesty and Respect

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs

The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.

Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

Despite spring making its best attempts to warm up Xanadu Weyr, the air remains chilly and damp, and everything seems to yet be in slow motion. With snows continuing to pile up towards the south, drills and sweeps are long and trying as riders do well-being checks on cotholds and outposts alike, and to ensure there are no immediate issues to be seen to. And so, after a long day a'dragonback, Re're has retreated to the hot springs where the brown Search & Rescue rider is currently submerged to his chin, eyes closed as he sighs, letting the hot water do its job.

Avani enters the hot spring area with an annoyed shake of her unevenly cropped hair. "Oh, sure, I'll take a Southern posting!" she mutters to herself as she spots the pile of clean towels and moves over to get one, "I miss Ista's weather, after al—" She blinks, spotting the body in one of the pools. Her face warms and her cheeks take on a red hue as a result as she turns away. "My appologies, Sir, I didn't realise anyone was in here…" she offers, looking for a place to get out of her mud covered clothing without putting herself on display.

Re're doesn't even open his eyes at the sound of the voice, chuckling softly and waving a hand. "I'm just sitting here, ain't no bother." He doesn't seem to shift too much, if only sink a little lower. "Enjoy the water, I know I am.. Almost too relaxed now to even open my eyes." He offers in a tone that's meant to reassure her that he's not going to take a peek.

Avani glances back at the word 'almost' and blushes even deeper. Slipping her face into her hands, she picks a towel up by the corner, pick as pool as far away from the man as possible and strips quickly before slipping into the water. She graps a handful of soapsand almost instantly and starts to scrup the mud out of her hair and off her face. After slipping under quickly to keep the suds from her eyes she nods, "Oh. It is really quite lovely in here, isn't it?"

Its only after there's significant splashing and such that Re're does open his eyes, turning to glance over his shoulder in the direction of the teen's chosen pool. "Particularly on a day like this.." He agrees, not making any move to abandon his chosen pool for one closer. "Not used to it, are we?" He makes a reference to her earlier remarks.

Avani blinks as she leans back to rinse out her hair and glances towards the man. "Not used to what, Sir?" she asks, somewhat confused. Waiting for his reply she reaches for another handful of 'sand to scrub her hair once more.

"The cold… T'isn't too bad, really, for this time of year." He says with a chuckle, this time actually letting his gaze settle on her as she washes her hair, though he's sunk low enough in the pool to have an odd-angle of view. "Though, it does seem to settle right through your layers no matter what you do."

Avani shakes her head. "I don't mind the cold, I got somewhat used to it while working near Fort when I first learned to properly Run the Traces, but I'm from Ista… 'South' is warm!" She shakes her head, giving up on the hair for the moment and moves onto her arms. "What gets me is just how much mud there is to run through in some area without proper Traces grown in to control it."

"South here is colder.." Re're replies with a smirk, glancing over the long distance between the pool he's relaxing in and the one that Avani has taken out of modesty. "There ain't nothing wrong with a little mud, now, is there? It doesn't do any harm, and if it wasn't mud it would be ice." The brownrider sinks back into the water, ducking under for a long minute.

Avani continues to scrub the mud from her arms, shaking her mostly-clean hair as she replies, "There _is_ something wrong with mud, Sir, when you trip and fall into it!" She shives and sink more deeply in the pool she's selected. "There's something about how it gets everywhere that just isn't…" she pauses, seeking the right word, "It's not decent, it what mud it!" She nods, letting out a curt snort as the tip of her pointed nose pierces the water.

Speaking of mud… Keziah walks in with much of it still caked on. In fact she reeks of the stuff, but then swamp muck tends to not have a very pleasant aroma. She's muttering to herself about greens and their tendencies to be pains in the tail feathers. As she heads for the pools she's stripping off as she goes, completely missing the fact that she's leaving clumps behind here and there. At least the mud soakes clothes go into an empty sack she was carrying with and then she eyes the pools of water. Which one to turn from green to brown.

"Least it comes right off, right?" Re're replies rather good naturedly to Avani, chuckling softly at the girl's explanation of exactly why mud is so dreadful, shaking his head just a little as Avani gives that little snort. "Perhaps, t'would be better to avoid falling until the ground has recovered from the thaw." He suggests, lifting an eyebrow as he makes the suggestion, before he's recoiling at the sight - and smell - that Keziah brings with her, shifting a little away from her.

Avani's eyes widen as the other woman begins to strip as she moves through the cavern. Letting out a soft cry, she closes her eyes and sinks lower in her chosen pool. "I hadn't _meant_ to fall!" she counters somewhat sorrowfully as she blindly reaches in the generally direction of her pouch of soapsand, "I only ever fell twice in the North, and that was during my first Turn as a Runner… There just are no proper Traces in the South yet. The native plants just don't like it."

Mud? Since when has mud even been an issue to anyone? Must be one of those prim and proper folk that doesn't get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine every one and then. Or being dirty more often than clean could be a trader thing. This young man enters in with his own clothes completely thickened and weighted down with a healthy layer of mud, leaving plopping little puddles in his wake. Light eyes peer over to Keziah, offering a little wink and a rougish smile while he saunters over to a vacant pool and begins his own stripping session. The trader merely pulls his clothing off, tossing it nonchallantly off to the side where it won't fall into the water.

Keziah seems unmindful of the recoiling of the people at the sight, or even smell of her. She's used to it, she's a BeastCrafter after all. "Hello lovelies." she says as she snags a clean towel, leaving a nice print of mud on it, but she's not worried about that as it's used to wrap around her torso once the shirt and all are off, though it seems les for modesty really as she wraps it around only her right side mainly and doesn't seem to tuck it. She slips into an empty pool and then lets the towel float up. "Ahh, now that hits the spot." she murmurs, though she's eyeing the Soron a moment at the wink and smile and then rolls her eyes and mutters something about kids.

"Aww, I didn't mean it like you aren't a good runner." Re're quickly turns his attention to try and soothe what he thinks are Avani's hurt feelings much like he would soothe the hurt feelings of any of his brood. "You'll get used to it being different, and another few sevendays, it'll dry out and it won't be so bad." Eyes dart at Keziah and he shakes his head. "As long as you stay out of the swamp itself." He snorts a bit, staring at Sororn as he trudges in as well, shaking his head. "You'd think no one knows how to stay on their feet with these guys." Man..

Avani hears the sound of someone entering a pool and opens her eyes only to let out another cry, this time slipping under the water in her haste to block out the images of the naked man. Resurfacing with a fit of coughing, the Runner seems nearly ready to glare at young man but thinks better of it, releasing her wrath on the mop of unevenly cropped hair upon her head. "Thank you, Sir, I'm sure things will be better once things dry." Her gaze remains on the clean (except for the corner where she's snagged it) towel folded at the side of her pool.

"Ya know, back when I was a wee one, my da used to go bathe the same time I did so we could discuss things we wouldn't round the other littles and aunties. Think it's sweet the two of ya still have that kinda bond." Afterall, Re're does /look/ old enough to be Avani's grandpa but this rascal isn't about to voice it outloud. Atleast not sober… "Now don't tell me yer shy there? We all got the same parts give or take so it shouldn't be to any surprise and I figure atleast a girl of yer age should've seen animals. Not too much of a difference there, ya know." Sometimes a trader learns about the birds and the bees from the beasts before their own sires. Sororn turns to face Avani, raising his arms over his head and stretching lazily with a rather loud yawn. There's no such thing as modesty! Atleast not in this young man's vocabulary. As soon as he's done settling and scratching at those stubbornly mud-clingy spots, he settles into his own tub with a loud groan. "Now this is the life," he chimes to Keziah, waggling his brows despite the possible risk of beatings.

Keziah glances over at Re're "Whats wrong with going into the swamp? Some of the best routes are through the swamp, course, ya gotta know what yer doin an all else you might be waiting for pathways to open up again since they do have a tendency to shift and all." she hmms a little at Avani "Course, sometimes the critters are best to be usin' gettin' through the swamps and all, they're real good at knowing whats solid and whats not. Well some of them are. Sometimes the silly bull calves are thinkin they know better and get themselves stuck and well, it ain't much in teh way of search and rescue but it's still rescuin' and I can't let a critter get drowned or the like." she notes with a grin. There's a look at the boy and then another roll of her eyes.

"Quiet, boy, or I'll make sure ya end up back out side, just as dirty but without your clothes." Re're's gaze narrows at the smart-mouthed trader, shaking his head. "Ain't nobody taught you respect? Because if they ain't yet, I promise you, they will. -I- know." The brownrider's glare at Sororn is tugged to Keziah and then Avani, shaking his head as he just sinks lower in the pool, commenting something to the effect o f'children'.

Avani doesn't rise to the bait, only risking a glance after the larger splash suggests that the young man might be in the water. Once that's confirmed she sinks down into the water once more, rincing out her hair one last time. "Thank you, Sir," she repeats, sending a narrow-eyed glare towards the pool which houses the Trader lad. The glance she sends Kaziah's way is more thoughtful, "I used to ride runners in the cothold, but I couldn't imagine it now. You trust them not to get you killed out there?"

Unfortunately, 'children' don't always listen to what they're told. Especially when they're busy digging mud and Faranth knows what out of their ears. Sororn wiggles his fingers into his ear, occasionally pulling it out to inspect his handy work with a frown and flick of said finger. "My da taught me a thing or two about respect, that he did," is said with a sigh as the young man begins his chore of scrubbing his soiled self spic and span. He peers through those muddied strands across the room, leaning back as he works on his shoulders with a little hum of a catchy tune. If you tell a boy to be quiet, be sure not to ask him a question right afterward.

Keziah ducks her head under briefly as she starts cleaning out clumps of muck and vegetation and loose hair. Bringing her head back up she gives it a bit of a shake and then nods at Avani "Of course I trust 'em. I bred 'em myself. Took me a bit and all, more used to lookin fer the good traits in caprines and all, but I bred me up some small little racers while I was working at the stables and all. Got me too and from places fairly quickly and I didn't feel like I was bein' split in half an all. Might be a bit more flighty then some of the workin' runners but they're sure of foot and are more for endurance and all then flat out racin'." There's a glance at Re're "Oh, please don't throw the trash out in the clearin, we just got the place cleaned up again." she says ever so sweetly. Then there's a thoughful look at Sororn "Did he now?" she asks, looking as if she doesn't quite believe it and then shrugs. He ain't her concern. No nanny duty for her.

"Who said anything about the clearing? The Weyrwoman'd be having my head. But, I'm not sure he didn't just climb out of the swamp, don't see any issues with putting him back there." Re're scoffs at Sororn's assertation that he does, instead, have manners, "Clearly not what he should have. But, trust me, T'will be worse for you than it was me, you're probably older." And the older you are, the less tolerance many have for poor behavior. The conversation on runners - the animal - is left uncommented on, though he does take a moment to study Avani as she turns her own narrow gaze on Sororn, before he shifts to stretch arms out across the back of the pool edge.

Avani nods, "My eldest sister has a few runners she was trying to breed. I'm not sure how she's going along with them, but they were drafts, to help in the fields and to assist in pulling the smaller boats out of the water if they were in need of repairs." She flat out ignores the young man as she moves on to scrub her legs, balancing carefully so that her muscular calf is visible but nothing improper as she rests her heel on the edge of the pool and gets to work.

Sororn straightens up, lifting a leg out of the water that's considerably cleaner than it was when he first climbed in. He dips his head under the water's surface, running his fingers and sand through it until he's certain it's free of mud. This is definately the last time he lets one of the youngers attempt to steer the wagon before he goes on errand. When he lifts his head, he slicks his raven hair back and peers over to Keziah. "That he did, it matters when it matters the most and admittedly, it's nothing that changes throughout ones life. Respect is always there, even if it's not bleeding out of ones skin. And no rider sir, I had enough bleeding of the skin that I don't need yer help. Aunties make sure I get plently of attention." Not the kind he likes but he wouldn't want any other kind from his aunties, it wouldn't be… proper.

Keziah hmms a bit and then nods to Re're and then frowns "No, not the swamps. Then I'd have to drag him out. Thems my area to cover for the next sevenday. After that, you can toss him in." There's a glance for Sororn "He's just a little skinny for much it looks like. I've seen more meat on wherry legs." she remarks and then there's a nod for Avani "Drafts be good for luggin, used a few in the swamps when I couldn't get my Alosynth in. Gotta use the ones with clean legs though, else the much just gets caught in the feathers and wrecks havoc and all that. Nother reason I went fer small runners. Me, I ain't much to sneeze at and they be little too so less wait to get sucked in if there is a miss-step."

"Only if you happened to stumble upon him on your route.. Saenkarith and I might be able to find somewhere out of the way." But, from the smirk on his face, its evident that at least for now, its all in jest. "Just you remember those lessons then, boy. Before someone else gives you another, that ain't got no blood ties to worry 'bout." Re're shakes his head at the boy, glancing sidelong at Avani, laughing softly. "I bet she could leave him in the dust." Mud?

Avani gives the troublesome one another look before returning to her washing, dropping the first leg down before raising the second to repear the process. "On a clean Trail, undoubtable," she offers evenly. "If you trow some mud in the mix, he'd be in his element.:

The thought of any female throwing him anywhere other than her own quarters brings this young man to pause for a moment and he merely shakes his head. Plenty of time to think about such matters later when his family hosts another gather for passing caravans. "Well now, think of it miss. Handling me means you have to touch me and why would you want to do a silly thing like that? Wouldn't want people to think you were fratinizing with us lowly trader sort. See? That's respectful, I was only lookin out for yer best interests." All said with brows raised and a wag of his finger towards Keziah before turning that light gaze towards Re're. He offers a little nod of the head to the rider and grins. "Aye, yes sir." Atleast he's mostly clean now and not smelling as much as the land he crawled out of. "My element, dear lady, is on the seat of my wagon under a clear summers sky surrounded by a cool breeze, velvet grasses and an endless array of stars overhead. The smell of spices seeping through the polished wood and roasted wherry one wagon back…" Avani is offered a softer glance with a kinder smile for only a moment before turning his gaze away to his toes. There's grit still there, he knows it!

Keziah rises up dripping out of the pool pulling the wet towel that had been floating with her up against her left side as she heads for the other towels. "On yer, seat. Yup. Doesn't surprise me." She remarks as she starts drying off in the shadows and then there's some rummaging amongst things and then a muffled curse and then a little louder "Dang it all, someone used up my stash of clothes." she mutters a bit and this time wraps a towel around herself a little more securely. There's a glance for Sororn. "You be behavin yerself round here. I won't be havin' ya cause mischief for our beloved Weyrwoman." A glance for Avani "Come see me at some point iffen yer wantin to think about a runner till ya get yer runner feet." she remarks and then there's a tip of her head for Re're "See ya around." And then she's heading out.

"True, perhaps once it dries out you'll have to find out just who is faster. He with his lumber wagon, or you with your proper Southern feet." Re're suggests a bit of competition with a chuckle, before his gaze is following Keziah as she excuses herself, nodding to the greenrider as she disappears. "That's a mockery, boy. Better hope you don't find any over-wound riders." The brownrider stretches slowly before moving to clammor out of the pool as well, a towel settled at his waist. "Ya'll two behave, now. Don't need any problems." And with a look to each teen in turn, he's pausing only long enough to tug on clean, loose fitting clothes before departing.

Avani shakes her head at Sororn's counter, "So long as you're _dressed_ I don't mind putting you in your place." She diverts her gaze as Keziah rises from her pool and simply nods at the comments until she's left. At that point, her thin lips press together until they completely seem to disappear. "_Ride_ a runnerbeast!?" she shakes her head, "Thing of it! A Runner actually riding a runner to deliver a message!" She nods to Re're as he gets out of the pool (once he's coverd, of course), "Yes, Sir. I can at the very least assure you that I will not cause any problems." She narrows her eyes at the other occupied pool at that, slowly letting her second leg slip into the water to rinse.

"Ye callin a fine night with my family and caravan a mockery?" HISS! Sororn rises out of the water, without the towel and storms over to his clothing which he hugs completely soaked against his body and frowns. "Shoulda dried my self first 'fore I did that." He peers over to Avani and shrugs, dropping his clothing on the floor and reaching for his own leather sack with clean linens and things within it. In quick time he's dressed and a little dryer though his clothes aren't. No worries, there's sunshine or wind for that if nothing more. "Well, m'lady, pleasure uh… meeting you but I best be off. I've lots of jewelry to make and not alot of time to do it…in. Where's that blasted box!" Sororn begins to glance from side to side, moving down on his hands and knees to check around the room. Couldn't have gone far…

Avani covers her face as the young man gets out once more. "Shards!" she offers suddenly, "You say someone taught you _manners_!?" She runs her hands quickly over her form as she rests under the water, eyes clothed. Then, satisfied, she moves to the edge of the pool and pulls herself up, her other hand moving the towel to cover her before she's fully standing on the edge. She cracks her eyes open and, finding the young man covered, opens her eyes fully. "Speaking of which…" she sighs, "I'm Runner Avani. And you are Trader…"

"Sororn," he says as he continues to run his hands across the ground. The box in question isn't a large one and it's dark in color so finding it is going to be interesting. "Aha! Here it is!" After the missing trinket is back in his hands, he gathers up his belongings and makes his way towards her, half gazing away. He holds out the small box to her, the lid open to reveal a simple bracelet made of shells intermingled with frosted white and teal seaglass. "This is the only one I haven't been able to sell off so please take it as a token of me apologies. I do have manners, but not when I'm running on several days of no sleep and screaming littles echoing in my head." His light eyes are peering towards that exit where he fully intends on heading as soon as his hand is free.

Avani eyes the offering and pauses, her hand half towards it. "If you need a message Run, let me know," she finally offers, taken the item carefully in hand. "Thank you," she adds, slipping it onto her right wrist.

"I'll keep that in mind, thank you kindly! Knowing the aunties, you'll never hear the end of their stories 'fore they finally give you the message." With a bow, Sororn heads out.

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