Oh Shards!

Xanadu Weyr – Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Evening in springtime at Xanadu finds Rukbat dipping towards the horizon, throwing the sky into a palette of pastels - peachy pinks and creamy yellows, while a soft breeze stirs the shrubs just enough to make things fresh without being annoying. Work is done for the day, but Thea isn't heading home just yet. No, she's out here walking instead - her daily commitment to the Healer's dictum. The obviously pregnant weyrwoman is down near the shoreline where the sand is packed hard for easier going, hands shoved into the pockets of the light open-fronted jacket she's wearing and headed for a huge log (likely a victim of last Fall's forest fires) that's washed ashore.

Pinks and yellows, in can be said, do very little for Ittisieth's hide; the vain bronze points this out at least twice after popping into the evening air over Xanadu, and once more when the weak rays pierce through his wingsails upon landing. They made him /orange/ and /fruity/. He was neither of those things! The rider on his back has his eyes crunched closed, likely repeating a montra of 'lalalalacan'thearyou!' in his head, judging from his disgruntled expression. The mood persists through a zipcord dismount, but when S'gam's boots finally crunch into Xanadu sand, it all seems to fade with a pleased sigh. For as much as Ista was his home now, the man would never tire of this place. "Go grouse somewhere else," Sig tells his dragon. "I'm sure there's a green around here that will think your 'fruity' hide is gorgeous." Ittisieth only frowns and thumps his butt into the sand, unamused, while the Dragonhealer shifts a wrapped parcel under his arm. He almost leaves the beach without a backwards glance - almost - but there's a figure in the near distance. A friend? Maybe! "H'lo there!"

Further up the beach the golden form of Seryth crouches, watching over the form of her rider without hovering, a slow-whirl to her eyes a placid blue. She's halfway to Neverland, daydreaming about some sort of something more interesting than a nearly-deserted beach and a quiet lifemate when a flicker of movement overhead catches her attention and her jaws agape in that yawn snap shut as she cranes her neck to watch the descent. Her rainsoaked tones laugh droplets as she addresses the bronze brightly, « Hello! You have picked a nice beach to visit, ah…? » Dragon's memory being what it is, she doesn't recall the last time she saw Ittisieth and he was an itty-bitty thing, as dragons go. Thea's attention is a million miles away it seems and as such, she only rouses at the hail, turning just as she settles awkwardly to have a seat on that log. Her squint changes to a wide-eyed recognition and she's lifting an arm to wave, "Heya Siggy!" And then, of course, she's grabbing at one of the few branches left to haul herself back to her feet and greet her friend properly.

Ittisieth looks torn between continuing his taciturn sulking and speaking up, faceted eyes focusing on Seryth with mild curiosity. Prove something to his human, be a proper gentleman… Choices, choices. « Salutations. It is a lovely beach, even if the sun is… less than favorable. I am Ittisieth, of Ista's S'gam. Might I ask the same of you? » There was a small spark of recognition there - likely, his human had been having passing thoughts of the rain-dipped gold and her rider recently - but it wasn't enough to put a name with the face. S'gam, meanwhile, is initially surprised by that familiar greeting, long gait slowing his approach to a cautious tiptoe. The swell of the woman's stomach he definitely /didn't/ recall, and had initially distracted him into writing the goldrider off as someone else, but there was no denying the sound of her voice, nor that face. Oh. My. Faranth. "… Thea?" It isn't quite incredulous, but his tone is certainly amazed, sidling closer to the log in a way that can only be defined as tentative. One wrong move and she might break! "Shards, it's good to see you," he tries to recover, but our Sig's no smooth operator. He's clearly quite flabbergasted!

Seryth churrs musically, a low-alto rather than one of higher notes some of the females might use as she continues to eye the younger dragon, her raindance continues, a happy beat to entwine her answer, « The sands retain some warmth. I am Seryth, Thea's of Xanadu - this place. » And it's likely her rider is prompting her as she adds, « You have grown up since I last saw you on Ista's beach. » Thea meanwhile manages to regain her feet, greatly amused by S'gam's demeanor and approach. Silent laughter dances in the ice-green of her eyes as she drawls, "It's not contagious, if that's what's worrying you. And Faranth had nothing to do with it." She holds out her arms to offer him a sisterly hug, if he'll dare it. "Good to see you too." An appraising glance over towards Ittisieth and back, "The grapevine has it there's a clutch on Ista's sands." A slight pause, then slyly, "Congratulations." Smirk, "Both of you!" Oh yes. She's enjoying this immensely.

Light wisps of something strong and imbibing finally sneak out around Ittisieth's mindvoice, accompanied by delicate flickers of dark reds and blues. « Some, » the bronze agrees. « You are well met, Seryth of Xanadu-This-Place. » A tease, from him? Surely not! He does, however, appear momentarily perplexed before a return flash of days gone by brings a whuffle of familiarity and a pleased whirl of his eyes. « I have, » he agrees at length, voice bolstered with youthful pride, but he manages to keep himself from straightening his spine to show her just how much. Now /that/ would be unseeming! "Contagious?" S'gam blinks at though he hadn't even thought of that before tossing his eyes in a dramatic roll. "Of course you aren't. It's just… well, the last thing I expected." A hidden 'of you' lingers in the air, but he steps into the hug gingerly, pressing the most of his affection into her shoulders and far away from that baby bump. "Ah. That freaking grapevine always gets me in trouble," the Dragonhealer rumbles, but there's an undercurrent of delirious happiness in his voice. "But yes, yes there is, thank you. It's been a while since I got to babysit someone's eggs." His eyes flicker over to Seryth with a wink, though Ittisieth only has the good graces to rumble under his breath. He'd never admit any sort of fondness for the clutch, not him!

« And you as well, Ittisieth. Well-met. » Seryth's mindvoice curls mountain mist redolent with the tang stately cedar and ferns around those wisps of intriguing scents of his, a hint of laughter adrift in the fog, « As all healthy dragons do, unless they overeat, then they just grow fat instead of up. » Thea laughs aloud at S'gam's eyeroll, returning that tentative hug with a squeeze before releasing him. "Last thing? And why's that?" On can almost 'see' the hands-on-hips in her tone as she catches that implication of his. "You're a healer… of sorts. It's only natural, you know that." Her voice is clearly pleased by both her state and his consternation. One hand rests on her belly lightly as the other seeks the log behind her, pats to make sure she's close enough and then sinks back to sit, mock-growling, "Only one more shardin' month to go." She tilts her head to one side, enjoying teasing almost too much, "And so now you get to see dragonhealing from a whole new point of view, yeah?"

Amusement takes the form of a fountaining carpet of maroon, the heady scent of port sharpening to meet her tangy ceder tete-a-tete. « I am not so sure of that. Some dragons never grow up. » A flickering image of a green's head colliding with something solid, perhaps a weyrbowl wall, leaps up to be shared. « Though I am certain you know your fair share of dragons like those. » He adds a certain sneer to the last word, firmly placing themselves above such apparent riff-raff. S'gam steps back from the hug quickly, but doesn't move away, gaze alternating between the hand on Thea's belly and her eyes. "I don't know, to be honest. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to you being…" Small? "You that a change this significant just shocked me a bit. That and I have no idea how you stayed grounded this long." He, for one, wouldn't be caught dead on the ground for nine months now that he had found his wings. One hand instinctively reaches for Thea's elbow when she goes to sit, if she'll have it, just a gentle bit of pressure to assist in reaching the log. Then he's shoving a crooked little smile past his lips, trying oh-so valiantly to get to even ground. She was having /way/ too much fun! "One month. Shards. How much do you know about… it." He struggles past a confused jumble of 'he's' and 'she's' right to 'it.' "I'm not that much of a healer, so… how much can they tell? Health? Gender?" Well, seems like he can get past the 'AHH BABY!!' phase when it isn't his own! "Yeah, I do, and it's pretty fantastic." Cue an affectionate look for his own lifemate this time.

Uncharacteristic asperity colors the queen's mindvoice, although laughter percolates through in bubbles that pop to tickle; an effervescence of amusement. « That's not immaturity, that's stupidity. » There's a silent acknowledgement that some dragons do not, in fact, grow up, for some reason a hazy bronze shape, reminiscent of the one belonging to Ista's weyrleader flickers through her mind. Thea tilts her head to keep S'gam in her sight as she sits, murmuring a quiet, "Thanks," as he helps her sit. "So now I'm huge, eh?" Uh oh! Better not go theeeeere. He's mentioning grounded and she clears her throat. "Uh, well, I wasn't grounded until last month, actually. We -can- ride, Y'know, just nothing strenuous for a period of time." A handwave towards those blackened forests back beyond Xanadu, "Things got busy here. Flew lots, but just straight, not Between." Which might indicate partially why she's expecting a babe in the first place. Then again, maybe that's what she wants him to think. "Healthy so they say." There's a shrug about gender, and some of the dance fades from her eyes, "Dunno. But I hope… I hope it's a boy." She pats that log beside her, inviting him to sit if he wants, noting his reaction to everything he's experiencing with Impression and his new life, "I'm glad you're happy, Siggy." Her tone turns wistful, "I've missed you. You -are- happy, yeah? Still with F'yr?" That last bit comes out almost reluctantly, almost as if she wasn't going to ask.

Curiosity lends a cool, lacey cerulean pattern to Ittisieth's appreciative murmur, « I would love to see someone else tell her so. » Apparently someone holds Tavissath the Tail-Chewer in very low esteem. Ittisieth's tail courses over the sand in a contemplative wag for Seryth's own mental image, but apparently, he's either keeping quiet or has no real response for the queen; he wasn't after all, incredibly well-acquianted with either the Weyrleader or his dragon outside the occasional necessary interaction. "No problem," S'gam returns with an easy half-shrug, one that quickly freezes, eyes flickering like a herdbeast's in the face of an oncoming dragon. "I never said that," he manages, looking quite pleased at this tactful turn. "And of course you'd be able to fly until it became too much of a risk, it's just… you know, the whole between thing." His worried gaze moves away from Thea to the charred woods, head shaking slightly. "I wouldn't've wanted to face that sort of danger without knowing there was certain escape. Did anyone get injured?" For all that the rumor mill was up and running, one could never be sure what was truth and what was fiction. Even he'd told a few lies over the years to keep the impact of devastation to a minimum. "Hm. Well, anyways, I'm glad to hear it'll be healthy. Why a boy?" S'gam eyes the package under his arm, but decides to take the offered seat. "Same to you, Thee. It's been… weird, not being here, but in a good way. I miss Xanadu something fierce sometimes, but Ista's beautiful, and thriving, always a nexus for new people and new things. I can't be disappointed." The smile dashing across his face is genuine, even though his eyes are a little sad at the mention of missing her. "I am with F'yr though, yes, if you can call it that. A lot had to be put on the backburner in order for things to get settled, but." He shrugs, dismissing it all in that single gesture. "How about D'had? How's he taking all of this?" He eyes her stomach again with a smirk.

Seryth's rain on a tin roof is brightly brash as she valiantly volunteers, « I will do it! » Yes, because it's SUCH an important distinction when one is head-bashing into rock. She lowers her head to the sand, hugging it's warmth and falls silent, eyes turned towards the pair near the log, watchful of the rider standing near hers. Thea manages not to laugh as she agrees with S'gam, "Of -course- you didn't. You've dealt with enough egg-heavy dragons to know better." But wait - she's referring to herself as a bloated dragon overdue for egg-laying?? A grieved expression crosses her face at the question of injuries, "My friend Phylicia was out there when the fire came through. She got some burns." Her voice steadies as she adds, "Her mentor, healer by the name of Tenebrous managed to get her out and he was hurt too. They've recovered…" An ill-concealed unease as she pauses for a beat, "physically." There's a nod of relief about him and the brownrider before a slow, knowing smile spreads across her lips, "A nexus huh? Must be another word for 'endless parties'." She leans forward a bit, hand reaching as if to lift his shirt and peek under the edge, but she doesn't follow through. "Are ya skin-colored or rainbow-colored?" Her hand drops to her lap - what's left of it anyway and there's a glint of devilment in her ice-green eyes as she answers him, "D'had… doesn't talk to me much, Sig. He says he's happy about it. But I think he's stunned." Her voice has a note of hope, "And y'know… a son because he's got three girls already. He's given me so much. I just wanted to give him something he doesn't have." She lifts her eyes, admitting quietly, "With the firestone practice and talk of thread returning… and remembering… other things…" Her voice trails off. How to explain? "Just. You know. Accidents happen. I just wanted something of him, too."

A tinkle of glass on glass, as if in a toast, echoes somewhere in Ittisieth's humored appraisal, « If ever you have the ill chance to meet her, I shall hold you to that. » The bronze doesn't appear to mean it, however. Instead, he senses an end to the conversation and turns his head slowly over his shoulder to consider the waves beyond. Hm. S'gam just tilts one eyebrow up at Thea, mouth curling to one side. "And yet, with all of that practice, I still manage to say the wrong thing. They're going to knock me back go a G.2 if my bedside manner keeps up at this rate," the Dragonhealer says with a laugh that soon dies down into something much more serious. "I remember Phylicia, she was nice…" Having never known Tenebrous's real name, Sig just shakes his head, a glint of curiosity in his gaze. "Physically?" He would read into the distinction, wouldn't he? "Hey, that's not entirely what I meant! It's just… you know, a tourist hot-spot. I've met more people than I ever thought possible… Of course, I also never realized how often people get themselves hurt on a /vacation/." A devious air comes over him, and with a hike of the shirt he flashes a peek of his stomach. "No more rainbows. Just weyrlinghood muscle," he says pointedly in a reminder that most of his stay at Ista was uncompromisingly booze-less. "Stunned," the bronzerider parrots with a low laugh, only too vividly picturing the Weyrsecond's face. "Yes, I can imagine he would be. Still, that's… well, I guess it's a good enough reason to have a boy as any other." His head tips severely to one side, brown eyes meeting her green ones with a twitch of a lip that's rather sad this time. "Do you really think thread's coming back? Bah… I don't know. I… guess I never looked at having a kid that way… To keep a piece of someone." Yet the tone of his voice implies the opposite - that he /had/ thought of it that way, but for all the wrong reasons.

"Ah, no. You didn't even say it, remember?" Thea snickers as she raises one forefinger to wag at him. She nods about the pair of healers, "Ah, yeah. Phy's still nice. Trauma brought some… other changes to both of them. Almost dying might do that." It's said lightly and added almost as if an afterthought, "Phy’s lungs were damaged and she’s struggled with – things. She and M’nol aren’t together anymore. And… a tree fell and hit Tenebrous on his head. Apparently wiped out the last Turn of his memory." Her expression is unreadable as she says offers that bit of information. Eyes drop to that brief flash of stomach skin he's showing her and she raises them to his, full of (overdone) awe. "You -made- it through!" She ducks then, laughing, just in case he wants to pop her for teasing him. She's got her own half-hazed memory of Sig's conversation with the Weyrsecond. Her grin says it all as she shrugs innocently, "His life's been eventful in the past few turns?" She sobers at the question of Thread. "Not really. I believe the Harper's accounts, but you know…" Her head drops, "I used to be so certain of everything… before Kav left." She lifts her head again, "Not a piece of someone. I wouldn't call it that. Maybe more like an echo." Her eyes drift out over the now-purpling lake, "His smile, his eyes… the way he teases me." She shrugs, "I'd miss those, but with his child…" Well she just fades that hard-to-put-in-words thought off, giving him a keen look for that tone of his. "Riders don't always get to choose why they have children you know." A warning perhaps?

"Right," S'gam agrees with a quick nod and a conspiratorial wink… but after a moment, his expression shutters, brows knitting with a suspicious light in his eyes. "Wait a tick. Is Tenebrous the weird fire kid that we took an egg to?" If it was, somehow, his tone implied that he wouldn't be surprised. "Trouble follows him around, doesn't it." It's not an inquiry. "Question is, is the memory loss a good thing, or bad?" Sig picks a great time to become perceptive of the overly light tone she's using, doesn't he? At least he cheers up easily, a sarcastic "oh, ha-ha" aimed at Thea's duck, face scrunching up into a mock-grin. "You certainly seem to make /everyone's/ lives a little more interesting when you're around, however. I still can't walk past the Ista jail cell without speeding up." His smirk fades more gently this time. "Hm. Well, I don't believe in it, myself. It's thrilling, to think our dragons could one day revert to their original purpose, but…" The possibilities overwhelm him to the point where he shudders and opts to give her a long, careful look instead. "It's curious how the two men in your life are so intertwined. Is that, perhaps, why you'd value a child of D'had's so much? Because you know what it's like to lose someone and not get them back?" His eyes follow slowly out towards his lifemate, who has taken to swimming in the water, creating black ribbons of disturbance with each move he makes. "Nevermind. I guess I sort of get it, in my own way." Fiddling with his hands, a self-depricating little smile works its way onto S'gam's face, gaze dancing quickly over to Thea's before moving away again. "Don't think I'm not painfully aware of that fact. It's only a matter of time now before someone shows up at my ledge, sets down a kid, and calls it mine." An event that, most likely, wasn't as far off on his horizon as he hopes.

Weird fire kid. That gets Thea and she just starts laughing, taking a few moments to choke-cough her mirth into submission. "Yeah, I guess you could say it does?" She winces though. Pot-kettle. As to memory loss, "Uh, maybe both?" She twitches with discomfort but he's on to other memories… like jail. "Oh yeah? She grins wickedly, "I hardly made jail interesting for you. That's Shorynia's fault, that. She propositioned you and threatened to search Pern for a kilt, not me." She shifts on the log; it's so not made for pregnant women to sit comfortably upon. She nods after a brief silence, answering him softly, "Yeah. And whether Thread comes back or no, Search and Rescue has its own dangers." She half-smiles at S'gam then, "Aw, and what's so scary about that, really? I mean, there's the nannies and the weyr cares for them. They're not such a huge burden? There's no real claim upon you if you don't wish it?" Then she brightens, "At least most riders are sane?" At least when they Impress.

S'gam regards her laughter with a smug expression in his eyes, perhaps knowing what choked her up, or perhaps just amused by the sound. "Granted, we all have our troubled days, but it feels as though his number should have been up ages ago, with all of the cliff-falling and such he does." Or maybe it just seems that way to Sig. Either way, he lets the awkward moment pass with a sidelong look and a shrug of his shoulders to say he wouldn't pry. "You did, too. As did K'nan, and K'avu. Shory is…" He pauses, hand whirling in a thinking gesture. "Very, very pregnant, too." The look S'gam aims at Thea is loaded with mirth. "So, hopefully, she's abandoned her search for a kilt." For him, at least. Sig eyes that shifting with a concerned expression. "You comfy?" Silly question, but he seemed to imply that if she needed to be elsewhere, he understood. As for S&R… "Yeah, you're tellin' me. Fy went back to her wing the second she got home to Ista." The man is trying valiantly not to turn into a chauvanist pig, but it's a visible struggle. "I worry." Reflecting her smile a little harder than might be necessary, the bronzerider lets his shoulders rise and fall. "I guess you're right. I'm still having trouble reconciling my old holder mind with being a bronzer, I guess. Some things are easier to shrug off than others." The mention of riders being more sane certainly earns a bark of laughter. "I'd hope so! Elsewise, we're in more trouble than we think."

Dryly, "Or jumping off waterfalls, wonder he's still alive, yeah." That's all Thea says on the healer as she returns that sidelong look, "Oh yeah? I made jail interesting too, huh?" Her brow wrinkles in feigned concern, "I didn't poke you with my spoon one too many times, did I?" About Shorynia all she can do is shake her head, "Why does that not surprise me?" She doesn't ask for particulars since jail didn't really give her much of a chance to mingle and get to know the Istans. She shifts on that log once more, eyeing him askance when he asks his question, "Not really," she admits, "and not likely to be for another month yet. It's using my lungs for a pillow and my bladder to tap-dance on. What do you think?" Snort. Comfortable indeed! She nods at S'gam then, "Y'see? You know what I mean about D'had then." A smirky smile grows on her face then, "You two should totally have a kid. Soon."

"Must be nice, to have nine lives," S'gam agrees with all the gentleness of a piece of sandpaper. "I'm not sure how a person could be anything /but/ interesting in jail. Cellmates are all you have." The spoon comment makes him feign his own concerned look. "You know, you might be right! One too many pokes through the bars. No wonder I'm addled!" Ah, back to his old dramatic self, it would seem, one hand thrown over his eyes before he peeks through his fingers. "It should surprise you only 'cause Chaton's the dad." Bomb deployed! "Ah. Well uhm. That sounds distinctly unfun. Remind me why you're doing this again?" He's trying for levity, even though his eyes are full of understanding. "I know. It's just one of those things, though. We get all in a tiff about what's proper for each other to be upset about. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I worried too much because she was on S&R. So… Here we are." Sig's mouth opens as though he's about to say something - anything - else and then- CHOKE. "What?!"

Thea coughs, "I think he's borrowed a few extra lives." Then she laughs low in her throat, "I only poked X'hil, if memory serves. And not enough times at that." She isn't serious, really. Musingly, "I…still have that spoon, come to think of it." His revelation about the sire of Shorynia's expected baby has her aghast - and almost choking again before a swift, canny look replaces that. "She's… sure?" Frank disbelief colors that query. Then a rueful headshake, "Pity that. The offspring likely will never be Searched cos if Shory's sane," and her tone clearly doubts the possibility of that, "Chaton definitely isn't." She'd never say such a thing in an official capacity, mind, but Sig's her 'big brother'. She can speak off the record without impunity. As for why a babe, well. "I doing this for the ah, cosmetic things it does for my figure? And the experience of tossing my cookies twice daily for nearly three months?" Someone's definitely being flippant tonight. She grins, glancing down at her now pear-shape, sliding him a look, ""Somehow I don't think it would affect you the same way." Puzzlement forms on her face once again, "What about Fy worries you then, if it's not Search and Rescue, then?" His choke has her eyes widening with exaggerated innocence, "What?" Grin.

"I see," S'gam murmurs, chest shaking with the effort to contain more laughter. "X'hil? Oh yes, you definitely should have poked him a few extra times," he does say in a rather cajoling manner… And finally, he can't contain it anymore! Out comes that hard, barking laugh, one that gradually fades into a fit of giggles. "I'm pretty sure she's sure, but even if she isn't, it's the most delicious bit of news that's come out of the infirmary yet. You're right, though - I'd /love/ to see the Search dragon that passes over that spawn. Eenie meenie meinie— OH SHARDS!" He mimics a freakout with his hands before locking his fingers over his lips. Yes, definitely, these reactions would never leave their own company. "Ah, well, that certainly seems like it would be a great weight-loss inducer. You're going to feel /great/ about your body as soon as it pops." It's Sig's turn to duck this time, but he also stands as he does. "You're right, though, it certainly won't work for men. We'll have to discover a new treatment." Chuckling, the Dragonhealer rakes one hand through his hair and shakes his head. "More like her worrying about me, even if she won't admit it. The whole 'We're not weyrmates so I shouldn't care who you sleep with' when she obviously /does/ care bit." He eyes her for that innocence, however, lips pursing before he manages a muttered, "She'd never have a kid this young - her mum's scarred her against that - and I know /I'm/ certainly not ready for spawn." There. That was justification enough right. Hm, maybe not. Escape! Escape! Danger, Will Robinson! "I should, uh, be getting this to Pol, speaking of girls. It's her turnday." He points at the package in his arms with a sheepish grin.

Thea almost purrs, "You should give the Weyrleader my regards with a spoon next time you see him. And please do tell him I've not pointed my crossbow at anyone lately." Snickering follows this suggestion before she also rises, rubbing at her tush and then her lower back. She rolls her eyes, perhaps imagining the Search scenario that would take place over the ex-Xanadu mindhealer's offspring. "Now -that- would be entertaining," she agrees emphatically. The word 'pops' draws a shudder, but all the weyrwoman can do is manage a weak smile. "I think I'll avoid using that word to describe the babe's birth, thanks. D'had worries enough as it is," she confides seriously, for all that they've bantered the evening away, "I think he has nightmares about me." Of course falling off a cliff and nearly off of Seryth mid-firestone practice couldn't possibly have something to do with that, could it? Weight loss for males, "Just, uhm, stop eating?" By far simpler than enduring 10 months of pregnancy! She cants her head, "Well… if Fy does care… and you know it, what are ya waiting for? Weyrmate already!" Her rueful expression clearly says she understands things can be more complicated than that. Her eyes drop to his package. "Is it? I shouldn't keep you then. And D'had will be wondering why I'm not home, so… shall we?" She gestures weyr-wards. Her smile is radiant, "I'm glad to have seen you, Sig. One of these days I'll pop over to Ista and visit. I miss my friends… Cenlia, you… X'hil." Oh yes, for all her seemingly annoyance with the man, she considers him a friend. "I'll walk with you at least part of the way?"

"It would be my pleasure," S'gam says with a wide grin for the promise as well as the roll of her eyes. "Indeed. I'd pay good marks to be there." Perhaps wisely, the bronzerider tones down the teasing, but a smirk is still playing around the corners of his mouth. "Of course. It's just how mum used refer to it. Poor D'had, you're going to give him a heart attack." The words are accompanied by a gentle poke aimed at her shoulder and a wink. "Also, we can't stop eating. Don't you know the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Suppose that's why we all end up fat and sassy when all's said and done." He tries to keep up the same easy jollity in the face of weyrmating, but Thea likely knows him well enough to detect the brittle edge to his smile. "Yeah, I'll bring it up over lunch tomorrow. 'So, Thea and I were talking, and she says we should weyrmate. Let's go!'" He matches her understanding expression for a moment, falling silent even as he offers one arm to walk her on. "We shall. It was great seeing you again, too, Thee. I did miss you, a whole lot. Do visit Ista, though. Our arms are always open. X'hil might run for the hills, but you know." He laughs, though, knowing both of the mentioned friends would be glad to see her, too. "Sure. Let's be off, then." Out in the waters, Ittisieth pads for shore and then shakes himself from head to toe in the slow, unhurried way he does everything before padding along after the humans back to the weyr proper.

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