Xanadu Hatching, December 20, 2008

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Ellamariseth is hovering close to her eggs for a moment, crooning in between the rolling hum that shakes the sands and nearly the entire cavern. They're twitching, that's certain, and the gold swings her head up towards the galleries to trumpet a louder call for the Weyr to rise up. She paces back a bit, letting some room, and swings her head in excitement. Ysa finally comes a-running, dressed hastily with her hair in a mess. "/Now/, of all the sharding times?" shouts the irate goldrider, glaring at the eggs. Their fault she was awake. She runs a hand through her face, then her hair, then her face again before yawning.

From the galleries> T'maz enters with some light snacky sorts of things on a tray followed by a drudge with cups and water. He comes rapidly like a weyrling in trouble. "Dementh started humming and I barely got these papadums out of the kitchens…"

From the galleries> Shellie looks up at T'maz. "Sit down here and watch. You don't need to be back in the kitchen just yet, do you?

From the galleries> T'maz shakes his head."Master Denna's got the kitchens under her thumb…No worries." He smiles."Dementh says he's gonna tell her everything."

Arinith is hovering close to his queen, crooning along with her. He's refused to leave for much longer than to grab a bite to eat, though that hasn't stopped his lifemate from going out for a swim. R'miel is rushing back pulling his shirt on over his damp body. His hair is all matted funny to his head and he's looking generally disheveled. "Nrgh… so early for this. Hey, love." He moves over to give Ysa a peck on the cheek, then rubs his hand over his head.

From the galleries> Delynni runs in, a rain blue dragon taking his place on the ledges. She snatches a front row seat in the galleries. "ALRIGHT!" She exclaims as she drops into a seat. "See Ryukith, yeah this is one place where I tried to find you. You just weren't there." Delynni grins.

Possibly Not Doing Something Egg dances to its own beat with a shake and a quake that rumbles the whole egg for a moment and then… nothing. It slows down to barely a quiver, anxiously waiting for its debut.

From the galleries> T'maz sees Dementh entering from above."Yes Dementh. This is where you found me… Now don't disturb Master Denna when she is holding hot food okay… and yes, we'll get you fed after this is over…

Saige trails onto the Hatching Sands, bowing to the clutch parents, a little bit nervous, slightly twitchy, it seems; she sticks close to Neferennu and Thea's sides, and glances sideaways at the other candidates, grinning briefly at Aradir before turning to the eggs at hand.

Thea is now amongst the hustle and bustle of giggling and chattering Candidates. She nonchalantly comments, "Well, here we go again, eh?" A bubbling and chattering E'gin answers her, "Maybe I'll Impress this time!" Thea replies dryly, "And maybe not."

Neferennu steps out onto the sands and looks around, immediately seeing one egg already shaking and then quieting down. "Yes, here we go again." Her voice betrays her nervousness, even if her stance does not. She will stand tall. Once within eyesight, there is a bow to the dragons and their riders, before she steps aside to get in between Thea and Aradir.

Rohelte shuffles a mite oddly onto the Sands, though she's trying to walk normally. A bow - not so much a curtsey today - is given to the remaining set of dragons on the sands, before she takes up a spot also relatively close to Thea and Rennu. "Best of luck, yeah?" She says to Thea, with a small grin plastered onto her face, though soon enough that fades as she looks out to the waiting eggs.

From the galleries> A brown haired girl, who is looking more like Senkyou every day enters. Sitting down she yells down the stairs, "Wingleader Senkyou, hurry." Senks own daughter using the formal name, in public at least. Walking up she is holding the hand of an excited three year old, who is the spitting image of L'ton and a handsome six year old who seems to have darker hair. "Ok, now heres the rules. You all gotta behave and watch, or I will take yu home and you'll not be able to see." Waving to shellie she says to the healer, "I wonder if yu'd mind me bringing Zoniya back by.." Looking a little worried, which must be bad as she tried to ship the kid off.

Vivian makes her way out onto the sands in line with the other candidates. She makes her bows to the clutch parents before joining the arching line around the eggs her hands fidgeting lightly with the sides of her robe.

Tragically Without Fruit Egg twitches a bit like it's got an itch it can't reach. It jiggles and wiggles, then finally gives a hefty jerk to the side, hopping slightly in the sand. There's still not a fracture in the hardened shell, but it's quite clear it won't be long now!

Aradir moves with the other candidates onto the sands, keeping close to Rennu, Thea, and Saige. He bows to the clutchparents and the dragons, and returns Saige's smile. He smiles to Thea. "Good luck to us all," he notes with a smile.

From the galleries> Rea makes her way up to the observation level of the hatching sands, her face turned to where Bennueth is settling herself on the ledges designed for the beasts to hum and watch, aswell. With this, she suddenly hurries up the steps a few at a time, apologising as she bumps into someone. Making her way over to the seats, she takes one that is available and peek to the sands, "You can do it, Jolyn…" She murmurs, barely hearable, as she watches.

Possibly Not Doing Something Egg's movements become more frantic, vibrant… explosive! The egg's forcibly cracked, nearly twirling itself apart. More lines tear down the shell, running across the egg away from the larger ones. Again it stops suddenly, taking a break before breaching the final barrier.

S'ya ushers the last of the Candidates onto the Sands, the greenie giving them all a look over before giving the clutch parents a bow. She moves off to the side lines to watch, pursing her lips as the eggs start to quake. "I hope it is not like Ella and Arin's last batch." She says to a fellow AWLM.

Thea steps calmly onto the Sands, her head is high and her back is straight - at least until she's bowing it to Ellamariseth and Arinith, then turns to do the same to Ysa and R'miel. She walks languidly over towards where the other In response to a question from a Candidate, she shrugs, "Nervous? No, why waste the emotion?" But she smiles warmly to Rohelte, "And to you.".

The gentle giant Belenus is following the others onto the Sands, bowing awkwardly to the clutch parents before he's moving to join the silent circle of white-robed candidates.

Ysa is trying to muffle another yawn as she turns towards R'miel, shaking her head towards her wet weyrmate. "At least you're up," she grumbles and then looks towards the first of the shaking eggs, frowning. She steps closer towards Ellamariseth, who has taken position beside the wall of the galleries, shifting anxiously on her feet. The bowing candidates are eyed by the queen, who pauses in her humming to offer them a croon of a greeting before it's right back to the ground-shaking hum. Ysa seems to be satisfied with leaning against the gold's leg, trying to keep her eyes open.

At last the constricting shell falls apart and there is nothing left to hold the occupant inside who bursts forth with a cry of triumph! Possibly Not Doing Something Egg is no more, and left in its wake is a tall hatchling that is ready to boogie its way across the sands.

This Is My Name Bronze Hatchling
Pale shades of rusted copper swirl around this overly large bronze dragon, with patches of brighter polished bronze running along the spine. His face is broad, large just like the rest of him, with pale gold brushed along to accentuate his roundness. The rotund body is supported by thick pillar-like brazen legs that ends in large onyx talons. Speckled along his massive wing sails are the same bright bronze that traces the ridges, tops the headknobs, and highlights wingspars. This monstrous beast nearly always appears bloated by the belly that hangs around his middle and the shorter tail that follows behind him.

Tione, Yaike, and Gostam are sticking close together, the trio that was once five quite nervous as they are once again upon the same hatching sands where two of their fellows so recently Impressed. However, despite their nervousness, they aren't sobbing, or crying, or making any sudden movements, particularly as the first hatchling breaks shell.
Shellie raises her eyebrow as the egg cracks, and reveals a bronze hatchling. "Ooooh! He's a handsome one indeed, and that's good luck!

Caryn takes up a bored stance at the end of the line, crossing her arms across her chest and looking like she's already sick of being there. her gaze drifts tot he eggs from time to time, unable to find the same excitement that buzzes amongst the other candidates. After a time she starts to pick at her fingernails, boredly cleaning some imaginary dirt from under them.

Rohelte catches the S'ya's last comment to a different assistant and furrows her brows in confusion as she looks at S'ya, trying to remember what that one was like. But reminiscing on the past is not for this young lady today as she turns her attention back to the wiggling eggs and fellow candidates. A movement catches her eye and she grins over her shoulder to Belenus, beconing him over before her head once again snaps to view the eggs, and the freshly hatched bronze. "Shells. I forgot how fast the /last/ one happened."

From the galleries> Delynni lets out a "YES! Bronze first, good sign!" She says with a cheerful grin. "He looks lively too. Good and healthy." She says with a huge grin on her face.

Delgin prattles, "The ones in Kilaueth's clutch were sweet-looking. There must be one who needs a lot of love." He's nearly hyper ventilating in his delirious anticipation. "Maybe that one!" A points at the just-hatched bronze.

From the galleries> T'maz also has settled down beside Shellie and sends the drudge around with the tray of food and drinks."There's gonna be an informal feasty thing later…I had a few things baking, and roasting, but Master Denna said we can add more soup or something to celebrate…" His dragon distracts him with a mental note and he looks at the sands."Bronze, always lucky, least that's what my brother says."

Neferennu gives a look over to Vivian, even offering the girl a smile, before turning her eyes back to the eggs. "Good luck everyone." Then unconciously she moves her feet a bit, resettling her weight evenly before raising her chin and mentally readying herself for the chaos. Then there is a bronze and she smiles. "Good omen, bronze first."

There's a slow beat evident in the movement of the Swax On, Swax Off Egg as it begins to wobble. Left, Right, Left, Right. The shadows shift this way and that, betraying its rhythmic movement.

R'miel strokes Ysa's hair gently before she retreats back towards Ella. His own dragon doesn't even stop his humming for the candidates, he just watches them file in before turning back to the wobbly eggs. There's finally a bit of a trumpet as the first hatchling pops free. "Ooh, look, a bronze first. That's good luck!" The bronzer seems happy at least. He's been up for a while, so he's not as grumbly as his weyrmate.

Tragically Without Fruit Egg is getting more and more annoyed at this pesky shell! It pauses for a moment to catch its breath, then goes back to jerking this way and that. Finally it's able to give a mighty push and falls over to the side, creating a thin crack running lengthwise down the oval enclosure. There's nary a pause now as the being inside causes the crack to spider outwards

Jollen is here, though this time its without his brother, as that young gentleman is settled in the Galleries with their father, his own young dragon settled, still asleep in the Weyrling Barracks.

S'ya catches Rohelte's look and sends her a reassuring smile. She waits until the Candidates aren't looking before murming to the bronzer she'd been talking to. "Those things were /terrifying/." She says with a giggle. She takes a moment to lean against the wall, her hands folding over her large belly as she watches the eggs crack and Candidates dance.

From the galleries> Delynni adds to T'maz. "A wingmate of mine and I are planning to sing at the end of the hatching." Ryukith hums and bugles a greeting to the new bronze.

Ysa blinks her eyes rapidly, looking more awake now that the first dragon has hatched. She leans into R'miel and grins at the bronze. "Yah, it is. Still ugly, but at least he's not as scary as the last clutch these two had. Wouldn't want any blood on the sands this time, right?" She chuckles to herself dryly. Ellamariseth doesn't seem to be paying attention to this, and instead mimics Arinith in his greeting to their first hatched.

Saige squeals softly in surprise at the revealing of the new bronze hatchling, gasping as she wrings her hands together slightly. "Oooh… " She whispers, softly, eyes wide. "So wonderful!"

From the galleries> T'maz smiles at Delynni."Sounds like good entertainment." He looks back to the sands."No Dementh, I don't think there'll be a dragon as demented as you are, hiding in the shadows with your inimitable smile."

Thea edges away from Delgin, putting as many people between her and his annoyance as possible and finds herself standing near Rennu and Aradir. She sighs in relief at the escape. Oh, but not quite. One of the assistants leads the boy over commanding, "Want you to keep an eye on this one." And once again she is plagued by having to take care of Delgin. "I want a piece of whoever Searched you," she mutters.

This Is My Name Bronze Hatchling pauses mid-pose right out of his egg, making sure to strike his good side towards the galleries before swinging around to face the candidates. First things first, he needs to get himself a partner! This big bronze can move even with the round body, his tail flipping from one side to the other and his legs giving him a bit of a hop in his step as he sashays and slides towards his destined one. With one last spin his skids, sending sand spraying all around him to a stop right into Jollen. "Laseoth? No, I will /not/ be dancing on these sands for you, my feet are pretty much burnt off!" But with a joyous and a grin enough to split his face, J'len lays one arm around the bronze and starts to lead him away.

Vivian returns Neferennu's smile with a look of disdain, it's just the way she is. The spoiled brat turns her attention to the hatchling on the sands and dismisses it in favour of looking up into the crowd to see who is here to watch.

Loralle and Joiran are together on the sands, the siblings side by side, though the chef half of the duo seems more confident, as he's glancing up to find his sister in the galleries.

Tragically Without Fruit Egg can't seem to catch a break from the side of the egg that's managed to crack through. After lots of pushing and wriggling it finally gives up. There's a few minutes of complete stillness from this egg. Maybe it's content being shell bound? Then there's a rather violent jittering as the end of the egg is pushed crowd-ward by a couple of spindley dragon legs!

Over the Top Blue Hatchling
This medium sized blue is a physical representation of a textbook dragon. His lean musculature over a pristine bone structure makes for a form to be envied by any dragon. Gentle ridges lead down his back to a thin whip-like tail. His snout is perfectly molded, tapering in with a strong jaw line. He has big eyes seated under faintly drawn eyeridges. The majority of this dragon's hide has been coated in a pleasant sky blue. A long gray stripe runs from tip of the tail to a sharp point down his snout. This ashen spine falls into gray tiger stripes down the blue's body. Thin lines of silver accentuate the stripes, giving them a rocky appearance. Similar markings dress the wrists and ankles of the blue, becoming thicker and darker as they near soot colored claws. The broad wings of this beast maintain a softer blue underneath, while the tops are coated in a slaty pewter.

The heat of the Sands has begun to have an effect on the Swax On, Swax Off Egg. Slowly, cracks are appearing, as if the scarf is slowly being peeled away from the gold and khaki shell, looking for some relief from the heat.

From the galleries> Delynni cheers at the entrance of the blue and Ryukith bugles his approval high above at the little over the top blue hatchling. The blue is swaying and Delynni is cheering like a mad soccer supporter at the games of old terra.

Aradir fidgets slightly, though it's more out of wanting to see what comes out of the eggs than out of really being nervous about whether he'll Impress or not. First a bronze hatches, then a blue…and then what? He tilts his head to see what egg is moving next….

Tessa is standing with Jolyn, the pair of them almost hiding behind Belenus's large frame, peeking around him to ooh and aah at each dragon as they emerge, holding each others hands as they watch.

Along Came A Spider Egg moves in its sandy home, the shell rotating so that the eye turns away from the galleries at last and appears to stare around the sands instead.

Neferennu sends a congrats to J'len who impressed the first hatchling and then gives an apologetic look to Thea as she can't seem to escape Delgin. Then another hatchling is out of its shell and her eyes revert to him. "Oh, he is quite pretty." Her smile is fading somewhat as she fidgets with the tie in the front of the robe. Vivian's look of disdain is ignored and instead she moves a bit closer to Thea.

Rohelte scuttles a few steps backwards at the Without Fruit Egg sends its end flying towards the crowd, just out of reaction. The teenager's face seems to have fallen into a blank state where she's not smiling, but neither is she frowning. In fact, the only real sign of life in her - minus the occasional fidgeting - is the curiousity shining in her eyes, and the attention she's paying to the shaking - and cracking - eggs, the new blue encluded. "I like his proportions." She says quietly, to no one in particular.

From the galleries> T'maz looks at Shellie. "You think the blue will want striped leathers like Dementh keeps asking for? but Blue and grey?"

Over the Top Blue Hatchling finally shakes completely free of all the shell bits. Free at last! Smell all that open air! But oh, what's this? Something soft and warm under its feet! The blue wiggles a bit into the sand and just looks content to stay there for a moment. But only a moment. There was too much excitement going on around him! He starts to approach the row of candidates, stretching out his wings and folding them back a few times. The movement causes a bit of sand to become airborn in a nice swirl around the blue.

The scarf is off the Swax On, Swax Off Egg, even as the illusion of the eyes is disappearing as well, the shell dissolving away, leaving a pair of very real eyes in their place - as well as the rest of a dainty green hatchling.

Watching the Rain Green Hatchling
Dreary forest green, darkened with tinges of grey, drips down the sides of this chubby green, like dull raindrops, sliding over her shoulders and down her tail. Along her stomach, the hues are brighter, forest green still free from the clouds, the brighter hue stretching up along her throat, and brushing over her muzzle. While wings are hardly brighter than the rest of her, fern green spars cross over myrtle-hued sails, ridges holding the pent up fury of storm clouds as they race down her back.

Thea's eyes scan the eggs coolly, but there's one or two they linger on and she murmurs. "I wonder who you'll hatch to and what you'll turn out to be?" Of course they can't hear her, but she's talking to them anyway. Even if they're way over there. She does look at some of the activity, for she's nowhere used to it all yet, even if they've all been on the Sands not long ago.

S'ya watches as the pairs are moved off, the green grinning at J'len before returning her attention to the eggs and hatchlings that are left. She glances over Watching the Rain green curiously, shaking her head. "Still not as cute as So." She comments to her fellow rider, the man just rolling his eyes. "They sure are hatching quickly, though."

Life is Short Egg vibrates a bit on the sands. It's hard to notice at first but soon it starts to shake more violently and then… Did the egg just bounce?

From the galleries> Delynni woahs. "They're really vivid tonight. Look at her." She means the green, a huge smile on her face. "She's cute, suave, and her hide reminds me of Hyakki, my firelizard. All stormclouds."

Delgin is nearly beside himself with joy. He's jumping up and down on the sands and it isn't because of hot fee, either. "I can't wait-I can't wait! Hatch already, will ya?"

Along Came A Spider Egg bulges dangerously, its ominous exterior cracking and twisting so it seems to be crying. Tiny pieces of black flake off from around the eye, tears of shell mingling with the sand.

From the galleries> T'maz glances up to see an egg bounce."Like a ball" He points over at the egg."Yes, they're pretty vivid, but you think they'll dry out and become darker, less shiny?"

Watching the Rain Green Hatchling stretches herself out, making her already slightly chubby form seem larger, before she's actually on her feet and moving. Pausing here and there, she's investigating the candidates in turn. No, not this one. Not that one either. But then she's turning to towards one of the largest men on the Sands, looking up at him, before nudging him gently in his stomach. "E-Evelyth. My E-evelyth. Of course…." He says, a large smile crossing his face, and Belenus is now L'nus.

Saige gulps, eyes wide, silent for once, hands clasped together. "… whoa." She whispers, before turning around in a full circle to look around.

Vivian continues to look up into the crowd, the blue and the green on the sands wholly ignored as unimportant in the grand scheme of things, it's not like they are preparing to maul her so she doesn't seem to care what they are up to.

Suddenly, and without much fanfare, the Along Came A Spider Egg explodes in a shower of egg shards and a scrawny blue hatchling slowly raises his head in the remains.

Welcome To My Nightmare Blue Hatchling
Chain-like blotches tattoo the hide of this gaunt blue, link after link trailing over a hide that seems stretched almost to breaking point. Deep navy encircles his eye and trails down over his cheeks like tears, while similar tones crest each of his crooked looking neck ridges and lap up his wingspars. His legs are thin, bound by the same chainlike detail as his torso and ending in narrow feet tipped with poisonous looking talons. His wing sails once more delve into the dark navy tones, the colour dripping down over the sails and giving them an illusionary ragged appearance. Behind him a long, cane-like, tail is held rigid and tipped with the only brightness his hide has to offer - a silvery tail tip.

Neferennu smiles as the green impresses and gives the new rider a congrats before turning back to watch where the blue is going. "You ok Ara?" She leans over to whisper in his ear and then stands up straight again, shuffling her feet in the sand as her fingers fiddle with the tie.

From the galleries> T'maz blinks as the blue makes his appearance."That one looks spooky."

Life is Short Egg continues to bounce, the egg making its way towards the Candidates. As it hops on it becomes apparent that it is not moving in an erratic way, following a steady beat as it goes forth. With every bounce a crack appears and soon enough there's plenty of space for a talon to peek through.

From the galleries> Shellie winces. "I almost expect him to bite the head off the herdbeast when he feeds

Rohelte has to take another few steps away, this time towards the side, which puts her rather close to Rennu. But sadly close enough to Delgin. "Simmer down, will you?" She says with a little exasperation. "You're going to make me more tired than I already /am/." And with that Rohelte tries to move back out to her place in the line, without getting in the way of Impressing pairs.

Aradir watches as several eggs seem to want to hatch at once. He regards the blue that hatched with a smile; that's a beautiful dragon. He's being certain to stay out of the way of hany wings, tails or feet that come his way. Another blue hatches, and Aradir almost chuckles; he's cute! He looks to Rennu and smiles, giving a nod. He looks happy just to witness this event.

S'ya waves over to L'nus as the green finds him, the rider grinning as she escorts him off. "Oh she is lovely too. Evelyth, right?" She asks the large man, leading him off towards the side. "Come on love, plenty of food waiting for her." She looks back just in time to catch an egg bouncing towards the Candidates. She blinks a bit but escorts the newest Weyrling pair either way.

From the galleries> Delynni rolls her eyes. "My blue looks spooky. But he's a big kitty cat as far as temprament goes. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Well unless it hurt him at least. He has this tit for tat, a once is once thing." Delynni says with a blush on her face.

Over the Top Blue Hatchling stomps on some of the bits of sand as they float back to the ground. They're in his way! Or at least obstructing his view of all those lovely candidates. He approaches one of the more timid younger candidates. He gets very close to her face, sniffing at it. Was she eating something? She was eating something! No… she's just chewing on her lip, looking scared as can be and trying not to make eye contact with the scary blue in front of her. He's grown bored of this one, instead moving over to paw at the ground in front of her to try and get Vivian's attention. Hey!

Fly Chicks Fly Egg is ready for action! Rolling around on the sands in its eager jig to get out of the confining shell and into the world outside.

From the galleries> T'maz tilts his head."May who ever impresses the blue, teach him the right way to eat, and not bite things off at the head."

Tessa and Jolyn are suddenly exposed, as the green claims Belenus, and they're left clinging to each other, bouncing a bit as they murmur in hushed voices.

Thea ignores the ecstatic lad at her side, gritting her teeth until she can no longer stand it. Crisply she tells him, "Delgin you are going to set them off when they do hatch with your over-excitement. They told us to stay calm." She rolls her eyes at Rennu and Aradir, "They should've had Vivian watch him; she's not watching anything else anyway."

Welcome To My Nightmare Blue Hatchling is stuck, or rather his wings are — glued to his back like some sort of straight-jacket. He struggles for a time, fighting against this odd bond, finally snapping one wing free. A moment later the other loosens, and he flares both, striking a pose on the sands. Like a flash he darts forwards, stopping before a girl who seems utterly bored with the whole thing already. Slowly his neck stretches out towards her till the pair end up almost eyeball-to-eyeball and he lets out a deep chuckling croon. Caryn almost manages to hide her interest now, though her reply of "Yeah, well you weren't the only one waiting Tiurneth." is perhaps not the happiest of introductions. Her hand does go to his heck, however, and slowly a smirk spreads across her face.

From the galleries> Delynni rolls her eyes. "You know M'iri's blue seems to have a fascination with blood?" She shakes her head. "I think that's totally weird, but Ryukith has a fascination with two things, people and sweets." She adds. "And questions."

From the galleries> T'maz tilts his head at Delynni."Dementh likes me to bring him samples of what I bake in the kitchens… and he thinks women are sort of like toys… but he likes watching them."

One of the younger male candidates seems to have developed a permanent itch inside of his right nostril from the dry heat of the sands. Either that or his finger has become stuck while he was trying to scratch the inside of his eyeball. He's itching and itching and ignoring everyone around him who is making faces. Finally he jumps a bit as the Ocean See Sky Egg topples over a bit, sending a spray of sand onto his feet.

Vivian's attention is grabbed by the 'Over the Top Blue Hatchling' she looks down at it standing tall and just waves her hand at it imperiously. "Oh go away you silly dragon, I'm not the one you're looking for." She continues to shoo it away with her hand, her attention already drifting away again.

Fly Chicks Fly Egg keeps working on its little dance, almost rocking hard enough to knock into another egg before its movements finally succeed in creating a very audible *CRACK* down the center

Delgin just shakes his little empty head and denies that his agitation could provoke unwanted attention. "They'll sense my -love-!"

Life is Short Egg finally comes to a halt. Most of the cracked shell has managed to stay together but in the blink of an eye that all changes. After one last powerful hop the egg comes crashing down onto the sands, shards scattering everywhere as the tiny hatchling finally breaks free of it's prison.

Shellie can't help but watch Delgin. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we need to get a mindhealer for that boy.

Neferennu chuckles softly at Thea and then just shakes her head. "You know how she can be. Just ignore him. This is supposed to be a happy thing." A pat on the shoulder before turning back to watch the hatchlings. Though a look of be quiet or you'll get hurt gets sent to Delgin briefly at his comment before Vivian shooing away the blue hatchling is noticed an an eyebrow raised.

From the galleries> T'maz mutters."If that bouncing boy doesn't impress I'll get him into the kitchens and have him hold jars of cream, to turn into butter."

Lurking In The Forest Green Hatchling
While this average sized green lacks uniqueness in her build she certainly makes it up with her coloring. Her broad maw is dipped in a deep forest green, creeping down her thick neck and halting at her barrel chest. Blotches of fern dapple over her hide, slipping along her wide forehead and stubby headknobs. Olive has been smeared under her large eyes, highlighting their bony structure and drawing one further into her gaze. All along her back fern, olive and forest green mingle, creating a camouflage pattern that could easily hide the dragon outdoors. Each of her sharply curved ridges is dipped in army green, muting their sharpness as they make their way down her whip-like tail. Springing out from her frame are two large wings, each speckled with the same shrouding shades of her top half, her needle like spars dipped in gray asparagus. Army green suffocates her stocky limbs, deepening to a green so dark that it can be mistaken with black as it reaches her large paws. In shocking contrast with the rest of her dull coloring the dragon's underbelly and tail are highlighted in vibrant honeydew. Streaks of lime crackle amongst the honeydew, brightening the hue even further.

Saige jumps, nearly careening into someone as another egg shatters, leaving another new hatchling. "Eeep! Oh, look!" She says, staring for a brief moment before her eyes swing away to check on the other candidates and roaming dragonets.

From the galleries> Delynni watches Delgin, and then the blue sniffing over Vivian. "That kid, is missing a few cards in his deck." The green is there. "Oooh, very elegant." She says with a huge grin. "That blue is very lively."

Rohelte cocks an eyebrow, leaning forward to look at Vivian and the blue trying to stare her down. It seems as if her eye brow is trying to hide in her hair line as she just looks. "Viv, /really/!" It's as if those two words should say everything. Elte just can't seem to believe Viv is staring down a dragon and .. waving him away. The blankness on Elte's face has been replaced by something akin to shock.

From the galleries> Alix steps up the stairs to the observation level quietly, the Istan boy sneaking in late - but he did manage to find a ride and get here. He finds a seat and sits, watching the hatching with rapt interest.

Aradir watches the blue pawing at Vivian. He smirks, remembering she wanted a gold so badly. The smirk widens when Thea speaks. It fades however, as Viv shoos the dragon. He looks stunned, and blinks a few times. Finally he decides that nothing Viv does is going to surprise him. He nods to Rohelte, and turns his attention back to the eggs, as the green hatches.

Loralle and Joiran are continuing to stand together, glancing now and then at the other candidates are slowly becoming weyrlings, and watching the dragonets go this way and that. As the younger brother is eagerly pointing out the new green, his older brother is grinning, and nodding, an enthusiastic whisper passing between them.

Over the Top Blue Hatchling huffs at the daughter of the Senior weyrwoman. What was that tone of voice? She didn't sound happy! She should be happy, after all he was standing right in front of her. And look at how lovely he is! Look at… ooh. Who was this now? The blue scampers over to a small group of candidates, looking up at them all with his big eyes. But really, it's the boy in this group he seems so interested in, his tail sweeping through the sand as he approaches!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Over the Top Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Fly Chicks Fly Egg comes to a dramatic halt, hanging on the edge after a violent shimmy that rolls the visible crack in the direction of the candidates. Without any other warning, the pieces explode outward and a gooey wobbly hatchling springs out of its cage.

From the galleries> Delynni archs a brow at Vivian. "He wants you dumbhead." She doesn't quite see Alix, though her mind registers his entrance she's more interested in Vivian. "Doy. Is she crazy or something?" Delynni sighs and shakes her head at Vivian.

Drawing the Line Green Hatchling
A sea foam green bubbles around this dragon's lean body, all long limbs that makes this stylish green tower over most other of her color. Her snout is long and sweeps back into a yellow-speckled crown that grace her eyeridges and head knobs, down her elegantly arched neck to the lithe yet powerful shoulders where the yellow darkens into a seductive crimson. The red swirls in and out of the lighter green, melting away only for the darkening emerald down the curves of her belly and haunches and mysteriously unobserved in the teal sails of her small wings. Scarlet returns to highlight the long lengths of her legs and streak down the smooth thin tail that trails far behind her.

Thea stifles a sigh, as Rennu pats her back, "Was told to watch him." A futile assignment for sure. She ignores the wide, happy smile the boy gives her, for the sight of Vivian with a blue sniffing at her feet just causes her to smile and then laugh outright as she Impresses it! "Heh, congrats, Viv." Candidacy just got interesting—for those enduring it.

The eye of the Ocean See Sky Egg is looking right toward the row of candidates, judging them even before the hatchling inside has time to emerge. The sides of the shell move in and out in rapid vibrations, finally working into a resonating frequency and creating tiny cracks at either end. The eye now looks angered, bloodshot with black blood vessels.

From the galleries> T'maz watches the new green hatch…"Oh how pretty…Wonder who she will choose?"

The Dim and the Dark Egg is slowly moving, rocking back and forth, swaying gently upon the pink sands, the olive filigree seeming to move as if the leans of the creeping vines are blowing in a gentle breeze.

Aradir blinks a little, as the 'Over the Top' hatchling stops in front of him. "Zeituth?" he repeats, reaching up to touch the blue as if trying to determine if this is real or not. "It's a pleasure to meet you." A'dar smiles, almost giddy. "Good idea, let us get you something to eat."

Lurking In The Forest Green Hatchling spreads out her large wings, relishing in the wide open spaces that are now hers. After flexing a bit she cranes her neck around to regard her parents for a moment. Her attention is soon captivated by the huddling white robes and she starts making her way slowly over to them. She crouches down, her bright belly hidden as she stalks her prey.

Neferennu looks with shock as Vivian dismisses the blue and then just shakes her head as the blue comes right for them. However, it doesn't come near her and then a great smile as it impresses to…Aradir! "I told you Ara! I told you!" Yet she steps away from him so he can move towards the weyrlingmasters at the edge of the sands.

Saige stares at Aradir, then grins slightly. "Oh wow! Aradir, you did it!" She cheers for him, grinning broadly, almost awkwardly before she turns back, distracted by the other wandering dragonets.

Drawing the Line Green Hatchling barely avoids crashing with the ground as she comes bursting out of her egg, managing to catch herself on all fours and keeping still as she adjusts to this new position. She doesn't wait to practice this walking thing, instead leaping forward with her long legs and jumping from one spot of the sands to the other. All this excitement is missing something and she rounds about on those white-things, something suddenly pulling her in that direction. She slips next to a tall boy, sniffing at him and crooning before she stares directly at the girl behind him, almost hiding. Jolyn, now Joy, throws her hands up to the green. "You've got to slow down for me, Sirenath! Food, fun, flying… w-we'll get to that eventually. Food, first."

Ocean See Sky Egg suddenly tips back over to the way it was at the start of all this thrashing. It's taking a break for now. Why should it hatch right this second, anyway? Then it tips back over, and the weakened top gives way. The beast within rolls out onto the sands, stopping on its back and looks… dead? Then its limbs start to wriggle as it rights itself.

Wistful Ocean Blue Hatchling
Navy blue covers nearly the entirety of this blue dragon, stretching from his rounded short muzzle to the short thick rudder-like tail. Moonlit speckles are gently and sparsely scattered around the ridges and knobs, outlining the eyes and moving down in a faint dusty trail to the tip of the tail. His build is all sinewy and stretched out, rippling with teal and silver streaks of calming waves all along his body. With the build of a swimmer, his streamlined wings arching from his back are of a frothy flotsam and jetsam, a whirlpool of color and capped with sterling claws that match the talons at the end of his powerful limbs; each leg lightening from navy darkness to a more dawning pale blue.

From the galleries> Delynni calls out. "GO GO GO!" As first Aradir, then Joy impresses. "WOOT!" She's calling out. "Oh he's gorgeous." Ryukith warbles eagerly in greeting to his fellow blue and in congratulations for A'dir and Zeituth.

S'ya returns just in time to catch Aradir's impression to the blue, a smile creeping over her faec as she waves him over. "Zeituth was it? Well congrats, love. Come on over here and we can get him something to eat!" She's already leading the way, throwing a glance over her shoulder every now and then to make sure the blue pair is following.

Vivian's attention has already left the blue before it bounds away to it's impression with A'dar. She quickly scans the sands, sees no gold there for her and turns back to scanning the crowd for the movers and shakers of Pern.

A loud cracking comes from the direction of the Big Wheel Egg, yet the shell seems completely untouched. Perhaps it was just one of the other eggs knocking into it.

Thea blinks when corrected, "Oh, it was the boy behind her? Too bad…" Then she peeks around the crowd, "Aradir, no way!!!" but there's joy in her voice for him. Drat that Delgin, distracting her. She quickly looks for her charge, who is all a-quiver and he breathlessly tells anyone who'll pay attention, "There was a blue dragon nearby me."

From the galleries> Dementh also croons his support for the new hatchlings.((Welcome Welcome welcome…))

The mahogany band of the Dim and the Dark Egg is visibly moving now, shifting and shaking, as cracks begin to form upon the surface, compromising the structure of the ovoid, spreading upwards and outwards in a filigree pattern of their own.

From the galleries> Once quiet before, the goldrider known as Rea bursts from her chair, cheering for her only sister as she impresses. "Yeah Jolyn, I knew you could do it!" She does a little undignified dance in her spot, before sitting down again and grinning at her neighbor, who's giving her a strange look. "My sister impressed!" Yay captain obvious.

Rohelte just blinks as the blue leaves Vivian, and heads to Aradir and thus Impresses. "Congradulations, Aradir!" She cheers for him, before looking back at Vivian, looking slightly confused for a moment. She inhales for a moment and then lets it out in a mighty sigh as she resumes watching the eggs and the hatchlings that spill forth. "Is it me, or are there a lot of blues?" She asks of Thea, leaning closer just slightly.

Another loud crack from the Big Wheel Egg heralds a tiny piece of shell breaking free. It seems the shell has cracked along the silver lines painting the maze on the shell, and a second piece of shell wobbles but remains in place for the moment.

Aradir nods as S'ya congratulates him. However, before he follows her, he offers something to Thea, Saige, and Neferennu - the rest of his 'Brat Pack'!. He smiles and offers, "Good luck!" That said, he follows S'ya off the sands.

Lurking In The Forest Green Hatchling is getting ever so close to the group, the green's eyes whirling as she scans them over carefully. Her eyes stick on a certain mousy Candidate for a moment but after a huff she decides to look elsewhere. Too big, too skinny, too ugly. Nope, nothing's striking her fancy. She finally hunkers down right in front of the group and continues to ponder her next move.

From the galleries> T'maz smiles over at captain obvious."Congratulations… I'm sure all your family will celebrate today."

Saige turns and looks surprised as the scarlet tinged green goes to the girl from Western, and she's looking after Aradir for another long moment, before her attention is back on that green there, that's wandering around. And that blue, too.

Wistful Ocean Blue Hatchling has finally made it to the row of candidates, though it doesn't seem to be actively searching for a lifemate. He's looking sluggish and seems more concerned about his feet than anything else at this stage in his life. Finally he makes eye contact with one of the younger male candidates. Surely if anyone could understand his plight, it was this one! He trudges over to none other than Delgin, lover of all things living. E'gin smiles at the blue as the two go trudging off the sands. "I suppose I'll be okay eating meat with you, Mazunth."

Neferennu turns to look at Rohelte and Thea and nods. "Oh yes, there are a lot of blues in this clutch it seems." There is a slight shrug then she watches Aradir move off the sands with his dragon before turning back to the eggs and hatchlings. Then she is looking towards Saige and gives a smile. "You ok Saige? You've been fairly quiet."

Wake Up and Smell the Egg gives one pitiful little shiver of its own among its other siblings, only noticed if one were looking real close to it.

The past is shattered — the shell of the Big Wheel Egg crumbling to reveal the future in the form of a misty green hatchling.

Pride of the Summer Green Hatchling
Dusky grey-green shrouds this stocky green dragon in the tones of a misty moor. Smudges of moss tattoo her long neck, while a contrasting wash of pale yellowed lichen peeks through down the line of her ridges and stipples over more than ample hips. Her wings show the faintest traces of heather — a soft lavender sheen washing down the spars and dappling the faded sage of broad wingsails. A shadow starts just beneath a long and slender snout, fading down her stomach before reappearing in a circle on her right upper arm, a dark smudge against the sage.

From the galleries> Delynni laughs at Delgin and starts cheering. "Go Delgin!!!! Blooieeee!" Ryukith warbles in amusement, leaning over the edge of the ledge to get a closer look. Bells ring clear to the other dragons in the hatching cavern. «That funny one, he got on my nerves, but I am glad that he's impressed a blue. We are a noble and powerful color.» Silver bells and heavy rain color Ryukith's mindvoice. «Yes a blue will set him straight.»

From the galleries> Dementh rumbles back to the blue. «We are all noble and powerful colors… and Gold and Green are loveliest….»

Lurking In The Forest Green Hatchling finally bores of waiting. After one final look over the group she lets out a low rumble. That one, over there. She is the one! After wiggling her behind a bit she jumps forward, stopping right in front of the Candidate that she knows will match her perfectly.

From the galleries> T'maz chuckles and whispers what Dementh says to his neighbor on the other side of himself-not Shellie, but the baker apprentice, that had been sprung to go see the Hatching says."Yeah?" The boy then cheers for the blue and the greens going for their life partners.

Vivian continues to look over the crowd, her attention coming back to the sands every now and then as if she's checking in to make sure that everything is still going to plan as each egg hatches and a few more impressions take place.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Lurking In The Forest Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rohelte smiles faintly at Rennu before the Wistful Ocean Blue Hatchling catches her attention with its proximity. And … "Y'know. I think I could be very happy if my lifemate /isn't/ in this clutch." She murmurs softly, more to herself than anyone else. Happy-cheery is all well and good, but Delgin -E'gin- is just TOO happy-cheery! And then the forest green is also moving, and she stills, watching.

Saige stares down at the dragonet so … enamored of her, so to say, then gulps, and strokes the dragon's muzzle gently. "Yes, Ulaekimajith, yes." She whispers, staring in awe before they slowly turn to find the Weyrlingmasters for an escort.

The Dim and the Dark Egg has fallen victim to the small and large cracks upon its surface, and as they spread, the pattern widens. Slowly the fragments of shell are falling to the red and white Sands like gentle raindrops, before the shell continues to dissolve, leaving the occupant within exposed to the new world, the new home.

Dawn Before the Storm Gold Hatchling
Morning's mist settles, an ethereal cloak upon this slender gold's shoulders, the first pale rays of Rukbat casting their golden shimmer over her form. Sunspots dance upon her delicate muzzle, spots of richer metallic gold speckling the hide between faceted eyes, fading out over each gently rounded headknob. Ridges remain in shadow, each gently rounded shape like a distant hill on the horizon, hints of lilac darkening the curves of the creamy-golden line upon her back, following the curve of her lean tail to the very tip, a tip dipped in dull amber. The same dull amber speckles her dainty paws, stretching upwards to twine like armlets around each limb, spreading outwards across her smooth stomach. Silver and gold vapors settle upon the pale membranes of her wings, spread between the shadowy spars that arch outwards - untouched by the morning's pale light. As if a gentle rain has fallen upon her back, cream flows into gold flows into silver, colors mingling effortlessly as if a celestial watcher has touched her very being.

Thea is FREE! Whoo-whooo! As E'gin is now under the watch-care of a permanent nanny. A green and winged one at that. she just starts giggling and can't stop. "I so wish I were in there to see him feed her." And Rohelte gets a belated nod, "Lots of blues, yep."

From the galleries> Delynni cheers for Saige. Stomping back her feet. And then the dawn before the storm gold hatchling appears. "Oh great faranth, she's gorgeous." Ryukith croons along with his humming, bells and rain scattering over his mind. «Incredible, beautiful….. interesting.» He coaxes the beautiful one into the world.

Wake Up and Smell the Egg remains absolutely still, perhaps disguising itself as a dead egg among the rest of the cracking and hatching brood. Not one little motion to make it stick out, though eventually thin spidery cracks appear along each of the crimson spheres.

Dawn Before the Storm Gold Hatchling seems to float down onto the sands, stretching her pale sails outwards, turning her head to look from one wing to the other, before she's slowly getting to her feet, stretching out and beginning a slow pace towards the candidates, practically floating across the red and white sands.

From the galleries> T'maz says "GOLD!" Is T'maz's one word shout and Master Denna is told in the kitchens by his helpful dragon. A loud sussussuration of voices coming from the kitchen says Denna's in full gear to make the meal something out of the ordinary to celebrate a new Queen's arrival."

From the galleries> Shellie thwaps T'maz on the arm. "Be quiet you! You'll scare her!

From the galleries> Rea rips her eyes away from her sister long enough to smile at T'maz, a genuine beam for his congratulations. "Yes, I'm sure she and I shall live it up, tonight. Nothing like having another rider in the family…" She is turned to T'maz long enough to be curtious, and then she's back to the sands, trying to make out what's going on, "Ohh, and a gold. Fine pack of beasties Xanadu is making, to be sure…"

From the galleries> T'maz sticks his tongue out at Shellie."Xanadu always has fine packs of beasties, My brother's got a Xanadu born dragon…."

Ellamariseth lets out a trumpet at the gold's arrival, having been welcoming each othe hatchlings with her customary croon and continued humming. Ysa is not quite napping, but she does startle at the metallic hide before rubbing her eyes again. "Well… Faranth," is all she says, turning to smirk up to her lifemate and then standing a bit taller next to the proud clutchmother.

From the galleries> Delynni shakes her head. "That one looks like she's queen of the world she is. No doubt, no fear. None. She's grace incarnate. I doubt right now that anything could scare her." Ryukith rumbles a thunderlike applause. "I stood at Xanadu awhile ago, but I impressed at Eastern. Ryukith likes it here."

Neferennu just drops her jaw as Delgin impresses and then shakes her head, giving a shrug to Thea before turning back to the remaining hatchlings. Then suddenly there is a gold on the sands and then a blink. "Oh, that one is very pretty. Ella did well." Yet as a congrats goes to Saige, her only little group is now down to Thea so she shuffles a bit closer to the girl. "Bet you anything Vivian will perk up with this as she did during the last hatching." This is whispered to Thea but her eyes remain on the hatchlings.

Vivian's head wrenches round as she spots the gleam of gold emerging from an egg. "Finally she's here." She mutters as she straightens herself up and turns to look at the gold hatchling.

S'ya returns to find Saige impress the camo green, a grin spreading over her face as she moves to escort the other pair. "Come along, love. Ulaekima-what was it?" She asks with a giggle, making sure the green pair are in tow. She didn't really catch the entire name, after all it was rather long. "Well anyways there is plenty of food for your lovely lifemate!"

From the galleries> Alix leans forward, his hands on his knees as he quietly peers down at the sands, a quiet gasp or blink accompanying each hatching and every impression.

R'miel is yawning a bit and stretching out as a gold falls out of the last egg to hatch. He coughs and almost chokes. "Whoa! Arin, that's a /gold/! Ella, Ysa, it's a gold!" Point point. Yes, the bronzer is a little excited. "Ooh, she's so pretty, too." He pats one of Arinth's paws, grinning. "That's Ella's first gold, isn't it, Ys?" Arinith is happily crooning at the tiny shiny dragon, and leans over to give Ella a head rub.

Wake Up and Smell the Egg's slow progress eventually comes into focus, as shell bits begins to flake off it from the crawling cracks that spread along its shell. One by one the bits speckle the sands around it until sharp claws are able to stick through. With one final wailing cry echoing from within, the hatchling tears through its prison and out into the world.

Thea is distracted by E'gin and misses Saige's exit, but hears the girl's name. "She DID?" She's craning her neck to see her friend but they've left the sands. Ellamariseth's trumpet recalls her attention back where it ought to be and she does see the reason for the dragon's cry. She nods to Rennu and smothers a laugh at Vivian's predictability. "Too bad she didn't get the blue. Would've been fun to see."

In Your Head Brown Hatchling
Burnt sepia enshrouds this scraggly beast's too-thin body, his sharp pointed snout nearly completely dipped in ink that crawls its way along jagged ridges. Smothering every inch of hide along the top of this dragon, somber brown sinks deeply into every crevice and ripple of muscle to form a walking shadow. His body is stretched out, giving the impression of being longer than usual while crouched low to the ground, though his skeletal yet powerful legs are all sharp edges and elongated; even each individual talon shoots out until a wicked point. Tickling its way past the suffocating umber are traces of a fiery red and orange that licks up from toes to elbow, catching his billowing yet frayed wing sails in a thick smoky fire.

Rohelte's attention turns from Thea and Rennu, to the sound of shell cracking. And probably like any other, she's a bit awestruck for a moment as the grace the goldling is showing. But Vivian - after dismissing the blue - is chortled at. "Oh, you /wish/." She tries to make it joking, but she doesn't suceed very well. "You dismiss a blue staring you right in the face, and you think…?" A smile turns up Eltes lips as she shakes her head, retreating back to her personal space, trying not to laugh at that thought. Or would it be the horror?

Dawn Before the Storm Gold Hatchling is pausing, her delicate form head motionless as she looks along her long muzzle, looking between the daughters of the Weyrwoman, crooning softly at Nicca and Vivian, stretching her wings out, with a snort, before she's slowly snorting at them both and continuing to meander down the row, nudging Tione as well, giving the girl a bit of encouragement. But still, she moves on like a raincloud floating across the land.

Pride of the Summer Green Hatchling rights herself quickly, spinning round in a circle before moving to eye up her parents. A gentle warble is sent in their direction, the first trial of unused vocal chords, and having dared to brave them she turns to brave the line of white. She doesn't run, she walks at a steady rhythmic pace, and it's obvious from the start that she knows where her path leads. As soon as she reaches Lorallen's side, she rubs her head against him confirming that she's has found everything that she needs. "Mhairiath." There's a tinge of shock in Or'len's voice. "You'll never be without me again, I promise."

From the galleries> T'maz looks over at Shellie."I am so not telling J'vry there is a gold here. Leoth would have a herdbeast and try to get here on her first Flight."

Joiran is left without his brother, as Mhairiath claims the young teenager, and he's slowly shifting close to the others still there, tugging Tessa's hand so that they can join the dwindling crowd.

From the galleries> Shellie rolls her eyes. "If he does, I'm snipping him, whether or not Audria's had a baby by him yet or not

Neferennu looks over to Rohelte, realizing the girl was still there. "Yes well, she got herself dismissed again too." There is no pointing but the eyes turn away from the gold as a brown hatches. "Oh, look at the coloring on his hide! That is amazing." More shuffling to get closer to Thea and Rohelte and just watches as the last green impresses. "Congrats!" She calls to the girl.

From the galleries> Delynni laughs, but is transfixed on the gold. "Beautiful." She looks over at Shellie. "Who are you two talking about?" Asks Delynni as she doesn't take her eyes off the gold for a moment. Ryukith inches closer and closer to the edge of the hatching ledges as he hums. «Who beautiful one.» A beat as rain thunders down. «Who are you about?» The blue murmurs.

Ysa leans into Ram's side now, chuckling. "I can see it's a gold, love. Unless it's a really… /really/ light bronze, but 'm positive Ella knows what's what." Ellamariseth ruffles her wings and glances down to croon equally to the brown as she had with the others, and then heaves a sigh as all her little eggs had hatched. "Ya did good, love," Ysa murmurs, and then stares towards the gold, her smile fading into a frown as she waits. "Yah, her first… All browns caught her before. Besides Arinith."

From the galleries> T'maz glances at Delynni."My oldest brother, and his lady."

Vivian actually smiles as the gold comes over and croons at her, there is a flickering of anger on her face as it does the same to her beloved sibling. Then it snorts and moves off, with a jaw drop from Vivian, she stares after it for a moment before turning and slapping Nicca on the arm. "That's your fault, you scared her off." She growls acidly at her sister before she remembers where she is. She takes a few steps away from Nicca, her hands crossing over her chest in a right scowling huff.

Rohelte grins rather impishly at Neferennu before she once again looks at Vivian, catching the tail end of her smacking her sister, and a scowl appears on Elte's face. "I'd honestly think about the gold's passing 'nd why, Viv." She says, a little less amused than before. But there still are two hatchlings out there, and she turns to look at them. "Yah, his coloring /is/ something."

R'miel grins and gives Ysa a one-armed squeeze. "Heh, I would hope she'd be able to tell." He taps his chin. "Arin's first gold as well, I believe." Arinith warbles some encouragement to the hatchlings still left on the sands. The bronze looks happy that everyone has hatched okay, and most had already found their lifemates. R'miel blinks a bit at Ysa's frown, rubbing her back. "Don't fret, love. It's bad luck."

Thea keeps her eyes on the area around her as they were instructed to do. There's so much happening, that it's hard to see it all. She can't help but give another look to the little goldling; everyone else is talking about her. "She looks like… a dewy morning, a peaceful morning."

Dawn Before the Storm Gold Hatchling seems to have offered her help to those necessary, as now, her meandering path seems to have purpose now, and there's a bit of strength to her steps. After a moment, she's looking up at a young woman with icy green eyes who is talking about her, and then it seems that the nudge this girl gets is more than the others did, as misty wings are sweeping forward to envelope her in a cloak of her own.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dawn Before the Storm Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

In Your Head Brown Hatchling falls in a heap right after his struggle to escape, catching a break to renew his energy. But this dark brown refuses to move even as his eyes cautiously trail the other hatchlings on the sands, moving down the line of candidates, and then up towards the galleries themselves. He seems to take everything in before he finally almost painstakingly rises up and starts a steady march towards the front line. His head is bent low, a deep growl given out to each candidate he passes before he stops and sits at his chosen. Yaike. He'll have to do. I'ke looks more than confused and gives those around him a glance before he tentatively asks, "Ciebaith?" He startles, jumping a bit as the brown growls in reply and he quickly starts to move along. "We'll get you some food right away!"

From the galleries> T'maz stands up."Guess I should go check on Master Denna and see about the feast…"

Thea is clearly stunned, disbelieving. She remains motionless for a long moment, just staring down at it. Slow tears start to trickle down her face, then she sinks to one knee and does what she's been keeping Delgin from doing - Oh, the irony! She hugs the hatchling, burying her face in its neck. She rises to stand beside the hatchling, one arm slung over her neck, the other reaches for her friend, Rennu, as she blinks still-damp eyes, "This is Seryth. She is mine." She sounds a bit apologetic. She gets a bit of a nudge and glances down, then looks back to Rennu with a soft laugh adding, "Slight correction, I am hers."

From the galleries> Shellie nods. "And I've got a sick baby in the infirmary." She stops by Senkyou. "I'd like to keep her in the infirmary for a bit, Senkyou. Not sure what she's got, and want to keep an eye on her.

Neferennu watches as the gold wraps wings around Thea and just smiles for her friend. "Congrats Thea." Then there is a laugh and she steps aside. "Yes, you are hers. Seryth, a very beautiful name." This time there is no seeing the last hatchling impress as she reaches to give her friend a pat, but then decides better of it.

Ysa steps away from R'miel now, tossing a smile back to him before finally sighing and letting her shoulders droop. All the exhaustion of the morning returns to her, even as she studies the trailing weyrlings and then back out to those remaining on the sands. She clears her throat to formally address them, even as ragged as she looked from rolling out of bed. "Congratulations, new Weyrlings. While not all of you have found your lifemates today, you're welcome to stay here at Xanadu. Just because your dragons weren't in the eggs here today, doesn't mean they won't be and you are all welcome to stay at Xanadu Weyr. We can arrange transport if you do wish to go." She blinks, looks around once more as if searching for more and then nods towards those remaining. She smiles to her lifemate, pats her leg, and turns once more to watch the crowd disperse.

From the galleries> Senkyou gives a little nod, grabbing up Zalyu. "I.. I should contact her father, he should come see her." Senks being rather grim about it, and she walks down the steps to the gallery, Dulacth meeting her at the entrance.

Rohelte squwaks as the gold impresses to the girl right next to her, scuttling back a few steps so she isn't caught in the fanning and enveloping of wings. But then a bright smile replaces the scowl that Viv put there, and she briefly ruffles Thea's hair. "Wonderful!" And she starts backing off. "But I -" She looks at the empty sands and all the pairings. "- am /so/ for bed!" And with that, she walks off of the sands, to a bed.

From the galleries> Delynni watches stunned as Thea impresses the gold. "GO THEA!!!" She yells. "Go girl go!" While Ryukith chants. «Seryth, seryth, serth, seryth!» The blue bellows before raising his head and bugling in excitement. «Seryth, youngest daughter of xanadu!»

S'ya returns to usher Thea and her lifemate off towards the food. "Congrats, love! She is awfully pretty." She says with a grin, moving towards the last pair. She frowns a bit as she gets a kick from her unborn child before leading the way. "I think I need a rest after this."

Neferennu stands there for a moment after Thea moves off, then Rohelte before a bow is given to the clutchparents. It is then that she too moves off and heads out off the sands. At least there is the feast to look forward to today.

Thea follows S'ya off the sands and into who knows what. With a look over her shoulder towards her friends who did not Impress, she mouths, "I'll see you later." And smiles.

From the galleries> Delynni stands to go, looking for somebody. "Oye! Ch'ad! Ch'ad!" She calls to a tall and rugged looking bronzerider wearing a harper's knot and galaxy's badge.

Vivian listens patiently to the small speech from Ysa. At the dismissal she turns a glare on Nicca. "This is all your fault, you ruined this." She hisses at her sister under her breath then storms off in a huff.

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