No Fun at the Theater

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theater
There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

[DTU/Project] Kanekith senses that Ujinath reaches out for the bronze's mind in a way that is not entirely calm but not outright panicked or alarm. The correct emotions would be annoyed and irritated. Something's got the blue's hackles up and enough that he feels he cannot be sufficient enough to comfort his rider (which is frustrating to him but he'll be a big boy and put her needs first). Rolling fields of dried grass and the distant mountains and forests come into view and that ever present high electrical fence. On the summery air is the acrid scent of smoke but cannot be seen. « Is yours available, Kanekith? It is not overly urgent, but mine… needs to talk. To someone. » There's a pause, as the blue weighs his options. Cryptic or tell all? « Suldith's visited. » That's enough, right?

[DTU/Project] Ujinath senses that Kanekith curls his mind loosely around his, like a wisp of smoke brought in by the breeze. Pale gray, at first, as he bronze tries to poke through the blue's mind, seeking reason for his agitation. It's an emotion he knows well. « Mine is needed? Yours rarely summons him.. » he says, voice as silky as the reaching curls of smoke that begins to thicken now. Dark gray. Black. Tendrils the curve that the fingers of some inky creature, but his reach does not have a sinister feel to it. It has grown protective with the given name of the visiting bronze. « Suldith's. … He shall come. He will come to her. » Kanekith begins to retract now, his presence lessening, yet still lingering. Protective of the blue as his own rider is of his.

« I do not summon yours needlessly. » Ujinath replies back a touch defensively, already in a prickly and agitated mood by his rider's current state. His voice is no where near as silky, his sounds young but roughened or gruff as though he speaks low and through his teeth even if this is all shared over a mental link. « Good. He can find her by the theatre. Under the tree. » And he will allow the link to fade save for that last little shred. Just in case. It will be severed however once Kanekith's rider arrives and Ujinath's focus turns to his lifemate and her alone.

True to his description, Kiena is sitting under that large Lemosian Ironwood tree on one of the benches and that's all the Weyrsecond is doing. Sitting. From far away, that isn't so odd but on further glance there is just some small nuances that are off. One, she is sitting so uncomfortably stiff and tense and her gaze is fixated on the ground in front of her but her eyes are distant and troubled. The afternoon is not overly warm, but her cheeks are flushed and the structures that would normally have children, more specifically two twin girls, playing on them and darting about are suspiciously absent. Why would the Weyrsecond be here of all places, if not with her twin daughters?

Kanekith has alerted his rider, and his rider perhaps is just as surprised as his bronze counterpart. Kiena? Needs him? Ka'el's thoughts first jump to Betweening. But, she was successful. Cleared and back to duty! Is she doubting herself? Did something happen? Did someone say something that triggered some memory that he'd have no idea how to emphasize with? Those were his first thoughts until Kanekith clued him in to one more detail. Suldith's? It takes a beat, but then the name registers. Another bronze. A Weyrleader's dragon. What he was doing prior to his arrival here is not important. He could've been behind his desk, pouring over papers. He could've been eating a meal or a snack. He could've been sitting at home dozing on the couch. It doesn't matter now. Now, he's up and on the move, heading through the forest and emerging within the theater. Blue eyes sweep the area, flitting across the playground equipment til they land upon the tree. Yes, she's there. He doesn't hesitate to approach, his steps sure and just slightly rigid. He glances around, but if he's searching for another face, there's none to be seen. He's dressed as he would be on any work day, hinting that likely he /was/ in the office after all. Slacks and a loose shirt that's a pale green hue today. Upon reaching her, he doesn't greet her by name. Doesn't ask what she's doing. Doesn't bother with the unnecessary pleasantries. They're beyond that. "What did he do?"

Kiena will likely come up with a few apologies later for having dragged him out from wherever or whatever it was he was doing. Work or relaxation! It's not everyday that she asks for help and she certainly wouldn't have now, if not for Ujinath's interference. Why plague the Weyrleader with her problems? That's her logic. Ujinath's logic is that if Zi'on comes back, at least Ka'el has rank to intervene. Not that it would ever come to that and Kiena may need to remind her blue not to go using others as pawns, no matter if his motives are for her "own good". Despite her state, Kiena isn't completely oblivious to Ka'el's approach and her eyes will lift up when he skips all greetings and pleasantries. "Ujinath tattled, didn't he?" she remarks dryly and then gestures for him to sit as her hand continues up to run through her hair and sweep it back as she shrugs. Where to begin? "Oh, you know. The usual." she begins in her best sarcastic tones. "Exchanged a few updates, he visited with the girls and just when I think we can be civil he starts jabbing at me and when I defend myself he turns into a child. Vicious circle and all that nonsense." Kiena snorts, trying to act nonchalant about it as always and never quite pulling it off. Whatever was said hurt her enough to make her upset, but she balks. "Sorry you got dragged out here for… this." It's a mumbled apology, but one all the same.

"Can't blame 'im," Ka'el replies in Ujinath's defense. "He did what he thought was the right thing to do." And he's glad for it, even though he looks anything but glad now. In fact, he looks the opposite of glad, but that in no way shape or form the blue's fault. His eyes are rigid at the edges, tense and slightly narrowed. With the wordless invitation to sit, he does so, eyes still on her as she speaks. He nods once at the beginning. The usual. Sure, he can assume what the 'usual' is, and it's no reason for that frown to wipe itself off of his face either. It's a look that begins to etch itself deeper the further she goes along in fact, and at the end, his jaw sets. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't respond immediately. Not to her retell of what happen or to her unnecessary apology, which he'll assure is unnecessary once he gets his thoughts together, likely. Instead, he watches her for a long moment, eyes on her face. Thinking of the myriads of emotions that he's seen shape her features. He's seen her angry and frustrated. Scared. He has foggy memories of her taking care of him in a drunken stupor. He's seen her playful, laughing and joking. But when it comes to her former Weyrmate, it's usually this. Bad feelings. Hurt feelings. Angry feelings. "Don't apologize," he finally says. " .. I don't like that he comes here unannounced. As a normal rider, fine. Presenting yourself every time you Between to a place is unnecessary. But as Weyrleader .. it's not okay to pop in and out as you see fit. That's basic Weyrlinghood politics level 1. It might be okay if he was a Weyrleader that was truly liked here. One that hasn't constantly fucked my friends .. or my riders over. Things like that can be bent. But I'm not gonna bend for someone like him if I don't have to. This is my Weyr." And Thea's, but..details.

Kiena just grimaces to acknowledge Ka'el's defence of Ujinath's choice to call upon him for 'help'. She's no fool either, she can see that rigidness to his eyes, the tenseness there and she cannot keep her eyes level with his for long. Her gaze slides away, back to some random spot ahead. It's true, Kiena is a conflicting mess of emotions when it comes to her former weyrmate and none ever seem to be of the positive variety. She is not furious, as is usually the case. Instead she is resigned — which can't be as good either. It means she's bottling it up, holding back. "It wasn't that he was unannounced. I knew he was coming, he usually sends notice. S'why I had the girls here. Why I'm here. Figured he already had business here as a Weyrleader so…" she shrugs. "If he came by so frequently and unannounced, I'd not be so calm or quiet about it." She gives Ka'el a look then, another brief one before she… flinches? Yes, she definitely flinched. More guilt there, about the friends and riders. Idrissa had been dating Zi'on, now they are no longer and Kiena still feels as though she had a hand in that downfall. "Should I tell you then when he plans to come by? Because honestly…" she sighs, frustrated and lifting her hands to scrub them along the side of her face and then up through her hair again. Fidgeting. "I keep thinking it'll be fine. That we'll just move on or whatever but he keeps bringing everything up. It'd had been fine if he hadn't gone prodding about asking if I had a new flame. I shouldn't have asked him. I knew what the answer would be and it'd just be more guilt and hurt. He just doesn't get it." She shakes her head and folds her arms loosely over her chest. "And I'd refuse to see him, if it weren't for the girls…"

“Unannounced to me,” clarifies Ka’el. “I’ve yet to get word from him whenever he “graces” our Weyr. This has been before your girls came to live here. Before I became Weyrleader. Before I was a rider. Western’s Weyrleader frequents Xanadu as if he has some claim over us. As if by…” He stops there as his words now sound aggravated. Angry. His posture remains so too, just as rigid as before as his eyes glare her way without his meaning to. He mutters something beneath his breath before turning to look over at the swings, wrestling down undue emotions. “The point is,” he says, continuing is a less bristling way, “it shouldn’t be your responsibility to announce his presence or his plans to come here. How difficult is it to send word to Kanekith? And his “visits”, not only with you, bring more trouble than they’re worth.” Only now does he look back at her, exhaling a slow breath through the nose. “Have someone with you. Me. Mur’dah. Whoever. If he’s such an ass, have someone with you who won’t let him be. How many turns has it been, Kiena? If he hasn’t treated you any better by now, he’s not ever going to.”

Kiena's frown deepens and then turns to a downright scowl when Ka'el explains and some of his aggravation bleeds over to her. "As if by… what?" she presses at him, only to snort. "That's just how Zi'on always has been. I've… never looked at it that way though. And I just assumed it was known he'd be here." She exhales slowly, forcing herself to relax again and managing only to do so by a little and she can only shake her head. "I see your point." she murmurs and then she bristles. Her eyes dart up, flashing with a hint of defensiveness when Ka'el suggests she have someone with her. "I don't want to drag anyone else into this or further into it. I…" Don't need a guard. Doesn't need to be protected. This is hers to bear, hers to suffer. Kiena bites down on her tongue though and voices none of it, but it hangs there unsaid. She stubbornly protests that she can take care of herself when it's so obvious she cannot. "That's what I tried to tell him, Ka'el!" Kiena exclaims, sweeping her hands out in a frustrated and helpless gesture before sinking back against the bench, tense and upset. "When he made his quip about me possibly havin' a new flame, I asked him the same. Said he can't when he hasn't gotten over me. Which is bullshit! Or so I thought. Shards and shells… I have. And I figured he had too when I heard he'd been with Idrissa. When he walked in on us post-flight…" Abruptly, she goes silent and Kiena's jaw clenches tight as she controls her temper and ends her rambling. "Maybe I keep hoping he'll admit that his actions started the end." she admits quietly and tone that grows rapidly bitter. "Instead I am made to be the cause. Some of it was my fault. But he makes me to be some heartless bitch with no emotions."

“They’re unkind,” Ka’el comments of his unspoken words, and his eyes linger on hers for a while before he continues. “As if, by coming here and claiming woman after woman, he feels .. Entitled to do what he wishes.” Lips curve downward and remain that way, and at her denial of his proposition of having someone with her during these … what should be “cordial” visits, his head is given a shake. “You’re not draggin’ anyone anywhere, Kiena. You don’t think there are people who’d be willing to walk right into the mess of it for your sake? I know I don’t know shardin’ everything about everything, but I do know life’s messy. There’s shit to get through, and it’s a lot easier to deal with it when you’ve got somebody who wants to deal with it with you. You’ve got people who’ll want to,” he says, arching a brow at her. “Sounds a lot like when we spoke about bein’ there when you got the girls, doesn’t it? Nothing’s changed since then.” He’s got her back! Even more so when the topic is her ex. His lips press together tightly for a moment, then he scoots himself to sit nearer to her, comforting with proximity. “I’m sick’ve this guy,” he remarks. “Sick’ve the way he leaves you feeling. I could sit and tell you you’re not a heartless bitch, but you already know that. A heartless bitch wouldn’tve give a shard about her kids. Wouldn’t’ve put the effort into bringin’ them here. A heartless bitch would’ve let me drink myself away in the tavern. Let me pass out drunk or worse, stumble off with some woman. A heartless bitch wouldn’t be sittin’ here feeling as you do, but you already know all’ve that. There’s nothin’ heartless about you.”

Kiena snorts again and then chuckles dryly for a few breaths. "Unkind." she mutters and then allows it to slide in favour of further conversation. Claiming women. Entitled. The blue rider's expression falls, darkens and hardens. "He's always been one to do as he pleases," she points out with a smirk and then exhales softly. "I know there are some who would do it. It's not that I've forgotten…" How could she? She knows that Ka'el has her back, that she also has her friendship with Mur'dah and others about the Weyr too. She's not alone. "I just… I don't like having to put you or anyone in danger. Not that there is any real danger here in this case, but you know what I mean?" Kiena looks to him again, hopeful that he can grasp the concept she doesn't have the skill or words to properly express. Emotions have never been her strong point. "It… yeah, it does seem the same." she admits quietly and when he scoots closer she does not draw away but she is still far from relaxed. There's a low, sad laugh from her. "Now there's something we can agree on, being sick of him. Yet I do still hold some shred of feeling for Zi'on. Not that'd he'd ever believe it…" For being heartless, Kiena listens to Ka'el's words and a faint smile curves her lips. Whether she believes it all or not is hard to say and she shakes her head slowly. She will not protest… much. "Took me long enough to bring 'em here. Took me too long to lay it straight to Zi'on that he held no chance in ever getting me back." she mutters. Not quite heartless though, is it? Her tone turns briefly amused, almost teasing despite all the tension and grim discussion. "Technically, you did stumble off with some woman." she jokes and then sobers again, frowning deep as she mulls over her thoughts. "Maybe I'm not heartless, but I don't… I can't express certain emotions well. Or at all. Another issue I tried to explain to him but he just never got it. He thinks I can just shut off when it's inconvenient." Kiena laughs then, brittle and sarcastic. "I wish! You know? He actually said he'd love to hate me and think of me as cold hearted, but he can't. What am I supposed to make of that?" That last bit is more a rhetorical question and she sighs, shoulders slumping a bit.

Ka'el wrinkles his nose at a part of what she says. She still holds feelings for Zi'on? Even just a sliver. He tries to wrap his mind around that. It's easy for him to dislike the guy. The man's yet to give him anything to like and instead piles reason upon reason for him to hold ill-feelings. If he were in Kiena's shoes and Zi'on were Soriana, would he have a better understanding? Could he ever hate her? Even if she were cold to him, or hurt him, or said things that wilted his spirit, could he look at her and have that rancid feeling of spite gurgling in his chest? He doesn't know. He hopes to never know. He can't empathize with her on this one, and so he says nothing after that initial wrinkling of his nose. So for a while there's silence as her words hang in the air to be mulled over. Ka'el eventually sighs and combs fingers through his hair, pushing dark strands away from his eyes before his hand falls away. "What you decide to do the next time he comes is up to you," he says, saying words that she likely already knows. "But jus' keep in mind that, whether you like it or not, you've people who'll be there with you when he does. On a diplomatic note, I'll speak to Thea about our expectations of his visits when it comes to us. Whether he's here to visit his daughters or not, I don't care for his attitude with you. Enough time's passed for him to get over himself and stop playin' his 'poor pitiful me' card while here. If his intentions are to visit with his daughters, then he visits with his daughters, then leaves. His personal drama can be taken care of on his own shardin' Weyr. Xanadu is not a stage for his theatrics."

Kiena holds a small shred of feeling for Zi'on because she cannot help it. He was her first for many things and perhaps the closest time she ever came to love (as she understands it). So of course there is lingering emotions there, despite all the hurt and upset. Perhaps more of a simple desire or wish: just to see him happy. She'd actually BE overjoyed if Zi'on took on a new mate. That is what she's tried to convey to the man and only have it be twisted around. Kiena doesn't expect Ka'el to emphasize or even sympathize, though he just listening to her rambling is enough. "I can't keep him away from the girls and the girls may want to visit him. I stick around for them, try to be civil so that they don't pick up on our… issues. Won't work for much longer but…" she shrugs and her mouth draws down into a tight line. Though she agrees with Ka'el, she snorts all the same and rolls her eyes a bit. "Everywhere is his stage. But I'm part of the problem. If I just kept my mouth shut and just… let him be, this wouldn't have happened. Simple." Is it? Kiena doesn't sound so sure but with a heavy sigh she allows the tension from her shoulders to drop a little more. "I'm sorry you keep getting dragged into this." she apologizes again.

“You? Keep your mouth shut?” remarks Ka’el with a smidgeon of a smirk. “Never thought I’d live to see the day that you say you should sensor yourself!” Now he laughs, albeit a little. Her apology is met with a faint shake of his head. “It’s a good thing there isn’t a limit of how many times a person can say a phrase, because I’m sure I’ve passed my limit when it comes to tellin’ you not to apologize to me. You don’t have anything to be sorry for. I offered to let myself be dragged into this the moment I decided to be your friend. And you double-secured it the minute you agreed to be my Weyrsecond, he points out with a smug little smirk. “Things that bother you, bother me. That’s just how it is. Better get used to it because that’s not gonna change.” He picks a bit of fuzz from his shirt, still looking slightly smug as he does even that. “So. Now you know to give me word if you need me when he next comes by. And, you’ve been reminded that you’ve friends who won’t mind punching a Weyrleader in the face, if need be. And, you’ve been informed that’s being willingly dragged into whatever mess you find yourself in.” His smirk grows to a grin now as he looks at her. ”Alright? I think our business with this is done here, unless you’ve anything else you think needs to be addressed?”

Kiena scoffs and shoots him a sidelong look, one that looks annoyed but the effect is ruined by one corner of her mouth quirking up into a vague amused way. "Alright, so maybe that's a far stretch… Might be easier if I just let him take the girls and I go about my day." she admits dryly but her brows knit into a slight frown. She doesn't seem to like that idea but what more can be done? Even with his reassurance, Kiena looks ready to protest and even begins to do so, or at least to explain herself (unnecessarily) but she bites her tongue and quiets. Get used to it? She almost scowls at him, but as she looks away towards the empty playground and exhales thoughtfully it's clear she's no issue with it — at least not enough that she'll bristle and voice it. She'll get use to it! "I'll remember." she drawls, a promise she intends to keep as best she can. There's a nod and a vague smile. "Alright. And…" Kiena pauses, then shakes her head. "No. Nothing more, less you want to take your turn to vent about something?" she jokes lightly.

Ka'el agrees with that! Even though he doesn't say so outloud. Let him take the girls, do his thing with them, and then have him bring them back to a designated place at a designated time, and all will be just fine! He'll have his time. She won't have to deal with him. And if the other Weyrleader tries something stupid, then Ka'el will have all the reason to lay down the law on him! Mwuaha, it's perfect! He smirks lightly, but other than a near imperceptible nod, he does not reply to that. HE does laugh though at her offer to allow him to vent, and he scrunches his face up to a thinking look, stroking his chin."Mmmmmwell, there's always somethin' to vent about. I've so many things to choose from," he jokes, grin evident. "Give me a minute to think on it. I've to make sure I choose the best topic, you know. Don't want to waste the opportunity." He grins now, then begins to rise up from the bench they've been sitting on. "In fact, I’ve the perfect time to think! I have to head back to the office to finish up some things, and by the time I'm done with that, I'm sure I'd've chosen something wonderfully dramatic and woefully complex to lay on you. Alright?"

Except it won't be fine with Kiena. She won't have to deal with Zi'on, but part of her will always worry and wonder. It's a whole mix up of emotions and though they just said how Zi'on should have long gotten over it, it's not like she's doing well on her end of things to let go! This may be a start, though. At his laugh, she quirks a brow and with his joking she can't help but chuckle along with him. Pushing to her feet, she brushes off her pants and straightens her clothing. "Knowing what could await you in that office? I don't doubt it," she drawls with a faint grin. "And leave it to you to actually think on it. Must be nice, to have to think on something to vent about." she teases him, glancing now towards the paths leading into the Weyr. "When you do, you know where to find me or just have Kanekith nudge Ujinath." Kiena begins to step backwards then, angling not for the Weyr proper itself but more for the paths that'll take her out towards the beach and coastal roads. Home. To her weyr. "Thanks, Ka'el. For listening."

"Oh yes, because you know what a stress-free, perfectly perfect life I live," Ka'el teases right back, his tone nothing but amused. "Smooth sailin' from birth to now. I might not come up with anything, after all! Oh, wait. I've got it," he says with a snap of his fingers. "This morning, when I went to take my breakfast, I was given blueberry jam instead of strawberry to go with my biscuit!" Shock! Gasp! The horror! His eyes widen into a 'can you believe it??!' sort of look that cracks seconds after it's made. He laughs and lifts a hand to wave as she begins to step back. "I do the listening thing well," he answers with a smile, nodding his head to her afterwards. "You're welcome. Thank you for trustin' me enough to tell me what was on your mind. I'll see you later, Kiena." He turns after that to head off, heading back towards the clearing and Caverns that are within it.

Kiena laughs and pulls her own sarcastic expression of shock and awe. Oh the horror! "How terribly unfortunate!" she drawls, unable to continue much with that line as she breaks into some snickering. It helps lift the grim mood that had settled over her and while what occurred between her and Zi'on still lingers it is more on the back burner now. Why focus on that when she can focus on the friends she has here? "Of course I trust you," she says almost automatically, only to snort. She knows full well how that may sound, given there was a time where Ka'el could barely approach her without her wanting to climb the wall to get away, all the while spitting and bristling. "See you around, Ka'el. Try not to drown in all that paperwork." Kiena will toss him a half-wave, half-salute then and turn to take her own path as she heads home to tend to Ujinath.

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