Xanadu Weyr - Observatory
The main potion of this enormous building consists of the domed central structure which houses the enormous telescope. At dusk, the dome parts and scrolls back to allow the scope to extend towards the heavens. The computer console with all the knobs and buttons controls focus and position as well as projecting onto the extra large screen placed high enough for all to clearly see it. Around the perimeter are seats for onlookers to join the nightly sessions.

To one side is a short corridor leading to several offices for the masters and journeymen Starsmiths and one main workroom for scribes.

ka-el has spent most of his day forging away, taking on extra duties, perhaps to try to get back on the good side of Orik after the whole fight thing. Whatever the reason, his recent time has been booked with work and extra work, and it's only now, with the sun setting behind the horizon, that he has time to himself. He should be eating dinner, but … eh, instead he's found some peace up here on the ridge in the observatory. He did snag an apple so that he isn't starving, and he sits at one of the telescopes though doesn't bother looking through it. He can see the sky from where he is. It's starting to get dark, and stars are just now beginning to appear.

Idrissa had the rest of the afternoon off, and what better time to relax then to come wandering up here? Of course she did poke Kale to see what he may be doing and perhaps suggested they spend some time with one another. She is making her way along the path upwards towards observatory, and she has a small box with something eatable within it for sure! It takes her a few moments before she catches sight of Kale, and with a smile she moves on towards him. "Hey."

Kale exhales a breath and coughs, rubbing his nose with the back of his hand a bit. Ugh. Too much time in the forges. Ash and dust in the lungs! An occupational hazard of the craft, but really, it seems like a risk he's willing to take. He coughs again then clears his throat before noticing Idrissa's arrival. He smiles lightly, lifting a hand in a wave to her. "Hey," he greets in return, scooting over a bit to make room for her on the bench he sits on. "Sorry. Probably smell like soot an' smoke," he says, lifting an arm to sniff at his sleeve. Fireplace smell!

Idrissa tilts her head as she catches him coughing, there is a bit of worry across her face which is seen while she sits down next to him. "You alright? I don't mind the soot and smoke smell. Better then what I've been smelling all day at the stables." At least she stopped long enough to get a bath as she smells like some sorta flowery scent then well stable smells. She holds the box up. "I managed to wrangle some bubblies away from the table before all the kids got them."

"Yeah, I'm alright," replies Kale, stifling another cough. "Stayed in too long today. Lesson learned." He smirks a bit, coughing a little again before he looks to the box she carries, brow arching. "Bubblies?" he says with a bit of a smirk to her. "You know that could mean anything. Bubble bath. Shampoo. Drink. Blowing bubbles.." He grins and leans towards her a little. Mmm. She sure smells nicer than he does!

Idrissa shakes her head slightly. "You should be careful and not try to breath all that stuff in." Oh sure that works great, a smither, they sort of always around that stuff now aren’t they? "It’s a pastry, covered in sugar and everything. I think you’ll like it." Maybe he hasn't had one before? Well she didn't for a while so it isn't a surprised. She leans back against him, her shoulder pressing against his.

"Oh! Bubbly pies," says Kale, perking with a grin. "Sure, they're great. I like those. Thanks for bringing them." Hey, he likes everything sweet and sugary! What teenage boy doesn't? "And sure, I'll definitely try not breathing when I work. M'sure that's loads safer. Passing out is probably a better way to go." He snickers, though settles when she leans against him. He reaches over to take the box, lifting the lid to peer in. "Hey. About what happened a few days ago? Sorry about Alloy. He's sort've .. green crazy. Did the same with Sori's mother's green." He makes a face, but then looks over at her quickly. "I didn't kiss her though." That goes without saying, but still! Just … letting her know!

Idrissa smirks and gives him the box. "Oh funny. You know what I mean." She tilts her head while peering at him curiously at the talk of Alloy and Willow. "Why are you sorry about that?" This questioned softly while she ponders. "I mean they did what was normal firelizard stuff." She pauses a moment. "Well I didn't think you would kiss Soriana's mother." That would be rather interesting to say the least. "And I didn't mind the kiss at all." She does like it when they kiss.

Why is he sorry? Kale smirks a little and shrugs a shoulder. "I dunno. Just feels like … he shouldnt've been there or something. It was her first uh… glowing thing, right?" He pauses, looking at her questioningly. "Is it called the same thing as dragons? Proddy or … whatever?" He still thinks that's a stupid word and refuses to use it! "He can be very…" Hmm, what's a good word? "..male, if that makes sense. Sort of pushy when he gets it in his mind what he wants. I feel it all," he taps his head, smirking a bit, "up here. And I'm glad you didn't think I was bein' pushy too when I kissed you. When he gets that way, I can usually ignore it when I get busy doing something else. But you were right there and .. I guess it's harder to resist when the person's right in front of you."

Idrissa nods slightly at the talk. "Well yes, it was her first time being glowy, or well proddy. I'm pretty sure they call it the same with firelizards and dragons." She isn't fully sure really. "I've always been told some people don't feel as much with their firelizards like they do with dragons. Still I felt that night to get well involved in it to some degree." If that it is like with a firelizard she can understand why it is even harder to deal with a dragon. She glances to him, blushing slightly and smiles. "Naw you weren't pushy. I liked it anyway so I wouldn't be mad over something I liked doing."

Kale reaches into the box to pull out one of those bubblies, offering the sweet pastry to her. "Well I feel it with him. Not heavy. Well .. not til with Willow." He smirks and shrugs, grinning a bit at her blush. He leans over to kiss her cheek lightly, then looks back in the box, taking a pastry for himself now. "Hey .. I never said I was sorry about what happened with J'o. M'not sorry I hit him, but I am sorry that you felt like you couldn't talk to me about things." He glances over at her with a sort of sheepish expression. "I haven't really been good at this, have I?"

Idrissa chews on her lip slightly and smiles while taking hold of the pastry. "Maybe because we're so close?" Well it is a possible thought as to why Alloy and Willow 'fun' making would have affected them so much. As he goes on she listens while chewing on a bit of the sugary treat. "It’s alright. I think we both need to work at it you know? I'm sure I could be better at telling you things as well." This is Rissa, she does have problems talking to pretty much everyone though.

"Maybe," Kale agrees before taking a bite of the pastry. Mmmm, yummy! He voices his approval of the treat and takes another chomp out of it. Yum! "Probably," he says after a bit of thought, lowering the half of the dessert down a little. She's right. They could both work on their communication a little more. Heh. Maybe he can practice that now. He hesitates a little, eyeing the bite marks on the pie. "What I really mean is, I don't think I've been really good at this.. boyfriend thing."

Idrissa chews on a bite of the treat as she listens to him. "Well, what do you mean?" This questioned while she peers at him curiously. "I've never had a boyfriend before Kale." Which means she is clueless on the matter of boyfriends, and being a girlfriend for that matter.

"Yeeeah well.." Kale raises his free hand to rub at the back of his neck a little. "I mean … Like, I'm pretty s-.." He pauses, eyeing her. "Don't tell her I told you this, alright?" He furrows his brows a bit, but doesn't exactly wait for her to promise that. "I'm pretty sure Soriana doesn't want this…me…whatever, anymore. You heard what she said, didn't you? She wants to see other people. Other guys. I'm not … I mean, I'm sure that means I'm not really interesting enough for her." He coughs, hurrying on. "I never thought I would be, you know? For a while I thought…when we were on Ista…” Broken sentences totally make sense! “I mean I'm just … some holdbred boy and she's… Her mother's a goldrider and .. Heh. I'm sure she's bored by now." He swallows back a scowl. "And you. I feel like I haven't done enough for you. And maybe we don't talk because maybe..you feel like, you don't want to, and you're hap-…more comfortable talking with somebody else. Heh. I dunno." Awkward.

Awkward indeed, it seems this little love triangle, circle, or whatever it is had plenty of problems! Idrissa looks to him a moment, blinking as she hears the bit on Soriana. "Well, I'm sure there is a reason though. She, well she said she loved you that nit too." She points out. "That has to mean something." Her gaze lowers slightly to eye what is left of her pastry. "I think your interesting, doesn't matter if you’re just holdbred or not to me." As if that is a surprise coming from her. "I don't talk to a lot of people Kale, and I talk more to you and Soriana then anyone else in this Weyr. J'o is a friend, and I truly didn't mean to tell him anything about that actually. I shouldn't have said anything to him, I should have talked to you instead."

"Yes, but how could she say that and say she's not happy in the same breath?" says Kale, brows furrowing. "It doesn't make sense to me. I thought I understood all this, how she felt, but .. now I'm not sure about anything." And he definitely doesn't like it. When it comes to Idrissa … well. She at least sounds easier. She did say that she didn't have any real interest in anyone else. He watches her quietly a moment as she talks about J'o. About them. "Would we still all be friends if we weren't dating each other?"

Idrissa hums softly, well he does have a point there now doesn't he? She finishes what is left of her pastry and licks across her fingers a few times to get the sugary bits off. "I haven't talked to Soriana about what you two do, or how she feels, or anything like that. I didn't want to invade your privacy and all." So she doesn't have an answer for anything dealing with Soriana. At the friends bit she blinks, a glance is sent towards him and she watches him a few moments. "I would want to stay friends…" Does this mean he is thinking about breaking up with her then? Oh ya that thought went right through her mind there.

Kale supposes he really should be talking about this to …. well, Soriana. The bad thing about that is, when he thinks about Soriana now, all he can think of doing is hiding from her. Why get close when she's looking to pull away? The edges of his lips downturn, and he places his half eaten pastry back in the box, rubbing his fingers together to get some of the powdered sugar off. "I think it'd be difficult," he says, leaning against her a little more, "for all of us to be. I don't know if it'd be hard..for you and me. But, for me and her? I don't think I could stand by and be alright with her snogging all over someone else."

Idrissa isn't too sure what to say in the matter it seems, she is quiet while pondering while brushing her hands off after finishing her pastry. "You should talk to her; tell her how you feel on it." At least this isn't him trying to come up with a way to break up with her, well from what she can tell at least. She chews upon her lip a moment and then looks back to him. She moves to give him a one armed hug while keeping close. "I can image that it wouldn't be a good feeling to see that. Still don't beat yourself up over it until you talk to her."

Yeeah, Idrissa must be forgetting just who she's speaking with. Tell her how he feels? Right. He can already imagine that conversation going up in flames and hellfire, and so although he nods in quiet agreement, his intentions are anything but. He's already said too much as it is, and although he accepts that hug and returns it, when he leans back, he watches her with a slightly wary look. "Like I said before, you can't tell her any've this. You won't, right?" he asks, brows faintly lifting.

Idrissa glances to him at this, she nods. "I won't tell her. But you need too Kale. It isn't fair to you or her. Your be guessing and she could be wondering for all you know." She points out. Ha! Rissa attempting to make sense? It must be very cold someplace.

"What would she possibly be wondering about?" laughs Kale, head shaking as his eyes lift to the stars that can be seen from where they are. "She knows everything, other than this. It's like I'm an open tome with nothin' left to discover." A pause and his eyes settle upon one of those eye catching stars. One of the ones that shine a little brighter than most, demanding attention. "Huh.." said so himself. "That's why she's gotten bored, isn't it? Even I grew tired of The Benefits of Metalwork after the first three reads." He sits a while, pondering this in a settled silence. "Maybe talking so much isn't such a good thing."

Idrissa shrugs slightly and is quiet once more, pondering. Well what would she be wondering? "With Soriana, who knows. She could be wondering anything." She blinks and watches him a few moments before poking at his chest. "Oh come on. You don't really believe that do you?" A shake of her head is seen. "Don't think that way. She hasn't gotten bored with anything, an don't stop talking about things."

Kale smirks at the poke and lifts a brow. "Alright, I do have a thought of what she's wondering: Who'll be the next one?" The phrase sounds harsher than he likely intends it to, but spoken words are difficult to take back, and sounding angry is more acceptable than sounding sad or worried. At least, it is when you are a boy. But the smirk remains even afterwards, perhaps making it difficult to find the truth in his word. Eyes return to the studded sky. "That new girl was talking about having a party up here, right? Are you going to go, if she pulls it off?"

"Who'll be the next what?" Idrissa questions before she figures out and a sigh escapes her. "Why would you ever think that way?" This questioned while she looks up to the sky watching a few of those bright stars. "Party?" There is a pause. "Sure, I don't see why not. As long I can escape the stables I suppose." At this rate she isn't sure if that is going to be possible some nights.

Kale snickers. "Didn't you hear her? … Ah, wait. You were a bit … occupied with Willow," he says, looking amused at the memory. "Oh, speakin' of, she's alright, eh? Has she come back since bein' off with Alloy?" is asked, largely off topic. Or rather, on a tangent before getting back on track. "Anyhow, she said so. There're others she'd like to," a shrug," do thing with, or whatever. She doesn't want me telling anyone to keep away from her, so I won't." Or perhaps he should say 'try not to' if her were truly being honest! Ah well. He shrugs again. Whatever. That's the right mindset to have, surely! Whatever always wins. "If you can't make it, I'll come get you. Make some excuse to get you out for at least a while."

Idrissa is quiet as she takes that in, she wonders why Soriana would say that, an she sort of recalls it but not all of it. "Ah, she's been around. Just been very cuddly and all nesty like I guess you could call it." There is going to be Alloy and Willow babies! "Others… What others?" Oh ya she is very confused now. "I wouldn't stop you from getting me out from the stables for a party." Yes she did just say that, she must be sick if she wants someone to actually come free her from the stables without her kicking and screaming.

"Nesty like?" echoes Kale who gives her a quizzical look. One might assume she's given him a scientific equation to solve! As for Soriana, he shrugs again, disengaged. "I dunno what others. Just others. Who knows who they are." But he definitely knows those others can't hold a candle to him! Or something like that. Turning topics again, he looks mildly surprised at the ease of which he's convinced her to depart from the stables. "Really?" he says, both brows raising. But .. ah. Right. No knot and bad times. "It'll be good, you know? Having some fun and not thinkin' about stuff for a while. And if that Journeyman is there …. well I'll deal with'm." Ah yes, he should be very afraid!

Idrissa smirks faintly and nods. "Well, ya. She's going to lay eggs at some point." She offers with a soft tone at the idea. "Green firelizards can lay eggs like gold firelizards. Just not as many I think." Or something like that she is rather sure! A slight nod is seen while she presses close to cuddle with him now. "Ya… I just don't feel right there I guess at the moment. Everything with Jarse has cause some problems. I'm behind in my studies and everything to." Ya it doesn't look good for her at all, at least that is how Rissa feels. As for the bit dealing with Soriana, maybe they should just stop talking about it.

Kale is definitely willing to let the topic of Soriana drop, as he certainly isn't picking it up again. On to other things, such as firelizard eggs. … Firelizard eggs? "Woah .. woah really?" he says, blue eyes going slightly wider. "I hadn't thought .. I mean. Sure, Alloy goes after greens all the time lately, but I never really … Eggs, huh?" He grins a bit, head shaking. "Alloy's a papa, huh? Ha, come to think've it, he's probably been a papa already without even knowin' of it." He laughs a little before lifting an arm to curl it around her shoulders gently. "Do you have to do anything? Or does Willow do it all on her own?"

Idrissa nods at this and smiles for a moment, it does seem like a rather interesting thing! At least to her, she's never had a pet to have babies at least. "Yup, eggs. I just set up a bucket or something and hope she'll like it. You know with the sands an all in it." At least that is what she is going with! "An if he’s caught other firelizards then ya he’s a papa for sure."

"That's sort've neat," replies Kale, his word genuine. "Neat to think of. It's the first time I've ever known a firelizard personally that has laid eggs. I wonder how she'll be. The gold we saw in the tavern that day was a bit of a brat, though I'm not sure if that's from the eggs she was carrying or just her personality." His fingers lightly trace at her hair, vaguely combing through as his eyes grow distant. "Sort of weird too, to think of Alloy that way. He's such … a goof." A mild smirk follows and he looks over at her, for a while not saying a word. Content to watch. Watch and wonder. "Will you stay up here with me tonight til we can't anymore?"

Idrissa nods at this and smiles while she watches the sky a few moments. "I dono, just have to wait and see. She was alright with Ripley before she was off asleep." It should be interesting to say the least. She cuddles close to him, content to just stay put and watch the stars and be close it would seem. "Sure I will." As if he really had to ask, being out here with him makes her happy, so she will most certainly stay and continue to watch the stars until they have to leave.

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