Fuzzy Socks

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It is totally a dreary sort of day meant for thinking. ka-el has much to think about. More than he really would like to think about, and luckily for him, he doesn't have time to think about such things because he's busy in the heat of the forges where things make sense and everything is clear. No one has been stabbed there. And in there, he needn't put on a mask of false cheer. And so he's glad to stay there alongside a handful of others, pounding and sweating.

Xanthius, on the other hand, has nothing but time to spare. There's been sooo much to catch up on since his departure from the weyr, and unfortunately he hasn't had much opportunity to snag his dear friend Kale for some chat time. Today is no different, and he waltzes away from the forges and onto the beach with at an unhurried pace. His clothing is light and airy, with pastel colors to match the season. A pale blue, white collared shirt is form fitting and made of a thin material with denim colored pants beneath. Also form fitting. Sandals are worn on the feet which move quietly on the sand now. Ah, look who it is over there! He smiles to himself as he saunters towards Idrissa's rock, hands clasping behind his back. "Idrissa, Idrissa. You seem lost in your thoughts."

Just because water isn't actually falling from the sky anymore doesn't mean it's not still wet. Soriana is wearing her jacket, but she's still out on the beach despite the wet. Toral is perched on her shoulder, and Haruhi? Ah, Haruhi has decided today is too cold and wet and she'll be back by the fire. Hence why Toral's out here, perhaps. The brown's quiet, curled in on himself against the weather as Soriana comes along the shore from the direction of the weyrling barracks. She pauses when she notices other figures on the beach, and turns her steps in that direction.

Idrissa didn't think anyone would really been down on the beach on a day like this so she hasn't been paying attention to whom all is around. So she has little idea that Xanthius is moving towards her until she hears his voice, which makes her cringe slightly. A faint cough escapes her and she peers upwards slightly. "Hello Xanthius, an yes I was there for a bit." She has plenty of reason to, not that she is about to fill him in mind you. Though knowing her luck, give it plenty of time and a Western Rider will be here any moment to drag her off, then he'll know something's up! "How are you?" This is questioned while she shifts, pulling her jacket around her a bit more, Ripley wiggles and shifts before curling up once more and peers out to eye this person that is talking to his person.

Xanthius invites himself on the rock next to her, pulling up a leg to curl his arms around his knee. "That is good. One's thought is sometimes where the best inspiration comes. It's good to lose yourself in them, for you never know just what you'll bring back with you when you return." Brown eyes remain on the horizon, and he inhales a deep breath of the salty air which is exhaled through his nose. "I'm … good. Yes, good." He nods, as if agreeing with himself. "Ah, how I've missed Xanadu. The sights, the people." He turns to her now, a smile on his face, though somehow it still manages to look a bit oily. "Though I see many things have changed still. A new Weyrleader, for one. The forest's line in the clearing. An overall .. busyness, which I can't say is bad, necessarily. But, damn it all, I can't ever seem to get Kale alone, and I'm only here a while longer. Do you have the same problem?" His eyes shift to more movement to one side, spotting Soriana's approach.

And what figures does Soriana see? Well, one of them is Idrissa. The other… is Xanthius. Huh. She hasn't seen him in a while. Not even he can make her stop approaching, though she does get a considering look as she comes in toward them. "Hey," she says in greeting. She's changed too, since last he saw her. For one thing, her clothes (while still most certainly practical, pants and a shirt) have actually been fitted to her body. Shocking! Sori gives Xanthius a nod, then her eyes go to Rissa and linger there.

"I suppose so." Idrissa offers with a soft tone, she watches Xanthius a few moments before she looks back to the water. "His busy in the forges so I imagine it is a bit hard to get him to go and do stuff." Whatever boy might do that is! She tenses slightly at the 'weyrleader', as if she has reason to fear the word. New movement is caught and she doesn't peer over until hearing that it is Soriana's voice. "Hey." Is offered back along with a slight wave. Clothing wise for Rissa hasn't changed much in the least.

"Well, well, it is Soriana," drawls Xanthius, a half grin curling one half of his mouth as he watches the said girl's approach. And you bet he notices those clothes. He always notices clothes! And he's never been shy at showing interest in one's clothing, though in this case, 'interest' likely isn't the best word. It's more of a considering sort of look, which pauses at her neck. "Ooh, now that I like!" he says, leaning towards her to gesture to her necklace, eyeing the woven threads and the blue green glass pendant. "Very Istanian. Is that where you got it?" He reaches forward as if to touch, while his eyes slide to Idrissa. "I suppose so. But you'd think he'd take time off for his dear old friend Xanthius. I'll have to find it in the depths of my heart somewhere to forgive him if I don't see him before leaving. I've only met with him briefly while he was planning his shardawful costume for a masquerade."

"Oh, yes, it's me," replies Soriana with an arch of one brow. "So sorry to disappoint." She's got a faint smirk on her face as Xanthius looks he over, then takes a step back as he reaches toward the jewelry. No touchy for him. She shrugs at the question, though. "Partly. I don't know about the other part." She tilts her head at his reply to Idrissa, and hmms. "Kale?" she says, though there's not really a question in her tone. "I haven't seen him since that." She glances to Idrissa. "Did you ride back with him?"

Idrissa catches the bit where Xanthius asks where Soriana got the pendant, her gaze drifting towards it which makes her wonder if that is the one she gave her some turns back as a gift. There is a pause and she peers at Xanthius. "So, where did you go off to anyway?" Subject change? Why yes, and thank you. The bit on the costume party is one she would really like to skip right over. "You'll have to talk to him and see if he can meet you for lunch or something I suppose." She chews on her lip at the question and nods slightly. "Ya, his well at the forges I suppose." This said with a soft tone

Aw. Xanthius pouts as his reach is denied touch, and he withdraws his hand with a drawn out siiiiigh. "Ista, I would guess. I could be wrong, but I do doubt it," he says, tapping his fingetip against his chin in a moment of thought. At the conversation regarding the whereabouts of the mentioned smith, he looks from one girl to the other. "Perhaps we could all have lunch," he says, looking inspired. "Unless…" he pauses, a somewhat sculpted brow arched, "the three of you are no longer friends? That'd be awfully tragic, considering the way he spoke of you, but if it's true I'd gladly listen to your side before getting his," he offers with an emerging, toothy grin. "As for where I've been," he waves a hand. "Where haven't I? Mostly Southern Boll. I swear, it's where I was meant to be this whole time, but … it isn't Xanadu. But I've travelled other places with journeyman. Ista. Western. Eastern. Ierne. Everyone needs fabrics."

"Might be," Soriana acknowledges to Xanthius. The glass bit of it will certainly look familiar to Idrissa, what with being that very one she gave oh these many turns ago. The rest of it, though, was not part of the original design. She steps over and gives a little touch to Idrissa's shoulder as the other bites her lip, offering a smile before looking back to Xanthius. "We could have lunch," she says, thereby implying that, yes, they're still friends. "If, of course, Xanadu can possibly stand up to the assorted delicacies I'm sure you've had while hopping your way across Pern. Have you tried the cake shop at Ierne? They're quite good."

Idrissa smirks just a moment while Soriana makes sure that Xanthius can't touch the glass, she smiles though as yes it is that one she gave her friend, which she notices once Soriana has moved closer. "Why wouldn't we be friends?" This questioned with an unsure tone as she looks over towards Xanthius. Does he knows something that the girls don't? At the touch she takes in a soft breath. "I'm alright." She says softly, and other then the looming fact that she was sort of the cause of a Weyrleader getting hurt she really is alright. "Sounds like you've been all over then. Where do you plan on going once you leave?"

Xanthius laughs. "There's nothing like food from home, Soriana. I've missed it terribly. But you're right. Some of the finer foods of other weyrs and places really can't be compared to. Which isn't to say Xanadu doesn't have delicacies of its own." The mentioning of a cake shop has him pausing to think. Ierne cakes.. "I can't say that I have. I'll surely make it a point to stop by next time, with your recommendation. If your taste in pastries is similar to your taste in clothing, I know it shall be quite interesting." Possibly…a compliment? Or something. Oh Xanthius is just the same as always! Idrissa's first question has him languidly rolling a shoulder. "Just a question. With time, things and people change. I'd just wondered if things had … changed," he answers, moving on to the next topic easily. "When I leave here, I'll be going back to Southern Boll. I can't let them believe they've gotten rid of me. The senior apprentices there practically loathe me!" he says gleefully. "It's quite comical."

Soriana smirks, not taking it as a compliment. Xanthius? Complimenting her? As. If. Particularly not on something like clothing. That said, she doesn't seem overly offended. It's just Xanthius. "See that you do." She looks back to Idrissa, and nods. "All right," she says, not trying to press it further. Back to Xanthius. "Oh, yes. Some things change. Then again, some of them just stay the same." She smirks somewhat, then outright laughs. "Ah, shows what they know."

Idrissa looks a bit surprised at the compliment (or lack there of) from Xanthius to Soriana. She blinks and peers to Soriana, there is just a bit of amusement seen across her face. "Well I guess people can change huh? Or not." This questioned with a soft chuckle escaping him for a moment at the thought. A slight nod is seen at the talk of Xanthius going back to Southern Boll. "I see. When do you leave?"

"Oh, yes you should see them!" cackles Xanthius, gleefully. "Coming from Xanadu, they assumed I was some backwards bumpkin still dressed in the fashion of fifty turns ago. But no, I set them straight, I did. I know I'd be senior apprentice if it wasn't for appearances. It wouldn't be right of them to promote me so soon. And I like it. Being an apprentice, yet knowing more than the seniors. Getting under one's skin is a skill of mine," he says, as if it were some deep secret. And, speaking of secrets! Few things make it past Xanthius, even when he is so consumed with himself. He notes the spoken and unspoken dialogue between the two girls and, never shy about putting his nose where it isn't wanted, he lifts both brows to Idrissa. "I sense discontent. I don't feel as if you are as all right as you claimed. What's troubling you?" A pause. "I should be gone in a few day's time. Likely two. Three, if I use my advanced skills of reasoning and convincing."

Oh, yes, it certainly does show what they know. Imagine, someone thinking they could actually be rid of Xanthius. As if! Soriana grins, but it's more being amused /at/ Xanthius than /with/ Xanthius. "Well, you be sure to explain things to them. Carefully." Hey, maybe he'll get in trouble! If only she could be there to watch. Sigh. She simply must make some sacrifices! At his question about something being wrong, she frowns for a moment, but doesn't actually say anything. That's for Rissa to answer if she chooses.

Idrissa makes a slight face as she listens to Xanthius, she is not impressed with him, still. No that any of that has really changed over the last turn or so from the conversation they had back for that dance. "I see." Is commented on the bits on how he likes to appear smarter then everyone. Which is not a surprise in the least to her. As he goes about questioning her she is quiet for a moment. "Nothing to worry yourself about Xanthius." This is normal behavior from Rissa, do you actually expect a answer from her? If so then you are /so/ out of luck.

"Nothing?" presses Xanthius, who is not above pressing for information, mind you. "Oh, dear, if it were truly nothing, you'd be far more convincing I'd hope." He leans back a little, hands pressing against the rough surface of the rock he sits on. "Shall I guess? Let's see…" He closes his eyes, drawing inspiration from the essence of everything around him. "If it were something romantic, you'd be far more teary eyed. So it must be something on the other end of the spectrum, yet no less traumatic." More thinking. "Does it have to do with a disappearance of your knot?" he asks, eyes opening. "I've seen you twice now, both times without it. If it were once, I'd assume it to be a fluke. But a second time?"

"Mind your own business," says Soriana on Idrissa's behalf. She gives Xanthius a look, then adds, "Now, if you actually want to know what's going on and do some good with yourself into the bargain, you should take her clothes shopping. I can't imagine but what a few new shirts and some fuzzy socks might not do wonders for how talkative she is." And of course Xanthius is eminently qualified to guide Rissa among the clothing. Better still, as of last time she saw him, he has the funds on hand to buy some of the things Idrissa has a hard time affording new. "So, give that a thought, hmm? I'd best be back to the Annex, I was just here delivering some supplies to the weyrlings," she tilts her head back where she just came from, "-and they'll be expecting me back soon."

Idrissa blinks and peers at Xanthius, watching him a few moments. Her jaw tenses and she swallows slightly. He picked up on her knot being gone rather quickly there didn't he? There is a pause and she leans forward just slightly. "Do you really want to know what is going on?" This questions with a soft curious tone, as if she was trying to perhaps hide something. There is a pause though while she lets a finger tap against the rock and then lifts her hand to wiggle her finger in a slight 'come here' motion. She'll wait to see if Xanthius leans close before taking in a breath. "It really is none of your sharding business." This said with a faint low tone while she blinks and then peers at Soriana and looks confused to say the least on what he just said. "Wait… What?"

Xanthius looks to Soriana. "There's that spice I so missed, Soriana," he comments with a mild smirk, brown eyes gleaming. But, oh she's mentioned something he rather likes, and so he can momentarily ignore her rudeness. Shopping! Clothes? Accessories! "Fuzzy…socks?" he says with an air of distaste. But oh, this is Soriana. She has no idea what she's talking about, and so he'll totally let that slide and not go into detail how frightfully tacky fuzzy anythings are. He flashes a grin to Idrissa, who seems a bit forthcoming with details? Well, why not! He leans towards her, brows fractionally raising…then automatically lowering as she speaks. He leans back, mirth fading from his face. "And the mime," he remarks, head shaking slightly. "You were right. Some things do stay the same. It isn't a wonder he —.." Words clip, and he lifts a hand, pausing himself. "Nevermind." He rises from the rock. "You needn't've been so rude, dear Idrissa, but thank you for the reminder." He smiles partly and nods his head to the both of them. "Pleasure seeing you both again." Likely sarcasm there, though it isn't too obvious in his tone of voice. "Have a good day, won't you?"

Soriana smirks at Xanthius's dismay on the prospect of fuzz. She said it just to get a rise out of him! Or maybe she didn't. Fuzzy socks! She's not going to say, but either way, she's definitely amused at the reaction. The amusement only lasts a few moments, for at Idrissa's reaction, it fades into a sigh. Idrissa was supposed to play along and get some new clothes out of this. Instead… sigh. Her brow rises at the mention of the mime. "Some things do. If you wish lunch together before we leave, I'd be up for that. If, on the other hand, you'd prefer to have lunch with Kale and Idrissa without me…" she pauses, and that brow rises further as she speaks with ever so calm tones "…well, I'd certainly understand that." What would she understand about it? Ah, that's a good question, and one she shan't be answering! "You have a good day too, now."

Idrissa doesn't play by simple rules don't you know? She rolls her eyes as she hears Xanthius and tilts her head while waving a hand after him and a soft huff escapes her. "Sure, luck sounds like fun. With all four of us." Because she is totally making sure Soriana is going to be there if she has to be there thank you!

There's an encouraging smile for Idrissa, and then Soriana really does have to get back to the Annex before someone starts wondering where she's been. So, off she goes, doublespeed and running up the stairs. Oh, looky, there's a glimpse of her socks as she stretches. They're warm, comfortable, and, yes… FUZZY.

Puh! Insert hair flick … here. Soriana, change? If Idrissa is any indication of how much things have 'changed' around these parts, Xanthius wants nothing to do with it. Her reiterated offer of lunch is not answered. In fact, he doesn't grace them with any sort of answer afterward. Soriana's departure is met with a mere look and the faintly twinges of a frown on his face. But … GAWK. What is that he spies upon her feet? Glances of … fuzzy socks? Ooooh, the horror! Xanadu definitely needs him! The poor, poor, fashion backwards weyr. He saunters off down the beach without further word.

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