Love in the Time of Firelizards

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre
There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

The day is warm and comfortable, with a light breeze drifting through clear blue skies. It's a seemingly perfect day, even more so for ka-el who has finally, finally been set free. Freedom! This isn't to say that he doesn't still owe many chores for fighting. He does, but they're all much more doable without J'o's constant presence. An so, as soon as they were able, both boys parted ways. J'o, likely to his dragon, and Kale to the firelizard theater. It's just past lunchtime, and he has a precious hour and a half or so before he's due back to the forges. So, of course, he uses this time to play. He and Alloy are here on the children's playground, Alloy zipping here and there, retrieving rocks that are being tossed. Kale laughs, finding joy in the mundane just because J'o's not here.

Haruhi soars her way gracefully overhead, skimming over the trees. Trailing behind her is Toral, the brown more intent on his surroundings than the gold is, watching around and beneath him. So, it's Toral who first notices the teen and bronze down there, and he trills something that's both greeting and notification to Haruhi before dropping into a dive and going after one of those thrown rocks himself. His now!

Freedom is fun indeed! Idrissa is slowly making her way on into the theater, a yawn escaping her in the process. There is a surprize, she's tired! Which after a full day of working at the stables it shouldn't be a surprize. Ripley is settled upon her shoulder while Willow is fluttering off to rest upon a tree branch. The green is still rather glowy from the looks of it to. Rissa glances after Willow and then looks around catches sight of Kale some ways off. "Hey."

Heeey! That's his rock there, Toral! Alloy voices his surprise at that tossed rocked being snatched before he can get to it. Oooh no you don't! With a mighty cry, he gives chase! His rock! His his! Kale quirks a brow as Alloy's attention is taken away from catching the rock he just now threw, to a rock that was snatched. Smirking, he shakes his head, watching him go off. Oh hey, he knows that brown. Toral, which means Soriana may or may not be around here. He's not quite sure if that's a good thing, considering the Talk she said they needed to have. Or something. Luckily (maybe!) it isn't Sori's voice he hears next, but Idrissa's. He turns her way, offering a wave and tentative grin. Yeesh. He's not sure where he stands with either one of them, especially her, despite the kiss from the other day. "Hey." Pause. "Look.." he wiggles his unbound leg. "I'm free." Hooray?

Toral flaps up into the air again, carrying the rock. Heavy! But… with Alloy behind him and protesting it, that's all the incentive the brown needs to fly away and play keepaway with the heavy heavy rock. Meanwhile, Haruhi glides around in a loop, then chirps a bright greeting to Willow. Oh, dahling, there you are! She swoops in to perch beside the glowy green on the branch, brushing her tail coquettishly against Willow's, preening at her neck a moment, then trilling at the pair of male firelizards in an attention-getting way. Hey boooys~

Yes indeed it is Idrissa, and save for her firelizard she is on her own it seems. She peers at Kale curiously, a faint smile seen and she nods. "Ya you are." There is a slight pause while she moves on over to where he is. "I'm sorry again. That you got in trouble an all." She really does feel badly over everything with J'o. Willow chirrups out as she catches sight of Haruhi, the green hops a few times on the branch and turns to press and snuggle up against the larger gold. Oh yes look how cute the two are! Willow peers towards Toral and Alloy, a soft trill escaping the green while she puffs up slightly, her wings unfurling and flutter a couple of time even.

Ok so she's sorry. He's .. not. Not sorry that the fight happened at all, anyway. J'o needed to learn a lesson! Or something. And despite the amount of days that have passed, there's still something bugging Kale. "What did you tell'm, anyway? About you and me?" he asks with faintly furrowed brows. "He seemed to have a lot to say." The rocks that he has held for Alloy are left to drop to the ground now. It's not like he's coming back anyway. Kale can sense his firelizard is rather occupied. And he is! Swooping after Toral, wings flapping. Zigzagging between trees in this fun game. But, wait. He hears Haruhi, and Haruhi is one he should listen to… when he's good and ready. Luckily for her, he's good and ready to listen! So with a call to Toral, he arches back towards the tree, alighting upon a branch above the both of them. Ooo now this is something different. He peers at Willow as his wings fold, tail twitching.
[Xanadu Weyr] Briana: I think there should be included 'wife pay' for being woken up half a dozen times in the night ;P

Zig! Zag! Spin! Alloy's the bigger and stronger of the pair, but Toral is more agile, and so the brown manages to stay uncaught until Haruhi summons them. Oh? But, there's something he's got to do first! Toral darts away to hide the rock inside the wooden fort. His now! Alloy will never ever get back that… otherwise unremarkable stone. Toral will treasure it for… about five minutes, then forget about it utterly. Maybe less. Haruhi's calling, and that's likely to be distracting. That accomplished, he flaps his way after Alloy, arriving to perch on the branch nearby. Haruhi! Also… Willow. Well doesn't she look nice today. He chirrups, flexing his wings. Lookit him, he's strong and fast! Haruhi croons to the boys, arching her neck over Willow and looking back at them. See this? The lovely curve of her neck. The shape of her wings. The warm glow to her hide. The gold points out all the green's charming features. Isn't she just lovely? (Now sit up straight, Willow dear!)

Idrissa lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a few times, where does she start? "What all did he say? We was talking that day after the whole Thea flight bit. I wasn't really happy I suppose. I was just telling him that we don't talk like we use to." There's a pause. "But it's my fault more so as I don't bring stuff either." Her gaze drifts towards the firelizards and she is quiet while watching them before a sigh escapes her and she glances back to Kale. "I'm sorry that I don't talk to you, or tell you things. I just never have." Willow does indeed sit up straighter; her head tilting to the side, wings flutter once and then again while she shifts on her paws, tail slowly flicking slowly in the air while she trills out.

Kale takes a vague step back so that he can lean against the side of the swingset a bit, brows remaining furrowed as he listens to. "Sure we talk. It's just now there's not a lot of time to do it anymore. We're both apprentic-…" Eh. He catches himself, though after a moment, scowls and waves a hand dismissively. "I don't care what Jarse says, you're still an apprentice to me, and probably to everyone else to. Now, we're just having to deal with more things than we used to. I get that. What I don't get is why he'd call me a cheater, or why he'd say I don't listen to you unless he heard that from you or someone else." The edges of his mouth downturn. "Did you say I was cheating on you?" Meh, he isn't happy, but Alloy is making it difficult because from him, he's getting such an array of things. He's up there flaunting himself, as he tends to do around glowy greens. And now he has more reason to, with Toral trying to steal attention away. Puh. Strong and fast? Sure, but look at him. He's even stronger and bigger! His wings fan out ot their maximum size, and he puffs himself up. Chaar!

Toral gives his wings another flex, stretching them up. So big! So handsome. Well, sure, Alloy is maybe bigger than him, but… look at these sleek lines! Aerodynamics, baby. It's not the size, it's how you use it. Chi-i-irrrr. He arches his neck toward her, tilting his head with his eyes bright yellow with anticipation. Haruhi's croon gets lower in pitch as she watches the boys react to Willow. She seems downright proud of what she's done. Practically smug, even! … and all this does not go unnoticed by a distant Soriana. She hadn't planned to go out hiking in the woods today, but hey. Who needs plans?

Idrissa blinks at the talk of them being apprentices and she frowns slightly at it, her hand lifts to push some hair back while she takes in a soft breath once more and shifts to settle upon a seat. She blinks at the cheating part and peers at him. "What? No I didn't say you was a cheater. Where would he have gotten that idea?" She pauses a moment. "I told him that you, Sori and me was in a relationship." Or did she say something else and doesn't remember it? Possible at the moment! She chews on her lip while peering at the ground and kicks at it a few times as she tries to think this over it seems. Willow shifts on her paws while she hops forward, hophop across the branch and pauses to peer at Toral first. Her head tilting to the side as she seems to be expecting the brown, she even goes so far to poke at his side with a ebony claw and wiggles about with a sway of her hips.

"I don't know where he would've. That's why I'm asking you. The guy's not my friend." Of the things that J'o did say, it's apparent that this is the one that got to him the most. It was what sparked that push which was the catalyst to the fight in the first place. He watches her. From the way her eyes have grounded themselves, to the teeth on her lips. Is there something she isn't telling him? His brows furrow a little more, and his hands are soon stuffed into the pockets of his trousers. "I've said it before but.." A pause, and he scowls, looking up. "Alloy, cut it out!" His words don't help at all, and Alloy keeps doing what he's doing. Fluttering wings. Cooing, showing his bronze hide off even more now that Willow is inspecting Toral. Kale rolls his eyes and returns his attention to Idrissa. "If you don't like this…whatever this is, you don't have to do it, you know. I like you. I like Soriana too, and you two are the only ones that I … " He wrinkles his nose. "I'm not a cheater."

Oh yeah. Toral arches toward Willow, his wings fluttering in something that's far more a matter of display than any actual attempt at balance as she nudges at him. He arches his neck down under hers, curving it back to look at her as his wings lift up. Over, under, however! He chirps his way up the scale. Haruhi, back on the branch, watches this, and her tail begins to twitch. Her claws flex against the branch, checking her grip, and she keeps watching intently as that crooning noise fades off into nothing.

It's around then that Soriana appears at the edge of the trees, her first glance up at the fair of firelizards up in the tree. Or maybe she should call it a flight of firelizards? No… not yet, anyhow. She hmms at it, then looks down again to see Idrissa and Kale, and waves to them with a smile before approaching. "Hey."

Idrissa glances to Kale a moment. "I don't remember telling him anything like that Kale, I promise." She feels a bit hurt for a few moments before it passes. "I do like you Kale, I always have in some manner. I don't have a problem that you're with Soriana. Why would I? She's my best friend." Well it's not like she has many friends to start with but still! "I never told J'o that you were a cheater, I know you're not a cheater. I only told him that I wished we talked more. So I don't know what all he told you." Willow hops a few times on the branch; she trills out softly and nuzzles against the brown's neck down across his shoulders with a few soft hips felt in the process. The green then turns to peer at Alloy and turns to hop on over to where he is and rubs up against the bronze, cooing out while her tail teasing curls and wraps against Alloys. Isn't she a little flirt! Idrissa eyes Willow a few moments, she keeps getting this images of the green trying to pick one of the boys for well something. She hears Soriana, a wave is sent and she smiles to her. "Hey." If Soriana heard anything that she just said then so be it!

Kale watches Idrissa a while longer, looking for … who knows. Lies? Nah. She wouldn't lie to him. Not about this, anyway. About getting her knot taken away? Sure! But about them? … surely not. His expression slightly softens, the creases of his brow lessening as the frown dissipates. "Well, if he'd make that up just to piss me off and break us up, then if I were you, I'd think about whether or not you want to tell him anything else about anything." Kale surely would be happier knowing that J'o was no longer considered a friend! He's sure 'friend' isn't what the weyrling has in mind for her. He glances over at the sound of a greeting, and Soriana is watched with .. well, not quite trepidation, but a good healthy dose of wariness. Talks are worrisome things! "Hey Sori," he greets. Above, Alloy trills as Willow comes up to him, wings fluttering as her tail curls with his. Oh yes, he's so much better! See how awesome he is? And here, here are some images for you, Willow. Awesome-amzing Alloy! Hunting hundreds of bugs because he is so skilled and strong and smart! Glistening wings. Muscles rippling!

Toral arches against Willow, nuzzling at her chest and crooning to her as she noses and nips down over his shoulders. His wings flutter again, spreading out as the green nuzzles between them, and he's smug for just one moment until… gasp! She's moved on and abandoned him for another firelizard. Toral puffs up, lifting his head again. Chirp! He's the one you want! He's caught so many bugs. Bugs! Spiderclaws! Small birds! He hunts 'em all! Chitterchirp! Haruhi watches this, her grip tightening, and finally it's just too much for her. She squawks, and launches herself from the branch in a flurry of wings and shoves herself right between the males, flexing her wings to whack out at them as she projects indignation. She's the one to pay attention to! They're supposed to see how nice Willow is, but not actually hit on her. Pervs! Her tail lashes back and forth. Squawk!

For all that talks are dangerous things, Soriana seems pleased enough to see these two. A bit thoughtful, maybe. She's got things to consider on, but she certainly doesn't seem mad or anything. Her gaze goes back and forth, and the first thing she asks is, "Are things okay now? Between you?" She asks this, and a moment later, things become not okay up in the trees as Haruhi starts complaining, and Sori looks up and away. "What the…?"

"I'll have to talk to him to see if I can understand why he would think such a thing." Idrissa offers. Really do you think she would give up being friends with someone without at least trying to talk to them first? Kale should know her better then that! Though she will be a bit choosey in what things to says next time it would seem. Willow croons while she leans close to Alloy, getting all snuggly close, cooing and nipping up at his cheek a few times in the process. Everything is super cute until Haruhi dives in to take the attention off of the green. Willow grumbles out and scrambles out of the way, hoping upwards onto another branch before someone sits on her it would seem. Idrissa says softly as she hears Soriana, a curious glance sent to Kale. "I think so?" She questions softly. Ripley says upon his persons shoulder, eyeing the other firelizards and grumping out.

Or, better idea! She could just not talk to him ever again. Kale likes that plan much more than Idrissa's but … yeah, he doesn't argue that. J'o could likely kill a kitten and Idrissa would give him a second chance. Blue eyes turn to Soriana at her question. Are things ok? Idrissa's answer sounds rather unsure, and he gives her a questioning look. She thinks so? "Yeah. It's all fine," he answers, words more definitive, and tone … well. It's almost there. There's a squawk above as Alloy finds himself blocked from Willow by Haruhi. And then, bam! Wing in the face! He flutters his wings indignantly, eyes squinting as he rises from the branch a bit, just to settle back down on it. What what? He blinks at Haruhi. Oh yes, you are nice but totally not glowing. Willow is far more interesting! He looks up to the green and clambers up the tree to join her. Don't worry, he is here to save the day! "Does he not remember or care that she's his clutchmate?" wonders Kale aloud, looking up.

Toral takes a thump upside the head, and squawrks. Whaaat? He just… Haruhi flaps her wings again, scolding at both brown and bronze. How could they do such a thing? Willow is so sweet and innocent! (Also glowing.) Have they no shame? And on, and on she goes. Willow herself is forgotten, left to moulder up on the branch. Asking her what she actually wants? Whyever would Haruhi do that? She's busy lecturing Toral, the brown slinking back along the branch with awkward little hops and making placating chirps. Nooo, he didn't, not him, whatever could she… uh… hey what's that Alloy's doing? Haruhi pauses her rant long enough to turn her head. You! She squawks again, and launches herself into the air to chase after Alloy and nip his tail!

Soriana nods at those somewhat dubious answers, her gaze going between them again. "Okay," she says. "That's good. I mean… I want both of you to be happy." If she's suddenly a little out of it, that's probably because of the firelizard drama going on overhead. She looks up again, and stares at Haruhi. "Hey, back down," she mutters as she tries to enforce her will on the gold. Haruhi is so very not listening, and Sori shakes her head a little, saying to Kale, "Dragons don't. They'll… ah, they'll chase anyone." As big, so small, apparently.

Idrissa wasn't sure if Kale was mad at her, or well has more questions for her. Its not like she can read his mind after all. Once Kale answers she smiles and nods. "Yup, we're fine." Her tone at least is nice and firm showing she is sure of herself now it seems. She is back watching the fore firelizards a few moments, a soft sigh escapes her. "Ya I don't think so. Willow doesn't think about it in the least." This said with a faint grumble escaping her. Willow trills while looking to Alloy, she is getting followed! The small glowing green turns and presses eagerly against the bronze, her side rubbing across his, tail wrapping and tugging upon his a few times. Then Haruhi is up to try and chase him off again? HEY really?! Willow hisses out now, *snapsnap* of her jaws sent towards Haruhi. In other words 'stop chasing of the boys'!

Oh yeah, he's definitely going to win this battle! Booya, Toral! If males could glow with gloating pride, he'd be dazzling right about now as he leans against Willow and .. Ow! His tail! Alloy complains with a firelizard sort of yelp as Haruhi's teeth find thier mark, and he yanks the appendage away. And then there' a hissing Willow and a snapping jaws and … yeesh, he's outta here! He scrambles away now, leaving the branch to the girls while he tries to find a safe place! Kale hears both Idrissa and Soriana's knowledge of the workings of firelizard's minds while eyeing the trees. "Yeah, well Alloy will chase anything, seems like." He shakes his head, knowing that anything he says to the lizard will fall upon deaf ears. "This is like, the fifth, or sixth green he's been after."

As soon as Haruhi's eyes are off him, Toral leaps up after Willow. Lookit him, flying up! Oh, what's that? Aww yeah, it's a flourish. Don't mind Alloy and Haruhi, let those metallics go off in metallic land while we chromatics have ourelves a downright lovely time. See? Alloy just doesn't have the perseverance! He's running off already, and Toral (while not about to land on that branch) flutters his wings and waggles himself to try and lure the green away. Don't fight… come play! Haruhi is in anything but a playful mood, her eyes flashing jealous orange as Willow hisses at her. The gold darts back, mantling and chittering a tirade to Willow - with occasional glares at Toral!

"Yeah," Soriana says distractedly as she keeps staring and trying to exert control on Haruhi. Yeah. Uh. About the only way this could be harder is if Haruhi was actually glowing as well. "Toral caught a gold once," she notes while they're on the subject, then sets her jaw. "Come on, Haruhi."

Willow sends a few more snaps and hisses fly towards Haruhi, glowing green is not happy with the gold at the moment. It's not like the little green can keep their attentions during other times after all. Willow tilts her head to look up at Toral, and with Alloy fleeing for cover she leaps up into the air to flutter around Toral a few times. Sweet cooings escaping her before she nips out at the brown's side and with that done she is off! Zoooooom! Willow zips among the tree branches pondering if one of the boys will indeed chase her it seems. Idrissa shakes her head slightly and ehs while she watches the sight of Willow taking off. "It's well, her first time I don't think she fully knows what to expect from it all."

No golds for Alloy. Probably a good thing as he'd be even more insistent with a glowing gold. As it is, now that he's out of the fray and on a safe branch, he gives himself a brisk shake. He's down but definitely not out! Round two! With Willow taking flight and Toral likely not far behind, he hops off of his perch, wings spreading. Now for the fun part! Chasechasechase. Not for a rock this time! "Heh, I know what to expect," remarks Kale with a glance up to the bronze before he zips out of sight. He inhales and exhales a deeeeep sigh and moves to sit upon a swing. Just have to wait this out. "Might as well give it up, Sori," he suggests, hearing her. "Haruhi's headstrong any normal day. A day like today? She's probably not even hearing you." And she's not even the glowing one!

Haruhi protests those snaps with indignant squawks. It's for your own good, Willow! You don't know how boys are! …not that Haruhi does either, months younger than the green and yet to even gleam. Like a lack of knowing what she's talking about has ever stopped the gold before! She's just rearing up to deliver another of her warnings when Willow has the unmitigated gall to leave! What? goes the gold, and, Yes! goes Toral. He croons as Willow comes to dance with him, darting his head in against her side - oh, too slow! She's off! So is he, wings beating back the sky as he gives chase. There's the thrum of Alloy's wings behind him, but he's got the head start. Better make it count! Further back, there's Haruhi, who cries a challenge and launches herself into the air to give jealous chase! You don't understaaaand! Who knows what those pervy boys might dooooo!

Soriana glares at the firelizards who are utterly ignoring her, and as they disappear across the sky, she finally sighs. "Brat," she mutters of Haruhi, and shakes her head. "At least she wasn't fighting…" she says, with a worried glance at the direction they disappeared, then sighs. Time to wait it out. She gives Kale a rueful glance, sharing that moment of knowing what to expect, then glances to Idrissa. Huh. "This must be pretty new to you, too… isn't it?"

Willow doesn't wait to 'listen' to Haruhi it seems, the green has other thoughts on her mind at the moment it seems. Darn teasing boys then get the glowy green all interested in flying and doing well, things that glowy firelizards might do! Willow is quick, her wing tuck close to her now and then when she flutters and dives through some branches and is soon turning sharply to head up towards the sky. Catch me if you can boys! Is pretty much the given idea from Willow. Idrissa just watches what she can see, blinking at the imagens that Willow sends back to her at times. A cough escapes her and she glances to Soriana. "What?… Oh ya no I well… Ya not before now."

Alloy pumps his wings to try to make up for wasted time. He's behind! And Willow is flying in such a lovely way, he must catch her! Catchcatchcatch! Wings tuck and body arches to weave himself around tree trunks and through branches. Haruhi is all but forgotten now (gasp!) in the heat of the chase, trying to beat out the more experienced brown to get to Willow. Gotta get her, gotta get her! Kale has taken to swinging, rocking his feet back and forth against the ground, blissfully keping his mind off of Alloy's thoughts … or at least, he's trying to. He looks to both girls as they talk about firelizard flight experience. Soriana told him about it once. What to expect. And he's been through that … what, half a dozen times now? He smirks. "Welcome to the club then, Idrissa. It's your initiation day."

Toral is most definitely interested in those things that glowy greens do. He is so, so, interested, and he is all about the prospect of catching her… if he can. There's Alloy to deal with. Not to mention Haruhi! Though the gold's lost some ground during the maneuvering through the tangled branches, giving brown and bronze their chance with the green.

Soriana nods to Idrissa. "Well, uh… you might want to try thinking of something else for a bit." Because that always works. Blocking out a chase is soooo… possible. Yeah. Not really, but sometimes it's worth trying. At least they're only firelizards. Sori chuckles at Kale, and nods. "You'll be fine," she assures Idrissa with a smile, and then casts for something else, anything else, to talk about. Something safe. If only Pern had baseball. "I'm glad you two are good with each other," she says after a bit. Now is probably actually a horrible time for the relationship talk, what with the firelizard emotions going through all of them. Unfortunately, those emotions are like one jump away from the human romance ones, and so somehow, the relationship thoughts are the only ones that manage to come to her mind. "I want us to all be happy, whatever it is we're doing. Whoever we're seeing."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale an she soon shakes her head. "Funny." She offers with a soft mumur at the thought. As for thinking about something else she is trying, her mind still drifts back to Willow even while she half listens to what Soriana is now saying. A glance is sent towards her and she nods. "Well I do to. I mean we're friends and I really want us to stay there or well Whatever it is we have." The thought of losing her friends does bother her to some degree. Though what they do have is indeed something different then most their age. Willow is busy zipping through branches and she glances back a moment to try and see which is close to her it seems. Another few wing beats and she is through the trees hovering over the top of it for a moment before she zooms off to the right above the trees, her glowing green hide clearly giving away her spot though if the boys would only look upwards.

Back and forth. Kale continues to lightly swing while listening, eyeing Soriana as she talks. Whoever they're seeing. "You wanna see somebody else?" That's what he got from that statement, yup, but at least he doesn't sound upset. He doesn't sound much of anything, really. One of those nondescript tones that's merely spoken in a matter of fact way, his swinging coming to a pause. Above, Alloy is doing a grand job of flying. Geeze, he's amazing! Any firelizard would be LUCKY to be caught by him! See how he swoops and zags and zigs just right? And how leaves fall in his wake and… wait, where did she go? Raar! His flight slows as he goes in search mode. That's what he gets for getting distracted by…himself! Peer. Peer. Zip here. Zip there. Where is she? Gottagottagottagotta catch omg so excited! Kale squirms in his swingseat.

Toral is half-hidden in the brown and green of the branches, as Willow makes up the green part of it - complete with bright sunlight that makes her glow. He ducks through a narrow gap between the branches, pulling his wings in to make it through and enter a brief dive before snapping them open and soaring up again. Where? There! His wings beat the sky, rising up at a sharp angle until he's a half-length above Willow, and then his wings flick back, a sudden change in his air resistance that sends him skimming along the treeline after her, beating his wings with quick, abbreviated strokes to gain speed. Haruhi still flounders among the branches, clipping a tangle of vines that makes her spin and loose altitude, squawking indignantly as she heads once more for the skies, pursuing the now-distant shapes of the others.

Soriana nods to Idrissa, and smiles. "Yeah." It's just a smile, and never mind the bit of goofy blur that's coming through from the Toral side. Cough. Soriana tries to focus her thoughts back on the romantic part she feels and not the ones her firelizard feels. Kale helps with that, with his practical question. "Maybe," she says, looking back at him with her gaze steady. She seems unsurprised that he's gone there with this. Probably because her thoughts were already there. "I might, someday. And if I do?" The words may be challenging, but the tone isn't. It's just as matter of fact as Kale's.

Idrissa seems to have totally missed that part from Soriana, her mind is a rather busy place at the moment after all. No matter how she tries she keeps finding herself getting pulled into those pictures and little zaps from Willow as the chase continues still. Once Soriana is backing up the question with a 'what if', Rissa sends a curious glance towards her and then lets it turn over to Kale to see what his reaction may be it would seem. Willow doesn't let up now, no branches to zoom through, or to try and avoid there is nothing but open sky! Though she hears the squawking from Haruhi, which makes her trill teasingly towards Alloy and Toral. Seeming to say 'hurry up boys, your moving too slow'! Willow turns slightly and catches sight of Toral there above her? Wait when did THAT happen?? The green banks hard turning and heading back the way she came all of a sudden. Now where did Alloy get too? As she can't see him at the moment!

He can't find her, oh no! Alloy looks up and ahead, seeing Toral's brown hide looking so focused on something. Is she there? There where he is? Oh no, he's fallen behind! He scrambles to try to catch up, his wingbeats erratic, just trying to reclaim lost ground. Gotta go faster, faster, Toral's gonna win, gonna win, WOAH WHAT'S THAT?! Willow seems to come out of nowhere, in all her glowy green glory, straight for him. His startled reaction is comical. Raaar! Wingbeats falter for a second, and he clumsily scrambles his claws in the air. He's either going to crash into her. Or crash into a tree. Either…will be epic. Kale is also crashing. Facefirst into waters he rather not dive into. Soriana's answer .. well. He already pondered this once. On Ista, in an unexpected moment. And he had hoped that the topic really wouldn't be verbalized or like .. ever come up in real life. But that'd only happen in an ideal world. If she does want to date somebody else? And Idrissa too? J'o's already made that plausible, and his reaction to that could give indication of not so fun times ahead. He shrugs in answer, no longer looking at either of them. "S'whatever I guess," he says dismissively.

Aerodynamics. Toral used aerodynamics. Did he not show off his sleek shape? He did! The brown calls back to Willow with a quick chirp, putting his back into the motion. Faster, faster, he's almost near enough. The shadow of his wings covers the tip of her tail. A little further, and he can snap his wings and dive to get her. One more - she turns! Toral's going fast, and there's no way he can turn like her, so he doesn't even try. Instead, he spreads his wings wide, angling them so he starts going up, up, ever so sharply up until he stalls out entirely, hanging there weightless for a moment and then beginning to fall straight down, his wings drawing into his body as he tumbles in a spiral, then snapping out again suddenly as he turns ragdoll falling into a swoop back the way he came. He's flying again, chasing after Willow and working to regain the speed he's lost. Oh no! There's Alloy, right near her. Quickly, quickly, Toral's wings beat, putting it all into this one final lunge, and as soon as he's almost possibly near enough, he dives for her, trying to catch! Is he too soon? Is he too late? No matter what, he's going to try!

Soriana frowns at Kale's answer, and she walks over toward him, standing right next to the swing. "Kale," she says, her gaze still on him. "I love you." The words are easier this time. The moment is less unexpected. The weather's nearly as good, though. Definitely less humid. "But you don't own me. If you don't want me to date someone… ask me. Don't tell them."

Willow hears the quick call from Toral and looks back towards him, actually slowing down a slight bit which is going to lead to another problem rather shortly. The green seems to wait hovering in the air a mere moment and because of this misses where Alloy is. By the time Willow turns to look around a sharp alarm call escapes her and the little green *thuds* right into Alloy as a result. Her wings flap , forepaws push against the bronze while her tail flickers around looking much like an angry snake in the way it moves around. Idrissa has her attention on Kale and Soriana, looking a bit confused for a few moments, even more so at the way Kale responds. As for her dating someone else? That has not even crossed her mind thank you, she is even about to say something on that fact until Willow and Alloy crash into one another which makes her look upwards at the trees as if she could actually see what is going on. Though even with her mind getting pulled up to the firelizard she picks up on what Soriana says to Kale.

Whatever is a perfectly acceptable answer! Very vague. It could mean anything. Whatever, do what you want. Whatever, I don't care. Whatever, I'll beat anyone's ass who thinks of trying just like I did a certain weyrling. Just … whatever! A perfect way to avoid topics such as this one. But unfortunately, Soriana's not letting him play that game. He looks at her when she comes over, peering up from his swing like a pouting child, but without the pouty lip. It's all in his eyes. She speaks and he listens, mind half occupied by Alloy who is barging himself through more and more. A faint smile as she begins. Disappeared at the finish. But wait, isn't telling guys to back off part of his job description? "What if I don't want you to date anyone? Either of you?" His gaze sweeps to Idrissa and linger on her. "I know it's not… fair but…uh.." Damn it Alloy, keep your thoughts to yourself! But n.oo, the bronze above is starting to monopolize the thought processing, especially now as he finds his claws full of Willow. How'd this happen? And Toral's so close he can feel his breath! Feel his reaching claws! No no, he caught her (crashed into her, but well…details), she's his! Despite Willow's paws pushing against him, Alloy clings to her, trying to keep her from getting away.

Noooo! Willow has fallen right into Alloy's arms! Toral creels as he sees the prize going to the bronze despite all of the brown's fancy flying. He's just pulling up out of his dive (failed!) when Haruhi finally manages to make her way through the trees and bursts out to meet him. You! she calls at him. What do you think you're doing? Why, I have a mind- and on she goes, lecturing the poor brown even as Alloy and Willow are about to get up to exactly the sort of things she's complaining about to Toral. But- squeaks Toral, and Haruhi flutters and launches into a new tirade, driving him down into the forest to keep on with her scolding.

The vagueness of the whatever answer is, in fact, Soriana's problem with it. It could mean anything! Including a number of things that she doesn't want it to mean. So she's making him answer it further. Even if maybe she's not happy with all of the further answer. She asked, though, and so she doesn't interrupt him, though she frowns a little as he talks about not wanting her to date. She doesn't interrupt, though she nods as he says it's not fair. "It's not. Things don't have to be fair. Or equal. But… I don't know if I'd be happy. I… I look, y'know?" She glances back to Idrissa briefly, then back to Kale. "I can't help it. If I was supposed to never ever touch… that'd suck." She frowns, a feeling that's part hers, part of the disappointed, yelled-at brown who shares her head, part of the angry gold screaming at a boy for daring to look at another girl. They're so hard to keep apart.

Willow struggles and pulls, tugs and trills out as if trying to escape, though as much as she tries she isn't able to escape and is thus caught by Alloy it would seem. Her wings flutter a few times, and that lashing tail soon curls upon the bronzes while she warbles out. He better not cause them to fall or that green firelizard is going to be SO mad at Alloy! Idrissa hums softly, a slight shake of her head seen as the images she is getting from Willow are well happy ones but she doesn't need to know the rest! "Willow" Is grumbled out while she rubs at her eyes a few times, to try and get rid of the images she is being given at the moment. The bit from Kale is picked up on how he doesn't want either of them to date, she peers to Soriana now. "I don't think looking would be a problem. Kale can't keep from looking himself after all." Well he can't, the boy tends to have his eyes glued to certain girls As for the dating bit she shakes her head slightly. "I'm trying to keep the one relationship that I have going, I don't think I could worry about another one on the side." So don't worry about her dating someone else, looking? Ya she'll look thank you!

Idrissa is right. "I look.." Kale thinks many girls are good looking. Darsce. Zahleizjah. Thea (total woman, not girl!). That one bakercraft apprentice with the golden locks and dark eyes whose cookies he makes sure to compliment. Idrissa, obviously, who he seems quite captivated by now. Oh, and there's that one girl in the resident hall whose raven hued hair and bright eyes compliment each other so nicely… He looks too, and to hear that she does too doesn't…seem overly surprising. But it's the thought of her not being happy. That pulls his eyes back, brows furrowing faintly as he wraps his fogged mind around that. He doesn't want her to be unhappy. "Shardit.." He blinks once, trying to clear a fog. "Okay," is his answer. It has to be! He rises from his seat then to depart the swings and approach Idrissa, lifting a hand to cup her cheek and leaning in to kiss her heatedly. Alloy's influence is difficult to ignore, especially as he entwines himself with Willow, doing what male firelizards do to glowing females. Rawr. Oh yes, they fall, like the little mini dragons they are, but his wings do flutter from time to time to slow it at least.

Of course he looks. Why wouldn't he? Soriana quirks up one corner of her mouth to Idrissa. Well, at least that's one direction Kale won't have to worry in. Idrissa may always seem to be the one getting in trouble, but in this case, Soriana's the one who is trouble. She looks back to Kale, waiting for his thoughts. Waiting for his answer. When she gets it, she smiles to him, and reaches out to brush her fingers against his side for a moment… but it's only a moment, for in this moment - as the firelizards fall slowly through the air - Idrissa is the one Kale's falling for, not her. Falling hard, and fast, and Soriana doesn't try to stop him as he goes for the other girl. Instead, she takes a seat in the swing he's just left, and though she's still got a smile, it's with a slightly disappointed tinge. Not this time. Ah, well. She watches the two kiss, though she tries not to stare, and she kicks off into a slow swing back and forth, gliding through the air like firelizards do.

Idrissa knows very well that Kale looks, she smirk faintly and shakes her head at the look bit. Yes she does, bu she won't voice her thought on that again. As for her voicing a thought now, hereisn't anything else for her to comment on and she takes in a soft breath, thinking her firelizard is completely silly, and done with sending little thoughts and the like? Ha not hardly. The approach of Kale is fully missed up until she is kissed, which she doesn't pull away from in the least, even though she seems a bit surprized at the touch. Willow isn't going anywhere, an as long as Alloy doesn't let them fall o the ground like a bag of bricks all is good! Idrissa is kept put for the moment it seems, during the kiss and her hand even more to rest lightly against Kale, her mind wandering and clearly lingering on what there firelizards are doing at the moment. Darn little lizards and there clearly naught things they are doing at the moment.

Kale's eyes slip closed, allowing his mind to sync with Alloy's thoughts a while, shutting his own out. It's better to immerse himself with good feelings and the warmth of Idrissa's mouth against his and her touches and the taste on her lips than to wonder about other things. How he didn't really think this thing through before diving in so fully with the two of them, and now … well. Backing out isn't exactly what he wants to do. Moving forward has uncertain shades of gray. He's not sure where those paths lead and is equally unsure if he wants to find out. His brows furrow as he presses harder into the kiss, his grip upon her tightening, but sudden intensity lasts only a fleeting while. He pulls back, eyes opening and lips slightly parted. He stares, eyes lingering on her face, falling to her lips, then neck as his hand falls away from her. His gaze shifts to Soriana now, meeting her eyes, listening to the soft squeal of the swings as the chains move back and forth. "Lunch break is over. I've to go." His hand lifts to rest upon the one on his chest, staying there a moment before lifting hers away. A light smile is given to Idrissa before he steps back again, then turns, departing to the forest, leaving Alloy to do his thing.

Back and forth sways the swing, Soriana with it. Flying, falling, going between the two so easily, so suddenly. It's a thrill and a terror and… she slows, looking to Kale, meeting his eyes. Flying, falling… she smiles. "All right," she says. "I'll see you later." She watches until he turns away, and then she kicks again, launching the swing into motion. Flying. Falling. They're practically the same thing.

Idrissa seems rather content to keep that kiss as long Kale is willing to continue with it, her fingers gripping just slightly at his chest. Her link with Willow is still there, little pokes and zaps of what is going on felt and while during the kiss she is fine with it. As the kiss lessens, and Kale soon pulls away is when everything starts to make sense to her again and the link with her happy little green is pushed far enough down to get the feelings to stop. She blinks twice, her gaze soon lingers against Kale's as she watches him, and while her cheeks flush she does offer him a smile back. The sound of the swing is caught and she sends a glance that way which makes her oh softly, right, there is an audience! "Alright." Is murmured out as Kale is leaving, not that she wants him to at the moment, her hand slides from him slowly and she watches him leave.

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