Spice and Sweetness

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

With winter gone spring is in full bloom, which means there are plenty of rain storms rolling through the area. One is going on right now, it is a light rain which falls across the Weyr, the sky is covered with large grey clouds that hang in the air slowly drifting by. At the moment a few are in the cavern, its early afternoon not to long after lunch. Idrissa is making her way on into the cavern, dripping wet to prove she's spent most of her day outside somewhere, mud clings to her boots and splatters across her pants, which she at least attempts to get off at the entrance of the cavern before dragging it all through. The last thing she wants to do is get yelled at for tracking mud across a semi clean floor. She pulls her jacket off and gives it a shake before hanging it up to hopefully dry, with that done she is off to find something warm to drink and see if anything is left from lunch.

Spring is in full squelch. Soriana is sitting at one of the tables with a bowl of soup and a gold firelizard hunched over it and staring down at how the spoon makes bits of food circle about. Ooh! Was that meat? Haruhi chirps, and reaches out a talon for it, only to be nudged back by Soriana. "That is not fishing," she informs the gold. "Fishing is what you do in water. Soup does not count."

While some show signs of being out in the weather, the Weyrleader doesn't appear to have stepped a single foot outdoors today. His attire is crisp and fashionable, his hair slicked back and held with a Pernese gel equivalent, while splashes of warm color worn with his tawny attire embolden his posture. There's no sign of injury on the man, perhaps only a faded marks raked across his face, so the rumors must have been false as they often are. A'dmar's making his way toward the lunch tables from the administrative hall, quick down those shallow steps and moving on the same track with Idrissa, to inspect what is left to take a meal back with him.

Idrissa picks up a mug and is poking at a few pitchers to see what is left, semi warm cider or most likely overly hot klah, the hotter drink is poured into her mug and she eyes it a few moments pondering just how hot it is as the steam even feels like it could burn. Some soup is still spotted out and she picks up a bowl while going about getting herself some, and cheesy buns for dipping. A spoon would be a grand thing though it seems there isn't any left on the table. Rissa goes about looking for one within the box that holds forks and knives, during so she catches sight of someone not to far behind her and peers up curiously to catch sight of A'dmar. For a moment she watches him and soon swallows, a slight smile seen. "Hello." She finally actually said something instead of doing her normal mouse squeaking impression.

Haruhi chirrups complainingly, and Soriana rolls her eyes at the little gold. At least the firelizard has backed off for long enough that Sori can have a spoonful of soup or two… but no more than that, before the gold starts peering at her bowl again. Soriana sighs, and leans back in her chair, casting her gaze across the room and settling it for a moment on Idrissa crossing the room. She waves slightly, only to see A'dmar coming in as well. The waving stops, but the look she gives him is curious.

A'dmar considers the choices for drinks, making a quiet grumble for the semi-warm cider, thought not within the hearing of any of the kitchen staff. Regardless, he settles on it for a choice, having had too much klah over the winter months to last him until the next snow falls. He pours the cider into a mug, scowering the table for the reminents of lunch, passing over the soup for a meat pie and a side of veggies. The sight of someone looking for a spoon however makes him consider the spread, gaining the attention of one of the kitchen staff and politely asking for more spoons to be brought out. This just before Idrissa moves to spot him and greet him. His attention flickers to her, "Good afternoon. You should have a spoon shortly," he notes, balancing his plate and his mug in each hand, lingering for a moment to observe the seats vacant throughout the caverns.

Idrissa ohs while looking back to the box of forks and the like. "Thanks." She offers as she glances back to A'dmar, a faint smile seen once more. Once she gets a spoon she thanks the person whom brings it to her, she then moves off heading on towards where she did spot Soriana. Mug, bowl and plate of cheesy buns are set down. "Hey Soriana." She sits down next to her friend eyeing Haruhi curiously. "Why is she staring into your bowl of soup?" Well she didn't catch the whole fishing bit.

Inuelle exits stage left…er…down…from the kitchens, into the cavern. Her arms are laden with trays of things that she carrries to the tablet of things to eat. She is so quick in coming that she has barely put down those trays before she is headed back to the kitchen, but not before waving hello to all the familiar faces. "Good afternoon everyone! More's on the way so get to it!" she exclaims happily. Yep, the cooks are having their post-winter feeding frenzy, cleaning out the winter larder and starting to sneak in all that fresh stuff that'll soon be coming out of the gardens.

Soriana's the only one at her table, unless you count the gold firelizard - who, while she'd certainly count herself, doesn't seem likely to qualify by most other standards. "Hey Rissa," Sori says, and as she's distracted, the gold takes advantage of that to swoop a paw into the soup… followed promptly by a squeal. It's hot! Why is it hot? Fishing shouldn't be hot! Soriana rolls her eyes, and drags the firelizard back onto her lap. "Toral went out fishing today, and of course Haruhi thinks she can do it so much better. Only she's kind of missing the point." She smirks slightly, keeping the gold in her lap and petting her as she chirps complaints. Sori waves to Inuelle, then laughs at the trays arriving with her. "Hope you're hungry," she comments to Rissa.

A'dmar's gaze follows the teenager to her choice spot, with a friend no doubt, distracted only by the exclaimation of more food being on the way. His eyes observe Inuelle quietly, only asking when she seems to have her arms free, "Anything spicy on the menu today?" Compared to what he's used to eating, the Weyr's food offers bland and casual flavors. And for once he tries to not return to his offices, choosing to sit at the same long table in which the teens are at, though not close enough to be seen as joining them, merely, in range of their conversation.

Idrissa watches as Haruhi goes 'fishing' as it were in the bowl of soup. "I see. I'm glad my two doesn't try and do that." There is a pause. "At least not with soup." Stew though, watch out! Willow loves it for some reason. She glances over to Inuelle and waves to her. "Sounds good." At the hungry part she eyes her bowl of soup. "You think I'm going to finish this?" It is well known that Rissa tends to not finish eating as something gets her up and darting off before she normally gets the chance to. While A'dmar sits at the table some distance off she doesn't seem to mind it.

Inuelle shrugs a little at A'dmar. "With all the soup stock we've been finding in the back of the cupboards, there must be something spicy. I'll have a look," she turns and heads back to the kitchens. She returns, somehow balancing four pitchers of drinks in two hands. She puts them with the rest of the food, except one, which she brings over to the table with A'dmar and the teens. Its klah. Of course. "Sorry, nothing spicy right now that I can see, but it looks like we'll be able to start our herb garden early so it won't be long before our seasonings improve a bit…" Hm. She's enthusiastic today.

Soriana scritches at Haruhi's shoulders until the firelizard stops protesting and simply drapes herself across the girl's lap to soak up the pettings, and hehs to Idrissa. "Well, you should," she says, and casts her gaze up and down over the other. "You can make up for some of those meals you miss. The stables won't fall apart if you're gone an extra half hour." And nor will A'dmar's office, though she's not talking to him. He just… happens to be in earshot. Which Soriana notices as she turns back to eat some soup, and she pauses for a moment, then nods to him and continues with her soup-eating, only to glance up as Inuelle arrives with klah-pitcher. Swallow down food, and… "Should make hot noodles. Or those spicy cheese buns again, those were great." At least, she thought so. "I musta had a dozen last time." Because nobody else wanted them and they were going to waste.

The klah he eyes with some disfavor, but he does not send it back to the kitchens. Inuelle took it upon herself to find him something worthy, so he's not going to disrespect her. Instead he nods, "Thank you…" his eyes lifting from his plate, "I'll speak with Wingleader Fl'ynn and see if we cannot get some more exotic spices… Perhaps from the trade markets in Igen." The land of spices, at least in his mind. He cants his head, gaze turning to the girls at the opposite side of the table, a quiet mirth glinting in his eyes for the berating remark given to Idrissa for not eating. He's at least taken most of his meals in his office. Though the idea of spicy cheese buns makes him add, "Those sound excellent. I'll put in a request for those as well."

Idrissa shrugs at bit on her missing meals and the stables, not seeming that worried about it. Though she does spend a lot of time here, again. She chews on a bite of the cheesy bun, a piece is even offered to Haruhi to see if that might get the little gold's off the idea of going fishing in soup. She hears some of the bits and pieces on the spicy food. "Those were good. Haven't had any of the spicy cheese buns in a while." She goes about breaking up the rest of the bun into her soup.

"If you can get me the ingredients, I can get you the goods," Inuelle says mirthfully. "Though, there's a probably a long waiting list of cooks wanting spices for something…ooh I liked those too!" the last comment, said of the cheese buns.

A'dmar finds himself packing up what he has left on his plate, nodding to those folks at the table, though he makes no voice to why he's leaving. He nods at Inuelle, a promise that he would get the spices, though evidently work is beckoning him back. His tray he takes with him, klah and all, back up the stairs to the administrative hall.

Soriana's lecture does about as much good as it always does, and she lets it go at that. Her interest is definitely drawn by the idea of getting more exotic spices around here, the curiosity (and anticipation) visible. "They are," she agrees as A'dmar says he'll request more spicy cheese. After A'dmar departs, she grins a bit. "See, he wnts 'em so much, he's running off to do it right now!" she jokes. Meanwhile, Haruhi takes the cheese bun offered by Idrissa. Yoink! She peers at it. She tilts her head sideways and nibbles it delicately. Pfah! This is not meat. Fish. Whatever. She drops it.

Idrissa grins and chuckles before shaking her head once A'dmar is leaving. "Perhaps. Would be sort of nice to do stuff that is spicery at times though." So says the one that doesn't eat much more then a bird! She eyes Haruhi and smirks some. "Well Willow likes it." Speaking of Willow, a green suddenly apepars from between with a pop. The little firelizard flutters about in a few circles before landing on the table where Soriana and Idrissa are and hophops right over to find that piece of fallen cheesy bun! Some may notice that that little green firelizard is glowing somewhat as well, Rissa pauses to eye her lizard a moment.

"I like spicy," says Soriana with a grin, then shakes her head. "Ah, Haruhi's picky. Don't worry about it." Speaking of Willow, Haruhi perks up with interest as the green arrives. After regarding her for a moment, the gold slides off Sori's lap and leans in to the green, preening at her lightly. Oh, dahling, you look lovely, but you'd be even nicer if you just did this. And this. And maybe stood a little different, then you'd look downright mahvelous!

Idrissa nods as she hears the bit on spicy. "She is picky; she didn't even like the cheesy bun." She points out with a smirk. Willow is busy munching on that bite of roll and hops over to eye the rest and croons out wanting more. With a soft chuckle Rissa offers more o the lizard. Willow chitters and looks over to Harhi, she tilts her head and leans up and moves this way and then, her wings lowering and she stands in a different way. The look given from the green to the gold seems to say 'Like this?'.

Oh, yes! Haruhi trills her approval. Simply wonderful. It really accentuates that glow. Charming, she could just eat Willow up! Her neck twines against the green's lovingly as she chitters. Soriana looks down at this, and raises one eyebrow, staring at the two firelizards for a moment. Now what…? After a moment, she shakes her head a bit, looking up again. "There are aspects other than cheesyness to cuisine," she notes to Rissa with an answering smirk. "Mostly, Haruhi likes things fresh. I'm glad Toral's a good hunter, or she'd drive me crazy."

Willow seems very over this and even struts around the table in a slight circle, her wings twitch and flutters at her sides while her tail slowly flicks and sways a few times. Idrissa watches a few moments between bites of soup. "Is… This normal with them Soriana?" Well she is a dragonhealer, shouldn't she know about firelizards as well? "I bet Ripley would be a better hunter if it wasn't for his messed up wing. He likes the fresh stuff too. Willow will at least bring him back things."

Haruhi seems oh-so-fond of the green, trilling and curving her tail coquettishly against the other female's. Soriana looks down at them again just as Haruhi gives a shimmy that trails her wingtip against Willow, and shakes her head. "I don't think…" She pauses, blinking, as Haruhi sends her a mental image. "Golds are sometimes jealous," and Haruhi has certainly been that in the past around other golds, "I've never heard of one being… flirty."

Willow is clearly happy at the attention, the little green turns and presses closer to Haruhi, soft chitters escaping her while her tail slowly twirls and slides across the golds. Idrissa ahs faintly and chews on her lip. "Should we… You know, stop them?" A unsure glance is sent towards her friend before she looks back to two rather flirty firelizards.

Soriana watches the green-gold lizards, and shrugs. "I don't think it'll hurt them. I mean… what can they do?" …curl tails, apparently. Haruhi croons, swaying her hindquarters and arching a wing against Willow, then flicking it back like an elegant fan before trailing her muzzle along the green's neck. "…yeah. I don't think it'll do any harm to let 'em… uh… enjoy themselves."

Idrissa has to admit this is a rather strange situation they seem to have found themselves in. The images from Willow clearly show she is rather happy and would rather the idea of stopping not be brought up again! With a unsure hum escaping Rissa she clears her throat. "I suppose so." Is murmured out softly still finding it rather strange. Willow shifts and wiggles, her side teasingly bumps and slides against Haruhi's while her wings twitches and quivers under the larger one. Lunch and a show it would seem.

Strange is definitely a good word for it. Soriana taps her fingers for a moment as she thinks. "…maybe that one of field notes…" Yeah, someone's going to be doing some reading to see if she can figure this out. She shakes her head after a moment. "They seem happy, anyway." She dips at her soup again, finishing it up as Haruhi trills and coils herself in against the smaller green.

Idrissa nods a moment as she watches the pair a few moments longer, the little images she is getting from Willow makes her smirk. "What field notes?" This questioned as she peers over to Soriana curious like. As for Willow she is content to shift so she can press and cuddle closer to the coiling Haruhi. The green keeps her wings tucked close now while she slowly shifts and sways a few times on her paws.

Soriana blinks. "Mmh? Oh, just one of the books in the Annex. Mostly it's about dragons, but there's some observations about firelizards, too." What with them being related and all. "I might see if I can take a look, next time I've a quiet shift." It's not like she's going to get in trouble for doing extra studying, even if nobody actually technically assigned it to her. Haruhi croons, draping her wing over Willow and curling her tail nicely around the green's, nicely cuddled together. Just picture perfect. Someone should so take a picture, to show how perfect they are.

Idrissa ahs and nods as she hears this bit. "Well, if you find out anything let me know? I'm sorta curious now." Another bite of soup is taken, she may just finsh this bowl of soup! "There is sorta something I wanted to tell you." Seems she is finally going to talk about what is wrong with her? Perhaps! Willow croons out happly, the much smaller green shifts and curling so she is snuggled close to Haruhi, her tail curling back upon the golds. Yes someone get a picture to prove that they was being all cute and cuddly at least.

"I will," says Soriana, watching those snuggly flirty lizards for another moment as they curl tails and necks. Weeeeird. At least they're just with the cuddling and not anything else! But… wait, what's this? Sori looks over to Idrissa again. Today is just a day for weird things. "What is it?"

Idrissa chews on her lip as she seemingly is attemping to figure out where to start. "Jarse, my jourenyman sort of got mad at me the other day." How long has it been? She can't really remember just when it happened. "Ripley sort of came from between and fell on his table in the tavern, I dono what all happened but the time I got there Jarse was goung to hurt Ripley." There is a slight pause. "I got Ripley away at him, but by then the damage was done. Jarse was mad, I got in trouble. In the end he took away my beastcrafter knot." An it is all out in the open it seems.

Soriana gets ready to listen, half-turned to Rissa and everything. Jarse got mad? Okay, that seems pretty reasonable, and she nods. He does seem something of a getting-mad sort. She frowns at the mention of Ripley. If only she could have done more for that wing of his! But… "Wait, what?" She blinks. "He was going to hurt Ripley, and you're the one in trouble?" Not just a little trouble, no. "Enough that he took away your knot?" She looks to Rissa's shoulder (empty) and then back again to meet her eyes. "Seriously?"

Inuelle returns from the depths of the kitchen with the desserts, laten trays of pastries and pies. She sets them down on the tables where other cooks have removed the empty lunch food trays and then pushes her hair out of her eyes. "Should make some more of those bubblies…" she says…mostly to herself. "Use up that fruit before it goes bad…"

Idrissa scratches at her neck a few times. "I guess Ripley did try to bite him, but only after Jarse was teasing him." At least that is what she gathered out of it all. Her hand lifts and she rubs across her neck a few times. A glance is sent to Soriana and she just watches her friend. "Do you think I would actually make something like this up?" She questions while frowning. Her shoulders lower while she goes back to watching the two firelizards that are still snuggling and cuddling upon one another. "Took it away, said he would give me a second chance but I don't think its really a second chance." More like her being overworked and slowly going crazy to some degree.

"No, I didn't mean that. Of course I believe you," says Soriana, and reaches out a hand for Idrissa's shoulder. "It's just… hold on a minute." She stands up and heads over to where Inuelle's bringing out pastries, and snags a plate worth of tasty things before the mob descends. "…bubblies would be fabulous," she notes as she overhears, and grins to Inuelle before heading back to Idrissa and exending the plate of dessert. "Eat," she informs the other girl. "They're tasty." She demonstrates, taking one of her own and nibbling on it, then gives Rissa a considering look. "Have you talked to some of the other journeymen? Keziah, maybe? Or, shards, my mother." Sorrin does still have that journeyman's knot from the beastcraft, even if she's hardly got the time for it these days.

Idrissa shrugs some and glances up at the talk of bubblies, she was off in her own little world there for a moment and didn't even notice some was put out. A faint smile is offered to Soriana and she picks one of the bubblies and works about eating a piece from it. "Well… No I didn't bring it up to anyone else." She sighs a moment while peering at the treat. "Jarse said I could work as a junior stablehand until I make eight marks. Then he would consider giving me my knot back if I proved that I was ready."

"Eight marks?" says Soriana with a widening of her eyes. "I don't think I've ever had that much money at once." No, not even when she's asked her Weyrwoman mother for clothes-shopping funds. She frowns. "You're never going to make that as a stablehand." Shells, Rissa's be hard-pressed to make that as an apprentice! "Of course you're ready, or you wouldn't have been an apprentice. You're a beastcrafter, not a… a firelizard handler!"

"I wouldn't even /get/ the marks. I have to work hat much to just make it." Idrissa says with a faint mumur before she munches on another bite of the bubblie. A glance is sent towards Soriana. "Doesn' seem that way. Not like I can do anything about it." Or she at least doesn't know how to do about doing anything to fix it. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just was stupid. I didn't want to tell you or Kale cause it feels like I've failed."

"You haven't failed," says Soriana. She frowns, and shakes her head. "The whole thing's ridiculous. You should talk to one of the other journeymen. Or put in an appeal at the Hall, they're the ones who are actually in charge, right? I mean, I know you're supposed to respect your journeyman and all, but that's just… Eight marks? It's like the cost of a… a runner or something!"

Idrissa chews on her lip a moment and wipes her hand of against her pants to get the sticky sweet bits off. "You think they would do anything if I did?" She didn't think about appealing it until now. "Well, ya it is the price for a runner actually." There is a slight pause while she thinks it seems, pondering.

"Well, it's not like they can make things any worse," says Soriana in a practical tone. "What do you have to lose? There's bound to be an apprentice master or something… even though you're not at the Hall, you still kinda report to him. Or… did, but that's kinda the whole point." She frowns, and takes another bite of pastry. It may not solve anything, but tasty.

Idrissa nods slightly, a soft sigh escapes her. "WEll ya that's true." She murmurs out softly at the idea. "I think I hsould try and contact them and see what they tell me I suppose. Not like anything else can happen at the moment I suppose." What they going to do, kick her out for good for putting in an appeal? "I just don't understand what I could have done so badly for this."

Soriana extends pastries to Idrissa again. Go on, have another one. "Yeah. Write a letter and send it with one of the mail dragons. Or, shells, get a ride there yourself." …oh, wait, this is Rissa. How about that letter writing option? "Neither do I," Sori says after a moment's thought. "I mean, really. I could see him like… banishing Ripley from the stable or something, but he's a firelizard. They act up sometimes!"

Oh sure, that would be amusing if Idrissa showed up at the hall and couldn't say anything but only able to squeak. They would not take her seriously at all most likely. A glance is sent to the plate of pastries, a faint smirk seen and she takes hold of another one and she munches on a bite from it. "I could understand banishing Ripley too. He said I was slacking in my work because I was taking care of Ripley." Which is amusing to think of seeing how this is Rissa that Jarse was talking about, the girl would sleep at the stables, skip meals and who knows what else to make sure her work and studies was done.

Funny, only as Soriana hears more about this, it's sounding less funny ha-ha and more funny wtf. She nods a little, then frowns. "Really? I mean… you're always at the stables." Except for rare exceptions, like now. Sori ponders a moment, then gives her head a little shake. "You should really write that letter. Or talk to another journeyman first, if you think you might somehow get in trouble for sending it… though I don't see how."

Idrissa is really thinking it is messed up, none of it makes full sense to her. Firelizards act up, some all the time so why is it the fact then when her's does it all hell breaks lose cause of her crazy lizard. "I think I will. Guess its better then wondering 'what if' if I don't do anything." She scratches at her neck a moment. "I suppose I could talk to one of the other journeyman first to see what they say before writing the letter." Might make a bit more sense.

Soriana nods encouragingly. "Yeah. Just… give it a try. See if there's anything. Can't hurt to try." With that advice, she moves on to a new bit of pastry, then glances back to Willow and Haruhi. Yep, still being extra super cuddly. Haruhi seems to be preening at Willow again, just to make sure she looks extra lovely and droolworthy. Because… firelizards act weird sometimes, in addition to acting up.

Idrissa nods slightly, she takes in a faint breath. "Well that's true." She offers with a soft tone at the idea. "If I don't get it taken care of soon I'm going to be so behind in my studies though. I haven't been able to do anything other then work at the stables." Doing everyone else work it seems like at times.

"Yeah, missing classes is rough," says Soriana. "It's just going to get a worse and worse mess, the longer you wait. So." She raises an eyebrow. "Do I need to go get you a sheet of paper and a pen, right now?" she says, her tone light but quite probably serious. "Cause I will, and never you mind the crumbs."

Idrissa blinks and looks a bit amused while she peers at Soriana, a faint grin seen and she chuckles a moment. "Well, you got one handy?" This questioned with a serious enough tone that means she would go about writing it if so!

Soriana grins. "One moment." She rises from the table, leaving Idrissa with naught but pastry and firelizards for company. She heads off down the administration hallway, and vanishes for several moments before returning with, yes, a sheet of paper and a pen. She offers these to Idrissa, her grin wider now than when she left.

Willow shifts and leans this way and then while she enjoys the preening, soft chiurrps and croons escaping the green. She even nips and preens back at the gold. Idrissa nods as she hears Sori and peers at the two firelizards before a faint roll of her eyes is seen. A soft cough escapes her. "Silly things." Is murmured out softly. By the time Soriana is back she has finshed her second pastry and wipes her hands off while taking hold of the paper and pen. "I should have know you'd get it that quickly."

Haruhi luxuriates in the attention and affection, cuddling with the glowy green. When Soriana returns, she laughs as she slides back into a chair. "Assistant headwoman's office was open. I borrowed it." She grins. "She probably thought I was running errands for my mom again, but…" Soriana shrugs. "So long as the pen gets back in one piece, it hardly matters." Her mission accomplished, she has some pie of reward.

Hopefully no one will come in and steal the pen! Idrissa ahs and nods while she eyes the paper a few moments before she is off and writing! For one that doesn't talk a lot she at least know how to write, and write a good amount she does. Willow chirrups happy little green at all the affection she is getting at the moment, an she is still all glowy which is plenty of reason for some for the reason they are so cuddly perhaps.

Soriana will guard the pen against anyone who comes to try and take it! Grrr! Okay, mostly, she'll lounge here and eat pastries, but that's just because nobody comes and tries to steal it. If they were, they'd see. She's pretty well quiet, letting Idrissa write and watching the firelizards and the other people around in the caverns. Once all has been written, she'll make sure that fiercely-guarded pen is safely returned to its home. And then there'll be a letter, ready to go off with the next maildragon, and aaaaall Rissa will have to do is hand it over to that rider. That's it. How hard can it be?

Idrissa works on the letter until she feels it is done and reads it over one, twice, oh an a third and forth time at that! The letter explains everything that happened, down to even her part in it and that yes she did talk back to a journayman but only because her firelizard was in danger of being harmed severly. A soft breath escapes her and she folds the paper over a few times so it ready to go! The pen is then offered back to Soriana. "Thanks. Just have to get it mailed an then wait I suppose."

"Yep," says Soriana, and leans over to give Rissa a quick hug before standing up. "I bet it'll all work out, you'll see!" She snags a cookie for the long journey back to the hallway, and heads off to return the pen! …and get embroiled in a conversation there. Whups. She's not gonna be back anytime soon.

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