Kezi and the Harper

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Last night Matrin stole first Keziah's apples (though he only ate one) and then Thea's paperwork. From the looks of things when he makes his way into the caverns, he has spent the intervening 14 hours holed up with maps and glows. In fact, he's still wearing what looks like that same pale blue and grey ensemble, and even if he actually has two similar outfits the fact that he's wearing them two days in a row is telling. Sort of like his hair, which looks like he's been combing it with his fingers a lot and his actual /comb/ not at all, and the way he stifles a yawn behind a fist as he heads toward the line of buffet tables. His project might not even be far off, because he has a square-shaped messenger type bag hanging off of one shoulder.

All ready seated in the caverns is Keziah who has a plate full of food in front of her. It's partially piled with slices of brown gravy covered roast herdbeast. A few rolls are on another plate next to it, one of them partially eaten. There's a mug that's been pushed aside and a few sheets of paper are spread out in front of her. One of them is a rough map full of remarks of the surrounding territory and the other is a full of short hand notes. She absently grabs a roll and dips it into the now cold gravy and takes a bite before setting it down and making some more notations on the map.

A quick scan of the area spots the little form of the spunky greenrider, and Matrin's expression goes from simply weary to vague interest and perhaps a dash of amusement around his mouth. He detours for the food first, snagging some salad and a few slices of that roast and gravy for himself. He grabs klah instead of ale, and balances the meal on his way to Keziah's table. Arriving just behind her, he clears his throat lightly. "Afternoon, greenrider. This seat taken?"

"Do you see any plates or someone sitting there? Honestly." Kezi remarks absently, not even checking to see who is there first as she finishes writing her notes. Then has the voice truely registers and it's not who she might have been expecting she looks up and around "Oh, it's you." she notes as she blinks to focus a little better. "No, it's open." she says as she clears her voice. "And umm, afternoon. Harper." she replies and moves some of her things and then goes to take a drink and then sets the mug back down again. Oh well.

Matrin lifts one dark brow at the less than encouraging initial answer, and he glances at the clearly empty spot, then Keziah, then back again. When she looks up and around that's what he's doing, considering the benefits of actually claiming this spot when there are others that could be taken instead. It's only when she gets to his title that that slight smirk starts skittering around the edges of his mouth and he dips his chin in a nod. "Just Matrin, or even Mat. Titles are overrated," he offers as he snags that empty chair with his foot and pulls it out far enough to allow him to drop down into it. "You should take a break instead of eating through lunch you know. Better focus and less cold food." That last with a tip of a brow toward the congealing brown goo on her plate. Then he settles his own food in front of him, using his fingers to snag a little tomato from the salad and popping it into his mouth. "You need a refill?"

Benefits? Of sitting with a Kezi? Maybe to a masochist. She does give a snort "Titles are good for putting people in their places." she remarks and then shrugs about the food "Hot or cold, whats the diff? I'm just thankful to be able to sit down and eat it. Many a time I've eaten on the fly or out in the swamps. If I must work and eat at the same time. It's a small price to pay." she does stretch a little though, popping her neck and shoulders "'sides, always better to transfer remarks when the information is still fresh in your head to flesh out notes." She looks a closer at him "And you look like you might have brought work with you." she states as she nods to his bag and then blinks "Refill? Oh, the juice? Sure. Why not."

So he must be one. Or maybe it is just that he is so recently arrived, any familiar face is getting processed by his tired brain as a friendly one. Poor Matrin, in that case. He lays a napkin across his lap, but refrains from doing any more meal preparation than that since he offered to get her a refill. He starts with the last thing first, nodding and grabbing her mug, setting the napkin aside again so he can stand and fetch her more juice. On his return he starts getting re-settled and remarks, "I suppose you do have a point. I just meant that it's more efficient to spend 15 minutes eating and 15 minutes at focused work. Multi tasking just means you don't do your best at either thing." Dark brows loft in the face of her scrutiny, and he hangs the bag's strap over the back of his chair. "For after, while I sip klah and nibble a cookie maybe. But… the swamp?" Because that is far more interesting.

"Perhaps, or maybe you just don't multi-task well period. Sometimes, the only way to get things done is to multi-task. Not that eating really takes any brainpower, and who needs to do well at eating? I don't choke myself, and it's just food and if gets forgotten, I won't die. I will eat. Eventually. And whats it matter anyways?" she asks as she eyes Matrin. "Is it hurting you that I'm eating and working?" She snorts and then rolls her eyes "Yes, swamp. Murky area that can smell really bad. Some odd critters there that aren't too bad to eat."

While Keziah castigates his ability to multi-task, Matrim neatly cuts his meat into bite sized pieces and does a better job of distributing the toppings on his salad. He can at least do this and listen at the same time, which is a sort of double duty at least. With equal slowness he spears some herdbeast at slides it into his mouth, chews thoughtfully and only when she is finished does he swallow and shrug. "You seemed to really like the apples. It's a shame to see someone who enjoys food eat it cold, when taking a few moments for yourself might let you actually enjoy your meal. Take a break, feel refreshed. But please, do as you like." He lifts a hand and unfurls his fingers toward her food and work - don't let him stop her. "What sort of… critters… do you prefer? From the swamp. I should go check it out sometime."

Keziah just stares at Matrin a moment and then blinks. She hmmphs a little and mutters under her breath about Harpers and their way with words and stabs at her roast. Nope. Not cutting it neatly or anything. She's annoyed. If she were a feline, her tail might be twitching. She does chew her food though before actually saying anything more though. THough whether she's annoyed at what he says or the lack of any serious reaction is a toss-up. "I will do what I like." she states. Though she does push the work away and then sort of looks at her plate. There's a pursing of her lips and then suddenly she's standing up and heading back to the food tables.

One dark brow quirks at all the muttering which isn't quite so under Keziah's breath as she might like. But Matrin is nothing if not polite, so he just continues with his neat, slow eating of his food one bite at a time. Her assertion that she will do just as she pleases, he nods, solemnly agreeing with her wise decision. It is only when she stands, taking her eyes and her figuratively twitching tail off where she can't see him, that he allows the smirk to creep back on to his lips. "There's dried fruit in the salad," he offers, twisting to speak over his shoulder and to watch her path to the food. "It's good, if you like that sort of thing." Because of course she is getting herself a fresh plate. His bright eyes sparkle, an early morning sky that hasn't banished the night's stars yet, but that's as close as he gets to smug.

Taking her time choosing food, she finally heads back with a couple of plates. One with the salad and the other with a mixture meatrolls and vegetables and somre more roast. After all, she needs something to wash down the juice with. Right? After sitting back down she dives in. She's not slow about eating, but she is a bit meticulous about it and so she doesn't make a mess. Can't risk notes and maps after all. After a little she does slow and then looks over at Matrin "Well, the swamps have some interesting amphibious creatures that have some quite meaty legs. There are some odd fish too in the more open water." she notes as she gets back to his question. "So, how are you liking Xanadu?"

She takes long enough that when she returns, Matrin has gone back to his own comparatively meager meal. He continues to take his time about it, slicking big lettuce leaves into more manageable bite-sized pieces and quartering cucumber slices. So they eat in companionable silence for a few moments, during which he sneaks the occasional glance up through his dark lashes. When she finally speaks, he is quick enough to take the conversational bait, listening with interest while sipping at his klah. "Mmm, that sounds interesting. I'm always keen on trying the local fare." Not that salad and herdbeast is anything but plain, standard, food found in every corner of the globe. "Xanadu seems nice. It's a little odd to miss autumn all together, but I am glad it's temperate. A few days isn't enough to judge much beyond that, really."

"Well, we've some good foods here and all. Depending upon what you like." she states after a moment. "The fried apples are a personal favorite of mine, but you can get some good sticky rolls here and the fish is delicious as well." she hmms a little "It's been pretty good eatin' this past Turn. We've had some lean times though. Too much rain's have killed crops in the past." She looks thoughtful "Where else have you been?" she asks after a moment.

Matrin lifts his mug like a toast at the mention of fried apples. "I fully plan to get a whole order of those to myself sometime soon," he agrees. "Though generally I would rather eat salty and crunchy than sweet. But the fried potato stick things I tried yesterday?" He wobbles a so-so hand. "I am glad to hear things are looking up. And maybe you will find some technology or something in the ruins that will benefit the Weyr." The mention makes him absently reach back to make sure his bag is still hanging off the chair. "I've been around, the Craft'll do that. Born in Bitra, the Hall at Fort, posted to Boll last."

Keziah can't help but smile "They are good." she notes with a fond smile for the thought of little fried apples. "Well, I suppose technology is all well and good, and we've some that's interested in that. Me, exploration is more rewarding. Though I've less call to spend in the runes than some. I've other duties that tend to keep me away. Less of course something happens." she notes "Been around. I've been at a few Weyrs meself. Spent more time at Reaches though, outside of here. Life of a beastcrafter. I sometimes miss Reaches slopes. We don't get near enough snow here."

Finishing up, Matrin dabs at his mouth with his napkin, the settles back in his chair, kicking his long legs out in front of him. He's careful to keep them out of Keziah's way, but it's not really difficult considering the small amount of space she teaks up. "I didn't realize riders were so busy, without Thread. Seems like a lot I've known had way more free time than you." He doesn't pry into the reasons for that, just lifts his brows at her over the rim of his mug as he sips. "Mmm, I missed snow at Boll. Still, for you it's just three coughs away, right?"

Keziah snorts a bit "Well, I really don't know how busy they really were or not when Thread was around. Records only tell you so much. Course B'rdian keeps us all busy. Not much down time really. That and then there's the brothers at Mire Hold I've been dealing with on my off time, and then there's my family. The more I can fit into a small period of time. The more I can get done and then perhaps relax." she states. "Course, you have riders that are lazy and spend way too much time drinking and being pains in the arse, but well. You get that with crafters and others too." she shrugs. "Some people are just plain lazy, others well, we workfor a living."

Matrin says "B'rdian," Matrin muses through the waning steam of his cooling klah. "So that puts you in Search and Rescue, then." He nods slowly and the curve of his lips settles more comfortably into a smile. "Now it all starts to make sense. Do you rescue people from all over the coverage area? And you mentioned Beastcraft. Do you still do that or… I guess Craftriders are in their own wing." There's a lilt at the end that makes it almost a question though. He's only been here a handful of days and isn't /quite/ caught up on how all this stuff works. "You're right about lazy in all walks of life, but I like to think that somewhere in there you can find balance. Some time for yourself to keep it all in perspective.""

Keziah can't help but laugh "But I do take time for myself. It's called sleep." She grins slyly and she may be joking, or she might not be. "You've been doing your research though. But yes, we will from all over, though we do rotations and thus break down the territory. Much of the time it's simply sweeps, though recently we've been keeping an eye on sinkholes and any new ones or potential ones. There's a number of streams that go underground and some that have dried up or shifted, leaving tunnels and such. With the rains we've had, a number of those areas have collapsed." at the question on her crafting she smiles "I do little on the side. More when I can find time. Though I also to a lot of rescuing of critters as well. A number of 'em get mired in the swamp."

Matrin's reply for sleeping equating time off, is to cross an ankle over a knee and rest his klah mug on the new-made leg table. That and one slow arch of a 'seriously?' brow. No words though. He lets her talk about her work instead, with interest in those keen eyes and his shoulders relaxed in the post-lunch, warm caverns haze. "Mmm, now, define critters. Is this noun used for any animal, or just those of a certain… stature? Frogs, or 'beasts and things as well?" There might be just the tiniest note of a tease in the rich timbre of his voice, but it's as slight as the smile that his lips hold.

"Critters are anything not people or dragon kin." Kezi states "Most critters I be rescuing out of the swamps though are herdbeasts. They ain't got an ounce of senses. Constantly tryin to get at the fallen fruit on some of the small islands." she shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "Be easier though if they realized I was helpin' 'em. Even easier if I could have Alosynth help. Hard ta get a dragon in some of the spots and well, the critters think she's tryin to eat 'em, not help 'em."

"Fascinating," Matrin says. And it could be rolled around in a way that would make it sarcasm. But it's not. Instead the word is paired with watchful eyes and a thoughtful tip of his head, and after that single assessment he is quiet for a moment. "And family, you said. You have children?" The foot that's propped up on his knee does a languid roll, the supple black leather just catching the light and throwing off a soft gleam. "Sounds to me like you're busy taking care of everyone else." Too busy to take care of herself could be added in there, considering her downtrodden on the previous evening, but he leaves it unsaid.

Keziah finishes off her plates, followed by the juice "Aye, I've two daughters." she says with a fond smile on her face. "One's almost fourteen Turns, and the other is just a little over a Turn." she adds. "Well, people need lookin' after. Least some do, and well it's my job." she notes "What about you? Any children anywhere?" she asks curiously.

Matrin manages to retain that slight smile even though his eyes narrow a bit at her first daughter's age. "You hardly look more than 24 yourself, but I will take your word for it." Most people do need looking after, so he just agrees to that with a nod, and follows it with a long sip out of his mug that gives him a moment before he has to answer her question. "I have a niece," is his response finally, though it wouldn't seem to be an answer to the question she asked at all, until he adds, "I took care of her for a while after my sister passed. She's back with her father now though."

Keziah snorts a bit "Flattery will get you nowhere." she states "Though I did find her as opposed to birthing her. She was in a basket down on the shore of the beach." she states. HEr eyes harden a little as she remembers finding the girl "No one ever came forth and no one has since claimed her or a missing child." she notes quietly "Good of you to look after her though. Family's important. One should always take care of them." She goes silent as she eyes the table a bit.

Flattery =/= a positive. Noted. Not that Matrin was making it up out of whole clothe of course. Her words about her older daughter make his smile return, a softer sort as he nods. "Good of you to do that. Better than me with my niece. At least she was kin. And I wasn't practically a child myself." When Keziah quiets, Matrin clears his throat lightly and gestures at her abandoned work. "I am sure I have taken up more time than you usually spend on all your meals put together. I should let you get back to it."

Keziah eyes Matrin a moment and then nods "Aye, best be getting back to work before B'rdian finds me slackin and suspends…" she trails off a little and then shakes her head "Never mind that. Wing business." she states simply as she pulls her paperwork over. "So, what have you heard about the sinkholes in the area?" she asks "HAve ya been warned of teh dangers?"

Matrin starts to get himself ready to go, dropping both feet back to the ground and leaning forward to gather up his dishes. He ignores the comment about suspension - all but one click flick of his eyes. Her last question stops him in his preparations to get out of her hair though, and he settles back, laying his hands on either side of his empty plate. "Well, not much to be honest, outside of what you just told me. I gather there aren't any in the weyr's immediate surroundings? Or at least not between here and the crafter area and the tavern. Anything beyond that I'd probably try to get a guide to take me through anyway."

Keziah shakes her head "No, none in the immediate area that we are aware of." she assures. "I'm keeping you though. I'm sure you've work to do as well. Didn't mean to stop you from leaving. Just always good to be wise to dangers." she notes "It's always better to not have to rescue people." she states. "We like people to be safe."

Taking that for dismissal, Matrin starts to get to his feet. He pauses again though, this time halfway up, with narrowed eyes. "Maybe sometime when you aren't too busy with all the many other responsibilities on your shoulders, you could fly me over?" He finishes that standing motion, scrubbing a hand through his hair in the gesture that probably made it all mussed in the first place. "Just whenever. And just over the local area. You can point out the dangerous areas, plus a sky view is really helpful with mapping." Up go his brows, waiting.

Keziah eyes Matrin again at the phrasing of his words. "You have something against me not being lazy?" she asks, her eyes narrowing. "And you have only to request it, and someone can fly you over. Course, I'm sure you could always ask B'rdian. He tends to be happy to accomodate other people." Anything to keep the wing in the air it seems sometimes. There's a pause "Sky views are good, and Alosynth can be smooth ride so long as the winds behave."

Matrin holds both hands up, palms out like the gesture alone might hold off a rabid greenrider. "Hey, no. I was actually being serious. You have tons to do and I feel bad even asking for the favor. But you seem to know what you're talking about, and if I am tromping around sketching things, I would rather not end up underground." He flashes that crooked grin, complete with straight white teeth. "Kind of ruins a guy's day, y'know? I will ask B'rdian if you would prefer."

Keziah isn't foaming at the mouth. Honest. She continues to eye the Harper a moment before nodding. "Fine." she states simply. "And we don't need to be rescuing anyone else out from the sinkholes." she notes. "And I suppose it wouldn't look good to lose out new Harper so soon after he arrives." She shakes her head a little "No, I'm sure I can schedule you in. When are you next free?"

Matrin didn't take up the chair and fend her off with the legs like a lion tamer either, so it's not like he thinks physical attack is next up on the list of things to do. It was meant to be soothing, since everything he says seems to be met with those narrowed blue-grey eyes. But then she relents, however simply, and is rewarded with a bright smile as Matrin stoops to snag his bag. "Whenever. My schedule is way more malleable than yours, at least for now. So let me know. I have an office in the Crafter Complex, and it's labeled and everything." She gets a wink, and piles up all the dirty dishes to deposit in whatever bin sits around for that purpose, on his way out.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time KEzi and a chair had an altercation. Thea would really start wondering though, if more chair legs were needing to be replaced. The wink however is met with a bit of a glare. "I'm sure I'll have no problems finding your office." she states. As he heads off with the dishes she hmmphs a bit and stares back at her paperwork. "Probably should have done this at home. Even a crying baby would have been less distraction. Men. Harpers. Honestly."

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