Opened Doors, Closed Windows

Xanadu Weyr - Purgatory

While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan and designed with the young at heart. Large windows allow for light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette has a dining area that juts out over the waters below, along with a breakfast nook sort of room. The living room is completed by a low, comfortable couch and a few large cushion-like pillows that when piled together make more of a nest-like seating around a small, equally low, dark wood table. Two other ground level rooms form a spacious and well furnished 'guest' room, while the other is suited more as an 'study'.
The draw for 'young ones' comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light from the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling. Beneath that very window, rests a circular-shaped bed. Tiny pinpoints of light are imbedded in the ceiling to form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide — a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing. For those… rainy days.

THIS IS THAT MOMENT, THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU DIDN'T THINK THINGS THROUGH AND NOW YOU HAVE TO SET A POSE AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. What we do know is that Risali has gathered every single blanket and pillow in this place to build herself a nest on the floor and she has propped the door open. Why? Because it's raining of course, the kind of rain that makes the sky grey and the world wet but doesn't come with the low, rumbling growl of thunder or the spark of lightning to make it the kind of wet that needs to be avoided. Risali is avoiding it anyway. It might come as a surprise because usually Risali's OUT IN IT, getting soaked clear through, but today she is not. Today she's curled up in that nest with Velvet and a suspicious lack of children, the fingers of one hand running over Velvet's head and back while Risa goes over paperwork. There's a soft huff of air that escapes her, a curl of her lips that's humored in a sarcastic way before she shuffles that paper TO THE SIDE and then grabs another one instead. SUCH EXCITING WORK, MANY EFFORTS PUT IN. But hey, at least Risali got out of bed… even if she just… made a new one on the floor shutup.

Risali may be avoiding the rain but K'vir had little CHOICE but to be in it today! Not for drills or sweeps, but an actual call that saw some of the more experienced Galaxy riders sent out. Whatever the emergency or situation, it was not so severe as to require backup or further call of aide, but it has seen the bronzerider home much earlier than he normally would be. He is, of course, soaked through and there is NO HIDING his arrival even through an open door! Faranth only knows how long he's been drenched by rainfall. K'vir is so focused too on HOME and wamrth and being DRY that he doesn't immediately catch on that there is a (very inviting) nest right in the middle of the room! There's only the wet, squelching sound of his footsteps and the wet-sound of too-soaked leather and cloth as he moves to shed boots and outer riding gear (which he dumps any excess water outside). A pause, as he notices he never opened the door. "Huh." A mere grunt for that and then a brief concerned and better focused look inside and… ahaha. There's his answer! "Working from home?" he mutters, smirking in amusement despite exhaustion weighing him down (and his wet clothes, lets be honest). At least he sort of greeted her!

YES SHE IS, K'VIR. WHAT'S IT TO YOU? She's double-braided long hair to throw over her shoulders in a MY HAIR IS TOO LONG version of pigtails, and hasn't even bothered to get dressed (which means she's in her pajamas - CALM) because apparently Risali is at those levels of 'work-from-home' today. She's glancing towards the door when she hears more than just the rain outside and - oh. Don't mind her, she's just gonna watch dat bronzerider strip off that outer gear with teeth finding her bottom lip and biting down while she takes that sight in. And yeah, there's a little sound in her throat, the kind that's half a whimper of how NOT FAIR THAT IS, half something caught off guard by that picture even if she's not a stranger to this entire show. THAT'S WHY SHE'S NOT LOOKING AT YOUR FACE WHEN YOU TALK TO HER, K'VIR. Until she is, slowly, with the kind of owlish blink that says she probably missed all of that because her mind was somewhere else. A heartbeat, two, three and - "I'm not feeling great," comes a little hoarse, voice coming in and out and cracking, just a little riddled with the kind of impediments to speech that say maybe she actually is sick. "You're home early." But she's already shuffling Velvet over a little because LOOK AT THIS WONDERFUL NEST SHE MADE, K'VIR. THERE'S ROOM FOR TWO. There's room for the whole family, actually but THERE'S ROOM FOR TWO.

"Want me to make you something?" K'vir is RIGHT THERE offering his services as cook a helpful weyrmate! It could be that he's hungry too or at least needing something warm in his system. It won't stop him from giving her a level look, as if gauging whether or not she IS sick or just how unwell. He may ruin her fun too by closing the door, but she can just yell at him if he went and crossed a line there! Oblivious to the effects his soaked state is causing in her, he'll grimace a bit as he sidesteps the small puddle of water his dripping clothes have created. Uh… he'll get to that in a moment? No one walk there for now! He's not to be responsible for wet socked feet! "I can grab something, once I change into something dry." And Risali will get more of a show, once he does climb those stairs to the loft above! For now though, he lingers on the threshold, head tilted and brow quirked as he waits patiently.

"No," she answers, eyes still fixed on K'vir. "I'm okay." Because she is okay even if she's not exactly well — though she doesn't make any moves to greet him like she normally would. LAZY, SICK, A COMBINATION THEREOF. "Between you and Dash, it's hot enough." EYOOOO. There's a quirk at the corners of her lips, a hint of humor that doesn't bloom into anything bigger because she's only half joking. But those grey eyes do trail K'vir wherever he goes, and if he ASCENDS THE STAIRS to get cleaner clothes, then Risali while WILL HERSELF OUT OF HER NEST and CRAWL TO THE DOOR, PUDDLES BE DAMNED, and then push it back open before crawling back to her nest. FIGHT HER, BRONZERIDER. And back beneath blankets and in against pillows she goes, a contented little huff escaping her as she grabs her next piece of paperwork and - nope. Hold that thought. She's looking up at K'vir again, and then forcing her lips into a press as grey eyes go back to that paperwork. It is with an obscene amount of willpower that Risali's eyes don't stray up again and she - just kidding. She's looking again, and then rolling to bury her face into a pillow, kicking her feet as if having a tantrum before going limp because DANG IT K'VIR. WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A DISTRACT?

BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT SIN-NAMON ROLLS DO! That's why. K'vir does in fact head up those stairs and at some point DOES catch Risali staring at him, drawing a smirk that IMPLIES MUCH beneath an 'innocent' expression. He takes his time, mostly because he needs to but also for some well played torture, until Risali's left to almost smother herself on those pillows down there! Coming back down the stairs, he'll give a narrowed near-glare to that open door again and for a moment he ALMOST STARTS A DOOR-WAR and moves to close it — then decides not to. With a sigh, he'll clean up the mess he made at least and then IGNORE THAT NEST OF TEMPTATION as he breezes right on by. Slowly, of course, with a sidelong look and warm smile for Risali as he does. A smile that betrays the teasing HAHA NOT YET hidden beneath it! Yeah, he saw her earlier and he KNOWS and he's going to make her WAIT! Granted, his dry clothing, while comfortable, aren't as show-worthy as his soaked outfit and his hair is already beginning to go from flat-wet to wavy-damp but hey… "I need a drink." NON-ALCOHOLIC for once but that is a temptation as well! No, he's making something hot and reasonably healthy. It's his 'excuse' too, to be in the kitchen and not with HER immediately. "Are the kids out too?" he asks, despite the obvious ANSWER to that! He's making casual talk; save the SERIOUS stuff for when he does, eventually, come out of that kitchen.

GOOD CALL ON THAT DOOR THERE, K'VIR. She likes the smell, and the sound, and the sight of it. It doesn't matter that she grew up in a tropical clime where rainfall was a semi-norm; it's comforting to her. But all those looks, all that just-out-of-reach-because-she's-being-lazy temptation meant that by the time K'vir is BREEZING PAST her nest of blankets, those grey eyes are trained with a kind of wistful, and a kind of threat. DO YOU WANT DEATH, KYZEN? THIS IS HOW WE GET DEATH. She will never admit to that slight dip of shoulders, that pout that she swallows down by pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth and sucking for just a second before letting go, but she will keep watching K'vir - dry or not - as he makes his way into the kitchen and engages in small talk. "Mmm," is her answer (which, in case you were wondering, is a yes. "Ibsy and Heri wanted to play with Selene, so they took all of the kids with them." Clearly that means they're with Ila, Ryn, and Cita… again. But it's a somewhere-not-here that makes them happy, and three capable people who know just how to tucker them out. "Are you home for the day?" comes, her voice cracking on the last word, that in-and-out of her voice making it a whisper despite her best efforts. BUT HEY. Back to her work she looks and - "How was work?"

THERE ARE WINDOWS FOR THAT SORT OF THING! But K'vir won't raise that argument either, unless she DOES become ill with something more than what she could have now. THEN — then he may chance death again by telling her 'I told you so' about the door. Even if they never DISCUSSED it and it was merely a passing moment of conflict. HE'S NOT AFRAID (he is, deep down) of her temper so much; truly upsetting her he does his best to avoid but if his moment with D'lei the other day says anything… K'vir still manages to put his foot in his mouth too regularly for his own good. Quiet sounds come from his work in the kitchen, an almost comforting array of things being moved, arranged and prepared; all while he listens to her answer and finds another sort of private comfort just in that alone. "That's good that they're wanting to play together so much. It'll be nice for them to have that bond." Which is his seal of approval on that matter. So long as their children are safe and happy, K'vir is on board (and has no issues with Ila, Ryn or Cita, so…)! "Bet you're enjoying the break?" he muses with a hint of dry humour because it's not like Risa is just kicking back and relaxing. He saw that paperwork! Her last question comes just as he steps out of the kitchen, two mugs in hand, one of which is set somewhere within her reach but without pressure to accept it. Without even asking if she WANTS him intriguing, he just invades that nest and settles down beside her. He snuggles in close, but is mindful to keep some blanket barrier between them; not because he wants to but because he is chilled and it'd be RUDE! Stretching out comfortably, he sighs, leaning towards her but keeping the mug held between his hands. Ahh, warmth! "Yeah. Was told to take the rest of the day off. The call wasn't a drill and it was rough going, so…" Shoulders lift in a shrug. "You and D'lei will no doubt get the full report eventually." HE IS NOT A WINGLEADER. Not even a Wingsecond. He doesn't divulge much of Galaxy's business because he assumes Dash, at least, is already up to speed. He COULD talk to them both as their weyrmate but he's been… odd about crossing certain lines. Zekath must have worn off on him — a lot.

THE WINDOWS AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH, KYZEN. But hey, all of those are open too. "It will," Risali agrees around a quiet smile, the kind that comes with adoration for both parties because half of that brood are her own siblings, and the other half are her own children. THERE'S A LOT OF ROOM FOR A LOT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THERE. As for the break, grey eyes go paper-wards, Risali's brows pulling in, the corner of her lips pulling sideways in a momentary look of… something not quite right. "I miss them," Risali confesses. "I miss the noise, and I miss the laughter, and I miss the messes." The distraction of all of that is secondary. "I'd give up everything just to have a house full of children to chase around for the rest of my life." But? She doesn't go into a but if there is one; she shuffles around paperwork and MAKES ROOM because SHE KNOWS THAT HE KNOWS THAT SHE KNOWS THAT HE KNOWS that blanket nest is an INVITATION TO JOIN HER IN AND OF ITSELF, and she reaches for that second mug, abandoning work and snoozing puppies for it as she DESTROYS BLANKET BARRIERS and presses her much smaller body in against his, shoulder to shoulder, to give him some of her heat for once instead of trying to sap all of his. For a moment she just sips, making an appreciative sound in her throat before offering a soft, "Thank you," because IT'S DELICIOUS and also she probably needed it. "I'm sure we will," comes with a soft smile. "Though I admit, I might pay more attention if it was delivered in your voice." Not that that aspect of weyrleading is much her business anyway. THAT'S ALL D'LEI. "Kyzen," Risali says slowly, as if she's thinking about the words very carefully before she says them. "Do you…" a beat, her gaze hyperfocused on her drink in a way that might not be a good sign. "How did you…" A shift of shoulders, a hint of something uncomfortable. "You and D'lei are better at…" No, no. That's not right. "How did you… how did you know that you…" A gesture of her hands as if she's trying to work out the words. "How do - did -" a beat, a sidelong glance at the bronzer as if just now realizing she doesn't really know… "Do?" It's a question, K'vir. LET HER FINISH. "-you have casual sex." OKAY NOW SHE'S STARING AT HIM WHILE TAKING ANOTHER SIP OF HER DRINK. And that flush? It's not anger. That's TOTALLY EMBARASSMENT.

"Kind of funny how it works that way, huh? One moment you're at your limit with all of that and then minutes in to some peace and quiet… it feels all wrong," K'vir speaks quietly and likely the longest sentence yet since he's come home! He gives her a sidelong look, one that isn't pitying but understanding for what she leaves unsaid. He's partly to blame for her being in the position she is in; Zekath Searched her but he could've ignored it! Then what would've happened? It's questions like that that plague him and half the time he refuses to even entertain the answers; which he does then and firmly shoves it all out of his mind. "You're welcome." he says instead, with a small but loving smile as she choses to ignore his barrier of blankets and snuggles right in. He'll draw her in, of course, content to absorb the warmth from her smaller frame AND his drink. Chuckling for her mention of his voice, he leans in to nuzzle her affectionately. "You say that now but I'm not so sure I could liven up even the driest of reports." Says he who has been a rider since he was barely a teenager and hasn't shown any desire to step into a higher rank! Maybe he WILL BE making reports someday. Maybe. Leaning back, he'll tilt his head as Risali begins to edge into DIFFICULT conversation and it takes all his willpower not to just tense up beside her on instinct. She'll get the patience from him and a quiet sort of calm, though he's watching her closely (too closely). That flush to his cheeks? TOTALLY FROM HIS DRINK! Which he… hasn't touched. Clearing his throat, his jaw works visibly to try and make SOME SORT OF ANSWER! Hello awkward, my old friend… "Uh, well — I mean, it's been awhile? Don't do that sort've thing, anymore, because…" A rough gesture of his hand to indicate THEIR SITUATION! Which he loves, obviously and holds no regrets. It's just been A LONG TIME and he's trying to delve back into his younger self's reasoning behind being a player casual sort of person. "Guess it was just something sparked? Fleeting bit of connection. Mutual desire for the same thing and that was that." NOT QUITE but it's the only way he can broach it, so far. K'vir lapses into silence then, mouth set in a half-smile, half-grimace as he looks at her in a way that SHOULD be supportive but also comes off as a man who knows there's another side and reason behind the question; only he's very unsure if he wants to know the WHY and it's simultaneously killing him to know.

"Yeah," is Risali's soft answer, because it is a moment-to-moment thing, parenting. One second you're pretty sure you would give anything for five minutes alone, the next you're restlessly cleaning up the entire house because that five minutes alone you thought you wanted wasn't what you wanted at all and now it's too quiet. "You could do it naked." The report, she means. SHE'S TEASING, OKAY. Kind of. Halfway? Halfway teasing. There's a raise of her brows as grey eyes find blue, as that nose scrunches up in deviousness and humor and she stops that incoming smile by pressing her lips to the rim of her cup and taking another drink. CUE THE AWKWARD! SO MUCH, SO MANY, SO THOROUGH THESE AWKWARDS ARE. Risali looked away at some point and now she's not looking back, dipping her head to show her understanding, taking another sip of her drink to stifle some of that awkawkawk that LOOMS. He doesn't do that sort of thing anymore? A beat. "Why not?" But then he gestures between them, and Risali's staring at the space where his hand just was while taking more sips of her drink. Okay, and now she risks a glance, catches that face as her brows furrow upon registration and she reaches up with one hand to push his face away. Instead of an explanation, she offers a quiet, "You could, you know." A beat. "Assuming that Bethari is okay with it as well." BECAUSE HEY. She's only one third of his relationship life, but she knows what side of that fence D'lei will probably fall on. "Stop making that face." ANOTHER GLANCE, and then a sigh. "I… got kissed." MAYBE SHE ISN'T GOING TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE? JK, HERE IT COMES: "And I… I didn't hate it." Here comes an exhale, and a tentative, "Are you angry?" that sounds almost timid by the powers of sick-voice. BUT DON'T BE FOOLED, K'VIR. We both know there's nothing timid or meek about your weyrmate.

K'vir blinks and he can only stare at Risa, confused, for a moment. Why? ISN'T IT OBVIOUS? Looking down at his drink, he'll finally take a sip of it, but mostly because he needs SOMETHING to delay his answer and also fix his sudden dry mouth. It kind of works? "Why would I want to? I've already got all I desire with you," he stresses the 'you' mostly and quietly. "Dash and Bethari. Throwing in casual flings into that? I dunno. I mean," There's a slight scoff as he aims to poke fun at himself again and his failings. "I can barely keep from messing up what I have as it is!" And he's fairly certain that Bethari would not tolerate it, either! The deepening flush to his skin COULD be anger but it could just be a response in general to what she shares with him next. If there was anger, it was fleeting and likely irrational based on the little pang of jealousy. Had he been younger, this would have gone terribly bad! Only he's older, somewhat wiser (maybe up for debate there) but much more open minded. Still, he isn't quite as flexible in being non-jealous; it's a work in progress and he's made leaps and bounds! He'll get over this hurdle and the only sign that it ever was there and may be lurking still is the way his arm slips around her, holding her tight to his side. It could be his anxiety rearing up too, where fragments of oh-so many nightmares threaten to taunt him into doing something stupid. "I'm not angry." IT'S THE TRUTH! He's just processing. While he does, his gaze slides away, his brows furrow heavily but he does lift his eyes to fix them on HER again. They are the same clear blue, though he can't quite mask the conflict beneath. HE IS TRYING, though! Because she doesn't know of his struggles and how something as innocent as a kiss is causing ripples in his mind. "I mean. I don't… know the context behind it?" he adds, hesitantly before sighing, some of the tension ebbing out from him as he does. Shifting, it's not to move away but to pull her closer to him, almost right into his lap if she doesn't protest. His body half curls around her regardless, as he aims to rest his head over hers, content for a moment to rest his cheek against her hair; it's also a tactic so she CAN'T SEE HIS FACE. "Not sure if I want to know." he near-whispers that honest confession. Oh, BUT HE DOES~

"I don't know," Risali answers honestly - because she doesn't fully grasp how one spark can equate to sex, even as a dragonrider. She doesn't mind it, it's just… not her. It's that next admittance that has Risali leaning into K'vir, shifting her arm around his hips and squeezing him in a sideways hug, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. "I don't think you give yourself enough credit, stupid bronzerider." It's a whisper, one meant to reassure while laying demons to rest, but Risali doesn't miss that flush. She doesn't comment on it either; no Risali merely watches the changes in her weyrmate, doesn't fight the arm pressing her closer to him as he works through his emotions, as he finds more words and makes soft admittances that have Risali's smile going sideways - it's half apologetic, half worry, half… something else. "We were playing," because the context isn't bad. "He leaned in, so I threw snow in his face. Then I tackled him because he shoveled some down my shirt, and while I was shoving snow down his, he kissed me." That's it. It's that simple. That's the long and short of it. "I don't know his name, and he doesn't know mine." A sideways glance for Velvet, a hesitation, and then a whispered, "But I… don't know why I didn't stop him. I don't know why it didn't make me angry." She doesn't add anything onto that, though her gaze drops to her cup, to staring at its contents. "D'lei said it's a distraction, but…" An exhale, and the same thing she told him then: "I don't do distractions, Kyzen." Meaning? She doesn't desire people like a normal person might. She can appreciate somebody's good looks, but it takes a lot to make her want more than mere shoulder-brushes and shared laughter. "Would it bother you? If he… was more than just a distraction, I mean."

"Maybe if I stop unintentionally upsetting those I love on a semi-regular basis someday, I'll start to believe that." K'vir keeps his tone just pitched enough with humour that it sounds like he's taking another shot at himself in reply to her nudging him about lack of credit. He doesn't quite believe it and it will just be another of his small flaws. He's overcome others at least and important ones. Ones that allow him to listen to Risali explain without immediately jumping to conclusions; not that the temptation isn't there! Only now he has names for it and a deeper understanding and he can stop it before it gets out of control. His drink is set aside, freeing his other arm and hand now so that he can immediately slip it around her in turn. Not to cage but to hold and its for mutual benefit; largely for him, as K'vir NEEDS that contact right now. It keeps him tethered and grounded and so long as she is there and his, he can keep his anxiety from gaining too much foothold. "In a nutshell, it was harmless fun and then… changed." Which happens! K'vir's been in situations like that when younger, though in different standing that her. He wouldn't allow for it now, but he is not the same as her in all regards. "Yes and no? No, because I… think I understand." The basis of the start of what COULD BE. It sets him a little on edge but he'll deal with it later rather than NOW, when things are still what-ifs and maybes. "Yes, because you don't even know his name. I don't trust folk so easily and less-so without knowing at least that about them." Forgive him for being paranoid and cautious? K'vir exhales heavily, moving his head now to rest it beside hers, while continuing to hold her in that embrace. "I'm not going to stop you." BECAUSE HE KNOWS IT IS POINTLESS. "From being you. Just… remember I am not like you or Dash. I'm trying and it'll be hard but I'll come around." he gruffly whispers, half muffled against the curve of her neck and shoulder.

Risali huffs soft laughter, squeezes a little tighter as she teases, "Well then you just wouldn't be you, would you?" Because let's be real about this. Risali and K'vir's relationship has been tumultuous at best from go, both possessing that ability to step on each other's toes and thoroughly harass the other while still wanting more. But then, softer, "None of us are perfect, Kyzen. Not me, not you, not D'lei." Not Bethari. "And I don't want somebody perfect." Because she is content with what she has. But - "Not… exactly." About innocent fun changing. Brows furrow, lips form around words that don't come as if she's trying to find a way to explain just what she feels but can't. BECAUSE SURPRISE, IT'S RISA. "He's… easy. I don't…" A shift. "I'm not attracted to him, but…" A beat. BUT IT'S COMPLICATED. "I feel like I've known him forever. And that's what scares me." Because it didn't make her angry, because she didn't want to run, and because there are only two people in all of Pern who've made her feel that way and one of them is in this room now. Okay, so maybe once there was possibly a third, but RISA BROKE HIS NOSE WHEN HE MADE FUN OF HER and anyway that was YOUTH and those feelings were… a rather pale caricature of what feelings should be. But then Risali is setting down her own mug so that she can shift onto her knees, bringing both of her arms around K'vir's shoulders and holding him tight as he speaks and she listens and… "I don't know what that means, Kyzen," she admits softly. "What are me and D'lei like?" It's not angry, its an honest inquiry. But it doesn't stop her from saying in a WHOLLY PLAYFUL WAY, "Besides, I have to keep up with you and D'lei." She is kidding, and despite the sick making it a squeak of muted sound, that was a beat of laughter that… quiets. "I don't want him to know." Because sometimes those truths… they change everything.

K'vir's mouth quirks up in a small smile but a genuine one at that. "No, I guess none of us are perfect." He'll murmur in agreement to that and once more he'll lapse silent to listen to her. That silence extends longer than it should, or WOULD perhaps were he anyone else, but as he promised — he's trying. His brow is furrowed as well and his eyes carry a troubled, thoughtful, look to him but he doesn't look away from her even as he leans his head back. "You and D'lei both, I think… You are better at this than I'll be. Understanding emotions and all that comes with it. I've… changed a lot and for the better but I don't know if I'd ever be able to… y'know…" DOES SHE KNOW? K'vir falters, fumbles and eventually can only shrug his shoulders as words won't come forth to explain in the way he wants to. Her last confession only has him looking grim and even more unsure. "Any relationship built on secrecy is no relationship, Risa."

"Better at this?" Risali draws back, finds K'vir's eyes with her own and risks another laugh that's… missing the mark for humor. For what it's worth, she isn't angry either, but his inability to explain just might be what Risali is misunderstanding. Or is she misunderstanding? "Kyzen, in all of my life I've only ever loved you and D'lei. You took…" A breath, a half laugh. "You took all of my firsts sans one. You realize that, right? And D'lei… He…" A shake of her head, a closing of those grey eyes. "You're both… more experienced at this than I am." It comes out even, soft — not an accusation, not anger, but a truth (for her). "But I'm still not sure what you're trying to say." YOU CALLING HER EASY, BRONZER? SHE WILL FIGHT! …Or she will transition with a shrug of her shoulders for that grim expression, for that not-so-sure he exudes along with advice. "It's not a relationship, Kyzenviro." A beat. "And it's not a secret if the information is free for the taking. We just… haven't got there yet." It's just… COMPLICATED. "This is different." ISN'T THAT WHAT THEY ALL SAY? "Anyway, it's probably just nothing." And here comes a flicker of a smile, something brief, the press of lips lacking humor but making an attempt in order to be placating. STILL. Risali is shifting back, letting K'vir go so that she can gain her feet and… maybe she did realize he wanted the door closed. She closes it now anyway. "I'm going to lay down." SHE THIEVES A PILLOW AND A BLANKET, and that's it. She hauls her stolen goods upstairs, up to the bed, where she burrows underneath and maybe pretends not to have thoughts for just long enough to escape them.

K'vir exhales heavily but not in a negative manner and more of another release of tension and silencing those nagging voices in the back of his head. "I know." he murmurs softly. "I've not forgotten that or that you love me. I'm not explaining it right." CLASSIC. He gives a faint wry smirk at that, also bordering on apologetic and he can only shake his head. He needs time to work it out, mull it over and pick his words carefully but, as always, time is not in his favour. It could be that the point is moot, at least in this instance. Something they can revisit later but is not the immediate concern! "Different? How?" he asks and his tone lacks accusation as well; it's more genuinely curious because his mind isn't making the same connections. Yet rather than brush it aside and dismiss it, he WANTS to know and, more importantly, desires to learn — at least enough to try to understand. The look he levels her at 'probably nothing' is easily readable as disbelief. No, no… Risali doesn't get off the hook that easily with him today! "Risa…" he calls her softly, when she's rising to her feet and closes that door and warning him of her PLANS! And while she never expressed it, she never said otherwise either and he'll push to his feet. That nest? Abandoned. He will let her be just long enough that she has a few moments of quiet and privacy — just in case. A moment to breathe for the two of them, before he's climbing those stairs again and edging towards the bed. Which he'll then climb into, careful not to disturb her too much as he settles behind her and, barring any protests on her part, he will resume their cuddling. With or without further talking, it matters not to him and should sleep evade them both, K'vir will be happy to offer other means of passing time "constructively".

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