Crashing a Party

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Plans are in the works as some have heard! That random Starcrafter from Xanadu, who just so happens to be the new WL's rather awkward daughter, is attempting to plan some type of Meteor-Shower party during the next pass towards the end of the fortnight. Tonight, it just so happens a practice feast has been rolled out in preparation for the party, as a dry run kinda thing. There a roasts and stews, meatrolls and veggies, spiderclaws and packtail, everything one could imagine and even some special sweet treats, including fritters and bubblies, shipped from Eastern's well-known 'Tarrin's Bakery". What's even more exciting than Stars for some is the assortment of libations already accrued. Samplers of Istan Rum, Benden's Red, Telgar's Whiskey and ales from across the land are lined up for a mini tasting. Zahleizjah has her pin straight hair pulled up in a raven's nest of messy bun with a pencil jammed through it, she's setting all the finishing touches in all the right places.

Plans! Schemes! And such. Practice feasts are still just as tasty as the real ones, though with that many drinks, this run hardly counts as 'dry'. Soriana must have missed the memo, because as she walks into the caverns to see that feast on display, she blinks. What…? Nope, she doesn't know what. Time to blink again.

Zahleizjah sees Soriana and waves her over "Hey Soriana. How are you?" She asks, coming out from behind the table containing all the glasses for those tasty drinks. "Perfect timing.. would you like something to drink?" She smiles and looks around.. *Cue Cricket* "So… the invitations didn't make it to print in time, and the decorators delivered our streamers and balloons to Fort for some silly reason, but they're working on the hard copies for the actual event and rerouting the rest of the supplies. I think the Observatory party might be a go!" A'dmar hasn't actually said yes, nor does she even know if Thea has been spoken with yet, but she'll omit that for now.

"Hey," Soriana says back, with another moment of looking around. "I'm… good." Yes, good, but… hmm, a drink? Maaaaybe that would make this make sense. "Sure," she says, then looks around herself. It's pretty festive, even without the streamers. "Oh," she says, looking back to Zahl, then nods. "Well, that's good. I mean, not them sending the supplies to Fort… that's not so good. But I'm glad to hear the party's going forward!" She grins. "There's a lot to pull together."

Zahleizjah pours a tasty spiced cider, mixed perfectly to pack a little punch while still being drinkable and not too boozy. The first glass is handed Soriana's way and then she pours one for herself and takes a good sip, licking a straying droplet from her lips before it can get away."Glad to hear! Many night shifts for you these days?" is asked, a watchful eye on the door greeter as a group of young Weaver's enter and head for the food. "Yeah.. who knew having a party would be so much work?! From set-up to clean-up.. there's so much to do while trying to find some time to have fun and watch the showers.. should be like nothing we've ever seen.."

Soriana grins as she takes the glass. "Thanks," she says, and raises it in a bit of a salute before taking a sip. At the question, she shrugs. "Ah, some. It's a bit less busy now, because there are some Ierne students trying to catch up on their rotations, so they're even taking the ones that nobody wants normally." She grins a little at that, then laughs outright. "We did a beach party, and that one took a lot of work even though it was way less fancy than this. We didn't bother with printed invitations or anything, just told everyone to show up." She nods at the mention ofthe showers. "It sounds neat!" The two of them are standing, drinks in hand, and talking. Around them, the caverns are set up with all sorts of food and drink, enough for a party! … though the party doesn't seem to have shown up yet.

Zahleizjah smiles and meets the raised glass salute of cider "Well here's to that.. nice to have a little down time and more party time at the beach with less work overall." People start filling in the Caverns, heading for the feast and assortment of drinks. Zah and Soriana stand near the beverage cart. The young Starcrafter shrugs and blushes slightly "Just seems like the time a season to do something a lil fancy.. though I'd definitely look forward to more beach parties in the near future.. maybe we can even head out there after watching some of the shower from the observatory.." this is starting to sound pretty neat.. now all Zah needs to do is get all her wherries in a row and take care of business.

Maeve wanders in from the bowl at the moment, having managed to hitch a ride from Eastern along with the extra treats that were comissioned from Tarrin's bakery (as the job here was awfully large, even for the huge contengient of bakers who are posted to Xanadu. ) She looks around, partially as she acquaints herself with an unfamiliar place, but partially looking for someone in particular.

Soriana sips at the cider, and nods. "I s'pose there's a time for fancy, yeah." She grins somewhat, and takes a moment to look over the new arrivals, waving to some. "I haven't been around the observatory much… is it really just all looking at the sky? What do you… well, do?" Other than turn the caverns into a party rehearsal. It's the starcraft, not the party planning craft… right?

A guy's gotta eat. And the best place to do so is the cavern. In fact, for ka-el, the only place to do so is in the Cavern! Going out in public is not one of his top ten things to do lately, but unfortunately, there are things that cannot be avoided. And thus, Kale plus one enters the busy cavern, cringing at the amount of people here. Did he miss something? "Let's make this fast.." he murmurs, glancing to his sidekick and unwanted companion, J'o. And with thoughts of invisibility floating in his head, he starts forward, walking with one free leg and one leg tied to that of J'o. It's the three legged beast!

Eating. Sleeping. Taking leaks. All the essentials of life, and right now, they're all trouble. There are many things about Kale that J'o may object to, but at the idea of making this fast, he nods. "Aye," he mutters, stumping along as part of the three-legged beast and pretending he doesn't see all the people who have doubtless begun to stare at them. At least a full day of being tied together has made them somewhat more competent at this thing.

Zah and Soriana are making their way through now half-full mugs of cider. The two chat about parties and duties, Zah giggles and nods "A time for fancy.. so true.. maybe that will be the title of the invitations!" she's tickled by the idea and commends "Thanks Sori.." she hopes the abbreviation isn't preemptive and explains "Well, there is special equipment there, makes all those stars and planets look much closer. You can even see the craters on our moons! N'when there's a shower like we will see this time, the whole sky is lit up with shooting stars.. you don't even need the gazers for em! I figure.. no better time to have a get together.." A brow is raised Kale's direction.. not the abominable snowman she saw last time, who looks like he's in a hurry but gets a wave and a smile anyway that says *they're friendly and with plenty of food and beverages for all*. "Maeve it is right??" She says to the newcomer with the treats "Tarrin said he'd be sending you.. thank you so much for the extra delivery. Can I get you anything"

When booze won't attract the Weyrwoman to the caverns, the rumors of Master Denna's feasts will. She's far too busy these days, some might say. That is her doing, not the norm, others might counter, trying to compensate for the solitary life she new leads that her weyrmate and she have split and her children are gone. Someone - probably Ocelara has prodded her from her office and the work that keeps her late, so Thea enters the caverns from the administration wing, taking the time to sweep the room with an inquisitive gaze. Zahleizjah and Soriana are spotted, waved to and then the rest of the caverns get a look-round. All is as it shou- Blink. What's this? A three-legged race? She shakes her head with a half-smile of bemusement and strides over to the Kale-J'o Critter and drawls, "So. It looks like the pair of you have left the field so far behind they're out of sight." It seems she has no idea of why the two are even tied together. Or maybe it's just a peculiar Thea-torture.

Soriana waves back to Thea, then laughs at the suggested title for the party! "Fancy and meteors," she says. She doesn't seem to mind Zahl using her nickname. Fewer syllables is easier! As well Zahleizjah would know. As the starcrafter explains about how her craft actually works, Soriana listens with interest and nods. "Huh, okay. Sounds interesting. I've been stargazing a few times, just looking up, but… heh. Still pretty sure Corn isn't a real constellation, no matter what Kale says." … speaking of, here he is now! Complete with J'o. She looks at them. She lifts an eyebrow. They haven't talked about this yet, have they? No they have not. Welp. She gives them a gooood loooong loooook, followed by… oh, yeah, she's going to head over that way. "Scuse me," she says to Zahl (not that the starcrafter couldn't follow if she wanted), and gives a smile and wave for Maeve as she passes by.

Keep your head down and maybe no one will notice you, Kale! That's his take on it anyway as he expertly keeps his eyes away from those who stare and snicker and, oh yes, point. Just one more day! With the amount of people necessary to weave around, he finds himself pressed a bit closer to J'o than he'd truly like to be, which encourages his fifteen thousandth scowl of the day. Get food and run! That's the plan. He looks up to make sure he's going in the right direction, and his eyes meet those of Zahleizjah. And is that Sori right next to her? Uh oh. His steps falter a little, but he catches himself on J'o to steady them both and save them the embarassment of falling flat on their faces. But oh, luck! Someone else is taking their attention, so he's saved from having to speak to either one of them! And his savior? Erk. Thea. Ooh, he's angry with her! This is all her fault! But that doesn't stop his face from going a little pink as she speaks curious words to them. Ugh. Why can't he ever catch her on a normal day? "…Good day, Weyrwoman Thea." Mad or not, he's still polite! "Erm … pardon?"

J'o scowls as Kale keeps looking around. Get back to business, boy! Any more distracted and… yep, there it is. He's forgetting the carefully synchronized moevement and stumbling. J'o reaches out to catch him with an expression like he'd rather be mucking stables and a grunt. "Coulda been at my weyr," he mutters. Didn't he offer? Boiled tubers with salt were an option, but nooo. Kale decided being seen in public was better than being seen going off in private with J'o. Admittedly, the food here is better. As the Weyrwoman approaches, J'o's face sets into a frown. He gives something of a salute, then looks down so as to not have to meet Thea's gaze. Wait, that's even worse. He coughs a little, and looks up again, crossing his arms in front of him. No, that won't do either. He uncrosses them, his elbow accidentally jabbing at Kale's side in the process.

Maeve nods to Zah, essentially the only familiar face (at the moment) to the dusky skinned blonde. "Well, I'd just like a bit of a snack. Maybe some meatrolls and a mug of juice. Unfortuately, I can't stay here too long. I still have duties back at Eastern." She thinks for a moment, trying to remember the starcraft girl's name, then turns, and smiles to the others, although a curious look is given to the Kale-J'o creature.

Zahleizjah isn't quite sure what to make of this interesting Kale gent.. one day it's snowmen the next it's.. well two of them all tied together and going about their business and stuff! Zahl chuckles slightly and shakes her head, another sip of warm delicious cider sipped on "It's pretty alright.. even just looking up, regardless of how much I enjoy the physics and glasscrafting parts of it too.. I just built my first pair of gazers over the last turn.. and I think you're a natural, definitely never heard of Corn. There's quite the commotion going on by the serving table now, why with all those young Weavers, the Weyrwoman, KaleJ'o, deliveries and Maeve that direction Zahl nods "I was just about to do the same.." following Soriana that direction. When she approaches, a bow of the head and slight curtsey is sent towards Thea, addressing her when there is a spare moment "Weyrwoman Thea, m'names Zahleizjah, from Western, daughter to A'dmar.." who may or may not have mentioned her "Pleasure to meet you finally.. may I get you anything?" A tasty snack plate is made up for Maeve first, along with a full mug of juice "It is good to see you again Maeve.. I really appreciate you coming all the way out here. Please feel free to take a 'skin of juice back with you if you'd like.."

Kale is mad at her? Thea has not a clue, thank you Seryth. The queen, no doubt is enjoying her joke. The snickering in the back of her mind is really not registering as she too, thinks the tied-together pair are amusing and the gold watches through her eyes. "Good day, Kale, J'o," the Weyrwoman says mildly. No, she's not eeeeeven gonna ask. She's seen her fair share of odd things thus far in her tenure as Senior and thus she'll just pretend all is normal. "Have you two eaten? My advise is to use separate plates." No, there's no amusement in that comment, is there? "Soriana, " this to the young woman as she steps nearer, "Seryth says her belly itches where the stitches were removed. I've kept it oiled, but she frets." Of course, the mention is such that if the dragonhealer wants to suggest something she may. Her eyes drift over the folk in the room, Maeve's knot is noted, the woman given a nod and a polite, "Xanadu's duties to Eastern and her queens." Oh and then Zahleizjah is speaking to her and the young woman is given an interested study. "Ah, so you're the long-lost daughter. Welcome to Xanadu." She doesn't gush and question the specifics on how her father and she found each other. Instead, "Yes, please. A plate of… whatever. I'll trust you, shall I? Ocelara said you worked hard on coordinating the feast."

And here they are. Just like rumor paints them. Soriana smiles to Thea, and gives the Weyrwoman a nod of greeting before tilting her head at the question. Oh noes! Did she do something wrong with it? She frowns. "That… might be normal healing, but…" Oh, but what if it isn't? "I can ask one of my seniors to take a look at it." Not that she won't likely be following along anxiously. "If it is just a healing itch, we can give you a mild numbing salve." The frown lingers, as does a thoughtful look, even as her gaze wanders to Kale and J'o. She looks between them, not that her gaze has far to go. Maybe the frown is just because of dragonhealing stuff? Maybe. "Hey."

Jessi steps into the caverns, she's late to the party, apparently, a look of surprise on her face as she realizes that, well, the caverns are quite crowded today. Pale eyes glance around the large room as she pauses just inside the doorway, she wasn't expecting such a crowd, and the huntress doesn't get along in crowds very well so it's with great caution that she makes her way through, arriving at the food tables, eyeing the offering warily. Nothing really looks very good to her, which is a bit odd, so she finally settles on a small meal of bread and cheese and some redfruit juice. Now she has to find herself a place to sit, frowning as she tries to spot an emoty table.

Kale is jabbed! Grr, J'o did that on purpose, didn't he? A scowling look (fifteen thousand one!) is shot to the weyrling and he grinds his elbow into his side in return. Maybe with their odd closeness it won't be noted by onlookers? Maybe, maybe not. Geeze, the two are like two turn olds fighting, with Kale possibly wearing the king's crown of childish behavior. His eyes turn back to Thea now as she speaks as if nothing at all is wrong. As if she's still their friend! Puh. He can give her the cold shoulder … someday. Today, he answers her. "Thank you for the advice, Weyrwoman." Oh, but he says it with a twinge of sarcasm in his tone! Take that, Weyrwoman. Sarcasm! Insincerity! Oh yes, her heart definitely shall be bleeding tonight. He attempts to slip away once her attention is divided to others, tugging his attached leg so J'o gets the hint too. But, drat it all, here's another obstacle in the way: Soriana. So he doesn't get far. Not even a step. He looks at her, noting that frown. "Hey." She's defintely not frowny at him, right? He has a busted lip, see? All because of this meaniehead brat J'o! Such poor, abused, bullied smithcrafters don't get frowns. They get pity… Right?

"Aye, good day," says J'o in a tone that implies it's been anything but. Maybe the forge wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for Kale. Kale, who even now jabs at him. Right, that's it. His arms are crossing again, and they're not uncrossing for anything short of an actual plate of actual food. He's got a lovely black eye now from that 'poor' Kale. Sooo… "Oh, aye," he answers Thea's helpful suggestion. "I'm a great believer in one apiece." Then he grunts as he's dragged on toward - oh, no, only half a step. Hrmph.

Zahleizjah smiles, a relieved expression crossing those honeyed pools of eyes as they meet the warm greeting from Thea "Thank you ma'am.. I believe I am, n'alucky one t'have found A'dmar t'be my father. Please.. the pleasure is all mine.." She's quick to make up a sampler plate for the Weyrwoman, a nice assortment of meatrolls, a little bit of veggies, a nice ol chunk of dark chocolate cake with whipped vanilla frosting and sprinkled ever so slightly with cinnamon. As for the work put in she notes "Integrity is key in all endeavors I've learned.." an empathetic look tinted with concern as she picks up on Soriana's thought process. The raven haired lass reminds herself to offer to take the bobbsey twin's plates when their finished, and glasses, and get anything breakable out of their way while she's at it. "Good to see you again, as always Kale.." keeping it interesting is an understatement for his predicaments a smile is sent J'o's way but she distracts to avoid staring at black eye. Zahl notices Jessi slip in.. looking less than thrilled with the selection. So she grabs 1: a plate with some tasty charceuterie to go with that bread and cheese, and 2: a mid sized slice of delectably layered chocolate cake. A glance is shot Maeve's direction to see if she can offer her anything else to take back to Eastern for her troubles.

"Tomorrow," Thea replies equably to Soriana. The Weyrwoman doesn't seem too overly concerned about it, so Seryth must not be in any acute discomfort. Kale is given a melting (but sincere!) smile, J'o included in it as a field on the edge of a cloud shadow would be. The elbowing, black eye maybe possibly not noticed (or is that ignored?), "You're welcome," says she to the odd pair serenely, raking her hair with a hand that leaves her dark tresses in tumbled disarray. Is she toying with them? It's quite possible. She turns absently to accept the plate Zahleizjah brings her. "Thank you," she says to the Weyrleader's daughter with another radiant smile. "We should talk soon," she adds as she turns to take her leave. The office-y things are begging her to return, don'tcha know, and it's that way she heads with her plate of food to see to them. At least she ate?

Jessi isn't known to be the most social of creatures, and somehow she wasn't informed that there was a gathering today. The petite greenrider finds a (mostly) empty table that she can claim for herself, sliding into a seat as a larger rider vacates it. Quietly do pale silver-blue eyes watch the goings on,, bread and cheese poked lightly but not lifted for a bite just yet. Instead, juice is taken up and glass is sipped from. The huntress doesn't try to socialize with anyone in particular, but if attention is given her, she'll return it with the slightest of nods or maybe a hint of fingerwiggle, but there's no motion to try and converse with anyone in particular.

The fact that Thea is willing to let it wait to tomorrow is definitely reassuring to Soriana, and she smiles in relief as she needs. For that matter, if it were truly urgent, Seryth could have bespoken one of the dragons at the Annex already. So, Sori looks rather more relieved as she nods. "Tomorrow." Brief pause for thought… right. "D'ren will be on." She waves as Thea departs, then grins a bit to Zahl. "And now you're met the Weyrwoman," she tells the starcrafter. Jessi was noticed, and she gives the greenie a wave, but then… ah, here's Kale and J'o. She is not grinning any more. Is she frowning at them? Good question. She certainly doesn't seem to be as sympathetic as he might think he deserves. "So," she says to Kale. "We should maybe talk." A glance. "Hey, J'o." Back to Kale. "Later."

Oh, Thea's smile could melt the iciest of hearts. Kale doesn't attempt to resist. Or maybe he does, but the power of The Smile is just too strong! Whatever the case, that radiant smile he receives is met with a crooked grin despite the fact that he is mad at her for this stupid punishment of theirs. Sigh! A glance to J'o wipes the goofy grin from his face, and a refocusing on Soriana definitely keeps it off. A talk? His brows lift a smidgeon. "Like .. a Talk talk…. or a regular talk?" Because you know there is such a difference! To J'o, he frowns, knowing that either talk won't happen when he's around. And unfortunately, he will be around for quite a few more hours. "C'mon, you're not.." he begins, inserting one of those charming smiles. But, meh. Another glance to J'o. Shards and shells! He exhales a breath, scowling. Later will take forever to come. "Hello Zahleizjah," he offers to the nearby starcrafter.

J'o only gets a glancing blow from that smile, and he still smiles back. But then, he's not actually angry with the Weyrwoman. It's not her fault Kale is such a jerk, and the punishment, well, it certainly serves to purge any lingering guilt about what he put Kaidoth through. J'o is suffering for his sins! His arms remain crosses as he stands there, nodding an acknowledgement to Soriana's greeting but otherwise mostly staring off into the distance. Don't mind him.

Enter a Gryphhawk. Almost all black with the exception of a rusty, auburn red coloration on the leading edge of the Gryphhawk's wings, the white ends of its tail feathers and the dull yellow beak on top of a large thick leather glove worn by Datsun with a leather thong wrapped around the hawk's leg clasped to Datsun's wrist. The Journeyman's clothes are once again old and worn except this time instead of dirt, it's chips of wood that are scattered here and there. It's obvious he's just come off duty, tunelessly humming to himself as he walks through the dinnertime crowd towards the kitchens.

Zah might not know anything about matters of the heart, but she at least knows what 'talking' means.. at least what it seems to mean, in this context. A smile is sent first to Thea agreeing to meet some other time and waving to as she departs, and then back to Soriana "She seems rather lovely…" though it's obvious there could very well be more to her than meets the eye. A nod to Kale is all it takes.. she's not tied to anyone at the moment and will take that opportunity to wander. And so.. the mini-gather continues, food to feast on and drinks everywhere and that plate of meats and cake collected is ferried over towards Jessi "Hi.. looks like you could use a little bit of this for your pallate?? M'names Zahleizjah, but you can call me Zah" she offers with a smile. The nightshade Gryphhawk catches her eye, along with that gent she met not long ago, a wave is sent Datsun's way "Hello again.." she says as he passes by.

Soriana smiles to Zahleizjah, and nods, though it's with a little quirk of her mouth. Mostly. She glances to Datsun's arrival, and waves slightly, then pauses at Kale's question. She considers it a moment. "Kinda both?" She frowns a moment, her gaze wandering away in thought, then back to him. "We should talk, but not Talk talk, but I want to Talk talk but it's not about us, but we kind of have to talk about…" Uh. Where was she even going with that? Now she's lost track herself. Oh, fine, she can say it in front of… everyone. "I'm not breaking up with you or anything. But I want to hear what happened, and we should talk about Rissa."

Jessi loos up as Zah approaches with the food, setting her glass on the table near her plate of bread and cheese, letting hands fall to her lap. The Starcrafter, she doesn't recognize, and she searches her memory banks for any clue as to who this young lady might be. "Jessi, rider to green Aisuohkoth." She offers in return, lifting a hand towards the girl. "Pleasure to meet you, Zah." She offers a slight smile at the offer of more food, "I'm sorry, I don't have much of an appetite." Arms flutters down again, resting across her small stomach a moment. "Things don't seem to agree with me too well as late." Soriana's wave was seen, and a fingerwiggle had been offered in return to the girl. The gryphhawk is noted, of course, and the Beastcrafter watches it a moment, nodding her approval of the creature.

Somehow, all that did make sense to Kale, and it shows in the look in his eyes that's a little less worried now. A talk is still a talk though, and when Soriana spells out just what they need to talk about, he ohs. Not breaking up? Good! What happened? Sure, he'll paint that picture rather well. Not biased at all. Idrissa? Eh … that's a bit sketchier, but he nods anyway. "Alright. After tomorrow I should be free of this burden, and we'll talk." A grin follows. And now, it's time for food! Because he really is starving. He glances to J'o, giving him a vaguely narrow eyed look. "This is my girlfriend. Don't ever ask her to move in with you." Glare. And with that base covered, he tugs his leg towards food, glancing to Datsun's arrival.

J'o is very busy with his not listening. Instead, he stares off at the rest of the cavern. Huh. There's an avian type thing. That's sorta cool. He stares at the gryphhawk as an alternative to listening to Sori and Kale. Yeah, that's cool. His crossed arms start to relax, up until Kale drags his attention back. Hrmph. He's not even going to dignify that one with a response.

"Oh, hello there, Western. Good to see you again. Soriana." Datsun offers a smile as he passes Zah and Soriana, disappearing into the kitchens for a few moments before reappearing with a bowl of raw meat. The Crafter pauses, looking about the crowd before deciding to follow Zah to her table, which happens to have Jessi there. As he passes Soriana and the Kale/J'o combination on the way, they're given a curious glance before setting down the bowl on the table, "Hey, Jessi. Mind if I join you two? I didn't get the chance to feed Ash his breakfast this morning and I just got off duty."

Zahleizjah is a curious one, and well, as Jessi will find out, a sort of awkward and blunt one too "Are ya pregnant or sick dear Jessi of Aisuohkoth? Have you been to a Healer?" Realizing she's putting her nose where it doesn't belong a change of the subject is next "I mean um.. Cool name.. and well met" Yep, still a teenager, and late blooming former wall-flower at that. So, she rolls up a piece of sliced meat and takes a nibble herself, other hand still grasping that same cup of cider.. taking it slowly, she has a job to do. SHe doesn't offer much more for the memory bank, though she stays there at that table, not wanting to be Sori's J'o in this situation.. all those yucky emotions and stuff. It doesn't sounds very fun, burdens, talking and moving in with one another. Yuck! Then she gets a Western from Datsun, little does his know Xanadu might be stuck with her before they know it.. and his tasty bowl of meat. A little crinkle of the nose and she's considering the meat in her hand that is not too far off from Ash's soon to be meal. "Please.. I don't mind at all and good to see you Datsun.." who she probably totally creeped out their last encounter.

Soriana waves to Datsun. "Heya," she says, then looks back to Kale. "All right, we'll talk then," she says. All might be well. She's ready to move on! … at least, she was. J'o might not respond to Kale's comment, but Sori does. She reverses the half step away she took, and now that is a frown. "I'll move in with whoever I want. We'll Talk." Now it does have a capital letter, but she'll leave that conversation for later and let the boys get their food now. So many emotions! Though not all of them are yucky…

Jessi glances up at the Starcrafter. "Pregnant." She fails to add the again part. "Flights, you know?" She chuckles quietly, lifting her glass of juice again for a sip. "As a matter of fact, I think I might retire back to my weyr, too many bodies here for my liking." And she's pushing to her feet, plate of bread and cheese left untouched, but she takes the juice with her, she'll retur the glass at a later time. "It was nice meeting you, Zah." She offers, sending a wave towards Soriana and co. "Goodnight." And with that, the greenrider is making her escape from the bustling caverns.

"Fine, but if it's with him it's only right for me to tell you that he farts in his sleep," quips Kale with a stony look to meet Soriana's frown. "And they're not the kind you can hope to sleep through." Just. Saying. And then he's off, as long as J'o is cooperative with foot motions, to the food to pile onto a plate to horde off somewhere else to eat. He won't even argue J'o's weyr. They'll probably have to check on the lonely brown anyway!

J'o glances to Soriana at her comment. Back again to Kale. His face is competing with the smithcrafter's for stoneyness. If they headbutted each other, they'd get gravel. "Hurmph," he says. "Maybe if your bed was wider." A glance to Soriana, and he adds, "He hogs the blankets." Just. Saying. And, now that they've gone and revealed each others' secrets, the two of them head off to grab food and go, yes, to J'o's weyr, from which they will not return for quite some time. Kaidoth misses his J'o!

Datsun can't stop a chuckle that comes out of him at Zah's bluntness to Jessi, turning his eyes to the rider to see her response. "Hmm." is all he has to say on the subject, blinking as Jessi makes her exit. "See you." A wave is sent after her before pulling out an empty chair and turning it around so that the back leans against the table, depositing Ash on the top of the chair's back. The bowl of meat is put in front of him, and the hawk gets to eating, ripping at the meat. The ongoings of Kale, Soriana and J'o once again draws his attention so he angles his own chair a bit when he sits to watch the soap opera show.

Zahleizjah twists her expression in an apologetic and D'OH! kinda way "Oh umm.. sorry.. I mean s'cuse my rudeness and congratulations.. and I umm guess I kinda know.." she's blatantly honest, her knowledge of such things is minimal, though experiences are coming by the dozen. "Nice to meet you as well Jessi.." she refrains from making anymore of an ass of herself than she already has. Then the talk of farts and love, whatever, runs hand in hand, maybe some day this lady will figure it out.. maybe not given her current familial circumstances. Suddenly one shimmering bronzen Ztyrian pops in from *between* with news of that sharding misplaced delivery, to be delivered within the hour "It's about time.. glad we got that taken care of.. Kale! Best of luck to you sir.. and Sori, pleasure as always.. see you both for the party I hope!" A peering glance is sent towards that chuckle that comes from Datsun and a pulling upwards at one corner of her upper lip is her response to his acknowledgement of her naivety and fumbled words. Some day, hopefully soon.. she'll find that savoir faire thing!

Yeah. Sure. Soriana looks at the two of them, Kale and J'o, and smirks slightly. Now, with: both sides! … oh yeah, and she'll be getting both sides of the other story too, don't you worry. She lets 'em go, and waves to Zahleizjah. "Of course! See you next time we've both got night shift!" she says with a grin, then picks up some food of her own to nibble as she wanders and party-socializes. Pre-party-socializes? Anyway, she eats food and drinks things and talks to people, and it's good.

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