Spring Swings

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre


There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Out in the Theatre is Zevida and Vatori, the young boy settled with his mother on the swings, slowly rocking as Avaeth is making a bloody mess in the Feeding Grounds. No miner is present, but despite this, the pair on the swing set look pleasant and happy.

Moria makes her way into the playground, a small brown firelizard poking his head out of her jacket. Her bronze, Mulgrave, serves as escort to the pair, kiting along overhead with a pleased trill. The crafter glances up toward the bronze and smiles briefly before glancing around the area, watching children enjoy the early spring afternoon. Her gaze eventually comes to rest upon Zevida, and her smile widens before she adjusts her path to approach the rider and her child. Mulgrave dances ahead, swirling down to roost above Vatori's swing with a croon of greeting.

Zevida continues to rock the swing gently, keeping one arm around her son who looks all too happy to be swinging on his mother's lap. As the bronze roosts overhead, she lifts her eyes to watch the firelizard before glancing down at Vatori who lets out a cheerful sound of glee. With a smile, Zevida turns her head and spots Moria with a curious look crossing her features. A nod of greeting for the woman as both hands are occupied.

Moria comes to stop at the edge of the swingset, leaning against the supporting post as she laughs at Mulgrave's behavior. "Well, that's one way to say hello, I suppose," she says, rough voice warm with amusement. "Mulgrave likes children," she continued, lips twitching as the bronze stretches his neck down to chirp and trill at Vatori excitedly. "It's good to see you out and about, weyrwoman. How are you and Vatori doing today?"

Zevida nods, "it certainly is… I'm more marveled by the fact that he's well trained." The woman notes thoughtfully, watching Moria and her firelizard with interest. Vatori lifts one hand upwards, no longer clinging to his mother tightly. "Thank you… I don't recall your name, I'm sorry. But, we're doing fine. Satoris has been busy in the mines, so we've been getting Vatori used to the Weyr again and the nannies."

Mulgrave takes that raised hand as an invitation and drops lightly off the beam, wings spread in a spiraling glide down until he can catch the chain a few inches above Zevida's head. The bronze looks to Zevida, churring questioningly. Moria's smile rekindles, and she nods slightly. "Moriana, glasscraft journeywoman. Mulgrave, he's a very stable fellow. I got help training him when I first arrived here, so he wouldn't get in trouble. He's become quite the gentlemen." She directs her smile toward Vatori, wrinkling her nose slightly as she grins. "It's a lot different here, isn't it?" she asks the boy in a light tone.

Zevida watches the bronze with a pointed look before she turns her attention back to Moria. Is that permission? Vatori reaches his hand up still, making grabby motions at the firelizard and making more sounds. The words he really says are quiet unknown but bring a smile to Zevida's lips. "Well met, Moriana. I'm not sure what happened to my own firelizards…" As Moria speaks to him, Vatori, his attention turns to her and the boy quickly turns and hides his face in his mother's chest, peeking at the woman from the corner of his eyes.

Moria regards Mulgrave thoughtfully for a few moments before offering, "I think he is asking for permission to come closer. I think he would like to meet your son. He's quite gentle." The little brown chirps drowsily, pulling his head back inside Moria's jacket. "Your firelizards aren't around anymore? Maybe they got confused when you left for a while. I know my green has trouble finding me if I travel when she isn't near me." She offers another smile to the child, but doesn't address him again.

Zevida looks again to the firelizard, lifting her brows. "Oh. I see… Well, he may, if he wishes." A glance down towards Vatori as she shifts easily to turn the shy boy away from her chest and exposing him. Uncaring mother? Somewhat. She's training her little minion, obviously. "Oh, no. They were never really around after I Impressed them… They come and go as they please. I occasionally see Dirts."

Mulgrave watches Zevida closely, and when the boy is exposed gives a soft but clearly ecstatic trill. He very carefully climbs further down the chain until he is within touching distance of Vatori, craning his head to regard the child with obvious delight. Moria stifles a laugh behind one hand, while the other adjusts her jacket. "I think you just made his day," she notes, voice full of amusement. "My firelizards tend to stay close to me, when it is comfortable to do so. Though Blackbeard prefers to follow harpers around…." She trails off and shrugs. "They are usually pretty well mannered and not a problem to have around."

Zevida laughs softly as Vatori finally reaches out again to Mulgrave, one little finger aiming to poke the little maw of the bronze. Zevida does keep a watchful eye on her son and the 'lizard, almost hawk-like in her intensity before she relaxes only for a moment to cast her attention on Moria. "That's good. Vatori is fond of 'lizards and dragons. Avaeth adores him. My firelizards… They never really stay around much. They do appear when Avaeth bathes to help clean her, but I think that's her doing… At least yours have manners. Many I have seen without and it utterly infuriates me."

Mulgrave has enough sense to not open his mouth when that finger comes near, and instead tilts his head to rub his face along the finger, churring softly. Moria watches him closely before nodding and relaxing. "I can understand being fascinated with them, especially at his age. Have you asked Avaeth to help train them? I've been told by a few people that dragons can assist with teach firelizards, or censure them when they misbehave."

There's a loud squeal of delight from the boy and her turns to his mother for approval, bouncing on her lap as she laughs. "You like him?" Zevida questions before nodding to Moria. "Oh, mine are well behaved. When they arrive. They hunt for themselves and do whatever they please. I just could not tell anyone where to find them. I couldn't get them to deliver a message if I tried. But, Avaeth is so much faster at relaying when I must. And if I do need a letter sent, there are normally trained ones near by. I mostly get irritated with those who let theirs run wild and beg for food from others."

Moria ahs, nodding her understand, while Mulgrave patiently waits for the toddler's attention to come back his way. "I see. Well, you could always ask Avaeth to censure the others, I suppose, so that they don't bother you anymore?" She shrugs, prompting the brown in her jacket to creel in complaint. Moria stills, then peeks in her jacket. "Sorry, little one. I'll try to not jostle you too much," she says with chagrin. "I just got past having to hand feed Blackbeard, and now I have this fellow," she complains, though her tone is free of irritation.

Vatori once again reaches that finger upwards, eyes wide with anticipation. Zevida nods thoughtfully, "yes, I suppose so. But when their firelizard acts weird and suddenly flees the tables, they might think something is up. I suppose that's me being considerate of their feelings, though." A curious look towards that brown before she smiles. "I avoid firelizard Hatchings for that very reason. I am glad I only have two boys, I won't have to worry about eggs."

Mulgrave once again rubs his head against Vatori's fingers, then gives a swift, tickling lick with his long tounge. "Be polite, Mulgrave," Moria warns, frowning at the bronze. Mulgrave ducks his head in response. "I would hope that the owner is willing train their firelizards instead of letting them run wild, but I suppose not everyone is willing to take the time." The brown's head slowly emerges from the jacket again, as if sensing observation, and Moria strokes his head. "He wasn't supposed to be mine. My parents sent an egg for my brother, Rished, who moved out here a few months ago. Rished had me keep the egg in my room at the small hearth, since he didn't want it at risk in the apprentice dorms. And then he wasn't around when it hatched." She rolls her eyes. "I had to promise him and egg from my green's first clutch to get him to calm down. At least it shouldn't be too long."

The squeal repeats and then he's hiding against his mother again, giggling loudly as he presses his face into her stomach. Zevida simply smiles and shakes her head, amused. "You'd be surprised how many people are too lazy to train them properly." At her story, both brows lift before she nods her understanding. "That's too bad. Just be sure to watch your green, then. I hear they like hiding their eggs in odd spots."

Mulgrave chortles, flicking his wings smugly as Vatori squeals again. Moria can't help smiling at the child and firelizard as well. "I'm glad Vatori likes him. Mulgrave truly enjoys spending time around children, but not all of them are comfortable around firelizards as large as he is." She strokes the brown's head again before continuing. "I've heard some interesting stories about where firelizards have clutched, myself. With any luck, she'll stick to a simple place, like the lake shore, and Mulgrave will lead me to them."

"And I'm glad he's well behaved. Though, not many children have mother's who ride gold." Zevida notes with a wink. "You should see him with her. If you would like, Mulgrave could visit Vatori when he's with the nannies tomorrow. He doesn't really get along with them well, he's really stubborn about things. I'm sure it'll make him more comfortable and willing to calm down." A smirk at the mention of the green clutches and she nods. "Hope she doesn't pick any of the laundry hampers."

Moria's smile widens to a grin. "I can imagine. What does she think of him? I've always wondered what dragons think of human children, since they don't have the same kind of familial bonds that humans do." Zevida's offer/suggestion causes her to blink in surprise, and she tilts her head slightly. "If you think the nannies won't mind, I'm sure Mulgrave would have a good time. And he knows better than to cause trouble. That's Trina's job. She would lay her eggs somewhere terribly inconvenient."

"Avaeth loves him as much as she can. She's very… Maternal, she always has been." Zevida notes thoughtfully, her tone fond. "She tends to see the whole Weyr as… A family, I suppose. She's rather protective of them. Moreso with her eggs… And with her weyrlings until she forgets. Vatori is… A little me, I think. But a boy. She loves watching him and letting him play on her neckridges while… She has an odd dislike for Satoris, still." A nod of her head, "I'll inform the nannies. If Mulgrave can adjust him into being with these nannies better, it is worth a try. I can't be with him all day, as much as I'd love to." A laugh at the mention of the green. "Perhaps giving her a place to lay them beforehand, something with sand that looks comfy… She'll be more tempted to lay them there."

Moria nods, reaching over to Mulgrave to coax him onto her arm instead of his chain perch. "That must be reassuring, in some ways. That she loves your child, instead of feeling he is a kind of interloper. That's better than a number of people I know who have had children," she observes in a wry manner. "I'll show Mulgrave where the nannies are and who to listen to, then, and send him off in the morning when I start working."

Zevida nods, "it is… She was encouraging. She always is, to me. And I'm sure she will be, to him." With a nod, she shifts Vatori to hold him up before she rises. "It's sad that children are seen like that. Vatori is well behaved." Because his mother would have nothing else. "Thank you, Moriana. It was nice meeting you. And I really appreciate it. It's time for this one's nap and we should get going."

Moria chuckles as Mulgrave gives a soft parting trill and climbs up to her shoulder. The brown retracts his head into the jacket and Moria buttons him in securely. "That's good to hear," she says softly, reaching up to caress Mulgrave as he settles against her neck. "I hope his nap is uneventful. It was nice to meet you as well, Zevida. Have a good evening." The crafter dips her head in a respectful nod and turns to make her way across back out of the playground, murmuring softly to the bronze as she goes.

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