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Xanadu Weyr - Purgatory
While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan and designed with the young at heart. Large windows allow for light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette has a dining area that juts out over the waters below, along with a breakfast nook sort of room. The living room is completed by a low, comfortable couch and a few large cushion-like pillows that when piled together make more of a nest-like seating around a small, equally low, dark wood table. Two other ground level rooms form a spacious and well furnished 'guest' room, while the other is suited more as an 'study'.
The draw for 'young ones' comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light from the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling. Beneath that very window, rests a circular-shaped bed. Tiny pinpoints of light are imbedded in the ceiling to form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide — a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing. For those… rainy days.

Drip. Drop. Drip. D'lei sits on the porch, watching the raindrops fall… at least, assuming they still count as raindrops when they've stopped falling from the sky but are still dripping down off the roof. One of those deep questions, and sitting and watching the maybe-raindrops fall is an excellent place to ponder them. He's legs-crossed, leaned back against the wall, the sort of not-moving that might imply he'd fallen asleep early this afternoon… except his eyes are open, and even moving vaguely to track those falling droplets of water. So, not asleep, just… thinking. Or maybe dazing.

What's there to do on a rainy day? D'lei may be daydreaming but K'vir was sleeping! With good reason to be only getting up now — mostly because of duties. Sometimes there are night shifts and, well, he pulled a few of those and now off for a few days to reset (and relax, but that is debatable). Dressed comfortably for both lazing around and the current weather, he'll step out onto the porch, stifling a yawn that ends in a semi-startled grunt when discovering he is not alone out here. "Oh, hey. Didn't see you there…" he mutters groggily, eyeing D'lei sidelong and then casting his gaze to the forest surrounding their 'home'. "Rain just stop?"

Hey, at least they've both got dreams in common! Such as they are, anyhow. D'lei shifts a little at the sound of the door - and the yawn that follows - with a tilt of his head followed by a smile, and he gives a nod of greeting. "Hey." He grins, then shifts his gaze back out past the edge of the sheltering porch. "Yeah… just a few moments ago. Think we might need to get the roof cleaned, though. Seems like it's been dripping longer than it should be." The things he learns (or suspects, at least) while sitting and staring! Such is the exciting life of this bronzerider.

"Uh huh. That so?" K'vir's expression twists in a manner of someone who is trying to pay attention or feign interest but… doesn't quite manage it. He's still waking up, okay? Smirking, he'll move over to lean against one of the support beams. "Not it." he mutters dryly next. Cleaning roofs is not part of his job description! Never mind that this is HIS home and thus he's partly responsible for it! Scrubbing a hand over his face, he'll run it over his sleep-tussled hair next before lowering it again. "Didn't think I'd find you home." he ventures to add, along with a curious glance.

The corner of D'lei's mouth tugs in and to the side, a faint grimace as he looks away, and he tilts his head back against the side of the weyr, looking up past the edge of the porch roof as he leans against that wall. His mouth shifts, a little, and then there's a slight hint of smile - though he keeps looking out to where clouds drift apart after having given out their rain - and a tinge of amusement to his tone. "Why not?"

K'vir quirks a brow for that evasive answer and his smirk broadens a bit. Crossing his arms loosely over his chest, he lifts his shoulders in a light shrug. "Dunno." he dodges just as well, but leaves it as such only for a few lingering seconds. With a quiet exhale, he glances down at D'lei, bemused and yet… thoughtful. "Because usually at this time of day, we're all busy with something. So either it's unusually quiet or slow enough that you could escape for a bit…" His mouth twists to a more grim line. "Or there's something up?"

There's another quirk of D'lei's mouth for that 'dunno'… which definitely does have the same level of information as what it's a reply to! His hands shift, moving down across his knees, and one of them drops down to graze along the porch before it pauses as he tilts his head to take another glance to K'vir. "Nothing's on fire," he says… a fact to which Leirith would surely object, but she's (somehow) not a part of this conversation. "The funny thing about responsibilities," D'lei continues - though he isn't laughing, just looking back out to the wet world again, "is that you can ignore them whenever you want, and things'll be just fine unless they aren't." A wry twitch at one corner of his mouth. "Who's to stop me from escaping any time I want?"

"You forgot to say 'yet' to that statement," K'vir trains for those sort of scenarios! Sure, nothing is on fire… yet but one never knows! Just give it time. He scoffs for D'lei's eventual answer and grimaces, saying nothing as he pushes off the beam he'd been leaning on and taking the few small steps to cross over to the side the other bronzerider rests. With a low sigh, he settles himself down beside D'lei. "Good question. You're the Weyrleader, so I guess you call the shots on that." he muses. "Though if you ever asked my father, he'd say otherwise." It's a teasing jab, directed mostly at Th'ero. "And," now a slow wry half-grin curves his mouth upwards. "I shouldn't complain either. We all know I'm all work and no play…" Actually, he balances it fairly well — most days.

There's always a yet, but D'lei's smile is a faint one, and soon transient. That's a glance to K'vir, a 'Mmh', and then a look away again. "I'm sure it's not the only thing your father would disagree about." D'lei shrugs, or at least, he starts as that what turns into a bit of a stretch back against the wall. "But. I don't care to have Xanadu be full of riders working themselves to death, so…" A hemi-demi-smile. "Maybe the rain will help put out those fires."

"Don't let him ever hear you say that," K'vir chuckles slightly under his breath to show that he, more or less, agrees with D'lei on that part. He could probably write a very extensive book on 'what not to do' around Fort's Weyrleader. Including his own personal account of hiding under his bed as a child to evade the bronzerider's (granted, the smithy JUST blew up and Kyzen was involved but those are just LITTLE DETAILS) temper. He gives a thoughtful hum and then he's glancing sidelong to D'lei again. "Or is this a hint I should be taking?"

D'lei tilts his head to K'vir again, with a slight press of lips that doesn't exactly count as a smile. "I'll say what I please." His chin tucks, his gaze refocused on the grass beyond the porch… and then he sighs. "Honestly, Kyzen? I have no idea." His head tilts back again, against the wall, and his eyes close as if to match the tired that appears in his voice. "If it makes you happy… congrats, you're doing it right." Where 'it' is a nebulous sort of thing that could refer to… well, pretty much anything!

Cue a confused K'vir! Confused and concerned now, as he tilts his head as well and frowns, blue gaze watching D'lei for several quiet moments. He's sobered rather swiftly too, as he catches the tired in the other bronzerider's voice. "Something bothering you?" he asks, only mildly uncertain if he should be asking and already bracing to be evaded again.

D'lei's quiet for that bit, and for a deep breath in… and the exhale that follows. He leans forward a bit, draws his hands down in a stretch before sitting up and opening his eyes to look at K'vir. "Of course there is. I'm Weyrleader, aren't I?" A half-smile, there and gone again. "And of course there's people saying that I don't do things the way I should." His lips shift again, this time in a grimace. "It's just not exactly something I enjoy coming home to."

Something must click or at least start to piece together in K'vir's head, as his eyes widen a fraction before he looks away. Sheepish, maybe? Or purely apologetic. Even if he doesn't outrightly say it, enough is conveyed as he reaches out to clasp his hand to D'lei's shoulder, all while leaning in closer. "I was trying to joke around a bit," he explains with a grimace. "Didn't mean anything by it, Dash." Which definitely sounds like a heartfelt apology, given he lifts his gaze to meet his and does not waver.

SPEAKING OF FIRES, here comes Risali, holding the hands of two littles while the third little takes BIG GIRL CHARGE and helps hold hands. The fourth tiny member of this entourage is currently cradled in a harness against Risali's chest, cooing as fingers get shoved into his mouth and those big, curious eyes take in all the sights. Selene also has Velvet on her leash, because of course Risali saw it start to rain, and so of course that meant she had to take THE ENTIRETY OF THE HOUSE OUT TO PLAY IN IT. So are they soaked? Thoroughly. But they're also smiling through all that wet in contradiction of the mood put out by bronzeriders, grey eyes blinking as they come up to focus on D'lei, then K'vir and… that tilt of her head asks a question of both of them without asking anything, the expression intact for three, two, one heartbeats before her focus is back on the children and something that Selene says. They're TOO FAR YET to be heard, but approaching fast (or as fast as tiny legs can manage). BUT THEN THEY SEE DADS. And there is a chorus of calling, 'Daddy!' without any distinction for which as the children break away from Risali and race forward. Risa? She watches them go, patting Zyriden's back gently once her hands are free and approaching at a much more sedate pace. Mostly because of Zyriden. DON'T SHAKE BABIES, YOU GUYS.

D'lei's jaw shifts, a faint grimace to one side, a faint grimace to the other. Like words are bubbling up and being swallowed down again. His own gaze remains steady in return, though there are more shadows around amber than blue. "…sure," he finally says, and the grimace appears more fully. "You just…" And he stops, swallows down those words, and looks away, out at the wet grass and drip-dropping trees where he might have just stared in silence, but instead… it's a small wet invasion! He sees them, they see him, and his 'answer' to Risali - such as it is - is just a tuck of his chin down. Give him a minute ….okay, fine. Give him thirty secon- twenty-eight - dang, they're fast for such small humans - anyhow, he's going to do his best to have a reasonable sort of smile on his face by the time the children actually get here to demand hugs and/or playground equipment and/or an audience for their stories.

"…what?" K'vir goes to push, just slightly, as D'lei holds back and it's not long before his gaze is drifting away. Then there's a chorus of children's voices and he'll sit up straighter, his hand slipping from the other bronzerider's shoulder, but not out of fear of showing affection. It's because his focus turns to greeting their children, regardless of bloodline, with a smile of warmth and genuine happiness. That lingering worry? Is withheld to just subtle looks to D'lei, between juggling hugs and questions (at least by the eldest). Kyriel seems to be trying to explain something in three Turn old logic and speech, to which K'vir mostly parses as 'we got soaked by the rain', as though the obvious wasn't plainly visible. Cue some playful teasing about the wet clothes, eliciting a few giggles. "You all should get into some dry clothes," he points out casually, while lifting his gaze to Risali and offering her his own small smile. Welcome back?

Risali's smile doesn't falter, not for a moment, not when she takes in that posturing, not as she finally catches up and hangs back to allow the children their own enthusiastic greetings and retellings of such ADVENTURE THEY HAD. But K'vir's words do have Risali clearing her throat and making a shooing motion towards the inside. "Go on, babies. Mommy will be right there." There is definitely a RELUCTANCE about letting go of Dads, but they do it with WISTFUL GLANCES over their shoulders. Grey eyes jump from one weyrmate to the other and then… a tuck of her shoulders, a shift as one hand holds Zyriden steady, the other coming down to brush D'lei's hair seconds before she leans in to kiss his brow. Kyzen gets the same treatment and, instead of a question about what's going on, she says, "They're going to go eat with Dad and R'hyn and Cita and the kids." But she doesn't ask for help, she doesn't press, she just gives them both a lingering look and then disappears indoors to TEND THAT MOMING. Clearly they are up to no good, because as soon as Risali crosses the threshold, there's a spattering of giggles and the sounds of tiny feet FLEEING. Because Mama is NOW A MONSTER. AND SNIFFING OUT LITTLE ITTY BITTIES TO EAT. RAWRRR.

Are the children aware there's something going on? PROBABLY. They're smarter than adults give them credit for, and they spend a lot of time staring at those mature humans in their lives. Fortunately, they're also self-centered and greedy for attention, at least at this age, and nebulous un-rights can be ignored in favor of babbled tales and wet-squish hugs and FROGS, SRSLY, FROGS. Which they did not manage to bring home with them, though it was not for lack of trying. D'lei gives Risali a half-smile as she leans in, though he doesn't move to meet her, and then he nods to her statement about the itinerary tonight. Which… he'd be in there helping with, most times, but tonight Family Wing is riding without its Dadseconds. As the door shuts, and the screams and giggles begin inside, D'lei turns his head again, looking to K'vir. "…I know you don't always think before you speak." His words are soft, dampened in terms of emotion beyond simply the desire to not be heard through the door. "Nobody does. Words come out, and sometimes…. they're terrible." A quirk of lips, a wry smile. "But… I feel like there's still a reason somewhere why it's the joke that came to mind." D'lei grimaces. "I don't want to by Th'ero, Kyzen. And I don't want to be your father."

K'vir doesn't move much either, save to lean in slightly to Risali's affectionate gesture and the kiss. It has him relaxing a fraction, as he nods and continues to keep that smile in place when she warns him of FUTURE PLANS. "Alright. Good to know," he murmurs without protest. Having been asleep half the day, he isn't so surprised by this. Keeping his head turned and gaze following the retreat of their children and Risali both, he continues to stare in that direction even long after the door has shut. It's only as D'lei begins to speak that his attention drifts back and even then, his gaze lowers first under a heavily furrowed brow. When an explanation is finally given, he visibly startles, eyes darting up and narrowing even as he grimaces. "What? No! Dash, that's not what I was getting at…" Which they already covered! And it takes him another second to realize that too and he sighs. "I wouldn't want you to be," he mutters gruffly, plenty unspoken beneath the layers in that statement alone.

There's a nod from D'lei for K'vir's protestations, along with a slight grimace, and then he lets out a long exhale and shifts to bring one knee up so he can drape his arms down to rest hands on knee and chin on hands. He's silent for a moment, half-curled in like that, then turns his head just a bit to look sidewise at the other bronzerider. "…so what do you want?" he asks. There's a wry sort of amusement, an earnest question mingled with it, and a smile that's definitely still tired but… well, at least it's a smile, now.

"You. Just as you are," K'vir doesn't hesitate, even if he looks a touch uncomfortable voicing blunt honesty. Maybe it's more terrible words? At the very least, it's not the whole picture but the way he gazes at D'lei, he likely assumes the other can see where he falters. That his terrible joking was only to hint that he approves of D'lei's Leadership and is proud to be at his side… in any form, weyrmate or no. Reaching out again, he'll attempt to grasp either his hand or rest his hand against the other bronzerider's arm; if that isn't brushed aside, he will shuffle closer to rest beside him. Not to crowd or stifle, but just a quiet offer of support. "And to know if you're okay."

D'lei is silent for a moment after that statement, as if he's waiting for more words that… really, he should know Kyzen well enough by now to not be surprised when they don't come. And he isn't, exactly - surprised, that is - but there's something in it, in that waiting, that… makes him laugh, the sort of ha-ha-aaah-ha that has him uncurling back to lean against the wall, has him looking to Kyzen whose hand slips from D'lei's arm to his own now-exposed hand. "Is that all, huh?" A crooked grin, and D'lei moves his other hand to set it on top of K'vir's on top of his. "It's complicated…" What, being himself? Or… maybe just explaining whether or not he's okay. "…but I think I've got this."

K'vir smiles wryly and a touch sheepishly when D'lei finally laughs in the wake of the heartfelt statement. It could've been worse! Without hesitating again, he will glance down at their clasped hands and weave his fingers through his. "No, that's not all but porches aren't suitable locations for what I'd want to say." He COULD say more and the offer is given, if laced with humour. They both know it'd be a rambling mess (OR WOULD IT?) and likely dissolve to K'vir resorting to physical means to convey what he can't vocally. "Mhm. Complicated." Where has he heard that before? OH RIGHT. Himself. Yet he doesn't chide or look disappointed by it; there's merely a crooked half smile and a look of understanding. He WILL use his grip on Dash's hand, however, to tug the bronzerider forwards and into a tight embrace. "It's okay if you don't, too. I'm here… we both are."

"And what's wrong with porches, hmm?" There's a tease to D'lei's tone, a wry touch to his smile. "Just because they might make you hesitate to use your non-words…" Ahhh, those physical means of communication! Fingers interweave with each other, and there's a further quirk of lips before… a tugged-lean into that hug, which has a moment's flail but then a lean into that particular non-verbal message… which is, at least, porch-suitable. "…in our own ways," he says quietly, almost more to himself than anything, then hehs. "We should probably go be there for Risa. Before someone comes running naked out the door." He's not naming names, but that's mostly because IT COULD BE ANY OF THEM. "…but I will get those words out of you." D'lei grins, tilting his head up. "One of these days." Just as soon as there's time, so… pencil it in for a decade from now when the kids leave home?

"…mhm. Let's just be selfish for a few more seconds?" The words are more or less mumbled, then muffled as K'vir turns his head to nuzzle him. His way of also further dragging his feet in Operation: Help Risali is just to hug D'lei tighter to him. Following up to that is a kiss that is anything but chaste and hints at too many things to be pinpointed to one. Only that he's withdrawing (reluctantly) and standing, offering him his hand again. "But I guess you're right. You always tend to be and I definitely don't feel like chasing one of our naked kids through the forests." NO NAMES GIVEN but it could be one or ALL OF THEM and while K'vir has grown accustomed to chaos there are days where he just would prefer to AVOID IT! Grinning back in return, he'll tilt his head and jokingly add, "It's only a few months to your Turnday, isn't it?" Which isn't to say it won't happen before then! It very likely could… but not tonight. It was close, though!

There is, after all, being here as well as being there. And here involves the squeeze-enfold of K'vir and that hug, and the press of lips to say things without actual words… or at least, not ones in any language there's a dictionary of rather than just mutually-built understandings from the press and return of those kisses. So, even if D'lei doesn't quite hear all those words suggesting this delay, he certainly does understand them. He curls his arm up, around K'vir's around him, and returns that un-chaste kiss before… yeah. That mouth tugs to the side in a wry form of a different non-verbal communication as D'lei takes that hand and rises, then nods. "We could, if we had to." As they can do so many things! "…but let's not have to." Save that effort for the chaoses (and disasters) that they can't avoid! D'lei grins at the mention of his upcoming Turnday, and his tone is teasing as he asks, "Which one?" He's got one every year, you know! So there's always time to put it off until the next one… should it come to that, at least. Who knows? The future is a mysterious thing full of possiblities and also fire!

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