Catching the Wild Garouth!

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern. About a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.
There are supplies for the care of dragons tucked back against the walls. A barrel of oil sits with scrub brushes and soft clothes, and a thick hardwood table is used to prepare meat in bite-sized pieces for the young dragons. There's also a few supplies for the weyrling humans, like bedding for cots or extra pillows for those sleeping on their lifemate's couch.

D'lei heard … okay, he heard a lot of things. He usually does! But sometimes, they're things that seem to merit investigation… or at least, make him curious. So, in the wake of having re-directed certain unauthorized paint and other craft supplies to the weyrling barracks, he's… coming along to see what technically-authorized uses are happening! Garouth too, of course; some colors are perceived differently by the draconic eye, and only by combining their senses can they get the true effect. ….that, or they're just both making a visit. It's okay, D'lei brought a bribe for this mid-afternoon venture- a tray, covered with a loose wrap of cloth and large enough to take up both hands as he heads for the meal table. Garouth has brought nothing of his own, to reduce the need for floor-scrubbing today, but there's a mental rustle of leaves carried by a cool breeze throughout the barracks as he arrives.

"I'm…not sure if I have that kind of artistic ability," V'ayn murmurs to Varequoth as the both of them eyes the wall of their couch. Hands rest on the his hips as he purses his lips slightly, head tilting to the said. « Can't be /that/ hard….» something inaudible « …on yer desserts.» It seems that the pair are /trying/ to do the silent communication thing, but more often than not Varequoth's deep honey-soaked voice leaks out across the barracks. Apparently the baker hasn't quite gotten used to speaking in his mind either. "But those are /small/ and this is…" He gestures at the large area for a moment. It's Varequoth that brings his attention to the new arrivals, interest piqued by what's on that tray. « Bringin' gifts? »

Ceru is really good at being quiet! Oh, wait, that's just ~not saying anything~ as opposed to actually having control enough. There are charcoal outlines of… something along their wall. It's not that imagination can't capture what's going on, it's that it starts running in all sorts of confusing directions. And as for the Blue and Rider, the former is resting on his belly and watching with amusement while the latter applies a cherry red layer of paint to one of his claws. «Not every visit is a gift-visit,» Ceru finally says, which causes C'iel to look up and snap a salutey greeting. «But maybe. Welcome!»

Meion comes in from outside shortly after D'lei, looking completely oblivious. Also, wet, with her hair twisted up like she's been wringing it out, and Euclath padding in behind her with wet footfalls. Looks like they're both back from bathing - but dragon-hide is rather faster to shed liquid than all that pesky rider-hair. She looks somewhat surprised to see the mural taking form on the wall, noticing it even before she notices the weyrleader and his bronze. "Decorating, some?" She seems amused, finding a spot to sit and start to comb her hair out while Euclath prowls closer to investigate.

« If you consider it a gift that you are fed and sheltered here… » There's a swirl of cold wind in Garouth's mind, autumn leaves turning to snowflakes and then melting away as he replies to Varequoth. « …this too would be among the multitude you have received. » The bronze lowers his head slightly, observing the work in progress from an angle slightly closer to human - or hatchling - level before shadow-outlines flicker to Ceruadharth. « I am glad. » D'lei grins, though he doesn't return the salute - his hands are full, you see - and sets it down on the table. "Got some scones, if anyone's hungry!" is what he says by way of greeting… because hey, what's afternoon without a bit of tea-time? And since they've already got some tea here, all he had to bring was the baked goods to go with! Though they may or may not measure up to the standards of certain bakers currently lacking in their kitchens, but hey. They are what they are!

Varequoth twists his head, glancing back at his blue brother before letting out a slight snort, « Depends on yer definition of a gift, don' it? » The bronze's words are soon hi lighted by the larger bronze's and there's a deep hum from the dragonet as if he were chuckling. « I'll consider it a gift….can we eat it tho'? Or is it just for humans? » He's down to try anything! The weyrling pair pads over after a moment and V'ayn looks /plenty/ interested in scones and tea. He might scrutinize them, but it will be /quietly/. Course, his bronze isn't /nearly/ as good at filtering what should and shouldn't be said. « Bet ya could do much better. »

Shadow-outlines dance under half-lit beams, falling through trees and mingling with the breezey world of Ceruadharth's mind for a little shadow play. «We do, yes.» And C'iel looks up with a sudden PERK. If excitement could be a caramel swirl. He's still three whole claws away from making his lifemate Extra Gorgeous but the (only a little) red stained fingertips and brushes will have to stay themselves for a moment. Claw and wing lifts as Ceruadharth encourages him to go forth and GREET. "Oooh. I always have room for these." Swivel. Smile. "Mei! Scones!" As if it were some GRAND REVELATION. Maybe someone's given this one a little too much sugar already.

Scones! They're like food, which Meion has totally been remembering to eat of course, how could you think otherwise? Hair gets another firm squeeze to wring out the last of bathing-water, and she's up to grab a scone or two from the offering. "Thank you!" Euclath is more interested in the big bronze and the forest of thoughts that accompany him on his visits. The small blue stalks close in his best predatory crouch - rendered somewhat ineffectual by the lack of cover in the area, and the fact that his mind is tangling everything around with his overwhelming curiosity.

D'lei grins, with a whisk off of that cloth to reveal… gasp, scones! Just like he claimed there'd be. He grins to C'iel. "That's why they're crumbly, right? So the crumbs can fit around whatever else's there," he says, then nods to Meion - who has definitely eaten, yup, he's sure of it - with a gesture to the plate to encourage her to grab one just as an added bonus set of nutrients. "You're welcome!" As for himself, he's going to make sure the tea is fresh and get himself a cup. « It does. » Garouth is somber in contrast to Varequoth's amusement, the air crisp and still. « Is it provided without expectation of return? Is there an imperative to provide, absent personal whimsy? » He encapsulates a shrug in the bounce of a branch in the absence of wind, the bough swaying as a dark beast leaps from it and disappears into the undergrowth. « And as for a gift… is it appreciated? » Shadows flicker into distorted creatures, their hands (or wings, or tails) joined together as they all dance around an evergreen tree in joyous song. All the Who(ever)s, down in Who(-knows-)ville… or, less abstractly, all these weyrlings in these barracks! As for that question of intentions… « They are unlikely to cause sickness. » Which is something tangent to an answer, at least. Garouth - eyes on the mural in progress - does not see Euclath's approach. Of course… that doesn't stop him from noticing, or from warping shadows into an augmented-reality sense of dappled darkness under sheltering leaves that co-exists with the physical of Euclath's approach. Be veeeery quieeeet…

Varequoth's mind flashes with the heat of an unrelenting sun, sand whisking across his mind as whirling eyes shift to carefully consider the large bronze. « Bit of a cranky old dragon, aren't ya? Stick in the mud type trying to teach a lesson or somethin'? » And that is the exact moment, halfway biting into a scone, that V'ayn's face pales and he glances over to D'lei and Garouth with complete horror. "I am /very/ sorry about that…he…" Yup, just horror. There's a silent glare towards the bronze, though the creature doesn't seem to flinch. "That was utterly in appropriate." COMPLETELY. What a rude little riding pair, well…at least one half is. Perhaps there's some semblance of a silent exchange between the two, but again words leak out. « …ain't apologizin', 'specially when it's true. » Cue a groan from V'ayn.

C'iel has his mitt around a scone with a please-and-thank-you though it does not seem right to nibble it without tea. He opens, closes, and looks over to V'ayn with a softer expression. "I've been meaning to ask if I could try something of yours, one of these days… n-not that these aren't wonderful." Fidget. Then Varequoth gets to speaking up and C'iel ducks a bit further back into the proverbial shade. Teens, right? So while he's standing there holding two scones, looking like some absurd art installation, and Euclath is getting his creep on…. Ceruadharth watches easily, only a faint smile. Shade and shadows and there's a thought less like words, more like loud amusement from somewhere in his direction like birdsong. A bit raucous, all things considered.

Euclath prowls into that very-stealthy sense-of-darkness that enfolds him. While Varequoth is being distracting, and all the humans are gathering up baked goods - that's when he strikes, leaping forth to put both forepaws on one of Garouth's, looking up at the big bronze triumphantly. Pride radiates off him all wordlessly, tangling up with everything, and Meion can't keep herself from grinning. Propriety be damned, she's got a scone in her mouth or she might actually laugh.

« You may think of me as you like. » Garouth is unruffled, not even a whisper of a breeze to stir the leaves and branches. « By right of my strength, my rider is Weyrleader here, and so these gifts of food and shelter come from him… and me. This knowledge, I also gift to you. » D'lei half-smiles at the dragon-words and V'ayn's flurried apologies, with a slight arch of a brow and a glance between the two. "He's young yet." His tone is mild, and he follows it up with pouring himself a cup of tea and having a sip. Mm, tea! And… ooh, dragon-pouncings! Garouth rumbles, his attention shifting from young bronze to young blue. « You have caught it. » Brindle-bronzed paw echoes with small creatures half-hidden in dappled leaves, and his own pride is the gust of wind that makes the leaves dance… except where they're Euclath-caught, by paws and tangles of thread. « What shall you do now? » Talons wiggle, a flex of the muscles in that larger paw.

Varequoth considers the large bronze for moment longer as if gauging the response, it takes a moment for him to answer but soon there follows a dip of his head, < Much obliged, then. » There's blatant relief in V'ayn's features and shoulders when he /doesn't/ get immediately told to run around outside doing laps. "We are trying to work on it…." Only for his statement to be qualified by a snort from Varequoth. For now V'ayn is just going to stuff his face with scones and glance over towards C'iel with an eager nod. "That can /certainly/ be arranged."

C'iels sense of tension crumbles like the scone in mouf. Buttery smooth. "Oh, gosh. It would be much apperciated. I just wish there were something I could give…" His talents, with the addition of being rather underdeveloped, come to play in very few situations that are desirable. Still. «Very good, brother.» Ceru praises meanwhile with another, more dragon-like laugh. «He is bigger. Don't let that stop you.»

What to do with a caught Garouth-paw? Those difficult questions - Euclath hadn't exactly considered what might happen if he actually got this far! He curls around it, until his head is draped over his tail, and both sit on those fore-talons. « Keeping you! » It's a simple, straightforward assertion. Garouth has been caught, and now he has to stay with the weyrlings until Euclath agrees to let him leave. That's how it works, right? Praise from Ceruadharth has him practically glowing - the littlest of the clutch, but he's the one who stalked the wild Garouth-paw!

Those laps will surely be coming for V'ayn… it's just, they'll be under the aegis of 'physical training' as opposed to 'draconic backtalk'. Gotta make sure those weyrlings are fit enough to continue keeping up with ever-larger babies! …though there's also vestiges of what once was training to fight thread, lingering in the curriculum even without that purpose. D'lei nods slightly to that assurance, giving V'ayn the politeness of not acknowledging Varequoth's opinion of it. "There's a lot to learn." A smile, and then he takes a scone for himself, in with that tea. Garouth acknowledges Varequoth's reply with a shift of cloud-cast shadows, a light veil of mist passing like a nod to become a mirage on the side of desert. Euclath has more of his attention now, and the bronze lowers his head to peer at the little blue. « A bold move, » he acknowledges, amusement in bird-chirps peeking out from tree-nests. « It could be dangerous. » How? Garouth demonstrates, lifting up his paw - with Euclath curled around it - to take a step. Soar, tiny curled up dragon! Soar entire you-lengths above the ground!

"You really don't need to find something to give in return, your feedback's good enough." V'ayn shoots a grin over at C'iel as he takes another bite of the scone. This is the baker just trying to /ignore/ Varequoth's wordiness for now. Perhaps if he ignores it he can pretend it never happened. « Let me try. » Of course, he can't be ignored forever. The bronze is totally pressing his head into V'ayn's stomach, large maw with sharpened teeth opening wide. In their minds Varequoth is turning on his /full/ charms to appease to V'ayn though others won't hear or see it. Silken words and waves of affection eventually lead to the baker giving him a teensy piece. "Don't think you'll like it…." Because it isn't meat.

Ceruadharth usually have something pondery to say, a cast shadow of his sire's sageness. Now, though, he is caught up in SOAR. «If it is dangerous, you aren't going alone~» The larger Blue sibling declares. He is off the couch, trot, crouch, and looking to take onto that OTHER foot! A blue for each. C'iel nearly tosses his scone when he sees Ceru move that fast but laughs a beat later, sigh,s and nibbles. "… oh. Yes," he finally replies to V'ayn. "It's something." It's not MAKING something, which is why a little droopiness persists, but he will live.

Boldness is rewarded by flight! Or, at least, a father-powered facsimile thereof, as Euclath is lifted up! He curls around tighter to secure himself, beaming with excitement. He has the best reward! And there's Ceru approaching, so far below! He looks so small! Well, okay, he looks about the same size, and Euclath could probably reach down and touch him from here - not to mention the ground - but it's the spirit of the thing. Such excitement! Meion just laughs, sitting back and watching, and considering if there are enough scones for her to have a third and still leave enough for everyone else. It's so good to have something baked.

Gasp! Another attacking blue. Garouth will meet this terrible threat with an amused rumble, laughter echoed mentally by a group of startled pheasant exploding from the underbrush. He shifts his weight as Euclath-paw returns to ground, bringing the other forepaw down for a wiggle and … well, if that pounce isn't quite on the mark, he'll swoop the paw in anyhow. Attempts are just another step along the way to success! « Together, you can surround from both sides. » Even if, in this case, the 'sides' are 'of Garouth'… but there's a mental hint of hunting-techniques through the darkened trees, flying together to keep a better watch. For now, though, that flying is up, up, aaaand… step! The bronze starts slow, making sure that the younglings are secure in their grip, but then his paces get faster and more enthusiastic, high-stepping like he's in an aerobics class and the two blues are the sweat-bands for his wrists! D'lei? Yeah, he's watching. And being amused, too!

"You don't want to go too?" V'ayn murmurs to Varequoth who doesn't seem to /hate/ the scones, but also doesn't seem to /love/ it either. But the bronze /does/ depart from his life mate's side though he isn't quite joining his other siblings. Instead he attempts to speak to /them/ only, course…he is young and there's a good chance that Garouth can hear him. « Think we could get 'I'm to the ground? Two sides an' his tail? » The question is posed to his brothers with eyes whirling with excitement, and once again that draconic maw opens once more to show pointy teeth. « Or knock 'is legs out from 'neath him? » Hopefully one of the other two is better at planning than he is, cause he's just going with the first things that pop up in his head!

There is a simple bliss to these moments. The family, the warmth of the barracks, the sensation that tickles on the edge of Ceru'd wings and he is oh-so-tempted to let them flare butno. That's a lesson he's learned thrice at least and thrice again. His Bronze-sibling's attempt to whisper is at least received, one way or another, and back flits a bird who, unfortunately, is not much of a whisper either. «PROBABLY NOT. TRY ANYWAY.» … yeah everyone heard that, though it is a little puzzling. There is also a faint golden fascimile of their Sisterperhaps they could pull it off then? But for now, all is fair. Ceru's tail wiggles as he wraps in tight and C'iel watch-feels with a cozy smile on his face. He sits down… somewhere and stretches legs out. "I already got one for Ceru to try.." he says off-hand to Meion. He's not PSYCHIC, he just knows the longing tray-stare too well.

Lifted by strong forelimb, Euclath has a pretty good guess whether he can actually take Garouth down - help or no - but what's a guess without validation? This calls for an experiment! He squeezes tighter around the limb he's got, and tries to figure out how he might actually keep it from moving instead of hauling him around. Maybe if there were something he could hold onto? He darts his head out from that squeeze, looking curiously for something that might help! He's none too subtle either - but he more than makes up for it in enthusiasm! Meion just laughs and nods to C'iel, and grabs a spare scone as well, napkin-wrapping it for Euclath to try. "Good idea."

Whether Garouth hears Varequoth or not, he makes no indication of it. Sometimes youngsters need to conspire! It's an important part of their development and such. He doesn't even act like he's heard Ceruadharth, which is definitely a sign that he's being indulgent and letting them plot against him as best they can. TEAMWORK. Garouth trots along with his two blue wrist-weights, alternating which one's up and which is down - then rearing up, shifting weight to his hindlegs and the counterweight of tail as he lifts them both at the same time. His wings spread slightly, which… has him bumping the ceiling, just a bit. These barracks are made to hold even mostly-grown queens, but not ones doing that. "Have you been managing to get out?" D'lei asks the weyrlings, curious tone with only a little bit of because-you-really-should-if-you-can.

« Then…one, two..hold on tight! » Varequoth crouches low, his out-turned knees allowing him to get quite close to the ground. And then, quite suddenly, he's shooting forward and aiming directly for Garouth's tail. Those scarlet wings of his flare wide, sharp teeth closing down /very/ very gently (despite his gusto) on the bronze. Course, he is but a /small/ thing and sturdily built as he may be, he can only /hope/ that this 'plan' of theirs works. « YEEHAW! »

The element of surprise grows less important, perhaps, the more pouncing has already occured. C'iel SITS, though his toes tease the floor with a sort of restlessness. Full on caught in the flurry of wing and wind and fast moving puffs of dandelion. «Don't let go!» Ceru calls out. They.. have this? The blue's long tail sways, actually helping with the balance rather than throwing it, his neck craned to watch his brother. "… Every day. At LEAST once. I mean, I'm excited for him to get his wings, but not nearly as much as he is…" Pan over to the whoop-ing Blue. "They have to see more of the outside, too. Though, honestly…"

Euclath thinks heavy thoughts, trying to hold himself to the ground by sheer force of will. Which, to assess objectively, is one of the more powerful forces he's got. He's certainly not going to manage much by force of strength against the great bronze. But will alone doesn't seem terribly effective in making him immovable, and he gets another bright idea, reaching out to try to catch hold of Ceruadharth's tail and keep those forepaws from moving too far by clinging together! From the spectator-seats, Meion nods along with C'iel. "I don't think he could use all of his energy inside here anymore. I can hardly keep up." Which is why she's sitting and sipping some tea, and letting Garouth wear the blues out!

They definitely have this. Of course, what they have is a grip of Garouth, reared with wings partly spread - which is something he can be glad of, when Euclath implements Plan: Blue Manacles and Varequoth gets himself a grip on that tail! Garouth flutters those wings slightly, a bid for semi-aerial stability to complement the disrupted ground-based sort - then thumps his blue-carrying forepaws back down to the ground in unison. His own tail swings up in counterbalance as he lands, dragging Varequoth up into the air with it - at least, if the young bronze has a good enough grip on that bucking bronco of an appendage! Relative mass and physical experience win out over youth and enthusiasm… this time. There's always the next one! D'lei nods to C'iel and Meion with their answers, with a crooked grin that's equal parts fond and wry. "If you're lucky, by the time you can't keep up, you'll have the mindlink solid… and they'll have at least a bit of sense."

« WHOA THERE! » Varequoth's deep voice echoes out across the caverns as he's propelled into the sky. Dust begins to blow in his mindscape, creating a storm both wild and strong. With it come the scents of fried diner food and what can only be described as pure entertainment. « Almost had 'im! » They didn't, but his words have /all/ of the confidence behind them. He stays securely fastened to that tail, but his wings spread again, as if trying to catch wind. "Varequoth likes the sun a bit too much for my taste…" Which means they are outside a /lot/, and V'ayn has to get used to that. "He also enjoys napping outside…" Unfortunately!

C'iel perks up a bit at D'lei's assertion and nods. "I don't think we'll have trouble with that. Ceru and I have gotten a really good grasp on each other…" He seems quite confident in this, though rubs at his arm a little self-consciously. As if he's a guilty child who stole a cookie AND a scone. "I want to keep up though. I don't want to hold him back any." Ceru of course would never dream of such an accusation. Though he is a bit busy bucking, not-quite loose but getting more eager for MOTION than CLING, and this ride is soon to be at its end. And wayward glances would notice yes most of his claw-paint has dried by now.

A nod from Meion to C'iel, and the start of a wave over to Euclath as that ride comes to an end. She thinks better of it after a moment, then tries to mentally call him over instead, with a squinchy-faced look like she is either thinking very hard or having a difficult time in the bathroom. She'll learn to be better at it later. She hopes. It seems effective enough, though! Euclath comes over once he untangles himself from Garouth and Ceru, all laughter and bright enthusiasm spilling everywhere. « Did you see? We caught Garouth! » He considers, and adds « Well, for a moment, anyway. »

It's a good thing Varequoth keeps that grip, because nobody really wants to try to explain why one of the babies got smushed into the ceiling. That tail - and passenger - return to ground once more, and Garouth laughs in a stir of leaves blown in circles as he turns with fore-shuffled steps to peer back at the young bronze dragged along in that curcle . « It was well-attempted, » he says, with the warmth of leaf-litter and deep roots. « The more points of contact a creature has… and the more widely they are spaced… the better their balance. » Twig-and-pinecone creatures stand.. and fall… in gusts of wind. It's hardly comprehensive, of course - just some schematic observations as part of his helpful feedback on how to defeat him in the future… even if this attempt seems to be reaching its (unsuccessful) conclusion. D'lei looks amused at V'ayn's objections to that sunlight and fresh air, nodding to him. "He'll be happy for summer, I bet." And V'ayn, well… he'll get to build character, maybe even develop a tan or something. D'lei has another nod for C'iel, though it's a bit slower. "You'll always be there for him," he assures. "And him for you." A crooked smile. "It's just that sometimes, you'll be there from across the Weyr."

« All about the balance, 'eh? I'll have to file that away for later…don' forget that partner! » Apparently he's referring to V'ayn here, who glances over to the bronze that is now unlatching himself from the tail. His attention shifts back to D'lei however and there's a grin for the Weyrleader that is only a /touch/ exasperated, "I'll be surprised if we ever come inside during the summer. But maybe by then he won't…" There's supposed to be more to that sentence, but the small bronze is quite rudely interrupting. « C'mon V'ayn, I gotta use the /can/! » Delicacy is /not/ in Varequoth's nature. Looking sick to his stomach? That's inherently part of V'ayn's…for now. But he has to take care of his dragon's business so it's with an embarrassed look that he's departing. If candidacy didn't ruin V'ayn's imagine, weyrlinghood surely will!

"How far apart can we be, and still feel each other…?" C'iel asks earnestly, fingers wrapped around the last bite of a scone. "I don't know if I'm ready for that yet." Ceru releases, at last, his father's paw and rolls looks towards Ceru. He can't ignore this anxiety, but at the same time he won't easily abandon kin. «Well. Actually knocking you down in here would probably have been…» Fun? Glorious? A terrible idea and in impact? ALL OF THOSE THINGS. It's mostly the sound effect that resounds. «We could hunt together though, couldn't we, sometimes?»>

Meion holds scone out without looking, and Euclath comes up and grabs it from her, quick as that. She's trying to practice that awareness of what he's doing - even if the moment when he grabs the scone manages to come as a surprise to her, and she startles a little. "Still.. working on that part." She grins to D'lei. "I'm jealous of all the experienced riders. You all make it look so easy to both be just… doing things." And by doing things, she probably means being able to actually get to a computer terminal again. It's been weeks since she's so much as touched one!

"We have bedrolls for camping out!" D'lei calls 'helpfully' after V'ayn, and there's a brief grin there before he turns his attention back to the blue weyrlings still here. "Well," he says to C'iel. "You remember when we were up on the Yokohama?" It's more a rhetorical context-set than a question, really, because some things are hard to forget. "Leirith was back here on the sands, and Risali could still feel and talk to her just fine." He smiles, then… hehs as he watches Euclath take that scone from Meion, and her startlement at it despite the attempted awareness. "It really is about the experience," he says. "We were all once where you are now. It's like… you're learning a whole new you again." Except, it's also a someone else! D'lei turns his head back to C'iel. "Even right now, you could probably be halfway to Monaco and still be fine… but we'd rather have you a bit closer than that." A grin. "Just because you'd be able to feel him, that doesn't mean we want you stumbling through conversation in a half-foreign language." Such as it is, anyhow. « It would have been very impressive, and might have required dragonhealers. » Garouth is somewhere between proud and practical, and then he gives Ceru an encouraging bump with his muzzle to nudge him gently toward his C'iel… at least for now. « We will hunt together, » the bronze assures, and in the forest distance comes the faint cry of wolves. « You will be a part of the chase when you are ready… and when you are ready, you will lead it. »

Airin walks in with Kay short stepping his way behind. She's just braiding her damp hair, nice and clean after working outside. She really enjoys the physical training and Kay likes to nap in the sun while she does it. She's no idea what she's missed going on in the barracks while they were gone.

C'iel takes those worsd as comfort, a great comfort that rolls off of him like water off well-oiled dragon hide. "That far. Never apart, then." Never ever. He finishes his scone, and then gives a few careful cloth-wraps to the one he's saving. "I like this me," he answers to that. Better than the old one, probably. «… I will be looking forward to that.» Ceru agrees, for a moment dreaming it. It's quite a silly scene, because in his mind, Garouth is still MUCH BIGGER than them for the event.

Meion slides over to sit next to C'iel, smiling to the dragonhealer. "This you is likable." She laughs a little. "The old you was, too. But this is the you that's here!" She sits back, then reaches over and idly scratches a shoulder. A pause, and then another scratch - and then she realizes it's not her. With a sigh, she rises from her seat and heads toward the oil and the cloths for applying it. "And now, the mighty hunter gets his hide oiled." She might be saying that to everyone, but she's meaning it for Euclath - and he knows it, slinking over to rest his head and shoulders more-or-less across lap, so itchy hide can be treated. This is the dark side of bathing, it is!

D'lei nods to C'iel. "You will, however, learn to… tune some parts out." A smile. "It's not like V'ayn is going to always have to pay close attention to what comes out the other end of Varequoth after the meat goes in… and the same's true for you." Among whatever other things a rider and dragon decide to leave behind a veil of mutually encouraged attempted ignorance. « There are many moments. » Small Garouths, and large Garouths! Small Ceruadharths, and large ones! « Chase them all. » So many things to stalk and chase and pounce… both metaphorically, and otherwise. D'lei smiles to C'iel, and nods… though there's a glance over to Meion for what she says, a slight tilt of his head before… "Heh." A smile, again, and a spread of his arms as he shrugs. "Who else could we be?" A grin, as Euclath gets summoned for his oils. "See, you're starting to get the difference." Next time, she might only scratch once before realizing it was the dragon all along! Garouth's got the viewpoint to notice Airin and Kayinth, greeting the brown with a ruffle of cool breeze.

Kayinth returns with his own wintery day and gently butts his sire with his much smaller brown head. Rin smiles and waves to the bronze in greeting, "Am I missing a lesson?"

C'iel tints a bit red at Meion's compliment. "I mean. We're always changing, yeah… this YOU is quite likable too!" It just felt natural to say. He hops up, and beckons Ceru over for SCONE and Oiling. He also smiles over at at Airin. "Not missing! Just catching. And I think there's still scones left. Meion saved some for you."
He peeks back to D'lei now framed more by his Blue. "I… yes. That may be good. Ceru is trying to work on his whispering, but…" «Being secret just seems to make it more obvious.»
Meion takes dragon-oiling in stride at this point - certainly, she's been getting enough practice at it! It's to the point where she can carry on a conversation while making sure not to miss any spots - helped by the fact that Euclath has learned a lot about telling her what might be missed. "Change is… sort of the way of it, yeah." She laughs a little, and rubs the oil in. "Should get a message to my dad, sometime. He'd be surprised to see me doing any of this - it used to be a joke how I always headed straight for the most interesting corner."

Garouth rumbles warmly as he leans down to nuzzle-bump Kayinth back in physical greeting to go with the mental. D'lei hehs, and nods. "Though it's not really a lesson," he clarifies. "More… a scones." A grin, and then he looks back to C'iel, and nods - glances to Ceru. « If they see your tail as you disappear, they know you're hiding. » And that just raises curiosity! « Better to not hide at all, and simply… be where they do not look. » Which is totally different except for how it's totally the same. As for the human side of things… D'lei nods again. "It'll get easier as you get more familiar with each other, too. Right now, everything about your bond is still fresh enough that it grabs your attention." Like a very interesting corner? D'lei laughs to Meion, then nods. "We can put a letter out by rider. For any of you that have messages to send." A gesture and glance that includes all the weyrlings, or at least the ones present. "The time to write it, well, I can't help with that one."

Airin gives the scones a very wistful look, but doesn't take any. "Thank you for saving some." Kayinth turns from the fun nuzzle-bump of his father's to look at his rider with some puzzlement. « But you want one? » Rin says to him softly, "Later.." Then the rest of the conversation just leaves her looking confused.

C'iel blinks a couple times at that. "I suppose my father would like to know as well," he says. "If it's no trouble. If you can find the.. aah… the him." Whatever RUDE THOUGHT popped into his head just didn't have the heart to form. «… I think I understand what you mean. But you still have to be somewhere, otherwise there is no secret at all.» His thoughts are getting warmer, slower, more… twitchy? Blame the Rider being dotey with oil. "It's still enjoyable for that. How long will it feel new? Exploring each other's thoughts and view of the world… ah. Sorry." More big, silly, weird questions it seems.

A grin from Meion. "Well. Exploring my own thoughts hadn't gotten too old before Euclath came along, so I'm hoping for 'never' as an answer to that one." She gives affectionate rubs to the back of dragon-head, quite pleased with how she can feel his appreciation. "But, I'll just let it all be a surprise." It's not like she could stop it from being one, really!

"We have delivery experts in Comet, we do." D'lei grins. "I'm sure one of them would be up for the challenge… though for the hard cases, we don't offer you a guaranteed window." The grin widens. "When it's a really hard one, we send it down to Harper Hall and demand a very catchy tune for it." He's almost certainly joking. Less humorous - though still smiling - is his comment to Rinian. "Feeding the rider's as important as the dragon, after all." Okay, so it could pass as a general observation and not a targeted comment, but he is looking her way… but then, back to the blueriders. He nods to Meion, then grins to C'iel. "It depends." Big nebulous questions get big nebulous answers! "They're another person, after all… and the fact that they chose you, well. I like to think that means you both have a great deal of each other to explore." But he doesn't really know, and so he just shrugs a bit to go with it. « You must see the right things, to not be seen. Where people look, and where they do not. »

"Ahh, yes, one of those expertises that we're going to be choosing, or, chosen for sooner or later…" C'iel smiles. All of them seem of utmost importance and joy. He still has thoughts on these, but he leaves them slide for a moment because, well, it's still time to grow. And to excessively pamper dragons. "Ooh. Catchy tunes are priceless though… unless they're too catchy." «Yes. We had this old song stuck in our head the other day, and as soon as the other forgot it…» It's a small circle of hell, that. "I'm glad you dropped by though. I know it's important to look after us, but… I think we also just like seeing you, too." D'lei? Garouth? Both, naturally! Ceru rumbles in agreement, though the two are becoming more and more obviously distracted with one another… "Never seems like a sure bet," he finally agrees, before he's Gone altogether..

Meion sits, oiling Euclath as sleep overtakes the weyrlings, one by one. She's beginning to succumb to it herself - eventually oiling Euclath won't have quite such a soporific effect on her, but for now, it's something of a feedback cycle.

D'lei nods to C'iel, then… laughs. "That's terrible," he says of that song-cycle. "I almost feel like that qualifies for getting a queen to mind-block it… though that might expose her to it… and then the whole Weyr'd be singing it." A shudder, and then a grin. "Conveniently enough, we like seeing you, too." Because yes, a Weyrleader certainly could delegate things like carrying plates of baked goods… but he doesn't! And it's not just because he likes to be helpful… though he will, once weyrlings have drifted off to their warm-fuzzy naps, helpfully put away the oiling supplies before someone knocks them over and it's oil-skating time in the barracks. When they awake, he'll be gone! Off to… whatever other of the things he does comes next, or after that, or… you get the idea. It never ends! (And that's not just a song reference…)

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