Making a House Call

Xanadu Weyr - Child's Dream Weyr
Someone in the recent past must have lived here who had a love of children, for the place has been lovingly designed with the young at heart in mind. While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan. Large windows allow light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette, dining area that juts out over the water below in a breakfast nook sort of room and denim-covered stuffed couches and chairs complete the casual living room.

The draw for young ones comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light in the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling, under which is a circular-shaped waterbed Tiny pinpoint lights imbedded in the ceiling form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide - a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing that if you time it just right when you let go, drops you onto a sunken trampoline in one of the living room corners. For those… rainy days.

The spring morning has brought with it a drizzle that has been ongoing most of the day. It's cooled the temperature a bit, but things still remain comfortable. Ka'el has been in meetings most of the day and with the Weyrlings in-between, checking in on them. Eyeing the progress of their dragons. Though all the while keeping enough of a distance to seem aloof. He can’t allow them to get too comfortable around him, after all! A teacher is not your friend. Your future boss is not your pal…or something like that. In any case, he’s taken lunch in his office and now heads through the drizzle wearing a hooded coat down the coastal road and towards a certain Weyr. The sky is gray and dreary. Roads muddy and soft. He doesn’t carry with him much. Actually, he’s not carrying anything with him at all as he tromps through, approaching Kiena’s home. He stops before the door and knocks. Knock-knock-knock! Then his hand slides into the pocket of his jacket while he waits.

On a day as grey and dreary as this one, most folk would stay inside and luckily for Ka'el, the owner of said weyr he's tromping towards is home and not out and about, mud or drizzle be damned. Kiena has been good about "taking it easy", even if it hasn't been easy on her to be idle again and made worse the more and more she felt her strength return (physical and mental). The Weyrsecond has been keeping herself as busy as possible. She tends to Ujinath, dabbles in a bit of (light) smith work, she visits with her girls, she visits her few friends which is often made short due to them either being AWLM or weyrlings themselves. Rather tricky for social calls! What she wasn't expecting was a social call to come to her. Outside, Ka'el will be greeted by a sharp snort from the wallow and there is the dry sound of smooth hide shifting against the ground as Ujinath peeks his head out. Oh, it's you. Not the warmest of greetings from the blue but Kiena will make up for it when she comes to the door. "Hey, Ka'el!" she greets warmly, eyeing her dragon sidelong and then the Weyrleader with a lopsided grin, though her eyes still hold a questioning look to them. "Sir. Come in!" She'll step aside then, allowing him to enter before she'll nudge the door close. The weyr itself is a touch cluttered as she's not hand a chance to tidy up but Kiena doesn't seem too ashamed of it. If anything, judging by the odds and ends strewn about on the low table by the couches, she's been dabbling in some jewelry on this rainy day. "Make yourself comfortable. So what's brought you out here?"

“Hey Ujinath,” Ka’el greets the surly blue with a smirk and a slight lift of his fingers. But, a dragon whisperer he is not, and any reply the blue may have made is left to his own imagination. His eyes flit back to the door upon hearing movement from it, and the sight of the Weyrsecond stretches a grin across his face. He snaps a salute to her, smart and crisp, but the façade is soon ruined by the grin that reappears during. “Kiena,” he greets, arm lowering down now before he steps in, pushing his hood off his head to reveal slightly damp hair. Muddy boots are pulled off and left by the door, leaving him in socked, yet clean feet. No mud tromping can be blamed on him! See? He has manners! His eyes glance around the place, noting the bangles and jangles and random things on that table, which has him vaguely smirking. “Hoping to keep you from dyin’ of boredom, but I see you’re doin’ a fine job of that yourself,” he says before he peels off his jacket, finding a place for it to hang and hopefully not drip too much. “But, I came to see how you were. Makin’ sure your brain hasn’t rotted in the time that’s passed since I’ve last seen you.” Also, to see for himself her state of being. Worried about lasting effects. But those details he keeps to himself. He moves further in, rubbing his hands together a little as if to warm them from what little chill the rain has brought. “So, how are you?”

Ujinath likely had no reply to make. He's not much for chatter and at the most he probably relayed to his rider of Ka'el's arrival. Hence Kiena's lack of major surprise to find the Weyrleader on her doorstep. Manners are a good trait to have and will keep her from grousing at him for tracking mud and rainwater through her home. Not that she'll mind if his jacket drips on the floor when he hangs it. That's just a given! She snorts, striding over to the table and making a cautious attempt to de-clutter it while he deals with his boots and jacket. "This is actually a sign OF my boredom, I'll have you know." Kiena replies tartly, but follows it with a crooked smile. "It's just something tedious and requiring enough focus that I have to sit my arse down and not, you know, wear a track in the floor pacing…" Judging by her sarcasm and laid back behaviour, the bluerider is all but back to her prickly self. With the last of the odds and ends gathered to one end of the table in some sense of organization, she'll straighten and dust her hands by brushing them together. "How am I?" Kiena drawls, cocking her head a bit to the side as she holds him under a lingering look and coming to an assumption in her head about the nature of his visit. "I'm well. I've been well for several days now. No relapses, nothing. Just going about my day and tryin' to keep busy and all." She shrugs and then quirks a brow. "Cold?" Kiena doesn't seem bothered by any chill. The weyr is warm and she is wearing a long sleeved tunic that hangs a bit off her shoulders and a long skirt, with her feet bare and her hair loose. Very much 'off duty'! "Can I get you anything?" she asks next, already stepping back towards the tiny little kitchen. "Got some food 'n drink if you want either or both."

"Little," says Ka'el dismissively about the cold. "But, I always am til summer gets here. It's the only proper season, y'know," he remarks with a crooked grin. "Just had lunch," he informs at her offer of food and drink, and he's content to sit on one of her couches with a soft exhale of comfort. Ahhh, relaxation! Has she had too much of it? He's grinning again, shaking his head. "At least you haven't had idle hands?" he says, looking at her with lightly lifted brows. "And .. that's good. No relapses," He echoes, voice growing softer at that. That is good news! He hadn't heard any reports, negative or otherwise, but it's nice to see for himself that his chosen Weyrsecond hadn't gone crazy due to her experience, which apparently can have some rather deteriorating after effects on the mind and confidence. "You know, it might be a bad thing that you haven't worn a track in the floor. Then, you'd have to replace your floor. That'd be a project that'd keep you busy a good amount've days," he says, tone joking, as usual. He comes his fingers through his hair, pushing damp strands away from his eyes idly. "I'll have you cleared with the healers before you return to duty," he says with a light nod to himself. "Official clearance an' all that. Then, light duty. Then, not long after, you can have the whole of it. Pick up my slack and go back to makin' me seem competent." A smirk, then a pause that has his smirk wilting just slightly. ".. Have you practiced Betweening again?"

"I'll agree to that!" Kiena drawls in terms of summer being the only proper season. Having been born and raised on the emerald isles and outside of Western Weyr… cold is not her cup 'o tea. She's adjusted though and she keeps her weyr well heated on the "colder" days. Nodding her head to his polite refusal of any refreshment, she'll dip into the kitchen regardless to grab herself a drink and return seconds later to flop down on the opposite side of the couch. Back to the corner, legs tucked under her, she is relaxed and she's had a lot of time to get used to such a thing. Oh, she has had too much of it! "You kidding me? I already suffered through that trial, being injured an all. Still bored out of my head but at least I can do some tasks to keep me from going completely nuts." she muses and then smiles. Ka'el will see for himself that Kiena is healthy and whole and just a little on the restless and bored side. Can she be blamed? "Ha ha, very funny! I'm a Smith, not a woodcrafter! I'd start on the floor, but likely screw it up in some way that next thing I know I'm redoin' my whole weyr. Or some other misfortune would happen… knowin' my luck." Kiena chuckles dryly and goes quiet as he mentions being cleared by the Healers. Offical clearance. Light duty! She tries not to look too giddy and excited over such a simple thing and takes a swig from the bottle she holds between her hands. Off duty means she can drink! Right? "So I should expect a royal mess when I get back? Just how much you been slackin?" she teases, in good spirits until he goes right on to ask that question. Just from the way she lowers her gaze and pulls at her lower lip will give Ka'el all the answer he needs. No, she hasn't. "Been meaning to get around to askin' V'dim and all, but he's got his hands full with those weyrlings. I've been flying with Ujinath, but we've not Betweened. Not even a local jump."

The thought of Kiena’s weyr turning into a disaster is a humorous enough thought. A true one too. She’s right, she’s no woodcrafter! Neither is he, and thus would be of no help at all. “You’d just have to consider it a learning experience,” he says, optimistically as ever. “Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first to have a weyr with metal flooring. May become the next ‘thing’ in .. uh, weyr construction. You’d be givin’ the smiths an entirely new business.” And they’d love her for it, of course! But really, how comfortable would aluminum flooring be? And in the winter, it’d be a hazard to walk on. Feet frozen to the floor! Ha! But, back to serious business. Flying. More specifically, Betweening. Fingertips press together as he listens to her, nodding a little in agreement about the busyness of the Weyrlingmaster with the Weyrlings. Understandable. He himself was worried of that, but V’dim will have to find the time somewhere. “If you can,” he says, gently, “press him for it. At least..yeah, the local ones. Within the Weyr. Nothin’ too far too soon. If you want me there for it, I will be. Kanekith likes Ujinath enough that he’ll support’m, if he needs it. .. And I’ll support you,” he says with a faint smile. “I’ve left the grandest of messes for you to come back to, yes. I’ve been self-centered lately, and things have piled. Just steppin’ in to your office might give you the desire needed to Between as far from work as possible!” he laughs.

Kiena quirks a brow again and grins crookedly. "Uh, you remember which weyr you're mentioning right? 'New' things? I've already enough of that." she drawls, flipping a hand back towards where the rope swing is dangling by the ceiling and the loft bedroom. There's the slide too by the staircase and she'll jut a thumb where the trampoline is sunk into the floor. Even her bed is unusual. Metal flooring would be just another oddity (but no where near as fun!). "Alright," she agrees but there is reluctance in her voice. Is she intimidated by the Weyrlingmaster or is there more lurking beneath that? As for support, Kiena takes another slow pull of her drink and nods her head, her one hand coming up to tuck her hair back behind her ear in familiar habit. "… I'd not mind the support. I mean, no offence to V'dim 'n all.." But it's V'dim. Kiena doesn't trust the Weyrlingmaster, as she never trained under him and has likely never exchanged more than a few words in passing with the greenrider. What catches her attention however is Ka'el's mention of Kanekith liking Ujinath. That of all things surprises her the most. "Really? When Ujinath is… anything but kind to him?" Kiena grins crookedly when he laughs, "Nah, I think I'll be up for a challenge. So bring it on!" she fires back, only to give him a curious look. "Self-centered, huh? So I'll take that as you took some time off for yourself too?"

“Point taken,” answers Ka’el, chuckling. Her weyr has had enough work! He’s still jealous of that slide. And the trampoline. And the swing. .. >.> She has such a cool weyr! But for now he’ll allow her not to redo her flooring and is content with jewelry making as her pastime event. Until she’s back in the office. And back on her dragon. And back Betweening again. But…other than the mention of it, he doesn’t press. She’ll do it, he’s sure of it! And rushing her seems like a bad idea. And plus, she’s not giving him any reason to worry. She’s .. willing to have support. That makes him marginally smile ad nod his head in answer. “Doubt he’d take offense,” he remarks. “Old as he is, I doubt anything offends him anymore,” he says, dropping his voice as he says it even though it’s obvious that the old Weyrlingmaster is nowhere in the weyr! .. Right? Maybe he is! He has ears everywhere. He glances left and right, just in case, then snickers at himself as he relaxes back against the cushions. “Took some time off before,” he says, not going into detail about when ‘before’ was. ‘Before the accident’. ‘Before the incident’. Before all of that, and the implication is there, light as it is. “To Paradise River Hold with Soriana. Asked her to weyrmate,” he lightly rubs behind an ear, brows furrowing slightly. “Is that right? To weyrmate. To be my weyrmate. .. Whichever. Now that we’re back, figuring out the little things. Slowly. When there’s time.” Which there never seems to be much of!

He's free to use the slide or the trampoline or the swing! All three even in succession if he so choses! She won't tell. Faranth only knows what Kiena does or has done. She joked about not wearing a track in the floor out of boredom, but who knows how many times she's been on that trampoline. Maybe she's perfected swinging from the rope to the trampoline, even! Seeing as she's not been sent to the infirmary with a cracked skull or broken bones… She's had enough with injuries and accidents for now. For now. Poor Ka'el is liable to get grey hair early with her as his Weyrsecond. What trouble will she sniff out yet for him to deal with? Rushing her would be a bad idea. Very bad! Part of why she asks for support is because if V'dim does try to push to fast, at least Ka'el can tell the Weyrlingmaster to back down? At least, it's how Kiena's mind works. "Mhm, I suppose you've a point there. He does know what he's doing…" Nah, there's no hidden V'dim here! She chuckles dryly and blinks, staring at him blankly at first and then breaking into a broad grin and laughing. "Well, well!" She "leaves" for two days and this is what happens! "Congratulations!" And she'll tip her bottle to him in toast before taking a swift pull of it, only to wave off his questioning. "Does it matter what's right? To weyrmate, to be your weyrmate… It's all the same, the same big step! Going slow… smart move." she muses.

The Weyrlingmaster does have to listen to him, right? Ka’el will have to test that theory when they come to that bridge to cross, if they do. Which, hopefully they won’t. Pulling the rank card on V’dim doesn’t sound very fun…if not only because the guy is scary! Any former Weyrling who claims he isn’t is a liar. Ka’el suddenly wishes that he had taken up her offer on a drink, for as she starts to laugh he wishes he had something to occupy himself with. A glass would’ve been perfect! As it is, he has nothing and thus is left looking sheepishly at her, his grin light and crooked. He bobs his head at her congratulatory remarks and lifts an invisible glass to raise to her in return. “Thanks,” he says, taking an imaginary drink, laughing after. “It doesn’t really feel awfully different, to be honest. I mean .. it does and it doesn’t at the same time .. if that makes any sense,” he says, wrinkling his nose as he assumes it only makes sense in his own mind. “As of now, nothing’s really changed. Eventually, we’ll share a weyr but .. Kanekith is making things more difficult than they need be, and there isn’t a real rush. Neither’ve us are hardly home, anyway.” And..speaking of Kanekith. “Ah, right. Yes, he does like Ujinath,” he answers belatedly. “He takes to blues more than he does browns and bronzes. My brother has a blue. Azrith. They get along. Ujinath might not be friendly, you say, but Kanekith doesn’t really .. do friendly,

Hopefully they won't have to cross that bridge. Kiena doesn't intend for things to get that far out of hand and truthfully the Weyrsecond is itching just to get back to her life as it was. Which means she'll have to overcome her lack of confidence in her Betweening abilities and she will. She's too stubborn to fail. Kiena grins crookedly when Ka'el returns her toast with his imaginary drink and gives him a wry look in return. "Offer still stands for a drink, you know." she drawls. Celebratory! Nodding her head, she chuckles. "No, that makes sense. It feels — natural. Not forced, no big world altering change." Or maybe just a little? Now Kiena is making her own assumptions or at least picking through her memories of going through the same experience and she was so young then. "What's Kanekith upset about?" she asks curiously, if not a touched surprised by the bronze's behaviour. "Maybe Ujinath will warm up to Kanekith then some day, though I can't promise anything. Oh? Is your brother a rider here?" Should she know this? The bluerider looks a touch sheepish in case she has forgotten a key thing about his past. "Ha!" Kiena scoffs with a lopsided smirk. "Ujinath convince Kanekith? Sure. He's liable to convince him that no one can be trusted and to be wary of all who can do harm to those you love… Or he'll give the other side of things, on how it'll serve better to be together for protection." she jokes… or is it a warning?

Ka’el casually waves off the offer of a drink, content with his imaginary one it’d seem, although by now that’s disappeared from his hand, as he no longer pretends to hold one. “Kanekith has never been keen to share things,” he says, head shaking slightly. “Even from the start he wasn’t happy when I spent time with Sori instead’ve him. He’s a jealous type. Believe it or not, he’s loads better now than he was during Weyrlinghood,” he chuckles. “Anyhow, he doesn’t like the thought of leavin’ his arch to share the barn with Luraoth. I … we figured me joinin’ her in her weyr would be the best idea. Hers is bigger than mine anyway. Nicer, too.” Not that he doesn’t love his man-cave! But it really is a dwelling for one. “So, he’s reverted back to bein’ a hatchling and has his pouting fits and swears up an’ down that he’s not leaving.” A smirk follows his words before he rolls his shoulder. “If Ujinath tells him to be wary, he won’t be saying anything new to him. Kanekith trusts few when it comes to me. He likes Soriana well enough, but leavin’ behind what he’s claimed as his isn’t sitting well. But. He’ll get over it. Maybe he’ll think of the protection thing on his own.”

Kiena shrugs her shoulders when he waves off her offer again and promptly finishes her drink and sets the empty bottle aside. With her legs still tucked under her, she'll rest her hands in her lap, still the picture of relaxation. A far cry of how she used to behave around Ka'el… or most others who attempted to have a casual conversation with her. "Oh, I can believe it. Never knew Kanekith as the jealous type but I know how they can change from weyrlinghood. Ujinath's come a long way from his days as a hatchling too." she murmurs, her gaze shifting past Ka'el and darting to the wallows hidden behind him and then quiets again to politely listen. Smirking, she exhales softly and her eyes drift back to the Weyrleader. "Well, shards. That is a bit of a tough situation. Suppose if Soriana has the larger weyr, it makes sense. If Kanekith is so upset about sharin', would it be difficult to build an additional wallow? Obviously still not the same, but it'll give him something that is "his" to claim if he doesn't want to be snuggling up with Luraoth day in, day out." she suggests softly, only to snort and grin crookedly. "Or he'll think of the protection thing, yeah."

"It wouldn't be difficult no," Ka'el agrees, shaking his head. "But, Luraoth's barn is big. Kane's been in there plenty've times. There's space. But I've a feelin' I could build him a shardin'…..palace and he wouldn't want to budge." He smirks, and eventually he waves a hand and shakes his head. "But, like I said, it's been self-centered stuff with me off and on. Keepin' an eye and ear open for Fort Sea and Ista Hold's gathers that've been in the works and had. Runner races. Heard we've a top prospect or two in the races, and here's hopin' they'll still qualify by the time the races are brought to us." His hands rub together slowly then, a sign of thought as opposed to discomfort from chill. "It'll be busy. Visitors and spectators, likely. Not to mention the runners and their riders themselves.." He trials, eyes flitting to her. "Do you keep up with races?" Gamble much, Kiena?

"A palace? Is there no satisfying him then?" Kiena drawls in an amused tone, only to sober and add in a serious tone. "I do hope he can be persuaded. If you need Ujinath to speak to him, I could try to… convince Ujinath to help. Can't promise anything, mind you." She tilts her head and her brows lift up at the news he shares with her. Runner races? Fort Sea Hold and Ista Hold? Woah. She IS behind on the news! "So is that what I've heard muttered about runners of late! Xanadu's part of all of this then? Which Hold is hostin'? And you said Fort's already been? Damn. What of Ista's?" she asks eagerly, completely forgetting that she's on light duty and it's still unclear if she can even Between! "Mhm, it will be a busy event but very good for the area. I don't usually dabble much in the racing though I've always had a fondness towards runners. Never had racers though, just the workin' type so I'm afraid I don't know much." Which means…? "Not against a bit of chance though." Kiena admits with a grin. Yes, yes she does gamble if she feels it'll swing in her favour or has a few marks to spare on something so frivolous. "What do you think of all of it? Going to be your first time hostin' as Weyrleader, won't it?"

So. Apparently she /is/ into the races! Ka'el grins at her eagerness towards the subject, if not her interest in it. "I believe we're all sort've co-hosting it all," he says as he lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck. "'All' bein' the two mentioned, us, and Keroon, I believe is where it'll end. I don't know the outcome of the first round, but the next should start within the next few days, if I remember right. I've steered clear've the stables since it's been brought up. Beastcrafters can be odd enough about their beasts. Playin' host to the races probably has them all on edge. .. The good sort of edge." As in the sort of edge that makes Journeyman work their apprentices to the bone, making sure everything looks pristine for their guests and visitors! He shifts a little in his seat as he nods in agreement to her that the races will, overall, be a good thing for Xanadu. "Good practice for Diplomacy for the Weyrlings too," he notes. "People from all walks'll likely come to watch." It'll be a busy busy Weyr! Does he appear nervous? Not yet. But he has some time to get that way. "With Thea here, I'm not too worried. I mean, she can probably do things like this in her sleep, y'know? If it's the party I'm expecting it to be, I'll be fine. I know how to handle myself at a party," he quips with a smirk. "All will go well. For the both of us." Hosting? Definitely light duty, isn't it? And it isn't as if she needs to Between anywhere.

Kiena is into races but she also does enjoy a Gather-like atmosphere despite being the reclusive behaviour she adopts at times. "Ahh, really? So it's like… one continuous event? Don't know if I've ever heard of such a thing before." she admits, only to frown. "So it's only Fortian, Istan and Xanadian stock competing? Or the only dominating entrants? I'd have thought more would be in on it…" And maybe they are, but in fewer numbers! She mulls over that for a moment, only to laugh softly. "Each Crafter to their own! But you've the right of it. Probably best to leave 'em to their work. 'M sure the Journeyman will have all in order, not to mention keep their runners in top condition! It'd be a shame if Xanadu's runners did poorly when the races come here." she drawls with a lopsided smirk. Oh no, can't have that could they? "Mhm, it would be good exposure for the Weyrlings! I suppose this means my brother will no doubt be in attendance. Wonder if that's what he was alluding to in his letter…" Kiena murmurs, only to flash Ka'el a grin. "I'm sure you'll do fine. Honestly, everyone's too busy with the events and all the food and fun. You just gotta be polite and all that. How hard can it be?" she drawls with a shrug. Says the Weyrsecond who may find herself regretting those words! She won't have to Between for the Xanadu event, but if she had hopes to partake in Ista's well…

"I believe we three are the main competitors, yes," says Ka'el. "But…don't quote me. M'sure there are others peppered in here in there. Less spoken of, but no less worthy, m'sure." He grins. He loves a good gather! Different faces from different places. A time to cut loose a little and have fun! He can still have fun, right? A dance here and there? A little drink? Nothing too crazy (etiquette and all!) but still, enough to loosen the collar a bit without doing something embarrassing to the Weyr? He faintly tilts his head at her in question at the mentioning of a letter from her brother. "I'd think he'd take the opportunity for a visit." Whether or not he knows what happened to his sister. He came to the hatching, anyway. "In any case, by the time the races come to us, you'll be back on full duty, or if not for whatever reason, then close to it. I expect you to do just as much mingling and hosting as me. I can't be the only one shakin' hands and kissin' ass." A smirk follows his words before he rises, giving the thighs of his trousers a brief swipe with his hands. "Speaking of kissin' ass, I should head back to the office and see how many have lined up to kiss mine," he remarks in amusement, jutting his thumb towards the door.

If the Fortian Weyrleader can mudwrestle his own Weyrwoman and Wingriders at a Gather, then Ka'el can dance and drink to his heart's content. At least, that's how Kiena would lay it out. Who cares? Xanadu is host and as host, he can do as he pleases and let others say what they want. It's a party! "I'd be very surprised if there weren't some other Holds peppered in the ranks. Though I bet the races at Keroon would be something to see!" Kiena muses and as for that letter from her brother, she looks a touch sheepish as Ka'el mentions an opportunity. "Probably will, if there's enough Fortian influence in the races. He knows, you know. About what happened?" That settles that, doesn't it? She does not elaborate and instead laughs softly. "I'll do my best to help out, though I'll warn ya I don't kiss no one's ass and I can't promise ya I won't sugar coat if someone else is being a royal pain. Not sayin' I'll cause trouble, but I ain't about to lay back and take it either… Which shouldn't be the case. It's a Gather, not political trade talks or some other nonsense." She waves a hand in a dismissive, if not flippant way before returning it to her lap and slipping from the couch as he rises. Smoothing down her skirts, she burst out laughing again and more genuinely this time. "I won't keep you then from your grovelling subjects." Kiena drawls, tilting her head towards the door as she steps towards it, intending to see him out at least as any proper hostess ought to. "Thank you," she murmurs after her amused laughter sobers up. "For coming by." It meant a lot to her!

"We'll go to the final race," says Ka'el as he moves to collect his jacket to slip back on. "To Keroon. It's only proper that we do, bein' a host Weyr in partnership. If it's to be the finale, we've all to make an appearance." Which means, unless she wants to thoroughly tire out her dragon, she'll need to be able to go Between by then. Comfortably. He gives her a look, then, with slightly raised brows, "Kanekith won't mind lettin' you hitch a ride if you want to ride with me. Faranth knows his back is big enough," he says off-handedly. No big deal, you see. She hasn't even /tried/ Betweening since she got back. Who knows how long it'll be before she shakes off the … fear of being lost in time and space. But, steps have to be taken at some point. Letting someone else hold the reins that leads them into cold darkness might be one of them. WIth his jacket now on, he starts pulling on his boots. "I'd wondered if he knew," he says, speaking of her brother. "It's … good, I guess, that he does. He's family." Despite their history. And he certainly seemed alright at the Hatching feast. "And, pft, you know better than I do that any gathering with leadership around is a political some-crap or another in disguise," he remarks, sounding amused as he speaks and straightening only after both boots are fitted. He watches her a while, his grin muted but still there, and he bobs his head to her thanks. He doesn't answer. Not immediately anyway, and instead steps closer to her, his expression sobering when near, and attempts to hug her (probably while thinking 'please don't stab me!' in the back of his mind).

"Never been to Keroon. Suppose it'll be proper as it's the big finale and all." Kiena agrees and comes to the same conclusion even without Ka'el explaining it to her. She can't keep pushing it off and will have to speak to V'dim sooner than later. Already she may be considering the best way to approach the Weyrlingmaster in the morning. "Sweet of you to offer, but Ujinath wouldn't allow that. He could piggy back on Kanekith's imaging though… a sort of guiding hand in that sense. I cannot ride any other than him. He'd… It'd not go well." she explains softly and smirks. No offence meant and if the blue were less possessive, she'd have considered the offer. So she'll have to regain her confidence or at least enough of it that they can work out an alternative. Though by the time the races come to Keroon, Kiena should be back to herself. "It's good that Th'ero knows. It'd be worse if he found out later. I was curious about his lack of visiting until now but if Fort just hosted this Gather…" Then it all makes sense and she does not seem to hold it against her brother. If anything, she's relieved not to have him visiting quiet yet. She grins at his last remark about political disguises among the leadership, snickering under her breath. Touche! Seeing that he has his jacket and boots on, Kiena strides forwards a step to reach for the door only to pause when she realizes Ka'el is stepping closer to her and not the way out. He has nothing to fear for his gesture! The hug does not have her bristling or stiffening and there is only a very, very brief pause before Kiena is, of all things, returning it. She's long past the stage of distrust and wary caution and so she hugs him back and tightly too! As friends ought to, right? Or at the very least, equals. "Take care, Ka'el. Try to enjoy some of the day and congratulations again." Kiena murmurs as she steps back, her hand lingering a moment to clasp his shoulder in a firm grip before drawing back to open the door.

He needed that hug from her. To solidify what's already obvious: She's here and alright. Safe in the present and not lost in time. For, as much as he's kept the Weyrleader mask on and handled things as professionally as he's expected, even with the time that's passed between his visitwith her in the infirmary and now, he'sheld on to fear. Beneath the blink of an eye, he could've lost her, and there'd've been absolutely nothing he could've done about it. Is life really so fragile? It's easy to forget that it is. No one is exempt from loss, and he's never had any reason to fear losing her, his friend. And so, as his arms wrap around her to hold her tight, he revels in the here and now. The solid feel of her body. Her intakes and exhales of breath. All evidence that she is ok. His grip loosens when hers does, and his sobered look gives way to a soft smile when he steps back. He nods to her and gives a squeeze to her arm before fully pulling away. "I will, and thanks," he says as he pulls up his hood over his head, crookedly grinning. "Try not to make too much jewelry in your spare time. People'll mistake this for a shop, and then I'll never get you back!" He dips his head to her before he heads out again, stepping back into the drizzly spring afternoon to walk back to the office.

She is here. She is safe and very much alive. Kiena has had to cope and come to terms with the same fears and harsh lesson in reality that yes, life is that fragile. She almost lost it all for one moment of flustered inattention and in doing so caused those she came to care for, even love as close friends so much upset. It never was her intention and as she's already said before, she wishes she could undo it all. Now they're all aware of what they could stand to lose, should fate decide not to smile so brightly on them. Yet she's learned too that it is not healthy to linger on such things. She came to terms that she may die trying to come home. She didn't and so here she stands and that is what matters. The present. The here and now. "Very funny! You'd not be rid of me that easily" Kiena fires back with a grin, back to her usual self as they part ways and she'll linger by the doorway as Ka'el steps out into the drizzly spring afternoon, waiting until he disappears down the pathway before slipping back inside and allowing the door to click shut.

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