Weyr Do They All Fit?

Xanadu Weyr - Purgatory

While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan and designed with the young at heart. Large windows allow for light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette has a dining area that juts out over the waters below, along with a breakfast nook sort of room. The living room is completed by a low, comfortable couch and a few large cushion-like pillows that when piled together make more of a nest-like seating around a small, equally low, dark wood table. Two other ground level rooms form a spacious and well furnished 'guest' room, while the other is suited more as an 'study'.
The draw for 'young ones' comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light from the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling. Beneath that very window, rests a circular-shaped bed. Tiny pinpoints of light are imbedded in the ceiling to form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide — a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing. For those… rainy days.

The evening is late, and D'lei should probably be going to bed, except… he's stuck here on the couch, because Velvet has curled herself up on his lap, and she's asleep. (Also, adorable.) And everyone knows that you're supposed to let sleeping dogs lie, right? So it's the rules, he has to stay here (and also pet her, which is totally letting her lie, honest). He's also, while he's at it, glancing through one of the record books… at least in theory. It's awkward to keep it open and turn pages with only one hand, see, and if he used the other one he might not grant the puppy the full pettings to which she's due. Also he's kind of tired, because late, so he's shifted to doing more vague staring rather than reading. Still. In principle! In theory! On the couch.

The evening IS late and K'vir is only just returning home. Where was he? Difficult to say, but from the look on his face when he does initially walk through the door, the answer is written there for those who can read it. It's the expression he often has when he visits Fort and his family; for the most part he's happy enough to see his siblings (and half siblings) and his mother. His father? Eh. Whatever was souring his mood eases up a bit, however, on the sight that greets him. "Trapped, are you?" he muses in his best dry tone to D'lei, but hushed just enough incase of young ones potentially sleeping. He'll busy himself next in slipping out of his riding gear, now that none of that is necessary (and he's probably wanting to relax too).

Funny, in a way, how family can be both a wonderful thing and a minor profanity, depending on exactly how you say it. D'lei looks up at the sound of the door, a blinkblink as he refocuses drifted attention to the present and the world of awakeness… and then a smile as his eyes focus on K'vir. "She's clearly a hunting dog," he says in answer. "Good instincts for how to capture prey ten times her size." And… get pettings from it. Which D'lei provides, of course, because there are soft adorable ears and a neck to rub down along, which D'lei observes with another smile before lifting his gaze to K'vir again. "But I mean, do I really have anywhere else I have to be this week?"

"I dunno. You're the Weyrleader! Whatever trouble there is, it'll come find you… eventually. Go ahead and sit back. Relax!" K'vir oh-so helpfully reminds, with utmost sarcasm, while stretching out his back and rolling one shoulder. Family visit or not, he's been up to more than just leisurely trips to Fort and his body likely hates him for it. Which may explain his delay in flopping down on that couch to immediately join D'lei and Velvet in some relaxation; he probably won't be able to move the second he does. "Enjoy it? While it lasts." Cue a smirk and a slight mischievous one at that. "Y'want anything? While I'm up?" He CAN be helpful for a few things! Regardless he's on his way to the kitchen. No doubt to scrounge up something to eat but most likely? It's alcohol he's really aiming for.

And where is Risali while the men-folk have conversations? Tending children, of course; one of them (ZYRIDEN) has been up and down (and up and down) and that is, perhaps, why Risali looks just a little done when she emerges as quiet as she can from the shared room of children, adjusting her shirt and clothes back into place because he is also still nursing. "We need a bigger weyr." Wot. But there you have it; Risali isn't even looking up because she's still shifting and pulling and tucking and smoothing and pausing when she's near the couch, near D'lei and K'vir both before dropping her hands. Those grey eyes focus in on Velvet, contentedly there on D'lei's lap and - "A much bigger weyr." But there's a catch of fingers on K'vir's arm, a press of lips to his shoulder as she greets him and then settles on the couch, curling up as if JUST KNOWING that at ANY SECOND that baby is going to wake up wailing, and then the other three are going to join him, and she's going to have to go sort that mess out. Again. SPEAKING OF FAMILY BEING A MINOR CURSE WHEN YOU TONE IT JUST RIGHT.

"So comforting. It's like they really want me!" There's amusement in D'lei's tone, along with a bit of SIGH for it… but really, he's inclined to at least try to stay on the amused side of that two-edged responsibility sword. "I'm sure it won't be for long." He gives that volume of records a look, then… nope, he's done trying to read it productively for tonight. It's thumped shut and carefully nudged onto the table, a lean in that has Velvet making a soft noise but not actually stirring. At least she can stay asleep… unlike some human babies. D'lei tilts his head back to see Risali, with a smile to greet her and then a heh. "You do realize we'll just fill it up again, yes? he says… which is not a disagreement, mind. It's just… well, what it is. They have a collection going! And, speaking of collecting things… "Another of whatever you're having?" he asks K'vir, complete with grin, then drifts his hand over to pet couch-Risali as well as lap-Velvet.

Stopping at the touch of fingers catching on his arm, K'vir turns a bit to smile for the shoulder-kiss-like greeting from Risali and briefly does his hand clasp over hers to squeeze in return before letting her go. "He's got a point you know!" he quickly tosses in his agreement on how a larger weyr would not solve things (and perhaps encourage OTHER THINGS) but he's on a mission! One that only takes a short span of time, which sees him returning with a beer for himself and D'lei (he said whatever!) and something even for Risali; for her, it will likely be along her lines of 'favourites'. He has a strange knack of remembering small details like favourite drinks or snacks but he'll be damned if he can tell anyone how he really feels. Bringing D'lei his drink first, he'll lean in for a passing affectionate greeting as the exchange happens. Velvet will get some gentle pats too now that a hand is freed and then he's moving to snuggle his way in on the other side of Risali, to complete the couch sandwich… and offer her her refreshment. Unless she turns it down, which he'll then just set it aside.

Those grey eyes squint as Risali looks from one weyrmate, to the other weyrmate and then slowly points towards the stairs-and-slide that lead to their sleeping quarters with one finger that holds SUCH ACCUSATION IN ITS EXISTENCE. "Selene is turning five, Kyriel will be four before we know it, and Darien is about to be three." HER POINT? "I don't know about you two, but I never want to see my parents have sex." Don't worry, her tone is dry but there's a slow smile on her lips bespeaking the start of laughter, "And even if we do just fill it up again, they aren't going to be little forever." And so? "We need a bigger weyr." One hand catches at D'lei's, brings his fingers to her lips as she takes K'vir's proffered refreshment with a scrunch of her nose and a, "Thank you," as she wiggles to press her shoulder into him too and then… sips drinks.

"…Risali, dear." D'lei never says that except when he's being terrible, does he? Especially not in that tone. "If you want that, we're going to need two entirely separate weyrs." Because seriously, what of these surfaces yet remains pure? And how long would a new one last? His fingers brush along Risali's cheek, petting there as his other hand takes up the duties of petting the pup, and then he grins as he goes to take that drink from K'vir, now that the other bronzer is giving Velvet pets… not that the canine's awake to notice, but hey. "Thanks," he says, and takes a long sip of that beer before saying anything more. "We really could use some more space, though." If he's going to be all serious about it, that is. "Between the kids and the dragons…"

K'vir leans once more into Risali in return, making some sound akin to pleased and something of an amused scoff for the discussion at hand. He'll let D'lei take the lead on answering, while he promptly stretches out his legs and burrows comfortably into the couch and boldly uses Risa as a bit of a pillow too. He mutters something, which is really nothing more than a distracted grumble as he takes a long sip of his beer. "Could just expand on this one?" he suggests, leaning back enough to tilt his head and smirk to both his weyrmates. "Don't think it'd be too hard to add on more space at ground level…" But he is no architect or engineer, or whatever the equivalent is in Pernese society.

HER NAME. RUDE. Risali reacts to it first by going flush, and then by dropping D'lei's hand so that she can PUNCH HIM. RIGHT IN HIS SHOULDER. WAH-POW. TAKE THAT. "Or we just need a room with a wall and a door before they start going around mimicking what they see Mommy and Daddies doing. Selene's toys were doing questionable things the other day." AND TRUST. BELIEVE. THOSE FLIRTY BEHAVIORS PICK UP FAST IN LITTLE ONES. But she looks from D'lei, back to K'vir, shifting to make herself a much more comfortable pillow for the likes of MUCH TALLER K'VIRS which means that she is now using D'lei as a pillow, mindful of Velvet as she presses into him. "Why don't we put this weyr into a bigger weyr?" EHHHHHHHHH? MAGIC.

AWW YEAH, D'lei won a PUNCHING. It's the grand prize, really, and he grins as he brushes that hand down along Risali's side. There's a slight grimace for what Selene's dolls were doing, and a nod. It's not like they're going to be able to prevent some dolly makeouts, because children are perceptive, but… there can at least be limits. D'lei reaches out, across Risali to run his fingers through K'vir's hair as the taller bronzerider sprawls, then grins as he's got a suggestion - and Risali puts it all together. "Only reason I can think of is that the hammers will interfere with naptime," he says - though his tone is light, and while it's a serious concern, it's not an actual objection. "So… we should get our plan right the first time." Okay, it's the second time, but… first revision, still counts. "Figure out what we're gonna need, then… go for it." WHAM BAM HAM(mer).

"There are far worse things that they can be mimicking…" K'vir ventures to almost lazily point out but not because he doesn't care. He DOES and he's taking the matter seriously, only he's tired from a long day and skipping who knows what sort of timezones jumping from Xanadu to Fort and back again. Jet lag for riders? Sure. There's a silent snicker for D'lei getting punched and he'll just weather that out by enjoying more of his beer and content to hum under his breath for the hair ruffling from the other bronzerider and the comforting closeness of Risali-snuggles. "We can arrange to have the kids elsewhere during the worst of it?" he suggests in addition to D'lei's plan, before glancing sidelong and down to Risali. "Putting this weyr in another weyr is… kind of the same as an expansion only less…" Impossible? "Trouble. Besides, this place belonged to my aunt once. It's got memories." Which is his way of saying he'll be the stubborn ass of them all and refuse let this weyr go so easily. Modify it? Sure. Modify away!

"Baby, the point is that they will be mimicking it because what is stopping them from seeing?" A gesture upwards again. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE MOMS WHO THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF. GET IT TOGETHER, DADS. But fingers go through K'vir's hair with maybe a pull because she's Risali and that's her way of emphasizing her point - VIOLENCE - even if she shifts against that hand running down her side. She's about to RE-ENACT SOME OF THOSE TERRIBLE SCENES FOR CHILDREN'S EYES IF YA DON'T CEASE AND DESIST, BRONZERIDER. Though, Risali makes a soft noise in her throat as she considers expansion, as she considers just what it is that K'vir is saying about memories and keepsakes and - "Cita is stepping down." HOW'S THAT FOR NEWS. "Not… not yet, but she's making the arrangements. They're all coming here." Which means they will have a perfect out for when construction time comes. "However we can manage it, the reality is that we need more space." FOUR KIDS, A DOG, THREE ADULTS. Squeeeeeesh. "And anyway, I'm pregnant again." Sip.

Wishful thinking is a well-known mechanism! Of course, that doesn't mean it's an effective mechanism, but still. It's about as useful for keeping children unaware of things as threats of sexiness are for averting sexytimes. So, uh. How's that working for you, Risa? Because D'lei is definitely feeling … 'threatened'. He's also nodding to that plan of shipping the kids out, with a thoughtful look - and another nod - for K'vir's emotional attachments,then a blink as he redirects his attention to Risali, to announcements of Cita and… "Oh." Sense is made! "Yeah, they can help her adjust." Because of course being surrounded by small children will be helpful like that. NO TIME TO FEEL, TOO BUSY WITH KIDS. It's so noble of these three, really, being willing to loan their progeny for such a purpose… or at least, they know they'll be doing it the other way around sometimes, so it's fair. There's still some lingering questions about just exactly what's going on, but… never mind those. A brow arches to Risali for her announcement, followed by an amused smile. "Is it puppies?" HE CAN HOPE. Besides, it's a classic question, and none of the kids are here to do it for them, so D'lei has to step up to the task.

Frowning, K'vir's mood grows somber under news of Cita stepping down. "She'll be welcomed here," But? There's more too it, though he classically hesitates before muttering his continued thoughts out loud. "Word has it that Monaco underwent a change too and Fort Weyr. Nyalle stepped down, health concerns…" From pregnancy which he doesn't fill in because HE DOESN'T WANT TO THINK ON IT, OKAY? Shaking his head, he'll grimly smirk and then his features relax again as he reaches out to rest a hand reassuringly on Risa's leg. It'll be alright! "And we'll start planning now, then, like D'lei was getting at. Figure out what we need and how to go about it…" Little steps! Content, he knocks back more of his beer, only to end up almost choking on it. Not so much for Risali's SECOND BIT OF NEWS; that mostly earns her a hard look of SURPRISE. No, what has him nearly aspirating as he inhales the last of the drink the wrong way is D'lei's comment. Coupled with the fact that he's exhausted beyond all senses of the word, he's slipping far past giddy to that 'can't stop laughing' stage. Which he then tries to muffle (and doesn't really succeed) because of SLEEPING CHILDREN. Does D'lei win the grand prize again when it comes to being punched first? Or will it be K'vir as he dies a slow death by semi-contained laughter?

"I heard," Risali answers softly, brows furrowing because - truth be told - she didn't really know any of the other leaders on a more personal basis. "Though I am curious who is going to become the next senior." In ALL OF THE CASES. BUT DON'T WORRY, K'VIR, D'LEI GETS FIRST PUNCH - or, rather, cheek pinch as Risali shifts, rises, presses her nose to D'lei's and breathes out, "Are you implying that you two are dogs?" And yeah, she does lick his lips, does scrunch her nose with a wicked kind of humor that has her reaching around him to grab a pillow and shove it RIGHT OVER K'VIR'S FACE. No punches for you. Just slow, sweet, fluffy death. "I'm not actually pregnant," she COUNTER-ANNOUNCES. "And I think that I am revoking both of your 'but we can practice,' cards." BECAUSE RUDE. Even if she is smiling too terribly, and leaning into that pillow and stealing K'vir's beer to drink while she quasi-strangles him. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE. "Shhhh. Go gentle into that good night, Kyzen. Shhhhh. Don't stop it, D'lei. Let it happen."

"I mean, it's been long enough that someone was bound to step down," D'lei says with a slight nod to K'vir's additions. "Guess they were all saving it up." Everyone! All at once! CHANGE PLACES. Which… well, there's a real concern behind the amuse, because those changes will have their various impacts on his daily life. Weyrwomen! The Weyrleaders who catch them! POLITICS AND STRUCTURE, YO. Which he's quite happy to ignore for the moment, because it's evening and he has a drink (and a pair of weyrmates, and a puppy), and that means he can think about …. house structuring! Like walls and roofs and all that good stuff. He nods to K'vir for that serious part, but… pffft, it's too late to stay serious, too. HE WANTS PUPPIES. "Bark," D'lei answers Risali's question, and grins as he's pinched all up. "Can we say we want puppies, instead?" DO PUPPIES EQUAL SEX? "Or can we just claim it's because Selene wants a sister?" LOGIC. He … doesn't got it, not at this hour, but oh well. "Poor old Kyeller…" D'lei says, then leans down. "Go on, Velvet." Never mind that she's asleep. "Rescue him. You can save him, I believe in you." And her adorability, of course.

There would've been some counter discussion and agreement and further conversation! Only K'vir's now silenced and being SMOTHERED (not really) to death by Risali. BETRAYAL! He actually goes along with it too, for a few seconds at least and it DOES act as a perfect barrier to keep his continuing laughter from waking anyone up. D'lei's comments aren't helping the situation any, really! Eventually K'vir WILL need to breathe properly and he'll go on the attack because, let's face it? Risa is SMOL and he can play dirty sometimes; he won't send her flying but he WILL break free of her hold and go on the attack! Tickling, that is! His first thought is to grab the pillow out of her hand and smack HER with it but… he doesn't want to die (again). Instead it'll be lobbed (harmlessly) at D'lei instead. THANKS FOR NOT HELPING! Velvet is given a free pass based on being too adorable and cute~ "We can claim they all want siblings — or puppies…" OOOH, he almost kept it together that time! No dice, he's back to dissolving into snickered breaths and then he's getting to his feet (probably before he can be smothered again). Still, he RISKS ALL and swoops in for a kiss to Risa, somewhat slow burning despite things because irrational amusement or not there are LURKING EMOTIONS he hasn't even begun to touch on yet but will be something for another day. Stepping back, he turns next to D'lei for a similar kiss and unspoken words of his love for them both and that he cherishes these moments, even when it's clear he's about to make a very reluctant exit. "I've got another crazy day tomorrow and I'm exhausted from today. You two have fun… I'm gonna go to bed." HAHA JOKES ON THEM; he won't sleep for long but hey… that's not really a secret anymore. Stifling a yawn, he'll half-ass wave goodnight to them both before moving on to trudge heavily up those stairs. Ugh, maybe in the renovations they can move the master bedroom downstairs?

IN YOUR FACE, D'LEI. SO MUCH PILLOW. But Risali returns that kiss… watches K'vir go, perhaps knowingly if that falter of laughter and smile that follows him up the stairs is any indication of her thoughts. Between him and Risa, the house is probably far from restive at night. Still, her attention goes to D'lei, playfulness squandered to concern, communication wordlessly passed from one to the other in ways that don't require dragons just turns of practice before her hand goes to Velvet. Both hands do; she pulls the puppy carefully from D'lei's lap, presses a kiss to the top of that tiny head, and then sets her on the couch. That tiny head comes up with a soft whine, that tail wags half-heartedly, a few air-licks are applied Risa-wards and then - thunk. An exhale, a shift of silver-and-white body that finds her conked out yet again. Which means Risa is locking eyes with D'lei before slowly turning her attention up towards that loft. A bite down on her bottom lip as if she's debating and then… there she goes, pulling her shirt off, looking back to D'lei as she flings material at him and - "I'm going to go make sure he's really tired." Down she goes, pressing her lips to D'lei's, stealing the taste of him and K'vir for herself, arching forward, capturing hands to bring them up between them towards her lips for a bite to the tip of one and a curl of tongue. "You should come too." It's whispered against his hear, a press of lips, a tease of teeth before she steps back, takes a couple step backwards with a bite to her bottom lip, a look from beneath lashes as she unhooks her bra and drops that from fingers towards the floor. If he comes (EYOOO), excellent. Otherwise, she absolutely is sneaking upstairs to deliver a couple more bites - and a whole lot more demands for that already tired body (or bodies, if she's lucky).

PILLOWED! D'lei grins to K'vir, reaching to pat the pillow back. "I love you too," he says to him, the words teasing when they're said, expressed with less play as a part of that kiss… but yeah, then K'vir goes, and, D'lei has a crooked smile back for Risali and a sitting-very-still while Velvet is nudged aside. He reaches to trace his fingers along Risa's side, a brush down of his hand to her hip, and then a heh. "Make him really want that lockable door and sound muffling…" he says with a nod to her plan, and a tilt of his head to kiss her back deeply, the warmth of it before… she goes, though not without leaving laundry on the floor. GOSH RISA, THE WORK NEVER ENDS. D'lei picks up that bra, because if he doesn't VELVET IS GONNA, and it's his job to ruin Risali's undergarments. But then? It's time to go to bed, and yes, he is coming.

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