In Which Things Are Said

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The tavern is middling busy tonight, with a fair number of people scattered about at tables and the bar. The fact that it's raining may have something to do with that, a steady pattering against the roof that's almost drowned out by the hum of conversation and the clink of glasses. Back in the corner, J'o sits at a table by himself. His clothes are wet, and he's got a mug in front of him, but mostly he seems to just be watching the room in silence.

Rain rain and more rain! Idrissa has had her fair share of it and is making her way on into the Tavern dripping wet. For whatever reason she is here tonight instead of the cavern. She pauses at the door and undoes her coat which she pulls off and gives it a good shake to sent some water flying, and also splattering against a few people that are sitting next to the door. Rissa blinks and a faint er escapes her. "Sorry…" Is offered with a sheepish tone while she slowly inches over to hang her coat up and then skitters off towards the counter to get a warm drink.

"Hey!" says one of those spattered people, and gives Idrissa a glare. Oh, look. It's Jarse! You remember him, the beastcraft journeyman who was showing runners when the one fled into the storm. He certainly remembers Idrissa, because after a moment, his glare deepens and his jaw sets. Yeah, you better run off, before the liquid courage in his shotglass takes enough effect that he says something aloud about this, "-disrespectful, irresponsible, wet-nursed waste of a good runner-" he grumbles as Rissa heads for the counter. Someone wasn't happy about how things turned out back then, even if he's got the sense (usually) to not irritate the soft-hearted and foolish women who decided he (HE!) had to provide recompense. How'd women even get to be in charge, anyhow? Maybe this new Weyrleader will knock some sense into them. He can but hope.

Meanwhile, J'o continues to sit with his drink, lifting it up and taking a slow sip, then sighing as he sets it back down on the table. Thunk.

Idrissa swallows as she glances back to catch sight of Jarse being one of the people there at that table. Oh dear! Run away run far far away! Well no not really, just over to the counter to avoid Jarse at the moment. Though she does catch some of his comments, more along the lines of the irresponsible, and waste of a good runner that is. She sends the journeyman a slight look, an almost looks as if she wants to say something but no words come. With a mug of hot klah in hand she peers around for a place to sit, and catches sight of J'o off on his lonesome it would seem. Pondering a moment she soon wanders on towards where he happens to be. A wave is seen along with a faint smile. "Hey J'o. How are you?"

If those words did come, rest assured Jarse would have plenty in response. So many words, and possibly even some actions if those weren't loud enough. This rainy night in the tavern might turn far more interesting than most of the patrons want. As it is, he simply grunts with satisfaction that he sent her scampering off, and tosses back his glass.

J'o looks up at the sound of his name, and smiles briefly. "Oh. Hey, Idrissa." He glances around past her for a moment, scouring the bar, and frowns slightly before looking back to her. "I'm fine," he says, with a trace of frown that makes it difficult to entirely believe. Another quick glance away to the door, and then his gaze goes back to her and he offers a smile. "Would you care to join me?"

Idrissa isn't the type to normally talk back to people, and never one to talk back to a journeyman. Though one should most likely never say never, as anything can happen. Her gaze drifts over the room as she catches sight of J'o seemingly looking for someone. That frown is also caught. "Well, if you don't mind sure. Are you waiting for someone?" This questioned while she sits down upon a chair, mug resting before her on the table. "Cause I can go elsewhere an find a seat. You just looked lonely over here. Thought I'd see if you'd want some company."

J'o nods, and when Idrissa goes for the chair, he's halfway out of his own to help her before he realizes she's already got one and he just sinks back down into the seat instead. "No," he says. "I don't mind at all." He sighs at the question. "Well. I was supposed to be. Kenid said he'd come meet me, but that was…" He glances at a clock. "…almost half an hour ago. I don't think he's coming."

Idrissa is quick like that, getting a chair at least. Her gaze drifts over the tavern and she peers back towards him once more. She lets her hands curl around her mug and she nods a moment. "Well, maybe he got held up doing something. Or perhaps the rain. It has gotten rather bad out there." She takes a sip from her mug. "Sort of think the snow was better to some degree."

"Maybe," acknowledges J'o, and lifts his mug to take a sip before setting it down again. "It's not like this is the first time, though. He's always late, or he 'just forgot', or…" He frowns into his mug. Oracle of barley, hear his plea! Tell him where his friends may be! …sadly, the oracle seems to be off duty today.

Idrissa hums softly at that and nod a moment while she looks into her mug. "I'm sorry about that. Never easy when that happens." Silly friends an missing things! The Oracle of Barley needs more barley it seems. So onwards for conversation topics! Which Rissa is ever so good at coming up with. Well… no not really. "So… What week are you all in for the weyrling training?" Or is it over an he's a rider now? Heck if she knows with how much time she spends in the stables.

"No," says J'o. He's quiet for a moment, then his brow wrinkles and he frowns. Another moment, and he looks up. "I'm sorry," he says. "I'm not being very good company, am I?" He takes the offered topic gratefully. "We're doing flight practice." Even in his sour mood, that can't help but make him smile. "We're getting our own weyrs, too. Kaidoth and I have one all picked out, and we're moving in as soon as there's a break in the rain."

Idrissa watches J'o curiously a moment. "It's alright. Everyone has bad days." This said softly while she eyes her mug after a moment. Hey she has plenty of days like that. "That's great to hear. To bad about all the crappy weather that has been happening. I bet that isn't helping anything." A nod is seen as he talks about the weyrs. "Well, if you all need any help let me know. Don't mind lending a hand moving stuff."

J'o turns his mug slowly in his hands, with a half-nod at Idrissa's reassurance, but he doesn't say anything about that. The weather, on the other hand… "Aye. They've got us flying in the rain when it's not too heavy. Makes the whole barracks smell like wet wherhide and wool, after." He shakes his head a little, then takes a sip of his drink before nodding. "Thank ye for the offer, but I expect we'll be fine. Kaidoth's a strong fella." He grins.

Idrissa chuckle softly and nods. "I bet it does. Suppose it is useful, gets one accustomed to flying in all sorts of weather." A smile is seen and she nods. "Oh I know he is. Still thought I would offer up some help if you two wanted it." There is a pause while she sips from her mug. "Are they going to do a ceremony for you all when you graduate?" There is a slight pop while a blue firelizard appears from between, wings stretched, battered and scared one attempting to flap and when he isn't able to the little blue gets a rather worried look before he thunks down on a table. The firelizard would have to pick Jarse's table out of the /whole/ Tavern of course, at least he isn't wet.

"Aye, there is that," acknowledges J'o. "Rate it's going, we'll know how to fly in every weather but sunlight." He grins slightly, making a joke of it, then hmms. "Now that, I can't say. Suppose there would be, usually, but it'd be a mite strange, all that fuss and just me and D'an standing there. Might be they'll just keep things quiet." From the slightly uncomfortable look on his face, he'd probably prefer it that way. He takes another sip, then asks, "How's life been treating you, lately? Any new foals yet this spring?"

As the scarred blue thuds onto his table, Jarse blinks, snatching back his glass defensively. "What sort of a son of an inbred wherry is that?" he mutters, staring at it. One of his tablemates says, "Iss… issa… issa faizer. Filirred. Firazard." The drunk beams proudly, and Jarse snorts a laugh, then scowls at Ripley for a moment. Something seems familiar here…

"Well I image it is easy to fly during the sunlight, unless there is a gust of wind, or evil clouds or something." Idrissa offers with an amused tone. Yes /evil/ clouds. A slight nod is seen. "Well if they don't maybe we can figure out something else for you and D'an." Beach party? Of course it is almost summer after all! "There was one last night, and a few more planned for sure which should be appearing sometime in the next few days. Some of us are on foal duty which was a lot like snow duty. Which means we spend a lot of time at the stables." Thank goodness for fluffy soft bed rolls. She pauses as if something has caught her attention, though not because she hears Jarse. Ripley is in a slight panic as he has no idea why he is at this table! The blue tilts his head, swirling eyes look at the ones there, and he goes about doing what he does best and hisses at the lot of them! Fear the blue fire lizard, he stalks the night! Or something like that.

J'o chuckles slightly at the talk of evil clouds, then nods cautiously at the mention of a Something Else. "I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble," he says politely, though he does smile. The smile gets brighter as she talks about the new foals. Aww. "Perhaps I'll drop by soon," he says with a tip of his head to Idrissa, then turns it into a curious head tilt at her expression. "Something wrong?"

Jarse wrinkles his brow, thinking. He may not be as drunk as his companion, but he is modestly drunk, and therefore, this matter of a blue firelizard takes thought. "You," he says, and picks up a spoon to point it at Ripley. "You got… attitude." Jarse scowls, for that's a dirty word in his book. "I don't like attitude. Those apprentices are always trying to give me lip. I don't like it. I don't like your attitude." He pokes at the firelizard with his spoon.

Idrissa shakes her head. "You wouldn't put me to any trouble. I'll have to look into a few things. Though I will let you know." She shall figure out something, it must be done! "They're very cute at this age, all long legged and knobby knees." Who couldn't love cute little runner foals? Her gaze is drifting around the room as if she is searching for something now. "My firelizard is somewhere around here. I think maybe in trouble." If she only knew, Ripley isn't sending her full images. The spoon pokes the blue lizard once and then twice and all the while Ripley is growling and hissing. At the third poke the firelizard lunges forward towards Jarse's spoon wielding hand, sharp teeth snapping and he is so trying to bite that hand that is poking him. Don't poke the firelizard, you wouldn't like him when he is angry! Rissa soon catches sight of where Ripley is, a faint groan escaping her. "Shells and shards." She doesn't offer an excuse as she is quick to get up and try to get over towards Jarse's table before all heck breaks lose.

"Aye, all right," says J'o. He can hardly deny such enthusiasm! In fact, he smiles, and it's not just from the prospect of cute baby runners. At the mention of a firelizard in trouble, he nods, frowning a little. "Ah," he says, and starts looking around… not that he's likely to be the first to spot the blue, given Idrissa's the one with the mental bond! Still, he looks, even if it does mean he's looking entirely the wrong way when Idrissa notices Ripley and heads over toward him. He looks back, and starts to pick himself up to follow her, albeit more slowly.

Jarse keeps frowning at the blue firelizard, and tries to pull his hand back as Ripley lunges. Unfortunately for him, he's modestly drunk and his reflexes are not what they might be. Sharp little firelizard teeth land a bite, and Jarse howls. "Why you little brat!" he says, bringing his hand back and curling it into a fist!

Idrissa isn't able to answer J'o as her blue firelizard is about to get into a bunch of trouble it seems. Ripley rocks back and forth on his paws, hissing up at Jarse still even as the man goes to make the fist. He is so not afraid! Rissa yelps out slightly and once at the table where Jarse is makes a mad grab for the firelizard. "Hey! He doesn't mean anything, don't hurt him!" Oh ya she just yelled at the journeyman, though with plenty of good reason thank you! It is a rainy night at the tavern at the moment; there are people about drinking and talking, working on getting warm. It would also seem there is a firelizard causing some problems at one of the tables.

J'o trails after Idrissa, the weyrling brownrider arriving too late to do much good just yet.

As the firelizard is snatched away, Jarse transfers his glare to Idrissa. "You!" the beastcraft journeyman spits. "That thing is a menace!" He shakes his bitten fist at her as evidence. One of his tablemates, at least three sheets to the wind, mutters, "Yuh-huh!"

Drizzly damp is Fl'ynn, stomping in from the cool with dirty boots and flushed skin. He hardly makes it in a few feet, has the jacket opened in the front when flizen comotion is heard. Head automatically ducks, just in case any pinions or talons happen ceiling-wards. Dark eyes flick about the room, wary, "Didn't just walk into a flight, did I?"

Idrissa hadn't really expected J'o to follow after her, so she isn't look for him. Her attention is all on Jarse and Ripley seeing how it is getting just a bit crazy here. Ripley clings to Rissa's shirt, the little blue is still hissing at Jarse all the while. "No… No his not. Really, he just didn't know where he was. Honest I'm sorry Jarse. Truely I am." Talk about getting put on the spot Rissa is so out of her element here, no place for her to skitter off and hide when she is sort of the center of attention, an when being glared at. She doesn't even know who is coming or going at the moment so the entrance of Fl'ynn is missed.

J'o mouthes an impolite word or three as he sees what's going on. He glances to Jarse, staying back a little but stiffening his shoulders and keeping a close eye on that fist being waved around. "I don't think he meant nothing by it, sir."

Jarse snarls at Idrissa. "Sorry? Sorry?! I'll show you sorry, you and that misbegotten creature both!" To J'o, he scoffs. "Mind your own business, rider," before returning his attention to Idrissa. The fist has turned into an accusing finger shaken at Idrissa. "Don't think I haven't seen you, neglecting your duties to tend to that misbegotten cripple. Well, I have! Just like a sharding woman, haven't found a man to get you a baby yet so you find some kind of substitute. Well, girl, while you're under me, that sort of thing isn't going to fly." People are definitely starting to stare.

Fl'ynn peeks an eye from beyond the overhanging fringe of his hair. Seems as though the coast is clear, but still worthy of a wary glance. The young man exhales a breath, eases around and to the side to head towards the bar, fingers ticking off against every casts he passes by. The sounds go hollow and lost under the arguing off to the side. Short in stature, the young man has a few turned heads to need to look beyond to see where all the ire is directed.

Idrissa shakes her head as she hears J'o. "It's alright J'o. Don't get in trouble." This is said rather quickly to the weyrling. As Jarse goes on starting in on her she just looks at him wide eyed, rather close to tears even while she takes in everything that is said. "I've never neglected my duties." Really, Rissa? She sleeps at the stables; her friends had to drag her out for meals in the past. . "He isn't a substitute for anything his my friend." Friend, pet take your pick. Ripley was quiet, right up until Jarse was shaking that finger at his person, which does not make him a happy firelizard. The blue snaps out with sharp teeth to try and get that accusing finger to go somewhere else it would seem

Not getting into trouble is usually what J'o does, but somehow, it doesn't seem like it's sitting with him very well this time. He scowls, but stays back and keeps his mouth shut. You can't quite hear the teeth grinding, but it's a close thing.

Jarse may not be factual, but he's definitely half-drunk and angry. "You, young lady, have a few lessons to learn. You do not talk back to a journeyman of your craft." Ripley's snap doesn't manage to connect this time, but it's a close thing, and that simply enrages Jarse further. "Get that beast under control!" he practically shouts, and he reaches for Idrissa's shoulder to give her a good shake. (So. Not. Going. To. Help.)

Fl'ynn wisely choses to move along. He'll just nip right on in here to snag that ale, weaving through a couple of the onlookers, giving a quirky-grinned remark to someone he recognizes with a nudge "Not polite to stare", and claim one of those unattended mugs at the bar, thank you very much.

Idrissa cringes as she hears Jarse. "If you weren't drunk and yelling at me I wouldn't have talked back!" Oh dear she is digging that hole ever so deeper for sure. Is there a bottom? Who knows! Ripley clambers about, is sharp claws digging into Rissa's shirt before he scrambles up onto her shoulder to get away from Jarse. "I'm trying to and you're making it worse. Just stop yelling for a moment and he'll stop." While Jarse is reaching for her Ripley is crouching down, his eyes swirling red and his scared up wing is unfurled slightly. Instead of allowing the firelizard to attack Rissa shoves it off her shoulder and Ripley falls to the ground with an angry squeal escaping him. Though this means Rissa is caught by Jarse and given a good shake, which makes her cry out and she tries to pull away from Jarse. "Let me go!"

When Jarse actually puts a hand on Idrissa, J'o can't help himself. He steps forward, his hands balling into fists. "Hey now!" Not that he knows what he's going to do, exactly, but… "You let her go."

"What I drink is no business of yours!" shouts Jarse. "You-" and he's just about to start into another rant, probably including J'o for good measure, when one of the barstaff comes up to inform him, politely, that perhaps the tavern is not the right place to discipline a wayward apprentice. It's disturbing the other patrons, you see. Jarse scowls, but the staff here are quite skilled at the sort of diplomacy needed against drunks, and after a few nonconfrontational smiles and quiet words, he turns back to Idrissa. "You will come see me first thing tomorrow morning. Without that creature." He snarls like he's trying his own variant of a firelizard hiss. "We have things to discuss." With that, he releases her, and weaves his way out the door.

Fl'ynn takes his mug, almost rather wishing he had chosen to find himself some mulled wine instead. But ale will work. And it will take delicious when he drinks it. And that is all which really matters right here. Apparently things are resolved though, after a bit more yelling, some snarling, and some weaving (to a door). "And don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out," he murmurs under his breath, raising his mug aloft in a toast to the staff who urged the quieting of matters. He'll drink to that, and does.

Idrissa is clearly not sure what to do, even less now that Jarse still has hold of her, she clearly looks fearful over all this at the moment, with most likely good reason seeing how things have turned out. A half glance is sent towards to Jarse and she shakes her head to him once more. If she gets in trouble is one thing, he on the other hand would get in far more trouble then she being a weyrling an all. The barstaff is now coming to her help at least and her attention is sent back to Jarse. "Yes sir." Is murmured out with a faint unsure tone. This is not good, not good at all.

Now that Jarse is gone, J'o steps up next to Idrissa. His hands uncurl from being fists, and one of them hesitantly reaches toward her. "Are… are you okay?" Yeah, okay, so the tears in her eyes makes it sort of a dumb question, but what else is he supposed to say? He coughs awkwardly, then looks down to where Ripley fell, and crouches down to see if he can pick up the blue firelizard. That'll help, right? At least people have mostly stopped staring, returning to their drinks… if they can find them. Ah, well, it's not like the staff aren't ready to provide more!

Fl'ynn wisely chooses to retreat as well. Drink procured. Snappy commentary issued. He classed up the joint, made an appearance, flashed his good looking mug, and now it is time to rescuse a damsel in distress -or not, considering. Mug in hand, he meanders past and behind Idrissa. In passage, he comments, "Bring a big ol' fart-happy, drooly canine instead of "that creature" tomorrow. Maybe that'll change his crotchy tune." Mug lifts in salute to her too, he sips, winks in good-natured support, then vacates. Also, mimicing in his bestest best nasty Jarce imitation, "You will come se me first thing tomorrow morning. And bring me pastries! The kind with sprinkles on them! And icing!" Out the door he drifts.

Ripley is picked up, the little blue rumbles and growls out but at least doesn't go to try and hurt J'o. Idrissa watches the door for a few moments, what is she going to do? A slight glance is sent to Fl'ynn as he is on his way out, a faint nod is about all she can manage at the moment while she peers over to J'o, as for the tears they are still there but at least she isn't crying, yet. She holds her hands out to take hold of Ripley, whom is quiet now and cuddles up to her. "I'm sorry J'o." Rissa finally offers when she is able to speak up.

J'o holds the blue carefully, as if half-expecting him to go for an undefended finger. Not that it stops him, mind you, but he wouldn't be surprised. He smirks slightly at Fl'ynn's commentary, giving the bluerider a bob of his head instead of a salute. His hands are too full to salute, and besides, Fl'ynn is soon gone to the hope of pastries, and J'o turns his attention back to Idrissa, looking worried. He holds out Ripley to her, and then becomes uncertain what to do with his hands, wiping them against his trousers. "Weren't your fault," he replies to her with some heat. "That fella's just… just… crazy, that's what."

"Doesn't matter if it's not my fault. His a journeyman. I'm in so much trouble right now." Idrissa says with a worried tone. Her shoulders lower while she soon sinks down into a chair that Jarse was recently in. What if he makes takes away her knot, or bans her from the stables, what if he can make her leave? "I don't know what I'm going to do." Soriana and Kale will never believe the trouble that she has gotten herself into at the moment.

J'o sighs at Idrissa's words, but he nods. He can't really argue with that, much as he'd like to. The other drunkard a Jarse's former table stares muzzily at them, but a frown from J'o makes him blink and wander off toward the bar. Nother drink? J'o ignores him as soon as he starts to depart, still shuffling his hands awkwardly. "If there's something I can do, you just tell me" he offers uncertainly, then stands awkwardly for a moment until a thought strikes him. "I'll get your drink," he says, and darts off back to their former table to do so.

Idrissa doesn't even pay attention to the other drunkard at the table, her mind is clearly on everything that happened. "I don't think there is anything that can be done. Ripley settles upon her lap and curls up, at least the monster is content and doesn't seem out to cause anymore problems at the moment. By the time J'o comes back Rissa will be quietly crying, oh dear.

J'o returns with a pair of mugs, only to find that Idrissa's crying. Oh. Uh. …what is he supposed to do? He swallows, looking uncertain, and sets the mugs down on the table as quietly as he can manage before biting his lip. What now? After a moment, he swallows his manly pride and steps closer, reaching a hand for her shoulder. "It'll be okay," he says, trying to comfort her with no clue what to say. "I mean. Even if he… goes crazy, there must be something. You could… there's things to do around the weyr. I could talk to someone."

Yes the worst thing for a boy to deal with is being around a crying girl. Idrissa is quiet, her hand lifts to rub the plam of it across her eyes a few times while sniffling. "I don't know how it will be alright. I'm not good at anything else." Which with as much time as she's spent at the stables that might not be to hard to believe. At the touch to her shoulder she tenses slightly, biting down on her lip before she peers up at J'o a moment. "No, don't worry about it J'o. I don't want you to get in trouble over this." She sniffles again while shaking her head. "I got into this mess, and I'll have to deal with it." Though she has no idea how she'll do that.

Jo's hand falls away again as he sees that tensing, and he nods slightly. Right, he'll just… stand here. Being a lump. A hapless lump of standing there. "Sorry," he murmurs, though whether it's for what happened, or her reaction to his attempt at comfort, or… oh, look. Option D: All of the above. He squares his shoulders a bit. "Aww, I'm not gonna get in any trouble," he says. "Jarse isn't my boss." Nope! Just Idrissa's, and things sure don't look rosy there, do they? He sighs a little, frowning as he tries ever so hard to come up with something, anything.

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments, as if attempting to figure things out in her mind, though at the moment nothing is working out. Her green gaze drifts back to J'o, his trying to help and she is pretty much shrugging it all off. She lets a hand move to faintly touch his arm. "Thank you J'o. I really appreciate your help tonight."

"Weren't no trouble," says J'o, and he frowns like he wishes he could have done more. Maybe smacked that Jarse with a fist, that'd be a good start! Course, then he would be getting in trouble, but that doesn't mean he doesn't kinda wish he did. He bites his lip, hesitating for a moment, then blurts out, "You need a place to stay, you just tell me. I got my own weyr now, and I can do what I like with it."

Idrissa would rather he didn't do more, she doesn't want anyone in trouble over her like that. Though she is a bit thankful that Kale wasn't there when all this happened, no telling what else could have played out. The offer is heard and she peers at him a few moments, an she is left blushing at the idea. "Thanks J'o. I'll remmeber that." A smile is seen, even though she seems a bit nervous over the idea.

J'o coughs, and looks aside as Idrissa blushes. He seems pretty awkward over the idea himself, but he nods. "Uh, good." Back to staring awkwardly at the floor. There's a bit of a stain right there. Uhhhh, now what? He shoves his hands in his pockets.

Awkward is the word of the night it seems. Idrissa clears her throat slightly and soon stands up, Ripley settles on her shoulder and chitters out softly. "I should get going." There is a pause and she leans close to J'o and gives him a quick hug (it is friendly like!). After the hug she is turning to leave, coat picked up and pulled on. "I'll talk to you tomorrow, or something." Sure that'll work. With that said she heads on out into the rain cold night.

J'o nods, and as the hug is offered, he returns it. Awkwardly, yes, but it's with an honest smile. "I'll walk you back," he says, not giving her a choice about the matter as he heads out along with her, walking along in silence because he still has no idea what to say, then heading off on his own through the cold wet night.

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