Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Note: Some swearing and mature language ahead!

Afternoon and the infirmary has the appearance of being quiet. Not that it is empty, but no pressing emergency is underway and the few cots occupied hold quiet and resting patients. One private little nook is quiet and occupied by the sole patient. Kiena had had her expected visitors in the morning and another round of Healers examining her before they finally left her alone to poke listlessly at her lunch. Hard to be overly excited about soup and dry crackers! The blue rider's colour has improved but she still holds a tired look in her eyes and in her posture. Right now, she is propped up against some pillows and is lost in her own thoughts as she stares at the ceiling. How… thrilling? The curtain is drawn almost all the way across for privacy and while she can't see the goings on out there, it's a signal to any coming by that with Healer permission she is accepting guests. Briefly.

Ujinath senses that Kalsuoth's forested thoughts reach out towards the blue's. He's been away for most of the day, working with Mur'dah with the Weyrlings, but now he stretches his mind to find that familiar hum. « Can we bring the girls to visit yours? »

Kalsuoth senses that Ujinath 's mind is hazy with heavy mists, the blue still quite exhausted though not to such dangerous limits as the day before. He seems a touch surprised when the brown reaches for him, but allows the link to form. « So long as they know to behave themselves and not bring the ire of the Healers down upon their heads, then yes you may. The distraction would be welcomed. Mine is… alone. »

Kalsuoth mentally nods and retreats, and it's not that much longer when Mur'dah is entering the infirmary, a girl's hand held in each of his. "Remember, you need to be quiet," he's murmuring to them both. "You mom really wants to see you though, but there are sick people here so you need to be quiet for them." Nodding to the Healers, he waits for permission before walking back towards Kiena's nook, nudging apart the curtain with an elbow. "Kiena? I've brought some beautiful little girls to see you…"

Kiena is aware of approach, having heard the foot steps and been given a gentle forewarning from Ujinath, though the blue didn't say exactly who was coming to pay a visit. She was expecting something official, but her brows lift in surprise when Mur'dah calls and then… "Eliana, Ezsrisa!" she calls softly and both girls slip free of the brown rider's hold to trot forwards and all but climb into the cot with their mother. Quietly, of course! Kiena chuckles, a small but genuine smile curving her lips before she's shooing both of them back to sit properly on the edge. "It's good to see you both. You been behaving for Mur'dah?" she asks, casting a sidelong look to the brownrider. Her emotions are mixed, but she appears pleased by his thoughtfulness. "How're you?" she asks a little quietly after the girls both confirm they've been very (very) good!

Mur'dah lets the girls go first, hanging back until Kiena speaks to him. Then he steps forward to offer her hand a squeeze, smiling. "They've been perfect, and after this we're going to go take their boats out onto the water. I'm good. How are you?" It's casually asked, but his eyes flick over her face, searching for signs of strain no doubt.

Kiena takes his offered hand and squeezes back and there is a notable strength in that grip. Unlike the weakened version she offered him before. She quirks a brow, "Are they off from their foster parents today?" she asks curiously, giving both her girls a long look. One that turns warm and then troubled, almost saddened which she is quick to hide when both girls flash her smiles. See? Nothing to fear, mother is just fine! They're content then to talk amongst themselves about their boats and who's is going to sail better today, leaving Kiena a chance to speak quietly with Mur'dah. "You're…good?" she drawls skeptically. Mur'dah won't see any strain, just a lingering exhaustion as though much of her energy had been sapped. "I've been better, to be honest. Healers say I'll be fine, thought."

Mur'dah shakes his head. "Just for the next few candlemarks. Then I'm taking them back. I've got the evening shift in the barracks tonight." He glances at the girls with a smile, and then looks back to Kiena. "I'm good," he confirms with a nod and a smile. She can probably see the tension in his eyes, lingering there, but around the twins he's all happy smiles.

Kiena frowns. She's not stupid, addled head or not and she can see that tension. She knows she won't get to the root of it either with her twins here. "Girls? Come here," she calls to them and when they approach she hugs them both. So tight that they assume it is a game and giggle and wriggle themselves free, wrinkling their noses when the bluerider kisses their foreheads. "Wish I could see you both with your boats today. Another time. Why don't you go and wait in the little area by the curtain? There's a box of books and things there. Be good and mind yourselves for a few minutes? Mur'dah and I need to talk." Though Kiena seems exhausted just by that little spiel, but the girls nod and listen, slidding off the bed and out past the curtain. Ezsrisa stops though to peer at the brownrider and smirk a little knowing smirk. Someone's in trouble! And then she's gone with her sister, though they can be heard quietly murmuring behind the curtain. "Bullshit." Kiena whispers gruffly, giving him a sharp look. "If you're good, then I must be healthy and whole and am only laying here because I've nothing better to do." Somebody's prickly!

Mur'dah sticks his tongue out at Ezsrisa when she gives him that look. He's a grown up, he'll be /fine/. But when he looks back at Kiena…yeah, he looks a bit apprehensive. "Wasn't going to spill it all in front of the girls," he mumbles, slouching into a chair. "I'm just glad you're back, is all. Real glad. And just…you know. Recovering. Like you are, just from being here." There's another shrug and a brief glance in her direction. "I was scared," he admits, mumbled softly but still truthful.

"They're big girls," Kiena mumbles but even she has to look grateful for his insight. Okay, so maybe the girls shouldn't be hearing this! Not that they will through the curtain so long as they remember to keep their voices lowered. Kiena sags back against the pillows and his open honesty has her staring at him blankly at first. Then of all things her eyes mist up and she has to look away while blinking furiously. Taking a slow breath, she glances sidelong to him again. "I was too. Terrified. I just… I feel awful for all that my blunder has caused. I'm glad… we're both glad to be home. And I'll recover." Eventually. She offers him a wan smile.

Mur'dah glances down when her eyes mist up, focusing on his hands clasped between his knees. "I'm sure you were," he murmurs. "What…was it like? Can you talk about it? You don't have to if you don't want to," he's quick to add, "but you know. Don't feel awful. It was an accident. I'm so glad you're home, so. No harm done, in the long run."

Kiena's eyes darken and her expression closes off, her mouth pressing into a grim and thin line. All signs that she doesn't want to talk and she doesn't utter a single word for many seconds. Something changes her mind though and she exhales, reaching as far as she can in an effort to pat his arm or hands. "No harm done?" she remarks dryly and then shakes her head. Her expression is saddened again. "Not so easy, Mur'dah. What was it like? It was awful. I'd not wish that on anyone, not even my worst of enemies. It was like…" Hell. Though there is no Pernese equivalent. "… trapped. I had no idea where we were, only that we were alive but everything was — was wrong. You said I was gone two days? It feels like I've gained ten Turns, Mur'dah. Turns." Try to wrap a logical brain around that!

Mur'dah turns his hand when she touches his, so he can squeeze it. He'll hold on to it too, if she'll let him, savoring that contact with his dear friend. "It sounds horrible," he murmurs. What else is there for him to say? He glances at her again though, watching her shifting features. "Once you get some rest…" he says hopefully.

Kiena will allow the contact and hold back, squeeze back as tightly as she can manage. Taking comfort in that very real contact with her dear friend. When just not long ago she was certain she would never see him again or any others who have impacted her life. More than she had ever realized until that moment. Her daughters, Mur'dah, Ka'el, her friends and family… She could have lost it all trying to get back to them and it has still left her shaken and shocked. "It was horrible." she whispers, troubled and only grimacing at his mention of rest. Then she casts him a worried look, one that could swiftly switch to fear if he answers wrong. "Don't ever do it." she asks of him, her eyes wide and focused intently on him. "Promise me, Mur'dah, that you will never attempt to do what I did on purpose."

Mur'dah nods, squeezing her hand as he listens. Then he shakes his head. "Never," he murmurs. "I would never want to do that…" And he has no /need/ to.

Kiena squeezes Mur'dah's hand back and when he gives her his word she settles back against the pillows with a heavy sigh of relief. "Good." She trusts him. "Don't even understand how it happened or… why it does at all. Why it would serve any purpose."

Mur'dah shakes his head, frowning slightly. "I…I'm not smart enough to figure it out," he admits.

Kiena only laughs shakily and reaches up to gently brush her fingers against his cheek as if to teasingly pat him. There, there. She's even smiling faintly, but her eyes carry a seriousness to them borne of first hand experience. "Neither was I. I screwed it up and overshot. Don't think it has to do with smarts. All the more reason to leave it alone." she mutters and shudders. "I wish I could undo what was done." she admits quietly.

Mur'dah laughs, tilting his head against her fingers briefly. "I'll leave it alone. And you can't, Kiena, so don't dwell on it."

Kiena folds her hands back in her lap and just gives him a look for his choice of words. "Don't dwell on it?" she scoffs. "Mur'dah, I just can't forget about it like it was nothing. It was terrifying, being lost like that and not knowing how I could come home. IF it was possible to come home!" she begins to explain and the more she talks, the harsher her voice becomes. Hello hysterics? Mur'dah best calm her down or he's either going to have two little girls peeking in and witnessing their mother mid-fit or he'll have the Healers on his case or both! "I thought we were dead or at least doomed to die for our efforts because it took all my strength just to focus my thoughts. I felt like I had a lifetime pressing down on my shoulders but I'd been gone for maybe a few candlemarks. My last thought was to hope you'd all be happy and go on with your lives… And you're asking me not to dwell on it?"

Mur'dah blinks, startled when she begins to panic. But he…well. He hasn't trained for this at all. "Kiena," he says quietly. "Kiena, breathe, listen to me, you're home now," he murmurs. "None of us, me, the Weyr, your girls, we don't have to live without you because you're here. Listen to me, okay?" He squeezes her hand and curses himself in his head.

Can anything ever prepare anyone for this? Kiena's breathing slows, no longer so rapid and quick and the tension ebbs from her posture and features. She listens to him, her blue eyes focused so intently that she's not even aware of the few tears that slip from them. "It was just so terrifying," she whispers again, trying to get him to understand in so few words. She was never good at explaining her emotions and the bluerider is certainly wading through some she's never experienced before in this magnitude.

Mur'dah nods, "I'm sure it was," he whispers, squeezing her hand and wiping the tears away with his other. "I'm sure it was. But you made it. You and Ujinath were strong and you made it home."

"I don't feel strong," Kiena mutters, leaning back enough to wipe at her face with her own hands as she struggles to recollect herself. It takes a moment and a few shaky breaths that gradually steady. "But thank you. For believing that." She exhales then and glances past him to the curtains. "Are you really taking the girls out, today?"

Mur'dah squeezes her hand again. "I know, but you are," he says. Then he grins, swift and a bit abashed. "Yeah. I mean if it's okay with you…I thought they could…well." He stops, coughs, blushes a bit. "I want to go play," he mutters. "If I played with boats by myself people would think I was nuts. Toss the girls into the mix though, and suddenly I'm awesome. Plus, you know. They're great girls." That probably has more to do with it than his own desires to play. It's a complicated mix.

Kiena snorts when Mur'dah claims again that she is strong but she not longer argues it. She's been shaken pretty bad by her ordeal and her confidence shot. It will take her awhile to build back up. Listening to his explanation, her eyes narrow and then widen and in the end she's making an odd noise. Well, not that odd as it is only her laughing but trying to quell it, less she start laughing so loud they all assume she's cracked and lost her mind. When she's sobered a bit, she flashes a tired but genuine grin at him. "If you want the girls as cover, then by all means. They've taken to you and you've proven more than capable for handling them." In the long run: it means she trusts him. "And if I didn't know any better, you sound as though you're using 'em to improve your image among the single ladies." Kiena drawls with her usual familiar sarcastic humour before sobering again. "They are good girls," she murmurs quietly, only to give herself a shake when she can feel her thoughts slipping to darker places.

Mur'dah snorts, his blush darkening a bit. "That didn't come out right," he mutters. "I like spending time with them, it's fun to play with them. They're so…there's no drama. I can just relax around them." Kind of. He grins. "Thanks for letting me take them from time to time. Any idea how much longer you'll be stuck in here?"

Kiena's mouth quirks up again into a faint grin when his blush darkens. So easy! Even when she feels so out of sorts, she can still prod Mur'dah into blushing. "I got what you meant," she murmurs with a dry chuckle, but she'll accept his next explanation too. "Oh, there can be drama with those girls. You've just not seem 'em squabble over something. But I won't say no to you spending time with them. You're welcome. And I should be thanking you too." she tells him before rolling her eyes up towards the ceiling and exhaling slowly. "Maybe until tomorrow? By then I should be able to return to my weyr. I've been…" Kiena hesitates for a moment, her lips pressing into a firm line as the silence drifts on.

Mur'dah shakes his head, "I know, but it's /kid/ drama. That's easy." Quiet for a moment, he nods as he listens…only to gently prompt her. "Been what?"

Kiena just gives Mur'dah a level and exhausted look. She's beginning to fade, though she's stubbornly clinging on. "Accident or not, I'll be facing some consequences…" she murmurs. Must she list them, or is the brownrider keen enough to grasp just what 'punishments' can befall her for something that wasn't entirely her fault?

Mur'dah frowns sharply at that. "Consequences? From whom?" Though the narrowed gaze and hardening of his expression suggests he knows already. "That's fucking ridiculous," he says under his breath. "It was an /accident/. How can he punish you any more than you've already punished yourself?"

Kiena's brows lift up high in surprise to his hardening expression and heated reaction. Her eyes dart again to the curtain, but the girls don't poke their heads in and she can still hear them murmuring and talking quietly to each other. Fixing her gaze back on Mur'dah, she scowls. "Easy, alright? It's not really a punishment. It's… it makes sense. I've just been restricted, Mur'dah. That's all and it's not permanent." She makes it sound almost pleasant which is odd. Normally such chains would chafe against her, rile her temper. Instead she is submissive, if not relieved.

Mur'dah snorts softly. "Great, restrict you. Make you feel nervous about it when you should be out betweening all over Pern once the Healers have cleared you." He rolls his eyes again and shakes his head, but keeps his voice low and already seems to be getting over it. Not his place, and all that.

Kiena's eyes narrow now and she leans forwards in an attempt to smack him on the arm or across the shoulder. If she makes contact though, it'll hardly be more than a gentle tap of her fingers. Take that! "Smart ass." she snaps at him, though there's no real heat to her tone and an amused though conflicted twist to her lips. He's touched upon something she's been refusing to think about or even face on a personal level. "I'm going to Between. Just… monitored."

Mur'dah weathers the smack with a snort, glancing at her. "Monitored. That's-" but he stops, biting it back. "Well. You know yourself better than anyone, so if monitored makes you feel better, then go for it." As if he has /any/ say in /anything/.

Not so fast! Kiena is tenacious, even when weakened and she just continues to hold Mur'dah under her stare. Her look says it all: she's calling him out on that statement. "That's what?" she asks, drawing it out. Go on, spit it out! She's all the time in the world right now (har har). Her expression darkens for a moment. "And what if being shadowed is comforting?" she asks gruffly, her eyes almost flashing with challenge now. Go on, call her a coward!

"Bullshit, is what I was going to say," Mur'dah says, his voice a little flat. "And if that's what you want then that's /good/. But if he's forcing it on you, then I've got an issue with that. But if it's what /you/ want, then by all means.

Kiena smirks and looks a touch smug. Ahh, there we go! She leans back against her stack of pillows and the look she gives Mur'dah is sharp and this time it's her turn for her expression to harden. "No one forces me into anything," she states in a cold voice. "It's not want I want but it's the only way, so I agreed." Some of that coldness thaws and she looks vulnerable and frightened for all but a heartbeat or two before a deep inhale wipes it all away and she's regain control of herself. "I must face my fears." she states quietly, but firmly. "I won't be a coward. Even if it means… having to undergo the restrictions. To train under V'dim until he decides I am capable…"

Mur'dah is quiet for a moment, before he shakes his head again. "It's bullshit," he says again, firmly.

Kiena frowns and for a moment her eyes flicker with a hurt look as they lower to where her hands pluck idly at the blanket. Nice going, Mur'dah! "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't." she says simply and quietly.

Mur'dah grimaces at her hurt look and he sighs, reaching for her hand. "Don't misunderstand me, Kiena," he says softly. "I think you should decide how /you/ best want to return to betweening. I think you should be in charge of it. I don't think /anyone/ should tell you how to do it, or who to be watched by, or…put any requirements on you at all. That is what bothers me. If you choose to go through training again, that's fine and you know I'll support you no matter what. What bothers me is that you're being forced to."

Kiena might have tugged her hand away if she was up to feeling like a brat but she doesn't have the strength. Plus, she really does like Mur'dah and values his friendship and after already having to face the realization she may never come home she's not about to push him away. Even if he's pushed a few of the wrong buttons. "No one is telling me anything or twisting my arm and forcing me… Yes, it was ordered. It sucks. Would I do it differently? Maybe. But I know myself too and… I don't think I'd recover as fast if it wasn't done like this." If ever. Squeezing his hand gently, she smirks crookedly. "Besides, if I really had an issue with it, do you really, really think I'd just lay back and take it? Me?" Hardly.

Mur'dah listens to her words and in the end he just smirks a bit and nods, squeezing her hand. "Alright," he says, pushing down his feelings. It's not about him anyway.

Kiena frowns again, sensing something amiss and slowly becoming frustrated by Mur'dah shutting her out. Though really — pot calling the kettle black? "Not alright," she chimes in a sarcastic tone and a level look, though there is a tired and pinched look to her features now. She's almost at the end of her strength for the day.

Mur'dah sighs, shaking his head. "It's not about me, Kiena. It's about you and I'll support you no matter what. That's all that matters, okay? Just let me know how I can help and I'm there."

Kiena smirks and looks a bit uncomfortable and sheepish. All about her? "Is it really? I'm beginning to grow tired of everyone asking me how I am but then shutting off when I ask about them. What if it helps me to know?" she mutters, realizing too late how childish that sounds. "You know I'll let you know, Mur'dah. You're one of my only friends. A very good friend."

Mur'dah chuckles softly. "You just have to put up with us and our worry," he admits. "But I told you what I thought and how I am," he reminds her. Doesn't sound childish to him. He smiles warmly at her, squeezing her hand again. "Mine too."

Kiena is reminded and blushes faintly for it. Oh right, she did coax that out of him earlier. Returning the squeeze with her hand, she scoffs softly but the smile that follows is just as warm. "You're a good guy, Mur'dah. Glad I have you at my back…" Whatever else she was going to add is left to fall to silence as the girls peek through the curtain. Eliana is peering curiously, but Ezsrisa looks pouty and impatient. "We going to sail boats today or not? It's like… almost evening and you can't sail boats in the dark!" Obviously! Kiena frowns though she's trying very hard not to laugh at the same time. "Ezsrisa, mind your manners. Mur'dah is bringing you out as a favour. But I suppose I've delayed your fun long enough…"

Mur'dah clicks his tongue at the girls, shaking his head. "There are more polite ways to ask if it's time to go yet." And he'll wait for them to figure out what one of those ways is.

Well, Ezsrisa is properly chastised and she drops her head, no longer pouting as she toes the ground with one shoe and with her quieter sister still peering wide eyed over her shoulder. Kiena is muffling her snickers behind her hand but eventually her girls catch on to the lesson. "Can we go soon to sail our boats?" Ezsrisa pipes up, speaking slow and a touch unsure. Oh, right! "Please?" Cue the 'puppy eyed look' and smile. Uh oh. "You better go." Kiena whispers under her breath to Mur'dah.

Mur'dah nods, "Yes, girls, we'll go in a moment. Thank you for asking so nicely." Turning, he winks at Kiena. "We're going," he murmurs, squeezing her hand. "I'll come see you later if you want."

Both girls look delighted and beam with eager happiness when Mur'dah finally confirms that they'll be going soon. Kiena motions for them to come forwards and after giving his hand one final squeeze, she will draw both her girls up into another hug. "You two behave for him, alright?" she murmurs and as they slip back off the cot she looks up to Mur'dah. "You know I don't mind. I just hope I'm coherent." she muses and already begins to stretch out. Time for a nap for her. Hooray?

Mur'dah chuckles. "I'll stop by even if you're not," he promises, before he's taking each girl by the hand and leading them out for some fun by the sea.

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