Checking In

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Dawn sees the Weyr mostly quiet of all but the most important or needy duties and work. Even the Infirmary is quiet, with most of the patients asleep — what few there are. It has been almost a full day since Ujinath and Kiena reappeared over Xanadu Weyr and after the Weyrsecond had been brought in by Mur'dah and confirmed to be alive and reasonably well by the Healers and Weyrleaders, she was left to sleep the rest of the day and recover. Tucked away in that private nook, Kiena was dozing until a Healer came in for the routine check in and startled the bluerider. Still too exhausted to kick up much of a fuss, after many murmured apologies were given on the Healer's part, there was a brief mention of breakfast to arrive and something about being cleared for guests. Guests? At this hour? Kiena just offers a grunt of a reply, not exactly in the most pleasant of moods as her eyes follow the retreating form of the Healer. Grimacing, she'll sit up in the bed and scrub at her face and the tangled, snarled mess that is her hair. Ugh.

Ka'el has not done much to investigate since the previous day. Kiena is back, and the only one who'd have any answers to his questions would be her. And thus, it was business as usual. To a degree. Just enough to hopefully keep his mind from wandering too deeply into the 'whys' and 'hows' and 'what-ifs' that surely tried to dominate his thoughts. It's a new day now, with Ka'el recently risen and ready to tackle it. But his first stop isn't to his office, but to the infirmary instead. Kanekith sends word to Seryth of his intentions with assumptions that the message will be passed on to her rider. He enters with a small frown, armed and ready to battle with any healer who dares try to tell him that he can't see his Weyrsecond. But, hey. He's allowed in? .. Of course he's allowed in! He strolls onward towards Kiena's private area, his frown disappearing but face still showing a little tension as he nears that nook of hers. "Awake enough for a visit?"

The Weyrwoman has actually slept, but it's been a short sleep after a final, one of several, peeks in to receive report on the sleeping Kiena. She's normally up this time of day, though not usually in her office quite so early. Her steps take her not to her office, but into the infirmary to have yet another check on the Weyrsecond before she heads to the office and the start of another busy day, Kanekith's message, passed on via Seryth reaching her as she is on her way there, she smiles to herself, pleased again that the Weyrleader takes the welfare of his riders so to heart. She's a few ticks behind Ka'el, adding her own greeting, hers to them both with a quiet, "Good morning." And then to Kiena, "Feeling a bit better I hope?" Her face isn't showing tension; there's a half-smile on her mouth and in her eyes along with concern. No censure though.

Oh, the Healers will still be there to keep an eye on who is coming to pay a visit. Weyrleader and Weyrwoman aren't likely to be inspected too closely — a given, really as far as 'guests' go. Kiena had been enjoying the quiet as she tries to sort out her sluggish thoughts, rubbing at her forehead which still throbs dully. She's still sitting upright, with her hair a mess and haloed around her head in wild array when Ka'el arrives first. "Awake as I'll ever be," she chimes back to the Weyrleader, looking as worn out as her tone. Sit and talk she can do. Just don't ask her to stand up or walk anywhere too far beyond her little hidey hole. "Come to check in too, Ka'el?" she adds in a quieter voice, only to glance past Ka'el's shoulder as Thea makes an appearance too. "Weyrwoman." She goes to try and hastily fix some of her appearance, only to let her hands flop back listlessly to her lap. Nope, no energy for that. Pardon her bedraggled look? "Morning. And I am. Vertigo seems gone though I still feel like as—- not very strong." To say the least. Kiena grimaces. "Tired. Though they say that'll pass?" Right?

Ka'el's head and eyes turn towards Thea, and the Weyrwoman is given a small smile in greeting as he dips his head to her. "Morning," he offers in return to her before looking back to Kiena, pausing just a short distance from her bed. "Came to check in on you," he answers her with a small smirk. "Checking myself into the Infirmay will never happen," he jokes lightly because joking is what they do more often than not. But this is a serious time, and the jestful look isn't destined to linger on his face for very long at all, and it soon fades, leaving behind an expression that's cautiously concerned. "Strength'll come. They'll be sure of it," he says, nodding in the general direction of the healer population, "else they'll have me to contend with. M'not always such a jolly fellow, you know." Another vague smirk. "Do you need anything? Food? A drink?" His eyes flit, looking for signs of a breakfast already had or empty cups of juice or water.

Thea would be the last person to draw attention to Kiena's hair. "Thea, please Kiena," she prompts kindly to Kiena for that formal use of title. She's never been one to stand on it and she's not going to now even though she doesn't know the woman well. The ease with which the pair exchange words draws a further smile, which in part is a response to Ka'el's greeting to her. "Ujinath looks much better now that the population of the beastpens is reduced substantially," she remarks dryly, half in jest. "Have you eaten something, I hope, since you've returned?" It seems both she and the Weyrleader are unified in their concern for her immediate well-being though she does slowly nod agreement - with a guilty tinge to her eyes - at the question of her fatigue passing. "Now that you're-" she coughs, lowering her voice, "back in one time, yes. It shouldn't be long at all." How's she know that? She doesn't say.

Kiena snorts softly to Ka'el's joke. "Don't see that likely to happen," she drawls back before sobering. Oh yes, this is a serious time though it was nice to pass a few casual words and more carefree banter. She's no fool and still shell shocked and rattled or not, she can sense there may be more from the visits than just a 'check in'. Kiena smirks but there is no sign of amusement in her eyes when she looks up at the Weyrleader. "I know." she replies simply. "Water be nice? Healer who woke me said breakfast was soon but…" She shrugs a single shoulder, having to bite her tongue before she added something about a hair brush in a snarky tone. Maybe it's on its way? At least it's sufficient answer (or not) for both the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. Kiena ducks her head a bit as she's corrected. "Thea, sorry. Habit." Cue a vague and brief smile that fades quick enough. Though it was said half in jest, the bluerider looks a touch alarmed but relieved "He's not been a pest, has he? Ujinath can be… strange sometimes if I am not there to tend to his needs and he's not always agreeable to others being in my stead." Read: he's a blue with trust issues. As for food, Kiena frowns heavily. "I… think so? Whatever they gave me when I was first dragged in here was pretty potent. I must've." Yet she isn't exactly demanding food either. Could be she has no appetite but is trying to be subtle about it. Thankfully, Kiena doesn't have the strength to move or she may have launched from the bed right then to grip Thea fiercely, Weyrwoman or not. Instead, the Weyrsecond just stares at her, wide eyed and hands twitching against the blanket in her lap. "How do you know?" she hisses through her teeth in a gruff whisper. "So I was… it was a time jump? An actual jump…" So much for dodging! Kiena shoots Ka'el a sidelong look too. He know about it as well?

Ka'el can fetch water, sure. There's usually always a water pitcher just ready to be poured in infirmary type places, right? Of course there is, and he likely doesn't even have to go far to get it! He bobs his head to Kiena, moving off a little ways to hunt down the pitcher and a glass. And, as noted, he doesn't have to look very far in order to find what he seeks, and as the two speak of dragons, he pours her a glass. Not too full. Maybe he doesn't believe she has the strength to even hold a glass? He moves back closer to the two of them, glass in hand, eyes shifting from one woman to the other as he pauses near the Weyrwoman. He watches her, lips pressing as she speaks low wors which he only hears due to proximity, and Kiena.. He grimaces a little as she speaks, and he holds her eyes as they turn his way. Did he know? "Here," he says, offering the water. "You probably have as many questions for us as we do for you, but.." His attention shifts, glancing for prying eyes and ears, "don't strain yourself. You're here now," emphasis on /now/ "and…we've time to talk about things without risking you fainting."

In Thea's opinion, a hearty breakfast would be nice, but oh, they'd dosed her, had they? That'd take her appetite away for sure and so the weyrwoman doesn't make that pointed comment in a voice meant to project to the healer over at the desk. "Oh no, of course not," she assures Kiena of Ujinath, whether he is or has is irrelevant at this point; she doesn't want the bluerider fretting. "Seryth and Kalsuoth have been keeping him company. I saw him on my way here." She slides a look sidelong to the weyrleader as he returns with that water. She'd shared the bare bones while they were trying to puzzle why Seryth knew Ujinath existed just not where. "As near as we can guess, though I've never been on this side of a jump before," she offers with a mystified shrug of her shoulders. "Except for Kate and Seryth heard nothing, not even an echo as she did with Ujinath." She doesn't elaborate on that right now. That guilty look on her features returns as she answers Kiena readily but lowly enough, "I've done it once. A long time ago when I was but nineteen turns. It was inadvertent; I was frantic not to be late as we transferred *Between*, to be home before…" Ahh but there she stops, resuming a beat later, "We were too early by three days. And I couldn't find my way to the 'not too late' on the day I wanted to be. It was terrifying." She shudders, despite the turns that have passed. "That's how I know the lassitude will pass fairly soon. But Ka'el is correct, you are here. And we don't want to tire you."

Convenient those pitchers of water! Kiena will have no trouble holding the glass and she'll nod briskly to Ka'el in thanks for it. She'll down that half glass of water with a startling swiftness too. One moment it's there, next it's empty. Yet she keeps the glass held between her hands in her lap rater than ask for more though she could just be sufficiently distracted by both the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman. No room in her head for multitasking this morning. "Not going to faint," she grouses to Ka'el, giving him a look for even implying that and then relenting, sheepish as she assumes that could just be his concern surfacing and she should rein in her tongue. "Won't strain myself either. Not made of glass. Just… might not have answers for your questions, depending what they are." she mutters and gestures for him to sit, for both of them to sit if they so choose to do so. That could be a signal for Ka'el to start asking away, now that she is alert and reasonably aware. "Oh, good." Kiena murmurs to Thea, reassured on Ujinath's well being. She does not seem surprised in the least when it's mentioned that Seryth and Kalsuoth are keeping the blue company. "So… you guys knew I wasn't dead but just couldn't pinpoint where — when? Ujinath had gone?" Kiena mulls that over beneath a heavy frown and then she is focused intently on the Weyrwoman again, with darted looks to Ka'el. The bluerider shudders too and there's a slight twitch to her mouth as she studies Thea a little more closely. Comforted, perhaps, in knowing someone shares a similar experience (and fear) of timing it. "Terrifying is right and still to light to describe it. Mur'dah told me I had been gone two days… I still don't know how far we went backwards and then to overshoot forwards. I don't want to know," she states firmly, giving them both a look that is clearly read: don't ask her to try and puzzle it out. She sighs then and nods her head, "I am here and extremely grateful for it. I'm not tuckered out yet." Pausing, she'll look over to Ka'el again and then sweep her gaze to Thea, her expression falling to one of grim seriousness. "I am sorry for the trouble I caused. The worry…"

The poor water had no chance! Ka'el eyes that empty glass but makes no move to take it, nor does he have a retort for Kiena as she grumps at him. Nothing but a faint smile that's nearly, but not quite, apologetic. Yes, he's worried. Yes, he's aware that she's not made out of glass…but still, losing her as he did is surely making him feel as if she is made out of glass. On the verge of cracking, breaking, at any mishandling. He looks to Thea again as she speaks to explain things, nodding a little. All that was news to him too. Thea's past experience. One that Kiena herself now shares and Ka'el will hope no one he knows ever will know, himself included. "I don't like thinking of the worst possible scenario," he says to Kiena, "but working with Galaxy trains the mind to think of the worst possible scenario. You bein' you were… was the best possible scenario, and it's only thanks to Thea and Seryth that I even knew what..time..lost was," he says, voice kept low. "I can't say I didn't think you were dead…til I was given hope." Again, thanks to Thea. Now, he does move to sit, that look of guarded concern still in his eyes, and he shakes his head at her apologies, dismissing them. This isn't her fault. Right? "What happened, Kiena? You've Betweened before.." She's a pro! An experienced rider.

Thea can't help it. She grins, despite the seriousness of the situation at the gruff response Ka'el gets from his Weyrsecond. That's a good sign a person is on the mend, in her opinion, but she doesn't state that aloud. She nods slowly to Kiena's question,explaining, "It's a very odd sensation to hear the…distance, the…dim existence, incoherent emotion. It's like… she was almost unsure she heard anything at all. I could feel it with her. It's like being between the dark and the dim from our side of things." Which might not make any sense at all but there it is. She's silent as Ka'el speaks but empathetic to his sentiment. "It was dangerous and until you returned we didn't know but we might still lose you *Between*," she adds and then half-frowns at the apology. "Don't. It was an accident. I of all people know how easy that is to do." She does nod after Ka'el speaks, "Trained and now aware. But… I think we might want to consider some few fine-tuning to that." The look she shares with Ka'el is significant, but she doesn't go into it now. He's Weyrleader; he'll understand her drift. She declines the invitation to sit with a smiled shake of her head. "I'm going to go see about something in the kitchens." For Kiena, but she doesn't say that either. She'll take her leave muttering under her breath something about thick, hot savory restorative beef soup.

Kiena's flitting between being herself and her weakened state, so being around her may be much like a roller coaster right. Up and down, waxing and waning with her strength. She's still clinging to her empty water glass as she listens quietly to Ka'el, a vague smile curving one corner of her mouth up. "Most don't like to think of the worst possible thing," she agrees softly and grimaces again. Time lost. It still settles in her mind with a jarring clarity. "At least there was some hope. I hadn't known… until now. Ujinath and I had no way of knowing." At the Weyrleader's continued look of concern, Kiena ducks her head a bit and it's clear she harbours guilt despite the words of reassurance given from both Ka'el and Thea. Her eyes lift to the Weyrwoman's explanation though and from the way Kiena's gaze flicker there is understanding and comprehension there. "Ujinath said he felt disconnected and disorientated. I refused to let him call. We didn't know where we were anyways and… it seemed like the wrong thing to do — once I puzzled it out." Her gaze lingers on the Weyrwoman then. Was she right in that respect? Her answer may have to wait until another time though. Something said has Kiena inhaling sharply though and her expression grows dark. "I came to peace knowing we could die." she states flatly, not at all apologetic for the truth, as grim and harsh as it is. "Coming back… It took a lot out of me to gain the confidence to try." No need for further explanation. Kiena had assumed she and Ujinath could have very well perished trying to go home but fate rolled in their favour and instead they arrived two days late, shell shocked and weakened but alive. Thea starts the explanation on what happened, but Kiena shoots Ka'el a look: she'll explain in a moment. "Clear skies, Thea. Thank you… for the visit." And insight. Oh, how she wishes she could pick the woman's brain some more! Yet the Weyrwoman is gone and left alone with Ka'el, Kiena can drop a bit of her facade and adopt her usual behaviour around the Weyrleader provided he hasn't gone too cold and serious. "I know I've Betweened before. I'm no fresh Weyrling," she murmurs, shifting a bit on the cot to face the bronzerider. "I was flustered though. Forgot to do something, but I had already taken the girls out and I left them with Mur'dah. Kalsuoth checked in with Ujinath before we left to come home. All I remember is visualizing home but thinking about time… I don't… never thought it'd result in THAT." It still boggles her. "I wasn't even in Xanadu, Ka'el." she admits in a soft whisper. "And I'm not sure if that's just from distortion or just sheer stupid luck and if maybe things hadn't quite been as they were at random…" she stops and swallows thickly. No need for guessing there.

Ka'el's eyes turn Thea's way as she speaks of leaving to the kitchens. He nods to that and her other thing. That look she gave him. Yes … yes, he knows. He's always been Kiena's friend first. Shards, she was his friend since the days of young Kanekith. Long before there was any chance that a Weyrleader's knot would be placed on his shoulder. But a knot has been placed, and now, not only is he her friend, he's her superior. A rider who loses her way Betweening is a dangerous thing, even if it's just once, and it's his responsibility to rectify it. What a job! He'll tackle that in due time. The small nod he gives to Thea hopefully is signal enough to assure her that he'll handle things once..he's had a chance to think about how things should be handled. He rises as she heads off, respectfully, then sits once she's gone. His full attention now is turned to Kiena, and he vaguely tilts his head to one side as she begins to explain just what on Pern happened. Flustered. Yes..he could see how that could throw a wrench in things. They always caution a clear mind. A clear picture and coordinates of where a dragon should Between to. But…he blinks at a bit of news. Not on Xanadu? "What?" He leans forward a little, brows furrowing. He's not sure why he assumed 'lost in time' meant 'lost in time somewhere on Xanadu'. If not Xanadu, then..where? "..Western?" he assumes after hearing her out. She did mention the girls, and if her mind was on them.. "Shards, Kiena. Do you know…when you were? Days?… Months?" Turns maybe? He combs a hand slowly back through his hair, letting fingertips rake against his scalp. "How did you know? How'd you know you weren't in the right.. space?"

Oh, they will have to come to that in time and Kiena is no fool. She knows she will be facing some consequences for this, aside from the obvious physical and mental side effects. She is quiet while Ka'el absorbs her explanation, trying very hard not to grimace or chew at her lower lip in a worrying way. How far will he want to push and pry? Does she even have all the answers for the questions he seeks? When he leans forwards, she cocks her head a bit to the side and frowns heavily. "Not Western," she confirms, blinking a bit as she attempts to focus her thoughts. She shakes her head, "Southern? It was jungles, hot and humid. South for sure but not anywhere I am familiar with in terms of Xanadu territory… or Western's." Kiena's eyes focus steadily on Ka'el then, lingering for a few heartbeats before her gaze drops and she shudders. That glass she had been holding is hastily and clumsily set aside and while she tries to hide it, he may glimpse on how her hands shake. The very hands she clasps back in her lap. "Don't know. Don't want to know. Could have been any amount. It felt like eons. It felt wrong." she tries to explain. "How else could it be explained? We weren't int he right place location wise and yet we weren't dead. I felt… disconnected and disorientated, but alive. Ujinath was the one who brought it up, though I don't know how or why… I wasn't really thinking clearly." That last part she admits with a voice that is low and close to ashamed. It's not something she's proud about.

Hot and humid. A wrong…feeling. Ka'el tries his best to picture this, but he can't. But how would he be able to? This isn't even something he's…heard of until now, so how on Pern could he put himself in her shoes? He can't empathize, but he can sympathize. Whether or not he notices the vague tremble in her hands goes unsaid, though he does watch the progress of the glass as it moves from her hand to her the table at her beside. He offers no help. she wouldn't watn that. But he does remain watchful for signs that she may need some, whether she wants it or not. "I guess in the end it doesn't really matter," he says with an exhale, head shaking once. "When you were. Where you were. You're here now, presently, and that's the important thing. What's also important is your health. The healers haven't said that you've been injured in any way, but you do need rest. That much I can give to you," he says, trying to smile, but failing at it. His lips give a small twitch to show for his efforts though. "Take some time off, Kiena. Rest up. Your girls are probably wanting to see you, an' when they do see you, they probably aren't going to want to let you go anytime soon." To that, he does manage a small smile. "May be good for you to not worry about things for a while, y'know? I haven't always had a Weyrsecond. I think I can survive without you for a little bit, at least."

Kiena has always struggled with putting her thoughts into words, especially anything more abstract and unusual and new. What she underwent was a huge shock and certainly new to her and so are all the emotions stirred from such an experience. Right now she is too exhausted to delve into them too deeply, but once she recovers she will have to face it. For once she won't be able to clamp down and ignore the problem. No, she doesn't want help and yet she seems to have half expected something to have occurred by now. Is she waiting for the other shoe to fall? When does Ka'el cease being a friend and revert to being her superior? "I'm sorry I can't give you any more details, Ka'el. I didn't think… I just wanted to come home." And yet feared that last jump with every fibre of her being. Kiena shakes her head slowly and lifts one hand to run it through her tangled hair shakily. "No, I'm not injured. Just… what Thea said. Lassitude. I feel like I've put a lot more than just two days under my belt…" She will quiet then to listen, only to lift her eyes to fix him with a look that is conflicted. She's relieved, she's suspicious, she's hurt, she's angry and frustrated… it all passes in a matter of seconds. He hasn't always had a Weyrsecond… Kiena winces a bit at that. "My girls don't ever need to know what happened. But… I mean… I''ll be fine in a day or so? And I'll see the girls as I recover. But I can still work. Just — light stuff?"

"I understand, and I don't have any intentions've telling them," Ka'el assures her of her daughters. "And you needn't apologize. You're here. That's what matters, like I said. The rest of it?" he shakes his head, "it makes no difference what happened then. We can't change that it did. We can only just .. keep movin' forward, you know?" He shives a little in his seat, leaning closer to her bedside to reach out with a hand, attempting to place it on her lower arm. "I'm glad you're home. I was shardin' worried. I couldn't show I was worried… I couldn't tell anyone I was worried, but… shard it, I was worried." His smile is more lasting this time and is a little larger than 'small'. But she wants to work in a day or two. It falters a little, and eventually he shakes his head. "Give me a little bit, Kiena. I need some time too. Some time to make sure that I know you're alright. Leave it to you to throw somethin' at me that I've never thought I'd have to handle before." Or even heard of! But he says it with a faint and crooked grin and warm eyes that plead her to hear him out. "Til I know that, I'll be happier with no duty. Just for a little while. Shards, I'm not firin' you or anything," he says quickly, the thought that she may be assuming the worst case scenario just now sneaking into his mind!

She's here, she's home. Safe and sound. Kiena can't argue with that and so she only snorts softly as her mouth quirks up into a faint smile. "I know. Don't dwell in the past, focus on the future." she drawls. All that good stuff? She won't withdraw from his hand resting on her arm and makes no effort to return the gesture until he speaks of how worried he had been. How her disappearance had affected him. And if it hit him so deeply, who else did it reach to? Her hand lifts and it too rests against his arm in what should be a firm clasp but instead is only half of what her strength could be. "Why couldn't you?" she asks softly, curious and yet assuming already that she knows the answer. His reasoning puzzles her and she peers at him from under a knitted brow that swiftly relaxes. "Alright." Kiena agrees but reluctantly. She's doing this, agreeing to it, for him rather than herself. Then she smirks. "Someone's got to keep you on your toes," she jokes, meaning it to be light but it may fall a bit flat when her mouth doesn't quite spread into a care free grin and her tone isn't quite matching to the mood. Blinking, her brows lift up as though Ka'el had in fact stumbled upon one of her secrets. Maybe she had feared some sort of consequence of that magnitude. "That's a relief." she quips to attempt again at some humour and yet not quite crossing the threshold.

"Couple reasons," answers Ka'el to her initial question. "We didn't want anyone to know of what we thought happened to you. We didn't want .. wild assumptions and rumor to run off in a way that we couldn't control them. We didn't want the Weyrlings to get any dumbass ideas of tryin' to go back in time to do somethin' over or different once they learned to Between. But .. mostly, I think I told myself I couldn't show my worry because if I did, that's all I'd ever be. Worried. I'd worry over you night and day, and…it's not shardin' fair, but I don't think I'm really allowed to be persoanlly affected by things. An' you bein' missing, personally affected me," he admits, voice lower than it was before. "So. I did what I could to help. I went with Thea to research. I researched here. I couldn't stay idle and worry." So obviously, he stayed active while still worrying! He gives her arm a soft squeeze before lifting it from hers to place on her hand that touches his arm briefly. "You're right. Someone has to keep me on my toes, and that someone is you. So while you're on your break, the Weyrsecond spot is still yours. You're not gettin' away from me that easily, you know. Don't get your hopes up too high."

Kiena keeps her mouth shut but with great effort. It is clear enough at times that she wants to protest, especially when Ka'el claims that he is not allowed to be personally affected by things. No, it isn't fair and she wants to challenge it but wisely she keeps her tongue held. In the end, she only snorts and shakes her head and of all things in a faintly amused way. "You speak like worrying is a weakness!" she drawls and her mouth pulls into a saddened twist. "But I understand." She was the cause. "If I could, I'd undo what happened." Yet she can't and despite him telling her not to apologize, not to worry about it (ha!) she'll nurse that guilt. When his hand shifts to grip her hand, she grips it back as firmly as she can manage. "Nah, I won't. Promise." she muses softly, only to sober in the next breath. "Thanks, Ka'el. For not…" Faltering, she frowns and looks down as she can't seem to find the right words and makes a quiet frustrated sound and just letting the moment pass.

Is worrying a weakness? "Can be," he answers, but Ka'el's voice is quiet as opposed to argumentative. It can be a weakness at times. I can definitely be seen as a weakness to others. And Ka'el .. well. He still has things to prove. People to convince that he belongs where he is. One of them possibly being himself. He smiles when his hand is squeezed, soft at that squeeze may be, and it's only after that that he begins to rise, his hand sliding from hers. "I know you would," he assures as he continued apologies and regrets. "We all wish we had that ability. It'd be shardin' amazing, wouldn't it? Nobody'd fear of makin' mistakes because they'd be able to be undone. Just like that. .. Too bad we don't live in a place like that." Here, all they can do is learn and move on with whatever consequences come their way. As for /her/ consequences? Well.. Ka'el isn't thinking about that. She's already had plenty personal consequences of her own for this thing she never meant to happen. He slightly tilts his head at her unfinished statement at the end, and despite her sound of frustration, he smiles a little. "For not bein' a jerk who'd fire you over a mistake an' instead bein' this really awesome guy who's givin' you rest days instead?" He bobs his head serenely. "You're very welcome for that. Awesomeness comes naturally." He grins now, then nods his head towards the main area of the infirmary and behind. "I'm going to go see what happened to breakfast. It should've been here by now. Then, I'll come check on you again before long, alright?"

If he ever voices that doubt to her, Kiena would not even hesitate for a second to tell Ka'el that he belongs where he is as Weyrleader. She'd defend him against others too if need be and perhaps does at times in subtle little ways as her rank allowed. She chuckles dryly, mouth twisting into a bitter grimace. "And that's probably why they keep this timing business quiet. Like you said, don't want the weyrlings or some rider getting it into their heads to do some erasing of their past blunders. Only I don't think it works like that. It'd be stupid. Foolish. And a very high price to pay. I did it by accident and I wouldn't do it again even if you ordered me to. Not for anything." Which is a lie. There are a very few situations that would force Kiena to such gross recklessness and breach of protocol and trust but the outcome would have to be well worth the consequences that would fall on her head. Thankfully, fear will keep her from ever slipping up again. "A natural awesomeness that comes by occasionally?" Kiena teases back, her eyes following that nod to the main area of the infirmary and she is suddenly stifling a yawn and looking sheepish for it. Their little catchup has sapped her for now and she is stretching out to lay back on the cot even before he's left. "Alright." She'll be good. See? Resting. Only because she can't get out of the cot. "Breakfast sounds good right about now." If she can stay awake for it.

Not even if he ordered? Ka'el nods, knowing very well that if he were to order her to do something like this again, willingly this time…it'd have to a major, major reason. Something dire to the Weyr, maybe. Maybe apocalyptic. Because as he watcehs her now, he knows that he'd do anything possible to keep this from happening to her again. Asking her to time jump? That'd be madness! "Don't think you have to worry about that happening anytime ever," he answers with a half grin that lingers on his face as she jokes back to him. It's good to hear her joke. It's the first time that she's sounded like herself, even if it was just for a few brief seconds. "Occasionally? More like, hourly," he retorts, chuckling slightly at her yawn. Oops, he's drained her energy! It must be time to replenish it with a nap. And a nap sounds like an amazing idea! He woke up too early, likely because of the worry he's been harboring. But he can't sleep now.. It's morning and he's probably needed somewhere. He nods as she lays back without evening having to be ordered to do so. Nice! "Alright, breakfast is on its way. Rest up, til then." Instead of heading away though, he moves closer to her beside, making sure she has any blankets she may want or need. Same with pillows. Once he's satified that she's comfortable, he sraightens and gives her a salute with a fond smile evident on his lips. "Rest easy," he says as he lowers his arm down. Then, he turns, heading out quietly to let her rest.

Madness, indeed! What else could drive either of them to consider jumping time? Alterting the future? It would have to be apocalyptic or… would it just be as simple as saving a loved one? Kiena hasn't had the time or mental strength to mull over all of her experience, but part of her fear is lodged in the knowledge that such an ability is THERE for them to us. A secret power but so, so dangerous. Even one as she can see why it is kept so tightly hidden away. "Ha! Hourly?" she scoffs, acting more herself then too but still a shade of it. Even her voice is sounding tired. She's loosing the battle. "You too." she half-mumbles. "Alright? We spoke all about me taking sometime to rest. You should too." As much as a Weyrleader can. The salute is met with a smirk and she returns it though her movements are sluggish and sloppy and mostly on purpose but it's followed by a low and quiet chuckle. "See you around, Weyrleader." she mutters and once he is gone, she will settle in and be dead asleep within minutes. Breakfast will have to wait until she surfaces to consciousness again!

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