Mud and Moppet

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Spring has finally sprung! At least that is what it seems to be outside. All the snow has melted leaving plenty of mud all around the weyr, many of the kids have found this and as thus left plenty of cleaning in the caverns because of it. Idrissa has just made her way inside, she is unzipping her jacket and pushed her hair back from her face as she wanders onwards towards the table where food type items and drink type items are to be found. She finds a mug and plucks it up going about filling it with klah and then a plate of meatrolls, and cheesy buns are collected before she wanders off to a seat. A blue firelizard pokes his head out from her jacket, a slight croon escaping him.

With the thaw, things are going back to business as usual around here. Which for Briana means catching up paperwork and orders unable to be dealt with during the storm. She has been closeted away for a couple days and finally she comes out to stretch her legs and grab a meal from the looks of things. She is rubbing at her neck as she heads over to grab up a plate, perhaps working some tension out. With a plate full she meanders toward a table, sitting across from Idrissa, "Good day…"

Idrissa picks up a meatroll and goes about pulling it apart and offers a piece to the blue firelizard, which eagerly takes the treat and munches away upon it. At the voice Rissa peers up curiously, she blinks an ohs. "…Hello." There is a pause, her gaze flicks around and she then looks back to Briana. "How are you?" This questioned with a soft friendly tone.

"Glad to thaw out." Briana responds with a soft sigh, "I didn't think I would ever feel the warmth of the sun again." She works at cutting up her food into smaller bites, "Hope things weren't too bad around here for people, I ended up stuck out in my cabin." She explains before nodding over to Idrissa, "How are you doing?"

Idrissa chews on a bite of meatroll while she peers curiously at Briana. "It was good for the snow to finally melted and the sun finally come out." She nods slightly. "It wasn't to bad. I stayed out at the stables with a few of the other hands to make sure everything was alright with the runners." A hand lifts to scatch at her neck a few moments, almost nervous like. "I've been well. Glad you was able to get out from your cabin finally."

Mud, mud, and also mud. Soriana is covered in it, from head to toe and most places in between. So. Much. Mud. She comes into the caverns like a wandering mudbeast and instantly gets groans from the caverns staff before she's even managed to undo her mud-covered jacket. It's okay, though. Somehow, the shirt underneath it is also spattered in mud. She's just that muddy.

And, being that muddy, Soriana doesn't stick here for long before trundling her muddy way back to the laundry rooms, shepherded along by a woman with arms folded over her apron and a glare that bodes ill for that mud… and quite possibly Soriana as well!

"Though I admit, I sorta liked not having the electricity. Something nice about candlelight and wood fires." Briana says with a soft smile on her lips. It seems someone might have enjoyed the snow storm. "Good for you all to do that, any problems out that way?" She asks before she notes the mud monster entering the caverns and just shakes her head as she is ushered out. "Someone looks like that need a good hosedown."

Idrissa smiles and nods to the talk about no electricity. "Where I grew up we didn't have much electricity. My uncle didn't like it, felt it would cause to many problems so we stuck with candles and such mostly." She shakes her head. "No, all the runners did fine. We made just to keep the walks all shovled, salted and sanded so no slip ups an so forth.." Her gaze drifts over towards the walking mud monster and she blinks a moment while waving after Soriana as she leaves it seems to be off getting cleaned up it seems.

Briana and Idrissa are sitting across each other at a table, eating lunch and chatting. A mud monster in the shape of Soriana has just been escorted out of the caverns by very grumpy staff. "Yeah, ditto." Briana replies as she reaches for a mug of Klah. "Sounds like you have been keeping busy. I am sure the owners of the runners will be very appreciative."

Idrissa watches as Soriana is helped out of the room, she hopfully her friend won't get into much trouble after this little act of playing in mud! "Everyone has been very happy over it all. I do tend to be kept busy, rather like it that way." Keeps her out of trouble after all! Ripley is sitting on her shoulder munching on a meatroll.

Something is wrong. Terribly wrong! ka-el is arriving to the caverns, but not from the melty outside. Instead, he's coming from the nursery. Say whaaat? And he has a shadow behind him in the form a toddler. A rosy cheeked adorable little thing whose short brown hair has been put into pigtails fastened with yellow bows. Eyes are a captivating shade of blue and green, wide with toddler's curiosity as she's led out to the bustling cavern. "Hand," she reminds, to which Kale responds with offering his. She clutches three of his fingers. "Ok, now..uh…" He glances to the food line skeptically.

"Good to hear, though despite the …fun, I am certainly glad that spring has finally arrived." Briana says before taking a sip of her drink then looking over the edge of the mug and seeing Kale and his follower. "Gathering members for your wing?" She asks in a light voice, no doubt having heard of the 'flight night'. She smiles to take the edge off the teasing remark, "Join us for lunch?"

Idrissa nods at this idea while picking her mug up and takes a sip from it. "I'm glad it is spring as well. Tired of all the snow and ice, an I would like to get back out to the beach." She looks up glancing towards whom Briana is talking to and she blinks as she catches sight of Kale and the toddler and she just watches curiously, a smile is at least seen. "Come on over and join us."

Oh look. Reinforcements! Kale is quick to spot familiar faces. Girls, at that! They can definitely help him! He heads their way, moving very … very slowly, as a two year old's stride is rather restrictive in speed. He's also somewhat stooped for easy access to his hand, being far taller than she. Briana's remark has him smirking, the look followed by a roll of his eyes. "Sure. Starting them off young's the best way," he says when he finally reaches them. The little girl peers up at these new faces, owlishly. She says not a peep now, but inches closer to her caretaker's leg. "Do you two know what they eat?" Kale asks, gesturing with his free hand to the little creature that clings to him. "Like..regular food or…is there a special kind, or…?"

"Absolutely." Briana responds with a grin and motions to the seat near them. "I believe at that age they can eat regular food, it just needs to be cut up all small." She advises and pats the chair next to her for the girl, "Its ok, we are friends too." She says to the little girl. "What is your name?" Her voice has softened as she speaks to the little girl, that little sing song voice adults use to speak to little kids.

Idrissa just watches Kale, looking amused, an as if she might want to say something but she doesn't comment on it at least! "That sounds about right. Little things, like fruit maybe too. Nothing too sugary though." Or a caretaker is going to come after Kale for sure if there child is up all night with a sugar high. She smiles and waves to the little girl. Ripley tilts his head, a soft croon esaping the blue firelizard while he watches the child curiously.

The little tot is wearing a gray colored dress with a pale yellow cardigan. Leggings of a darker gray show the bottom portions of chubby legs, and well worn shoes are on her little feet. Total cuteness! And her name? She doesn't seem too forthcoming with that as she looks up at the two women with those impish eyes of hers. Staring. The perfected art of children! "It's Alicendrea," inputs Kale, who pries her off of him to lift her into that offered seat. "Or something…near to that. She doesn't speak much. I've called her Allie. Much simpler." He pauses, eyeing both of them. No sugar? Being a child…sucks! "But she has teeth," he says, blinking at them. "Can't she just bit into whatever I give her?" Cutting food up sounds like a chore~

"Little teeth, chewing takes a lot of work." Briana responds to him, "Cutting it up makes it easier for them." She smiles to the toddler and waggles her fingers at her, "Hello Allie." She greets before looking up at Kale, "So how did you come upon your little friend here?" She can't help but ask and looks over to Idrissa with a nod, "Yeah, some parents are funny about sweet things, best to ask the nanny." Or you end up with Hyper wild child!

Idrissa shakes her head as she hears Kale. "Trust me, cut it up or your be picking it out of her hair, your hair, everyone hair…" Perhaps other places to. She looks to Allie and smiles to her once more. "Nice to meet you Allie. I'm Idrissa." Her gaze turns to Kale as she waits for the answer as to why Kale is with the munchkin.

Soriana comes out from the laundry rooms with none of her clothes. Instead, she's got a borrowed tunic that's three times too big and stained with bleach spills and a pair of patched up trousers that are two times too small, her hair wet and rumpled and her feet bare. She heads for the table with Kale, Idrissa, Briana and… wait, what? She stares at the small child as she reaches for a chair.

Kale glances at the little one, who has gone to staring at him with a 'uuuh…whyfor you put me in this chair with these strangers?' sort of look. "Why is it that I do anything?" he replies, ignoring the look to instead speak to those closer to his own age. "Journeyman Orik owed a favor to a fella who lives down the coastal road, who has a daughter who has a daughter," a gesture to Allie, "who needed watching for the afternoon while her mother flew to Ierne for something or another. And apparently, the obvious solution was for Orik to take the owed favor and assign her to me." He gives a little mock salute, then smirks. "I suppose it's not so bad. She's .. quiet. And I should get her food now. You'll watch her?" he asks while already inching away towards the foodline, beaming, then..gawking at the bare-footed Sori as she joins.

Briana just shakes her head as the 'buck passing' gets explained. Well at least she is a cute little 'buck'. "We will be happy to watch her." As she notes the look that Allie gives Kale she smiles to the little girl, "He will be right back." That is when she is distracted by Laundry Mishap monster. "Oh…Soriana. I suppose that is a sight better than you were before." She offers oh so helpfully.

Idrissa ahs softly once Kale goes on explaining what is going on. "I see. Well then what all have you two been doing today?" This questions curiouly while peering at Kale and Allie a few moments before her attention is over to Soriana. "Sure we're watch her Kale. Remember, fruit, or bread, nothing sugary." There is a pause while she tilts her head. "So, you got all unmuddy I see. What happened?"

Soriana flomps herself in the chair with a look of relief. Her eyes close, then open again to look at Briana with a smirk. "That's not saying much," she says. "Also, they itch." She frowns for a moment, then looks over to Idrissa and sighs. "It's warm again," she says. "So… time for getting those dragons with injuries to stretch, out in the field. The muddy field. The muddy, slippery field…" She sighs, and closes her eyes again. She seems to be ignoring the child. Maybe if she ignores it, it'll go away.

Kale leaves Idrissa's question for Allie to answer, for now he slips off to snag some foodstuff for the kid! Hmm. What would a two turn old like to eat? A little bit of this. A little of that. And oh, definitely some of this!, no sugar. Sorry kid, the dessert table is off limits. Meanwhile, Allie is left in the care of a junior Weyrwoman and two apprentices. She's in great hands! Not that she seems to know this, considering the abandonment she's now faced with. Where did he go? Her bottom lip goes a little pouty as she looks from face to face now. One of them looks very friendly. A second does too. The third, not so much. "Eh…" It's the first sound she's made since she got over here! Too bad it's not a happy one. Her pouty face amplifies and those turquoise eyes suddenly look rather teary!

"Ah that would explain it. Is Seryth improving?" Briana asks of the dragonhealer as she scoots a little closer to Allie, "Its alright, he will be right back. We are his friends too." She says trying to comfort the child then glancing over to Kale to see how he is progressing, "He won't be long, will you Kale?" She calls out to him.

Idrissa ahs as she hears Soriana and nods. "Well, that is true. I imagen it wasn't to much fun sliding and the like within the mud. Had a few runners that felt the need to go rolling through a puddle in a paddock and made it /huge/." Luckly Rissa managed to stay clean while the other stablehands had to deal with them as she was busy getting a few out for rides, and taking care of hooves and the like. She peers to Allie and nods as she hears Briana. "He'll be right back, really." Ripley slowly slinks over along the table and hunkers down there in front of Allie chittering and chirping out at the girl. It would seem the blue actually likes this child, if he could like anyone that is. Rissa watches a few moments, a faint ah escapes her but she doesn't move to take hold of her lizard just yet. She does listen to see how Seryth is doing though.

Soriana hehs to Idrissa. "It was mostly accidents," she says to Idrissa, then nods to Briana. Yeah, she's doing well. Relaxing on the sands with Yarovith." Soriana smiles, complete with a touch of pride, and opens her eyes to look over at the teary child. Didn't go away. Hurm. What do you do with these again? Oh, right. You let people who know what they're doing handle them, and Bri and Dri have this one in hand. She leaves well enough alone.

SNIFFLE! Allie's threatened tears begin to drip from her eyes as she looks up to Briana. The poor, flushed faced orphan! Are these nice people lying to her? Her words sound so kind, she couldn't be, could she? ANd this other one too. Now she looks to Idrissa to give her that same tear streaked face, but at least the outright sobbing hasn't started. Yet. And thanks to Ripley, they may never come at all. "Ooo…fi'zard!" These things she definitely likes, and the tears dry up as quickly as they started as a hand reaches out for Ripley's nose. At this point, Kale returns with enough food for a two turn old … dragon, that is. But at least he listened! No sugary things are seen piled on that plate!

Even the child friendly Briana seems relieved as Kale comes back, "It seems you have a friend Kale. She really missed you when you were gone.." She starts before nodding to Rippley, "He saved the day." She smiles to Idrissa but before she can say anymore a runner comes to find her and she gives a sigh, "A rider's work is never done, if you will excuse me." She says as she stands, "Good luck with Allie." She offers before grabbing up her plate and heading off.

Idrissa nods to Soriana. "Sure it was, accidents…" She grins a moment. "I'm glad Seryth is doing well." Her attention is back to Allie and Ripley though, making sure her normally grumpy little blue is staying nice it seems. Ripley chitters out at the poking, his head lowers to push and bump against the child's hand. Nice firelizard! Though as soon as Ripley pots Kale a hiss escapes him, this little one is strange now isn't he? "Did you leave anything for anyone else?" Rissa questions Kale once seeing how much is piled on the plate. With Briana leaving she waves. "Have a good afternoon."

A glare is sent to the hissing Ripley, eyeing him as he is suspiciously close to his young charge. It doesn't matter that Allie seems to have completely forgotten about crying now that she's been playing with Rip, but his hiss startles her a little. What's wrong, what happened nice firelizard friend? Kale sets his plate down, nodding to Briana as she takes her leave. "I'd hate to be a weyrwoman," he says as he sits down next to Allie. "They're always running places. Even moreso than me." He eyes Ripley again. "If you nip her I'll get Alloy on you. He's larger than you, you understand? The last thing I need is to bring her back bleeding and injured." He eyes his mountain of food, then smirks sheepishly to Idrissa. "Too much?"

Ripley calms down after a few moments, he even croons and chirrups out at Allie to show he is still a nice firelizard! "I don't think he'll do anything to her. He seems to like her." Idrissa dosn't always understand her lizards thank you. A soft chuckle escapes Rissa and she just grins at him. "Well, just a bit. How you been other then watching the kiddie here?"

Kale eyes the food on his plate. There are definitely things that aren't supposed to be cut up. But he does it anyway. A meat roll. Bread. Apple slices. And a random assortment of other Pernese food that may or may not be fitting for a child. As long as Ripley is playing nice, Kale does not have a problem. "He likes her but doesn't like me, huh? Maybe he just has a thing for girls," he says smirking at her. He snags up Allie, who is still batting at Ripley, and sets her on his lap so she can actually reach the food. "Eat," he .. uh, commands? Luckily for him, Allie is hungry enough that she doesn't need much prompting to grab at the finger food, old enough to feed herself. Thankfully. "I'm good. It's not so hard, really," he says to Idrissa, smirking. "I don't know what the big fuss is about. People say kids are difficult." Psh!

Soriana waves to Briana as she departs. "Good luck!" she says, then turns her attention back to those remaining at the table. …hurm, maybe they're the ones who need the luck, since they've got Allie with them? Anyhow, she watches for a bit, then hehs to Kale. "Yeah, seriously," she says about the busy-ness of weyrwomen. "There's always something. Even when they get to come home… there's usually paperwork coming with them." She's seen it first-hand! Or maybe second-hand? Anyway, she knows of what she speaks.

"I have no idea why he hisses at you an all." Idrissa offers to Kale after another sip to her mug. "Maybe he feels threatened between you and him and me. Not like he makes a lot of sense." A shrug is seen. Her gaze turns back to Allie and she smirks faintly as she hears Kale. "Well… They are loud an all maybe that has more to do with it? Plus she seems to like you so who knows." As for the bit on the weyrwoman stuff she'll have to go with what Soriana says as she has no idea!

Allie chipmunk stuffs her face with bread and bits of meat. Because chewing is overrated, and she can most definitely chew the stuff that's in her cheeks in due time, right? "So, let's make a pact," decides Kale, oblivious to the face stuffing. "None of us will become weyrwoman, agreed? That'll be easy for me to keep my word on," he says, smirking. As for Ripley feeling threatened…ha. He should be!! At least, that' what Kale would say, jokingly of course. "Eh. At this point it'd be weird if he started being friendly t me. It is what it is, I suppose. Sworn enemies, as we are desinted to be!"

Soriana smirks back at Kale. "Oh, sure, but you'll have the same troubles if you turn Weyrleader." A pause, and then she grins. "Or Weyrsecond. Y'practically did that one already." Sort of. More or less. Kinda. Close enough to get teased about, anyhow. "Yeah, kids seem to like some critters. They went crazy over Inkfoot when I first got here." She takes a look over at the kid they (no, not they! Kale!) is currently watching, and frowns. If a weyrling dragon did that, it'd get a fat tail. Human children, obviously, do not get fat tails, but… "Hurm."

Idrissa lifts a brow while eyeing Kale a few moments. "If you turn into a weyrwoman we all have a problem." This said while she grins. "But yes Soriana is right, any of those titles have the same basic job deal…" OR something along them lines that means LOTS and LOTS of paper work after all. "I don't think your have to worry about me in anything like that." Nope not in the least! "I suppose so. I'd be worried it he was being all friendly to you myself. It'd be like a sneak attack and he would be sneaking in for the kill or something." That makes sense, right?

"I served a term of maybe two minutes," gloats Kale regarding his Weyrsecond reign. "The best Xanadu's ever seen, I'm sure. But, alas, I had to give it back. I had a feeling the Weyr wasn't ready for such awesomen-." Hm. Soriana isn't paying him attention. Not the full and undivided attention that he most assuredly deserves, and so he follows his eyes to hers and.. CHIPMUNK FACE! "Oh… Oh hey no!" He pulls away the bit of meatroll that was about to be stuffed with the rest of it in Allie's mouth, and he receives a blank stare in reply to his startled tone. "Spit that out. Spit, spit. P-tew!" He mimes the motion, cuz he definitely isn't going to put his fingers in her mouth. Yuck. Cue another good half minute of staring, then.. partially chewed, mostly drooled on food begins to dribble from her mouth, back onto the plate, some onto her chin. Such elegance here. At least she followed directions? Sigh. "If either one've you do end up as weyrwoman, make it so that I never have to do this again."

Soriana has seen worse, but that's only because Miyukith had this really bad case of indigestion once. It was not pleasant in the slightest, for dragon, rider, or healer either. Oh, the things grade ones get told to do. Stupid holding the bucket. She grumbled then, but now? She snickers as she holds out a napkin to Kale. Oh, no, she's not getting any more involved than that. Allie is his responsibility. "Pff. You'll be the official child-tender of half of Xanadu by then, I'm sure." She grins wider. "…does Orik have any kids?"

Idrissa lifts a brow while she just watches Kale and Allie a few moments, pondering if she should comment or ust sit quietly. She chews on her lip a moment, a soft cough escaping her. "Whatever for? You have such a knack for dealing with kids." This pointed out while she just grins, looking rather amused now and she sips at her mug once more. "I think if one of us does we will make sure you get to do it all the time." Ya now she is just being mean, just a weeeeeee bit. Rissa makes no move to help Kale with cleaning up anything either, she is rather happy to play keep away from the kiddie drool.

What is the point of having two girlfriends if neither one of them is going to help him in these sort of situations? Kids! Isn't it like …. in their natural makeup to want to take care of children? Like, some sort of sixth sense or instinct? He snags the napkin given by Soriana and, with a grimace, cleans up the messy little face with less gentleness than a mother's hand. But hey, the point is that she gets cleaned up. "Orik, thank the stars, has not a one. That I know of, anyway." He gives a dirty look to Idrissa at her threat. "Uh huh. I think I'll make it a point to swing by the stables and make sure every journeyman there knows that you're interested in helpin' out with childcare. Just for the experience, y'know?" He grins, deviously, but is soon interrupted by the only fully spoken word Allie has said this entire time. "Potty." -.-;

Soriana totally helped. She provided the napkin! … herein ends her help. "Well, that's lucky," she says at the news of Orik's lack of spawn, then smirks at Kale's threat back to Idrissa before frowning for a moment in thought. "…huh. I haven't seen Muir or Marel lately." Now that she's thinking about children of people, the other Weyrwoman kids come naturally to mind… but not to recollection, and usually she does run into them every now and then despite them being, well, just kids compared to her. She considers that for a moment, before she's interrupted by Allie's important message. "Uh. Yeah." Aherm. "I'll see you later, kay?" That part's to Kale. Byyyyye! Enjoy your adventures in childrearing! Call her when you're all done!

Idrissa is a teen, there is no make up in her, or 'instinct' that is going to make her do more work thank you! When it comes to kids that equals work, and she has plenty of that without dealing with drooly kids that want to grab hair and other things that could possible be painful. Like ears! At the threat from Kale she eyes him right back. "If you do that I won't kiss you for three days." She shoots back another threat. A glance is offered over to Soriana as she brings up Muir and Marel. "I haven't either." Not that she often did spend time with the kids after all. "I'm sure there fine, off being kids an so forth." The comment is caught from Allie at the comment of 'potty' and she hums. "You might want to take care of that before you have to find her some new cloths."

Pft. As if she could go without kissing him for three days. But, alas, here is a small taste of what having a child means: They eat up your everything! Your time. Your space. Your freedom. Your food…complete with drool and stuff. And so instead of hanging out with the girls and teasing them like usual, Kale's left dealing with a potty needing Allie. But for this he looks lost. But, eureka! He can take her back to the nursery that has nannies who actually have a clue! He stands, lifting her up with him, holding her beneath an arm much like one would a sack of tubers. Allie dangles there, but at least she looks happy. What a fun game this is! She flails her arms and legs, giggling. "Well while you two lounge the afternoon away, wasting precious time, I'll be off taking care of our Weyr's future generation." A very important job! He grins and waves to them both, leaving behind the plate of chewed up food, hauling Allie back to the nursery for potty time.

"You do that. You are truly a hero of our time. A modern day Kitti Ping, only… with kids instead of dragons. Also, male. So not very much like her at all," says Soriana, only really she's kind of lost the thread of that thought and besides Kale is already gone. She watches him until he and Allie vanish, then looks back to Idrissa and grins. "It's amazing what's part of being a smither these days."

Idrissa looks amused while just grinning at Kale. She knows very well that she can go without kissing him for three days, so bring it bucko! A slight shake of her head is seen and she chuckles softly. "Right, you go and do that… Maybe when your done watching the kiddie we three can actually do something that doesn't involve drool and potties." It is an idea! While Kale is standing up and hauling Allie up with him Rissa just smirks and shakes her head. Her attention soon turns to Soriana. "Ya. I'm glad I don't have to worry about any of that."

"…and for all that, Orik's still better than that new guy," muses Soriana, and laughs a bit, then stares down at her misfit clothes. "I'm gonna go see if there's any clean clothes that aren't, uh… like this." She picks at the bleach-spattered tunic, and gets to her feet, waving as she heads back to the laundry rooms again.

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