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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

It's been a long while since Datsun was last seen around Xanadu. The Journeyman Woodcrafter finally makes an appearance, walking into the Caverns with his trademark boots, pausing for a moment by the entrance to knock the slush off his feet before continuing on deeper.

There are lights again! Real lights, not the flicker of glows and fire. Also? The caverns are nicely warm again. Soriana approves. She's currently approving of it from a seat at one of the tables, with a mug of klah and an open book in front of her. There are enough people coming and going that Datsun's arrival doesn't get her attention immediately, but when she leans back a moment to rub her eyes, she notices him. Hmm? She blinks. Issat…? She waves.

Datsun tilts his chin up as a wave catches his eye when he glances around the Caverns after picking up a sweetroll from the serving table along with a cup of plain ol' water. A salute is sent to Soriana, and his feet turn in her direction, heading over to the table. "Reading a romance book, I bet." is his way of greeting.

Most romance books aren't the size of a ream of paper, but hey. There must be exceptions, right? Soriana smirks to Datsun. "The stirring tale of the bone plates of the head and neck," she says back. Oh, lookie, there's a diagram. It's got… lots and lots of little labeled bones.

Romance books? Ewwwww… At least that is how Idrissa thinks on them. Rissa is making her way on into the cavern, rather thankful for the weather starting to get warmer, and that the power is back! Yay for the power! A yawn escapes her while she moves along, rubbing at her eyes a few times as she goes. Ripley is perched upon her shoulder, the little blue chittering out now and then, his scared up wing is pulled close to his side.

"A riveting tale, to be sure. They move together as one in harmony…" A grin from Datsun as the chair next to Soriana is pulled out and flipped around, seating himself into the backwards chair as his chest leans against the chair's back. The water is set down on the table and a nibble taken of sweetroll. "What have you been up to? Have you reset any bones so that your patient's arm spells out your name?"

"That's the idea, anyhow," says Soriana. "Sometimes they more grind against each other in cacophany." She grins a moment, then looks down at the page. "…and there's far too many characters in this story." Not that glaring at the diagram will help her much, and after a moment, she sighs and looks up again. Heh. "Nah. Setting dragon bones is hard. I did get to do some stitching, though!" She smiles, and waves over to Idrissa as she notices the other girl, then sips some klah.

Idrissa makes her way on towards the table to get herself a mug of klah, another slight yawn escaping her and she tilts her head while peering around. She catches sight of Soriana and offers smile and wave back. Mug in hand she turns heading on over towards where her friend, or well friends happen to be. She blinks and peers. "Datsun?" It has been a while since seeing him after all. A smile is seen. "Nice to see you back around Xanadu." As if she knew where she went.

"Grinding… Hmm." Datsun takes that into consideration, still nibbling at the sweetroll when his eyes follows hers, "I can see that. How do you even pronounce those names?" One eyebrow raises, "No doubt, I'd be willing to bet most of their bones are bigger than we are." As 'Rissa calls out his name, his eyes tilts over in her direction. A smile is given to Idrissa, "That's me." A nod of confirmation is given, "Is it?" Fishing for compliments, it seems.

"Carefully," says Soriana with a smirk, and glances down at the page. "Parietal, tempromandibular…" ahh, how the terminology flows off the tongue. Of course, she's got them here to refer to. "The real problem is getting them memorized. I missed so many classes with the ice storm, now I've got a test coming up on this and I didn't even know we'd started studying it until I got back." She sighs, then nods to Datsun. "It mostly involves levers and teams of other dragons." She flips back to near the beginning of a book to show a scale illustration of a bronze's leg and a human, then lets it thump back to the area she's currently studying. "Hey," she says to Rissa, then smirks as she listens to Datsun and teases,. "Oh, of course. If the power goes out again, you're woodcraft, you'll know where to find good firewood so we don't freeze."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Datsun and shifts to settle upon a seat next to Soriana. "It is what i said, right?" She questions with an amused tone and slight shake of her head before she sips at her mug while listening in on the conversation at hand.

A reluctant look is seen on Datsun's face at the incomprehensible words Soriana speaks, deciding to respond with his own terms, "Spokeshaves and tenon." A teasing wink, "I thought my terms were hard to memorize, but your Craft's terms trumps mine. I do not envy you…" A glance is given to the shown page of scale, "Should've used a Gold's leg instead of a bronze. They're bigger, if they were going for a bigger size." A shrug, chuckling. "'Course you would say that, but you're right. I have a nice supply of firewood since I use the wood stove out back every once in a while. Can't beat smoked wherry." Idrissa gets a nod of agreement, "It is what you said. I see your flit is still as horrible as ever." Ripley is eyed.

"…yeah, but I think yours are more amusing," Soriana admits to Datsun with a grin, then nods. "Yeah, I mean… really, they should have done green and gold, to show both ends of the scale." Not like the textbook authors asked her, though, so she just shrugs about it, then laughs. "See? And you've got snacks to go with the firewood, even." She reaches out to risk life and fingers and give Ripley a pet.

Idrissa peers over at Soriana, well she does have to sort of agree with that idea with the gold leg over the bronze! She hears Datsun and looks to him slightly, before looking to Ripley whom she scratches softly across his cheek. "His not horrible. His himself. His a good little firelizard." Ripley tilts his head and leans into the attentions, soft chirrups and croons escaping him, seems his happy at the moment!

"There are a few amusing terms, yeah… My favorite one is 'Dado'. That's what I'd name my kid if I ever do have one. I pity him or her." Datsun comments, "Why don't you do a revision of your book and give it to the Healers, then? I'm sure they'd appreciate it." Ripley is eyed again at Idrissa's comments, "Only when he's happy. I've seen quite a few victims from when he's not. I could use those claws as a woodcarving tool." Back to Soriana, "Aye, I do. Technology is nice and all, but nothing will beat the old ways, at least with me."

Dado? Really? Soriana looks ever so dubious. "I hope you warn your potential partners of that up front. It really wouldn't be fair to spring that on someone," she says, then hehs at the comment about her book. "Y'know, if I ever find myself with a month and nothing to do, I'll get right on that. There's plenty of details that could use fixing." She pets the oft-grumpy blue, and grins. No comment on that! But she does hmm to Datsun. "Yeah, I dunno, I like the new stuff. It's kinda neat. I just wish it didn't keep breaking."

Idrissa peers at them curiously. "Wait.. What is Dado for?" She seems confused, is that really surprize? A roll of her eyes may be picked up at the talk of her firelizard. "He hasn't went after that many people… An he went after a feline so I don't care what he does.

Datsun smiles at Soriana, "I'll have to find someone with 'do' in their name so they can't complain." A laugh, "Not really, but it'd be entertaining at least. You just missed your opportunity to do that. The ice made you miss classes, you could've filled your time with upgrading your books." The last of his sweetroll is eaten, licking the fingers clean before snapping them and pointing at Soriana, "You've hit the nail on the head. /That/ is why the old ways can't be beaten. However, I do admit I do like one particular piece of technology… photography." Idrissa gets a look at her question,
"Dado is a woodworking word. It means a slot cut into a piece of wood. Basically a groove. Dados hold the shelves in a bookshelf, for example."

"Be sure and tell them that part, too," says Soriana with a sweet smile and twinkling eyes. "They'll be charmed." She laughs, then, and shakes her head. "I said I missed classes, not that I was sitting around. I did double shifts in the infirmary for a while. … and that's only partly because it was warm there." She grins, then nods. "Yeah, well. I'm not going to skip the tech just because it might break, I'll just make sure there's someone around who knows how to deal with things when it does." She takes a sip of her klah, listening to the explanation. "Photos are pretty useful, yeah."

Idrissa ahs and nods to Datsun. "Alright, I'll just take your word for it." She has no idea about anything dealing with woodwork after all. Her gaze drifts back an forth between the two before she looks back to Datsun. "So, where all did you go while you was gone from Xanadu?" Rissa is a curious one today it seems. Ripley chitters and chirrups out from the perch on his persons shoulder.

Datsun drinks the last of his water before smiling and tilting his head at Soriana, "Why should I? I like to be full of surprises. If you don't keep your partner on their toes, they'll bore of you and leave you for someone else, after all. Smart of you to do that. Probably put you in their good graces as well." The empty cup is put down, "I'll use the technology, but I'll also make sure to have the old as backup. Wouldn't do to have something break on a job." Idrissa gains his eyes again and her question brings a smile to his lips, "The Beastcraft. You two aren't the only ones who have animals anymore now."

"Oh, I imagine that won't be a problem for you," Soriana replies. As for good graces, she shrugs. "I suppose so," she says, though it's clear that she didn't think that at the time. She nods agreement about having backups for technology, adding, "-and triple-check it, if it's something important." A momentary frown, and then she grins. "Oh? Did you get that gryph-hawk you were talking about?"

Idrissa eyes Datsun a few moments, pondering this new information it seems. She leans back in her seat, a soft ah escapes her. "I didn't know you was interested in the Beastcraft." Or did she know and then forget? Possible! "What sort of animal do you have then?"

"Why not? Animals are neat. If it weren't for them, our world would be a very boring place." Datsun answers Idrissa, "As for your question, Soriana got it right." A nod at Soriana in confirmation, "You have a sharp memory, after all. Aye, I have a Gryphhawk now. I sent in a request to do work at the Beastcraft Hall temporarily and my Master approved but he didn't know the real reason why." A shrug, "Anyway, Gryphhawks aren't like your Ripley. It's hard to find eggs and the list of people allowed to have one is small. I had to put in the training with others' Gryphhawk to learn how to handle them and all that stuff. They also need time to develop a bond, so I had to put in the work and time for mine from a baby to come back to me so
he didn't just fly off."

Soriana's got to have a good memory, or else she'd have no chance at all of memorizing those tempromandietals and paridibulars! She nevertheless grins as Datsun confirms her guess, nodding and listening curiously as he talks about them. "Sounds interesting!" she says. "I had to do some of that for Inkfoot, but… tunnelcats are a lot closer to tame than gryphhawks, sounds like." She shrugs a bit, then grins. "Can I see him sometime?"

"I remember you talking about the gryphhawk. I'm glad you was able to get one. I know how much you wanted it." Idrissa offers with a smile and nods. "I'm alright with what I have." You know the canine, two firelizards and now a runner she has /plenty/.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have been able to get Ash if I hadn't done the work and proven myself." Datsun chuckles in agreement with Idrissa, "You do have quite a collection. That's a lot of responsibility." Soriana gets another nod, "Sure, you can. You got it right again, gryphhawks are a lot more wild than tame. My bond with Ash isn't really one of emotion, at least not for him. He doesn't cuddle but he'll allow petting. It's more of a hunting partnership than anything else."

Soriana grins to Idrissa. "Not that it stops you from making googly eyes at all the other ones you don't have yet," she teases, then nods to Datsun. "Thanks," she says with a smile, then nods again as she listens. "Interesting," she says, then muses curiously, "I'd like to see how he hunts, sometime. If you don't mind the company, that is." She grins a bit. "I think I'd leave Inkfoot and Toral behind, though, just so your Ash doesn't get confused."

Idrissa blushes slightly and coughs a moent while letting her fingers tap against her mug. "Well yes… I didn't say I wouldn't still /look/ though." She points out with an amused tone and is grinning slightly. A nod is seen at the part on watching the hawk hunt. "I'd like to as well. I bet it is interesting."

"I'll let you girls know when we go hunting." answers Datsun to Soriana, chuckling at her last, "Good idea. I like Inkfoot too much. But Ash will hunt with a small canine. Gryphhawks are social animals, so they hunt together sometimes. Ash's been trained to differentiate canine from prey. I might get a canine at some point…" He ponders this as he smirks at Idrissa, "I think you'll ogle Ash quite a bit. He's very handsome, more than even I."

"Thanks," says Soriana again, then huhs and nods. "If he can hunt with a canine, he can probably learn to hunt with a tunnelcat," she says. "Inkfoot and Toral hunt together, with Inkfoot flushing game and Toral swooping on it. Buuuut yeah." She's not about to risk her ferret without making sure this Ash is not just trained but well trained. At the last there, she grins. "Oh, well, that's definitely saying something." But what?

Idrissa hums at that and nods at the idea. "That is different. Never heard of anything like that before." She eyes Datsun curiously and soon chuckles. "Please, your handsome?" There is a poke sent towards his arm.

"Probably, since Inkfoot's already used to flushing game out. It sounds like he basically does what the canines do, go down into tunnels and run them out or into dense bush. I'll have to consult with a Beastcrafter first, though, I wouldn't want to risk Inkfoot." As he's poked by Idrissa, he sticks his tongue out at her. "I'd like to think so, at least." Soriana's words get one eyebrow raised, "And what does that mean?" His curiousity is aroused now, grinning.

Soriana nods her agreement to Datsun's assessment. "Pretty much. More the tunnels than the brush." Not that he doesn't do both from time to time, but there's a reason they call 'em tunnelcats. "Yeah, that definitely sounds like a question for the beastcraft. Might have to send a letter back to one of the experts at the hall." The bit about not risking Inkfoot gets a double (maybe triple?) nod, and then she leaves that subject for now to grin back. "That it's a thing! A thing you said." She grins wider. "Quite possibly even a true thing!"

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods to Datsun. "Sure, nothing wrong with thinking like that." This said with an amused tone. She glances to Soriana and titls her head. "A thing huh?.. Must be a rather special thing indeed."

"Hence their name, tunnelcats." teases Datsun, "Aye, I'll have to drop them a line soon." For her answer, she gets both narrowed eyes, "Thanks. Thanks a lot for helping my self-esteem." Soriana gets another tongue stuck out. "Fine, be cryptic. I have the morning shift anyway." A wrinkle of his nose as he reaches out suddenly to poke at Soriana's side, grabbing the empty cup after and rising from his seat to try and escape the response, moving towards the bin of dirty dishes.

Soriana nods sagely. Tunnelcats in tunnels. It's like a name made in… uh… a very practical part of the Beastcraft. "Hey now," she retorts. "You're the one who claimed a gryphhawk was more attractive than you! I was just agreeing!" How kind she i- "Eep!" That's for the poke in her side, a twitch and sudden tensing of her body that gives Datsun his chance to flee. She mock-glares after him, narrowed eyes and a grin she can't help. "Yeah, well, now you've just got something to think about! Sothere!" she calls after him.

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