Letters In Absense, Part 2

Another span of days pass before one of Ru'ien's firelizards show up. This time, it's not Aoba, but his brown, Ren, who is waiting patiently for his burden to be delivered. What excitement there may be over another written reply may be short lived, as it addresses little of the previous conversation and, instead, takes a much different turn.


Am I a terrible person? I happened to run across a goldriding friend of yours and she had a lot to say about me! What did you tell her!? I mean, she wasn't entirely off the mark with some of it but the rest?

(insert the saddest looking doodle, in his usual style)

She made it sound like you're not doing well either. So… which is it? Are you okay?


P.S. Just kidding about being all butthurt! I could care less what Alexa thinks of me. Only thing I care about is that she seems like a very good friend to have. I dunno what pissed her off but hey, you have someone willing to defend you and that's… priceless, y'know? Keep her close, Matty.

As always it’s Acacia that shows up— not the same day or even within a few— but nearly a full sevenday following the last reply and at a time of day in which Ru’ien can be found in the general vicinity of his cot within the barracks. She flutters, she looks puffy and flighty, dropping the rolled parchment that is M’ti’s correspondence. With a chirp, she disappears between again.


No, you aren’t a terrible person. I am so sorry for Alexa, she seems bound and determined not to like you and that’s entirely my fault. I’m not very good at explaining things and unfortunately it looks like once she’s got an idea in her head, she runs with it full gallop.

Honestly, I can’t believe she actually went and bothered you at Xanadu, and I will be talking to her about that. While I love that she cares enough to try and defend me, you’re still a weyrling and a complete stranger to her; she shouldn’t have approached you as she did.

I hope both you and Kihatsuth are okay. While you may say that you don’t care what she thinks of you, I do worry and I assure you that whatever impression she might have given: Her opinion doesn’t reflect in the least how I feel about you.

Please, don’t take anything she said to heart.

Despite whatever my well meaning, but very misguided best friend might have said, I’m as good as can be expected right now. Recently I’ve gotten very busy with crafting duties, as there is a little less than two turns between me and Journeyman status. They’ve already begun to ask for final examples of my work, broken down into categories and subcategories, and no pressure really. No pressure at all.

(doodle of a rather frazzled and googly-eyed caricature of himself)


P.S. I am so very sorry again, Ru. You didn’t ask for any of this, and I feel terrible. I will try and explain as best I can— this and everything else— once we can meet safely face to face. That is, if you still want to.

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