Staring at a Weyrleader

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Seems that things are changing all over Pern these days, not just the seasons, but new people milling about, new family, self-proclaimed recluses venturing to new territories on a regular basis… and even a new WL?! Zahleizjah has been going through quite the metamorphosis herself, attempting to understand more about life on Pern as she knows it. Something that cannot be done when hiding in the shadows. One that that is for certain, is that the Starcrafter has been spending quite a bit of time at Xanadu's lovely observatory lately, and even more so now that A'dmar's sticking around these parts. Speaking of.. where is that bronzer? The raven haired lass wanders in to the caverns, post dinner, but still busy enough for her to have to slink past a few people for a mug of klah and a small plate of meatrolls and veggie. "Scuse me.. pardon me.." she says, slipping in to a chair at a large table with no one else sitting at it. A deep breath as she settles in to her fist sip of warm brew, a bite soon to be chomped on as well.

Mikal emerges from the direction of the infirmary. Tired from working his last shift there he stretches his arms over her head as he walks he simply lets his gaze sweep the cavern to see who's here today.

Idrissa made it to dinner, which for her is a very rare thing. At the moment she is sitting off at a table, seemingly on her own, save for a pair of firelizards that are working at a the bits of meatrool she left on her plate. She has a book open in front of her, though she doesn't seem to be reading at the moment, more like half asleep and the book is being her pillow at the moment.

The adjustment has been easier for some than others. Up until this point, A'dmar has been slippery enough to sneak through the caverns unseen and unmolested by the population of the Weyr, spending most of his time learning the 'desk' as they say, having computers and radios brought up to the offices now marked as partically his. Today, he can't avoid the caverns, or he chooses to head directly into them. There's a purpose for it, if one couldn't tell from the gait that he takes when he crosses the room. One messenger or the next had told him of the arrival of his daughter and every moment spent with the raven haired girl is a moment all too precious to the man. It's just… awkward now for him, walking through the busy caverns with that heavy Weyrleader knot on his shoulder. It was ugly compared to the rest of his attire, clearly! He fancied himself in a tawny sweater with white fur trim along the collar and down the lapels, buttoned up and long sleeved, with heavy trousers paired on his hips. Dressed for the ice-weyr that Xanadu currently is. His dark exotic gaze finds his daughter in the crowd, stepping around the greetings if any that are sent his way, being sure to respond with a stiff and resolute gestures to acknowledge any. Once he's at that large table, his hand rests on the back of the chair Zahl just climbed into, "You made it."

Zahleizjah sips and nibbles, working away at her meatroll as Ztyrian and Braczek pop in from their /between/ lessons as the chocolately not-so super tiny hatchling flutters in after bronze, concentration and breath held just as instructed. The pair leaflet to their human's shoulder, chortling and warbling, obviously wanting their share. Pieces are ripped from one roll with a giggle and fed to the pair who gobble them down. There's a squawk and a slight jump from the Starcrafter as hands come down on her chair and pull her from people watching and observations of those nearby, just when she had pondered what book was being read and recognized Mikal too. "Ohh, father.. Sir.. A'dmar.. what do I even call you now?" She giggles and settles back in to her seat, pushing out the closest one nearby "You startled me.." she says before adding "Congratulations and I've missed you.. I got the news soon after. Things have been so busy for us both. How have things been?"

His steps towards the food table falter, Mikal stops and stares for a second towards the now spied A'dmar. Finally he tears his gaze away and starts to fill his plate. He steals quick looks over to A'dmar and now Zah as she's also seen.

Voices, there are some around near by her to some degree and this is enough to make Idrissa open her eyes and peers around. She coughs a moment and gives her head a shake, rubbing at her eyes a few times in the process. At least she wasn't drooling or something in her sleep cause that would just be embarassing. She picks up her mug and takes a sip from it while working on waking up more it would seem.

A'dmar sweeps a hand across his daughter's shoulder, fingers squeezing comfortingly as she settles down from nearly jumping out of her skin, apologizing with a frank and level tone, "Forgive me. It's not in me to do that on purpose," he insists as he regards the chair that is pushed out for him, taking the invitation easily, sliding into it and pulling it closer to the table. He can't help but feel the need to glance up, dark gaze skimming his surroundings and those who are staring at him. He's used to it though, what with having flown around with colorful banners and streamers attached to his flight suit and his dragon's straps when business needed some marketing. Yet, this time it was different. There are judgements in those levied looks. At least Zahleizjah's giggles put him back on track, retorting, "I've gained a title, not a seperate identity and I would not have my own flesh and blood forgetting my name." His eyes lift again, catching Mikal's curious gazes stolen their way. His eyes turn back to Zahl, "Busy… Yes. Have you considered my proposal? I sent you an inquiry shortly after I settled affairs in Ierne for the time being. I would like you here at Xanadu, you know this." The coughs from Idrissa's direction have him flash his eyes her way as well, brief, momentary, simply observing for now.

Zahleizjah grins, a slight blushed tint trickling across her cheeks "No worries pops…" She catches Mikal's glimpse at the perfect moment and sends a wave his direction, eyes briefly watching as Idrissa goes for a refill. Her neck cranes, looking up towards the bronzerider, gaze following him as he sits. It's nice to have family, the former orphan thinks to herself. She sips from her mug and the gentlemanly pair of firelizards on her shoulder give a crooning greeting. "Of course… you'll always be the same A'dmar to me.. title or not." Her expression shows obvious adoration, a daughter proud of her father, even if they hardly know each other. The next talk of business from the WL has her nodding, gulping and smiling. "I'm honored and flattered that you'd like me close. I have some loose ends to tie up at Western before I'm able to transfer, but I think I should be cleared within the fortnight.." she saves the flurry of emotions welling inside for another time. Smiles sent to Idrissa and Mikal again.. this must be what it feels like to be the WL's daughter…

Mikal certainly recognizes Zah so she gets a quick smile and wave her direction. Now he seems torn. Certainly he wouldn't mind joining her table to perhaps chat with her but hesitation colors his expression as A'dmar's also at the same table. After all, plenty of rumors have swirled around the weyr regarding the man. Swallowing his uncertainty he takes his plate of food and mug and approaches their table slowly. "Mind if I um…join?"

Idrissa doesn't catch on right a way that there are others looking at her, an when she does she peers over towards A'dmar and Zahleizjah and just blinks a few times. A soft ah escapes her and she sinks down a bit in her seat, attemping to hide, not that it is possible. This is her normal reaction to people she doesn't know, not just because one of them is the new Windleader. Not that they would know this as neither of them know her after all. She peeks over her mug slightly as she watches while Mikal is over speaking to them.

Notoriety for his dragon's doing is not what he's accustomed to. Hard work and long hours has put him in a respectable station in Ierne, a dedicated businessman that is relentless in the pursuit of success. This, this was different. But at least his daughter is happy enough for him, grateful that she still views him as A'dmar, a man, not a rank. His hand moves to settle against her own in some affection he intends to show from father to daughter, despite the distances and time which has kept them apart. He's unable to surpress a tight smile at her consent to moving to Xanadu, "It will give us time that we haven't had before and if you ever feel like you wish to return to Western, I'll take you there myself." Ensured, so she felt no pressure in having to abandon the home she assumed for herself. The man's dark gaze lifts when he seems to feel the presence and indeed, upon spotting Mikal, of someone interrupting them. Regardless, a polite indication is given to the available chairs, "You are here now, so join us. Do you know one another?" he asks with a casual flicker of his gaze between his daughter and this boy…

Zahleizjah pushes back in her chair slightly as rider's hand meets her own, opening up the seating arrangement a bit as she leans in for a hug from the sienna skinned man. "It will be nice.. I don't really know what having family is like anymore, but I am looking forward to finding out. I also thank you for that option and freedom.. with Xanadu's observatory, and so many nice people.. I don't think I'll have any problems settling in.." This is strange for this reserved introvert, maybe a new leaf is turning.. well half way at least. She'll always be a night-owl, and probably pretty awkward for some time to come, but she's at least mastering the basics of conversation and greetings and whatnot. As Mikal approaches, she beams and looks towards her father "Oh please do.." she give a little glare towards the slightly stern bronzer "Yes we do.. vaguely from my time around here at the Observatory. Mikal this is A'dmar, A'dmar Mikal.." She's even capable of introductions now, or at least talking to more than one person in situations where they need to be made. Leaps and bounds for this little lady, though a great deal of respect is given to Idrissa, her current personality traits rather familiar for this slow-blooming wallflower.

Mikal settles into the chair with a thunk which draws a complaint from the small green perched on a padded shoulder. "Sorry El.." mutters Mikal. "And I meetcha both at the hatching." he adds after a moments stare at A'dmar. "Nice to meetcha." is finally said. "I've been meaning to get up there at night sometime for you to show me some of the stars. Never studied them much when I was younger."

From the horribly, terribly, remarkably frigid outside comes the abominable snow-ka-el! He doesn't like this biting cold one bit. He's hot blooded! (or so he'd try to convince anyone who'd ask). Heat and fire are his thing. Cold and ice? His kryptonite. And thus it's with layers upon layers that he's shielded himself to get from the forge to the Caverns for a meal: A black sweater, beneath a jacket, beneath another jacket, beneath a hooded cloak, complete with gloves and a knitted cap pulled down over his ears and down to his brows. He's glad for the cavern's warmth, and upon arriving and taking care of the snow on his boots with a bit of stamping, he heads towards the source of the heat without bothering to peel any of his winter attire off, and thus looking very much like .. well, an abominable snow person. Or a plump hooded assassin. Whichever. Fireplace, here he comes!

Idrissa is a bit surprised that Mikal is actually over and talking to A'dmar after what was brought up the other night by the boy. Wallflower could be a good middle name for this one. She continues to listen in on what bits and pieces she can pick up, her gaze is back to the book that is before her though. Stars, she heard the bit on stars, stars are great! She's been to the observatory, and almost pipes up to comment on that but at the last moment stops herself. At the movement of someone new is caught Rissa glances over curiously to watch the hooded snow person and just blinks while watching.

A'dmar won't resist a hug from his daughter, comforting her briefly in that moment of excitement and gratitude for his invitation. More people he'll fill the Weyr up with, to the gossip's favor that is! He nods at her excitement, "It'd be nice to have you around," especially since he was in such unfamiliar territory. What happens from here on out will be a new adventure for both of them, for better or worse. His gaze turns to watch the interaction between his daughter and this boy, Mikal. Instead he reflects on the name and responds as if having several turns of practice being politically refined, "Pleasure to meet you Mikal. Forgive me but I do not recall meeting you… It was an eventuful day." It sure was! For him at least. He lets them go on about the starcraft and the observatory, turning his dark gaze on Zahl, "Perhaps you'll show me the Observatory. I haven't had much time to see everything Xanadu has to offer."

Mikal would totally stick his tongue out at Idrissa if he knew her thoughts. Perhaps he's coming over to check out the rumors for himself. Or perhaps he thinks Zah's hot? Either way he's here and nibbling on a bite of meat roll before tearing off some for the green on his shoulder who's leaning down for her fair share. Or what she thinks is her fair share which would be most of his plate if she had her way. At A'dmar's apologies for not remembering him he merely shrugs. "S'okay, it was an interesting evening. A friend of yours impressed the gold?" he arches a brow in slight question at that. Man he's feeling bold tonight! However he does draw silent to eat some more, his body twisting to watch the entrance of the Kalesnowman.

Zahleizjah nods and claps her hands together gently for that aha! moment "Ahh yes.. that's right.. and at the hatching as well. Whew.. that was a rather toasty and excitement filled experience. I'll never get over those crazy hatchlings.. wonder how those 'lings are doing now??" She's heard some rumors, who knows if they're true… now is not the time to share. A brisk chill comes in with the Kale-sicle and Zah pulls her overcoat across her chest tightly as she snuggles down, sending a wave Kale's direction with a "Hello there!, reaching for more klah-sippage. Who knows what flies around these dwellings, everyone's got an opinion, and everyone is entitled to that freedom. Ahh it's a wonderful place, this Pern! And then there's the stars! Something Zahl could talk about and stare at for nights "Most definitely Mikal.. I've been thinking it might be nice to host a small gather up there some time? I'd of course have to get clearance from…" she pauses, sending a smirk towards the WL "You.. and Thea, of course.. might be a lovely way to help everyone settle in to all these.. changes.." she tries to lighten the atmosphere realizing that A'dmar might be a slight be protective in this moment, she smiles back fondly "I'd love to take you there some time pops.." As for Mikal, had she even considered? The girl hasn't made it that far yet.

Was that hello for him? Kale isn't sure, his vision as shrouded as it is. In case it was, he waves a gloved hand in a general forward direction, waving to whoever as he's guided like a moth to a flame towards the fireplace. Ahhhh…fire! He seems ready to jump right in, but gladly he does not and instead pauses just a handful of feet from the hearth, allowing the heat to warm his flushed face as he exhales happily. He stands there a moment and allows the seconds to tick by a while before he finally begins to unwrap himself. His hood is pulled back and the snug cap pulled off of his head, revealing his face and causing his hair to stand up every which way. He shudders, then pulls off his gloves to free his hands so that his heavy jacket can be unzipped. This is such a process! He partially turns now to gaze upon the tables and patrons while he works on thinning himself. Friends are spotted in the form of Mikal and Idrissa, both of whom earn a wave, though the wordless greeting somewhat falters as his glimpses the other pair of faces at Mikal's table.

Idrissa is rather glad that Mikal does not know what she is thinking then, even if it is just a teasing childish thought of sticking ones tongue out at another! Her bright gaze stays on the person whom is still all done up like a snowman. Once she sees whom it is a smirk is caught. "What did you do, get kicked into a snow bank or something?" Well it looks that way. The question is for Kale, as no one else is covered in snow and walking around at the moment after all.

A'dmar keeps his dark eyes lifting and on the pivot every few moments, as if anticipating some rally against his Ierne threat - no doubt having heard the rumors and those who were doing more than just grumbling at the influx of 'strangers' into Xanadu. His eyes spot the frozen Kale, to Idrissa who is trying to avoid being seen, back to the young man with the bold questions, fair as they are. To Mikal, there is a straight forward answer, but not revealing much nor correcting Mikal's assumption, "Etzlix. Yes, she impressed the gold." There are reservations about being so open to people who would lynch him all the same, remarking absently to Zahl, "The weyrlings are busy with their lessons." As if he's checked, once or twice, maybe. He excuses himself for some klah, pushing himself up out of the chair to wander casually and unhurriedly toward the pot, nodding to the kitchen server whose tending the pot as it be. Once he comes back with the steaming mug, his gaze regards his daughter who speaks of gathers, "Have you ever planned a gather before?" Stated simply, rejoining the table, rather inanimate and certainly in all ways square. It's his armor, complete with deadpan tone and hard to read expressions.

Mikal wouldn't admit in a hundred turns if he actually liked her or not. After all, she's older than he. "A small gather up there sounds fun." admits the youth, his gaze still shifted towards Kale now that he sees who it is. A worried look crosses his expression as he glances to the two at the table with him and back to Kale. What's he worried for? Hard to say but he continues to look concerned. He returns to eating and sneaking quick peeks towards A'dmar. An answer dances unspoken but he's not got the courage to ask it yet. But he watches!

From the direction of the infirmary Mikal's name can be heard. The youth pales briefly before standing in a hurry. "Gotta go!" he says quickly. His half eaten plate is forgotten as he dashes away.

Zahleizjah may very well have spoken out of half fear for what might be lurking beneath bundled pile of clothes and snow, nothing like some awkwardness to break the ice. The Starcrafter is relieved when the layers reveal another slightly familiar face, associated with the present circle minus herself and A'dmar. "Ugh it's awful out there.. hardly recognized you Kale.. looked like a snowmonster or something.. good camouflage I guess?" Alright enough rambling, she leans forward in her chair, straightening from the half slouch she'd fallen in to. "Aye.. busy they are.." she sips from her mug "Busy we all are it seems.." glass is raised and she sips again before shaking her head "Can't say that I have.. I can imagine it'd take some work.. food, and drinks, and invitations, and decorations.." busy busy busy. "Yes.. a small gather…" she giggles nodding towards Mikal.

Kale's eyes linger on A'dmar until he moves for that klah pot, at which point his gaze shifts back to the fire as he pulls his outmost jacket off to drape upon the arm of the nearby sofa. His other things soon get piled there too until he's left with just his sweater, which should be enough now that he's inside. "Maybe," he replies to Idrissa, his attention shifting to her, a half smirk making its way upon his lips. "Now wouldn't you feel sorry if I did and here you are making fun of me." Hearing his name being spoken by a less familiar voice has his eyes moving again, this time resting on Zahleizjah. Recognition flickers in his gaze, and he begins to speak, but A'dmar's reappearance puts a halt to his words. A glance is given to him and his knot (if he is in fact wearing his purdy new one!) before he looks back to Zah with a muted smile. "I guess," he echoes. "Good to see you again." He won't even attempt her name. He finally moves away from the blaze, eyes glancing from occupied table to occupied table, seeking one. "Are you eating?" asked of Idrissa when he gets near.

Idrissa folds her arms upon the table while watching Kale, she looks amused at least. "Well I suppose I would feel bad for a few moments at least. After that who knows." A faint grin is even seen for a moment. Seems she is a bit more at ease when one of her friends is around. Her gaze turns curiously towards Zahleizjah as she seems to know Kale, though she is only curious in the manner of how they know one another. "Naw, I finshed a bit ago. Ripley and Willow cleared up what was left. I actually made it to dinner while it was still dinner." Which should be a surprize to Kale.

"When you transfer," this to his daughter, "I will have you speak to the headwoman about it. I imagine you would like some involvement in your own idea." At least he offers his daughter that much independence, under the direct supervision of the headwoman and her assistants of course. The dark sienna skinned man lifts his mug of klah, blowing the steam across the rim, suffering the continued stares from those who are lacking the same courage of Mikal, which he compliments toward Zahl once the boy has walked off, "At least the boy has a backbone." As for Kale's glance, he's not wearing a purdy new one, he's wearing Xe'ter's old one, the new one yet to be complete from its commission in Ierne - where else would it be created? The man is pro-Weyrhold. The man doesn't really react to the stares or the continued looks, trying to ignore them and being pointed about it too. What does draw A'dmar's attention to the smith is the way Kale briefly acknowledges his daughter that causes A'dmar to hold his dark gaze to the boy, but something else triggers. The kid Thea was going to make Weyrsecond. "You seem to know quite a few of these youngsters," this addressed to his daughter, "I have no reason to believe you'd have trouble settling here." He encourages Zahl with a nudge toward the group of teens, "Go. Sitting with me won't win you any friends."

Names, pff. Now, Sori, you can call her anything you like… and today, that includes late to dinner, on account of how she is. Not that she's the only one. The flight, icestorm and ensuing chaos has thrown off the schedules of a fair bit of Xanadu. Still, she arrives now, in far fewer layers than Kale was. She's not even shivering! Her gaze on arrival settles first on A'dmar, but she just gives a slight thoughtful nod at the sight of Xanadu's new Weyrleader, back again. Why, there's even a trace of a smile there! Or was that just a precursor to the one she gives as she waves to Zahleizjah with him. From there, her attention goes on to Idrissa and Kale, waving to each, and after that, she moves on to important things. Things like a mug of hot klah and some food.

Zahleizjah smiles at Kale with a nod of her head "And good to see you too.. now that we can actually see you.. would you like some klah?" She offers, figuring a warm drink is in store. Those curious gazes from Idrissa are noticed via peripheral vision, which definitely make her feel less inclined to just throw out introductions. A'dmar's distraction has her attention back to their own table nearby "Aye.. Thea yes? I look forward to meeting with her.. and I'd definitely like to share input though a collaboration is always welcome." Maybe she'll do ok at this slightly less awkward interactions thing. As for Mikal, there's a wave and shrug on further comments. Enter Soriana, another slightly familiar face.. the poor recluse hadn't even considered what being the new WL's daughter would look like for her image. Wait a second image? What is happened here, Zah actually thinking about how she reflects to the rest of Pern?! "Oh I umm.. really? I didn't even.." Her honeyed gaze meets his and she trows her arms around the bronzer "I love you pops.. lets work on this gather thing together ok? It'll be fun.." and then the girl rearranges with the welcomed wave from Soriana "Good to see you again Soriana! How're those night shifts treating you these days?"

Kale pauses at Idrissa's table, pressing his fingers against the tabletop as he considers her. "Only a few moments? Nah. I figure you'll be so consumed with .. ah, guilt that you'd indebt yourself to me," he says with a smirk. "I've always wondered what it'd be like to have my very own apprentice.." Also known as servant! Mwuaha. "You mean your firelizards haven't abandoned you like mine?" He exhales a woeful sigh here. "I've also always wondered what it'd be like to have a firelizard who'd butcher through the cold with me instead've popping off every chance he gets to warmer places.." Another minor head shake here before his smirk resurfaces. Oh hey, there's Soriana, who gets a wave of a hand before the offer of klah has his eyes shifting to Zahleizjah. "That is my next stop, now that my insides have thawed a bit." And, to prove it, he goes to get him a cup!

A'dmar's eyes pop wide when Zahl throws her arms around him in an all too surprising hug. What the?! He's not accustomed to abrupt and unexplained displays of affection, so at first he tenses and seems awkward, before he pats her gently to return the hug. His lips thin at her announcement of love and he shoos her with a hand, "Later my daughter. You should go meet with your friends and join them…" since she clearly knows them all, "I have things I must at…attend to." He stumbles there, maybe an excuse or did he really have things on the boil? A mix of both no doubt. But he doesn't give the girl any time to doubt it. He stands with his mug of klah, kisses the top of her head, and then wanders back the way he came, toward the administration Hallway.

Idrissa just peers back at Kale, watching him for a few moments. "Oh your so funny. I don't think that will ever happen." Evereverever happen in fact. "I suppose with Ripley it sort of is a given. He hasn't really left my side since the whole swap thing." The blue firelizard can't fly very well which could be a reason too. She catches sight of Soriana and waves back towards her friend. "Hey, get me another mug of cider would you Kale?" Well he is going that way after all.

"At least they're warm!" Soriana says back to Zahl with a grin. "Things are starting to settle down again, finally." There's a sigh of relief there, and then she's grinning to Kale as he too picks up some klah… and gets given a task by Idrissa. It's like that hoped-for servitude is the opposite way around! "They're finally letting you out again, huh?" she says of him, then glances back to his outerwear. "…but only under protest, I see." She grins, and after she's got her drink and leftovers, heads on back in time to see A'dmar heading off back to the admin hall. She glances to Zahl, and hehs. "Better get used to that," she says with a tilt of her head. "That stuff eats all their time and then some." There's the voice of experience there, given her mother the Junior Weyrwoman.

Zahleizjah shrugs, knowing she's not very good at communicating so she's not surprised when Kale grabs his own beverage. The Raven haired girl looks in to her mug, sipping a few more GLUGS till it's gone and setting it on the table. The reactions from A'dmar also seem right on par with her expectations, uncertain of where that L-word even came from. Must just be a mushy girl kinda moment! "See you soon pops.." she wouldn't go as far as to say she actually /knows/ them, but as the interactions slowly compile, maybe this introvert might actually make some friends in her soon to be new digs. A giggle is the response to Soriana's observations "Aye.. to warmth indeed! Glad to hear things are settling down." She looks towards A'dmars departure and shrugs a response "WEll I've never really known what it's like t'have a father anyway so even little bits are better than nothing I guess.." a sad expression is sent towards Kale when he returns "Y'mean your little beasties just up and left for the beaches or something?" The girl doesn't know much about their wild antics, feeling lucky her little friends are low maintenance. The pair squawk in unison.

Woah…wait a second. How did he turn into the servant? Idrissa's command gives Kale pause, glancing over his shoulder to give her …. yes, you know it's coming…. a Look. "I'll think about it," he replies to her, punctuating it with a smirk. And now, to the klah! And Sori, who happens to be by the klah as well. "Yes. And just in time." He gestures to his discarded overload of layers over there on the sofa. "All that is worth it because I was about to lose my mind if I had to listen to Tej's snore another minute I'd've thrown myself in a forge headfirst. You heard him. Louder than a hammer but far more annoying. And can you imagine what it's like being stuck with Shahani all day?" He pours himself klah and a second cup with cider to carry carefully back to Idrissa, catching A'dmar's departure. He sets both his and Idrissa's drink down, sliding hers her way as Soriana gives her sage advice. Wait a second. Blue eyes flit back to Zahleizjah now, the question of the whereabouts of his firelizard unheard. Or seemingly unheard, anyway. "Wait. He's your father?" Did he know this? Apparently not!

Friends are one of those things that just sort of happen by accident sometimes. Eventually, you look back and realize that you turn out to know some of those people you keep seeing around! Soriana laughs to Kale. "Could be worse. He could… uh… be another Shahani." She grins, then does the same for Zahl as she gets back. "I hope you're doing okay in the observatory! The wind's got to be something fierce up on that hill…" she says. As for the question of firelizards, she shrugs. "Mine are here and gone again. At the moment, Toral's off with Inkfoot and Haruhi's glaring at the bakers for being too noisy."

Zahleizjah is, slightly embarrassed, she's been found out.. not that she was trying to hide it.. not until A'dmar mentioned that being the WL's mini won't 'win her any friends' and suddenly she's feeling self conscious about it. Blushing cannot be contained, red roses blooming behind those freckles and head nods slowly "Umm.. ayyup.. as of this turn.. A'dmar is my rediscovered father.. and apparently the new Weyr Leader as I was recently informed…" awwwwkkk-warrrrrdddd!! She's quick to move on fromt he sad 'lizard convo though, doesn't sound fun losing a friend like that and it kinda reminds her of the emptiness from being left on the Sands at Western. As for the friend thing, Zah is working on figuring that bit out. What exactly constitutes a friendship over a tolerance? She knows she's awkward, and if nothing more she's glad she's not Shahani at this moment. A warm smile follows Soriana's considerations and she nods "Aye.. s'been a doozy up there, but we've been making daily advancements still. N'on that note we were just talking about having a small gather up there once this storm clears. We're passing the nearest galaxy at the closest range it's ever been observed.. we will literally be able to see the edge of other planetary groups through the telescope. It'd be wonderful to share the experience and a good excuse to throw a party too!"

Kale finds himself staring at Zahleizjah, perhaps searching for a resemblance. Or perhaps trying to look deep down into her DNA with just his eyes for proof of this alleged familial relationship himself. Though A'dmar is long gone, he glances in the direction in which he departed again anyway, as if by seeing him again will be enough to either confirm or deny her claims. "Rediscovered?" Since his X-ray staring tactic did not work, he decides the best way is the old fashioned 'asking questions' bit, if he can find a way ot interject himself within the conversation of stars and galaxies and … oh hey, did someone say party??

Soriana nods a little to the mention of the A'dmar-Zahl relationship, though she looks curiously at that blush, and when Kale asks his question, she adds a sub-question. "A flight?" That's the educatd weyr guess for why a father might be lost and reunited, anyhow. Regardless, she's certainly not recoiling in shock now that she knows, so… maybe it won't be a total social relationship killer! One can hope. She nods at the talk of the goings-on at the Observatory, then grins. "Oh, that sounds fun. We'll totally come… oh, and you could get star-shaped cookies for it!"

Their resemblance is not too far off; his skin much more tanned than hers that has hidden from Rukbat for so many turns, but the features are all there from the overall darkness, her hair (again not bleached by the sun) streamline jawline, deep-set, large eyes, a nose unique to their region (though, fortunately, hers is much more petite and girly). It is true, and she hates it, that much of genetic composition came from her mother's side; the ridiculous shade of her eyes, the freckles and the slight tinge of pasty undertone to semi-tanned skin. Needless to say, the girl notices that Kale is straight out staring at her, and this just makes for more awkwardness as she tries to explain away "Umm.. s'kinda a long story. Wish it was flight complications, but basically m'mum stole me when I was 6.. we were in a nasty shipwreck, I was the only survivor, n'I lost my memory for the greater part o the last decade. I always just thought I was another Weyrbrat orphan.. come to find out he'd been searching the whole time.. and well I had nightmares.. often.. n'these ultimately helped piece it all together." She'd much rather talk about stars and galaxies all night, that is for sure, and thanks to Soriana she jumps right on board "That is so perfect! Star shaped cookies! Wonderful idea and I'd love it if you could both come.. in fact if you were interested in any of the collaboration efforts I'll extend an invitation there as well.. star-shaped cookies.. genius.." her mind is whirling "Oh goodness.. speaking of stars and business it's about time for my watch. Pleasure sharing some Klah time. Looking forward to seeing your three around again soon and invitations will be headed your direction soon!" She stand and departs, bundling up with her extra layers before retreating to seek shelter in her temporary digs.

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