Egg Touching - Gold Promith x Bronze Lyrath

This log is from Tylynn's point of view - the italicized poses are egg poses to her.


Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The vast bowl of the Hatching building is filled with sand, a fine yellow dune indoors. There are marks on the sands, large claw prints where dragons have walked before you, and a few smaller human prints. The sands themselves are hot, bruning through the soles of your footware… you do well to tread lightly.

Standing here you are overwhelmed by the room's vast size, and its highbeamed ceiling. All around you the walls curve high to separate the elevated seats of the Galleries from the sands below. In this room, golden Promith appears to be normal sized; you, on the other hand, appear miniscule. It is a humbling experience that draws you to silent reflection.

Cloud Burst Egg Morning Dew Egg Serenity Egg
Feather Puff Egg Ebony Swirl Egg Tsunami Egg
Sunlight Glory Egg Fall Foilage Red Egg Winking Constellation Egg
Teardrop Meadow Egg

Tylynn jogs in and salutes, looking worried.

Lanec kneels by the Sunlight Glory Egg resting my hands on it

Drawing back, Lymera stares thoughtfully at the egg; the deep green of her eyes sparking with their own touch of starlight, twinkling across the surface of the gems. Again, Lymera moves forward, in slow motion, to spread her fingers across the egg, fingertips each touching a pinprick of starlight; palms stretched across the shell as if to claim constellations.

Lanec smiles and leans over the egg resting my cheek on it as i begin to cry

Tylynn catches her breath and watches the other candidates at the eggs, taking in the varying color and sizes of the eggs.

Axiom moves on to the Feathr Puff egg and chukles at its fluffy like surface.

The grasp of Leann's teeth on her lip is loosened, allowing it to openly quiver, an effect of this momentous occasion. She's touching a gold egg. Eyes still closed, a stream of tears force their way between the lids to stream down her pale cheeks. Her previously ragged breath slows and levels, calmness pervades. One hand is two, fingers stretched as far as possible to cover the bulk of surface under her hand. Words, almost a chant, or possibly a song, lingers quietly about the still form of the candidate as she engrosses herself completely in the firey fog that surrounds her mind.

R'lann beckons to Tylynn, "It's okay, come and touch the eggs. Bow to the parents first."

Lanec rests against the Sunlight Glory Egg tears running down my cheesk but a smile on my face

Tylynn nods and walks (she thinks) calmly up to the proud Dragon parents, bowing respectfully. She smiles, nervously, wondering if they know what beautiful eggs they have.

Tylynn takes her first steps towards the ebony swirl egg, drawn by the swirling and mysterious appearance to its shell. She hesitently lays her fingertips on the egg's warm surface, trying to get a sense of what lies beneath.

Leann blinks rapidly, tears catching in her lashes and sprinkling about. She's back in the here and now, though her hands are still pressed quite firmly against the firey egg. A quick questioning glance is shot to the Weyrleader, all the while her fingers continue to caress.

R'ton crocks a brow as he looks at her. "What?" He mouths to her as she gets a stunned look on her face.

Tylynn senses silence at first and coldness then a questioning warmth in her mind and down her spine until it withdraws into the gloom again.

R'ton really wishes that she could stay there all night if Promith would let her but knowing that is not likely he nods. "Yes, you had better." He intends to ask later what that was all about.

Tylynn is obviously unprepared for the feeling of touching a dragon's egg. She gasps softly as she feels.. something.. and shivers almost in spite of herself. She leans closer, trying to press her palms, arms, cheek against the egg, almost as if trying to get through, or to answer..

Leann nods to R'ton, knowing she has reached her limit. There is the briefest of glances to the gold dragon hovering as she falls to the most daring feat. The motion is quick, for she fears for her life, but previously paled lips are now blushed, and with these she touches the overly warm shell. A quick kiss, though every ounce of her soul is transmitted in this gentle gesture. Fingers trail across the shell as she quickly backs away, nearly stumbling over her own feet as she tries to get away incase she has enraged the motherqueen.

Lanec smiles and gently caresses the egg with my cheek sending gentle thoughts of"rest well lil one Yoiur big day will soon be here

Tylynn becomes aware that the other candidates are starting to disengage and dreamily stands away from the egg. She looks almost dazedly, but definietly curiously at the weyrleader as she backs away. She can't help but look at the other eggs, wondering if touching the others would be anything like that…

R'ton smiles at Tylynn and grins. "Your turn."

Lanec stands b4 the egg mmy fingers trsiling in it the ters almost evaping b4 they hit the sand

Leann doesn't fall, but nearly collides with a passing candidate when she whirls about to peer at the bronzed dragon. Mouth agape, all is lost in a moment of wonderment.

Tylynn looks at R'ton and blinks, almost uncompreandingly. She's allowed to touch the Queen's egg? Avoiding the candidate who just stepped down, carefully, she looks up at the dragon parents before stepping, intimidated to the core, towards the dazzling egg.

Stunned to stillness, Leann's eyes wander wistfully back to the firetinted egg, her hand rushing up to wipe away the drying tears.

Suddenly realising that her legs are burning from her position on the sands, Lymera pulls herself up, before glancing around, green eyes moving from egg to egg until she finds her next target. Towards the Feather Puff she makes her way, stopping just short to behold it before moving forward to stroke the feathers, fingers running down what appears to be a soft shell.

R'lann smiles a little and nods to Tylynn with encouragement.

R'ton first looks to Leann and then back to his bronze with an arched brow. Shrugging it off until later he motions Tylynn up. "You can touch it. Promith has given you permission." The queen wuffles towards her standing still as the candidate approaches.

Leann's violet gaze only lingers a moment further, and then she turns. Wanting for comfort, her arms curl about herself as she wanders toward Lymera. Soft tones are spoken as she arrives at the other candidate's side, "That was amazing.. /This/ is amazing.. "

Tylynn returns R'lann's smile and nods at R'ton, still surprised. She takes a deep breath, remembering the feeling before… And reaches reverently to touch the firetinted egg with her palms.

Lymera almost seems to be feather soft herself, rather than her usual fireforged self. "I just… can't believe it." The candidate stammers in reply, the colour of her eyes rich with exhilleration. "It is, it is…" She trails off for a sight that might almost blow the feathers off the shell with it's strength. "I could almost do this all through the night. And the gold…" A delighted shiver finishes that sentence. lies beneath this shell, and that the Gold hovering above it allowed her tou tou touch it

The egg appears to vibrate under Lynn's hand almost transmitting a shock with its heat. It draws her in with its inviting warmth rippling under her fingertips. The golden queen within this egg almost seems to move as she touches its silky surface.

Leann nods agreeably, her silence following her as she wanders away. Not much you can say to that, Lymera put it all so eloquantly.

Lanec smiles noding in agreement the tears leving streaks on my cheeks whitch i dont seem to notice

Whatever her first experience, touching this egg is beyond it, if only because Lynn knows what lies beneath this shell, and that the Gold hovering above it allowed her touch it. Lynn loses herself briefly in what almost feels like a soft humm of the queen-to-be under her hands. Tears form unconsiously in the girl's eyes. Yes.. This is the moment which makes all worth it.

The egg appears to rock slowly back and forth under her finger tips suddenly stopping as a tear hits its surface and rolls down. The sands soak them in drying them as quickly as they fall from the burning heat of the egg.

Lanec kneels by the Feather Puff Egg grinning at the feathersd and smiling as i member watching seed puffs float through the air as i touch it

Turning slightly away from Leann, Lymera stares back at the feather puff egg; staring at it, she wiggles a little, legs pressing together. A few moments later, she wiggles again, crossing her legs as she stands. Then, with a roll of her eyes and a great sigh, she turns away from the egg to make her waddling way towards the exit, turning around to bow quickly, and urgently glance around for permission. "Ah, call of nature."

Tylynn wakes from the near-trance as the egg seems to almost rock under her hands, a smile of pure joy lighting her face. The heat of the sands is forgotten, and the only feeling she knows is of being almost comforted by the prescence of the egg. Her hands move gently over the smooth surface, marveling at the feeling of power inside.

R'ton smiles down at Tylynn. "Better move along so all the candidates can have a turn." Again he says this is a whisper regretful to have to be the one to tell the girl she must leave the egg.

Lanec smiles and relaxes into the floating touch my body sagging as I gently lay my cheek against the egg

Relieved beyond belief, by the grin on her lips, Lymera waddle runs out of the sands; from the entrance, a few phrases come floating in. "Excuse me!" "Let me pass!"

Tylynn glances up at R'ton and nods, standing slowly and reluctantly removing her hands from the firey egg's shell. She bows to the Gold and Bronze again before backing away slowly, loath to turn her eyes from the scene.

Tylynn looks at the other Candidates, smiling serenely. "It's amazing.." She murmurs the sentance to herself again as she glances at the other eggs.

R'ton watches Tylynn step away from the gold and then looks around at the males seeing who is not already at an egg. "Axiom? Would you like to come and touch Promiths Egg?"

Axiom blinks and nods slowly. "Yes. Id like that."

Leann has been hidden behind the Tsunami egg, but as she hears the invite to the boys her head pops up, eyes flooded with humor.

R'ton grins at the lad. "Come up then."

Tylynn wanders near Leann and tries to explain to her what she felt in whispered tones. She looks out at the other eggs, and all that can be heard is, ".. Amazing… All of them." Tylynn is still a little too awed to touch another egg, but eyes the tsunami and cloud burst eggs.

Lanec looks at the eggs making sure i have toched them all

Axiom nods and slowly walks over to where the precious Gold egg is located. He Looks at Promith and bows, leaning gently towards the egg, placing a hand on its surface.

Leann smirks at Tylynn, nodding knowingly. "Aye, they are.. /she/ is.." Reaching, she holds her hand out to Tylynn in a effort of friendship. "Wanna go see that egg?" she asks, nodding to the serenity.

Axiom instintly pulls his hands back from the egg, as its surface is much hotter then any of the others he has touched so far. Yet there is something about this egg that makes him place both his hands on it. despite the intense warmth.

Tylynn grins and takes Leann's hand, greatful for the show of friendship. She nods, and follows the other girl to the egg.

Lanec smiles standing quietly to the side

Leann trundles, hand in hand with Tylynn, her smile radiant. Once they reach the stretched grove, she takes the other girl's hand, the one she is holding, and rests it ever so lightly on the warmed shell. She then steps back and allows Tylynn to enjoy a moment in serenity, her bright eyes full of her new friend.

You feel slowness but it is not sluggish, rather resting in deep concentration, in deep… serenity. It calms you and even makes you feel cool on the hot sands.

Tylynn's eyes widen as her new-found friend places her hand onto the smooth shell first. Though this is her third time touching a dragon's egg, she is hardly used to it yet. She looks wonderingly at Leann, wondering if it's like this for her, too?

Axiom steps back, pulling his hands back to his side. He looks around and blushes. "Oh I am sorry, I got startled." He turns to R'ton and smiles "Its so strange, its like they all know we are here. I guess..I mean.." he stammers blushes again and steps away bowing again to Promith and gives room to the next person.

R'ton chuckles as he listens to the candidate. "They know you are here. They can sense you being close. Half of me believes that they already know who they are going to pick at this stage."

As if their minds have touched, and certainly their souls, Leann understand perfectly what Tylynn is thinking, and she nods. Yes, it is exactly like that for her too. The corners of her mouth are pulled wide in the brightest of grins, eyes sparkling gleefully.

R'ton says "Lanec would you like to touch the egg?"

Lanec looks up startled

Tylynn grins readily, her own eyes sparkling. Perhaps it's the young dragon inside the egg allowing the two friends to understand so completely, but who knows? She brings her free hand up to cover a giggle.

Axiom chuckles at Lance, and he though he was the shy one. "Oh go ahead."

R'ton chuckles. "Why would it not be proper? If you impress a male you are going to be chasing her."

Lanec lowers my eyes and blushes

Perhaps it is just shared emotions and moments that brings them so close. Who knows. Leann glances over her shoulder to see what the boys are doing, and grins quite wide when she sees Lanec.

Lanec walks over to the queen and bows very deeply. then waits for a sign to proceed

R'ton gives a nod towards the candidate and smiles. "Go ahead."

Tylynn follows Leann's gaze and grins widely at the boys, watching Lanec curiously.

Lanec bows once more then kneels reverently placing a hand on the shell

R'ton notices the girls watching and stares back at them. "Have you had enough egg touching?" He asks to get them to go back to what they were doing.

Tylynn shakes her head vehemently and glances at the eggs before grinning back at Leann. "Which next?"

Lanec glances at the girls blushing more then snaps my head back to the egg

Leann snorts playfully at R'ton, but it does spurn her on and up she walks next to the other girl, her own hand feathered out to touch the egg. "Shall we lay a bet? Green, brown, bronze, or blue?"

Tylynn grins and eyes the eggs. "It's hard to say.. Which one first?"

Axiom chuckles hearing the girls. "I bet they all are dragons."

Leann blinks. It must be the heat, cause she's confused. "Which one first?" Though, she is /always/ confused.. but least now she has heat to blame it on.

Tylynn takes a moment and sticks her tounge out at Axiom, grinning. "We /knew/ that.."

R'ton laughs at Axioms comment. "I bet you are right. And who ever impresses any of them is very lucky."

"Very," Leann echos of R'ton.

Axiom Chuckles shifting his feet as the hot sands get to his feet.

Tylynn nods and agrees, remember the feeling of merely touching the eggs.

Lanec shivers feeling the heat and the power of the soul with in

Lanec runs my fingers accross the surface feeling its smoothness

Tylynn bites her lip and returns to egg-betting. She points at the tsunami egg. "That one. Green, blue, brown or bronze? I haven't touched it yet.."

Axiom snorts "Blue or green

Leann steps back to peer at the field of eggs, her hands curled against her chest as she considers. Finally, her arm extends, finger pointing to the cloud burst egg, "That'll be blue… it is softly soothing." Her pointer moves to the feather puff, "That will be a brown.. no doubt," she says, her eyes twinkling playfully. As she hears Tylynn, she remarks, eyeing the egg in question, "Green.. Or brown. I'm not sure."

Tylynn nods and agrees. She considers the ebony swirl. "I'm not sure about that one, myself.."

Leann points out, "Blue.. Blues seem quite mysterious to me, and playful… as does that egg." She spins about and peers at the fall foliage, "I saw gold in that one.. " A soft sheen shimmers across her eyes, casting her skin into a glow.

Tylynn grins and nods, understanding the sentiment. "The night-sky one.. Brown?" She'll be the first to admit, she isn't very good at this game.

Leann nods, "Brown.." she echos, and isn't very good either, but she's having fun nontheless.

R'ton snorts at Leann's comeback. "That was hard to tell by the way Promith is always holding it." He looks back over to Lanec and smiles. "We had better give Promith and Lyrath back their eggs so that they can spend some time with them before they hatch."

Lanec nods and blushes standing quickly and blushes

Tylynn grins and sighs softly, taking a moment to run her fingertips over one last egg, trying to get a sense of the cloud burst egg.

R'lann nods.

Lanec says "thank You fine Lady for this privlage"

A wild storm within takes your breath away! It crashes and is heartstopping yet you sense the wonder within the eye of the storm.

Lanec bows deeply to the Draggons and then backs away

Leann nods to R'ton, backing away from the eggs, her overly warm booted feet moving her toward the door. On her way past the ebony egg, she lets her fingers trail across the surface, then on she goes toward the door. That is until she remembers how rude she is being, and swiftly she spins about and dofs a low bow to both metallic dragons, "It has been a pleasure… your eggs, every last one of them, are special.. Thank you for your time."

Axiom bows to the both Dragons and Salutes R'ton and R'lann. "Thank you very much."

Tylynn, whistles softly at the feeling from that egg, removing her fingers quickly to scrable up and follow the Weyreader's suggestion. She bows to the dragons again, greatful to be allowed this close!

R'lann tosses a casual salute back with a nod.

Tylynn follows Axiom's example and salutes the dragonriders sharpley, grinning widely.

Lanec walks to the door with the other Candidates and gives a bow to the Draggons and a very formal salute to the Riders

Promith quickly moves to reclaim her Fall Foilage Egg. She craddles into the egg covering it from view with her wing. Lyrath moves over to her side.

Leann follows the leaders, and quickly tosses off a salute to R'ton, Siana, and R'lann. "Thank you too.. "

R'ton bows to both dragons. "Thank you." He backs away towards the exit with the others.

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Building Foyer
The ceilings slope upwards here, echoing voices. Directly ahead of you is the wide pathway into the sandy ground of the hatching floor, but guests are politely directed toward the galleries which begin their curve about fifty feet from the building's entrance. Candidates are brought in in a single file line on the left hand wall, away from the line of people going into the galleries. The foyer is more than big enough for any queen dragon to make her way into the hatching ground.

Tylynn runs to join Leann. "What did you think of the Ebony one?"

R'lann abandons the heat of the sands for this blessedly cooler area.

Once she steps away, Leann nearly explodes with an expelled breath. "It's hot!" At Tylynn's question, she beams, "It's special.. quite so. I'd say it is my favorite… other then "the one".. " she winks and hurries on out of the hot building, murmuring as she goes, "I don't think I'll be able to take this for a long hatching.. hope it goes quick."

Lanec falls in beside Axiom

R'ton walks along side his weyrsecond and smiles. "That went well."

Tylynn fans her poor feet, only now aware. She hurries out.

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