Found: One Blue Dragon

Xanadu Weyr — Coastal Road
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

Note: This would not be public knowledge ICly. 'Timing' is not a known ability and is heavily restricted — what occurred here was an accident and should not be used in regular RP. Any instances of using Timing needs to be discussed with Xanadu Staff.

Two days have passed since Ujinath and Kiena mysteriously vanished and failed to return and there has been no new development. No hint, no shred of news to lead to some knowledge of their whereabouts or well being. Just that unsettling dead silence whenever one tries to reach for the missing blue and his rider. Now on the morning of the dawn of what would have been a third day, there is a change. A very subtle one, a flicker of disturbance in that humming silence. Noticeable, perhaps, to those on alert, including Seryth, but so easy to miss for those who aren't — and not for one dark hued brown.

It starts as a spark, a flicker of colour before it dies out. Then again, cutting in and out and in again like an image not quite focused or on the correct frequency. Sound comes in garbled and jumbled, fading in and out like some conversation muffled by distance or like a badly tuned radio. Not much for Kalsuoth to pick up on, plenty of warning for Seryth, until with a sudden clarity the link is forged and whether the brown wants to or not, his mind is flooded with a presence. A familiar one! Rolling fields, bright summer blue skies, old forests and mountains cloaked in mists and that ever present fence. Even before he speaks, its quite clearly Ujinath and just as swift as that is determined, the mental images begin to distort and warp in disturbing ways. Glitching. « — wherearewewhatTurnsomeoneanswer us … someone answer us … please, someone … anyone … answer us! » The voice is both Kiena and Ujinath's, distraught and frightened as it fades in and out. The link weakens, then strengthens again. « Kalsuoth! » Now it is primarily Ujinath talking. « Help us! Help her! »

Mur'dah has not slept well, has not eaten well, has not handled this well at all. He has spent every possible moment scanning the skies, and whenever he's asked 'what are you doing?' he'll reply he's just looking at the clouds. Even when no clouds are present. There were whispers the young AWLM was having a nervous breakdown. On this third dawn, Mur'dah was sprawled on his couch in his boxers, finally having fallen asleep, a whiskey bottle having helped him achieve temporary oblivion. Kalsuoth was sleeping too, until that flicker and spark has him rousing. Groggy for a moment, he flares into wakefulnes at Ujinath's flickering presence, reaching out dark wings to try and grasp and /hold/ the blue, to steady, to pull him home. « Where? » is his answer, rising abruptly and shoving open the large door with his muzzle. Cold air floods the barn and Mur'dah tumbles off the couch with a curse, the bottle breaking as he scrambles to his feet. Two blinks and then he's racing for Kalsuoth's side, scrambling up in nothing but his boxers, grasping his dragon's neckridge as they surge outside and into the sky, ready…for they don't know what.

Ujinath doesn't balk or even shrug off Kalsuoth's grip as he normally would if any dragon attempted such a thing. This time he'll cling right back, almost clutching at the brown as a drowning man might do to an outstretched branch. The images in his mind warp and twist, tilting and glitching in their unsettling way. Real or not real? It's a bit of both. Ujinath is high in the sky, having emerged from Between far above where they had hoped and a bit off course. The blue is trying to right himself, but exhaustion is setting in, along with a powerful drive to go HOME. It almost overpowers all his common sense, if his first goal wasn't to see Kiena to safety. « Sky. » Comes the unhelpful reply to the brown and to Seryth as well as the gold seeks the same answers. « The sky — the sky… above home. Above … water. Coastal. Coastal road! Going home. » Poor Ujinath sounds dreadful and exhausted, his voice laced with it though he's putting up a good struggle. « Cannot fly — not much longer. Down. Must land. » And out over the coastal road a cerulean blue form is diving down but much too fast. Reckless fast. « Have to get her home! »

« Slow down! » is Kalsuoth's first order as he twists in the air, making Mur'dah cling to his neckridges fiercely to keep from sliding off. Arrowing forward, the brown pushes as fast as he can, trying to get underneath the smaller dragon. « Slow. Flare your wings. Almost there, you don't want to crash, » he says, flooding the link with energy in an attempt to help the blue land safely. On his back, Mur'dah's heart thuds painfully in his chest as he watches, watches the drama unfold, unable to look away and hoping beyond hope they get there in time to help Ujinath land.

« I'll try! » Ujinath doesn't seem to understand Kalsuoth's order at first. Slow down? He can't slow down! The word 'crash' however sinks in and as Kiena's safety is foremost, he will flare his wings though sluggishly and just enough to break him out of his downwards plummet before reaching the point of no return. Then Kalsuoth is there, both physically and mentally now and the blue whistles in a way that is both relieved and distraught. Up close he looks more gray than blue and Kiena is slumped in the saddle and against the straps which are now pulled taught to keep her from sliding further sideways. Her hands are wound into them too, still clutching despite her slumped appearance. She does not seem aware of her surroundings at all, or that Mur'dah and Kalsuoth are there, with Seryth closing in and all but beneath Ujinath now, who's progress is slowed in landing. Once they're closer to the ground, he veers a little away and in jerky movements he drops the last few feet to skim the shoreline, awkwardly skip-stumbling a few steps until on the last one he simply topples forwards and sprawls out onto the damp sand, wings draped loosely at his sides which rise and fall in panted breaths. In the saddle, Kiena twitches and stirs but not with much strength behind her movements.

Kalsuoth has a closer connection to Ujinath, the dragon of his good friend, but Seryth has been keeping a ‘watch’ and probing the mists of *Between for the missing blue for two days now. The sputtering is recognizable, but the finding… oh it’s not that easy and the brown gets there first. Seryth’s presence augments Kalsuoth’s in a gust of rain-scented wind that stirs his dark forests, following his secret paths reaching Ujinath a beat behind his contact. The queen is perched on the starstones, has been for the entire two days since returning home from Rubicon River Hold, her neck snaking as she takes in the skies above, seeking… seeking…AH! She launches so forcefully that her claws gouge a new cleft in the edge of the precipice, sending a good-sized chunk of rock plummeting to the clearing below and her wings beat in slow, powerful strokes to take her towards the blue. Kalsuoth is smaller – not by much, but enough and highly motivated – he gets there first. Seryth cannot get up there in time, so she continues to lend her authority to Kalsuoth’s command. She can continue to rise to the point that if things go awry, her back, in addition to Kalsuoth’s, will suffice as a secondary catcher’s mitt. Thankfully that isn’t required and she lands heavily upon the coastal road a few beats behind the pair of them. Her whistle of concern blends to croons as she projects reassurance and calm to the pair of dragons.

Kalsuoth gets him down as far as he can before he has to slip out from beneath the blue. Twisting, he lands in a sideways slide, talons digging into the sand to keep himself from tumbling. Then he's moving forward urgently, nudging Ujinath. « Where does it hurt? What do you need? » he asks, even as Mur'dah is scrambling along Kalsuoth's neck and hopping right onto Ujinath's back. It's bold, likely stupid, but he can only hope the blue doesn't mind. "Kiena!" Mur'dah cries, grabbing onto the straps with one hand and clutching her shoulder with the other. "Wake up. Faranth, oh Faranth please wake up," he rambles, wherrybumps all over his arms and torso in the chilly morning air.

Ujinath groans when Kalsuoth nudges him and he's far too exhausted to protest the brown's close contact or the fact that Mur'dah just jumps on his back. No, he doesn't mind since the brown rider's purpose is obvious even to his tired and addled thoughts. « I'm not hurt. » The blue informs Kalsuoth in a voice as greyed as his hide. « I am exhausted. Mine is in a bad way. It was hard… » He abruptly stops that line of thought. « Water. » he asks and there is no denying the need in the request. « And I need to eat. Many beasts. » And then he will sleep and sleep and SLEEP. Kiena is awake — sort of. Her eyes are half closed and her body limp but Mur'dah calling to her and then clutching her shoulder seems to jolt her sluggishly. "Mur'dah?" she slurs as though drunk, drawing out his name as if it took all her strength to focus on it. She stirs again, frowning and eyes rolling as she attempts to focus, teetering on alertness and unconsciousness until with another jerk she is glancing wildly about. Thankfully the straps are still in place or she'd have rolled right off Ujinath's neck. As it stands, Mur'dah best be prepared because Kiena starts to flail a bit in panic, reaching for him but her movements off as if un able to orient herself. Hello, vertigo! "Where are we?" she exclaims in a hoarse voice. "When are we?" She'll have to ask him later why he's in nothing but his boxers.

Kalsuoth rumbles softly. « I will get you water and beasts, » he promises, stepping back and surging aloft on his errand. Leaving Mur'dah clinging to Ujinath's straps, his dark eyes wild as he stares at Kiena. When she starts to flail he slips, catches himself, shifts to straddle the blue's neck but facing her. "You're home! Xanadu! You've been gone for two days, Kiena…" he says, his voice shaking but firm. "Two days."

« Thank you, Kalsuoth. » Ujinath says with a heavy sigh, letting his head sink deeper against the sand now that he's reassured that both those needs will be satisfied. He is also relieved that he was strong enough to bring his rider home to safety. Both of them home. He whistles again in concern though when he can sense Kiena's distress, but has no strength left to move. Mur'dah is on his own! Kiena is close to panicking, grabbing for the brownrider but also tugging and pushing at the straps holding her as though she can't figure out why she's there and at such an odd angle. Her head is spinning and aching, her thoughts scattered and broken. "Two days?" she gasps, at last focusing on Mur'dah but not. Her eyes are wild and confused. "That's impossible!" She begins to blink furiously and with a groan her eyes roll again and she struggles to keep from sliping into a semiconscious state. "Get me down." she mutters in a wavering voice, repeating it again and again. Off, she wants off!

Mur'dah grips her arm again, firm but not bruising. "Kiena, Kiena relax. Just relax and I'll get you down, okay? Kalsuoth has gone for food and water." For Ujinath, but still. Watching her panic has Mur'dah on the verge himself, the young brownrider's eyes wide and heart thudding. He reaches for the straps. "Relax, Kiena, you have to relax or you're going to hurt yourself," he whispers, giving her arm another squeeze - this one softer, more gentle, more of a caress. "Easy…"

Hurt herself or hurt him? Kiena's breathing had become erratic, teetering towards hyperventilating until a pleading croon from Ujinath has her gritting her teeth and focusing on Mur'dah. After a few shaky breaths, she's in better control of herself but fragile. "Okay," she breathes. "Okay." She's no longer thrashing, having gone slack again and allowing Mur'dah to help her unbuckle from the straps. Kiena will try to dismount on her own, but that proves to be a big mistake and she'll have to clutch to her friend or risk falling face first into the sand. Even with Mur'dah's help, she'll be weak and unable to stand, immediately laying down with her back and head propped against Ujinath's foreleg. "Dizzy." she chokes out, eyes shut and mouth drawn back.

Mur'dah clutches her tightly as they make their way down, and when she sits he crouches in front of her, a hand going to cup her cheek, eyes scanning her face worriedly. "What happened?" he whispers, reaching for her neck to feel for her pulse. Training. It kicks in when it's needed, thank Faranth. Kalsuoth returns then as well, with a large bucket of water for Ujinath. It was the best he could find and he offers it with an apologetic croon. « I'll get you a beast next, then bring you all the water you can drink, » he soothes the blue.

Kiena will feel cold, of all things but perhaps not entirely unusual. She's trembling too and enough to be visible though she's making an effort to lay still. Her pulse is high but stable. All that training DOES have it's merits! Her eyes remain closed, but she looks pale and weak. When Mur'dah asks her what happened, she'll try to lift her eyes to him but has to swiftly lower them and close them again. Nope, world still spinning. "Timed. We jumped Between times." she mumbles brokenly, swallowing thickly. It's taking a lot from her to focus. "Went back… Shards, we went back far. Not in Xanadu, outside of it. We…" Kiena has to stop as another dizzy spell hits her and she grits her teeth. "Two days?" she repeats, slowly opening her eyes to peer up at Mur'dah. Ujinath has slipped into a semi-doze by now but will stir back awake when Kalsuoth returns and he can scent fresh water. The brown best lower the bucket fast, though Ujinath may have his muzzle into it even before it drops. Clearly it'll do just fine and the blue guzzles it back, rumbling through gulps to let Kalsuoth know he heard and understood and to thank him too.

Kalsuoth surges skyward again, arrowing towards the hunting pens. Two greens are there hunting but the dark brown bullies them out with a snarl, snaring a beast in each talon to bring back for Ujinath. Mur'dah continues to check Kiena's vital signs, twitching slightly when she answers. "How far?" he asks, his voice a little hoarse. "Two days, yes. No one could reach you…" He touches her face again, a flash of worry in his gaze. "An accident?" Right?

Those who are squeamish best look away, for once Kalsuoth brings the herdbeasts for Ujinath, the blue ravenously and messily devours them. An act that usually does not phase Kiena at all, though hearing it so close at hand makes the bluerider gag — or it's the fact she attempted to sit up too fast and her stomach heaves at the vertigo tilt of the ground. Luckily for Mur'dah, she doesn't actually throw up but she looks up at him pleadingly when he touches her face. That wildness is back in her eyes. "Accident." she slurs. "Bad accident. Dunno… Just want — want to lay down." And sleep. "Infirmary. They'll want me there." Though from her voice, she wants her home, her weyr. But Ujinath's reappearance won't have gone unnoticed. By now Seryth is there and that means Kanekith knows of their reappearance too and Luraoth and all the rest of Staff. Won't be long before they'll be wanting to ask their questions too but Kiena can barely answer Mur'dah.

Mur'dah shifts to crouch beside her, his arm around her shoulders, firm and steady now. He is slowly regaining his own control, and focuses purely on her. "Infirmary?" That doesn't sound like her. "You sure? I can get a Healer to your weyr…" Kalsuoth soars off again and returns with a bucket of water - and so it will go, the brown bringing food and water until the blue has had enough. Though, clever brown, each trip takes longer and longer, giving Ujinath time to judge for himself when he's finished, without the brown having to ask 'are you sure you're not full?'

Kiena is trying to focus on steadying herself and not passing out or throwing up or all of the above. So she will lean heavily against Mur'dah, mouth drawing back into a grimace of distaste. No, she doesn't want to go to the infirmary. But? "They'll just insist," she mutters and perhaps it is just her paranoia kicking in, making her illogical in her decisions. "And make me move. Don't want to. Don't think I can. Don't want 'em all in my home…" Suddenly she stiffens and grips at Mur'dah's arm fiercely — which isn't really strong at all. Her grip is so weak but the gesture is obvious. "My girls? Where are they?" she asks, panicked. Ujinath will guzzle down the next round of water, another two herdbeasts and half of the next bucket before finally judging himself sufficiently satisfied. For now. Some of his colour has improved already and the blue rumbles his thanks to the dark brown and with a low groan he settles his head back on the sand.

Mur'dah nods, shifting to try and help her onto her feet. "Let me carry you," he murmurs, but he's kind of asking before he just lifts her into his arms. "The girls are fine, they're with their foster family. They're fine, Kiena, I promise, I went to visit them every day." And he did, though the trips were very hard on him, looking into their beautiful faces and wondering if they'd all ever see Kiena again. Kalsuoth settles down beside Ujinath, not touching, but close. He'll keep watch while the blue rests. For once, the playful dark brown is utterly serious.

"Slow, slow…" Kiena breathes shakily when Mur'dah goes to move her and it will take a few tries before she can stand up. Even then she is listing to the side and leaning heavily against him. Her trembling is a little stronger now, what strength she has left draining swiftly enough by being on her feet. Her shoulders sag at his reassurance and her smile weak but relieved. "Mur'dah… I can't thank you enough." she murmurs, only to then realize that she is leaning against bare flesh. What the…? "You always rescue damsels in distress in your boxers?" Kiena suddenly drawls and for that moment she is back to herself, even with a bit of shaky laughter that is more of a dry snickering cough that promptly fades to quiet tears. Oh, the bluerider will owe him so much for all he had to go through. Ujinath has slipped into another light doze while Kalsuoth settles in to keep watch and the blue MUST be exhausted beyond all means if he doesn't even so much as twitch a wing or tail tip over his rider being led away.

Mur'dah shifts to gently lift her into his arms, one behind her shoulders and the other behind the crook of her knees. "Don't thank me," he mutters gruffly, glancing down at her before he's focused on moving along the path as swiftly as is safe. At her question he coughs, splutters a bit and blushes. "I was sleeping," he mutters. "But yeah, I do." There's a pause. "Long as it's not too cold." He stops his rambling though, focus shifting to getting her to the infirmary, one step at a time.

"You took care of my girls. You—" Kiena's protests are cut short as Mur'dah lifts her into his arms. That gesture and movement catch her so off guard that she can only make a weak sound of surprise. Normally she'd have bristled and pushed the brownrider away but she has no strength for that and submits. Shaking, she takes one long look over Mur'dah's shoulder where Ujinath lays and for a moment Kiena almost speaks up but is silenced when her head begins to spin again and she has to close her eyes and focus. She can only muster a bare smile when Mur'dah sputters, but she is silent for their trek to the infirmary. Once they're within walking distance, Kiena will gently tap his shoulder. "I can walk from here I think." Please let her have some dignity?

Mur'dah gently sets her down when they're close, but he sticks by her side as they approach the infirmary. He doesn't say anything, but as they get closer he grabs a long jacket off a 'lost and found' rack in the hall and shakes it out before slipping it on and belting it tightly. Trench coat. Not a great look, but better than boxers?

Kiena looks both apologetic, regretful and amused all at once when Mur'dah has to pilfer from the 'lost and found' for a long jacket. She's not entirely steady on her feet, but she can walk, looking to most as though she's drunk or tipsy. Her head is certainly making her feel like she is. "Not a good look for you," she mumbles to him with a shade of a smirk, trying to tease him as she would normally but the joke falls a bit flat. Her blue eyes, usually so bright and keen are dull and exhausted as she shuffles into the infirmary. Word must have been spread or sent ahead of time that if the bluerider resurfaced to keep matters hushed, for the moment she's recognizes as the Weyrsecond they're ushered into a private alcove. Well, at first they try to usher just Kiena, already beginning to spout the usual lines to Mur'dah as they proceed to turn him away. Only they pause as the bluerider puts on the breaks, which isn't much truth be told. Those coming to assist could easily just keep dragging her along, but they won't and so Kiena balks, shaking her head (and regretting that, if her pained grimace is an indication) and looking a touch wild around the eyes again as she darts a glance from Mur'dah to the Healers. "Don't want him sent away. Mur'dah, stay?" she asks hastily, her words not quite making coherent sense but enough to get the general idea across. She'll worry about her selfishness later. Right now, she's fearing being alone more than the infirmary itself.

Mur'dah snorts. "Really? And I thought it was the perfect color to bring out the shade of my eyes…" He's trying to be light in return, but the look he gives her betrays his continuing concern. Once inside, he just shrugs off the Healers' initial protests, sticking close to Kiena's side, a hand on her elbow. "Of course," he murmurs softly to her, shooting the Healers a /look/. He's an AWLM and the Senior's son. Back off. He's going with Kiena.

The Healers stare right back at Mur'dah, one even huffing a bit. Back off? Oh, they'll back off for now but sooner or later he's being turfed out. They'll kick the Weyrwoman out too if they have too — rank or no rank! Kiena WILL have to be left alone and examined until the Healers are satisfied she's as healthy as can be. The only reason why they relented is because she protested and they did not want her becoming so distraught as to cause her dragon to become equally as upset. Little do they know that Ujinath is so deeply asleep that Kalsuoth could roar and the blue wouldn't so much as twitch a wing at it. Let him rest for now, his turn to be poke and prodded by Dragonhealer's will be up shortly. With the privacy curtain drawn save for a small crack (yes, they're being watched! sort of), Kiena begins to strip off her boots though it seems to take her eons to do the simplest of tasks. Next comes her flight jacket, which she allows to just pool on the floor with a rather uncaring expression. Meh? Then the last of her strength wanes and she just flops onto her side on the cot and curls up, sighing heavily in relief. "Mur'dah?" she murmurs after a rather drawn out silence. "You alright?"

Mur'dah fidgets a bit as she takes off her boots, wanting to help but not wanting to press. He does bend to pick up her jacket though and drape it over the back of a chair. Stepping to the side of the cot, he reaches out slowly to seek her hand. "I'm fine," he murmurs, exhaling softly. "Now that you're back," he adds, his voice a mumbled string of sounds.

What a gentleman! A very wise gentleman. Kiena struggles but there is some of her pride still intact. A small shred and she would have allowed Mur'dah to help if he stepped forwards only to notch off another thing on her list to repay the brownrider for. She'll grip his hand back, not too tightly but firm enough to be reassuring. "Sit." she mumbles, indicating the edge of the cot. "Can't look up. Makes m'dizzy." His words sink in then and she grimaces, looking both saddened and touched, then confused and distraught but she takes a slow, steadying breath and exhales shakily. "Now that I'm back? Did… Shells, Mur'dah, I am so sorry…" Despite her efforts not too, she starts to cry, though she grits her teeth against the tears. The rest of what she was going to say will have to wait.

Mur'dah shifts to slowly sit down beside her on the cot, on the side she's facing. Turning, he leans over her when she starts to cry, closing his eyes and holding her as best he can in the awkward bent over position. "Don't apologize," he whispers, squeezing her hand with one hand, while the other strokes her back. "Don't…" Then his tears start to come, only evidenced by their silent running down his cheeks and his soft hiccups. He's trying to hold back, but…well. He can't. "You're back now, that's all that matters," he whispers thickly. "It was an accident, and you're back, and you're fine."

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's not even mid-morning and already the day is proving to be eventful — for those on watch for it or in the loop. Two days have passed since the Weyrsecond pulled her vanishing act (purely accidental and kept quiet by the Weyrleaders) and now on the dawn of what would have been the third day, Ujinath reappears high, high above Xanadu Weyr. The blue's calls reached a select few, mostly a garbled message but enough to signal a few key points: he and Kiena were alive (but very disorientated) and that he was at his limits of strength. Kalsuoth, being one recipient, flew out to aid Ujinath to landing on the shores of the coastal road when the blue began to dive too steep and too fast in his reckless desire to be home. Hot on their heels, Seryth flew in from the Star Stones, having been on watch for the blue's return and now that he's back she is present when Mur'dah helps Kiena down out of the straps, the bluerider too weak and disorientated to help herself, let alone walk. So it falls to the brownrider to help her to the infirmary, while Ujinath is left to gather himself, looking more greyed than cerulean and bespeaks of his need for water and meat. LOTS of it. With Kalsuoth by his side and Seryth's presence, it's for that reason Kiena can be helped to the infirmary without him straggling along and breathing down Mur'dah's neck.

The Healers have ushered the Weyrsecond to a private alcove, likely to offer privacy for many reasons. Easier to keep things hushed if they're out of sight, right? Right. Yet they're holding back on examining the bluerider, since she protested enough when they attempted to send Mur'dah off. Now they hover impatiently, while Kiena has a few words with the brownrider — sort of. Awkward enough that Mur'dah seems to be wearing a 'borrowed' trench coat of all things, but both he and Kiena are in bad shape emotionally. Nothing as embarrassing as tears! Though Kiena seems to be mastering hers now and she is resting half on her side and curled up on the cot with her hand gripping one of Mur'dah's. She looks beyond exhausted and her skin paled. "Don't yourself…" she can be heard half-heartedly grumbling to the brownrider. "An accident… yes… but cause much trouble. I owe you for this… "

Mur'dah is leaning over Kiena's curled form, one hand gripping hers while his other rubs comfortingly along her back, half hugging her as he masters his own tears and his own emotions. Yes, he's wearing a grabbed 'lost and found' trench coat, for the good reason that he's got nothing on beneath it but his boxers. "You owe me nothing, Kiena," he says, his voice soft as he sits up a bit, reaching out to brush away her tears and then reach for a clean cloth on the side table to offer to her. Sitting up a bit more, he takes a few deep breaths. "The Healers will want to come in soon, you want me to go?" he offers quietly, offering her a little smile as he wipes his eyes and nose on that trench coat. Hey, someone abandoned it. Now it's being subjected to all sorts of abuses. At least he's not totally naked.

For the Weyrwoman, those days were spent in quiet worry while she tried to concentrate on functioning, despite a lack of sleep. Since being informed by Mur'dah that Kiena was missing, Seryth had regularly probed *Between* in an attempt to 'find' Ujinath and reported hearing nothing but a faint echo. Thea had informed the Weyrleader but really? What else could they do but wait and hope? The arrival of the blue, seen through Seryth's eyes brought the Weyrwoman from her office and via the dragons, she communicated her request that Kiena be brought to the infirmary and that she would meet them there. And so she arrives a few moments after the healers have her settled onto a cot. She pauses, sharp green eyes taking in the scene, noting the emotional state of both riders and the hovering healers. Questions, words of comfort… those will have to wait, for her main concern is the health of the rider. So she doesn't really approach too closely. Not yet. "Mur'dah…" she calls quietly but firmly. "Let them examine her."

Talk about crazy days. A missing person, he could handle. Shells, he was trained in Search and Rescue. 'Seeking' was his job. But finding a person who doesn't seem to even exist anymore? Uncharted territory for Ka'el. Worse yet, this isn't just a person. This is Kiena. His person. Gone to where not even a dragon's mind can reach. His office has been in uproar. Meetings rescheduled or altogether cancelled with little explanation as to why. Few have seen Ka'el himself as he's poured over notes and whatever else he can find for examples instances of this happening. And then, suddenly, Kanekith is in his head. And activity has happened. Ujinath? /Now/ Ka'el is seen, zooming out of his office, mentally probing for information, and then finding himself here, in the Infirmary. With Thea. And a trenchcoat Mur'dah. And..gasp. "Kiena…"

Kiena isn't completely out of it not to shoot Mur'dah a challenging look when he protests again that she owes him nothing. Nope, she's still as stubborn as ever, even after the harrowing experience she's undergone. She'll manage a bare smile too for his comfort, not protesting when the brownrider brushes at her tears and then hands her a clean cloth. "Not really," she mutters as she dabs at her face and then just clutches to the cloth as she settles her head back against the pillow. "But they're gonna make you anyways." Speaking of which! Hark, there be a Weyrwoman! Kiena's eyes slide to Thea as she arrives, looking rather grim. No doubt she figures this is when she'll be questioned, though as it's Mur'dah who is called too she struggles to gather what wits remain and mumble: "Not his fault. Was me who made him stay. He's been a good help…" Even in his boxers! And tench coat. Now there's another visitor arriving, another of rank and Kiena truly thinks she's in for it when the Weyrleader turns up too. "Ka'el," she murmurs with a vague and thin smile. She can be excused her lack of proper manners, right?

Mur'dah has no excuse, so he gives Kiena's hand a squeeze and pushes to his feet when the leadership arrives. Emotions are tried to be wiped from his face, but his eyes give him away. The bags beneath them from his lack of sleep, the red from crying, the lines around them betray his stress and concern. He snaps off a smart salute and tightens the sash around his waist before glancing back to Kiena and taking a step to the side, out of the way and watching.

There's relief on Thea's face too, for seeing Kiena's returned and apparently in her right mind. Physically? She's unsure and so she lingers yet out of the way. "I know that," she reassures Kiena with a hint of a smile forming on her lips. Her arm lifts to offer Mur'dah a place by her side - and hopefully prompt her son to move so the healers can draw the curtain for a moment. She fully expects to give those healers some privacy while they perform the exam. While she's had a personal account to relate to Ka'el about being timelost, it's really been of little help and so she's been as perplexed about what to thing or do as he has, joining him in reading through old records - the very few that could be found - and it's quite likely they've had to pay the Harper Hall and Benden Weyr both a visit to delve into their archives. Her eyes turn to the Weyrleader, offering him a nod of encouragement. The situation isn't anything either of them trained for. But she's here and in support for all of them - what little help that is - it's all she can offer at the moment.

What happened! Where were you? (or maybe, when were you?) These are the two questions that are burning on Ka'el's tongue, ready to be fired off. Wanting to be fired off, for how else will those answers be gained? But..she's in a state. One which he's never before seen her, and his tongue is stilled as a frown creases his face. Bombarding her with too many inquiries will come, but not initially. First, there are other things that need to be tended to, like Kiena herself. That's what the healers are here for, right? That's why they're in the infirmary. Ka'el moves forward, his expression grim, as days worth of worrying with no good news leaves room for little else to show on the face. He doesn't get too close because the healers do need to do their thing. Eyes sweep to Thea momentarily. Yeah, where was the training on this? For the both of them. His hands clasp behind his back, if only to keep them from fidgeting at his clothing anxiously. "Are you alright?"

So many questions! Good ones too and none of which Kiena can answer. Mur'dah already tried and the bluerider almost went into a fit when she couldn't get her scattered and broken thoughts to align correctly. Bad enough that the news she'd been gone two days did NOT settle on her well. She has a lot to answer for and a lot to learn of in time, including just how much her little 'vanishing' act has cost so many — much more than she ever would have thought. "No." Kiena's answer is rather simple to Ka'el's prompt, followed by a rather twisted grimace. "But I'm not dead 'n don't plan to die any time soon. Right now… just really — not right." To say the least and just talking seems to drain her. Must she focus? She will for one final look to the Weyrleader, then Thea and Mur'dah, trying to smile reassuringly. She'll be fine! Though the Healers will have final say and at last they slip in and draw the curtain after motioning all the riders to step back, leaving them to talk amongst themselves. The examination won't take long and once it's all said and done, one Healer will step out to speak. "Time shock," he Journeyman explains in a lowered voice, as if all too aware that this isn't something so lightly spoken about. "She'll be fine, with a bit of rest. No physical injuries. She's weakened, a bit dehydrated and has symptoms not unlike vertigo. Those should pass. But you won't be getting any answers out of her today. She must rest and we've given her something to aid her with that." The Healer will linger then, in case more questions are plied to him but it's clear that his orders are final. No visitors — rank or no rank.

Mur'dah had already moved out of the way, giving the Healers all the room they need. Though he glances at his mother's gesture and shifts a bit to stand beside her, arms crossed over his chest before he runs fingers roughly through his hair, and then scrubs at his face. He watches the Weyrleader and then looks to Kiena, and then the brownrider looks at the wall distractedly. Something crosses his features and he turns, striding out to talk to one of the Healers not tending her right this moment. Then, hearing the Healer's verdict, the brownrider frowns and exits, with one last final, proper salute to the leadership. He's going to put some clothes on and then he has an errand to run.

Thea's arm settles around Mur'dah, seeking to offer him what comfort she can, but it lasts only for a fleeting moment before he's off to talk to that healer. Her eyes are shadowed as they track him for a moment, then her attention is back to the distraught and clearly exhausted rider - until the healers draw that curtain. She'll remain for their preliminary report - giving that journeyman a sharp look for his assessment. Time shock? What-how does he know about that? Her only comment will be to please keep it off the written records - for now and keep it to only those few who need to know. She'll leave as required, but she'll be back to check on the rider off and on during the day and perhaps into the night. Her questions will wait. On the coastal road, Seryth crouches beside the equally exhausted Ujinath. The queen doesn't want the blue to move just yet. That is firmly communicated as she launches heavily to flap-glide low over the trees to the feeding grounds where she dispatches one, then another buck, gathers both in her maw and launches to glide back to the weak blue where they are deposited before him with a stern and very motherly, 'eat' sort of looming. She'll wait there with Kalsuoth until the blue's color is better and oh, did she forget to tell Ujinath that's she's summoned the dragonhealers to come have a look at him. Oops?

Not okay. Got it. Ka'el's frown lingers, even though he wants to smirk at her 'not dead and don't plan on dying' comment. He hopes not. He kind of likes having her around, don't you know? But he only nods in reply, jokes going unspoken, expression remaining the same. He steps back once that curtain is drawn and waits with little to say for now. What's there to say? Plenty to mull over, especially after the verdict is given. Time shock. … Whatever that means. It does pull his frown down deeper though, nodding here and there at the Healer's words, though looking none too happy that he has to leave. He can't tell him waht to do! (sure he can) But, it's for Kiena's sake. She needs her rest. He'll be back, definitely, which he voices to the unseen, sleepy rider. He glances to Mur'dah as he steps out, then towards Thea as she moves to do the same. Ka'el can only follow suit, departing with another glance to that curtained area before he heads off to find Kanekith and likely Thea some time after, brows knitted.

Who knows how the Healer knows that. Kiena might have babbled? She's certainly known to have a rather blunt tongue in the best of times and with her so addled she probably was just forthright and truthful when the Healers asked for details. Whoops? Big dragon rider secret out? Thea's request will be honoured of course, the Journeyman no fool and neither can he breath a word of what was said. Maybe it was just always assumed that rider's could? Everyone knows of Lessa's ride, after all. Kiena is deep asleep by now, getting the rest she needs in order to face the next stage. There is a lot she wants to say to all of them too, beyond the apologies (okay, a lot of it is to apologize). Ujinath won't have much choice in the matter, though he's more focused on devouring the kills brought by Seryth and kept calm by Kalsuoth and the gold's presence. If he's fidgety, it's because Kiena is somewhere he can't go but he's content knowing she's safe. As for those Dragonhealers? Well. They just better be quick with their work. The blue has his limits and will likely turn into a sour grouch if prodded and poked too much.

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