Just Another Day in Paradise...

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

It's a quiet snowy afternoon for Keziah, her mother's here for a visit and completely enraptured with her youngest grandchild and Keziah herself is off for the day and has been shooed out to go 'relax and have a little fun' as her mother so eloquently put it. In no mood to find herself stuck with a guy, I mean why ruin the day, Kezi instead heads out in search of a certain someone. Course she wouldn't be surprised to find her in the caverns buried under paperwork

Today Briana has chosen to take a break from paperwork! Amazing, mark it on your calenders people! Instead she is working in the kitchen. She has got an apron on and flour powdered over her apron, hands and face. She looks to be having quite a merry time at whatever she is making under the gaze of a senior Bakerscraft member.

Keziah hmms as she spots Briana. Well, that's not how she expected to find her. Still, it's a start. There's a glance at whatever she is making "Hmm's whatcha doing there?" she asks after a moment as she takes in all the flour. "Looks like quite the project, that or the snow is settling in here." she notes with a smirk.

Zafirah is looking a little sooty and snowy, but it's not any chimney's that she's been down, just a few mine shafts. Shaking her hair out she hangs her coat up on a chair back near the hearth and warms herself by it. "Shards but it's cold." she says between chattering teeth even as she starts dishing up a bowl of the stew.

As she hears Keziah's voice Briana looks up with a smile, "Just some little cakes, about to put them in the oven now." She playfully flicks her fingers at Keziah, sending a bit of flour her way before she grabs up her tray and takes it over to the ovens. Well she is a Bakercraft apprentice afterall, a process slowed by her impression. Once that is dealt with she pulls off her apron and gives it a shake before hanging it on a peg. "I will be back in half a candlemark." She informs the cook before heading out the kitchen and notcing Zafirah and gives her a white handed wave, "Nice and warm in the kitchens!"

Keziah hmms a litte and looks thoughful "well, I'll be interested in giving one a try. Sure you got plenty of eggs for them?" she asks with a sweet smile on her face. "Wouldn't want you running low or anything." She heads over to a table in the caverns and settles down. One near the hearth even. "Surprised to not see you immersed in paperwork, finally taking the hint and not working yourself as hard?

Zafirah can't help but grin at the state that Briana's in as she waves back "I'll be good in a bit, just gotta get some of this warm stew in me." she says between hisses of breath as she shovals the food in. She's cold and practically starving. "You sportin a new fashion?" she asks with a cock of her head. "Looks pretty good on ya."

Briana gives Keziah an odd look, "Is there something about the eggs I should know about?" She queries before dipping back into the kitchen to wash her hands. Her face still has the odd smudge of flour upon it, which stands out strikingly on her dark skin. "Thea has been threatening me as well, figured I needed to catch up on some bakercraft stuff anyway." She says with a shrug before looking over to Zafirah with a grin, "Maybe…soon everyone will be sporting the flour look." She is definately in good spirits today.

Keziah shrugs a little "Well, you know how supplies disappear or go short and all do to one disaster or another." she grins "Just makin' sure you've got enough. Really." She can't help but grin a little more. "She looks lovely doesn't she?" she asks of Zafi and grins "Don't they keep ya warm in those shafts?" she asks.

Zafirah snorts a bit "What? Waste a little warmth on lowly apprentices? Are you kidding me?" she asks with a grin. It's obvious she's not maltreated. "Well, I'm not sure if I can pull the look off as well, but we'll see. I think a sooty look is more in style myself."

"So far so good…" Briana says but with a note of suspician in her voice as she leans against the doorframe from the kitchen, almost as if to guard it from egg thieves! At the continued teasing she quirks her lips, "I have some on my face don't I?" She asks before reaching up to try to wipe it away, missing the bit on her forehead. Zafirah gets a grin and nods, "Yes, you definately working the sooty look. I can see it becoming all the rage."

Keziah shakes her head a little "Oh no, wasn't talking about any that's on your face." she notes and pulls out a little furlined pouch "Nah, just thought you might need an extra." she notes. Course why would anyone bring just one egg? "Course, if you're not needing it, I suppose I could someone else who needs more eggs, well an egg I suppose." she just rolls her eyes a bit at the young ladies and their fashion statements. Not that hers are much better when she's been in the swamps.

"I think you just smeared it more than you helped it." remarks Zafi as she gets another bowl and then sits at the table and watches to see what Keziah's up to. "And well, I don't think it's just on your face dear." she notes as she looks the goldrider up and down. "Yeah, not just the face."

As Keziah brings out a pouch, said to hold eggs Briana looks it over curiously before looking up to Keziah, "I am sure extra eggs will always be appreciated." She says all seriously, though there is that inquisitive look to her gaze before she looks backk to Zafirah and can't help but smile, "Ah well, I will take a bath once I am done in the kitchen." She moves out to sit at a spot nearest the kitchen. "So how are you both doing?"

Keziah looks at the pouch a moment "Well, it is just one. Perhaps it's not needed" she notes thoughfully "But if you're sure it will be." she can't help but smile as she hands it over. "Just consider it a token of appreciation, not a bribe or anything like that. I think you've done well for yourself." she notes.

Zafirah nods on the bath bit "I'll be heading there myself as soon as I get some more food down me or else I'd starve to death while getting clean, now that wouldn' tbe very useful at all." she notes. She tilts her head curiously a little as she watches. "Is that what I think it is?" she asks her attention focused on the bag.

Keziah can't help but laugh, she really is such a snot "Shouldn't be too uch longer afore it hatches. Hard as a rock they are and it's been about the right amount of time." she remarks. "I do hope you like it. And I'm glad you're takin' it easy now and then."

Zafirah lets out a wistful sigh. "Man, some have all the luck." But she doesn't seem to be too terribly upset. "Course, I'd rather get a wher egg. But alas I've not been so lucky." she sighs and then shrugs "But, hey, what can ya do right?"

As Briana returns it is in a rush and she sets the small basket of sand on the table, "You weren't wrong, as soon as I placed the egg in the sand it started moving." She says with widened eyes upon the rocking egg. Her green firelizard has joined her and is perching on her shoulder, peeking a head through a curtain of hair.

Keziah looks up from where she was drinking her hot cider "It has? Oh well then." she calls for some meat scraps "Must be prepared. Guess ya can't use it in more cakes." she remarks with a smile "Well, glad I didn't wait too much longer than huh?"

"Oh the cakes!" Briana exclaims and looks back to the kitchen, then to the basket, then to the kitchen. The cook who brings the meat laughs and pats the girl on the shoulder, "I will tend to the cakes my dear." She laughs as she sets the bowl in Briana's hands and heads back to the kitchen. Briana gives a little smile and looks back to the egg. "You sure you don't want it for yourself Keziah?" She asks just to make sure.

Keziah snorts a little "No, no I don't. I've enough and I certainly don't need any of Eirwyn's ilk hounding me as well." she notes. "Side's it'd be greedy keeping her eggs to myself." she notes.

Briana nods again and looks back to the sand filled basket just as the egg begins to crack. Blade leans forward from her perch, tilting her head at the little egg. Finally cracks start to appear and out pops a back foot..then another…and then it rolls onto its back before the rest of cracks appear and in its wake leaves a goopy goldling.

Keziah ohs softly and then smiles "I had wondered, but it could have been a bronze too. I actually thought it might be, she hasn't laid many golds." she notes softly "What are you going to name her?" she asks after a moment as she sits there on that cold snowy afternoon with her hot mug of cider and looking like the feline who got the cream and the wherry.

Briana is standing before a basket of sand, now holding a single goopy gold firelizard hatching and the remnants of a shell. The gold looks around for a moment before pouncing one of the shell remnants and taking a bite, but she spits it out in disgust. Briana smiles a bit and leans down and offers her meat instead. "Um…well she is rather spotty, so maybe Spots?" She responds as the meat is snatched out of her fingertips.

Choking on her cider, Keziah sputters. "Spots? Spots?!" she rolls her eyes "My dear Briana, that's no name for such a pretty little thing. Honestly. Would you name a child Blondie if she had blonde hair? Or Jaundice if well they were jaundiced?" she hmmphs "Come on, you could better than that. Something elegant or beautiful, but Faranth forbid, not Spots. That's not even a sensible name. That's just plain silly."

Shellie comes in, just in time to hear Kez choke on her cider. She's about to rush over, then when the Weyrlingmaster manages to speak, she relaxes. If the younger woman is talking, she's going to be all right. Instead, she goes over, and pours herself a cup of klah, then settles down, noticing the gold hatchling.

"Reckon I called mine 'Sexy' …." Ers'lan puts in as he walks by, stuffing his face already, a big chunk of dried meat followed by a bread roll. He peeks his face over the shoulders of the women and shrugs, muttering with food in his mouth of all things: "Spots-mmfhrhm-izz-umm-good." A look to Keziah after he swallows a bit more of his food, "Narh like they know the difference. Jus dim-witted cousins of our dragons. Flash pictures is all they do… of colors and things… narh like they know whar the name means iffin ya give it to 'em."

Briana looks up in surprise at Keziah's violent reaction to the chosen name. "Why not? It would certainly describe her." She looks up at Blade, "She is named for looking like the colour of a blade of grass as well as her nips were very sharp." She says almost teasingly to the green on her shoulder. She hmms and looks back down to the gold now on her second mouthful. She bites her lower lip for a moment. "Yana?" She finally says as a suggestion before noticing the arrival of the others, "Oh yours should nip you for being so …disregarding!" She teases Ers'lan.

Shellie shakes her head, as she sips her klah again. "They have one advantage over the dragons. They remember things.

Keziah hmmphs at Ers'lan. "You would." she mutters though she doesn't seem to look his way, seeming just a tad uncomfortable maybe? Hmm… "Well, I suppose you can name her what'cha like and all." she attempts to ignore Ers'lan and though she doesn't really look his way, she does seem to be tracking him somewhat. "Yana's pretty." she notes and then nods to Shellie "They do remember really well. Tis a shame we couldn't breed the dragons to remember better. What they say was good when we had Thread is rather well, not needed now."

Ers'lan gives this oh so innocent look with a shoulder lifting as if to protect himself just incase one of the girls swatted - women liked doing that. To Briana, a grin with a final gulp: "Whar? Reckon iffin I be a tiny firelizard fella, I be callin her 'dat." Then he's ripping more bread and chese from his bun followed by a good stuffing full of jerky meat, by what it looks like. Light blue eyes roam over toward Shellie, squinting as he eyes her up and down, adding in with a gesturing of his bun holding hand, around a lesser piece of food shoved in the corner of his cheek, "Aye, reckon they do… dun remember the meanin of words tho. Jus images." A half grin as he sweeps his gaze down toward Briana's new addition, about to say something until Keziah remarks to him. Thoughts cut off for a laugh, a laughter made for her 'hmmph' sound, a bold teasing grin given specifically for her, all sparkly eyed mischief.

"Well she sorta reminds me of a wild cat, and so does one of my Uncles. So figure I would name her for him." Doh, still a little practical, but not so obvious at least. She scoops the little gold in her hands as she feeds it another piece of meet. Blade hisses at the gold, who just hisses back up at her before finishing her meal. Yes, this will be a lovely relationship. Blade flies up off Briana's shoulder to perch in the rafters from afar, looking rather afronted. Briana glances over to Ers'lan and just shakes her head.

Shellie can't help giggling. "Well, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Have fun, Brianna. I don't envy you a bit with those two." She streches, and then takes another sip of Klah. "So, how is everyone tonight?

Keziah snorts a little and just rolls her eyes at Briana "Well, whichever works for you." she says as she finishes off her mug of cider. "I suppose the important thing is if you like it, not whatever I think." she notes. There's a blush on her cheeks at the laughter from Ers'lan "Men." she mutters under her breath. She does grin at Shellie "Well, I'm sure they'll work it out and all." she notes and then hmms "I'm doing pretty good. My mother's down here to visit and she's 'kicked' me out my my weyr so she can play with Micaela and todays my rest day and well. It's good." Though there's a wry smile on her face for not knowing what to do with herself

Ers'lan may catch the slight shaking of Briana's head and all that he does in reaction to it, is give her a knowing wink as he considers the folks about. Keziah's irritation has him jab at her a little more, "Someone's cheeks are turning red…" Oh, he -just- has to call attention to that. With a soft chuckle, his eyes do roam outward from the group, straying here and there, reverting back at the greenrider's askance of their status. His reply to Shellie is a shrug, "Up early… jus waitin fer me shift ta start. Should be interestin out thar today… bit more snow near those mountains these days. Reckon I be lookin ta play a bit of cards befer I mount up fer the night." Again, eyes linger, toward a few faces in the crowd that might be 'card sharks' as it were. There's always a roll of a dice or flip of coin going on, someone always willing to gamble away their earnings.

"Indeed…" Briana responds to Shellie as she looks up to Blade, who is warrily watching the little queen. "You are not being replaced dear." She calls up to her before looking back down to the gold who starts creeling for more meat. "Here ya go Yana." She says as she feeds the spotty gold the tidbits. She looks up to Ers'lan then to Keziah and smiles a bit, "You two…One day you are gonna just kiss and get it over with." She murmurs.

Shellie giggles. "I dunno. I can't imagine Keziah as the type to give in easily." She reaches over and grabs a sweetroll from a passing Baker apprentice, taking another bite. "Besides, I think I know someone else who might have a thing for her."

Keziah glares at Ers'lan and wait.. she doesn't say anything? In fact the greenrider seems to be at a loss for words at the moment. Instead she gets up and goes to get a refill of her cider. Course as he talks about the snow in the mountains she turns, still glaring at him, and a little snappy "Don't tell me he's sending you up there?!" as if it's Ers'lan's fault and all. "Shards, the way you gamble, I'm amazed you've the marks to drink." Course when Briana murmurs as she sits back down Keziah goes white and then beet red. Oh look, such interesting look marks on the table. Then her head is jerking upright "Huh? What? Who?"

Ers'lan side long glances at Briana, laughing shortly, "Oh the things you don't know." He half grins as he continues to debate a seat with the women or a seat over yonder, where a card game is underway between a few fellow wingmates. For the moment, he roots in his spot, lingering maybe to rib Keziah a little more? It's hard to say, though he does double take at Keziah's snappiness, "Aye, he likes making me go in the worst spots. All in good fun. Whar dun kill me right?" As the saying goes, ripping off some more of the dried jerky, watching as Keziah goes pale and then red, snorting again, "Whar else am I supposed ta do with the marks I get?" Drinking and gambling? The only good way for a guy to spend his marks in a world without cars! He chuckles again at her, "At this rate Kezi, ya think ya were concerned bout me." A wink to the table mates, canting his head to the side for Shellie's add to the conversation, "Fl'ynn?" his guess. Then a flinch as he looks over to Briana, sorry!

Briana rises from the table with her little gold as the conversation heats up. The spotty creature has finally sated herself and there may have even been a few bits of human blood in the mix from the nips on Briana's fingers. The baby curls up in the palm of her hand, letting her tail dangle as she settles in to sleep. Hmms. "Well she is finally fed and seems happy with her name. She looks up as she hears Fl'ynn's name, eyes widening as she looks from Ers'lan to Keziah and back.

Shellie shakes her head. "I promised the person I wouldn't tell, but no, it's not Fl'ynn." The healer smiles enigmatically, and tilts her chair back onto two legs. She doesn't seem a bit inclined to say anything more.

What? No buying of goodies for some pretty little lady? Keziah eyes Ers'lan and then she coughs, clearing her throat "No wingmate of mine should be treated as shabbily, that's all." she says afer a moment and turns away and waves her hand in an off-handed gesture "Do what you like. What do I care?" She does look at Briana "Sides, I doubt Fl'ynn would have eyes for me anymore anyways, not with someone as pretty as Briana here." she says softly and smiles at the goldrider. Though there's a frown at Shellie "Oh well, that does me know good." After all, how else can she avoid someone? Then there's a thoughtful look "Unless there really isn't anybody." she murmurs and looks pleased with that thought. Yup, that's her story and she's sticking to it.

Ers'lan regards Briana's reaction and he laughs a bit, "Oh dun worry. He be bout yours as ya wan him ta be…" Ers'lan eyes Keziah a bit, shrugging his shoulders, "Tis fine… Least I be doin jobs others dun have ta do.. right? Would rather me do it than you, see." He goes quiet as he shoves a bit more into his face for the time being.

Briana's skin darkens at the teasing about Fl'ynn. "I …should go get some oil and stuff for the little one." She says hastily and looks around the room, then running towards the lower caverns. Blade drops down from the rafters to feast upon the remaining food in the bowl.

Shellie smirks, and shakes her head. "I'm sure if you think about it, Kez, you'll figure it out. But the person is… Well, they're afraid, afraid of how you'll react if you do find out.

Keziah casts a baleful look at Ers'lan "You just had to go and say that didn't you?" she asks as she turns to watch Briana run off with some concern. "And I don't see why I wouldn't be chosen for that kinda duty. After all, I've more experiance than some of the others with mountain work and all after having been up at Reaches and out there on their snowcapped peaks chasing after caprines and out on searcdh and rescue misions there after avalances happen." She shakes her head a little "Just because I'm female doesn't mean I'm not capable." She eyes Shellie a bit and then shakes her head "Nope, not a clue." As if she pays attention to who moons after her, and in fact tends to try and forget who has a thing for her. As for being afraid? Well. Smart person?

Ers'lan watches Briana run off with the darkening skin and he has to laugh again, grinning boldly at Keziah's baleful expression, "Whar I say?!" That innocent look again, smirking afterward, "We be all adults 'ere, last time I did check." He does throw another look toward where Briana ran off too, "She be shy bout it still, dun know why. Narh like it matters who ya rollin in the sheets with. We be finding out sooner or later, tis a Weyr." He throws his hands up and plops down into a chair, deciding against cards for now, propping his feet up on the edge of the table, arms flung back behind his head as he chews on the last bits of his meal. A brow lift to Keziah, "Cuz yer a woman." Plain and simple. Then a little shrug, "Sure yer capable, though I reckon he be livin with himself iffin he lose a man on the job, than a woman. Tis harder ta take seeing a woman get hurt 'n all." As for Shellie's remark, he adds, "Sounds like a coward ta me."

Shellie glares at Ers'lan. "And it sounds like someone who has a legitimate reason to not want the person to know." She sips her klah again, then stands up. "If you'll excuse me, I need to head back to the infirmary.

Ers'lan gives a chuff of laughter, "Shards if I care, jus seems strange ta have all these secret feelings in such a place…" he rolls his shoulder, "Each ta their own. Dun be none of me business." A look over to Keziah, "Iffin someone be lovin the little lady, she should be knowin of it." Oh he's in for a smack or something, right?

"You really are a stuck up, half-witted mangy little cur." Keziah says as she looks at him while slamming her mug down, splashing out the hot cider. "Shard it all!" she exclaims as the hot liquid hits her hands and just infuriates her more. "I don't know what I ever thought I saw in you. Obviously I was fooling myself. You certainly don't care about anyone other than yourself. And I certainly wouldn't classify you as an adult. Not only did you chase off Briana, you chased off Shellie. I'm surprised Laera's still with you. Especially if you're having troubles in the bedroom department" As if she's one to talk with her yelling. People are starting to stare. Maybe even bet on if she's going to deck him or not. She gets up and storms at him "You're more of a chauvinist than he is and I hope you rot up there in the mountains." she snaps as she takes an aim for his chair with her foot.

Ers'lan watches her with a calm glint in his eye, shifting in concern when the hot cider splashes her - reaching for a napkin or something? He really never gets a chance to follow through on any of that though, since he seems rivetted into his chair by her outburst. Just a little oblivious now. "Huh?" Dumb puppy-I-didn't-do-it look on his face, as he shifts in his chair to regard Shellie's trailing form, twisting quickly back for a look over to Keziah. He's trying to stutter out some sort of interjection but fails to accomplish that before the big 'secret' is out of the can, and he finds his face turning red. There are certainly snickers and odd looks being given Ers'lan and Keziah, maybe even a little judgement of the brownrider when his 'problem' is announced loud and clear. His mouth hangs open at the last part, maybe willing to comment or something… oh but the brownrider is in for an ass hurt. The aim she makes for his chair is true and it sends him flailing backwards, head over heels and arms flying around to try to grab for air that just doesn't support him like a rope would. The man makes a strangled noise in the back of his throat as he TIPS over…There is a solid thud and clatter on the floor! Oh the agony! The consequential rolling as Ers'lan smarts himself from the fall, is enough to start some whooting and hollaring from tables in the room, as well as a few clapping, still others are scowling disapproving looks at the pair. Meanwhie, mister chauvinist is on the floor with a hand held to the back of his head, trying to untangle himself from his chair - since the chair went crashing up and over him as well. Comical crash. He gives the chair a harsh kick or two to dislodge it from his foot. How'd that happen? Don't ask.

Keziah watches as Ers'lan slams over backwards, or well she would, except she's wincing now and favoring the foot she kicked with. Though she's trying not to let that show. She stands there seething for a few moments and then she's glaring at the crowd, some silent down a little while other's laugh all the more. Another glance at Ers'lan, is that a look of worry or a bit of an apology as she looks at the hand on his head? Nah, couldn't be. Since a second look shows the fury still in her eyes. She then turns and limps her way back over to her seat and sits while muttering under her breath. There's a bugle off in the distance of a dragon and her gold firelizard comes swooping in and flitting about her head "I'm fine." she mumbles under her breath as she shoo's at the gold "Eirwyn, back off." which the gold does, sorta. She alights on the table and watches Kezi.

Palm of hand slaps on the edge of the table…there's a grunt and a grumble as he uses the edge of the table for support, head up as he peers over the table at Keziah. Staring at her in disbelief for a time, he slowly staggers to his feet, with that hand trying to massage the hurt out of his head… swap … and arse. The brownrider scowls at Keziah, an indignant higher pitched (for his savvy seafarring) tone: "Whar did ya do that fer?! Shard it woman!" He huffs down at her, more for her ears than the crowd's, "Iffin ya were trying ta -hurt- me, job well done." His shoulders straighten and he meets some of those gazes that are laughing at him, growling, "She's on her -CYCLE- …" an excuse to embarrass Keziah, to make it even. He grunts, "Could've shardin cracked me head open ya fool hardy woman…" A scrub of his head, "Be it narh allowed tah speak me mind? Fl'ynn be a friend of mine, he be right smitten for Briana, far as I do know. And whar bout that other girl thar? Terrible that she can't handle a bit of ribbin…mus be a right borish life thar, all serious 'n that." A stomp to the chair as he works to hook his foot in the bottom rung to put pressure down on it, in attempts to flip it right side up again.

Candia picks right about this point in time to come in, and pauses as she sees one of her oldest and dearest friends fighting. "Kez?" She doesn't know what's going on, as she rushes to the side of the Greenrider…

"Oh don't you wish! Blame it all on that time of the month, well I'll tell you what. I don't have to be on it to hate you. And there ain't no crackin' that head. It be hard as stone. Maybe if it let some light into that dimwitted brain that would be something. And not everyone wants to be belittled in the caverns in front of the whole damn weyr." Keziah has her mug held up, almost as if she was planning on throwing it at him and then she stops and there's Candia there. She blushes in embarasment and coughs a little as she sets the mug down. "Candi!" she exclaims in an almost too bright voice. "It is so good to see you again. Is Cinrath still bothering Master Denna?" she asks as she turns a cold shoulder to Ers'lan, though there's a tick on her eyelid that just won't quit.

There's some sputtering sounds from Ers'lan as if he means to fight back and demand his innocence in the whole affair, until there's just the noises that come out and he shakes his head as it drops. "Reckon it be a good thing fer the whole Weyr that I be on night shift…" so they don't have to deal with him for more than a few hours a day?! Maybe B'rdian had something right after all. Rubbing his forehead he inhales deeply, nods at her, "Reckon I be do apologizin fer offending y'all…" If only Briana and Shellie were around. A nod seems to end his resolve for sticking around and with a table JARRING thump, the chair is pushed back in. He regards this so called 'Candi,' fighting some inner urge to react to the nickname, as evident by the twitch in his bottom lip and tightening of his jaw, to instead turn to the group of card sharks near the back who welcome him because his marks never really stay that long at his side - thankfully they don't cast him off immediately, but by the sounds of it, hassel him pretty hard about the 'scene' …

Keziah coughs a little and shifts in her seat a bit "Oh well, umm." she pauses and purses her lips a little "Well, he's being his arrogant self and took exception to the fact that Shellie said there was someone else who's pining after me, but she wouldn't say and he thought it should be known. " she hmms a little "Course he went and upset Briana by suggesting it could be Fly'nn and well everyone knows that Fl'ynn and Briana are together and I'd think he'd at least wouldn't be tryin' to hurt Briana, but I guess he's just like all the rest and well." she pauses a moment "And well, he just pissed me off." she lets out a long sigh and then drops her head to the table, though not before seeing him head over to the card tables.

Candia grins wryly. "Sounds like he has a talent for it. Although I do admit that you and Shellie are two of a kind where tempers are concerned, Kez." She doesn't mention anything about the reason that Shellie ran off, then goes over, and ladles out two mugs of cider, bringing them back to the table, and settling down. "Anyway, too many men are like that. Impaired in the brains department."

Keziah snorts a bit "I'll say. And his more so than most. They all have their brains in their pants and his has been smashed more than a few times." she remarks and then smiles as she sits up again for the cider"Thanks. It's a cold day and cider makes it all the better." she notes softly. "And Shell has a right to be upset. He shouldn't have pushed her to give up a secret. That's just not done." she takes a drink. "I hope he drinks so much his liver runs away screaming. And I hope his intestines fill with the dung of a thousand vermin infested wherries."

Ers'lan sends a few glances back over his shoulder, though for the most part he hunkers down into the game of cards, shoulders slouched though as if his ego was bruised and he was sulking! The table mates of his pester him for a while then generally help him get over it by making him lose a few marks - take his mind off the womenz.

Candia shakes her head, unable to stifle a giggle. "Well, sometimes they're worth it for something, although I'd be hard pressed to tell you what. At least he's not a Bronzer. Most of them, my father included, don't have anything even resembling a brain even in their pants." Ok, she's obviously not being fair to her father, but then she's always gotten away with teasing J'vry.

Keziah lets out another sigh "He just constantly rubs me the wrong way, always has. Just when I think there might be someone decent there, he just goes and doubly proves me wrong." She shakes her head "I'm just a fool to even think he can be decent." she sighs a little.

Candia reaches out, and gently pats Keziah's hand. "Hey, it'll be all right, Kez. Just give him a wide berth." She grins at the younger woman. "Anyway, what are you up to today?"

Keziah snorts a bit "We're in the same wing, hard to avoid sometimes." she notes and then shrugs a little and hmms "Well, not too much today. Mother's here and having a grand time with Micaela, and well it's a rest day for me." she notes "Figured I'd enjoy a nice drink, relax a little." she then pulls her hand back and runs it through her hair. "So much for relaxing."

Candia grins. "Then how about we go somewhere else, and actually do relax? Just you and me, a girls day out." She streches slightly, and takes another sip of her cider. "We've got pretty much all of Pern at our disposal.

Keziah hmms thoughfully "Now that sounds like an idea, though where would you suggest? Been awhile since I've been anywhere else outside this area." she notes thoughfully. "Maybe it's time to." she grins as she perks up. "Lets blow this place."

Candia nods, as she stands up, grinning even wider. "Well, how about somewhere warm? I never thought I'd see snow in Xanadu.

Keziah laughs "Why not? Sure it doesn't always last very long, but we get snow here most winters." She grins "Always fun during weyrlinghood, watching the young dragons play in it." she hmms thoughfully "I suppose Ista? It's summer up that way now. THough hmm maybe that's too hot for me."

Candia nods. "Not as bad as Igen. But Ista sounds good, on the beach.

Keziah chuckles and then nods "Then to Ista it is." she says as she finishes off her cider and stands up. "Shall we go then?" she asks as she pauses a moment and contacts Alosynth.

Candia nods, eyes glazing over as she does the same to Cinrath.

**Ista Weyr - Main Beach

The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the lush and verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their color into the wide ocean, the beach is nothing short of striking. The heat of Rukbat reaches into these sands by day, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, spilling down from the plateau, a small waterfall empties into a catching pool that runs off to the sea through a furrow of dark sand and pebbles.

Candia has changed into a bikini, and enjoys the warmth of the weather. It's actually kind of cool for Ista at the height of summer, but that's normal for the beach.

Keziah has changed into a one piece with a wrap. With the cooler temperature it's actually quite decent for Keziah. "I do enjoy watching the sea sometimes." she notes "Though I like my lake." she chuckles. "Xanadu's been a great place to be."

Candia nods as she spreads out a blanket, then lays down. Cinrath lays down next to Alosynth, idly crooning at the green. "I like Xanadu. But then, I've been giving a lot of serious thought to settling down, finding a place to stay rather than roaming around Pern. Maybe even finding a weyrmate.

Keziah sits down on the blanket and continues to gaze out at the sea for a few moments and then glances over at Candia "Really? Got anywhere in mind?" she asks curiously "Though why you'ld want a mate is beyond me. COurse it does work out well for some." she notes thoughfully. Alosynth settles down herself, she warbles a moment and then closes her eyes to dose.

Candia shakes her head again. "Well, I've not had much luck the last several turns." She frowns, her expression a bit downcast. "I mean, there is someone, but I don't know how to approach her about it, and I'm pretty sure that she's hetro anyway.

Keziah hmms a little at that "That's rough." states the clueless wonder "I guess if anything you just should, but if she is, likely it won't do any good. I dunno. I'm the wrong person to ask for advice on that subject." She hehs a little "Heck, I'd likely be celebate if it wasn't for the dragons."

Candia nods, and sighs. "Right now, I'm in the same weyr, so to speak. I haven't had a regular lover in three turns. The last time I slept with anyone at all was when Cinrath caught a green. And waking up with your uncle's weyrmate in the morning is a little bit of a shock!

Keziah blinks a little at that and then nods "I'll say. I guess it's better than if it your uncle had been the greenrider." she shudders a little at that. "At least I don't have any family that are riders. Least no one in close immediate family and all. I don't have to worry about that."

Candia nods. "I think Shellie was just as surprised as I was." She glances out at the dragons. "Hmmm. They do get along well, don't they?

Keziah hmms a little and nods "I imagine so." she murmurs. She looks over at Alosynth and Cinrath "Well, Alo gets along with most, though she's not an affectionate dragon. "

Candia nods. "Cinrath gets along with most dragons, but it's rare for him to be this taken by a Green." Cin isn't nuzzling or anything, mind you, but he is staying close to Alosynth.

Keziah tilts her head "Oh?" she asks vaguely curious "I don't think there's ever been a dragon that Alosynth has been taken with. When the flight is done. It's done. She's been known to chase the dragons away, most of the time she just ignores them though."

Candia nods. "There are those like that, I guess." She sighs, and looks up at the sky. "When did she last rise?"

Keziah hmms a little "It's a been a few months." she notes after a little bit "Well maybe four." she ponders and then shrugs "I don't always keep track of it to the day." Maybe if she ignored it, it would go away? Nah.

Candia nods again. "I see." She closes her eyes again, taking a breath. "You know, I ought to go see where the train is. My daughter's fostering with my family." She goes quiet again, deep in thought.

Keziah looks thoughtful "How old is your daughter now?" she asks curiously "Do you miss seeing her? I know I missed Mirai when I had her staying with my family at times." She smiles "Course my mother is wonderful, she'll come down and visit."

Candia nods. "Zandia's just about nine and a half turns. I miss her, of course, but it's better for her to stay with Grandma Lilias and Grandpa First. I mean, the train doesn't stay in one place any more than I do, but it's not as disruptive for her as me dragging her around a-dragonback."

Keziah ponders that a bit "Yeah, couldn't be good on a kid to take them between so often." she notes thoughfully "Must be interestin' though to be living in a train. Talk about getting to know the world in a way few can."

Candia nods. "Jei and I spent our share of time with the train when we were girls. It is interesting. The only way to see more of Pern is to be a rider." She smiles again. "And that tends to run in the family too."

Keziah chuckles "Well, I think I may have some distant cousins that are riders, but my family tends to be holders. Fairly good ones, haven't had problems with the tithe in a long time."

Candia nods. "That's not exactly something that's always easy to do. We visited enough farmcots with the train to give me a great respect for it." She sits up, then draws her knees up against her chest, looking out over the ocean. "Kez, am I pretty?"

More cute than a classic beauty, Candia's still an attractive girl, just more in a tomboyish, fresh faced way. Sort of the girl next door, if you will. Her dark auburn hair is cut long, and braided, reaching down to her waist. Her eyes are a brownish green, hazel if you will, sparkling with curiousity, as she looks around her world. A pert nose is surrounded by a dusting of small freckles, although it's hard to see them because of the olive tone to her skin. However, what's always visible is the perpetual smile on her face, sometimes friendly, others mischevious. She walks with a slight, yet noticable limp, from an old injury when she was a teenager.

Keziah blinks a moment "I guess, I mean you're not ugly or anything.' She purses her lips "I guess, I dunno." She scratches at her head a bit. "I guess it all depends on a person. I mean take Ers'lan, he's got a nice body according to most people, but well, he's not always a nice person so it detracts." She snorts a bit "THough try telling that Mirai." she rolls her eyes.

Candia nods. "A lot of beauty is from within. Some people don't realize that, or choose to ignore it…" She takes a breath. "That's why I've always tried to at least be friends with my lovers. And why I've had lovers that most people wouldn't consider attractive, at least conventionally…"

Keziah hmms a little "I can't say I've ever tried to be with the partners from flights, not unless I already was." she notes "And well, looks aren't everything. Least I hope not." There's a thoughtful look "Though I suppose it doesn't matter anyways. I mean it's not like I want a steady partner. Too much trouble."

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