Leirouthtopia Repurposed

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian

The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.

The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.

Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

Rinian doesn't mind borrowing a wagon and beasts, and so she has. This time it carries all the bins of laundry that is the chore of Mathis and Rin today. Well..and whatever staff usually does it. Thankfully its not just the two of them! Also has the convience of being near their baths…and perhaps using them too? The staff already made sure to have cauldrons of water with fire going for the washing, but a pair of large bath tubs just might make the job go faster. She's just driving the team up around the side of the box resort where the washing is happening, and is so glad that task made sure she missed the hauling of water..for now.

Teinon has a bucket and he's making his way down to the water. He is /kind/ of starting to look tired. Hauling enough water to do… whatever he's doing is apparently a lot of hauling. Whatever the reason, it doesn't stop him from offering a friendly wave down the beach toward Rinian and… The wagon and beasts. On the beach. Hm. Well, he has water to haul, so he gets to that business.

While Rinian went to go get the laundry, Mathis stayed at the cardboard resort to finish getting everything ready for her arrival. At least for a few hours, people would have to find other means to reduce their stink level to nil, but at least it was in favor of clean clothes. As she arrives, the fourteen turn old is there to meet her, as well as the others who will be helping today. That there was a tremendous amount of laundry that the woodcrafter girl had there, far too much for just the two of them to tend to on their own. "Well hello!" he calls out to Rinian, waving in a single stiff fan of his hand. Hazel eyes slide towards the mother of all laundry loads and one brow tips upwards slightly, "Please tell me that's all of it." He sounds as if he is somewhere very far away, probably having a bit of an out of body experience of some sort before the weary bucket carrier garners his attention, "Oh Faranth, you're still at it Teinon?"

Rinian waves to both Matty and Teinon and wonders. "Why are you hauling water, Teinon?" Yes, a wagon on sand might not be a good idea, but she doesn't seem to be having any issues with it yet. With all the extra traffic there are some areas the sand has been well beat down for now. As she pulls the team up she nods. "At least for what was there. If anyone else drops off today well..they may have to wait till tomorrow." She looks over the set up, "With as cold as it is, how will these ever dry?"

Teinon gives Mathis an amused little look and a shake of his head. It's not as though he's been hauling water nonstop since the previous day… He's got a hand full of bucket when Rinian asks her question, so he wanders over and sets it on the beach to free up his hands. "Everything." Maybe the stables have decided not to trust their own water supply, given that no one knows quite where that diseased rat came from. Or maybe it's for the secret project! He changes the subject back to Rinian, with a curious expression as he signs, "Who gave you the wagon?"

Exhaling a breath in something closely related to relief, Mathis nods to Rinian and approaches with the others to get the baskets unloaded. There were a few of them, but this would still take some time. "Probably will have to wash it, wring it out really good, and then bring it back to dry it there." Hang it somewhere, put it in a honest to goodness dryer, whatever really because it would just freeze in a stiff lump if it was left outside. There's a twist of a grin for the knowledge that Teinon had not been hauling water to wherever continuously since he'd seen him last, "Good to hear it," he replies, handing down another basket to someone awaiting below. Both of his eyebrows lift a bit as 'everything' is the answer that Rinian gets, but he shrugs and reaches for another basket, "Make sense." Does it though?

Rinian looks sympathetic to all the water hauling, as she and Matty have had their fair share of it with the baths. "I asked someone in the caverns since we needed to haul all of this, and the next thing I know someone brought around this." One does not look gift beasties and wagon in the mouth. "Thankfully we were able to use it to haul all the cauldrons and supplies as well." She wonders, "I thought the whole laundry are was shut down too? That's why we had to wash here? If we can use the dryers that will simplify things."

Teinon doesn't know anything about the laundry, but he /does/ do a quick glance over of the beasts. He even gives one of them a brief pat on the side. He gestures vaguely toward the wagon, and then signs an offer. "Do you need help unloading this?" He may or may not be giving the side-eye to those cauldrons and comparing them to the young lady and 14-turn-old tasked with dealing with them.

"Uh, I think the dryers are okay? They just didn't want us using the washers or the water really, someone said it's piped in from the springs." Mathis offers in response, handing down another basket. "If I'm honest, I didn't ask." Lips pressed together into a line he gives Rinian a sheepish look before turning back to struggle some with an especially over full basket that he just ends up hip butting towards the back of the wagon where there wasn't a partition requiring that he lift it. Someone else would either have to help him with that or carry it themselves because no. "If you want to help, that'd be really nice of you." Maybe Mathis caught the sign of such an offer, or maybe he's cheeky enough to volunteer the herder, but either way there's gratitude and a lot of teeth on the other side of it.

Rinian hops off the wagon, once someone else has the beasties' heads and comes around the back. "That is very kind, Teinon. But you look worn out enough from your own work." She offers to take the other side so she can help Matty carry it over to one of the waiting cauldrons and workers. She idly wonders if the warmth of the fire is offset by the likelyhood of getting wet..would they be hot or cold?

It's like a window into the past! The boiling-cauldron, laundry-scrubbing, technologically-unassisted past. It's fascinating, or at least, it can be if you're not the one doing work, and it catches D'lei's eye as he heads along the shore. He pauses, observes… then steps closer, hands tucked in the pockets of his jacket as he peers about at laundry mountains and cauldron lakes. It's a whole continent, here! Washlandia!

Teinon rolls his eyes at Rinian, waving off that suggestion that he's too tired to lift a /little wee basket of laundry/. (Youthful male pride is a prickly thing, you see.) He leaves the full water bucket behind so he can climb into the wagon and lift the next basket. As he's busy doing that, he doesn't immediately notice the watching D'lei. Whoops!

Shooting off a look towards Rinian that might have been a pout, Mathis hops off the wagon and helps her carry the heavy basket of clothing towards those that await it, more than happy when they take it off their hands. Pausing a moment to take a breath, he turns to go back for the rest of laundry, basins and the scrub boards, spotting the approaching D'lei about a step and a half in as he clears one of the cardboard buildings, offering the man a slight smile and wriggling of fingers in a hello before he takes off to help Teinon unload.

Rinian lends a hand in the fetching and carrying back and forth until the wagon is unloaded. The wash staff gets to work as soon as they have what they need. And one would think the candidates might get a break but…Rin is immedately handed an old wooden paddle like they used to use, to stir the laundry in the cauldron. Yay for oldschool! Actually, she's pretty used to old school, so no worries there. She doesn't notice their observer or she'd have sent a greeting his way as well. Washlandia, right next to the box resort of Leirith's dreams.

D'lei takes his hand out of that jacket-pocket for long enough to wave, returning the greeting from Mathis before he tucks it back in place as he looks back to this side attraction to the theme park. The Laundry Kingdom! And Leirouthtopia, the marvel of modern… modernity. One corner of his mouth quirks as he observes those boxes, followed by a tilt of his head back as a momentarily distant expression marks a communication with Garouth. (It can't be Leirith, because it's silent.)

Teinon works alongside Rinian and Mathis for a bit, cheerily silent. Then he notices D'lei. There's only a momentary flash of mild alarm, followed by just a touch of guilt, and then he covers it with a tense sort of smile. He lifts his hand for a quick greeting, then hands off the last thing he's holding (probably some stray laundry) and starts for the bucket he abandoned near the wagon.

It just so happens that while they were moving things from up high to down low and over, that the expression change which takes place on Teinon's face is noted by he who sprouts like weed. Glancing between Weyrleader and herder, perhaps a mental note is taken of this occurrence before work resumes in earnest. Wagon unloaded, "Thank you for your help, Teinon." Mathis gives along with a grateful smile, returning to the cauldrons in time to be instructed to man one of those basins with the scrub boards, after he's filled it with a bit of the cold filtered water from the nearby barrel. He's told that otherwise, when they popped piping hot cauldron slop into the basin, he'd burn himself. As that did not sound fun at all, the teen nods once and starts to do as he'd been told. "Dun ye be forgettin' the soap none either lad," says one of the staffers, slightly jerking his chin towards probably the biggest vat of soapsand that the woodcrafter had ever seen. Stopping, mouth opening, nothing comes out until there's a rush of air along with "Right, got it." and a rough sigh. Well, at least his hands would be really, really, really clean by the end of this.

Rinian stir stir stirs with that large wooden paddle. Not the most mentally challenging of tasks, she starts to look around as she does it and spots..D'lei! Now he gets a wave. "Come for a bath or see your laundry done?"

D'lei's expression, in response to Teinon's at noticing him, might best be described as a mild curiosity. There's an arch of brows, a slight (but present) smile, and enough interest to have him lift his own hand to return that greeting (from the pocket once more!), accompanying it with a nod before his attention returns to the laundry in progress. He hehs to Rinian. "Do you offer both at once?" he asks, and grins. "Though, it may at least make people realize how much work goes into things like laundry? Having it out here and visible, I mean." Search for that bright side, D'lei! Search so hard.

The most skeptical look that was ever skepticaled passes across Teinon's face when D'lei says that. Nope, there's no chance that Tei is convinced that people would notice how hard a given job is. He's not about to contradict, though, so he just hefts his water bucket and gives a bit of a wave to the working candidates.

"You make that look easy Rin," Mathis notes in passing, looking quite impressed. After all, it was no small feat to adequately stir a vat full of wet clothes. This done and all things acquired, it was time to set up and wait for the first slopping, Mathis plops himself down onto the edge of one of those hollowed out log tubs. Listening in, he chuckles softly to himself as he pictures D'lei inside the cauldron being stirred around by the giant paddle that Rinian held so well in her hands, prepping his basin with a couple scoops of soapsand and a few bucket-fulls of icy cold water, "That seems like it'd be fun," he says aloud, not giving much thought past that such as that it would mean cooked people fully infused with the flavor of hot cloth. Yum. Always the optimist, "Maybe!" is chirped off in regards to people leaning to appreciate the merits of the hard work that goes into clean laundry, Mathis spies Teinon picking up his bucket and giving them a wave, "You leaving?"
Rinian looks disappointed that Teinon might be wandering off. She always enjoys his company, but she knows that when there is work, there is work. She shrugs a little to Matty's compliment, "I imagine soon enough I'll find it a lot harder." To D'lei she smiles, "Both at once might very well be econmical, but drying could be problematic. It wouldn't do to give our Weyrleader a cold."

Sadly for Teinon (maybe), D'lei is only a mind-reader when it comes to dragons. So, no response there! Nor observation made about the departure, either. Rinian's comment does get a laugh, though. "I suppose I wouldn't enjoy the mangle, no." He grins. "Though, I've certainly done my share of being soaked in winter. How do you think the dragons get scrubbed?"

Teinon points at the water bucket with an apologetic smile. Back to work! He skirts D'lei a bit, and heads for the stairs back up to the weyr. Trudge, trudge, trudge!

There's a moment's consideration given and then a nod towards Rinian as Mathis comes to understand the inevitable conclusion of all that stirring. Sore arms, sore back, a whole lot of tired and probably the wish to never see laundry ever again, "Sorry," he breathes out, eyes lowered to his own task and twitches minutely. He wasn't going to be much better off, even with the help from the present staffers. Another nod and wave of farewell for Teinon, not about to keep the man from whatever task he needed to complete, before his eyes turn back to D'lei, "Oh Faranth, where? The lake?" Gaze tossed at the large body of very chilly water and the teen's whole body shudders. "Garouth is HUGE though…" He can't wrap his mind around the concept at all, even with the help that dragonriders seem to get from those who enjoyed a good dragon scubbing.

D'lei nods to Mathis, letting Teinon depart and Rinian work with… well, only a bit of second-hand distraction. "When we're lucky, we can head to somewhere warmer for that… but we're not always lucky." A wry smile. "He's fairly good at washing himself when he has to, rubbing at the sand and so forth… so it mostly ends up spot scrubs and oiling." Which still takes quite a time… and quite a bit of oil. "Not every dragon's as good at taking care of themselves, though. Some of them try to skip out during the winter, but… I'm sure you can imagine how that can end up." A glance over to the baths the woodcrafter candidates set up to deal with the stinky problem.

Mathis appears to be enraptured by what D'lei was saying, to such a degree that when a portion of laundry is glopped into his basin, the teen nearly jumps out of his own skin. The staffer eyeballs him a bit before turning on her heel and returning to the cauldrons to get another paddle full for another also manning a scrubbing station. "Sorry, sorry…" he scatterbrains and gets to work, poking at the steaming hot clothing to get it under the cooler water so that he could grab two handfuls and start scrubbing what he's got back and forth over the tin board, "I guess not everyone can just poof over to Ista or something whenever they feel like it." As long as it made sense, Mathis had no trouble at all forming a picture in his head, and if he could do that he could attach meaning and understanding. As he listens he really works at getting the items he has on hand good and soapy, putting in some good elbow grease, but not the whole time. Just when there was something that looked really caked on there. "That still sounds like a lot of work…" he admits as he glances upwards, "…how often does he need that done?" There was real concern lacing his features alongside that unfathomable curiosity. However, as D'eli's eyes turn towards the tubs, so do his. A sharp intake of breath and a whole lot of alarmed hazel lands back on the man shortly there after, "Wait. Dragons can get…smelly?" Boom. Mind blown.

There's a bit of amusement at Mathis's surprise, and D'lei is silent for a few moments to let him catch up with what he's doing and get back into the work. "It is," D'lei agrees to that amount of work, and grins. "Dragons may be the easiest way of poofing over to Ista-" for example "-but they're definitely not easy." No matter how the riders may make it look! There's a smile at the question about frequency - and then a laugh. "It's not sweat, but yes." Different biochemistry and all! Which isn't to say that dragons don't have natural particles, but… "The biggest issue tends to be bits of stray blood from their kill." Not like dragon-hide has anything magic to keep that from smelling, well, as bad as it does when it's rotting in the kitchen waste-bin. "I probably wash Garouth about every month or two. It depends a lot on what's going on… and some dragons will want it more or less in general. A hatchling will need a wash every few days, because their hide is soft and it's important to keep it clean and well-oiled as they grow… well, and because they're not very good at cleaning themselves yet."

Srubba-dubba-dubba and someone comes by to take that basin off Mathis's hands and replaces it with another empty one. One that needs to be filled with icy cold water and soapsand again and so he rises to his feet and gets about doing just that. "My foster-mom told me that nothing worth having comes easy," he sends with a smile towards D'lei, lifting two empty buckets and soon returning with two full, dumping their contents into the new basin. Two scoops of soapsand and he drops back down to await another load, not paying much attention to where the last had gone (it's being rinsed, wrung out, and returned to a basket to be be transported back to the weyr for drying and folding). The Weyrleader might be laughing, but for some reason the answer that follows appears to notably relieve the woodcrafter, as if the very idea of a dragon with a bad case of body odor was going to be the end of the world, "I think I'd rather deal with rotty smell than…" Crinkling his nose, he's likely thinking on the alternative. "…let's just say that not everyone's been to see us." He's not naming names, but odorous candidates smelling up the barracks would be a very good excuse to want to be anywhere but, even outside in a makeshift cardboard resort dolled up with crayon doing outside laundry old school style. No one else might come out of this with mad respect for the workers in the laundry, but Mathis sure the heck would. SPLOOSH, SHULP. What was one empty, is now full again, and this time the staffer prods at Mathis a little with the end of the paddle and then poke-pokes it into the tub before retreating. "Eh? Oh! Um…I got this. No problem!" Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. All the elbows. All the grease. There's nodding as D'lei answers on frequency, pausing to rest his arms a few moments and looking back up at him while he does, "Oooh, okay. Probably is easier to start with the smaller version and work your way up, build those scrubbing muscles." Cause his sure were angry with him right now, and there's a bit of a winge for the idea of scrubbing a dragon every couple of days for however long as it takes for them to get big enough to maybe or maybe not do some of the work themselves. It's the maybe not that was worrying. "Kinda explains why you never really see an out of shape dragonrider I guess. Seems like a lot of physical labor in general." Speaking of physical labor, Mathis straightens and points over towards where a large wooden sign leans against a boulder further up the beach a way. It's sizable enough that the lettering can be made out, Leirouthtopia, arched over smaller Resort & Spa. "Do you think Leirith and Garouth would want that once this place gets all melty and the hot springs are reopened?"

"They're neither of them pleasant," is D'lei's considered (though not for very long) opinion about variety in terrible smells, with an amused smile (probably because he isn't stuck in that barracks with those candidates) and a shrug. He glances to see the changing of the scrubs, watching it with a mostly-idle curiosity, then hehs. "There are some… but it definitely does take enough work that most riders are either in decent shape, or have a reason why they can't be." Because serious injuries and crippling diseases absolutely happen, sometimes! Such is the nature of life. "There are a few riders here who have a hard time leaving the house. We find other things for them to do, and people to help them out, but…" A shrug, and a slight grimace. "It's tough. For them, and their dragons too." And now D'lei might be (is) picturing some faces, which is part of why he's grateful for the distraction when Mathis points out that sign. He stares at a moment, lifting one hand, and then… laughs, ducking his head and lowering that hand again. "Would Leirith? Yes. Yes she would." It's like he's met the gold! Once or twice or a billion times. "Whether she should get it depends on whether there's a place for it where it won't just be clutter." Garouth's opinion is not noted. Garouth is probably just quietly amused.

Chewing on his lower lip faintly, Mathis resorts to nodding, but preferably he would like not to smell anything bad at all for while before he went to sleep at night. You know, to see how that goes. It was difficult to remember a time when there wasn't the culmination of foulness bespoiling the barracks when there was after a couple of days. Unlike ambient noise, it doesn't just disappear into the background either. One of the workers clears their throat and the woodcfrafter snaps to it, scrubba-dubbing his little heart out with an apologetic look sent their way. He's not quite as industrious this time, however, rather seeming to be pacing himself. "Oh, that's awful. Those poor people and their dragons." Given tone of voice and his expression in that moment, he meant it, he was feeling for them. "It'd be awful to be trapped inside all day and not being able to do the things I need to and want to." Yeah, thanks Mathis for bringing the mood way, way, down buddy. Appreciate that. It's worth mentioning that they both seem to leap at the chance to change the subject, focusing in on the sign as well. Eyes alight when D'lei confirms that Leirith would like the sign, perhaps his interest in this the reason he doesn't seem to notice that Garouth was left out of the equation. But then, dilemma. Where on Pern would they put it? "You could mount it on your ledge…or maybe a wall…" he offers and then gets an odd look about him, "I have no idea where you guys live." Not fishing so much as trying to visualize. Shoulders are shrugged, and he's scrubbing a little harder to work up a nice lather. "I thought they might like to have it, but if you guys want to break it up for kindling or something I'm okay with it. It was hard to make it so…" Boring. "…plain, but Rinian said it would be hard to read if I carved it fancier."

D'lei nods somberly about those unfortunates who've ended up physically impaired, but while he's got agreement with Mathis, there's not much he can add! It is what it is, and what it is isn't nice. So, how about that distraction! D'lei's mouth tugs to the side as Mathis makes suggestions, and he hehs. "We're in a cottage. It's, ah… not designed for multiple dragons… or that many people, either." Translation: it's too small. "I think the only space we'd have enough room on the wall would be the outside… and that might give people slightly the wrong idea about what's inside." He grins. "Don't want to be answering the door in my bathrobe just to find someone expecting me to give them a bath." That'd just get awkward, fast! D'lei considers that sign for a moment, then hehs. "Maybe we can move it into the hot springs," he suggests. "Once they're ready again… they may not be able to go there, but it's still their spa… in a sense." Really - in a sense - isn't all of Xanadu a part of Leirouthtopia?

As for Mathis, there wasn't much that he or even D'lei could do to help those unfortunate dragonriders, which makes that change of topic all the more appealing. It wasn't that he didn't care, it's that he cared too much and dwelling on it wouldn't do anyone any good. Although, "Maybe you could give me some names, and I could do some stuff for them," is murmured amongst the scrubbing and dubbing before he's alleviated of another basin and given a third. A look is tossed towards the back of the worker who'd done the exchange and there might be just a hint of weariness attached to it. Thankfully, he wasn't the only one working and it wouldn't take as long as he was thinking it would to finish this up and start loading the wagon back up. Though, they'd be considerably heavier than when they came off. Ugh, he was no not looking forward to that. New water, new scoops of soapsand and there is a rest period before the next batch, so Mathis stretches himself out and rubs into the soreness of muscles that did not appreciate all this repetition and abuse, blinking once when D'lei reveals the weyrleadership's living situation, "Shells no, I suppose it wouldn't be. That'd be a REALLY big cottage if it was." Hard to miss too, and then he wouldn't have to inquire after where it was that they were all shacked up. Eyes widen a touch momentarily before soft laughter erupts forth, "I was actually going to suggest the outside of the cottage, but…" The rest is eaten away by his mirth, easily having conjured up the image of the poor man answering his door early one morning to find a couple tourists inquiring about services and pricing. SHLOP. FWOOP. Pat. Pat. Poke. Mathis's laughter tapers off swiping at his eyes with the back of his wrists before he gets to scrubbing his newest arrivals, not bothering to give the staffer who'd loaded him back up much attention this time. "Oh! That's an idea!" Excitedly, the woodcrafter takes a second to picture that and nods his head slowly at first but with increasing speed. "Yeah, I did stain and varnish it, so it should be able to withstand the moisture and the heat for a good long time." And it is like D'lei had turned the shiny bright Matty beacon back on, triggering the release of many teeth in a wide and toothy grin, "It's perfect! Maybe Risali can share with her what it looks like hung in there…" A pause and then he goes to blindingly enthusiastic, straightening and stilling. "OOOH! Or maybe N'kon can take a picture of it for her? I could make a really nice frame for it!"

"I can certainly let you know if any of them are interested," D'lei answers about those disabled rides, and smiles slightly. "Not everyone wants others to know about their challenges and feel sorry for them, though. Some folks would rather just… pretend when they can, and hide when they can't." And their secrets are safe with him! …well, and with the others whose help they need, but still. He's not going to unleash a random well-meaning teenager on them! Not without asking, at least. "Laundry's its own kind of workout, isn't it?" D'lei observes as Matty's work is changed out again, an almost conspiratorial smile given the boy. He nods about the size - or lack thereof - of his cottage, and then does the same - with a grin, this time - as that agreement about outside is given. "I like to actually invite my houseguests. On purpose!" So picky, he is, but… he grins as he sees that response to putting it up in the re-opened hot springs, and nods. "Either of them, really!" he says to those suggestions of how to show Leirith, and grins. "Really, it'd be kind of awesome if N'kon went through and took a whole set of pictures of this place. A historical record, as it were… and that could be part of it." Leirouthtopia: Where They Are Now.

Mathis nods, "Okay, but…you don't have to push it or anything…" Not that D'lei would or that he thinks he would thrust him on anyone who wouldn't be happy for the extra set of hands or running legs. While Mathis was perhaps not quite old enough yet to grasp the concept of how fine a line there was between an offer out of kindness and one made out of pity, he did get that sometimes people (regardless of handicap) didn't like even good intentioned strangers tromping around in their safe haven. Scubba. Scrubba. Dubba. Scrubba. The woodcrafter might very well be hearing and feeling that sound when he closed his eyes tonight and in combination with the rankness of the barracks, it'll be a wonder in itself if he manages to get any sleep at all.. Then again, fatigue had a way of catching up with you, so many everything would work itself out. Brows twitch into a furrow as the bronzerider explains why his offer might not be entirely well received, "I just want to help, not be in the way or make anyone uncomfortable." That being said, he looks down and is quiet for a time, really working that scrub board with even movements of arms. Then, "Yeah, it is!" A workout, yes. Indeed. Sighing, he shlops the wet and soapy clothes down back into the basin, squishing them down and around. Looking back to D'lei, he returns the grinning with a smile of his own, good-naturedly of course. "Kinda wish I'd stretched and warmed up beforehand, I'm going to be in for a world of hurt tomorrow." Despite the implication, he laughs it off and gets back to scrubbing away, a glance down revealing a spot he'd missed. Scrub. Scrub. A flicker of hazel back to the man, he heh's and chuckles softer towards the novelty of invited houseguests instead of surprise ones, "I would think so, yeah. Being who you are, you and Risali probably like to have some space somewhere where people aren't all up in your faces asking for stuff and things." Annnnnd he's done, even if he's not, he's done. He needs a real break after three basins full and there was plenty of other people here to take care of that last load they had just started soaking. Pushing the basin away with one foot, "That would be great! And maybe Meion could scan them into her computer or something…or upload or whatever she calls it. That way no matter what happens, they'll always exist. Do you think they'd be up for it? I mean, I'm not sure how wrapped up N'kon is in his picture on picture project thinger he's doing, or if Meion can do the loading thing."

Scrub those bubbles, on the doubles! Or the singles. Or whatever the appropriate quantity of scrubs is for this particular bit of laundry, D'lei is not exactly what you might call a cleaning professional. He nods to Mathis - not that he was going to, but hey, it's good to have these things all understood all around… just like it's good to have those stains and other unsavory (and unsmellory) bits scrubbed all around! "Wanting to help is good," he assures the candidate, and smiles. "It's a great start to doing the right thing." The grin turns wry, though also sympathetic. "Life just ends up complicated, especially when you go and involve other people, and good intentions are only part of the answer." D'lei smiles. "But, I will see if there's somewhere that you can help out." Besides doing the laundry, that is! Which he does point out, with a gesture of a hand to encompass it. "Besides this, I mean. Though it might not be as good a workout." But really, what is? Besides, y'know, actual workouts. D'lei would suggest the hot springs to soak out those muscles, but OH WAIT, HE CAN'T. "…at least you can sneak yourself in for a hot bath, after." It may not be as nice as the hot springs, but it's something. No matter how humble, there's no place like a hot bath - or home? D'lei hehs to Mathis at his observation. "The ones who want something aren't all that bad," he says, tone light but serious. "The worst are the ones who think they know better than us without actually understanding the full situation." Not that the first of those can't turn into the second, of course, but… he's got his mental pictures, and they're of different things! Speaking of pictures… D'lei shrugs a bit. "I honestly don't know," he answers. "N'kon is a bit of a feline on his projects - sometimes it seems like he's doing nothing, but he's actually working… and others, he seems busy, but he'll find time." Another shrug. "You'll have to ask him. And Meion, for that matter."

Presently, none of the bubbles exactly because Mathis was all done and from the looks of things they were winding down as people are starting load baskets of clean but wet and heavy baskets back onto the wagon. Considering that he, Rinian and Teinon did the brunt of the unloading, MAYBE he doesn't feel so guilty about loading it back up with the same amount of get'er'dun. "Yeah, I try to stay out of things that aren't any of my business. Learned that the hard way." Grunting he helps a laundry staffer load up two or three baskets before he pauses to stretch and tend to his right shoulder, rolling the joint as other take over in his stead. "But I get this feeling that life is complicated no matter what you do, so might as well help where I can and where I'm wanted, and let the rest sort itself out." A grin is sent back towards D'lei before he goes and loads up a couple more baskets and seems to be done with that as well. He'd done his part and now he wanted a bath, a hot meal, and to sleep for about a thousand years. "Okay," comes with a nod, not about to force himself on anyone if they didn't need or want his help, but putting the offer out there still seemed like the right thing to do, "Thank you, D'lei." Smiling back, the teen gets about cleaning up and helping the bathing area look like an actual bathing area again, putting this and that sundry into the wagon and watching as the beasts are driven back towards the weyr. Sighing with the heaviness that comes from the completion of a task, he looks back towards the weyrleader, "I don't mind hard work, as long as theirs a reason for it. So far, I don't think there's been a single thing I've done in my time here that I didn't gain or learn something… so thanks for that too." He doesn't clap the man on the shoulder or anything, but he looks as if he might have been thinking about it. There and gone, he keeps his hands to himself, apparently having picked up on the importance of personal boundaries and maybe acting his sharding age for once. As for a bath? "Faranth, yes. That's step one in my plan to not feel like death in the morning." How successful he would be in this endeavor remains to be seen. A brow lifts, just one, "Uh, that seems kind of rude and inappropriate…" Who the heck had the audacity to tell the Weyrleadership how to do their jobs? Mathis wouldn't even know where to begin to do what Risali and D'lei do all day, because he was pretty darned sure it wasn't all cake fights and wrestling matches. "It's probably not much, but I appreciate what you do for me, all of us…even those who don't seem like they do." Not naming names. Nope. Nope. Very broad. All encompassing. Another nod at last, "I'll talk to them, not a problem." The warmth of a genuine smile and Mathis jerks a thumb towards the baths, "I'm going to get myself in there while the cauldrons are still hot," Snapping off a crisp salute. "Weyrleader." And with that, the now very toothy imp was off to give himself a much needed scrub down.

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