Lost: One Blue Dragon

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Rubicon River Hold – Courtyard

Behind the imposing ivory limestone pillars of the great gates, beyond the red wall with its ivory towers, the courtyard of Rubicon River hold has been laid out on a grand scale. Unavoidably the first thing to come into the eyes is the imposing structure that has been carved out of the ivory limestone bluff. Perfectly plumb for a length of no less than one hundred weaverlengths, stone has been removed and recycled into nearly hundred foot high fluted ionic columns that hold up a wide roof, topped in waves of terra cotta roofing tiles. Above this, bronze shutters cover latticed windows in case of poor weather or attack. Below your feet, the expertly set red stone of the sweeping expanse this area is comprised of has been bordered in a simple geometric path pattern in the ivory stone as an accent. The stones are worn smooth with use and age, giving rise to the notion that this is indeed a bustling place. To the north and south of this, similarly laid paths lead away from the striking faade, to the west and up the stairs, lay the great bronze doors of the of the Hold Proper.

Seryth senses that Kalsuoth's oldgrowth forest is thick and dark, tendrils of mist being shifted by dark wings. « Seryth. Can you reach Ujinath? I can not. He has vanished. » Though thankfully there's not a death-knell echo when the blue is reached for. Just…nothing. « Where is yours? »

Kalsuoth senses that Seryth's reply is slow in coming, her rains patter those leaves in a sleepy summer sprinkle of enquiry. « He has? » Her voice is as sleepy as the rain, when she speaks, having just been roused by him. There is a distinct pause and then her voice returns puzzled, faintly concerned, but not alarmed, « I cannot hear him..? » She seems uncertain about that though. « Thea is within the hold. We are at Rubicon River. I will bespeak her. »

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth land a few minutes later, the brown crouching to let his harried and worried looking rider dismount. Dressed in his riding leathers, hair combed, Mur'dah is at least presentable in looks for a visit to Rubicon, but it's clear the young man is frazzled as he paces back and forth, hands clasping and glancing at Kalsuoth every other step. The dark brown settles onto his belly, rumbling softly to his rider.

Seryth is sprawled in the courtyard, neck curved to watch Kalsuoth as he descends and backwings to land in the courtyard. Her croon is soothing as she greets the younger brown but her manner is distracted, her attention divided in talking with her rider and probing for Ujinath. It's awhile before Thea exits the main door to the hall, shrugging into her jacket to ward off the early spring chill and ready for departure. Her ice green eyes are grave as they seek out Mur'dah first and she walks that way with an unhurried stride, masking her concern. There are eyes upon them; it wouldn't do to tip them off that something might be amiss. "Seryth says you can't find Ujinath," she says quietly as she reaches her son.

Mur'dah is trying to hide his concern, but his mother can see it in his eyes and his expression as his long legs carry him forward to meet his mother. He resists plucking at her sleeve, but just barely. "No, not anywhere. Not since they left. I think they got there fine, but when they were coming back…Where /are/ they?" he hisses, taking a deep but unsteady breath that he lets out in a rush, hands clenched into tight, tight fists in his jacket pockets.

Thea listens, trying to keep her face schooled to calm while one hand seeks the golden hide of her queen. Seryth is quiet but her eyes are changing - the flecks of yellow take over the green as she makes an unhappy noise. Thea's brows knit, "She senses nothing but a faint echo." Her head turns back to Mur'dah. "Are you sure they got there fine?" She can see the tension in him, and so reaches a hand to his forearm. Keeping her tone level, she prompts, "When they left to return…?"

Mur'dah leans into his mother's touch, but she can feel the tension, the energy vibrating in his body. "Kalsuoth reached out to them and they were distant. They were there, they were fine, he got that sense from Ujinath. Then when he reached again…nothing. So…I guess I'm not sure but it felt like they were far away when Kalsuoth last touched minds with him." He glances at the familiar golden queen and then over to Kalsuoth, who crouches tensely nearby.

Thea's fingers curve around Mur'dah's arm and squeeze gently. She remains grave as Seryth continues to try and touch Ujinath. Far away? She frowns again, forgetting that they may be observed. "Where did they go, Mur'dah?" Seryth is growing restless, shifting to heave up off her belly from the warm stones that line the courtyard, rustling her wings. Thea shakes her head, admitting quietly, "She cannot find where he is. But that he… exists."

Mur'dah shakes his head. "I don't know. She just remembered she had something to do, something for work I assume, and she left. She said she'd be right back." Clearly she wasn't. "She left me with the twins…" That really isn't necessary information, but the fretting, shaken brownrider says it anyway as he fidgets.

So he… doesn't know? Greaaat. This gets better and better! Thea lifts the hand on Mur'dah's arm and rubs her face while the other soothes Seryth. "How long has it been?" She gets that bit about the twins but doesn't ask about that. The mother in her flicks a glance to Kalsuoth's back. Are they here with him? She had no idea Kiena had twins nor how old they are.

No, the twins are not here. "Less than a candlemark ago," Mur'dah says. "She left, and then when she didn't come back right away, and then Kalsuoth couldn't find them, I called you." And came here. Quickly. When she lets him go he rocks on his heels and fidgets, hands clasping and unclasping as he looks at his mother. Fix it, Mom.

They aren't, are they? Great. Hopefully he found someone to watch them. Thea isn't occupied with Kiena's offspring overly much, however for, "An…hour?!" She inhales sharply, alarmed now. "Seryth cannot find Ujinath *Between*, Murdah, but she says he isn't…gone. She simply cannot… locate him." She turns to Seryth, lifting her heavy skirts so she can step up onto the queen's forearm. Over her shoulder, she says, "I need to let Ka'el know. Seryth is bespeaking Kanekith now." She climbs up, swings a leg over and busies herself with the buckles. This is something she cannot fix. Wherever Kiena has gotten herself, she'll have to find her own way back. They can only wait. Her expression is unreadable as she looks down at the brownrider, "Let's go home son."

Mur'dah steps back when his mother mounts, his expression twisting into concern and hints of fear. He just nods then and turns, jogging to Kalsuoth so they can go back to the weyr. And the twins are with their foster family. He's not /that/ bad with kids.

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