A Thing for Thea

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
//A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.''

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

'Month five. Turn 2695. Day six. Gold Seryth rises.' ka-el sits at a table, not eating food for once this afternoon. He scrawls upon a page of his notebook, which is nearing the end. He'll need a new one soon, but that's beside the point. He eyes his writing, then scratches out 'Day six' and replaces it with 'Day five'. Or .. was it Day six? Pft, whatever. He continues. 'Proddy is a stupid word. Seryth rising = Weird Thea.' The scritch scratching pauses as he glances over his words. Then adds, 'Gold rising = runnershit'. Exclamation point!

Yawning as he walks, Mikal wanders into the caverns. It's a rest day for him and that's all he has been doing today. Now though it's time to /eat/. Running a hand through his disheveled hair he arrows for the food table. Kale is noted and waved too.

Idrissa is making her way on into the cavern, she is a bit tired from the looks of it, her jacket is just getting undone once she is inside someplace warm. She runs a hand through her hair a few times and a slight cough escapes her before she moves onwards. A mug is picked up and she goes about filling it with hot klah, yay for warm drinks! She then turns and snags a plate full of sweetrolls and is off! Her movements bring her on over to where Kale is and she settles down next to him. "Hey."

Kale vaguely glares at the words written and shifts his grip on his pen to write some more. He notes Mikal in his peripheral and inclines his chin to him in greeting, gesturing to an empty seat at his table with his eyes in silent invitation. His pen point is returned to paper, and it's at this point that Idrissa arrives. He snaps his notebook closed and fixes her with an incredulous look. "I don't get it. Was it like this with Yumeth? I don't remember any've this happening with her or Sorrin. Was she even here?" .. So much for hello!

Food is piled upon his plate. All sorts of food that the player doesn't feel like describing so just imagine pernese food on the plate. He'll eat that. From the innards of the weyr swoops the young green that he looks too and she perches primly on his shoulder. She smelled food in his thoughts. Yes, she smelled his thoughts. Mikal, with his plated laddened with food, moves to join Kale. "Whatcha writing?"

Idrissa blinks once, twice, and then three times while just peering at Kale a few times wondering what she might have missed at this point. A faint ah escapes her and she lifts a hand to rub and scratch at her neck a moment. "Well I dono. I think it happens when any gold flies. So I imagine it would of happened when Yumeth risen too." Hearing Mikal a slight nod is seen to him. "Hey."

Where's a Soriana when you need one to answer dragon-related questions? Off at the Annex, being busy with the aftermath lessons of that very goldflight, aka, not here to help.

Mikal chimes in, prematurely. "Any female with a proddy female acts all kinds of wacky. Though I've never seen a Gold rider all wacky acting first hand."

Smelling thoughts is perfectly natural! Alloy smells thoughts all the time. Kale's are usually spicy scented. As Mikal joins them, he looks at him and taps his pen upon the now closed notebook. "Thoughts. Should've been writing what I remembered from today's lesson since I forgot to write it during the lesson. But all I can think about is that stupid flight." He rolls his eyes, giving his notebook a snarky look as if it's somehow its fault. "I don't remember caring about Yumeth's flight at all," he remarks to Idrissa. Good thing Soriana isn't here. "But all I can think about is Thea. And all that…whatever from the other night? Did you guys feel it too?"

Idrissa glances to Mikal before she looks back to Kale watching him a few moments. "Well… Feel what, all strange an stuff?" Yes that is what /she/ felt not that she is expecting him to feel the same after all. "I dono, isn't it sort of normal for stuff to turn out like it did?" Perhaps she really is clueless on such things, or just not trying to think about it all the much.

Mikal is in total denial of anything felt the other night. "More importantly!" he says quickly around a mouthful of the unnamed food. "Is we got a Weyrleader from another weyr." he's going to obsess on this you can tell. "I met him once. At Eastern's hatching." he pauses. "He seemed pretty nice."

Kale uses his pen to point at himself. "I've never been around any gold flights before. I've no clue what 'normal' is," he says, dropping his pen down afterward. "Is she alright now? Has she gone back to normal? Was she hurt? Nobody knows. I swear, if that shardin' bronzerider hurt her.." What will he do? Ha, nothing. He's sixteen. What can he do, especially to one that is now their Weyrleader, as Mikal so helpfully reminds. "That's more important? I think our Weyrwoman's welfare is far more important than the sudden promotion of some rider from some Weyr that just happened to be here." Watch out. Grumpy Kale is still on the loose!

Mikal blinks then shakes his head. "No, that's not what I mean. I mean that…" he puzzles over this a minute. How was his train of thought going? He's not sure. "Of course I think her welfare is more important but she's a gold rider. OF course she's going to be alright. He wouldn't /hurt/ her. He's a Bronze rider. They can't hurt people. So…we've a /new/ Leader. That's pretty big news. Is he going to /change/ things? Like tell all us apprentices we gotta get out?"

Idrissa takes a bite from one of the sweet rolls that is on the plate. "Kale I'm sure she's fine. I mean it… happens after all." This said with a faint tone heard and she peers over at Mikal and lifts a brow. "Why would they tell us to get out?"

Mikal shrugs a shoulder. He doesn't really know but he'll just run with it anyway. "Well I heard that once when Ista got a new Weyrleader he brought in all his own staff and kicked out all the old staff." rumors? maybe! He takes several large bites of food now, offering the green perched on him some food off his plate. She eats neater than he does, sadly. Oh to be a teen and always hungry. "Well anyway, he might not do all that. One never knows though when your Weyrleader aint from this weyr. I mean what if he and Thea don't even get along?" he's certainly got the obsession and worry going on.

Bronze riders can't hurt people. "Says who?" Kale replies, though he doesn't seem intent on pursuing that topic. It's mostly said just to be argumentative, since apparently that's the sort of mood he's in this afternoon. A turn of conversation is definitely needed, especially considering the look he gives Idrissa now. Somewhat smoldering, but not exactly a glare. "What are the qualifications of being Weyrleader anyway?" he says, directing the question to Mikal, who may or may not know the answer. "Are there any, or is it just the luck of a flight's catch and any idiot with a bronze could luck out and win and be in charge of us all?" Not that A'dmar is an idiot. Just saying!

Idrissa is quiet as she listens to Mikal, she didn't think Thea would allow that, but… What if? She frowns while eyeing her mug a few times. Though she does catch that look from Kale which actually makes her shrink away from him to some degree. "A weyrleader is one that has a dragon and that dragon catches the senior gold. Mostly always is a bronze as they are bigger then browns." There is a pause. "Why does this bother you Kale? Thea is fine."

Mikal doesn't seem to understand his friend's anger tonight! "Well no…." he says slowly. "And yes. I mean, when Thea's dragon rose then any bronze that caught her became Weyrleader. But…um, well I've been /told/ that the dragon has a bit of a choice in the matter. I mean, um, they wouldn't choose someone who would make a bad leader." he thinks. "Like um, there was this candidate at Fort that I didn't like. He was all a bully and stuff and thought he /deserved/ a bronze and all that. If he were to Impress I doubt he would ever make Weyrleader. Like seriously." totally.

This is what happens when one lives a 'sheltered from weyrlife' life. Certain things are a little harder to swallow than others! Kale seems not to notice Idrissa's lean away from him, apparently too consumed by his own rampant thoughts. But he does hear her question, which has his eyes flicking to her. "Why doesn't it bother you?” he counters. “She could be fine. She couldn't be fine. What do we know about this guy, anyway? Dragons are still being studied. We don't know everything about them. There're bad people out there," he notes, looking to them each in turn. "Remember that murderer? That kid who was kidnapped or whatever? Who says there aren't bad dragons who look for bad people to Impress on? I know how a Weyrleader is chosen," said specifically to Idrissa, "I'm just saying, it's a stupid way. If a Weyrleader is the leader of an entire Weyr and all its people, then there should be more than the 'your dragon caught that gold so you're it' way of choosing them from hundreds of turns ago."

Idrissa watches Kale for a few moments, and is soon looking off while she stays leaning away from him. "Yes I remember him Kale." How could she forget that? "And I worry about Thea, but she is the Weyrwoman. She wouldn't do anything to bring any harm to the Weyr. Or Seryth." Yes it seems Rissa has that much trust in Thea and the gold. She doesn't like where this conversation is going, or the attitude Kale is having over it and thus hunkers down slightly while sipping at her mug. Everyone who knows her also knows that if she doesn't like what is going on she tends to just go quiet, which is what she is doing now. So much for growing out of that stage.

"We should try to find out more about this guy." Mikal proposes though he is still looking pretty baffled at Kale's words and tone. He's never seen him like this. "Well if you're worried about Thea why not let’s go look for her?"

"I don't believe she was in any right mind to think of the good of the weyr or Seryth last night," remarks Kale. "She tried giving me the weyrsecond's knot. She could've handed that to anybody.. and she did. Who is.." he pauses to flip through his notebook, pausing at the same page he was scribbling on before, "Ph'rys anyway? Does he even live here?" He flips the book closed with a mutter, looking to Mikal after. Oh, now there's an idea. "I saw him at Fort to-. .. no. It was Eastern I saw him. At the hatching, and after in their caverns. He was upset about something.. Someone who Impressed." As for looking for Thea, he glances to the exit. "Wouldn't even know where to start looking."

"You have never worried and thought over any flight before." Idrissa says while she eyes Kale a moment. "Why do I get the feeling the only reason your muttering on and on about this is cause of Thea?" A shake of her head is seen. "So? She /didn't/ give it too you though. She gave it to a rider. Who from what I heard did use to live here. Maybe he'll move back who knows." A faint huff escapes her while she shifts, seeming a bit uncomfortable with this conversation as it is dragged on.

"I'm not 'muttering on and on'," says Kale, looking at Idrissa. "I'm commenting because it's important." The Thea part is just a coincidence! Maybe. "And which flight have I seen that I could've commented on? I didn't see anyone during Yumeth's. Didn't even know it happened. And it's not as if any other gold around here has risen.. Or any color, for that matter." Other than possibly Jessi's green, but that was long ago. And plus, it was a green, so it doesn’t matter. "Of course she didn't give me the knot, but the fact that she offered it should be enough to prove that the system is broken." To Mikal, he shrugs. "I guess he has to. Or say he doesn't want it, and that'll just make Thea look stupid to the other Weyrwomen."

Well technically greens rise quite a bit. Usually off camera. But it happens in a busy weyr. Mikal matches Kale's shrug, seeming unsure what the big deal is even about any more! "Dude…you sound like you're jealous or something. Thea will be fine. I'm sure of it!" he is!

Idrissa is quiet for a moment while she watches Kale. "I've never seen you act like this before." A slight shake of her head is seen. "The point is Thea didn't give you the knot. She knew she couldn't." Though she did go about the whole trying to give out that knot in a rather interesting way. A faint glance is sent to her mug before a soft sigh escapes her. "I got stuff to do." Is murmured out faintly while she stands up, she hears Mikal and pauses while watching Kale as she ponders it seems. "Ya it does sound like that. You have a thing for Thea?" Oh ya she went there. Seeing how it seems to her that she is the third wheel anyway of this little Kale+Soriana+Her thing, or maybe it is more along the lines of a crazy triangle.

Really Mikal? You're supposed to be on his side! Rather, on the side of 'let's not help Kale dig a hole deeper than he's already dug for himself' when it comes to Idrissa. The younger boy earns a withering look, especially once Idrissa picks up on that phrase and clings to it. He glances up at her, since she's standing, and makes an incredulous face. "Seriously? Just because I care about if she's alright or not after watchin' two strangers drag her off when she was acting drunker than any drunk I've ever seen? Pft. Yeah. I have a 'thing' for our Weyrwoman," he mutters, sarcasm dripping.

Mikal winces. He was on his side but…but…Mikal stands too, his plate empty and his young green sated as well. "I gotta go check on the infirmary patients." he gives Kale a funny look. "See ya guys later." player is sleepy!

Idrissa doesn't help with that hole at least, especially after Thea commenting about how cute of a couple Kale and Soriana are. Anyone have some salt just laying around? Not that she is lingering on it, nopenope. "I dono what I'm supposed to say Kale. I don't feel that they would have hurt Thea. No one else did either as you saw, no one followed after them. Why don't you ask Soriana?" A slight shake of her head is seen. "I didn't say that I didn't care about Thea." She soon slips quiet, unsure what else to say on all this as she can't come up with anything to really make a good point.

"I dunno what you're supposed to say either, but I know you're not supposed to say that," says Kale with a frown. The only thing that will help him to feel better and get him out of this ridiculous mood is obviously Thea. At least the knowledge that she isn't laid up somewhere murdered or worse. "Yes, I know everyone else isn't worried, but that doesn't mean I have to be too and assume the best. I can't help it if I.." Meh. He stops there, waving off the rest of it with a dismissive hand and mutter. "Whatever," he says instead, watching Mikal go. Way to leave him with the wolves, Mikal! Or rather, wolf.

"If you what?" Idrissa questions, not about to let it go. Oh no she wants to know what is so important. She folds her arms in front of her while she watches him. Didn't they use to talk about stuff, like stuff that was bothering them? Now it seems like they never do that anymore. "I want to know."

What was he going to end that phrase with? He can't help it if he … cares? Has a thing for her? Is a smidge jealous, even though he's not quite sure why? Not that any of that really matters. Thea is like … soooo very out of his league! She's a fantasy, but is Idrissa really going to shrug that off and let it be? Kale doesn't seem willing to gamble. "Nothing. Doesn't matter," he dismisses, flicking at a crumb on the table top. "You're right. She's probably ok anyway. Will be back any moment to get to her duties."

Idrissa isn't all that sure how she would take it, she is already feeling a bit out of the loop as it is. A slight shake of her head is seen while she glances off. "You’re so lying." Though she doesn't push the matter. "I need to get back to the stables." She acts as if there is something else she wants to say but her head lowers a bit and she eyes the floor. "Try and stay warm Kale." So not what she was going to say. She turns and starts to move off, gloves pulled free from her coat and tugged back on.

Kale is not so angry anymore. That's beginning to slip away now that there's something else to occupy his mind with. Like the fact that Idrissa's angry with him and he's feeling strangely annoyed with her, especially under the accusations of him lying. Even though he is. Sort of. But even that bit of annoyance is starting to disappear as she again talks of leaving and moves off. He watches her, starting to stand, but then hesitating. What good is following her going to do? But still, allowing her to depart angry with him is leaving a funny feeling inside. "Yeah.." he replies to her comment of staying warm, settling back into his seat. "You too."

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