Mathis Turns The Big One Four

Xanadu Weyr - Workshops

Some crafts are ill-suited to being tucked away in a cavern, too loud or too dangerous to be desirable. They've been clustered here, out in the meadow away from others. The central building is made of stone and glass, the roof shallow as it slopes away from the thick central ridge that holds forges and kilns for smiths, glassworkers, and others.

The smith forges are loud, dim and hot; windows here are covered with soot or have been replaced for safety. The large common area holds the main forge lodged against the central wall, with bellows at the ready and a chimney rushing high to open in the ceiling outside. This is the area that the apprentices are taught in and are able to use. The nearby wall clasps a vast and unspecialized collection of tools, while the built-in shelves of another wall host jars of nails, crates of wood and metal scraps, spools of wire, sacks of sand, and heavy bins of Cromcoal, all decorated with a fine coating of grime and sawdust. To the other side of the main forge, set against the outer wall, there are separate forges for Journeyman and Master use, each one kept clean and neat, even when in the midst of a project.

Further back there are heating systems and molds for metal and plastic alike, and a set of machines used to grind gears and cast various parts. There's a pump to bring up water for quenching, though it won't stay cool for long given the heat this workshop holds even in winter.

On the other side of the broad central wall is the glass shop, brightly lit through the heat-resistant fixtures and many windows that show off the skills of the crafters of Xanadu Weyr. That central wall and the one opposite it are both lined with kilns and glass forges for the glasscrafters to do their work. The portion of the room near the main entrance seems to be devoted to teaching, as a number of mobile diagram boards have been erected there with desks arranged in semicircles around each. The central portion of the room serves as the production area, with barrels of sand and various additives arrayed beside several long tables and charts, and finally, the back wall is made up almost entirely of cabinets and storage shelves.

There are other workshops scattered nearby, smaller buildings for the various other crafts that are better suited to be where the wind sweeps out over the sea and carries fumes and smoke with it or for those who need to catch their breath after the din of the forges.

The workshops were a series of buildings, each dedicated to a craft, mostly those that could not be housed within the main weyr for obvious reasons (heat, chemical fumes, etc.). Among them is a large structure dedicated to the woodcraft, mainly used for staining and lacquering, but also where the larger equipment required for refining logs into lumber can be found. Mathis is here this crisp winter morning outside of it though, bundled up in many layers of clothing to keep himself warm while he sorts through a large pile of cast offs from this process, studying each one carefully before either shoving it into that overstuffed satchel of his or tossing it aside with the other rejects. The area is not exactly sparse of people with plenty of other crafters about, including woodcrafters, but Matty was on his own and apparently left to his own devices. "Hmmm," he stares at one shorn off piece, admiring the sizable but shallow crack in it, and shrugs before jamming it in with the others he's deemed worthy of repurposing.

The PROBLEM with gifts is that Cielo is not exactly the most talented crafter. And nothing says 'I care' like 'my mom made this' so he's been at an impasse. Nonetheless, he is going to uphold his promise to visit on a very important day. Bound up in tunic and wrapped in heavy blue scarf, he searches his way through the workshops with a slow and steady gait. "… hoi there! Staying warm?" He calls, announcing his presence before he gets woefully sneaky and close.

In time, Cielo would learn things about Mathis that few others did, such as he was much better at giving presents than expecting any in return. He'd been raised to be thoughtful and that he shouldn't expect anything in return, and so there is no expectation at all even on his turnday. Not even that promises would be kept and the older teen would show up, eventually, at some point throughout the day. That's probably why he's here instead of somewhere closer to the weyr, going about his business as if it were just another day like any other. So, there is he, tossing chunks of cut up tree aside when suddenly there is a call in the distance. At first, he ignores it because there'd been quite a bit of calling back and forth since he'd arrived, but something seems to click and he's straightening himself out so that he can take a peak over his shoulder. About a second later he fully turns as he recognizes the dragonhealer, a wide toothy grin set deep into his features, accented by the rosy hue the winter air has added to his cheeks, chin, and the tip of his nose. He's, been out there a while. "Hello!" he calls back with big wave up and over the head, flagging the other candidate down. Another one of those dark chuckles is soon to follow as soon as Cielo was closer, "Oh yeah. Heh. I'm wearing two coats." Yeah, take that winter.'

That doesn't change the fact that Cielo wants to give something. And who knows what's existing in that magical bag of his. Or totally non magical, totally scientific bag that holds a normal amount of things. When he finally gets Mathis' attention he braves the distance between them and bounces on his heels, a little foggy breath from his lips as he smiles. "Whatever it takes to get warm, y'know? Wanted to get out and wish you a happy turnday. Normally don't go poking around other people's craft areas uninvited…" With a cautious glance around, as if he could get in ~trouble~ for being here.

Rinian is, however, someone who belongs in the Woodcraft area, even if she doesn't get to spend quite as much time there these says as usual. She wears her usual worn coat over her usual worn clothes, but the cold doesn't seem to be bothering her. Her usual wild mane of hair has been taimed back into a brain down her back, and she also zeros in on a certain woodcrafter. In her arms is a pair of boxes, one larger, and a smaller one perched atop it.

"I learned that lesson back at Fort," Mathis laughs, "But I've noticed that it's not quite as bad here as it is there and this miiiiiiiight be a little bit of overkill." Shoulders are shrugged, his smile unwavering as Cielo goes on, "Aww, thanks!" A drumbbeat, "I…uh…" That smile turns sheepish, rubbing his gloved hand across the back of his neck as hazel eyes are tossed off to the side, "…I kinda forgot all about it until I saw you." BIG smile, LOTS o' teeth. Please don't kill him. "It…uh…it Took me a second to put one and one together, in case why you wondering why I was just standing there and looking at you like that." Seeing the dragonhealer so far away from the Annex or barracks this time of turn, would have been an odd sight indeed. With his free hand, having noticed that nervous glance around, he gives Cielo a gentle thump on the arm, "You're fine, don't be nervous. No one bites here." It's by coincidence that he spies a Rinian and her boxes, waving over to her as well. "Hey! Fancy seeing you here, stranger." Pfft, he'd seen her earlier in the day and she'd told him that she'd be dropping by. Mathis thinks he's a funny guy or something.

Cielo is blushing! Wait no that's just the cold making him look all silly like that. He burrows into his scarf a bit and nods. "Really? Well, I guess it looks like you're trying to get a lot done there…" Work will do that. He'd be lying if he didn't spend one turnday doing that. Of course, if he COULD spend his turnday in the Annex he'd do it. "I guess biting is less of a risk, even with the mills around here somewhere," he muses. Few crafts involve biteyness. But few, indeed. "I don't mean to interrupt. Talking is good, working is good, but standing around in the cold is something we can avoid if necessary…" And possible! We'll see. When Matti points out Rinian, he looks that way and gives a wave too.

Rinian joins them and smiles. "Hello you two. Enjoying the weather?" And its to Matty she gives a big grin to and says, "Happy Turnday. For a time we're only two turns apart."

Mathis was once the lord holder of blushing, but it wasn't quite as bad as it once was and given time he'd probably have decent control of it. The only reason his cheeks had any red in them at all was for the same reason the dragonhealer did, "Eh, it's just another day except now I'm officially another turn older," he laughs with a dismissive wave, "I thought I'd get a jump on getting the good wood pieces before anyone else got any bright ideas about it." Happy turnday to HIM! As Rinian arrives, the younger woodcrafter extends the welcome in his smile to her as well, "Definitely, nothing quite like feeling like there are icicles growing out your nose." You know that feeling, that stiff icky inside your nostrils when that gooey stuff freezes in contact with the air. Turnday congrats received, Mathis takes a step towards her but stops, eying her boxes, "Thanks! Uh…I'd hug you but…" Her arms were full. Nodding with the crispest of nods, hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket, he glances back towards Cielo. "That's more slicing than biting, but they say the blades have teeth…" The reminder that they were all still outside causes his eyes to widen and he stiffens slightly, "Oh! Of course! Let's head inside. They have a small heated room with a table and stuff." Jerking his chin that direction, he's soon off, feet crunching in the snow until he can pull open the door to the back room and holds it open for them. Warm air flows freely, "Come on then, chop chop." Hahahahaha, woodcrafter humor.

Cielo doesn't even have to hide his laughs with the scarf. Just little muffled 'hee' sounds here and there while he nods. "Well. It's fun for a while, especially if someone jumps you with a cake." A pause. "I don't have cake. Sorry." Fidget. He might have SOME things. He smiles to Rinian and nods. "It's a good time for wool and feather fashion, at least." Though he is EAGER to follow (with an even-paced little laugh at the local humor) inside. Working outside doable. Standing, not so much.

Rinian grins at the old joke, even if it is old, and follows along. Once inside she sets her boxes on the table, and sets the smaller one aside. That one is wrapped. The bigger one? Isn't. "Well..speaking of cake… just don't laugh ok?" Because she made it herself, and she's not a baker, obviously. She opens the lid of the larger box to show the round cake inside. It's a tad lopsided, and the writing on the top wishing Matty a happy 14th turnday isn't -too- horrible. "It's chocolate, with custard filling." There are even little icing embelishemnts around its edge. But she behaved herself, no girly flowers on it.

Flippy-flopping his free hand in a dismissive fashion towards Cielo, "No, no. It's fine, Cee. I don't need anything like that, I'm just happy you guys remembered." Cause Mathis, hadn't. Ushering them all inside, he closes the door behind them, careful not to lock it in case anyone else still outside wanted to come in that way. Sure, they could go around and come through the main woodshop, but he wasn't going to make more work for anyone if he didn't have to. Stomp-stomp-stomping the snow off that clung to his boots, "I'll take your coats," he offers, already undoing the front of his own. It was nice and toasty inside, the room contains little more a table and four chairs, some storage, and a row of wooden cabinets. It looks like a place mainly to take breaks and thaw oneself out. Stripping out of his two jackets, he hangs them up on a hook beside the door, removing his gloves and hat and tucking them into a pocket. Then taking theirs if they wanted to relent them, hanging them up beside his own. "Cake? Rin…I told you…" Well, he'd told her not to worry about that sort of thing, but he doesn't look particularly put out that she'd gone ahead and done it anyway. He had no clue nor assumptions of the boxes she's carried out there. Maybe she'd done a bit of shopping. Wandering over, he looks down at it and simply melts, "Awww, it's beautiful! Thank you!" Throwing his arms around her he hugs her tight and plants a quick kiss to her cheek.

Cielo shrugs and smiles. Someday he's going to learn to bake, though maybe not as good as anyone here. "Well, I was lucky you mentioned it after all the crazy stuff we've been through," he muses. Despite his soft step he clears off his boots all the same, and loosens his scarf so he can get the coat off too. They are definitely going ot be thawing themselves off here! His eyes wander to the cake and he grins up at Rinian. "That sounds good. That LOOKS good." He nods. And is just… all warm at the way it's received.

Rinian just had time to slip off her coat, enjoying the warmth of the room, when..hug incoming! She blushes, not for the hug, but from the compliment from her friend. "Oh, wait.." From the large pockets of her coat she pulls out some small plates and forks. She had no idea how many might be around and want cake, so there is four of each. "I figured we could find something about to cut it with. That is…if you want it now. If not you can certainly save it for later." And he already knows not to cut a piece for her.

"Crazy stuff?" Mathis blinks, looking to Cielo for clarification, but after a moment or two he laughs and shrugs. That, was a blush, because there was no reason for his cheeks to be getting darker in here otherwise. "If I'm going to be honest, I had an ulterior motive." Oooh, that there was some seriously dark chuckling, but shortly after he's nothing but grins and happiness to be sharing his turnday with his friends. Seeing to it that their coats and other wintery accessories were hung up, he gets to opening drawers in search of, "Ah-ha!" The youngest of the present teens pulls an honest-to-goodness cake knife out and holds it triumphantly upwards before handing it over to Rinian. "Save it? Oh, no, no…we're going to eat it, maybe not all of it, but at least a piece each. We're all here, that looks amazing, and whatever is left I'll bring back to the barracks and share with anyone who wants it." Already he was moving to rummage around in one of the cabinets, pulling out a thermos and a few bio-degradable plastic cups out of another. Maybe, just maybe, Mathis spend more time out here than anyone had thought. He certainly seemed to know his way around. Everyone gets a cup and everyone gets delicious fresh cold milk in it.

Cielo gives a non-commital shrug. "Candidate stuff." There are a few days where in the span fo an hour he forgot EVERYTHING on his mind for the day. Today, not so much. It's cheerful, warm, and he's not going to let those other thoughts butt into celebratory excitement. He bounces on his toes, smiling at the pair. It occurs to him that this is Mathis' domain, and his expression softens as he makes himself comfortable nearby. Tucks the bag over a chair and looks at it. "Ooh. I feel a toast coming on. Can you toast with milk? Toast doesn't really go with milk…"

Rinian grins. "I think a toast can be made with anything." And she likes milk. She takes the knife with a 'thanks' to Mathis, and proceeds to slice two decent sized pieces out of the cake. She slides each one onto a plate, supplies a fork, and offers the plates to the guys. She's a bit nervous though, on if it turned out ok. Though she did have some old Auntie help so it shouldn't at least poison anyone. She notes, "A lot of the candidacy has seemed crazy, but perhaps for here that is normal. I am still not sure what the 'normal' here is except…it's certianly nothing like home or the Crafthall."

Screwing the cap back onto the thermos, "We don't need to toast, guys. Really. I just thought it be nice if there was something to drink that goes pretty good with cake, and so Rinian isn't going to just sit there and watch us eat." Poking a finger into the center of Cielo's chest gently, he bouncy-points down at one of the chairs to indicate that he should sit, taking a seat himself nearby and stares at Rinian particularly until she does the same. There will be no eating of cake or drinking of milk until such a time as people are seated properly. It's fine. He can wait. "I think it's the weyr, but Faranth if it hadn't been the best time of my life. You guys are great, thank you so much for this."

"It makes me happy to hear that. I know not everyone visiting is realy into Weyr life. Or even.. our particular flavor of it." Cielo helps shuffle plate and various sundry around the table when it's distributed. The poke makes him wobble a bit and he does take his seat, stretching his legs. "Ahh, you're welcome! It should be a day like that for you anyway, I think." And it's nice, rather nice, to be around people who are more in a cheerful mood. If just for a while.

Rinian has her seat after the guys have their cake. She's quite happy to enjoy her glass of milk. "It has certainly been very interesting and educational." Little Miss Serious as ever. "And even if I don't impress I have the feeling I'll probably be here awhile." Which..honestly she doesn't mind. Even if she is a square peg in a round hole. She lifts her glass of milk in the toast, "To Mathis. A great and talented guy and a true friend. May this Turnday and the very, very many that follow always be wonderful and filled with friendship."

Hmming softly, Mathis shrugs in response to Cielo, "Weyrlife isn't for everyone, it can be a big adjustment. Rinian and I are both holdraised, but I think we've settled in pretty well." He doesn't speak for the woodcrafter girl, looking over at her to see if she confirms or denies his assessment, as she'd had a stricter upbringing than he'd had. "It's a lot, I'm not really used to this much…attention…we didn't really celebrate turndays back home. My foster-mother…well…she used to tell me that everyday is special and should be celebrated because there'll never be another like it." Maybe she was weird, maybe she was wise, but either way Mathis doesn't seem bothered other than perhaps a bit embarrassed over the energy expended purely for his benefit. "You'd better not go anywhere, I put in for a transfer to Xanadu and I got word this morning it was approved so…either way…no matter what happens on Hatching Day, you two are stuck with me." As Rinian starts to toast, he gives her an exasperated look before he relents easily into a soft adoring smile and a gentle shake of his head, even as he turns a few shades of pink deeper. "Thank you, really…this is too much." Paper cup tipped upwards, he takes a sip. That done, he looks back to the dragonhealer, point his fork at the cake before him. "Now eat up before the lady thinks we're stalling."

"I'd say you both have. Better'n most, and I hope we've helped you feel welcome here." Cielo raises his glass as well and nods. "To Mathis," He agrees. "I won't be so cruel as to wish a life of wanton adventure on you, but I hope your days are filled with friends and discoveries all the same." He'd like to wait for someone else to nom first. But that seems incredibly rude, reframed, so he plucks up a bit with eager fervor and sheepishly smiles. "Your cake, your rules," before digging in. "… mm. And, wasn't planning on going anywhere. Nowhere I can't pop back from in a quick… my everything is here, you know?"

Rinian brightens at Mathis' news. "That's wonderful, Matty!" So now no matter what happens, she and her bestie can be together. That news cheers here even more than his turnday already had. As for settling in she notes, "Well..I have just come to the conclusion that they do things differently here. Even if I can't do the same things they do and don't always agree." She shrugs, "I think, however, my parents would probably have fits." She looks to Matty, as he knows them and can confirm or deny.

There's a firm nod from Mathis, already loading up his fork for a mouthful of cake, even before Cielo has shown any direct interest. See, he's not using him as a guinea pig, but maybe he is trying to keep the oldest of the candidates focused on what's really important here. Stuffing their faces full of sugar. "Everyone's been great and really do love how involved the weyrleadership is. They put together all these great activities and put up with all of us and our craziness. I wish there was some way to show them how grateful we are for having us." Cake poised before his lips, his eyebrows launch upwards as the dragonhealer also toasts him, ducking his head a little as he beings to blush again, murmuring softly, "…thank you, Cee." A flicker of a smile and he's shoving that bite past his lips, extracting his fork and chewing. He really does try not to look surprised that it's tasty, doing a fairly decent job, nodding and hmmming. As soon as his mouth is clear, "This is great, Rin. These flavors go great together." Nod-nodding, "This is where the Annex is, I get it." Why would Cielo want to be anywhere else? As his good news ripples outwards and his fellow crafter picks up on it, he beams and puffs himself up a bit. "I wouldn't want it any other way!" Him and Rin, against the world, forever carving through every piece of tree they could get their hands on. "It's true. It's not wrong, it's just different." Taking another bite of cake, as Rinian goes on and mentions her parents, a rough sound emerging from the back of his throat. Swallowing, he quickly washes that down with some milk and he can't help but laugh, "Oh, Faranth. Especially since 'sweet little Matty' is all grown up and kissing boys."

Why would Cielo go away from the Annex… to help. Whatever 'help' meant. But that is neither here nor there. Here is cake, here is good friends and embarrassing overtures. "I've been failing to think of something to give the other candidates when all's said and done. May as well struggle to think up something for our Weyrleaders too…" He laughs warm in spite of this, and nods in rumbly agreement with Mathis' praises. "It's important to find your own path, yes. We're all in this together, but we all get to lead each other new places… maybe that aren't quite the ways we're always used to." Or so he thinks. At least in philosophical terms. Mathis' OTHER declaration makes him blush and choke a little on a piecenot to worry, he gets it down while blushing and shrinking into his scarf. "Boy-s plural?" He asks with mock accusation.

Rinian really is no good to ask about gifts to give everyone. She hasn't a clue. She's not exactly good at the social graces in general, or..being social for the most part at all. At Matty's last comment she almost chokes on her milk. After she recovers she rises to get the other, smaller and wrapped box, and offers it to Matty. When he opens it, he is going to find a round box that doesn't seem to open. The top and bottom are a dark wood with beautiful grain, well protected with a varnish. All around the center is an inlay of a darker wood in a lighter base in the form of Xs.

"I can tell you who would or would not accept if you ever figure out what you want to give them," Mathis helpfully supplies, "I think I've gotten almost everyone by now." Except for those elusive few who've decided that barracks life is not for them, "I sorta already made this big thing out in the garden for them, but I was thinking it'd be nice if we all carved our names into it." Then, it's all about more cake as Cielo continues to speak, nodding a few times before he takes another sip of milk and points the tip of his fork towards him, "Maybe you should have been a harper." He's teasing, or at least that's what that sly smile seems to indicate, all before he's outright laughing at the dragonhealer's reaction to his phrasing, "I didn't mean that literally. The only boy I've ever kissed is you." The woodcrafter gently pats the poor flustered guy on the arm, managing to only go slightly pink himself in the process. Then, idly and as if in passing, "Oh, speaking of which, that's what I want for my turnday." His hand comes away and he purposefully tap-taps a finger against his lips, sharky-grin emphasized, before all the evil vanishes and checking on Rinian to make sure she's okay. When he finds that she is and hands him a present, it's not long before he's eagerly opening it in a flurry of brightly colored paper. It is a feast for his eyes and they round out as he gazes down in wonder, "Oh wow, this is beautiful work Rin. How on Pern did you work on this and I not notice?" They were practically connected at the hip after all. He's stunned, running his fingers over the surface of it and tilting his head slightly to the side, applying his thumbs to the center and sees that it moves. Giddy, this is the closest description of his mood, set into fascination as he gets to fiddling with it until the things shifts and pops open. Jumping slightly, all is delight, and he's setting that box down and throwing his arms around her for a tighter than tight embrace. "Oh, you beautiful girl!"

On any other day, Cielo might be a little wounded! "Maybe I should have," he echoes. Nevermind he got drummed out of the Harper Halls aaalmost literally. He nods though, finger winding about the cord around his neck as he thinks. "Well. Who am I to deny you your own turnday gift?" More spoken softly, more shy, he hugs his bag against his side a little bit and watches Mathis unbox the box. Cielo also has a look of admiration and wonder as he leans over the table just a little bit. "Hee. Now that's a turnday reaction everyone dreams of." He nods. That IS lovely work, too!

Rinian is so glad that he likes it! She oofs a bit at the tight hug, "Don't break me, Matty!" She says, "So far as how..well..I can't share all my secrets. And no taking it apart either!" A girl has to have some secrets after all. Once she's released and can breathe she looks between the two and gathers her coat. "My gifts given, I think I'll leave so he can give his." She is of course talking about the offered kiss. She has a good attitude of letting folks live the way they want but..seeing it is still a bit more than her hold-bred self can quite manage. Give her time.

It had been meant in good fun, not a serious attack on the dragonhealer's chosen profession. If Mathis in anyway thought for a second that his stupid mouth were capable of actually hurting Cielo, there would have been a serious shift in the mood of the room. Noting the fingers on that very familiar cord, all that predatory teething fades back to a softer smile, pinking up the woodcrafter nicely, but all of this fades out with the change in the older boy's demeanor. They, would talk, before there was any smooching, if any at all given how quickly he jumps at Rinian and clings to her like a sticky-clingy thing that tries to kill you. "Oh! Sorry! Forget my own strength sometimes." Reminder, girl equal delicate, or at least this girl was. Mathis gasps, twice. Once for being told she would not reveal her secrets and again when told that he could not take it apart and discover them for himself, releasing her and playfully looking put out. How dare she protect her secrets! Though, he does appear surprised when she gets up and gathers her coat, "Rin, come back. We've still got cake and milk, and whatever Cee's got hidden in that bag of his. You don't need to leave." Oh, he knows you got presents in there Cielo, you are like an open book to him (except he was totally not).

Honestly, though, boys or not boys it's a LITTLE awkward to just watch your friends casually smooch or whatever. Though Cielo is cherry-burnt on the idea, he is VERY STRONG ON KEEPING PROMISES and that's that. "H-honestly, it's okay. Though my, I think a lot of boldness is rubbing off on our friend…" The dragonhealer does look right guilty though, and that doesn't look any happier when Mathias points out his bag. If only he'd kept Opera in there today, but he was NOT having the cold. "Nnh. Something. But I'm not a craftsman." He practically slinks it out onto the table and looks away. It's not really wrapped so much as concealed in another smaller bag of his own. Look, it's just a wool scarf. And it's not great. The material is cozy, the green is really well-eyed, but the actual knit is… uhm… humble. He may have thrown out three just to get one that passable one down! There's hints of gold and bronze that MIGHT have been designs but just make for colorful contrast in the end.

Rinian slips into her coat, now that she's not being squished in to Rin-jelly. "You can enjoy both without me." She smiles, "And that's lovely, Cielo." With Matty hopefully being distracted by the gift, she slips on out the door they came in.

Or not so casually, as the case will more likely be. Hazel eyes dart towards Cielo as he stammers, but how much sympathy he actually has for him is debatable. It wasn't as if he promised to jump into the freezing cold ocean, naked. Though he does study him closely and listen to every word he says, probably coming to his own conclusions. He might have called the whole thing off right then and there until that scarf appears, nearly knocking the wind out of him. He must think it's just as awful as the older candidate believes it to be himself, because suddenly Mathis is frozen in place just staring at it dumbly, completely oblivious that Rinian uses this opportunity to slip out and leave them be regardless of his plea for her to stay. Or, considering that misty gaze as he runs his fingers over it, he thinks it's completely on par with his bestie's puzzle box. "Oh, Cielo…" he exhales rather breathlessly, picking the handmade gift up and touching it to his face. "It's beautiful…thank you." He's totally not crying right now, it's a figment of the imagination.

In his defense, Cielo doesn't look like he dislikes the idea. Just nervousness in a bottle. He watches Mathis take in the gift with a soft and almost heart-broken smile. He was raised by a weaver. He could probably point out every single little snag, mismatch, and offkilter end. The best that can be said is it looks like someone made it; and hey, it is warm. "I-it's not exactly…" The sort of AMAZING work that the woodcrafters have been giving around? "A-and it's only really good for cold times. And you really probably should keep it away from sawblades, so I don't know how useful it will be…" He sighs and slouches a little with a smile. "But.. if you really like it, that means the world to me."

"I love it," Mathis confirms, grateful that he's worn a long-sleeved and thin raglan shirt beneath his jackets instead of a sweater, because it allows him to wrap the green knitted fabric around his neck and situate it nicely into place. "It feels really nice against my skin too, not all skritchy-scratchy." Not having to be all red from cheap wool is always something to be grateful for, especially considering his proclivity to turn that color with the flip of a switch. "The woodsman tend the sawing stations, usually, plus I don't trust myself operating those things. I'd probably lose a limb." He was less clumsy than he once was, but he wasn't taking any chances. Fluffying and fussy at it some, he finally faces the scrunched up dragonhealer head on, "How does it look?" he asks after wiping his face with the heel of his palms, having no idea that it really brings that particular color out in his eyes. Sighing himself, he pushes back his chair and reaches out to curl some of Cielo's hair behind one ear with a gentle brush of fingertips, "Seriously Cee, I love it. Now get over here and kiss me."

Fidget. Pick pick at a bag strap. Cielo smiles sheepishly up and gives a little nod. "I mean. I'm sure you have access to—" Don't say good wood don't say good wood "… the best materials here." PHEW. So, anyway, it's not like using a little bit of neoptism to get good wool spun is that far fetched. Or maybe he held up one of those sheep in the mountains. ANYWAY. The dragonhealer nods along and grimaces. "You better not lose a thumb. I don't think I can put those back on for.. many more turns. And then you'd probably get a claw." Har. Still, the color works and it looks nice. "I think you make it look very handsome!" Why is he pouring it on so hard? ARG. Conflicted feelings or not, maybe he just wants to make Mathis happy. Especially today. Especially these next few days. He shivers a bit at that brush, baring his cheek a little and he smiles. "I'm glad. I.. have some dumb ideas for the others but I liked yours better." R-right! The kiss thing. Last time, Mathis took the lead, so here he has to step in. Lean, tilt, right? The faintest moment where he pauses, and breathes, and puts in.. a little more than a peck. It's slow, and warm, and there's a little shoulder hug in there but it's a far cry from flying to sloppytown. "… hee. Happy turnday, huh, Mathis?"

"Have access to…?" Brows lift and Mathis waits for Cielo to fill in the gap, with baited breath. The best materials. "Oh, yeah, kinda. I mean, little bits and pieces of it. The craft isn't going to let an apprentice anywhere near anything good sized that could be used by a Journeyman or Master." There's a soft chuckle, "Don't worry, I won't lop anything off, though having claws might be sort of cool. I wonder if I could carve with them." Ponder. Ponder. Mathis gets lost in that though for a while, letting it distract him, at least till he's told his new scarf makes him look very handsome. To that, he'll preen some sillily, "Oh, well. Thank you." Just ignore that new touch of color to his cheeks. If it was Ceilo's intention to make the woodcrafter happy, he'd certainly succeeded, if that sappy expression compete with too wide smile was any indication. The shiver is noted, studied, and filed away for later. Interesting. "Whatever you come up with will be perfect, Cee. Have more confidence." Or, really, borrow some of his because he seemed to have an abundance of it recently. Might have something to do with bold proclamations, and daring fireside kisses. Tawny lashes fall as Cielo leans in tilting his head, inhaling through his nose right before his lips are pressed against his own. His fingers slightly sink into inky black hair, tips caressed along his scalp, and exhales breathily once's its over. Yep, he definitely liked kissing boys, but particularly this boy. It was perfectly alright with him that they hadn't made a trip to a town he didn't even know existed. A softer, gentler, affectionate sort of smile is given in return, "Very," he chuckles, voice huskier than before. "Maaaaaybe, just a few more…" And with that, Mathis shows Cielo exactly how much he loved that scarf.

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