Finding Kiena for Calisi

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

What better way to wrap up a winter day than in the warmth of the tavern? That's where Kiena is right now, fresh off a shift in the forges for half the day (don't worry, she's bathed) and looking to unwind. It's been a hell of a week… long than that. She's had her own drama fallout from Meirath's prodiness and flight but unlike SOME, her personal affairs are, for once, not public or well known. The only rumours of late going about her? Are few and far between and mostly about her lingering longer and longer in Fort Weyr. How (NOT) mysterious! So there she sits, somewhere off to the side and content to enjoy a mulled cider. No longer the skinny wisp of a thing that showed up oh-so long ago in Half Moon Bay. Older now, in her prime and still long and lean of limb, the only "change" in her may be her hair. She keeps it long, but today it's been swept back and half braided, half tied back, revealing the sideshave and undercut she sports ever since the accident that saw her burned (and long since healed).

And then there is Risali; Risali who is black hair in untidy curls, who is battered and bruised and probably shouldn't be here, but is here because she was told to come by Meirath's lifemate and Faranth but she is going to find Two of Two and then she is going to find somewhere private to curl up, and cry, and figure out how to be okay again. And then she is going to face K'vir. In that order. "Kiena?" The voice is asked softly as Risali approaches the bluerider (having been pointed in the direction of the woman by a patron who may not have known her, but knew her enough to know that that was her) with uncharacteristic hesitation; it's not that Risali's lost that fight and that fire, but that right now, at this moment, Risali is too tired to feign confidence and command the room around her with a look (or a shriek). "Are you Kiena?" She doesn't sit because she isn't sure, and if this is not Kiena she needs to be able to take long strides right back to that patron and drown him in his drink. Risali doesn't do humiliation well. Okay, let's be honest: Risali doesn't people well, but she tries.

Kiena looks up from her drink and tilts her head back to peer at Risali and then stare for the state the girl is in. She's probably trying to pin her down too — does she know this girl? Nope, nothing comes to mind. She doesn't handle people well either, so it's no surprise that her puzzled look turns to one of curiosity that looks out of place for the bluntness she uses for Risali's current state. "Well… shit. What in Faranth's name happened to you? If you're looking to hire someone for payback? I don't do that sort of work. Can smith you a nice blade though," she drawls with a smirk before sobering long enough to nod. "Yeah, I'm she. What'd you need me for? … sure you're not lookin for a Healer too?"

Kiena's stare is met with a spark of challenge as Risali's chin lifts just a fraction of an inch and she endures until — breathe. She's tired of people looking at her that way, jumping to the same (wrong) conclusion, making her feel like a stranger in her own skin. "I'm fine," Risali informs on low, even tones, unconsciously raising her battered hand to her own line of sight and fixating grey eyes on ruined knuckles before she drops it again. "And I'm capable of handling my own fights - and no. No thank you, I," and suddenly Risali flounders, inexplicably flustered and she doesn't know why, but there's just something about Kiena that seems too familiar and not at all familiar. Risali sinks into a chair then, fingers threading through her hair to force it back from her face as she struggles for words and — "I'm sorry, I don't need you; it's Calisi. Calisi asked me to find you for her and…" An exhale. "Please don't tell me to find her a healer or Soriana or somebody else. She asked for you, just you — well, and Bethari, but…" Hands go up, and then drop as grey eyes lock with blue and she breathes, "Please."

Kiena's brows lift when she lifts her chin and so abruptly informs her that she's fine. It's met with a shrug and she won't pry the girl for any further information or insist that she go anywhere. "Alright. But if you ever change your mind, come find me in the forges… Weapons are a specialty of mine." So is jewelry but she doesn't peg Risali at the moment as someone curious in shiny things. Her message has her sitting up straight, her relaxed slouch now replaced by a tense sort of wariness. "Calisi's looking for me?" she mutters, as if the whole concept is so highly unusual as to be surprising. Immediately her eyes narrow beneath a heavy scowl, not so much from anger but of concern. "Did she say why? … is she alright?" It doesn't seem like she's in any hurry to jump from her seat though and follow Risali. Maybe this won't be so easy after all? Does Risali have to be CERTAIN that both Kiena and Bethari will listen and do as their asked? Or does she leave the moment the message is delivered?

"I'll keep that in mind," Risali says, and not ungratefully; it's not that Risali isn't interested in learning more about what the curiously mysterious woman can do given a forge and enough time, it's just that Calisi is the point right now and her own safety is… Okay so it's not great, but it's not the point. Kiena's immediate shift in not only position but demeanor has Risali's spine stiffening as well, almost as if she's expecting an attack or an argument or a fight or Faranth, not again, but definitely not the questions that follow next and — an exhale. Risali's shoulder's slump just slightly, but she doesn't look away from Kiena, or her narrowed eyes, or her furrowed brows. "She's alive, but no. She's not okay. She just told me to find you." Grey eyes shift to take in the faces around them and despite the fact that Risa's voice is already a strained whisper of syllables that drop unexpectedly into a movement of lips that produce no sound, she lowers it further. "She is broken, and I can't fix her. Please."

Kiena picks up on the change in Risali too and laughs, low in her throat. "Relax! I'm not going to fight you or bite your head off or something. Don't listen to what anyone might say about me." Only half of what's said is true! Though she's really changed from the young, fiery tempered teenager she once was. For a moment, her jaw works silently and she'll lick her lips as if readying to speak but nothing comes of it. She's biting her tongue to keep from spitting out the first scathing thing that comes to her head. She's seen Marel; she saw the aftermath of a lot of Calisi's work and is still reeling a bit from her own experiences. Risali's news? Brings little pity. Some sympathy but there's conficlt — OH SO MUCH conflict brewing here. "So where is she, then? Have you spoken with Bethari? What was her answer?"

Laughter. Risali bristles, but it shows more in the tick of her own jaw and the way grey eyes suddenly narrow before she looks away. Risali could assure the woman that she doesn't even know who she is and therefore wouldn't know any of the things people say anyway, but she doesn't; she doesn't because that would be picking a fight because, despite everything, Risali wants to fight and - "She's home. On the floor." When grey eyes open and lock with blue again, there's meaning there: you're wasting time, you're asking too many questions; either go, or don't go, but do it soon. "I spoke with Bethari, and she said she was going to go, but… She asked for both of you." Risali doesn't add on that she promised to sit down with the goldrider after and share why she looks like she's seen the business end of a fist (spoiler alert: it's because she has) because that doesn't matter, just like her UNWITTINGLY framing K'vir for the damage doesn't. RIGHT? RIGHT. "Please." She hates that word, and she's said it so many times today.

Kiena sighs heavily and scrubs a hand along the side of her face. "She's asking a lot but… alright, fine! Don't know what good I can do." Aside from potentially make Calisi feel all the worst for her minimal sympathy for the goldrider. It's a conflicting mess the bluerider finds herself in and she was likely hoping NOT to get any further involved… alas. She won't take it out on Risali though; she DOES feel sorry for her, having to be the messenger and looking worse for wear. "If this has anything to do with my nephew though? I really don't want to hear it." she mutters and slowly pushes herself up from her chair. And she was SO COMFY too! Hmph.

Thank Faranth. It is done; Risali can go home, and curl up, maybe sink into a hot bath and cry, and stab anybody that comes to check on her because she wants to be alone and she smells like L'or and she smells like Calisi and she smells like K'VIR and she doesn't want to smell like any of them because - clunk. Nephew? Risali swings grey eyes back to Kiena as the woman pushes up from her chair and a thousand thoughts and warning bells sound off in her mind saying IT ISN'T SO and LET HER GO and PRETEND YOU HEARD NOTHING, but her mouth forms the word anyway: "Kyzenviro?" It's a dizzy question said in a dizzy tone (probably because Risali's heart takes off uncomfortably fast at the thought of him), as if Risali wants to believe that Kiena is speaking about some wayward nephew that Calisi tells her to take out and beat like a particularly dirty throw-rug, but knows is really K'vir because somewhere in her brain, the connection clicks into place: Calisi and flights and my nephew. Risali holds her breath without realizing she's doing it, as if waiting for the world to go still and then explode out in an overwhelming onslaught of yes and yes and suddenly she misses the bronzerider and hates him for it because she wants the answer to be no and she definitely doesn't want to be thinking about him when she's a mess already. Risali does not want curiosity peaking to tellmepleasenoweverything and so she throws out a hand on an exhale as if embarrassed, laughing as if she's made a mistake, trying to dismiss her words before Kiena can confirm or deny or pursue. "I'm so sorry, I. I shouldn't have said that." And Risali breathes, "Please. Calisi is waiting for you."

Kiena stares at Risali for a moment because, whether she likes it or not, she's NOT GOING to let Risali off the hook so easily! Now standing at full height which is likely to LOOM over the girl, she'll give a far more searching look than before. "How do you know his full name?" Not that Kyzenviro is even his full name. That'd be Kyzenviro Norwyld (ooh, not Irondell! SCANDALOUS) but no one wants to spit that mouthful out no matter how angry! Giving her head a bit of a shake and a lingering, suspicious STARE at Risali, she'll shrug it off and snort softly. "Never mind. Maybe I *don't* want to know. Bad enough… yeah. Yeah, let's just — not go there." SORRY RISALI! Kiena doesn't know you well enough to start spilling the whole explanation and story! She'll look puzzled by the apology. "S'fine, really." Not ANY OF HER BUSINESS! She'll just… be going now? Cue a small step back, then another. "I'll see if I can't meet with Bethari first but I'll go and find Calisi." Promise!

LOOM ALL YOU WANT, KIENA. Risa doesn't even look remotely intimidated, though she tilts her head back to lock eyes. FIGHT ME. Funny, Kyzen asked the first name. Risali opens her mouth to say, 'You don't want to know,' when Kiena tells her herself that she doesn't want to know and really the world will never know; truly, at this point nothing scandalous has happened between the bronzerider and herself, but kisses have happened and confusion and feelings and sensory overload have happened, and in a day or a few hours of however long from now, she will be cornering the bronzer to — and so she looks relieved when Kiena dismisses it. "Okay," she says softly, despite the fact that there are a million questions in her mind that she wants to ask K'VIR'S AUNT WHAT ARE THE ODDS THE WORLD IS SMALL but is either too tired, or too cowardly, or too intelligent to pursue. Instead, grey eyes are down watching her footing as she gets down from her own seat and then they lift again as Kiena imparts those final words. There's relief, and then a half-smile. "I think she went straight to Calisi. And thank you." Risali will give the bluerider enough time to make it out of the door before she heads out as well; she wouldn't want the woman to think that she's TRYING TO CONVERSE OR SOMETHING.

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