Starcrafter Eyes

Western Weyr - Waterfall Path
This jungle path is luxuriant in thick dark green vegetation and brilliant tropical flowers. There is a rich scent of them clinging to the air, mingling with the salty scent from the ocean. The path itself is a mix of the white beach sand and black volcanic pebbles worn smooth. Here and there, narrow tracks have been cut, branching off into the jungle and giving access to the fruit that weights the branches for much of the year, while older tracks are almost lost under the encroaching vegetation. The path ends at a waterfall of about 15 meters high, freshwater cascading into a crystal clear pool that is deep and wide enough for several people to wade in. The pool is bordered by large, flat black stones that jut from the rocks at the sides and base of the pool. There are sweetly scented tiny white blossoms growing from underneath and around the cracks in the black stones.

It is common that in the darkest of nights, one may stumble upon a lone and awkward Starcrafter reveling in her element. Granted, tonight, and way out in the netherlands of Western's waterfall area may be a strange place to find her, but there Zahl is, perched below the cloak of the new moon. Among the jungle's vegetation and illuminating tropical flowers, the gal has found a sturdy post of branches to prop against, beneath a skyline of shimmering stars, a perfect night for gazing. As is typical, she has a tiny basket of dimmed glows, and a bag of her favorite farviewers. She's just gotten settled, the sounds of nearby tiny creatures creating a symphony of sounds when paired with the running waters of the waterfall. Her troublesome trio are also scattered about in the branches above, crooning softly as Zahl pulls her gaze upwards towards the twinkles that capture her heart so.

The time difference between Xanadu and Western is… uh… Soriana forgets, but it's big. Which is why, for a morning meeting, she set out in the middle of the day before. She could have checked her schedule better - there are people who keep track of these timezones - but then she wouldn't have the chance to duck off after lunch. Besides, she does have some people she'd like to catch before the Western meeting tomorrow. The starry sky above the Weyr that Luraoth arrives into may be a bit too early, though. Oops? Soriana's not nearly tired enough to take a nap, and so the gold, after greeting the watch-dragon, veers along the shore and makes for a more distant beach. Rider and dragon consult over the change, but passenger? Not so much. All he'll see is that Luraoth veers away from the lights of the Weyr and descends to a seemingly-quiet spot near the jungle's edge, her wings blocking out a part of Zahleizjah's sky along the way.

Perched behind the Weyrwoman, Eltanin has never held straps tighter than tonight. Oh he already experienced the thrill of flying on Dragon's back but only for shorts trips and only on Greens and Blues. Flying on a Queen is a whole lot different. Focusing on holding the straps he misses the breath taking view underneath the massive golden body and wings. Let's hope he won't let his new telescope slip. It's the reason he's here after all. A quick polite, yet scary smile is given to Soriana as Luraoth glides down for a landing.

Zahleizjah is near startled by the large shadow that covers the lens of her viewing. Sure, she knows dragons are a plenty, but she's slightly surprised by one distant and dark shimmer in this area, at this time of night. Her viewer is lowered, blinking a few times and rubbing her eyes as she squints and attempts to make out a description of the approaching dragon and rider(s?). There's not much to discern from this distance, and the lack of moonlight doesn't help either, but it is certain that some dragon of rather glorious proportions has descended nearby. There's a shrug from the Starcrafter who sends Virikas to explore and report, maybe not the best choice as the little greenie is easily distracted by crawly critters on her way. The glows are brightened a bit, and the Starcrafter is on the edge of her seat, just in case any defensive actions need be taken, or something like that. Can we say odd-ling? She reasons with herself that it is a rider afterall, and unlikely they'd be wandering her direction and definitely unreasonable to think that any type of threat would be presented. She takes a deep breath, releasing with a sigh and giggling softly at her own uneasiness.

Compared to those greens and blues, Luraoth's definitely massive, but for her color, this gold is small and elegant, still quick enough on her wings to make those twists in the air that seem to leave a stomach two wingbeats behind. Like the way she comes in for her landing, with a fold of wings to slip past the branches of the jungle that makes it seem like she's just dropping the final distance. Soriana's used to it, of course. She's barely even touching the straps, just shifting her weight to keep balanced. She did make sure it wasn't Eltanin's first time and check his straps, but, well… maybe she assumed anyone who'd ask a queenrider for a lift was familiar with dragons. Luraoth touches down on the sands of the shore, and Soriana releases her straps with a quick motion, turning to look at Eltanin. "So… where exactly did you need to go?" She doesn't remember. Maybe she wasn't paying attention… that, or he didn't actually tell her. The gleam in the jungle isn't noticed by Soriana yet, though Luraoth's head swings in that direction, peeking curiously into the darkness.

"J-just here is fine, Weyrwoman…" comes from a rather white faced Starcraft apprentice. He keeps silence for a moment to give time to his belated stomach to return to his quivering body. "I mean, a place like that is perfect. Far from the Weyr's lights itself. I thank you for bringing me." And it's only after his last words that he finally releases his straps, hands still white with the effort. "Please thank your very swift Luraoth for me too." He allows another small smile, his cheeks recovering some of their natural color. The dragon's move is not unnoticed and he insticntively follows the Queen's gaze direction.

Zahleizjah hears the faint murmur of voices in the nearby trees, but the at ease dragon landing gives no clues as to exactly where the group has landed. She at least is able to make out what sounds like two people, female and male, not too far a distance from the falls. Virikas comes back with a victorious *cheep* that is only indicative of her successful hunt and provides no information as to whom else is wandering around the jungles at night. Zahl is no stranger to these midnight settings in the middle of no where, and often finds herself in odd predicaments in the name of craftwork. She hopes this is one of the less awkward and calls out. "Hello? Who goes there? Zahleizjah, Sr. Apprentice Starcrafter here.. Eastern's duties."

Whups. Sooo maybe Eltanin wasn't as used to flying as he sounded from the request? There's a brief moment of apology on Soriana's face. "It's not far to the Weyr…" At least not by dragonback. If he's willing to venture it again, but… "Oh." So this is actually good. "You're welcome. There's a trail back from that edge of the beach, later. Just stick to the coast and you'll hit Western eventually." In case Soriana gets pulled away by something, because… these things happen. She smiles. "Luraoth says she hopes the stars dance well." Which is probably a 'welcome' of sorts from the dragon. "You need help dismounting?" Soriana asks, but then a voice calls out from the darkness. She blinks, turns her head, and laughs at the same time as Luraoth chirrups. "Senior, huh? And why are you giving me Eastern's duties from Western?" Oh wait. Maybe she should actually… "Hi Lei. It's Sori." No duties. Not from her.

Eltanin slowly releases himself from the straps, listening to Soriana. He seems that he's his true self again, his smile more like a real one now. "Tell Luraoth they dance admirably tonight." He finishes to unbuckle and shakes his head. "Oh I think I can manage. Thank you again for your help…." He then trails off, hearing the other girl's voice. "Lei?" He prks, craning his neck. It's hard to see in that relative darkness but his smile definitely widens.

Zahleizjah catches random bits and pieces of the convo still unsure as to who else could be out at this time, and certain they are thinking the same of her. "Sori! M'lady and dear friend!" the Starcrafter calls out with excitement. "..and I know.. strange as it is I've been representing Eastern's Starcraft sect from all about Pern these days. Looked for you last I was at Xanadu, but seems the gold life is a busy one eh.." She shakes up her glow basket for it to brighten a tad more in an offering of some beacon of guidance. "Eltanin!?" is responded as the familiar voice is heard. "Let me guess.. a good night for viewing eh? Would you two care to join me? Just beyond the treeline. Follow the sounds of rushing water, there's a wonderful clearing here, perfect for gazing."

Luraoth chirps about those stars, though what she says is heard only by Soriana, and then there's the distraction of Zahleizjah. Soriana laughs. "Too bad you didn't come when one of the clutches was making me easy to find." Sands duty! It's gotta be good for something, right? Oh look, and then there's more light. Once Eltanin's off the dragon, Soriana will slip off Luraoth's straps so the gold can swim and relax on the beach, then make her way up the trail as suggested. "Representative of the craft, huh?" she says, and grins. "Is that fun meeting people, or boring meetings?"

Eltanin dusts himself a bit. He may have overestimated his skills as he lands quite abruptly in the sands. Luckily it's on sands. Following Soriana and the light, he tries not to look overly happy. He's supposed to be on duty too after all. Fidgeting his telescope, he nods, now reaching Zahleizjah. "The perfect night for viewing, yes." He quickly winks.

Zahleizjah pushes to a stand after setting her farviewer down carefully, waving to the pair as they come in to view. There's a bit of a cough paired with her vague and slightly awkward response "Yeah, but y'know how I am around clutches these days Sori. Try t'stay as far away as possible if I can.. regardless s'great to see you dear!" The declaration brightens her expression as she head wobbles "Aye, something like that. Gotta keep it alive when so many are busy with projects and often confined to the observatory. It's actually been sort of fun, if you'll believe it, socializing hasn't been as painstaking for me as of late. Why just the other day I met Eltanin here at Landing's observatory. He speaks volumes of Xanadu and I am sure will represent the area exceptionally well." A smile is shot back to him with a bow of the head for them both. "How are you two this delightful evening?"

Soriana smiles as she sees Zahleizjah again, giving the starcrafter a looking-over in the glowlight. "Not to mention the heat. I know, I know." She smiles, shrugs. "But yes, it's nice to see you!" A laugh. "Maybe I should go by the observatory more often." She glances to Eltanin, then hehs. "At least on those nights when everyone isn't asleep after sneaking elsewhere during the day. The duty rosters must be such a mess sometimes!" She grins, and picks a tree to lean against. "I'm doing well. Just here early for a meeting, but I figure that's time to relax, right?"

Eltanin is not easily embarrased and he somewhat straightens his chest, nodding at Lei. Oh well, he just can't feign anymore, betrayed by the vivid pink color of his cheeks when the other starcrafter speak so high of him. He then coughs a bit, looking at the two alternatively. "Once I get used to the area and that I quit losing myself, I should be more helpful in that regard, yes. At least I hope." He adds, scratching the back of his neck nervously. "The observatory is really an amazing place…" He coughs again not wanting to become boring. "…time to relax, yes."

Zahleizjah snickers and head wobbles "Oh yes, and that heat.. y'know how well I handle that!" Glow basket is set down and arms open unassumingly but as if to offer Soriana a good hug after all this time. "The Observatory at Landing is rather wonderful in its antiquity.. though I am often dreaming of Xanadu's as well. How are things around those parts anyway? Not full of crawlies like Ista I hope?" A nose crinkle has her smirking with a nod "And yes.. duty rosters as a Senior are all over the place, but lax enough to not be too cumbersome while allowing for travels and work on my Journeyman project." Brow raises "Definitely time to relax, Rukbat won't shimmer for some time yet." As for embarrassment, she keeps some things, such as thanks at bay, but an idle hand adjusts a small pin adorning her shoulder. The other brushes off the comment about getting lost with a flick of the wrist and she says "Doesn't count against ya.. I've been wandering around Xanadu and Western for ages n'still get lost! 'Specially during the day or cloud cover!"

Soriana laughs a little. "Yeah, I do," she says to that heat, then gives Zahleizjah the hug she seems to be open to. Open arms to? Something like that. She smiles to the talk of the observatories, and nods. "I… heh. I might not have been there since that party." A shrug, not particularly embarrassed about it, because it's not like she doesn't have a good reason to be busy with other things. "Xanadu's doing well. No crawlies! The headwoman'd probably call for exterminators if there were." She grins, then looks to Eltanin. "Are you one of the ones that needs to be dragged away from your work with a prybar?" Her tone's a lightly teasing one.

Zahleizjah's discreet move is noticed and Eltanin blushes a bit more. But how can I miss one of her moves even the most discreet the way he's literally staring at her? Impossible. Luckily for him, it's kinda dark. "It'll save me some time so I can study more tho…" he replies, reagrding the always-lost-my-way thing. To Soriana he perks, immediately brushing his tunic idly. "Err, I don't know, Weyrwoman." he shrugs a bit adding with a dawn of a smile. "I just don't see time flying…"

Zahleizjah blushes a bit and spares the story about how no matter the preparation, the heat of the sands almost always gets to her head. This embarrassment is replaced with a good squeeze for the Jr. WW as Zahl reminisces "That was quite the party!" she adds, assuming nothing about where Sori would or would not be with all her busying about. "I hear that many don't want to hurt those little yuckies, or that they may be trying to wait em out and hope they run out of food or something." Tongue sticks out in disgust "I couldn't imagine." A wink is shot towards the fellow crafter "Hardworkers are common in our field eh? Nuthin wrong with that!" She is apparently one of those who need prying, especially as of late.

Soriana shrugs about the Istan Infestation. "I dunno, I haven't been since it started. But I doubt they're that cute." She grins, then looks back to Eltanin. "Which is why you're here at Western to catch more dark, because Xanadu's wasn't going to let you get to work soon enough." She sounds amused, and she gives her head a little bit of a shake, looking back to Zahl as she adds, "It's good to get out sometimes. Have a party, talk about something that isn't work for a bit."

Party…Party…Party? The word echoes in Eltanin's mind as he listens carefully as he always does. Did he ever attent one? He's highly doubtful nd since he is, it surely means he didn't. Or at least not in everyone else's way. "I stumbled on one once…" He begins, reffering to the crawlies. "Kinda sticky under the shoes…" Oh well, please someone steals his constellations maps and telescope. This guy needs some fun. "So there was a…party at the observatory?" Yeah he may sound more curious about how it did happen rather than the party itself. Lei gets another glance. A more discreet one tho.

Zahleizjah scoffs gently with a smirk "Cutee… heh.. yeah crawliecreepy if you ask me, but I guess everyone's got their own perspective." A smiling gaze is turned towards the twinkling stars "Tis a good place and great darkness for the stars.. and indeed Soriana, it is good to get out some times. Though seems even when I party it revolves around work.. guess we could all use a bit of advice following in the manner.." a wink is sent towards the Goldie knowing she likely gets very few moments to do anything other than work related stuffs. "Eww.. squishy n'sticky.. yumm. And ya, some time ago when I stood at Xanadu with Sori I hosted quite the Gazer's Gala at the observatory. Was quite the night.." Virikas is heard squawking in the nearby distance, which catches Zahl's attention for a moment. "If you'll excuse me.. I should tend to my little princess who's probably getting in to trouble.." she scampers in to the jungle for a few.

Yes, par-ty. One word, two syllables. Not craw-ly, either! "I hope they don't start hitching rides on dragons and spreading." Soriana shrugs a bit, though. Not her problem until and unless they do! Or unless she has to visit Ista. She's quiet as she listens to Zahleizjah describe the party, and nods. The squawky firelizard makes her say, "Good luck!" with a crooked grin, and then she looks back to Eltanin. "So what do you do when you're not looking at the stars?" And don't say 'reading starcharts'.

"You stood at…with…You were…." Eltanin's words just die in his throat as he watches Zahl disappear into the veil of darkness. "Err…" is his first reply at Soriana's query. He has to think fast not wanting to sound desperatly boring. "…I happen to have a firelizard myself too. I never thought it'd be such a busy task. But then he's so adorable…at times." He grins, explaining. "He's only a month old that's why…" Cutting his own speach short, he turns to where Zahl was then back at Soriana with a pointed finger. "You two were candidates together?"

Firelizard-tending. Well. It's not staring at charts? But it's hardly getting out and seeing people, either. Soriana half-smiles as she nods to that, but then… oh, it's back to the candidacy thing, and her lips twitch with more of a smile. "We were. Weyr residents are the first ones to get searched, a lot of the time," she says. "More dragons around, more chances for one of them to sniff out something that seems promising. I impressed. Zahleizjah didn't… but there's always more candidates than eggs, to make sure the dragons have a choice."

Eltanin slowly nods, staying silent for a moment as he aims his gaze at the jungle again. "I'm sorry to hear that…I mean that she didn't impress." He coughs and is not impressive himself. First he looks just like a lab crawler and second he continues to express what's obvious. "I….heard that candidates can be granted to visit Yokohama's bridge, is that correct?" He asks, tilting his head to one side, daring to add after a deep breath. "Candidates alone or….?" And here he's back to his studies. This one seems helpless…

There's a slight arch of Soriana's brow, then it settles and she nods. "Life goes on, with or without a dragon." She smiles. "Zahleizjah's got her craft." And then, speaking of, it's back to starcraft things, and Soriana laughs. "We've arranged visits there for the candidates sometimes. It's done in collaboration with the starcrafters and techcrafters that keep the place running, of course, but it's possible to get permission to visit… though that's just to see the place. Time with the sensors is entirely a craft matter. I hear the waiting list is turns long."

Eltanin's shoulders drop. Turn long. Just when he thought he finally found a way to get up there, another problem has to be solved first. "I see…" But then a sparkle enlightens his brain. Sensors. Craft matter. Is he not a Starcraft apprentince? Yes. Yes! Hope illuminates his face again as the idea makes its way. To go up there staring at pern from space is one thing but directly using the sensors…And just like the cold waters of Drake's lake another word reaches his mind. Apprentice. "I think I'll have to ask the….Craft master." Oh yes, big word. Big person.

Some more squeaks and squawks can be heard from the nearby jungle, a bit of muttering and rustling too before Zahl finally emerges from the thick of foliage with Virikas en tow. She catches just a few bits and pieces of the convo, pulling leaves from her hair and agreeing "Aye, and the Stars are always there.. unless there's clouds at least." Seems one of her less than ideal topics has come up, life without a dragon. Fortunately, it's towards the end of subject matter and that of Yokohama is floating about. "Good thinking Eltanin! Take it straight to the top.. and let me know if you need any Senior apprentice assistance wouldya?"

Getting up there, well. That's not so hard if you can borrow a dragon. It's the doing things once you're there that's a challenge. Eltanin can probably get his name on the list… at apprentice-priority. It's just all the journeymen and masters ahead of him that'll be a problem. "Good luck?" Soriana says to his plan of talking to the craftmaster, in that tone that implies 'because you'll need it'. But, well, it's craft business and none of hers, so it's just curiosity that makes her ask, "Do you have a specific project in mind?"

Eltanin lifts a brow at Zahl's comment and his smile reappears on his lips. He slowly walks over to her side and looks back at Soriana. "No specific one save from enjoying the view but if I can get my hand on the sensors…" He grins, sticking his tongue out playfully. "More seriously, I also happen to be a man of my words…" He adds, turning his head to look at Zahl with a knowing wink.

Zahleizjah fusses with her hair for a few more twigs before tending to Virikas with some scritches to ease the green's distaste from being pulled away from her 'hunt'. There's chitters of retort before the tiny finally settles back in to a niched spot on the Starcrafter's shoulder. She giggles at Soriana's luck wishing and has no filter when she says "You'll probably need it.. chain of command can be difficult to get through in our craft." There's a smirk sent the goldie's direction and she adds "Though floating around in space like we did way back then would make any efforts totally worth it don't ya think?" The wink is caught and she blushes 'neath the cover of darkness. "That and much more it seems Eltanin.." is mused back.

Oh yeah, that luck'll be needed! Soriana didn't say it, but she nods when Zahleizjah does, and smiles for Eltanin's aims. "Well, I'm not the one who schedules the starcraft trips, just weyr visits." A shrug, and she repeats that, "Good luck," before smiling to Zahleizjah. "It certainly was an experience!" She grins, and then her mouth tugs sideways as she watches the two interact. Words and more! Or so it would seem.

Eltanin frowns. Oh wait. Is he pouting right now? "No one on Pern can stop me from fulfilling my dream!" He starts to delcare vigorously, feigning to be upset. Raising a fist he follows with a rather theatrical tone. "Not even that ol…." *cough* "..not even the Craftmaster!" He's motivated. Sure he is. But he doesn't say a word about what's also giving him the guts to find a way up among the stars. He then chuckles, looking at them. "Yeah…I will need all the luck and more…" Through all his giggling his eyes slowly but firmly lay on Zahl. Ahaaaaa impetuousness of the youth.

Oh the subtext! It can speak volumes, and the awkward starry-eyed gal is prying eyes from Eltanin and settling them on Soriana with a giggle and shared nod of agreement. "How is life as a goldrider Soriana? Busy yet fun? Lots of duties and responsibilities? S'been ages since we've caught up.. still have time for your works as a Dragonhealer? You always seemed to have quite the knack for that." Eltanin's conviction has her beaming brightly and she is encouraging with a "Well then, it shall be done.. just don't call em ol' Craftmaster to the face.. won't go over well I'd imagine." She settles back in to a nook of tree for leaning, looking up as the brilliant flickers of outer space reminds her of the vast universe they live in. "It'll totally pay off once up there though.. really a unique experience!"

The subtext may speak volumes, but Soriana's not saying anything about it! About her life as a goldrider, now, that she can say something about it. "Oh, there's always something that needs doing. But yeah, I'm grade two now in dragonhealing, doing work at the Annex. Lucky it's there for me to keep up on the studies in between meetings and paperwork." She smiles. "Always a lot to balance. But then, life. It's complicated." Soriana gives Eltanin a crooked smile. "So might's well chase your dreams, huh?"

Eltanin is definitealy the dreamy awkward kind of guy and he's well proven it. Nodding to both of them, he lifts his head up, gazing at all the small holes in the dark coat of the night. "That's what my brother always told me…" is his answer to Soriana and he lets out a soft sigh, his smile fading just a touch. Zahl gets a nod again and he forces himself not to ruin the mood. "We all have to deal with our lives in a way or another…" Well, yes, bad try.

Zahleizjah gives a few good claps along with a warm smile of congratulations "Well, that is wonderful to hear and I am sure you are excellent at it on all accounts Sori. Life is.. definitely complicated.." she sighs softly, looking towards the blue eyed gent for a moment. "What else have we besides hopes and dreams I suppose? And you and Ka'el?" More sideways glances are shot the dreamy and awkward kind of guy's direction… dreamy indeed. "Too true dear friend…" she agrees with him "…life is dealt with somehow or another. Ups and downs, no doubt, but I guess that's all just part of the adventure really.."

Soriana nods and says, "Thanks," to those congratulations, and then her mouth pulls into a sideways smile as she watches those long (and perhaps longing?) looks between the starcrafters. Was there a question in there about Ka'el? Oh look, there was. "He's good. We're still together." And, right, might as well add the headliner. "He's Weyrleader now." Because hey, important facts to note. She picks a tree and leans against it as the other two discuss the ups and downs of life, and smiles. "That, or pick and choose the parts you want, and forget the rest. You meet someone new," her eyes flick between the pair, "You can invent yourself again."

Eltanin can also be weird at times and right now seems to be one of his moment as he decides to sit down, crossing his legs. "Oh he's the one who made the flow…" He coughs suddenly, quickly adding. "Ka'el is the Weyrleader." as if to write that down in his mind. He's still new enough he hasn't been properly introduced to the leading people of Xanadu. Of course he knows about Thea too but didn't actually saw her…more than a couple of seconds that it. "Life as a rider seems way more complicated than ours poor crafters." He goes on, smirking a bit. "At least Stars are kinda…predictable…" from below, his insisting glancing at Zahl is more discreet.

Zahleizjah is smiling rather widely still, and especially at the mention of continued romance and good news she says "Ahh yes, I heard. Please extend a sincere congratulations to him for me as well!" She can't help but to query further, no filter for her awkwardness "And Idrissa? Haven't seen her in ages either.. you three were sucha tight-knit group." She reflects, pondering the depths of life as reinforced by the cosmos and that which is said by the goldrider. "Wow.. that's deep stuff Sori.." a hand goes to scratch her head as she stands in silent thought for a few. Then Tani brings things full circle, nearly divulging a giveaway of information in reference to the Smith Crafter turned Weyrleader. She's blushing but moves quickly to talk about safety in the stars "Predictable is a good way to explain it.. simple in their complexity.. unwavering and easy to understand.. all truths I guess.. much less complicated than life in general.. 'specially as a rider.." or slightly dejected candidate.

And yet Eltanin's got no issue with asking a junior Weyrwoman for a ride to Western, despite his lack of proper introductions! Soriana nods to Zahleizjah. "I'll tell him," she says of Ka'el, then gives Eltanin a glance before looking back to Zahleizjah. Ohhh, Idrissa. Soriana's smile doesn't disappear, but it turns quiet, maybe just a little uncomfortable. "She's okay. Been keeping herself busy with work a lot." Which these starcrafters certainly don't know anything about, nope. But Idrissa, well… "I haven't seen her much, lately." Soriana shrugs slightly, and she doesn't seem to have much to say about complexity besides a crooked smile and thoughtful look.

Eltanin notices Soriana's look and may have been a little too enthousiastic about trying his new telescope when he boldly asked her to bring him here. Okay, it's way too late to realize that. The young starcrafter swallows, offering her a smile as she talks about common friends. Let's hope it won't get him walk his way back to Xanadu. "We all have to try to find our way until it's eventually revealed to us…" Was it as deep as he thinks it was? Surely that exceptional starry night must have an effect on Tani. Or is it just Zahl?

Zahleizjah isn't a psychic, but can at least read between the lines, noticing a slight shift in demeanor and responding with an "Oh.. well that's good I suppose. Please send regards that direction too if you see her." It's left at that, plain to see complexity is definitely the word of the night. There's a contemplative nod "I suppose that is a rather valid perspective too.. things just seem to happen in funny ways some times.. not sure I'll ever understand it, but I guess we have no other choice than to just go with the flow." There's a chirp from Virikas who seems to think they're on to something.

"I'll tell her you said hi," Soriana says of Idrissa, and smiles to Zahleizjah again. Whatever the complexity is, it doesn't seem to mean Soriana's averse to talking about the greenrider, just. "…and that she should hang out with you sometime, because you both need time away from your work." And that part is with an outright grin. So… complex, yes, but… eh. It's complicated, let's leave it at that for now. Eltanin, well, he may be wishing he could walk back once he sees what happens when Soriana gets involved in those meetings and they turn into other meetings and consultations and long talks. Fortunately, there's plenty of rider traffic, and he can probably snag a lift from someone else when the time comes that he's desperate to head home. Ways getting revealed? "Mmh." Soriana tilts her head down, then stretches slowly, rolling the muscles of her back. "Going with the flow'll certainly get you somewhere. Wherever the flow's going."

Eltanin's eyes caught the stealthy line of a shooting star and points a finger upwards, looking at both of them. But as complicated matters come into the conversation, he decides to keep that for himself. Save the wish for later. Maybe use it to find a kind rider to take him back home? Anyway he slowly stands up, brushing his pants a bit. "To reconsider what I've said, I think even the stars may be unpredictable. And we're all made of them after all. The better thing to do is not to sparkle the wrong way." And here is his explanation of life from his barely 17 turns old. Impressive.

Zahleizjah smiles and made no judgements based on the underlying cues, moving on easily with a "That would be wonderful.. work can really consume us some times.." except for tonight in which little business as planned seems like it is being conducted. Fortunately for Zahl, she's gathered enough data for this starry-night, so talking about work is good enough. Plus, there's plenty of life epiphanies being made at the moment, which definitely counts for something. "Hah, yeah that or washed up on shore!" She speaks from experience. "In the end, we are resilient beings I've learned.." looking up thanks to the cue she catches the awe-inspiring sight of shooting star. "Stardust memories and all.." Gaze settles on the blue eyed gent. "Don't sparkle the wrong way.. I like that!"

"It can," Soriana says of that work, then arches a brow. "Shore's still a somewhere. Things flow up on it a lot." There's a slight smile, one that turns into a quiet, thoughtful sort of expression for Eltanin's opinion of life, a flick of her eyes noting Zahleizjah's agreement. "That's one way to do things," she says, and pushes herself up from where she's leaning. "It's not mine." She gives both of them a smile, though. "But I'll let you gaze together at your stars." A glance to Eltanin. "Path to the Weyr's just along the beach, or I'm sure Lei can show you. When you're ready." She looks between the two of them again, and waves.

Eltanin holds Zahl's gaze for a moment then perks - which he did a /lot/ tonight - as Soriana explains him the way to the Weyr again. Better two times than one for this silly head. Mmmm and even three and four times. "I shall remember, thank you Soriana." Oh. No Weyrwoman anymore. He is getting on the bold side? "Good luck with your meetings…" He waves frowning and realizing how silly is what he just said. A quick glance back to Zahl and now he just hopes he didn't upset the Goldrider with his attitude.

Zahleizjah chuckles and slaps her knee "That it is.. somewhere indeed! Good thing most waters lead to land eventually, and the Stars are always there to guide us. But, you're right Sori, to each their own. I bid you farewell m'lady and hope your meetings run smoothly! always a pleasure." She does give a hearty curtsey of respect with a wave as she departs, looking back towards Tani with a drawn out "Sooo…."

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