An Overdue Vacation

Paradise River Hold - Paradise Palace
Rows upon rows of tables are situated in this brightly lit room. Behind each stands an attendant willing to deal up cards for you. Everything is covered in shimmery blue and red materials, making everything glint just right in the light. Towards the back are a few spinning wheels, and several cribbage tables. Fancy glittering machines are set up to the right, one after the other awaiting marks to be placed in their slots, and their handles pulled. Over on the left wall is a bar, with two waiters pouring the drinks behind it.

Ka'el has always said there are perks to being Weyrleader. And there are. Quite a few of them, actually. But his favorite one by far has to be the fact that people listen to him. They do what he tells them to do, for the most part. And coming from the background that he does where his life has consisted of him being ordered around and being expected to do things without question, it’s a glorious thing to have the tables turned! Although he doesn’t make a habit of pushing his weight around, there are occasional times where playing the Weyrleader card is a privilege he’ll take advantage of.

Like: Taking unscheduled vacation days and insisting (demanding) that a certain Junior Weyrwoman has those same days off. As simple as that sounded in his head, it did take some work. Some pleading (to Thea). Schedules checked and double checked to make sure things were tended to in his absence by the Weyrsecond and other noteworthy Wingleaders. Trademark puppy dog eyes (to Thea and the other Weyrwomen Juniors) because who could say no to such a cute face of pleading? And in the end, says were given and the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman pair flew off to the big blue yonder and found themselves in Paradise River Hold by chance. Sunny, summertime weather has greeted them and their dragons, along with mighty friendly holder folk who seem very accustomed to vacation-goers. But perhaps, not those as heavily knotted as these two! They’ve been given a place to stay and are free to explore at their leisure. And somehow, they’ve ended up in a place filled with games and lights and chatter. Ka’el has opted not to lug his knot around with him and wears light clothing. A thin white short-sleeved shirt and khaki-like shorts complete with sandals. Summer clothing! “And I thought Xanadu was the technology flauntin’ place,” he says, ogling at the place.

Not that Thea doesn't think her people should take vacations, because she does! She even thinks she should take vacations. It's just the important whatevers and scheduled whosits and assorted things what really need to be done… but it makes the pleading easier when the person you're pleading to really does want to be able to agree with you. Other agreement came from Soriana, along with the handing off of her assorted duties to other places in preparation for their arrival in this particular other place! Blue skies, blue seas, spacious beaches and solicitous holderfolk! Luraoth's probably off wave-skimming and playing, while Soriana's dressed herself in a light green shirt with puff-cap sleeves and a pair of tan three-quarter-length slacks. Because it's summer, at least to judge by the weather here. Yay, summer! She's not wearing her knot, either. Maybe the word has still gotten around? Or maybe the hold is just this friendly to anyone who shows up with stray marks in their pockets, ranked or not. "Hah," she says as she looks up above to the bright lights, then down as the clatter of a machine draws her attention. "This is flauntin'. Xanadu's just… technology havin'. It's-" apparently "-different."

"Very different," Ka'el agrees with an arched brow of appreciation. “Shells. If we flaunted, could you imagine the amount’ve visitors we’d have? “It’d be good for the businesses … not that business isn’t already good. But havin’ a place like this? Could you imagine the number’ve people that’d flock from the holds to try out somethin’ new and different?” Well, those who aren’t technology shy, anyway! He grins, peeling his eyes away from those flashing machines to look at her. “Not that we need any more people comin’ in and out. That’s just more chances for dragonlings to squash someone.” He makes a gesture to the bar. “Wanna see what sort of drinks they’ve got? They’re bound to be amazing, considering the look of the rest of this place. We should get somethin’ nice and expensive.” Because when you’ve got money to blow, why not blow it on alcohol and the finer things? “You get a glance at the beaches when we flew over? I can’t remember the last time I was on a beach and I wasn’t freezing my arse off.”

"Until it broke," Soriana says, and grins. Because that's what technology does, isn't it? Looks fabulous until it breaks? "Then we'd have a great broken…" she eyes one of the machines "…whatever that is, and there'd be a huge bill." But that's the good thing about just visiting this place - they won't have to pay for anything! Except their drinks. Those, they'll have to pay for, but the prices at the bar are actually pretty reasonable. Maybe even edging toward cheap, when you consider the heaviness of the pours… because there are many ways to gamble here, and drunken (well, pleasantly buzzed) patrons don't think twice before going all in on a dubious hand of cards. Soriana nods to the suggestion of getting some, making her way toward the bar where one of bartenders is shaking up something pink for a previous patron. "I think there was a beach every dragonlength. Sometimes closer." Sometimes so close they were one beach! But hey. She glances back to the machines as they near the bar, and adds, "Maybe we could get 'em to import one for the next Gather. It's advertising for them or whatever."

Broken technology. A thing technology is indeed known for doing! Not working when you want or need it to work. “Huh. It’s been a whole turn since power went out at home … I’ve almost forgotten that we can’t rely on it!” he laughs. “That was probably the ploy, wasn’t it? Technology’s master scheme: Lull us into a sense’ve false security. It gains our trust, then bam! It leaves us either to freeze or melt away.” He shakes his head slowly, making a face before he follows her over to the bar. An arm wraps around her waist as he falls into step with her, walking alongside her in a way in which he hardly can when at home. At least, not in such a public way. There are appearances to keep up with on Xanadu! Knots that dictate just how he can and cannot act and with whom else risk a brow arch or rumor and wilted credibility. Here? Here, they’re merely random visitor number fifty seven and fifty eight with little else attached! Other than those wayward knots that some may or may not have seen upon their arrival. An arm hooked around the waist? Hardly something to bat an eye at, and upon reaching the bar, barely an eye is batted at the newly arrived couple other than to get their order of drinks. “Next gather. I agree. Of course, that means I’ll have to try’m out first. Extensively. To make sure we’re spendin’ our marks on something worthwhile.” A grin follows that, and he points to that pink drink. “You want somethin’ girlishly pink? Maybe with a flower inside? Complete with a glass dressed in a dress.”

Soriana laughs! "Oh yes. It's sneaky, technology is. It's probably the diodes. Or something." Whatever the shell a diode is. She doesn't know, she doesn't care. "What I want to know is, why can't we just make giant batteries that soak up the temperature. So, a set for summer and one for winter, and then we trade 'em out and enjoy the weather all year round." And never mind that the farms would fail and the storms would go crazy. She's on vacation! She doesn't need to think things through. She can just lean in against that arm around her and enjoy the touch as they stroll over to the bar. "You'll have to try all of them, just to know which are best." And this is why the Palace can serve cheap drinks, because while calling the games rigged is rude and not quite accurate, the odds certainly do, over the long run, favor the house. Soriana's favoring of drinks… "Ha!" She smirks, because it does not include pink ones. "They don't even ma-" waaaaaaiiiit. Down the bar. That drink with the woven pineapple around the base. That looks suspiciously like a skirt. Maybe they do make dressed up drinks. And… "Maybe if it was a death flower. Of stabbiness."

Giant temperature batteries? Of course! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? Ka’el snaps his fingers. “When we get back, we’ll get the techcraft on it. I’ll have the tech riders fly out to gather the materials while the crafters….eh, work on the specs and get a plan of action started. Brilliant, Soriana. Absolute genius! And when the batteries are complete, then of course we’ll have a celebratory gather to showcase’m. That’s when we’ll get one of these babies,” a gesture to those slot machine type things, “over to Xanadu for the first time. I’m lovin’ this idea more and more.” A new invention plus a party! What’s not to love? His arm falls away from her as he leans slightly against the bar’s counter, eyeing that pineapple drink down the way with a devious look. Oooh, it does look like a skirt. And here comes a waiter! Ka’el speaks up quickly. “She’d like the most feminine drink y’ve got,” he says. “Somethin’ pink or rose hued or…a girlish color like that. If it comes with any accessories, she’d like extra’ve those. Flowers or glitter or..” What else do girly girls like? “..polish or the like, she’ll take it all!” To which he earns a bewildered look from the man. Polish and glitter? Not the strangest concoction he’s been asked to make, but… “I can try to whip something up?” is the best answer he can come up with, followed by a questioning look to Soriana herself.

"S'wonder nobody else has thought of this before," Soriana says to this grand work of invention. "I guess it just takes the right person!" Who is so not her, at least if you want something that actually works, like, for real, instead of just working to amuse them while they're away at sunny tropical shores. Details. Also, there are drinks to be ordered, and Soriana's brows arch increasingly, her grin growing with each detail Ka'el adds to this drink she's supposedly getting. This rosy pink flower-floating glitter-garnished polished… whatever it is you polish for a drink. Polished parasols? Probably. "…or," she says once she's looked at and there's a chance to speak, "Just a Sunset Storm." Which is to say, orange juice, rum, ginger and… whatever else it is they add. Mostly it's orange juice and rum. Or sour mix and rum if the place is too cheap to actually have fresh orange juice. The point stands. Sorta. And Soriana stands, on account of she hasn't drunk any of it yet, and grins to the bartender. "He," she points a thumb at Ka'el, "-will have a cup of tea. With two cubes of sugar and a splash of whiskey. Also a slice of lemon on the side. It's got to be on the saucer, but it can't actually touch the cup, or it'll ruin the flavor."
Oh, hey! Something that he knows! The waiter nods to Soriana, though there is a tad bit if disappointment in his eyes. Mixing drinks is what he does! And the challenge of doing something super girly and glittery and flowery and … uh, polishy would have been an adventure! Of sorts. But still, it's nice to actually have a concrete model in his mind, and he mentally takes the order, and the second order of.. tea? Brown eyes turn to Ka’el, and there’s a very slight inclination of his brow. Tea. Really? Very specifically made tea at that, with the lemon not touching the cup or.. Ka’el interjects with a wave of his hand. “Don’t listen to her!” he says, giving Soriana a glarish look that fails to be anything near successful due to his grin. “Tea my ass,” his eyes are given an exaggerated roll. “That’s my mornin’ drink and you know that.” A playful grin is flashed to the weyrwoman. “I’ll take a lemonade and gin, and I will keep that lemon slice, though. In, not on the side.” Drink orders taken (hopefully!) the waiter goes and gets to work on them both. Ka’el turns to Sori now, still looking highly amused. “I’ve a goal for this trip, now. Before the end of it, before landin’ back on Xanadu grounds, I’ll have you in a dress. With girl shoes,” also known as heels to everyone else but Ka’el.

Soriana keeps right on grinning to that glare. "It's morning somewhere," she counters. Also afternoon, evening, and night, but hey. Whiskey-tea can be an anytime drink! But… won't be. With their drink orders safely placed (and… hopefully not blurring around inside that waiter's mind into who-knows-what) she turns back to him, and laughs. "What. Me? In one of those?" She gives her head a shake. "There aren't even any in my bags." And clearly this vacation paradise won't have any clothing merchants at all. Nope. Unpossible! "Besides, there are beaches. We should be spending our time on those. In beachwear! And sandals. Not dressy … dress … things." Technical words, those. Her skill with them is why she can come up with these fancy battery plans. And perfect drinks. No matter the hour.

“Maybe I snuck one in your bag,” replies Ka’el with an arched brow. “Did you have your bag with ya at all times before leavin’?” And maybe she did! And even if she did, maybe Ka’el has superpowers of invisibility that allowed him to sneak in a dress and heels into her belongings. Or, maybe he had a sneaky spy do his dirty work for him! He gives her a shifty-eyed look now, full of mystery and intrigue. But then, the thought of beaches turns his attention to other things. “Ha! Shows how much you know. There are dress things for beaches,” he says as he juts his chin up a bit, a smug look plastering on his face. “I’ve seen’m. And I even know what they’re called, and I bet I can find you one here.” This is a beachy sort of place, after all! “They’re called…” Uh. Hm. What were they called again? “…Sa…songs? No. Saongs?” Nope, that doesn’t sound quite right either. He furrows his brows, making a thinky face. “Eh, whatever they’re called, they’re a thing. For beaches. And I’ll get you in one, just watch.”

"…or in your bag," Soriana retorts, because that is the other option, isn't it? Ka'el's been carrying around dresses this whole time, just because he wants to feel se- er. Because he wants to see Soriana looking sexy! She smirks to him, and then he shows just how much she knows! Answer: not much, but we knew that. She never really claimed otherwise! "Sa…wimsuits?" she counters. Only it's mostly teasing, because it really wouldn't surprise her that there's something. She's even sorta seen them around, now that she stops to think about it. They're sorta… drapey. And brightly colored. "Are you gonna make a trap for me? Like… hanging over a door, and then I try to walk through it, and bam! Dressed up all fancy? Just like that?" Because clothes are like… animate and put themselves on people, didn't you know?

“My bag? Oh, yeah definitely. I’ve got loads’ve dresses stacked and ready because late at night, I like slippin’ them on and lookin’ at myself in the mirror. Makes me feel pretty.” And wouldn’t you know that that bartender picks this exact moment to come back with their drinks? Just in time to hear Ka’el claim to enjoy wearing dresses! Well …. To each his own, yes? He’s not going to judge (despite that somewhat judging look on his face) as he sets their drinks down in front of them. Ka’el’s, in a tall and thin glass with slices of lemon within, ice clinking merrily. Soriana’s, in a glass shaped vaguely like a triangle, garnished with an orange and, hey! She did get a little umbrella after all. Not quite glitter and polish, but it’s something. Ka’el nods his thanks before laughing at ‘sawimsuits’. “No, I know what a swimsuit is, and I’m not going to tell you how I’m going to get you in to it. It may be a trap. It may not be. I can’t give away all my secrets to you. You’ll just have to wait and see .. and be amazed when it happens.”

It's probably a good thing Ka'el, wearer of dresses for prettiness, is not currently identifiable as Ka'el, Weyrleader of Xanadu. Soriana, non-wearer of dresses, laughs. "Of course you do," she informs him, then grins to the waiter. "Thanks." Oh look. It's… "I bet the drink usually comes with half an umbrella. So they doubled it." As was requested! "Oh yeah?" she says to Ka'el after taking a sip. "I might need to refresh your memory. Just to be sure." She grins, and has another sip, then gives her head a shake. "So how many of your secrets can you give away? Half? Two-thirds? Or are some of the secrets so secret you can't even admit their secrecy?" Double-super-secrets!

Ka’el peers at Soriana’s drink, clearly disappointed at the lack of flowers and things, bells and whistles, as requested. “I’ll have to have a word with that waiter..” he says as he drums his fingertips upon the countertop once. “Obviously, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘girlish’ or ‘glitter’. I don’t think it was a very difficult request..” He eyes that umbrella, then reaches his free hand over to give it a little flick before he tends to his own drink, lifting it to his lips to take a swallow. Yum! Lemony. And ginny. Gin and juice, can’t go wrong with that! “Refresh my memory on what a swimsuit is?” he asks. “I could use a refresher, sure. What type did you bring? Is it the kind that has a top and a bottom? Or the type that’s one whole piece?” Ka’el is a master of attire terms, don’t you know? In any case, he’s suddenly very interested in Soriana’s attire, at least when it comes to swimwear! “I can give you one third of my secrets, and I’ve already given you that many. There are so many parts of me that you’ll never know, Soriana. And if you ever did figure out my super secret parts..I’m afraid I’d have to dispose’ve you,” he says with a sigh. “So. Don’t pry.” Sip. Grin, suppressed.

"They probably just ran out of glitter." Must have been a run on it? Because yeah, Soriana's drink isn't sparkling even a little. "Maybe they'll get some in stock by breakfast tomorrow." Glitter and tea! And glimmery swimsuits… wait. Actually, those don't glitter. They could, but the one Soriana's brought… doesn't. "I wonder if they make them in three pieces. Like, bottom, left, and right." She'll have to investigate. Hmmm. Ka'el may also want to investigate, though his own interest is hardly a sudden one. More like a natural progression of his interest in dresses. "The only ones I've got come in two." But if she could have three, that would be one more! And then she could give Ka'el a third of it, in exchange for… "What, only that? Bah! That's hardly anything. My spies will have to redouble their efforts. They're always there, you know. Always… watching."

“Three pieces?” Left and right? Ka’el’s imagination doesn’t need any more fuel in order to run rampant, yet here it is! Left and right pieces. And they’d cove..oh, it’s obvious what they’d cover! But how would they stay put, these individual pieces? Hmmmm. That certainly does warrant some investigating, yes! Ka’el grins at the revelation that her swimsuit does in fact come with two pieces, and he silently celebrates. Yay! He likes those types the best. And now he’s left to wonder just what hers looks like. He’s seen swimsuits of hers before, of course. But this is vacation time! Which would make even one that he’s seen before seem different because they’re not on Xanadu. “What spies do you claim to have? Toral? Haruhi?” He snickers and gives his hand a dismissive wave. “If that’s the case, I’ve nothin’ to worry of. I can see your spies comin’ from drangonlengths away. They’re hardly a threat to my secrets.” He takes another sip just as bells begin to ring and lights flash from a machine. Someone’s won something! There’s a slight commotion from thataway, and it draws Ka’el’s eyes momentarily. “We should go to one’ve those coves we saw. All this talk about swimming is makin’ me,” want to see you half naked, “want to swim.”

Glue. They'd stay put with waterproof glue. Only maybe sometimes the glue wouldn't be quite waterproof enough, and one or both would sliiiide off and, uh… maybe that's why three-piece swimsuits don't exist outside of eager imaginings. "Pfft, I can't tell you my spies. That'd ruin my cover! And Haruhi makes a terrible spy, anyway. She has no understanding of subtle." Or anything short of 'lookit me lookit me!' "No, my spies are far, far better than that. The fact you don't even know who they are is proof of just how skilled they are!" Or of the fact that they don't exist. One or the other. The clatter of victory makes her look that way, and she hehs. "We could toss 'em into the classrooms, after the Gather. They teach math, right?" They've got numbers on, at least. Close enough! Just like seeing half naked and swimming are, really, all things considered, actually quite close. Soriana nods her agreement. "We should. Find a good one…"

“Somehow, I don’t feel all that threatened by your spies, baby. In fact, I dare you to even try to find the the rest’ve my secrets. You won’t even have to worry about bein’ disposed of. They’re so well-kept, you’ve no chance at all of figuring them out. Then, I’ll capture your spies, turn them into my spies, and have them spy on you while you think they’re spyin’ on me.” It’s the ultimate coup! He’s a brilliant mastermind! Or so he’d like to think, or at least he’d like to get her to think. He snickers, then turns again to gander at that flashing machine, which has spewed sixteenth marks that a man is now collecting gleefully. Math? “Mmm…somethin’ like..” he says with a snicker and head shake. “Though I think if we put it in a classroom, we may never see the apprentices again.” Gambling is an addiction! He leans over to kiss her cheek for no reason other than the fact that her cheek has been without a kiss since they landed. That’s a long time to be kissless! “A good one that nobody knows about,” he agrees. “We flew over about a billion’ve them.” Maybe a slight exaggeration, but…still. “One’s bound to be less popular than the others. Bet Kanekith can find one for us.”

"I will so find them," Soriana decrees. "Just you wait. You'l never even realize they're gone, but my triple-agent spies will get them!" Triple agents, see. Because maaaaybe Ka'el will think he's subverted them, but aaaaactually… those spies will… … …eh, probably they'll sell whatever they find out to the highest bidder. Good thing they're incompetent? "Hah," she says to those missing apprentices that'll gamble the day away. "Not until it breaks, anyway." Because, as they've established, that's what technology does. Soriana smiles in the wake of the kiss as she turns her head back to Ka'el, reaching out to brush her hand against his. Billions of beaches? "At least," she agrees, then nods. "Luraoth's too busy wave-skimming." Because she's got water to play in! Warm water, not the Xanadu stuff that's still kinda chilly. "Kanekith, the beach-spy of the skies."

"Likely with an audience," remarks Ka'el of Luraoth, chuckling. It can't be every day that the residents of the hold are privileged with the sight of a playful gold carousing in their waters! As for Kanekith? Well, Ka'el is glad that they did end up on this hold as opposed to another Weyr, where dragons are abundant and greens glow so frequently. Trying to discourage his dragon would be far too distracting for a vacation! Here? Kanekith sunbathes. Til now, where he's getting the hint that he's needed for something. Scouting a beach? A smallish beach? Whatever for? "..Yes, if I can get his lazy hide up" muses Ka'el to Soriana, giving her a meaningful look. Of all the other riders, she likely knows Kanekith's stubbornness best of all! "Hey. Remember when we cliff-jumped on Ista?" he says with a growing grin. "How awesome would it be to dragon jump?"

Soriana laughs. "Yeah. Though if she goes much further out, they'll start confusing her for a firelizard." Which Luraoth won't mind, enjoying her time with the waves as she is. The audience is incidental! Maybe it'll convince Haruhi to swoop in closer so she can pretend to be another dragon? Soriana, well, she'll just let Luraoth frolic and play. "Heh," she says to Kanekith's laziness. "Just tell'm that his is the only report we can trust." Because the way to get past Kanekith's laziness? Appeal to his pride. It works! …sometimes. Occasionally. And if it doesn't, well, Soriana's okay with that. As for dragon-jumping? She grins. "V'dim'd explode just thinking of it." Translation: SO awesome.

Ka’el can’t help but to snicker. “You know him well. He’s at it, much as it pains him to move and give up the crowd that’s been watching him.” And everyone, no matter how distant of a face they may be in his circle of familiar people, knows just how much Kanekith enjoys being the center of attention! Such a vain dragon if there ever was one. “Ah, you’re right. V’dim would see dragon jumping as an advanced form of dragon riding. Perfect balance. Excellent communication between dragon and rider. It’s not a wonder it isn’t a form you learn til after Weyrlinghood!” And turns after graduation, apparently. He lives for the thrill! Why not jump off a dragon’s back into the open waters of a cove whose depths are unknown? Possibly dangerous with currents that’d drag you out to sea? Pft. That’s what makes it fun! The possibility of death! He swallows down the majority of what’s left of his drink. “Are you game for it, then?”

Soriana grins, and nods. "He can gather another one later, I'm sure." He's a big brazen bronze! It's not that hard for him to strut himself into the center of attention, especially not in a hold that rarely sees the metallics. Soriana snorts for the 'advanced' as applied to dragon jumping. Demotion to juniorest weyrling is more what V'dim'd be thinking! The mature, responsible thing to do would be to avoid doing anything like it. To stroll the beach with a parasol slightly larger than the one on her fruity drink, and dip her toes into the waves and not go anywhere near dragon-diving. It's important that the senior riders and weyrstaff be a good example to the weyrlings. …fortunately, none of those junior sorts are present to see Soriana grin. "Shards yes," she agrees. Oh, she'll probably be vaguely responsible and have Toral or someone go do depth-scouting and make sure there's nothing obvious to crack her head open on, but… "Sounds fun."

See, this is why Soriana is good for Ka’el! He thinks of the crazy shenanigans. She makes sure that death really isn’t one of the consequences of those shenanigans! “C’mon then,” he says, tapping a finger against her glass, “finish your girlish drink that could’ve been girlier than what it is in my opinion, and Kanekith’ll meet us in the landing space once we’re ready.” Is that what Kanekith says? Probably not, but Ka’el will make him meet them in the landing area once he’s found them a good spot to be! The hold isn’t that big of a place. A bronze such as he should be able to do a flyover in a time that isn’t too lengthy of a span. “We’ll definitely give this place another go before we leave, though,” he says as he rises, gesturing to the overall merriment of the card games and machines. “Who knows. Maybe we’ll win some marks and we can.. I dunno. Give’m away to someone or something.” Faranth knows neither one of them are short on money!

"It could have been way girlier," Soriana agrees. It's hardly girly at all! It's like she… retracted the girliness from it. Or something. "It's hardly got any pink sparkly ice cubes at all." Are those even a thing? …they could be. "And there's no sprigs of girl… type… plants." Okaaaay so she's kinda flailing here, which is why she takes a swig or three instead of trying to defend her rhetorical position. She'll finish the drink, because getting tipsy prior to diving from a dragon's back into unknown waters is the best idea. Hey, Ka'el was in search and rescue, right? He should know what to do if things go wrong! Even if he's… maybe not having the best ideas for making sure they don't go wrong in the first place, but it'll be fun, so, good enough. "We can use 'em to bribe a techie. Tell him to build us one of our own." Probably more like a deck of cards worth of money, rather than a big fancy machine's, but hey. They can dream! Soriana takes another glug of her drink. Can't keep Kanekith waiting, right? And she's still got to put on a suit and all.

If pink sparkly ice cubes aren’t a thing, they definitely should be! Ka’el will request them to be a thing on Xanadu. Someone should figure out how to make them, and if they do, they’ll probably have a very pleased Weyrleader on their hands! Ka’el swallows down the rest of his drink, which consists of a few ounces of liquid and two lemon slices that he can’t help but to suck on a little. Yum, sour! And then, because he’s finished, he commences bothering Sori until she’s finished. Leaning against her. Wrapping his arms around her. Wrapping his arms around her and leaning against her. “Are ya ready yet? Are ya ready yet?” he pesters, just to be bothersome. Geeze! Someone really wants to take their leap of faith. Or, more likely, someone is very ready to see Soriana in a two piece. It’s been a long time since summer on Xanadu! And whenever she is ready, Ka’el will pay for their drinks after remembering that he doesn’t have a Weyrleader tab here, and the two will be off to their fancy guest hut to change and meet Kanekith, who will proudly announce (at least to Ka’el) that he’s found the perfect spot and that they shouldn’t’ be surprised at his success because he’s successful at most things.

Their cold, cold hands, because… ice cubes! Pink and sparkly or not. But hey, these are special ice-cube crafters. They probably have gloves and tongs and all that sort of thing. Soriana's not all that far behind with her drink, but there's a chance for Ka'el to bother. Is she done yet? …nope! How about now? …nope! What about… and there's the bit where she nudge-shoves at him with her shoulder, and smirks. It'd probably be faster if he just left her to it, but then he wouldn't have the chance to pester her. "There," she goes after her actual final swig. "…but I might get another one. Something with cherries," they're pink, right? "-and fizz." She might. But she doesn't, because they have to tumble from a dragon's back in proof of why it's ever so important to wear your riding straps at all times! Because otherwise you might go splash. The tab is paid, Ka'el's side is poked, and they're off to their guest hut. They got the one with the largest dragon-couch. It'll be kinda tight if Kanekith and Luraoth both decide they want it at once, but given warm beaches, there's not likely to be a problem. Clothes are changed into, or maybe out of. Anyway, Soriana ends up in a lilac bikini speckled with darker purple. She also grabs a towel, because it'll be useful after they encounter this beach that the fine and fabulous flying fellow that is Kanekith has found for them.

Towels are definitely useful things. Ka'el grabs one too, after changing out of clothes, for a shirt totally is not a necessary thing for a man who is going swimming in the summer. Neither are khaki shorts. Now, swimming trunks? Definitely necessary. He pulls them on. A boring pair of dark grays with a white band around the waist. Soriana should definitely get him some that are more festive! With … flowers or something on them. Yeah. Flowers. >.> Totally manly swimwear! In any case, once clothes are changed into or out of and necessary items are packed in a shoulder bag that Ka’el carries, they’re off! So proud is Kanekith that he doesn’t even mind having a passenger, which he usually does mind. Up, up, and away the two of them go! Above the hold called Paradise River, which is just as lovely to see from above as it is to experience on the ground. He flies them past a wide expanse of a main beach where people are seen lounging and playing. There’s even a wooden stage on which a band plays, though the music is too far below to be heard beyond the rush of wind. He bypasses that. He bypasses a large, blue-green cove and flies on, past a jungle and the tops of huts to a smaller inlet with a narrow water entryway. Here it is! The depths of the water can be seen from above due to the varying colors. Dark blue to light. He begins to descend to the pale sands for a landing. Unless they want their towels all wet, they should probably be deposited first!

Weeeeell, the trunks aren't always entirely necessary, though they are if the beach they're headed to is likely to have other visitors. And let's be honest here, they're planning to be diving from dragonback, even if the place doesn't have other visitors when they arrive, it's likely to have some by the time they finish. So! Swimtrunks, and Soriana can check out new pairs for him while he's checking out sa-sa-salsa for her. Or whatever it is that those beach-dresses are called! Up onto Kanekith they climb, and Soriana is properly grateful that the mighty bronze has permitted her to ride him! By which she mostly means that she grins as they soar over the busy beach and the band that maybe they'll listen to later and see if they're actually any good, then over the jungle and the various dips of shore and the occupied and semi-occupied places until… "Nice," she says as they land, not that it's very clearly heard over the sound of wings. Toral pops in over the water. What's this? Very important that he go swimming? Uhhh… okay! With a mind-nudge from Luraoth to put it into firelizard-clear terms, he does so. There… certainly is water here. Just like it looks like! Also sand, and that's where Soriana's towel can go, along with her sandals to keep it weighed down and not blowing away in the wind of Kanekith's upcoming takeoff.

Hey, it’s a Toral! But Ka’el doesn’t see him out over the water, because firelizards are small and he’s not paying attention to that. He’s busy sliding his bag off of his shoulder so that it can tumble on the sand. There’s no reason to dismount to do all of this just to mount up again. That’s silly! He kicks off his sandals too then gives Kanekith a hearty pat to the neck. “Nice choice! Soriana’s impressed,” he says, flashing a grin to her as he says this. Kanekith rumbles, pleased. Of course she’s impressed. Why wouldn’t she be impressed? This place is perfect! Perfect for what? He doesn’t exactly know, but he does know a good job when he does one (which is usually most of the time…). It isn’t too long until Kanekith’s wings unfurl and pump heavily up and down to get him airborne again. It takes a lot of effort to get big dragons up, but up he goes! He’s gotten the message of just where he’s going, and thus he flies out in the general direction that Toral was in. Out over the water, staying within the cove. Ten feet above the water. Twenty feet. Thirty. “What’s Toral say?” he calls out, apparently having seen the firelizard at some point!

Soriana grins back - to Ka'el and Kanekith both. Of course she's impressed. Because being impressed will make for a happy dragon who's willing to be their diving platform! So… "Yeah! S'good place." Out in those perfect waves, Toral finishes proving that, yep, definitely wet. Also there's a fish, and he caught it, so he wet-flutters his way to a rock to eat it. Omnomnom. Soriana grins as she watches the water beneath them, matching up firelizard-depthfinding with the overhead view. So those rocks are - "Yeah, it's good!" Soriana confirms. "Long's we stay away from that part there-" she points "-it's a good depth." Suitable for diving without cracking their heads open, which is the best kind of diving, on account of you can do it more than once.

Oh Toral, the expert fishinglizard! He'll be an amazing asset if ever they become abandoned on some forgotten uninhabited island with no dragons available for help. He's also an expert gauger of depths, for which Ka'el is appreciative. He points to the area that Soriana labeled as dangerous and passes the word along to Kanekith. Stay away from there! Got it. And so, well away from the danger zone, the flying dragon reverts to a hover instead, wings flapping up and down at slower increments, the wind that's pushed downward causing ripples in the water. Ka'el takes a moment to get a feel for the rhythm of the wings, the slow up and down bobbing of the bronze's body, then begins to undo his straps that keeps him buckled in. Apparently, he's up first! "Keep it steady, Kane.." A metallic's back is definitely wide enough for standing on, but standing on a dragon isn't exactly something that's practiced daily! Regardless, Ka'el slooowly begins to do so, knees remaining bent and hand on his dragon's neck for stability til he gets to his feet. There! He looks like he's on a surfboard by his stance, arms slightly out for balance. It's a looong way down! But hey, that's the thrill of it, right? He grins crookedly. "If this is the last I ever see of you…I want you to know….it was me that ate the last cookie in the Weyrwomen's office." Gasp! And then, Geronimo! He leaps, feet first!

Soooo… if they ever become candidates again. Why do potential dragonriders get put through that stuff again? …oh yeah, it builds character or something. Toral gnaws his fish contentedly, because nobody's asked him to share (no sashimi today!) and up on Kanekith's back, Soriana glances down to the blue of the waves, then to Ka'el as he unbuckles and and prepares to leap! Now, see, if he has miscalculated and dies horribly from doing this, the next thing that'll happen is that Kanekith, having lost his rider, will wink between and take Soriana with him. And then Luraoth will follow, and Xanadu Weyr will be left mourning their loss and wondering what in Faranth's name happened. This is why riders are drilled on responsibility and not taking unnecessary risks! … so anyhow, Soriana watches from Kanekith's back as Ka'el leaps into the water, smirking in the wake of his final words. She'll know - in those few moments between splash and eternal darkness - the true danger of the cookie-thief. But! There's the sploosh, and she doesn't seem to be dead. Lucky her! Which is why she starts unfastening her straps, because the thing about fate, see, is that it's important to tempt it.

Sploosh indeed! And water! Which feels cold initially but is actually pretty warm. And then the feeling of lots of bubbles going up around him, rolling along his skin as he sinks in deeper into the depths, eyes squeezed tightly closed. Definitely not dead. Definitely underwater. His legs are given a little wiggle before he opens his eyes. Yup. Definitely lots of water to be seen down here! HIs legs get to kicking, using both them and his arms to propel him back up to the glint of the sun. That was a looong drop! It takes a little bit, but finally, splash! His head pops out of the water, and he gasps a breath before wiping his face with one hand. He looks left, right, then up as a gust of dragon-influenced wind washes over him. Yup, there's Kanekith still up there. He grins lopsidedly and gives his arm a wave. "C'mon The water's fiiiine!" he calls up to her before backstroking off a bit. As much as the thought of Soriana jumping on him appeals to him, in this particular scenario, it probably wouldn't have the greatest of outcomes. See? Some of that responsibility training has paid off! .. Kinda.

Soriana gets the straps off, and edges up on Kanekith's neck, peering down at the water. Certainly water down there. Ripple-filled, wave-making water. And down below the surface is the moving shape of… fish? Nah, they probably all got scared away, so that shape must be a Ka'el! Must be and is, he proves when he breaks the surface, and Soriana grins wide - not that she was worried, nope, not her! "Yeah!" she shouts back on the principle of it, and nudges herself to her feet. Can she do it? Yes she can! "Alright!" It's all alright. She hopes. Wow it's an awfully long way down, and Kanekith's back is not exactly the most stable… not that she hasn't practiced standing on Luraoth's, but… er, that is, not that she'd do that sort of thing because it's irresponsible. Anyway! She can't stop to think about being responsible, because she's got to dive into unknown waters! "Here I go!" Because otherwise Ka'el would have nothing at all to warn him as she jumps down from Kanekith aaaand… SPLOOSH!

Ka’el continues to back-stroke/drift a little further out before finally righting himself to tread water while looking up through squinted eyes. Yup, he can see a Soriana up there, standing up now. He silently speaks to Kanekith, reminding him to be steady. Reminding him that Soriana’s still up there and that he can’t take off yet. Reminding his dragon of things that his dragon is already very much aware of, thank you very much. Kanekith makes for an excellent platform, albeit not a very still one as even hovering requires movement, and he remains that way as the gold rider leaps off of him and falls down, down, down into the water. Silly humans. Ka’el grins and whoops! as she takes her leap of faith into the water too, and he makes his way towards the spot in which she disappeared to.

Glug. Glug. Glug. Those are the bubbles coming up from where Soriana vanished! They're not actually breath-bubbles, more just the sort of bubbles that come up from the fact that her body caught air under it during the descent from dragon-back to water. Such silly humans! But beneath the surface of the water, Soriana shifts, curling in on herself and then stretching out again. Which way is up, which way is down? For that matter, which is sideways? The underwater floating-ness is disorienting for a moment, but then - aha! - that way's the surface, and she strikes out toward it with graceful motions. Up, up, up and - shards she went an awful long way down, didn't she? This part seems to take easily seven or nine times as long as the descent - until she crests the surface. And inhale! Then exhale. Because laughing! "Ha!" Of triumph.

It'd be an awful thing if Soriana died. What would Ka'el say to the Weyr? How would he ever face Thea? Or worse yet, Sorrin? Not to mention, how would he deal with the guilt of it all, as this was his brilliant idea! He doesn't panic when she doesn't immediately appear because..well, he just went through this same thing and it took a while to get back up! So he'll give her some seconds. Buuut, just how many seconds are acceptable to wait? He's not sure how long it took him to get back up, but…it couldnt've been /this/ long, could it? But if there was something wrong, he'd know because Kanekith would know because Luraoth would be majorly upset. And he's not getting any bad vibes right now. But, still…ah! There she is! Ka'el can breathe a little easier now that Soriana's head bobs up out of the water a little ways from where he currently is, and he grins. "Nice!" he calls before waving to Kanekith to go on to shore so he can stop beating wind down on their heads. They can cross off dragon diving from their bucket list!

If Soriana died… from Ka'el's idea… he'd probably have to go and become a hermit. He could live on a desolate windswept rock and Toral could feed him fish and it would be sad. All of it. Sad rock, sad fish, sad Ka'el. But! Despite the worrying (done by Ka'el. Luraoth - as he reminds himself - isn't concerned in the slightest) the sad plan will not have to be put into action, for here she is again, shaking the water from her hair ineffectually. "That," she declares after another breath of air (breathing! It's important) "is awesome." Which doesn't mean she needs to do it again anytime soon, but as ways to enter the water? Pretty epic.

“I only have awesome ideas!” reminds Ka’e as he swims up closer to her, grinning cheesily because they both survived this /and/ it was super awesome! And he’s still on a high of being away from home and away from his desk and paperwork and not having to worry about the Wings or riders or meeting or any of that for at least another day. Maybe two. And this day and the next is filled with moments with his favorite Xanaduian at a time in life where moments with her are not always easy to come by. What reason doesn’t he have to grin like a fool? “Caught your breath? Can you make it back?” he asks, nodding to the shore which, considering the depths they had to be, is a little ways off. Not tragically far but far enough. “Or would you like Kanekith to drag your carcass back for you?”

"Ha!" is Soriana's rejoinder to the awesomeness of Ka'el's ideas. Because, well, she's pretty sure there's been some dumb ones in there, but given the double adrenaline high of escaping the Weyr and having dragondove without being dead, she really can't think of any objections right now. So she just settles for splashing vaguely at him as she grins, then glances to the shore. Pfft, it's not that far. "Sure I can," she replies, and does a slow corkscrew in the water before settling her eyes on Ka'el again and grinning. "Shards, remember when we were teaching you how to swim right?" As opposed to flail like a herdbeast in the waves. "Ages ago." And now lookit them! Soaring and diving and paddling together, without terribly much haste because this time in the water is still time together, and that - not those flashy bell and whistle gambling machines - is why they came out here.

Ka’el’s head turns at the splash given, and he sticks his tongue out at her as he swipes back at her. Swimming? He smirks, indeed recalling the memory. Even though his words don’t admit so. “Pft. I always knew how to swim,” he says as he leans back again to lazily float on his back, showboating his amazing floating skills that he learned to do all by himself (or so he says). “Swimming’s a natural skill that I was born with. I think your memory’s mistaken, babe. I recall bein’ at the beach and you guys bein’ amazed at how dolphin-like I was with my ability to navigate in the water.” Apparently someone’s memory is on the fritz, and it may not be Soriana’s at all. Though of all the things that their memories aren’t aligned with, they do both remember something similar. There was someone else who shared the moment with them.

So, indeed, Ka'el claims, and Soriana smirks back. "So much of a dolphin, you even had sonar. Which really made for terrible swimming, because you kept trying to make for the depths and abandon us behind. That's why we -" because yeah. There was another person there "- had to teach you the human swimming." As opposed to the elegant dolphin techniques for cavorting in the waves. Or, uh, flailing and splashing. You know, whichever it actually is, and Soriana slowly kicks her way toward shore as they consider the facts of the situation.

Snort. "Human swimming…and how boring this is, y'see? On the surface, all the time. Don't you know that the treasures are under the waves? There's a whole other world down there…and because've you, I've forgotten most of it." Because see obviously Ka'el was part dolphin and lived a life down there. He probably even had a dolphin wife and a dolphin job bringing fish to the dolphin community. And he gave it all up! For the human world. Bah. He continues to back float, using his feet to propel him lazily along not far away from where she is. He contemplates the sky, mind momentarily drifting elsewhere. Perhaps back to those simpler days of swimming on the beach at home in their group of what was three for so long. On the sands, Kanekith has landed and gotten himself comfortable for sun bathing again. “You ever miss times before our dragons?”

Clearly. Because that's the facts of this situation! Soriana grins as she listens to Ka'el's complaints of how he was swept away from his former life, caught up in this new world and… well. It's sorta true, except for the part where he wasn't a dolphin before. But there was a change in their lives. One when he arrived at the Weyr, and fell into that group… of three. Another when they stood for a dragon-clutch and impressed, and after that, they became a set of two… or four, depending on how you want to look at it. Because… before dragons… things were different. Soriana hears Ka'el's question, and her grins drifts away into a thoughtful look. She's quiet for a bit, considering on it. Does she? It shouldn't be that hard a question, but… it sorta is. Because she's a Junior Weyrwoman, a representative of the Weyr even when she hides her knot and goes on vacation. She doesn't have much chance to be… not a Weyrwoman. And a Weyrwoman can't regret that she is one, because she's got to keep moving forward. But this is Kale asking her, so she takes the moments she has to in order to give an answer as Soriana. "Sometimes." She looks up to the sky above, now empty of dragon. "Things were… simpler. There wasn't… I could do more. And that sounds weird," she glances to him as the continues, "because now I can go anywhere, order anything," that Thea doesn't countermand, "but…"

He doesn’t interrupt those moments that she takes before she answers. They’re comfortable moments, besides. Moments taken to float by her, carried by the lazy waves that bring them closer to shore, accompanied by their own lethargic efforts of arms or legs. Moments taken to consider his own question and what answer he’d give. Moments to appreciate that they’re on vacation and moments are plentiful, and questions like this can be asked without there being any pressure to answer immediate or at all, for that matter. But it is answered and he rolls onto his stomach to dogpaddle as it’s easier to listen to her when water isn’t sloshing in and out of his ears. Simpler. He nods at the word. Nods at her answer in general. “I get it,” he says as she trails off with that ‘but’. “I definitely get it now. We were freer, in ways, back then. Now there’s…there are restrictions and expectations that’re restrictive. I understand what you mean.” His eyes turn towards her. “Do you miss her?”

Ka'el gets it? Soriana tilts her head to him, shifting in the water, and then as he explains, she nods. "Yeah." He gets it. Things were easier when she didn't have to be a good example and breaking the rules just meant getting in trouble. Now… she can break the rules, but she has to take the responsibility for doing so, and responsibility is heavy. Like the drag of the water on her limbs, washing her slowly to the shore. There's an arch of Soriana's brow for the question. Her? Who does he mean by her? …but it doesn't take long for Sori to figure it out. They were just kind of talking about it, after all. The human-style swimming lessons with the group of three. The other one who… "I don't have the time." She glances away to the sky, frowns, then steals her gaze back to Ka'el. "She… was kind of my first friend. Ever." Mothers and dragons don't count. "But… she was my friend because I visited her. And now… I don't have the time." She frowns again, and looks away from him. Quieter, she adds, "But yeah, I do."

The thing about drifting and swimming is that eventually, shallow waters will be reached. They're approaching that border now. The invisible drop from shallow to deep which makes light blue waters turn dark is a point they're nearing, and Ka'el's big toe just slightly scrapes against the sandy bottom as he slowly paddles his way along. She doesn't have the time. He watches her, saying nothing for now. He can .. understand that. Time. Time is never on their side when one is the head of anything. Her birthday gift to him made him smile, and it's a reminder that of all the minutes of his day, only a handful of them really belong to him exclusively. He continues to watch her as she speak, relenting his swim to instead walk when he's able to, though the water is still pretty high on his neck, and he has to hop a little to keep himself from going under with each wave that passes by. He reaches a hand over to touch at her arm when she looks away, fingers grazing her skin beneath the water in a touch that's meant to be soothing. "Does she not think've visiting you?" Surely she understands that a Weyrwoman is busy! Ka'el rarely ever saw Soriana's own mother back in those days, and he was with her quite often! "..Or is it because've me that she doesn't?"

Soriana's still swimming - more or less - once Ka'el's walking, but she changes her position, a dangling-down paddle that'll have her finding the ground sooner or later and just treading water until she does. (Just like she's treading paperwork, sometimes, or treading meetings, or…) Her lips quirk as Ka'el's fingers touch her arm, and she glances back toward him with a half-smile, one that rests there a moment… then fades. "I don't know," she says, with a little shake of her head. But she has guesses, doesn't she? "She didn't seem upset with me about you. But she was when I told her I didn't like Zi'on." Pause, and then she adds - in case he hasn't heard - "They broke up." Which… is sort of evidence that Soriana was right about him, not that she's said I-told-you-so. Or that having been right all along helps anything. "Now she just… avoids everyone." Maybe she's afraid of the told-you-sos? Soriana frowns, gives her head a shake. "She never really visited me." So why should she start now?

Ka’el is glad when the water is at such a depth that hopping around like a jackrabbit is no longer necessary to keep his head above water comfortably, and when that’s reached, his walk slows to a stop and his arms both reach out to grasp at her and pull her towards him. He’s taller. The water may still be deep for her, but even if that’s the case, once he gets her close to him, he’ll hold her up again against him so that their heads are level. He hadn’t known about Zi’on. Hell, the only reason that particular Weyrleader’s name comes up in conversation is if someone is badmouthing him, Ka’el himself included. His love life? Obviously something he’s kept himself far away from. But hearing the news now, as late as it may be, is perhaps as unsurprising to him as it was to Soriana himself, and he only shakes his head. “I told her she was desperate,” he says. “And other things I probably shouldn’t’ve. She might not’ve said anything to you, but she was upset with me.” He leans in, kissing lips briefly. “I don’t want to be the thing that’s standin’ in the middle of you and your friend, and if I am, I’ll do what I can to fix it. But, is it worth me tryin’ to fix if she’s never put up the effort?”

Soriana drapes her arms around Ka'el, her feet dangling and occasionally - when the waves are low - nudging a toe against the ground. Mostly, though, she floats. It's not like Ka'el couldn't carry her on dry land. With the water adding buoyancy, it's downright easy for him. And she lets him do it, drawing her along with him through the rock of the waves. Her lips curve a little at Ka'el's assessment, a sour-lemon face, but she keeps herself close against him, and there's a slight nod before her lips press back to his. "I don't think it is you," she says. "I mean… if…" She sighs. "If things'd been different, but they aren't. And…" Soriana lowers her head, looking over Ka'el's shoulder, and her fingers trail up along his back. "I kinda always knew it was… that you liked me better." She shrugs. "She… I couldn't do second place." Her lips tug sideways. "Not really. But she did. Because she'll just… let things go, and float away."

Ka’el is content to carry her, to feel her skin against his and hear her voice vibrate gently against his chest. And as she speaks, he’ll move with her, further away from the depths into which they dove from great heights and closer to the pale golden shores that await them. The water grows shallower, and the lower it gets, the heavier she feels, but he doesn’t put her down, nor does it seem as if he’s putting forth great effort in keeping her aloft. She knew? Well, yes. How could she have not known? And how could Idrissa not have herself? The greenrider is an expert at putting the blinders on and keeping them in place. “You think that’s what she’s doing now? Just..floating? I hardly see her, not that I look for her. Comet has little to say on her, good or bad.” Legs splash against the water now, and a few more yards has him out of it completely and onto the wet sands. Their stuff is a short distance off, though he pauses now to allow her feet to meet the sandy ground for the first time.

Soriana's arms remain draped around Ka'el, and as he carries her through the water and to the sunny shore, her legs vaguely do the same. It's that or dangle and drag back, and besides. She likes holding Ka'el, pressing close to him and feeling the warmth of his body against hers, forging through the waters together. Going somewhere, instead of just floating, but as Ka'el says that, Soriana nods. "Nobody sees her. Or has anything to say about her." She's just… there. Another greenrider in a Weyr with plenty of them to go around, and not one who's making waves. Out of the water, Soriana untangles her legs to touch them to the sand, one tiptoe, then the other, and she reaches her hand up to draw Ka'el's head down for a kiss before she settles her feet down fully into sand that'll get between her toes. This is why she has sandals today. She also has Ka'el today, and while he's done carrying her, she keeps her arm around him.

She is a greenrider, and thus…Idrissa falls into his territory of responsibility. Technically, he should know how she's doing. Although it isn't his job to personally check in on every rider in the Weyr and know the ins and outs of their private lives, he perhaps shouldn't turn a blind eye to one whose mannerisms could be considered concerning. Maybe. Maybe. Or possibly, he'll delegate that to the current Wingleader when he gets back. In any case, whatever sputter of concern he may have felt for his former friend, current ex, new foe, or whatever the label may be now, it's overshadowed by his strong desire to make sure that Soriana is happy. This is her vacation as much as it is his, and what little time they have together, he's hell bent on making sure the memories they make are positive ones! He kisses her fondly in return as she finds her footing, and he continues to kiss her as she stays close to her, arms looped lowly around her hips and eyes slipped closed blissfully. Gradually, and eventually, he pulls back from her, his lips faintly curved up in a grin as eyes unveil. "I was gonna ask if you've ever been skinny-dipping," he admits with a grin, "and then make you skinny dip with me. But, we’ve got an audience.” His brows lift in the direction of Kanekith, whose attention has shifted to an area further down the beach where two youngsters, both boys no older than eight or nine, have emerged wide eyed and curious, no doubt drawn by the sight of Kanekith’s earlier landing. Dragons are cool!

Soriana's quite pleased to kiss back. Her fingers ruffle through the hair on the back of Ka'el's neck, her other hand slipped around his waist and teasing at his lower back… and, okay, at the waist of his swimtrunks a bit, just because. Idrissa is… hard for Soriana to label, because there was no dramatic event to point to. They just… floated away. These things happen, right? But… oh, she'll worry about it later, after Ka'el-kissing and once she's actually back at the Weyr where the greenrider lives. There's no point worrying at it from a distance. Not when she has better things to do. Her lips finally draw back from Ka'el's, and she inhales with the scent of him, tangled with brackish water, then laughs. "Whether I had or not?" she says of that skinny-dipping - not an objection, oh no, just a tease - and then looks along the beach to where… yep, an audience. Or, well, Kanekith's audience, but they're still around to notice things. Like makeouts! … or skinny-dipping. "So we do," Soriana says, and applies another kiss to Ka'el's lips. She's an anonymous whoever, she is. And while he's fairly obviously a bronzerider - given the dragon and all - well, everyone knows the reputation of bronzeriders! He doesn't have to necessarily be an important and respectable one, not while they're on vacation and all. "Guess we'll have to do that another time.

Another time. Yup. Because even the bronzerider with the most garish of reputations wouldn’t strip down naked in front of children just because there’s a chance that a woman would strip down naked with him, right? Right? One would hope not. But, ‘another time’ may not come very soon, especially considering how long it actually took them to take this little vacation getaway together. And her continued kisses are making it difficult for Ka’el to make those wise and selfless decisions that Weyrleaders are known to make. “But, I had a lot of plans for this beach,” he says as a hand unabashedly slips lower on her back, grasping at the curvature that’s covered by purple bikini bottoms. “I don’t wanna give them all up. They’re here for Kanekith. If he goes, they’ll follow him.” He’s like the pied piper! Leading the children of Paradise River off to places unknown. Places that don’t have a bronzerider who’s hungry for private time away from innocent eyes of the resident youth. And although Kanekith is loathe to get up from his sunbathing yet again, he knows where his rider’s mind is going. He’s felt these gnawing feelings of a hunger he didn’t quite understand when he was younger before. Now, Kanekith understands. He also understands that those little beings are unwanted, and thus, he has a job to do again. Kanekith to the rescue! The bronze lumbers to his clawed paws and opts to walk away as opposed to fly. His ambling meander brings him close to the boys and past them, and as a bronze dragon is far more interesting than making out riders, the two eagerly follow, each daring the other to try to touch! Ka’el’s eyes borrow those of his dragon for a moment, and when he refocuses, it’s with a grin. “Told you,” he says smugly, his other hand lowering to join his first both to squeeze and pull her hips against his in triumph. “So..skinnydipping..” he says, quirking a grin as his hands have already begun to grip and pull down at her two-piece bottoms. Adventures in Paradise continue!

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