Blind Obstacles

Xanadu Weyr - Training Field

As the coastal road leaves the Weyr proper, it hugs the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Azov while skirting the perimeter of the large, treeless, dwelling-free field here. It appears this is a multi-purpose area with the grass rough-cut and trampled by man and dragon alike. At one end there are several wood-frame, straw dummies used for flaming practice, on another, a jumble of movable objects that look suspiciously like obstacles and targets.

The road continues on toward the south, finally turning inland towards the rolling hills that form the highlands that lie between Xanadu and the open plains. Passing through Ressac Sea Hold, it encircles the Sea of Azov eventually curving back in a northerly direction linking Black Rock Hold with Hannista Hold and Rubicon River Hold.

An obstacle course has been built to one side of the training field. While clearly meant for keeping active wingriders fit and practiced, drudges and weyrlingmasters are often available for weyrlings to practice physical activities in a controlled environment. The available obstacle courses are as follows: monkey bars, rope swing, wheel hop, rope ladder, climbing wall, rope shimmy, mud crawl, and dummy rescue.

It's afternoon, and Mur'dah is down on the training field with Kalsuoth, the pair moving things around to create a brand new obstacle course for the pairs. Dun dun dun? A pile of blindfolds is dropped near the 'start' line, so no guesses as to what the challenge is today!

Rysith and Anoryn are also out on the training field, though the old greenrider helps where she can she is mostly here to observe as Mur'dah and Kalsuoth set up the little 'twist' in the usual obstacle course. Something that has amused both greenrider and dragon to no end. "Think they'll master it?" she muses to the brownrider as she carefully inspects another part of the course before moving away and dusting her hands off, only to slip her gloves back on to ward off the chill air.

Kera follows Moncerath as the young green waddles along with a hint of a bounce in her gait. "Slow down Moncerath. You don't want to stumble and bump your muzzle again do you?" That indeed gets the young dragon to slow, a little, giving Kera time to actually eat a couple of cookies. She's got a little box of them tucked under her arm. Waving to a couple other weyrling pairs as they all seem to be making their way towards the training grounds. Dipping her head politely to Mur'dah and Anoryn, a little grin slips across her face as Moncerath bounds ahead with an excited warble to the older dragons, over-large wings flexing marginally as she moves to help her balance. Kera continues towards the Weyrlingmasters offering each a cookie from her little box. "G'day ma'am, sir….turnday cookie?" With that, she bites into another while eyeing the field curiously.

Mur'dah shrugs at Anoryn's question, pausing to wipe his forehead and lean against one of the structures. "Either way it'll be entertaining?" he offers, grin crooked. Turning to watch Kera and a few other Weyrlings approach, the brownrider tilts his head a bit when no salute is forthcoming, but he glances at Anoryn to follow her lead on it. He's not sure how strict the Weyrlingstaff is with that sort of thing, so he'll defer to Anoryn's experience. "Turnday? Happy turnday?" he says as he takes a cookie, almost hesitant as he looks at her. Kalsuoth rumbles a soft greeting to Moncerath, his thoughts an ancient forest with sunlight streaming through the branches.

Anoryn gives a sharp bark of laughter, which tapers into a slight cough. "Oh, that'll be for certain. Entertaining!" she chortles quietly under her breath, grinning right back to Mur'dah. The older AWLM does salute, though it's almost casual in nature and followed with a meaningful look to Kera. No chiding follows, perhaps some lienancy given for now. Or do cookies suffice as a bribe? Anoryn waves off the offer but gives the green weyrling a curious glance. "Afternoon, Kera! Happy turn day," she chimes in after Mur'dah, only to glance away as one weyrling pair venture too close to the obstacle course and she is put to task in calling them back, gesturing for Mur'dah to go ahead and start the lesson while she wrangles in the wanderer. Rysith rumbles a gruff greeting to Moncerath, her mind also heavily forested and ageless in time though most of the grounds are cloaked in mist.

Kera winces slightly when Anoryn's salute jars her brain into action. She gives a cookie clutching salute to the weyrlingmasters, nodding to each smile "Thank you both." Stepping off to where Moncerath is lifting her neck to peer up Kalsuoth, the little green bracing her tail on the ground as she stretches upwards to get a better look at he much larger dragon. Her thoughts are like the shifting leaves in a forest. Kera glances around at something another weyrling says and grins while offering the other weyrlings some of her turnday present. When other pairs start congregating, she looks to Moncerath, watching her dragonmate a moment then the young green is waddling towards her. "We need to pay attention now." This said to the young green before she peers towards the older dragon pairs.

Mur'dah returns Kera's salute and smiles, watching Anoryn go off and herd the wayward weyrling back to the group. "Alright," he says, putting his hands into his pockets and rocking back a bit onto his heels. "We're going to be doing the course today, and you'll notice I've made it a bit easier. There's a reason for that. You'll be going through blindfolded." Dun dun dun?

Anoryn ushers the wayward pair back into line, flashing Kera a smile and approving look when Moncerath responds so quickly. "A little twist on the usual lesson, but it'll do you lot some good. You'll have to trust each other," she goes on to say, glancing sidelong to Mur'dah as she does and nodding her head. Continue! Rysith chuffs from where she sits, her whirling eyes observing with keen interest to catch what her rider might not. So no funny business!

Kera reaches out to rest a hand on her dragonmate's shoulder, perhaps to restrain the enthusiastic dragonet. Listening to Mur'dah, as she scans over the differant obstacles. When blind folds are mentioned, a murmur rises up among the little group. Frowning just a little, she tries to follow that logic. Shrugging she finally speaks up "Sir, how will that make it easier?" Something muttered by one of the weyrling's near hear gets an eye roll from Kera "I didn't ask youuu." is muttered back before Kera turns her attention back to Anoryn and Mur'dah. Trust? Oh, this can't be good. Of coarse Moncerath is trusted. Praela….not so much.

Mur'dah gestures to the course. "The /course/ is easier. Nothing to fall off of." Mostly it's things to step over or walk around. "The challenge is harder. Riders will be blindfolded, and the dragons will direct them through the course. Okay? Who wants to go first?" he asks, winking at Anoryn. Does she want to give it a whirl?

Anoryn gives a sharp look to all that muttering and a swift signal. Shush up and listen! If there's one thing the old greenrider doesn't tolerate it seems to be lack of attention. "Mur'dah's got the right of it. It's a simple course since the focus is on your bond. Nothing to fall off of," she repeats and then with a bemused smirk adds. "Or to be impaled on or any other unpleasantries." Joy? Mur'dah's wink earns a scoff from Anoryn, followed by a laugh. Shards, no! If anything, it'd be cheating if she did it. Her and Rysith are so old and been paired for so long that it's no challenge. Instead, she juts a quick jerk of her head towards Kera and Moncerath and maybe Praela too. Why not them?

Kera seems to be nodding to herself as she tries to see what she can of the coarse as Mur'dah explains what is to happen. Crouching down by Moncerath's shoulder, she slips an arm lightly across the green's neck. The greenling seems all smiles and encouraging nods to her dragonmate, until Anoryn mentions impaling or worse. If it's not possible, why mention it in the first place. The murmurings do quiet down quickly at that point. When volunteers are called for, Kera's gaze drifts from Anoryn to Mur'dah, fully expecting one or two of her fellow weyrlings to push forward and show off. But a few long seconds go by and she starts to get impatient, and glancing around to the other young pairs. Frowning at the lot of them, Kera can't help but notice that everyone seems to have shuffled back, leaving Moncerath and herself as 'eager' volunteers. "Cowards." is hissed over her shoulder to the rest of them as she rises from where she was crouched and turns, a nervous chuckle to the Weyrlingmasters. "I guess that means we'll go sir."

Mur'dah grins, reaching down to toss a blindfold at Kera. "Put that on and I'll go adjust the course now that you've seen it." His grin is crooked and amused as he turns, trotting off into the field and leaving Anoryn to help Kera with the blindfold if she needs it.

Because that's how Anoryn rolls. She may be old, but she has a rather sardonic streak of humour and at times is rather gruff and blunt. When you live as long as she does, it kind of comes with the territory? The old greenrider chuckles as Kera is more or less "made" to be the volunteer and as she approaches the young girl she'll help with the blindfold if needed but also murmur a few low spoken words of encouragement. "Don't let going first get to you. You'll do fine! Just focus on Moncerath and the course. There's no real right or wrong in this, you two are just to learn and discover the limits of your bond as it is now and grow from it. Alright? No need to rush, no need to stress. And, of course, Mur'dah and I will be right here." So no impaling! Giving Kera's shoulder a firm pat if she'll allow it, Anoryn then glances over to where Mur'dah has wandered off. "All set?" she calls.

Kera catches the blindfold that is tossed her way, having to lurch forward quickly to do so. Flashing a startled look back to the coarse that's about to be changed. "No need to change anything on my account, I really didn't get a good look anyway." The brownrider doesn't seem to change his mind though. Sighing heavily and shooting a dirty look to her fellow weyrlings, Praela's smug expression gets an eye roll from Kera. A greatful little smile to Anoryn when the aged rider helps her with the blindfold. She nods at the advice given, reaching to scratch her cheek briefly where the blindfold causes her cheek to itch. Once she can't see anything a hand reaches out and settles right on Moncerath's shoulder. "Okie, don't stress or rush." Too late for the don't stress part however. Nodding after the pat to her shoulder "We're ready." Moncerath warbles happily and starts lumbering ahead, leaving Kera reaching out for air. "Get back here." She says while laughing. She doesn't though, simply stops and cants her muzzle to Kera, who takes a couple steps forward and touches the green's shoulder while muttering "He didn't say start yet." Evidently, the young dragon has already started the new game.

Mur'dah meanders back to the start line with a smile. "So, Kera, Moncerath will stand on the sidelines and just give you mental instructions. She can't walk you through it physically." He sees that contact between them. Time to get rid of it. Muahaha. "Anoryn and I will walk with you though, in case you get stuck or are about to run into something, okay? Any questions?" If not, he'll give the go-ahead for them to start the course.

Anoryn shoots another look to Praela while Kera and Moncerath wander forwards towards the start of the course and before the old greenrider takes her place with Mur'dah she'll be sure that the weyrling understands that she'll be watching her! Yes, her focus will mostly be on helping Kera and her green, but Rysith has eyes too and will be sure to inform her rider of any misbehaving by the other weyrlings as they wait their turn. "All set," Anoryn murmurs swiftly to Mur'dah, flashing him a quick smile before taking her place.

Kera turns her head towards Mur'dah's voice and giving a little nod. Managing to get one more affectionate pat to the young green's muzzle before the mean ole brown rider seperates them. Moncerath lifts her head high and tromps right over to where she's supposed to be. Kera chuckles suddenly and nods "That's right, you'll show them how it's done." Kera would flash a smug look to her fellow weyrlings, if she knew where they were that is. The greenling nods to where she thinks Anoryn is, even though there is probably no one there still. "We're ready." And then she's taking clumsy looking steps as Moncerath tells her how to get to the start point by her side. "Alright Moncerath, what first?" Kera's head lifts a bit, tilting just a little as she tries to get her bearings.

Mur'dah grins over at Anoryn, and then stays beside Kera, ready to assist as she works her way through the course.

"You're doing just fine, Kera." Anoryn murmurs in low encouragement, grinning back to Mur'dah as she begins to move along the course with both the brownrider and Kera. "Remember to take it slow." That might be said more to Moncerath than the greenling.

Kera chuckles, even though the blindfold won't allow her to see Moncerath, she knows the young green is practially hopping with excitement at the new game. Trying to stifle the amusement she feels, the greenling starts walking, looking a bit awkward. A couple of paces and she stops suddenly. Turning to her right, Kera goes to take a wstop but frowns, peering downwards even though she can't see. Turning to her left, looking a bit confused, she goes to take a step, but stops again and turns a bit more left and waiting. Then it seems she's at the right angle Moncerath wants cause the weyrling starts forward again, trying to keep her hands from reaching out.

Mur'dah stands nearby Kera, doing his duty to make sure she doesn't trip or fall. When she's done he'll do the same with the others, until everyone has been through the course.

Anoryn will be careful not to speak while Kera pauses and stops, her eyes flicking from weyrling to dragon and back again. Come on, you can do it! Sure enough, she'll grin when Kera moves forwards again and the old greenrider will follow along. "Good job," she praises. "How's it feel?" Can't hurt to ask, right?

Kera continues on stopping and turning at slow increments, sometimes even lifting a hand to point this way or that before righting her path and easing forward. "Weird." is the automaticresponse she gives in a sorta distracted tone. "We're gonna need to work on things like right or left instead of that or or the other way, but, I've not hit anything yet." A grin is flashed when she hears Moncerath's encouraging croon. Canting her head to where Anoryn's voice came from "Am I close to the end?"

"I'm not telling you that," Anoryn replies dryly, giving Kera a frank look. Nice try! "Part of this challenge is figuring it out between you and Moncerath. She ought to be able to tell you where the ending is or an idea. And yes, it is expected that you both need to improve on it. It's your first time, but you'll see an improvement as you both grow together." she muses, chuckling. "For now though… expect it to be weird. But you're doing well!" Rysith also croons her encouragement and while Anoryn would not shed light on the course, Kera is approaching the end. She need only to continue moving forwards a few more paces and around some obstacles that are placed closer together, forcing a bit of weaving. One last hurdle to go!

Kera smirks in Anoryn's direction "Spoilsport." is murmured as more steps are taken, then another pause. A confusing bit of time has Kera turning this way and that, shuffling sideways a few paces then going forward again. Stopping with a lurch, she turns her head slowly before chuckling and reaching up to tug the blindfold off. Seeing that she's a few feet past the line, Kera grins and starts jumping up and down, celebrating that she finished with no injuries. Glancing back to the other weyrlings, a smug look sent their way before she jogs up to Moncerath. "You did great Moncerath." holding her hands up to urge the green bounding to her to slow down "Careful, don't wanna run me over do ya." Crouching down, she grins when a green dragonet head pushes agaainst her chest "Yea. I know, telling me what to do is hungry work. You'll be alright for a bit longer." After telling her dragonmate how awesome she is, Kera stands and looks back towards the Weyrlingmasters, just now noticing there is one less. "Does losing a weyrlingmaster on the coarse count against us?" Her grin shows she's kidding, mostly.

Anoryn snorts, "Spoil sport? Welcome to training!" No more hand holding and all the answers laid out! The old greenrider smirks and once Kera is past the line she'll cross her arms loosely over her chest. Yet she can't help but smile when the weyrling celebrates along with her dragon. "You both did well and in time you'll build the confidence needed to make challenges like this a breeze. This will be something you'll be working on from now on." she murmurs, only to give Kera a puzzled look and then laughs lightly. "Losing? No. It doesn't. Mur'dah is still here, he's just caught up with other things. You'll notice that in lessons. We all can't focus in one spot at one time, which is why there are more assistant weyrlingmasters and only one actual Weyrlingmaster." Oh, Anoryn caught the joke and she'll wink to Kera before signalling the next pair to come forwards. Time to work through the group! "Would you and Moncerath like to try again once your fellow weyrlings have gone through?" Who knows how long that will take!

Kera sinks down to a knee as she divides her attention between Anoryn and Moncerath. Looking the green over, not seeing any dry spots on her hide Kera stands and nods to Anoryn with a grin. "We'll try it again. But Moncerath's hungry." She flashes an amused wink to the older woman "Evidently bossing weyrlings around his hungry work." Rubbing the green's extended muzzle "Can I go get her fed and, maybe spot oil her then come back?"

"Of course you may go feed Moncerath and oil her. One of the assistants will go with you," Anoryn informs Kera, flashing her a smile before giving her a nod of dismissal. She's free to go! One of the other weyrlingmasters will likely act as chaperone, while the old greenrider and Mur'dah stay on at the training field to help guide the other weyrlings through the exercise. When Kera returns, she'll be permitted to run through again with Moncerath and any of the other pairs can tackle it again too until the day is done and all are ordered back to the barracks to rest.

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