Tylynn is Searched

Eastern Weyr-By the Waterfall
A tree has been allowed to grow here, a large redfruit tree with wide branches. Succulent fruit hang heavy from its limbs. Not very far from the waterfall, one can almost, but not quite leap from the tree to the pool that the ribbon of water gurgles into. The waterfall is perhaps a dragonlength up the wall, and only about 5 inches wide. The pool is deep, clear, very cold and measures about 10 feet across.

The Hatching grounds are a little to the west of here, while one might notice the Weyrling Barracks to the northeast. Between the two, the Bowl is spread in all its rather flat, walled glory.

In the air above, Lyrath soars over from the central airspace of the Bowl.

Tylynn looks up and sheilds her eyes, trying to get a better glance at the dragon.

Lyrath backwings to a neat landing, touching down lightly.

Lyrath rumbles to the woman as he settles letting his rider dismount.

R'ton unbuckles from the straps and slides down Lyrath's shoulder to the ground, landing with practiced grace.

Tylynn whistles almost unconsiously as the bronze lands, and she heads over with a grin, ready to help if needed.

Tylynn says "Hallo, there! Welcome to Eastern Weyr."

R'ton takes off his riding helmet and fixes his hair as he stares at the bronze intensely. "I said to land in the /bowl/ not the waterfall!" He says in an annoyed voice. "You are taking the blame for this one buddy not me! Siana said to Eastern to drop these papers off and right back no detours to the waterfall!"

Tylynn covers her mouth with her hands and tries to avoid laughing _too_ loudly. She was rather wondering why the bronze picked the waterfall as well, but to ask would, after all, be imprudent.

R'ton turns to look towards the voice and then back over his shoulder at he bronze. He arches an eyebrow and looks at the woman. "R'ton, rider of the never listening bronze Lyrath, Weyrleader of Xanadu." He looks back at the dragon. "If she doesn't kick me out." Like she would do that, has to put in a low blow tho.

Tylynn chuckles softly and comes closer from her daydreaming to introduce herself. "What would you have done to warrent being kicked out?" She remembers her manners and bows slightly, returning with her own name. "Tylynn, daughter of the Eastern Weyrleader."

Lyrath wuffles insistantly at the woman and snorts at his rider. R'ton ignores the bronze, which is really hard to do with an overbearing brute like Lyrath. He focuses on the woman and tries to put a place to her and finally smirks. "Yes, you would be the girl I brought here several turns ago for the tavern." Surprise, surprise. His memory is not failing him.

Tylynn ahhs softly and blushes, grinning all the same. "Yes, about three. Quite a bit of trouble I caused, but I've since been forgiven."

Lyrath wuffles again a little louder this time and moves forward to be noticed.

Tylynn notices the bronze, since it's always been a bit hard to not. She peers curiously up at Lyrath, thinking that maybe he'd remembered her before his rider.

R'ton growls up at Lyrath. "This /is/ T'lynn's daughter!" He says to the bronze before his eyes go glossy and he speaks silently with him. He turns back with a frown not looking at all amused. "Your father around anywhere this morning."

Tylynn frowns slightly and considers. "No, I haven't seen him all morning… Is there something wrong?" She looks worriedly back towards the Weyr. "Can I help?"

R'ton chuckles softly and shakes his head realizing he has alarmed her. "Nothing that can be helped. Lyrath thinKs that you are right for candacy up at Xanadu. This would be the reason he brought me here instead of the bowl. I was hoping to ask your father how he feels about this first."

Tylynn blinks a couple times as the news sinks in. "Me? Xanadu Weyr?" She looks helplessly up at Lyrath, almost as if looking to the bronze for confirmation.

Lyrath leans his head forward and wuffles the woman again rather insistantly. R'ton chuckles. "He is sure."

Tylynn chuckles and runs her fingers through her hair absently. "I can't imagine he'd mind; I haven't exactly been the biggest help to the weyr, away from child-watching.." She still stands there, shaking her head slightly. This wasn't expected, since it has been well over a turn since she last stood on the Sands.

R'ton smiles. "Pack up your stuff your going to Xanadu. And you best hurry before Siana has your hide as well."

Tylynn grins and nods, checking the half-empty pack slung over her shoulder. "I haven't much.. I'll be back shortly." She runs off towards her space in the weyr.

R'ton pushes himself off the bronze as she comes back. "Do not mean to rush you Tylynn but I have a pregnant woman and dragon with eggs on the sands to contend with."

Tylynn grins and nods. "I understand - And pregnant?" She slings the pack over her shoulder, finishing the tally of all that's hers.

R'ton mounts Lyrath hoisting himself to his neckridges with practiced ease.

R'ton is settled between Lyrath's neckridges, ready for flight.

R'ton leans over Lyrath's extending his hand to help you up upon the bronzes neckridges.

R'ton grins proudly and nods. "Four months." He looks like this is the be all and the end all of the world. "If you have ever been around a moody pregnant woman you know what it is like living the next weyr over from her." He winks with a smile. "Even that is not far enough for the wrath of Siana."

Tylynn grins and tries to get herself comfortable. "Actually, yes - She had twins not so long ago." She looks rather worried at incuring Siana's wrath, though.

R'ton laughs. "Nothing on this woman." He appears to be liking this somewhat as he looks back at her.

Tylynn blushes and idly wonders what she's gotten herself into this time!

Deadly wrath of elseWeyr women…

R'ton grins. "Hold on."

Lyrath flexes his massive muscles, then thrust upwards with a mighty leap, downsweeping powerfully.

Lyrath bugles his departure before vanishing *between* with the blink of the human eye.

Xanadu Weyr - Caspian Lake Shore
The slope of the land begins to go gently downward here, the vegetation getting more and more sparse as one gets closer to the water.

The sand is nearly white from the high content of quartz in the rock, and is soft underneath bare feet. The sound of the lake is soothing, lapping against the shore in predictable combers when not in stormy mode. Lake grasses have been thrown up onto the shore, and a line of the weeds stretches across the beach, limp green on the white sand.

Towering 60 meters into the sky is the Weyr's watch tower, wherein the tavern, wing offices and watch heights/observatory can be found.

Lyrath appears from *Between*, sending vibrations rippling through the air as he bugles his arrival! Lyrath glides down for a landing at the lakeshore.

R'ton smiles at Siana as he jumps to the ground. "Siana, this is Tylynn." He hurries her off to the candidate barracks. "Will return shortly."

Xanadu Weyr — Candidates Barracks
This large room houses Xanadu Weyr's candidates whenever a Hatching is drawing close to happening. The walls are decorated with a number of charts: some list chores that candidates are to be responsible for, others list rules, and some have apparently been tacked up by jokesters, citing silly limricks and other non-sensical drivel.

R'ton leaves after debriefing Lynn on proper conduct for a candidate and giving her a new uniform. Lynn puts her Eastern Weyr knot away in her pack, decidedly reluctant: A new place to learn, no friends yet, no family. And she never even got to tell her father goodbye.

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