Hot Baths for Everyone!

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs
The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

Very late night, or very early morning, a light snow falls over Xanadu about two seven-days after the hatching. Gently falling flakes blur shifting shadows as well as mute and rustling that might otherwise echo across the clearing. Huddle figures begin to emerge from the shadows. Three taller ones each assisting smaller huddled figures into the large cavern. One figure darts ahead into the cavern entrance then quickly waves the other figures forward. They turn out to be three bundled up weyrlings carrying shoulder packs and and what could be blanket covered dragonets. The group keeps low and to the shadows as best they can, thankfully only a handful of night owls occupy the cavern, and they are all gathered around one of the fireplaces, well away from the entrance and it's artic cold breezes. A few pauses in their trek to make sure the coast is clear before they finally make it to their destination, which is the Hot Springs.

Bowyn is one of those suspicious shadowy figures, escorting a long, lumpy thing into the springs. A thin blue tail whips a basket on their way in, causing the weyrling to make a shushing noise as she waits for the others to shuffle in. "Hurry," she whispers, "someone might hear us. Step on it already!" Once she gets the all clear, Bowyn pulls the blanket off of her lifemate and gestures to the water. "Ok, Saeth…you've got to be really quiet. We'll be in deep muck if we get caught." Rumble rumble. "Shh!"

It's not easy to sneak a dragon through the caverns. It's even harder to sneak a gold dragon through the caverns, no matter how young she may be. Significantly larger than the rest - and rather clumsy, given how her limbs seem to want to grow at different rates - Kairoikyriath isn't exactly a subtle presence in their undercover adventure. But in spite of the disadvantage of her size, she somehow makes it through the cavern unseen with Innes urging her along. Once in the caverns, the young gold plunges headlong into one of the pools without waiting for her rider to remove the blankets. Oops. "Well, I guess she and I will just be making a run for it on the way out."

Kera keeps her dragonmate moving, no matter what new thing that catches the young green's attention. A glare is sent to Bowyn at all the noise "Shh." A few tense minutes pass before the group makes the safely, sorta, of the springs. Half out of her jakcet, she manages to snag the blanket draped on Moncerath before the green follows her much larger clutch sibling into the pool. Wincing at Innes's predicament, she shrugs and starts stripping down while keeping her voice low "No, that wouldn't be any better for their health than it would us." Grabbing up what she needs to scrub herself and Moncerath, she drops it on the edge of the pool then gets in herself "You can go borrow one from the stores before we leave." The just don't get us caught could almost be heard as well.

Bowyn is declothed in an instant, darting toward the water with Saeth in tow. She makes a loop when she remembers that she forgot cleaning stuff, then slips (literally) into a pool near Kera. "Let's get you bubbly, Saeth." The blue looks between his rider and his clutchmates before reluctantly walking over to Bo with a rumble. But /playtime/. She gives him a /look/. And scrubs. "How long do you guys think we have?" she asks as she works the sweetsand into the dragon's hide with a soft brush.

Innes sheds her clothes and chases after her waterlogged dragon, tugging the soaked blankets off of her back. She attempts to throw them out of the water, and when they only end up flying a few feet and landing with an impressive splash. Grumbling under her breath, she gathers them up again and shoves them forcefully out of the pool. Kairoikyriath, meanwhile, is flicking water about with her tail, which Innes attempts (unsuccessfully) to avoid being further soaked by as she makes her way back over to the young gold. "If I have to go pick up extra supplies, I'm probably going to get caught," she informs Kera matter-of-factly. "But we could try it." She shrugs as she strokes Kairoikyriath's hide, attempting to settle the excited dragon. "Depends. What did you bring to bribe people with?"

Kera lets Moncerath enjoy the warm water "Stay here in the shallow water Moncerath." She keeps a sharp eye on her dragonmate while hurriedly soaking her hair and lathering it up. The young green warbles happily and starts blowing bubbles though the water "Shhh. Quiet Moncerath." A worried look is cast around the caverns as if the dragon noise would bring an army of huge knots marching in. Glancing over to Bowyn, she shrugs uncertainly. "Maybe not that long if we can't keep the noise down." She half whispers to the blue huntress and glances around at the soggy blanket slapping onto the dry floor. Frowning to Soriana's reply, Kera snorts "This was both of your bright ideas, didn't you bring anything?" Looking between the two, she finally gives an eye roll and starts rinsing the lather from her hair. "You could always sneak in there and switch. Leave the wet one hanging so it will dry and grab a differant one." Shoulders lift and drop quickly enough as if that should settle that and dunks her head get the rest of the lather out. Blinking water from her eyes, she chuckles softly "This is much better than freezing our butts off at the beach. Why did it take ya both two sevendays to think of it."

Bowyn shoots Innes a look and scratches the side of her head with one hand as the other continues to scrub her lifemate's belly with that brush. He seems to be enjoying it. "Bribes? Shells, I didn't think about the bribes. What, you didn't bring anything?" Then Kera pipes in and she adds, "It's not like you didn't have time to grab something either!" She glances over her shoulder then, worried that she may have been too loud, and then starts to rinse the fidgeting blue. He whuffles. "Alright, go then." Saeth works his way over toward Kairo, crooning at her as he imitates her tail flick and pushes some water at her with his wings. "Well trying to figure out the when's and how's was more challenging than I had anticipated, at least. This might be kind of a high stakes kind of thing." The hunter gives Innes a smooth smirk as she adds, "I mean, you know…if we get caught." Bwahaha.

"Of course I brought things," Innes announces to the hot springs at large, scandalized that either of her companions would suggest that she came less than fully prepared. She's probably not the best person to take along when you want to keep the volume down, though at least she's not shouting. "But I didn't bring enough for everyone. You'll have to fend for yourselves when they come for us. She winks and ducks another swing of Kairoikyriath's tail, disappearing under the surface as she does. The gold, for her part, seems utterly - or simply purposefully - oblivious to her rider's predicament. Her attention is upon Saeth. When her attempts to imitate his wing movements are too uncoordinated to splash, she's quick to settle for ducking her head partway under and flicking water up in a great spray. Just forget that part where she failed, please. Kera's suggestion regarding the blanket is shrugged off after Innes resurfaces, with a, "I'll figure something out." It will probably involve more potential for trouble. "Thinking of it was the easy part, it was getting here that was hard." She glances at Bowyn, and snorts. "There's no way we're not getting caught."

Kera cast a glance to Bowyn and shakes her head. "I was a bit busy stuffing clean clothes and scrubbing supplies in my pack. If our plan worked, why would we need to bribe anyone?" Kera gives a little snort while soaping up Moncerath. "As if we got anything to bribe anyone with anyway." she huffs out before Bowyn's looking around makes her do the same quickly. Thankfully, no one is coming to bust in. Moncerath's appreciative croons echo through the cavern "Hush Mon!" is hiss whispered to her dragonmate. Her motions in lathering up Moncerath and scrubbing pick up a bit as if eager to get out before anyone shows up. The small green is staying to the shallow water where Kera is, and happily blows streams of bubbles from her muzzle. The bubbles tickle her muzzle, causing her to lurch her head back with a cheery warble. "Shhh. Be quiet else we'll get in trouble." Working the brush across the young hide in firm but gentle circles, the greenling darts a glance to Innes over her shoulder. Kera smiles watching as Saeth imitates his large sibling and Innes having to keep track of the flicking tails. Shaking her head and sighing at the goldling's words. "Well if ya insist on thinking negatively like that of coarse we'll get caught. If we hurry, and be quiet…" Her gaze drifts around quickly before working her way down Moncerath's back "..then we should be able to get back the same way."

Bowyn looks over at Innes, slightly uncertain, and says "Well I wouldn't say there's /no/ way we'll get caught. But I think it's unlikely." She does her best to finish scrubbing Saeth, as wriggly as he is when his attention turns to the green (who he blows bubbles back to), and then she decides to relax. Aaah, hot water. Kera gets a snort. "Who says we have to hurry? We just have to be /quiet/."

Innes rolls her eyes once again, clearly deciding that her fellow weyrlings just don't get it. "We always need to bribe someone. Just in case. It adds to the whole sense of intrigue we have going on." She seems far less concerned with the level of noise within the caverns - perhaps because she's already resigned to being caught. In fact, she seems almost cheerful about the idea when she corrects, "I said we will get caught, Bowyn. We're not that subtle." Just to confirm this, Kairoikyriath rumbles rather loudly, splashing water at her clutchmates yet again. Apparently, neither Innes or Kairo are overly concerned with what will happen if someone happens upon their little adventure. The victory was in even making it here. As Kairoikyriath settles again, Innes flops onto her back and allows herself to float peacefully.

Kera looks from Bowyn to Innes, the latter getting a growing frown as she starts talking crazy. Giving her head a little shake "..girl's gone round the bend.." under her breath to herself as she starts working down the length of her dragonmate's gangly limbs. All the while, Moncerath is playfully blowing streams of bubbles to Saeth and Kairo both. The queenling's less than quiet rumbling get a whispered hiss from Kera and a glare to Innes. "If you don't keep her quiet, we'll definately get in trouble." Eyeing Innes's seemingh carefree attitude, she flashes a nervous glance to Bowyn. Redoubling her efforts to get Moncerath scrubbed up, "Subtle?" Pausing in her actions, she peers over to the red haired weyrling "Do ya know what that means Innes? Well obviously we're not very subtle i here, I mean it's not like there is anywhere they can hide." An angry gesture splashes water from the scrub brush. "What was the point of sneakin all the way here with them under blankets if we're aren't very 'subtle'?" The hot springs is mostly empty at this late/early hour. The only inhabitants are three weyrlings. Oh, and their young dragonmates. Clothes are scattered along the edge of the pool, and a couple of dry blankets, and a soaked one sploshed near the edge.

It's the wee hours of the night when most folks are abed. Raelii? Looks like she has been, the teen entering the hot springs cavern half asleep with hair tousled. She smells like the stables though and is in dung-stained clothing, an armful of bedsheets blocking her view as she stumbles her way into the area. Apparently she fell asleep in her cot while contemplating a bath? Oh well! She's here now! The sheets get stuffed into the bin and as the splashing sounds and voices are all girlish she doesn't worry, simply strips, grabs some of the bathing supplies and a couple of towels kept on the shelves in here and slides sleepily into the pool. Only then does she lift half-lidded eyes to note there are dragons in here where there should be none. Nonono. She's dreaming, right? She sinks down, submerging her head and surfaces rubbing her eyes. They're gone now, right?

Innes moves her arms up and down along her sides as she floats, the water that just barely covers her ears obscuring her ability to hear very well. When a particularly vigorous swish of her arms nearly sends her under, she splutters a little and resurfaces. "Subtle?" She cants her head, glancing at Kera with her best innocent look. "I've never heard of the word. Does that mean be as loud as possible and attract attention?" The other weyrling's angry splash gets a raised eyebrow and a hint of annoyance from Innes. "The point was to be able to get here without being stopped. Now we're going to have fun, regardless of the consequences." Kairoikyriath attempts to bring this point home by splashing some water in Moncerath's direction. Raelii's entrace goes unnoticed, as the new goldrider is too busy ducking under the surface again to enjoy the water while it lasts.

Kera stops her scrubbing long enough to look to Innes floating around without a care. The goldling's reply gets an eyeroll, which she uses to look Bowyn's way. "Maybe we should suggest extra harper lessons for some of our fellow weyrlings." A dramatic sigh accompanies her head shake. Kairo's even louder rumblings and splashing antic makes Kera hiss out "Innes! Do something to keep her quiet!" Watching the wave rolling towards her end of the pool, her attention is caught by the soaked head rising up and eyes being rubbed. The greenling freezes, as if she won't be seen if she doesn't move. But it's no doubt too late for that. Not recogizing the girl, Kera's startled expression darts to Bowyn and the goldling. "Great Innes, looks like you got your wish." Another glance sent to the girl at the end of the pool as the green healer looks from the dragons to the potential alarm sounder. Moncerath, delighting in the hot bath over the freezing beach waters, spots the new arrival and works her way closer, sending a stream of bubbles in greeting. "Um, Hello." Chewing on her lip a few seconds, she chuckles uncertainly "You wouldn't by chance have bumped your head or anything…perhaps making you see things that aren't really there?" Like three dragons inthe hot springs for instance.

Raelii's wide-eyed upon dropping her hands from her eyes. They're still heeeeeere! If there is a goldling in here, she's unaware, thanks to both the soap in her eyes, the bubbles covering soaked hides or the sudden unreality of the situation. That wavelet smacks her full in the face and she splutters. That's probably hello back to whoever spoke to her, but after blinking, her big brown eyes are locked upon the bubble-blowing greenlet swimming her way. The question posed about heads bumped draws Raelii's gaze to Kera. "Me?" That's squeaked along with a headhsake. "Nope!" If this is a dream, she's going to enjoy it too! She giggles, adding, "What are you all… not doing… here?" Duh, they're bathing Raelii! But still. The question begs asking. And so that one is posed to the floating Innes.

Innes blinks for a moment as she digests Kera's comment, head canted to the side with an expression of mild bewilderment. Only after a few seconds does it occur to her to look where Kera is looking, to find their unexpected visitor. Her gaze goes from the new arrival, to Kera and Bowyn, and then back again. "I don't know what you're so worried about," she says with a wave of her hands. "She's not going to tell, right?" Raelii gets a pointed look. Kairoikyriath ceases her splashing to take interest in her rider's new focus, leveling her stare in the new arrival's direction. "We're just having a little bit of fun while they're still small enough to fit through the doors."

Kera reaches a hand out to Moncerath, urging the young dragon back a few feet so she isn't crowding. Any other time, she'ld have already introduced herself, but some bit of self preservasion disrupts her manners. A simple reply of 'Nope', draws another nervous chuckle "Ah, well, was worth a shot, right?" The greenling is trying to urge Moncerath to the side of hte pool, unfortunately, the green is having too much fun playing in the warm water now that she's all scrubbed squeaky clean. Innes's words, get a quick head nod as she looks back to the other girl "All rthat snow piled up…hard to enjoy a bath when you are shivering right?"

To Innes, "You're not really here, so why would I?" Raelii can't think to say anything else! It's said with a slow smile though because she's a friendly sort and cute baby dragons are excellent ice-breakers. Not that there's any ice in here (nor baby dragons, either). Still… having fun, "Good idea!" Aaand she's here to bathe, even if it's a dream-bath, so she grabs a handful of soapsand and works it in, lathering her hair while keeping both eyes on the splashing baby dragons. "Hello," she chirps at Moncerath, pausing to wriggle soapy fingers towards the green only to blink at Kera through a suds-curtain oozing down one side of her face. "They make you bathe in icewater? That's not fair!"

Innes stares hard at Raelii, her grey-green gaze narrowing until it all clicks into place. And then she promptly bursts out laughing. A better sense of self-preservation might lead her to encourage the other girl in this dream delusion, but she's too overcome with giggles to care. Kairoikyriath rumbles alongside her rider, not entirely clear on the joke (as she's so very obviously here, thank you) but not wanting to be left out. "Have you been drinking?" she questions ever-so-innocently. Kera gets another glance as she checks in to see if her fellow weyrling has picked up on the humor of the situation, or whether Innes is still in trouble with her friend for her refusal to worry about their immediate future.

Kera manages to get her dragonmate to settle down again blowing streams of bubbles, at least she's being mostly quiet, unlike soooome other dragonets. With Moncerath all scrubbed and rinsed off, Kera turns to getting herself clean. A quick headshake to the other girl "Not us, but the dragons bathed at the beach, even during cold season. And since we can't help but get a bit wet doing it,.." Kera lifts her shoulders briefly with a shrug before scooping a bit of sweetsand from the container. Flicking a curious look to Innes, then grinning as she catches on. Peering back to other girl, "If not, perhaps now would be a good time to start?" At least long enough to sneak three dragons out of the hot springs…

The laughter and the rumble draw Raelii's eyes back to Innes - not that she can see her with one eye closed to keep the suds out of her eye. She blows an upward stream of air at it, suds pouf into airborne bits and - ah! There they are (or aren't, Raelii is still/ not convinced). "No?" The teen answers Innes uncertainly, though to check, she lifts a watery hand to cup in front of her mouth, huffs into it and sniffs a few times. "Nope!" This time it's more assured and perky-sounding. It's not //that good a dream! "I have to work tomorrow. Besides the stuff is nasty," she tells Kera with a wrinkle of her nose. What stuff? All of it! She sinks to submerge and rinse the suds from her hair. When she surfaces, she stands, wraps herself, then her hair in towels. Clean enough! Bed calls! "You should all come bunk with me instead of going back all that way in the snow after your warm bath." Such an invitation! But it's easily-made because dream-cuddling with three baby dragons sounds like fun to Raelii.

Innes just flat out snorts, unable to keep it in. The entire affair is uproarious in her opinion, especially since it doesn't seem as though Raelii is inclined to tell on them. At least not for the moment, which is the only time Innes is concerned with. "Well, maybe you should watch what you eat before bed next time," she jokes, her lips quirked in a smirk. "I take it you don't usually have these kinds of dreams." A glance goes to Kera along with a quick shake of her head. They don't need her to drink to make a clean escape. They just need her to keep believing she's fast asleep. She presses her fingertips to her forehead as she fights back another round of giggles. Kairoikyriath nudges her rider gently, encouraging. "Well," she says after a moment, "How about we… come over a little later. Once we've dried off."

Kera shrugs good-naturedly when it seems encouraging the girl to get drunk won't be an option. She does nod agreeably though and flashes a pointed look to Innes "She's not the only one that has to be up early." is muttered while lathering the sweetsand and scrubbing herself down. Canting a squinted look to her fellow weyrlings while she rinses off and nods to Innes. A little nod and smile to the girl as she gets out and wraps up. "Um, yea, be along as soon…just…need to find my pillow." Find my pillow? She just has to roll her eyes at herself over that one. A near glare sent to the goldling over her could care less attitude. Once she's clean, Kera gets out, dried and dressed as fast as she can, without actually looking to be rushing, then urges Moncerath to the edge of hte pool.

It's in the middle of the night - the caverns deserted, the bathing cavern likewise save for four girls. Raelii is standing near the edge of the pool, hair and body wrapped in towels, obviously finished bathing, while still in the pool are three baby dragons - a blue, a green and a gold - and their lifemates. "I missed dinner," she tells Innes guilelessly, "but no, not dreams with baby dragons in them." The teen nods agreeably to the drying off. After all, soaking wet baby dragons in her freshly-changed bed would rather suck. "Towels're over there," she points to the shelves helpfully. Just wait until the headwoman finds the soggy heap where neatly-folded towels ought to be and Raelii tells everyone at breakfast what a strange dream she had!

It's late. Soriana's tired. So y'know what she needs? …a mug of klah. Nowait. Bed. What she needs is bed. And she's heading that way! She really is. It'll be good for her headache. But… y'know what else will be good for her headache before she goes out into the cold? A warm compress. So she heads for the bathing caverns, so she can get a hot towel - just one. That's all she needs! One hot towel. You know what she dooooesn't need? Four girls and three baby dragons in the hot springs? You know what she finds? Oh yeah. You know. She pauses in the entryway, blinks twice, and then she just stands there, arms crossing in front of her. There's only one way out. And she'll say something just as soon as she finds words past the headache. Oh yes. Something… will definitely be said.

There's an impressively large percentage chance that this will come back to haunt them. Massive, in fact. But if they can just get Raelii to bed and get out the door without being seen, no one will actually be able to prove that they were there. And in spite of Innes' cavalier attitude regarding their chances of being caught, she does relish the idea of actually getting away with this, especially now that they've had a witness. She urges Kairoikyriath to the side of the pool and out, grabbing for a towel to dry herself before starting in on the young gold. It's in the process of drying her companion that she turns around and spots yet another form in the doorway. And this one seems decidedly less likely to be tricked into believing that she's asleep. Innes clears her throat and straightens up, trying her best to look like she hasn't just been caught red-handed. "She's dreaming," she offers helpfully, jerking her thumb in Raelii's direction.

Raelii's toddling off in towels and bare feet to find her pajamas and crawl back into bed. But there's a Soriana in her way. The junior weyrwoman's appearance doesn't phase her one bit. "They're not really there," she says sleepily, stifling another yawn with one hand and jerking a thumb back over her shoulder in much the way Innes just did to her as she makes to move past the junior weyrwoman and on her way. "Neither are you," she continues dreamily. Bed calls and she's going there to await three dragonbabies to join her for a cuddle.

Kera nods and grabs a few more towels, swiping them quickly but gently over the green dragonets hide, being thorough around the talons. Casting a look towards the 'dreamer', a casual wave sent to her as well. Innes's odd comment gets a look, then to where the goldling is looking towards. Freezing for a few seconds, a little groan might be heard as she stands quickly. Watching the very sleepy girl tell Soriana that none of them are there, Kera automatically nods agreeably. Maybe if she beleives it hard enough, she'll be back in her cot, Moncerath will be in her couch. With a little sigh and clears her throat "G'morning ma'am." Shifting her feet nervously, the young green warbling at the sudden unease from her weyrling, Kera flickers aglance between Innes and Bowyn for Soriana's none to happy form is watched. She'll wake up any minute now….

"Is she," Soriana says to Innes, and glances to Raelii. Well, she can't say Innes is entirely wrong, judging from the look of the only non-weyrling here. Her expression softens slightly to amusement as Raelii speaks. "You go to bed, then," she tells the girl, and there's a quirk of her lips as she adds, "Sweet dreams." Because there's no rule against late-night visits to the hot springs… or sleepwalking, either. At least… not when humans visit the hot springs. And then, as she lets Raelii go by, Soriana's gaze returns to the other three. Innes. Kera. Bowyn. And three dragons. Soriana looks at those, too. "So you're dreams, are you?" she asks them. The smile's nearly gone, but just a tiny little bit of it lingers. Just a little tiny bit. "That's good. Because if any dragons were actually in the hot springs, their weyrlings would be in a lot of trouble." Her gaze sweeps the humans again, and the smile returns. "But you're just dreams, so here's how it works. The springs are closed as of now." She'll dig out the sign somewhere. It's probably in the janitor closet. "Scheduled cleaning. They'll open tomorrow evening. I'll tell the headwoman to inspect them. If, by then, they're clean to her satisfaction… well. I don't tell anyone my dreams unless I have a reason." She arches a brow at the group. "Got it?"

The expression on Innes' face is a calculating one as she carefully watches Soriana's reaction. The slight smile is heartening, at least, as she's fairly certain it means they're not about to be strung up by their toes. Small victories. She goes back to rubbing Kairoikyriath down gently as she listens, her lips slowly curling into a grin. Yes, it's a chore, but it's one chore and it's one day. And Innes doesn't mind chores, when they're deserved, or useful. "It's a good thing we're just dream weyrlings, then," she says in a chipper tone, smiling properly now. Abashed? Not in the slightest. "I promise, when they headwoman walks through these doors tomorrow evening, the place will be spotless." Well, that's the plan at least. She gives Soriana a little salute, and mouths 'thank you'. She's not totally oblivious to the fact that she's been granted a huge boon.

Stringing them up by the toes? Ohno. They'd probably scream bloody murder, and Soriana still has that headache. So really, it's better for everyone this way. Soriana's not too worried about demonstrating whatever it is she's supposed to be demonstrating. She's given them the chore they deserve. The inconvenience they'll put others through is probably matched by the inconvenience they'll be going through, trying to deal with hatchling dragons and evade V'dim's eye and questions of why they're spending so much time away while doing the scrubbing. "It certainly is," Soriana agrees with Innes. It's a very good thing they're dream weyrlings, and - like all good dreams - will vanish without leaving any evidence behind. Otherwise they'll have to face harsh realities instead of just rough scrubber-brushes. She doesn't comment about the promise, just smiles. Really, it's not her problem either way! Option one, Innes and the other weyrlings follow through, and nobody has to know about this. Option two… Soriana passes the problem on to Darsce (and probably V'dim). Again, not her problem. Really, the world's looking like a remarkably cheerful place, except for this headache she's still got. Maybe it'll go away once she wakes up from her dreams, but for now, she nods to acknowledge that thanks, then turns to leave. Oh yeah, she's doing them a favor, but Soriana believes in second chances. Also in fixing your own mistakes! Which naturally turns into second chances to fix your own mistakes, just like this one. There'll be a 'Closed!' sign hung across the entryway by the time they get there, and a copy of the scrubbing procedure for springs taped onto the back of it. Soriana? She'll be headed back to her weyr, for some hot willowbark tea and that compress… followed by bed.

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