Yay for Snow!

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Yay for snow! At least this is what some around the Weyr may be thinking. Idrissa is just making her way into the caverns with a slight cough escaping her, she is bundled up tightly within a thick coat, gloves, boots, and knit hat. She pauses long enough to work on getting the snow off her boots and undoes her coat while moving on towards the food and drink area to get herself something. With gloves tucked into her pocket it doesn't take long for her to get a bowl of hot soup, which has cheese sprinkled in it, some bread and a mug of hot klah. With the food and drink items in hand she moves off to settle down upn a table near the fireplace. With her coat undone a blue and green firelizard wiggle and work there way out from the warm covers so to speak. Willow flutters off to rest upon the back of her chair while Ripley stays put curled up gainst her neck crooning out faintly.

ka-el arrives in the Cavern not too long after, his own firelizard absent, as he tends to be more and more often nowadays. He seems not worried though as he saunters in, pulling his snowy hood from his hair and giving his hair a slight toussle with a hand. Both hands are soon stuck into the pockets of his jacket, and he eyes the food area, though seems to have no intention of heading that way. What? … Kale's … not hungry? He must be sick! He shudders off the cold as he moves ahead to find a place to sit, eyes scanning and pausing upon Idrissa. He smirks a little and heads her way. "Cold enough for ya?"

Yay for snow! That's what Dillum's thinking. Snowballs, snowforts, snowdragons, sledding… what's not to love? Of course, after a long day of playing in the snow, even a boy of eleven turns needs to warm up. So here he is, pausing in the doorway to shout back, "Nuh-uh!" to one of his companions and then racing on in to the caverns. If Kale's not hungry, that just means more for him, and he pulls off snow-matted gloves and the hat off his blonde hair as he charges straight for the food.

Idrissa looks up at the voice while she works on munching on a bite of bread and soup. "Hey, ya you could say that. I wish it was summer again." For a moment she pauses as she recalls what happened when it was warmer. "Or something." Yes something! A glance is sent towards Dillum as he goes running towards the food.

Dillum picks out plenty of food. He's hungry, after all! Hard day of running around and putting snow down other people's jackets will do that. Now, for someplace to sit… oh, there's one. He heads on over to Idrissa's table, and plops himself down without so much as a 'hello', let alone 'is this seat taken'. Instead, he stabs a slice of roast herdbeast with his fork and just starts gnawing.

Idrissa peers at Dillum curiously once he sits down, a soft ah escapes her but she soon smiles. A nod is seen while she shifts on her seat. "Hey there." She offers with a friendly tone.

Omnomnomgnawrchew- Yeah, Dillum is not exactly a shining pinnacle of table manners. He swallows as Idrissa talks to him, then wipes his mouth on his sleeve. "Hi," he says. He even puts his fork down… across the edge of the plate, still stabbed into a chunk of meat. Any illusions he might start being polite are shattered when he picks up a piece of bread and bites in. Halfway through chewing, he adds, "Ah Ihuh." Or something like that.

Idrissa ehs now and looks rather confused for a few moments as she watches the boy. A shake of her head is seen. "Don't you know how to eat and not act like a pig?" Oh yes she went there.

Dillum rolls his eyes, seeing as how his mouth is still full. He swallows. "Course I do, but I don't care. You're not my mother or my foster, so you can't tell me what to do." And just to prove it, he hefts up his forkful of herdbeast again and makes exaggerated chewing noises as he eats it.

Idrissa makes a face and shakes her head while she shifts in her seat seeming a bit unsure what to do or say to this boy now. "Right…" This said with a shake of her head.

Omnomnomgnawrchew! It is the eating of victory. Dillum continues to shovel food into his face, and occasionally the floor when a crumb misses. Well, that'll make the canines and firelizards happy, right?

Speaking of firelizard Ripley is slowly making his way down onto the table, his movements slow and creepy like, long tail flicking around a few times as he hisses out now an then, an he is looking right at Dillum while doing this. Idrissa ah softly. "Ripley be good."

Dillum pauses in his eating, glancing around as he hears a bit of a sound. His eyes settle on Ripley, and he grins wide. "Awesome!" he declares with a spray of crumbs. "When I have a firelizard I want one like that." He extends a chunk of herdbeast on his fork toward the weird blue.

Idrissa blinks once and then again while peering at Dillum before smirking. "Really?" She questions with a curious tone, a slight shake of her head seen. "His not bad, just strange at times." Ripley hisses out once more and peers at the chunk of food, which he reaches forward and snags quickly.

"Yeah, duh," says Dillum. "He looks tough. Like a fighter, like he can kick some firelizard butt." The boy grins as the blue snags his meat, and stabs a bit for himself while he watches the firelizard eat.

Idrissa can't help but grin while hearing this, a glance is offered to Ripley and she leans against the table before softly petting the blue while it eats. "He is a fighter, he helped save me from a feline even." Ripley munches away happly at the bite of meat and licks aross his paws once it is gone.

"Awesome," says Dillum in an appreciative tone. He takes another bite for himself, eyes fixed on the blue, then offers him another piece of his meat off his fork. "Did he claw the feline's eyes out?"

Idrissa is quiet for a moment while she watches Ripley, remember what happened and a soft sigh escapes her. "Well, he got one of the eyes, and torn up its ear really good too." This said with a soft tone. Ripley is busy eating the meat.

Dillum is oblivious to the subtle social cues of how that might not have been the greatest of times. He just keeps grinning, and breathes, "Awesome," again. "You should make him a bed out of feline hide as a trophy." At least his feeding of the firelizard has slowed down his own pigging out.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly. "Naw I wouldn't do that." THis said while she absently rubs at her right arm, the scars aren't seen but she knows it is there. "I'm not going to kill a feline unless I have to."

"There's a hunter," says Dillum. "He goes after felines. I wanna go out with him sometime and see. I bet I'd make a good hunter. All stalk-leap-smack!" He brandishes his fork in the air to show how he'd take those nasty felines down.

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments at that and shrugs a moment before lifting a hand to rub at her neck a few times. "Well I guess if it is ones job. They are mean an stuff but still." She glanes back to the boy. "Why would you want to be a hunter?"

Dillum just blinks at Idrissa. "Cuz it's awesome?" he says in 'duh' tones. "Out in the wild, fighting felines, wrestling with giant snakes… it sounds totally great. And I'm strong," he flexes a kid-sized arm, "So I could do it."

Idrissa smirks faintly and ehs a moment. "I suppose you boys all think like that." She murmurs out at the thought while going back to munching on her soup.

As opposed to girls, who don't understand awesome when it claws them in the arm. Dillum rolls his eyes and applies himself to his plate, finishing things off and then leaning back to balance his chair on two legs.

Idrissa isn't the brightest one out there seeing how she doesn't want to hunt down felines after getting attacked. Though that is just Rissa's way of things! "So do you know of any craft you might want to do yet?"

Dillum wobbles his chair a little, trying to balance it without using his hands and then catching himself when he starts to fall. "I dunno," he says with a shrug. "Maybe I'll do smithcraft. Or I might be a hunter… or a dolphineer."

Idrissa eyes the boy and rolls her eyes a moment. "You better be careful or your fall back and hurt yourself. Sounds like all mighty fine things. I know a smither. He's really nice."

"Nuh-uh," says Dillum, sounding almost bored. He won't fall. Not him. The way the chair wobbles? That's just the awesome parts, being awesome. "You do?" he asks at the mention of a smither, then ohs. Nice. What-ev-er. His gaze wanders off across the table again. "How'd you get your firelizard?"

Idrissa is half wishing the boy would fall just to prove her point in the matter. "Ripley? I found his egg on the space station when I went there. An Willow impressed to me our of a clutch fthat one of the rider's gold firelizard had."

"You got to go to the space station?" says Dillum, then scowls. "How come you got a firelizard? Getting to go to space oughta be enough." He frowns for a moment. "Well, I'm gonna get a firelizard someday, anyhow, and it'll be awesome."

Idrissa smiles and nods. "Yup, I was picked to stand for a clutch an part of what the canadiates do is go on trips an stuff." A shrug is seen. "Willow for the egg and I was allowed to keep it. An I'm sure youwill get one, no reason not too."

"Oh, you were one of the candidates, huh?" says Dillum. He kicks a foot up at the table. "My foster brother went to Eastern as a candidate. He didn't impress, though." The boy shrugs. "Sure I will. I'll have a great firelizard. Bronze, probably. Or maybe blue." He glances again to Ripley.

"Ya I was for the last clutch here at Xanadu." Idrissa offers after a long sip from her mug. "Blue's are nice, an green's an browns. I sorta hope to get a bronze someday."

"Nah, greens are girls," says Dillum with a frown. "I guess brown is okay." He kicks up at the table again, and puts his foot there to help him balance, no hands, for, oh, a good thirty seconds before he wobbles and the chair thumps down on all fours again.

Idrissa peers at him. "So? Nothing wrong with girls." She points out with a slight huff escaping her at the thought.

Dillum looks at Idrissa with a 'seriously?' expression. "Girls are all frilly and dumb. They want babies and cute things with hearts on them." He rolls his eyes, then pauses. "Hey, when your green has eggs, can I have one?"

Kale was called away to do something. Then, he got conned into doing something else. And then he got trapped talking to someone. But now he's finally returning! He notes another face at the table that wasn't there before, and Dillum is glanced at. Does he know this kid? Eh, maybe. "Sorry," he says, touching a hand to Idrissa's shoulder. "Girls aren't always dumb," said to Dillum. "But they can be sometimes." A smirk to Idrissa.

Idrissa smirks and just eyes Dillum a few moments. "You say all that about girls and then ask for one of Willow's eggs?" She rolls her eyes an a faint huff escapes her. "Nope, not acting like /that/." A glance is offered over to Kale and she smirks a bit. "Oh really?"

Dillum is this kid, see. Eleven turns or so, short blonde hair that's past messy, blue eyes. He's fairly indistinguishable from the rest of the weyrbrats running around the place. He looks up at Kale's arrival, and shrugs. "I guess," he replies to the older male. "Maybe some girls are okay. Sometimes." He looks back to Idrissa and rolls his eyes. "Aw, come on! It's true. And besides, you asked! So it's your fault."

Kale brow quirks. He's obviously missed something. "Willow is going lay eggs?" he says, sounding a bit .. dubious. He slides into a seat at the table and lightly ests his elbows upon the tabletop, glancing from girl to boy. "And yes," is said to Idrissa herself. "Yes, oh really," he answers, smirking. "But only sometimes. Rarely, even. Most times, girls are pretty … great."

Idrissa shakes her head as she hears Dillum, oh no she has made her mind an it shall not change! EVAR! Well alright for at least then day, anything is possible really. "Willow will at some point. Green firelizard can lay eggs jut not as many as golds." Once Kale is finally siting down she shifts to lean against him, her head settling against his shoulder. His warm right? Rissa is still cold it seems.

"Well, she's a girl," says Dillum matter-of-factly. "Girls have babies." End of story. He nods slightly, albeit with a frown for her unreasonableness, as Idrissa agrees with him on that point, then looks more dubious as Kale extols the virtues of girls. Really? Really!? But what about the cooties? He frowns at the older boy. "I guess."

Kale's whole life as of late has been revolving around girls. It's difficult for him to get them of his mind. Two of them, specifically, and a scattering of randoms here and there. Dillum is lucky, in a sense. He is not yet so consumed by females and teenage … things. Yet. "Oh, I thought you meant she was to lay eggs soon." He exhales a breath. "Alloy's been .. well. Different." He smirks as she rests against him, apparently having no problem with that. "Kid," said to Dillum. "What's your name? Are you trying to con Idrissa into givin' you a firelizard egg? You've got to offer her something good for her to say yes, you know."

"Not all girls have babies." Idrissa points out while peering at Dillum. Kids, she isn't too sure she wants any if they act like /this/. "What as Alloy been doing?" This questioned while she tilts her head enough so she can peer at Kale. "An his right on that part." It has to be something very good indeed.

"Dillum," the boy answers Kale. "And I'm not tryin' to con anything, I just asked her," he says with a frown, and turns those blue eyes on Idrissa. "Cuz your blue is awesome, so I thought, maybe…" Sniff. He maintains the sad look for a moment, until he has to argue instead. "Firelizard girls do." Sothere.

"Mmm," Kale says thoughtfully, glancing to Idrissa. "It isn't really what he is doing, but moreso what he… wants to be doing, you know?" His brows raise in a meaningful way. "He's been off with greens. Any green he can find, really. Flaunting himself as if he's the greatest thing that Xanadu has seen." He gives his eyes a roll. "Well met, Dillum," he says to the boy, nodding his head. But wait. "Her blue? .. Ripley? You like that one?" He snickers. "Idrissa, please give him to him!"

Idrissa seems amused as she hears Kale, a slight shake of her head is seen. "Well that's interesting. I suppose his old enough though to be all struting around now. Did you ask Soriana about him?" Well Soriana knows dragons, there sorta like firelizards an so forth! Ripley lets out a hiss as he hears his name, the blue lifts his head, a narrowed glare is sent towards Kale and his long tail slaps against the tabletop. Seems he didn't like that idea. "I wouldn't get rid of Ripley, his rough around the edges sure but his got a good side." There is a pause while she peers at Ripley and then Willow. "Anyway I don't think Ripley can catch Willow, he has a bad wing an all. So its not like youd get one of his eggs."

"Nah, he's awesome," says Dillum, despite the fact that this has him agreeing with a girl instead of another boy. "He's all sorta spikey and wild. Like one of those fighting avians." He grins, and reaches out to Ripley. Hopefully all those snacks will convince the blue not to bite him! "Aww, that's okay," he says to Idrissa. "I don't mind."

"Oh, hello there Ripley," drawls Kale with a light smirk to the spunky blue. Ah, he really can't hold a grudge against him. He did take care of Idrissa out in the wild, after all. But, what's that about a wing? He lifts a brow. "He can't fly?" he asks, glancing towards Ripley a moment. "Ah .. I may ask Soriana. I may not. M'sure she's probably tired of me asking her of things all the time. Besides, this I can figure myself. He's likely wanting to be around the greens for the same reason I wish to be around you." Spoken with a smirk. "Plus," he taps his temple. "I feel it all in here. And here," a tap to his chest. "And other places." A snicker. He glances to Dillum. "You're sure you want a firelizard? They creep into your brain."

Idrissa waves a hand slightly at the talk of Ripley flying. "Not to well. He has problems stretching his wing out from the bite. They think it healed funny." Ripley creeps on over and he lets out a faint hiss out to Kale once more before the blue hope up and settles onto her shoulder. "Oh they are not thatbad, don't likt Kale scars you."

Ewwww. Gross! Dillum's nose wrinkles as Kale discusses wanting to be around girls for… baby-related reasons. So icky. He'll never understand that stuff, not even if he lives to be thirteen. As for wanting a firelizard, though, he shrugs. "They're cool." What more reason does he need? He pushes back his chair to balance on two legs again.

"Oh, I hadn't known," remarks Kale, eyeing Ripley with a curious look that continues even as he moves closer. That doesn't seem to be enough to deter him though, and he stays near. But he does keep a close eye on the blue. He doesn't want to lose a finger or ear. "Yes, they are cool. I like Alloy very much. You know…if you really want a firelizard, that barkeep over at the Wanderin' Wherry has a gold that'll be laying eggs soon, I bet."

"Well Alloy is basiclly a teenager just in firelizard terms." Idrissa points out. "So might explain why he is after greens. If a gold is around then I bet it would be really interesting as well." She ohs and nods to the talk of the barkeep. "That is true. Bet you could ask him." As for Ripley he seems rather quiet at the moment, you know other then the hissing and growling an so froth.

"Really?" says Dillum, and nods. "I'll ask him." Given his age, it's not shocking the boy hasn't been spending much time around the tavern, but he can always stick his nose in to ask for firelizards with all his copious grace and tact. He just wrinkles his nose again at the talk of teenaged firelizards, and props up his wobbly chair. He'll never be a teenager, not if he can help it!

Kale snickers. "Yeah. Interesting. Good word," snickers Kale with a head shake. "The only gold he needs to meet is Haruhi. He hasn't any interest in her." And if Kale believes that will forever stay the same, the poor lad is delusional! He crosses his arms upon the tabletop and rests his head upon them, eyes half lidding. "Good luck, Dillum. One firelizard is enough for me. I bet that barkeep will give you an egg, easy. And if you get one, just ask Idrissa here what to do when it hatches. She's a good one to get advice from."

Idrissa would say that Kale is very delusional at the idea that Alloy isn't interested in Haruhi, wait until she is glowing then there will be a different idea for sure! She blinks as Kale tells Dillum to ask her about things if the boy was to get an egg. "Oh really, since when did I turn into a firelizard know it all?"

If only she wasn't a girl! Dillum looks dubiously at Idrissa, and does a fractional part of a nod before Idrissa starts denying her own knowledge. Whew. His expression turns relieved as he won't have to rely on a female! "I'll ask him," he says to Kale, and grins. "And then I'll have a bronze of my own. Or a blue. …or maybe a brown."

"Since you got two firelizards," replies Kale simply, smirking over to Idrissa. "So you should know double by now, right?" Right! Dillum's color choice has him smirking. "I'm glad Alloy is a bronze. I know what you mean. I mean … it'd be alright if he were green I guess … but I'd much rather him be male too." A pause. "But if you get an egg and it hatches green, I bet you wouldn't mind." He reaches a hand over to poke at Idrissa's side a little. "Are you done for the day? With duties?"

Idrissa just peers at Kale a few moments. "Is that how it works, if I have more of something then you that means I know it all?" This questioned while she can't help but grin a moment at the thought on that. "Course he would. Just doesn't know it yet." At the poking she pokes back at Kale. "Ya I'm gone for the day thankfully. What about you?"

Dillum nods to Kale, then frowns a little at the thought of a green. "I guess," he says uncertainly. "It'd be weird, having a… girl… in my head like that." He ponders it for a moment, then shakes his head. "I hope it's bronze or blue… when I get one." Which he will, just you watch him! "I won't need help, either." Specially not from girls.

"Havin' a girl in your head might make girls a little easier to understand," remarks Kale who pries his eyes open again. "And yes, Idrissa, that's how it works. Maybe not know it all, but definitely know a little more." He smirks a bit at the return poke. "Yeah, I'm done. For now. Til somebody thinks of something else for me to do, which could happen at any moment." He eyes the cavern folk suspiciously. "And Dillum, you'll need help. Trust me. Especially if it's your first. You can always ask me. I've got some experience with'm now too."

"…yeah," agrees Dillum after due consideration. From the look on his face, he's not entirely sure that's a good thing, and he's just redoubled his desire for boy firelizards only. Imagine, understanding the cootier sex. Ugh! He thumps his chair down, hoping that loud noises will drive any potential girlishness from his head. He puffs up a little as Kale says how he'll need help, then pauses. Help from Kale? Yes, Kale is worthy to aid him, what with being 1) male and 2) relatively buff. Even if he is strangely obsessed with females. It happens to the best of boys. "Yeah, okay. I'll ask you." He glances to Idrissa, and forces himself to be civil. "Or you." After all, she might yet be the one to give him a firelizard egg.

Aw, and there goes Idrissa, off to do something that she meant to do that needs to be done today. And there goes his thoughts of snatching her up and doing something fun. A snowball fight is long overdue. Ah, but the snow isn't going anywhere. There shall be time. And thus he is left with good ol' Dillum and his firelizard dreams. For a moment, he's quiet. Huh. What does one talk to a eleven year old about? He knows exactly where conversations lead when it comes to boys his own age. And he can definitely strike up conersations with girls easily enough. But young boys? "What do you do all day?"

Whew. Idrissa's gone, and she left on a civil note from Dillum, so he's sure to get that egg now. No more having to deal with girls. He looks over to Kale, and shrugs. "D'pends if my foster catches me for chores," he says, and grins. "Went sledding today, the hill by the observatory's good… and had a snowball fight, only Liam is such a cheater." He rolls his eyes at the nerve of that kid.

… What? That's what he does with his days? Sledding and snowball fights? Kale picks his head up from his arms and stares at him. "That sounds like an epic day," he says with a wistful shake of his head. "I haven't had a snowball fight since last winter. Went ice skating then too near the end've the season. You've got it made, kid. Enjoy it whiel it lasts because, trust me, it doesn't last for too long. Next time you see Liam, hit'm with a snowball first thing. If it really cheated, he deserves it with no warning."

Ahhh, the idyllic life of the weyrbrat who's skipping harper lessons and chores! Dillum grins for a moment, then shakes his head. "I've got lessons all morning tomorrow," he says with the groan of a kid who doesn't know how good he's got it. "And I had to help with dishes after lunch today so I was late." Life is so unfair, which is why he's pouting… though it doesn't last for long, because there's snowballs to be plotted. "Course I will, and he does."

"Aim high," suggests Kale. "If you really want to get the message to him, aim for his face." Sage and knowledgable advice, here! "Side of the head works too, and so does the back of the head. But nothing stings like full front face attack." And that'll totally solve the problem! That, or it'll be the start of a back and forth sneaky snowball toss between the two boys. Kale sees nothing wrong with either of these options. He smirks at the lamenting. "One of these days you'll be begging for those lessons. I could wager on that, easy." He snickers, glancing around to see if Idrissa is on her way back. She isn't. "Alright Dillum," he says, standing up now. "You'll let me how that snowball attack goes, huh?"

Dillum grins wide. "Ears're good, if you can get 'em. Not as good as the face, but easier to make sneaky." Young he may be, but he is wise beyond his years (or at least to the level of his years) in snowball-flinging. He rolls his eyes at the comment about lessons, and shakes his head. "But they're so boring! They're awful!" Kids these days. They just don't appreciate how good they've got it. Dillum waves to Kale, then leans back in his chair again. "Sure. Seeya, Kale!"

One of these days he'll see! When he's out there breaking and hauling coal in the freezing cold one day, he'd give anything to be in a warm classroom listening to those boring old lessons! "Yes, they can be," he agrees with the boring part, "but at least you're comfortable!" He gives one last glance around, searching for a familiar female's face, but alas. He waves his hand to Dillum. "See you, Dillum. Don't break your neck," he advies, giving a glance to his balanced chair before he turns to head away.

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