Dragonhealer Tea

Xanadu Weyr - Dragonhealers' Annex
An entranceway which would allow admittance to even the greatest of queen dragons leads from the clearing into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. There's a smaller human-sized door near it, and the massive dragon-sized door is equipped with a clever set of counterweights to permit one person to open it when needed.
Just to one side of the door, a shallow pool has a constant gentle flow of water, pumped and filtered to be used in washing wounds. Nearby, stone shelves hold a generous supply of clean bandages and sheets, as well as redwort, numbweed, and the metal implements used for surgery. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place.
The far wall houses two dozen dragon-couches. A thick curtain can be drawn around each along a rail mounted in the ceiling to allow patients the option of privacy as they rest and recover, and there are chairs set beside them for anxious riders to sit and comfort their lifemates.
One of those couches, off in the corner, has been replaced with a large metal box. This curtain is usually kept drawn, but behind it is the artificial incubator, filled with sand from the main hatching arena. It's as wide as a human is tall, and perhaps thrice as long. Riveted sides rise halfway up the shin and are lined with wires of various hues that fuel each of the miniature units used to heat the artificial sands. Each cord has been secured to the side of the box, effectively keeping it out of the range of passersby.

It is evening around the Weyr, about to be night one of those moments where things COULD be quiet but then maybe not depending on who is running around and causing trouble and the like. As for Nailii she is at the back of the Annex working on cleaning bottles and jars that hold different hers and the like. Because?why not? There are a few dragons sleeping on the comfy couches, a few have wounds, another some illness and then there is Talanoath that is settled on 'his' couch and looking rather content to just look out over the others, ever watching it seems. A bunch of brown looking 'dirt' is getting carefully tipped into a jar that has a label on it that says yao something (because I can't remember the whole name at the moment). Once done Nailii brushes off her hands and screws the top back on and is setting it back on a shelf out of the way. Onwards to more jars, yay!

Now how could Cielo have grown up here, worked here, and not really have met Nailii? There is perhaps a simple answer: shifts. He at least LOOKS like he belongs here, with the proper garb, knot, and the way he meanders over without gaping too much at structural oddities or hesitating in wayfinding. Despite his attempt to be quiet Nailii can likely hear the tap-tap of him making his way through the place, and the slightest hestiation of… oh, this isn't a task that is vulnerable to interruption. He smiles and raises his hand in greeting and respect. "Evening! Ah, I think I'm supposed to be on your rotation for a while? So.. wherever I can be useful!"

And if it is quiet, does that mean that nobody is causing trouble, or just that they're being sneaky about it? Questions for our times! Other important questions: what's D'lei doing here? It's not like he works here. And he's not even bringing in an injured dragon, though Garouth brings a drifted-breeze of greeting to Talanoath - but only with his mind, his brindle butt is remaining comfortably where it is. There's just D'lei, stepping in and looking around as he makes his way back through the relatively quiet - if not quite suspiciously so - annex. Lessee…

Nailii has also grown up at Xanadu, but she is not that much of a social butterfly (wait does Pern have those?). Then she was gone for a while, and busy with lessons, and then impressed and then gone again and well you get the picture. A curious glance is sent to the voice and she blinks before offering a smile and nods. "Cielo right?" Haha she knows your name! Sorry bucko she is also a AWLM so OF course she would know his name. Another brush of her hands is done to get stuffs off before offering to shake Cielo's all polite like. "Nailii, and that's Talanoath over there." This said while Talanoath lowers his head and sends a curious look towards Cielo before arching his neck closer so he can snifffff at the person in question. "Don't mind him; he was dropped on his head repeatedly as a hatchling." Lie but she'll go with it. Talanoath rolls his eyes, well it at least looks that way as his attention turns towards another and a warble of a sound is sent to D'lei along with a greening back to Garouth that is rather misty like with a few twinkling stars. "Ever helped clean and restock the herbal jars?" Nailii questions with an amused tone to Cielo, as for D'lei she doesn't know he is sneaking around right yet.

The young dragonhealer smiles and accepts the hand to squeeze. Such enthusiasm! Maybe Xanadu WILL have a social butterfly one of these daysthough for now he's just a little too subdued. "That I am. It's nice to finally get to meet you!" You see a name around enough, hear one long enough, and it just sort of sticks. Talanoath he knows less as well, though the sniiifffing and attention makes him laugh just a little. Lean in close and he smells, uh, like freshly bathed candidate. Low key comfort and fondness abound in this guy. "Reallly?" He wonders, glancing between dragon and healer-rider with a faint, if playful accusation. If he WAS dropped, then who was doing the dropping? But then he's back in place and considering the jars. "Mmhm. That, cleaning up, and helping hold the occasional wing." A little bit of beginner diagnosis. He's still a little apprenticewell, grade 1—which means he's QUITE useful for menial little tasks. Likewise, he hasn't quiiite noticed D'lei yet…

D'lei is very sneaky, he is. Or at least, he's not screaming and flailing, so he's not exactly the first priority for an infirmary! Unlike dragons who have been dropped on their heads. But! D'lei waves to Talanoath, then pauses for a moment, peering closer at a green dragon with a bandaged snout before he looks to Talanoath - "Is that Lesleth still here?" he asks the brown. "I though she was doing better." Sure, he could try to find Nailii to ask her, but there's shelves and things in the way, and Talanoath is much more obvious. So he's just going to go with that!

Nailii will refuses such butterflies! "Nice to meet you as well." There is a slight pause and she peers at Cielo as he sounded rather happy with that and now she is wondering what has been told. She chuckles and grins to Talanoath. "Naw, course he wasn't dropped on his head. He would never let me forget it IF that happened." She does spot D'lei now, sorry you're not THAT sneaky at the moment, a wave is sent his way before she hums and looks back to the jars. "Well not a bad start in things. What grade are you then?" She might know but wants to see what all Cielo says it seems. A finger is pointed to two brown jars. "We need to make up new batches of cat's paw too." Which is a flowery herb of sometype. Talanoath looks towards the green in question, who is sleeping for the moment. « Has a possible abscess in a tooth, not sure if it was broken during the initial incident but they may have to pull the tooth. In other words it doesn't feel great and as it was late they will start fresh in the morning to let her rest. »

Cielo gives a little smile up as if to say, yeah, he's just playing along. And what has he heard? Little, honestly. Not particularly known as a people person until… late. A strange, strange thing. "A long memory onnim then, yes… I'll have to be on my best behavior." When question, he looks to his fingertips as if to count but it doesn't take much. "Barely more'n a turn I got in here." Let's not talk about the failed Harper thing. "So, first and eager to learn. If the wery'll have me here I was planning on staying a good long time." Even if.. things take some unexpected changes. Cielo sees the wave, follows it, sees D'lei and is torn between the salute and the duck-away so it turns into an awkward dance as he goes to find those very very important jars. "I'm trying to learn as much as I can, but.. there's a lot of it." But putting together an herbal remedy? He can do that, yes.

He's found out! Gasp. D'lei waves back to Nailii - and bestows a grin on awkward-dancing Cielo - but his expression turns more serious again as he hears Talanoath's answer. He nods, a small frown as he does, then one corner of his mouth tugs up. "Well. That'd explain it, for sure… I must have heard in the part when she thought it was just residual sore." As opposed to an abcessish sort of problem getting worse and needing further attention! "Thanks." Now he knows! And knowing is… often useful for making better decisions. D'lei makes his way on from there, a few more glances to dragons sleeping off their ills before he ends himself up right by that herb-work where Nailii and Cielo are. "It's time for tea, right?" he asks, and makes a gesture to the jars assembled. "You've got a new brew to enthrall and excite us…"

"Actually Talanoath has a rather good memory for a dragon. Always had, which can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time." Nailii offers with a slight shake of her head. "Just bring the jars on back when you find them." Oh she remembers doing this, it is interesting being on /this/ side of the table! "How are you liking it so far, the lessons and such?" She goes about brushing a bit of things off the table and find a clean bowl. Hearing D'lei a she is soon grinning. "Oh I could give you something to make you sleep, or perhaps one with enough of something to make you itch?" She MAY be joking about that bit. Talanoath rumble a bit and soon nods. « Very welcome. Though if it was a good enough issue and hurt the root could cause the issues. » Look who's a dentist now.

"I think that is more of a good thing than a bad thing," Cielo remarks, nodding. "It's… a reliable one. And the lessons are wonderful!" Are they? Are they really. I mean, great teachers and all, but study is still study. "I just feel at home here." He nods, nods, dips to D'lei with UTTER GUILT for disappearing AGAIN from viewif just for a few momentsback to find the Cat's Paw. Who reorganized this recently? Was he out of the hall for THAT long? There's a soft clank and shift of glass on wood here and there as he peers back once in a while. "… you could probably do something with the Valerian back here. Definitely a sleepy time tea though."

"I dunno, does it give me red spots to go with the itching?" D'lei asks Nailii with a returned grin. "I'm never going to convince the healers to let me off work if I don't have a visible rash…" And never mind that he doesn't have to justify leaving work to anyone except his own self (and his weyrmate), that's beside the point entirely! He tilts his head back to Talanoath, and hmms slightly before giving a nod. "Well, worst case… at least she has other teeth." Okay, so actual worst case is an un-dealt-with infection, but D'lei has trust in the dragonhealers here! Though… "Hmm. I'm not entirely sure I need that much sleepy…" he says to Cielo, then grins. "Well, not unless it'll make everyone sleep through the night."

Nailii ahs softly and is soon grinning. "Well if not I'll give your kids red pens and they can help with that department? Have to have proof after all!" That would be rather amusing sight, D'lei at the healers with all this red /bumps/ that are flat and interestingly shaped as well. Talanoath lets his head nod once agreeing with other teeth comment it seems. "I can help with the lessons if you need any help with them." She most likely still has her notes over everything as well knowing how she keeps papers and books. As for the jars, the firelizards move them around of course. With the jars found she moves to open one peering inside before nodding and smiles to Cielo at the idea of the valerian root. "Would for certain help, though I do suggest putting sugar in the tea, it can taste bitter." Of course she knows what some of the stuff tastes like, she makes a lot of the stuff here after all. "As for everyone else it might help, just depends on the person."

Cielo listens quietly, a half smile on his face. He almost forgets his urge to beg D'iel a word in private—a word that can wait. Yes, yes, bury that urge deep once more. There are roots and leaves and even the smell of these is pretty soothing. "Really? I'd be grateful! Though the best I can do I think is give a helping hand whenever I can." Keep some of those more tedious chores at bay, and learn wit and well. And for D'lei's concern-slash-interest, he smiles back. "It's really a matter of dosage. A quick steep and a bit of sugar and honey, it's mostly a soothing effect. Sedative wouldn't kick in without a stronger dosage." This the same one who kind of noodle-armed half of his lessons these few weeks? "U-unless you mean EVERYONE everyone. I'm.. not sure we have anything with Weyr-wide effects…" A glance over his shoulder, just in case?

D'lei laughs to Nailii. "Kid-scribble pox, the deadliest of ills!" He'd probably end up covered in pictures of dragons and childish attempts at writing their names, which… okay, is maybe not the most convincing when it comes to illnesses, but could at least provide him an excuse for getting out of formal meetings. He hehs at the suggestions of how to use that valerian, though… "Honestly, I'd rather know when someone's getting up. Just sleeping through it… well. Who knows what could happen?" He shrugs, then gives a wry smile. "Still worth keeping in mind, though. There've been times it would have been useful… though I don't actually intend to drug all of Xanadu." He grins to Cielo. "If they want it, they'll have to come here themselves and get it."

Nailii g:goes about pulling down a few more jars that are all named and is setting them down few a few bowls upon the table. "Of course, someone had to help me when I was there like you so everyone tires too help everyone else when able and depending on the situation of course." A grin is sent back to D'lei. "There is only a few things that could have possible weyr-side effects, though none would cause kid pox." As for what could 'take' control of a weyr it may not take that long to figure out. She looks back to Cielo and points to the jars she has been down. "What we need to do it dump everything out and see if it is still fresh. Make sure the jars are good and clean before putting anything back into them." Fun times right? As for herself she plans on helping but she needs to go gather a few other things it seems. "An? just drug the klah and your good to go." She offers with a innocent tone before she is heading to another room for things.

Cielo doesn't have the heart to tell his Weyrleader it'd be about as effective as drugging the whole Weyr with chamomile. Unless… it could be refined? No, he isn't going to spend any more mental energy on that because the exact ratio is far less interesting than this particular visit. "I've heard that a particularly good baker can impact the entire group, too," though a widespread sugar rush isn't necessarily desired either. He nods, listening to instructions. A soft laughhe'd totally get nailed on the Klah, tooand gives a little headbob before Nailii moves to another room. There's a few awkward moments where he almost looks up, between opening jars and spreading out the herbs on sterile areas. Then sl-o-o-w-ly… "Can I… be honest with you about something?" There's probably not going to be a better opportunity.

"Probably for the best," D'lei agrees to Nailii. "I'm not sure we have the medical resources for a serious kid-pox outbreak. We'd be running dangerously low on soap… and all the towels would be stained pink." Will no one think of the towels? He laughs a bit as he listens to the healers discuss the best ways to drug everyone - this is why you don't offend them, people - before nodding to Nailii as she slips off. D'lei turns his head back to see Cielo, with a curious tilt of it and a questioning look. "Well," he says, and one corner of his mouth twitches up. "I can promise I'll do my best not to be offended or hold it against you, if that's what you're asking."

More quiet laughter. Kids really are something of a joy, even hypothetical ones! It's just a vibe he gets from D'lei and his weyrmate particularly. He puts his hands up as if in advanced apology, and a single dried bundle falls to the table with a *paff.* He quickly sorts it with its other medical-fresh cousins. "I hope I won't offend, but…" It may be inevitable. Ever eager for distraction, he pushes the habit away and lets the work wait a moment as those chocolatey eyes peer up. "It's just, everything feels a bit odd. Ever since the touching, I was afraid. And ashamed of being afraid." Not that it's a big secret. Apparently the whole barracks was chattering about his little breakdown on the sands at some point or another. "It's just, I know I'm not the only one. There are moments where I can't tell what anyone is thinking and I know I'm not entitled to that but—" BREATHE, CIELO. He brushes a bit of hair out of his face and sighs. What is he trying to ask. "…Are we right to be nervous? Are we doing this right?"

D'lei nods, his smile a gentle one - patient, but also curious, and waiting to see just what… ah. There's a fragment of comprehension, just as Cielo starts, and more pieces that slot in, one at a time, until he finally gives a slow nod, his expression one that still has the softness around eyes, but a mouth that's drawn back to neutral. "It's okay to be scared," D'lei says, his own amber eyes earnest and his expression gentle. "It… dragons are huge." And he doesn't just mean physically! "You can get lost in there, and come out the other side wondering… who you even are." His chin tucks down, his lips curve slightly up. "Some people run from that, some people try to ignore it… and some people stare at it, and try to understand."

Cielo's wincing fades when he's NOT greeted with any kind of terrible reprisal, and he gives a slow and understanding nod. "I had heard many account of what it is like, and yet…" A hand touches to his arm, feeling about as if on some phantom injury. "It hurt. And for every dragon that would lose us, another would show us exactly. Who. We are." There's no regret in his voice, at the very least, before those lidded eyes open and turn up again to meet with a slight smile. "I want to go forward, do more than look. I just want to… make sure I do it right." Well-intentioned, if a bit naive. "Make sure I don't get to the end and think, 'if only I'd asked the right questions.'"

There's a slight twitch of the lips for before-heard tales, and then a nod. D'lei tilts his head, a listening posture - and then a shift down of eyes to see Cielo's arm, another nod and a faint smile… and there his gaze remains for a while, finally shifting up as Cielo finishes. "Well," D'lei says, and then he shifts, moving around the table to the chair Nailii was using. She can kick him off, when she gets back, but for now… he's going to borrow it. "What do you think it means, to do it right?" His tone is earnest, a real question, and there's no judgment in his gaze. "Or," D'lei adds after a moment, with just a bit of wry humour, "If it's easier, what would it mean to do it wrong?"

SCANDAL. Cielo won't tattle though. He smiles in a conspiratory way before disposing of the expired herbs, a quick gesture that he can do before pausing again. "I thought I knew what it meant to do it right. To be without doubt, to go in with pure confidence and acceptance." Like Teinon. Cielo was a little jealous of his fervor, but there's a thorn in it. "But being without doubt means… not acknowledging how much is unknown. To ignore hazards at your peril, and theirs." He leans in against the table a little bit. "To do it wrong… maybe to do it purely for your own sake. Or to stand because you were expected to, and for no other reason." Again he closes his eyes, knits fingers and thinks far to the sands. "But is it? If someone like that were to stand, and be chosen, and impress… are they wrong? Or are they what that dragon needed?"

There's a soft smile for the idea of that fervor, a nod as Cielo marks the challenge in it. D'lei traces his fingers along the edge of the table, leans in slightly as he looks to Cielo's own closed eyes, listens to him… then hehs, a slight smile and a duck of his chin. "Or, to put it another way, like some of your fellow candidates seem to be doing." His smile is a wry one, like a not-actually-funny joke being shared, and then D'lei sits up straight again. "The worst thing, I think, would be to go through it trying to be someone that you aren't." The smile's gone, though the earnest remains. "We don't know what makes a dragon decide. I've seen it turn out well. I've been it turn out awful. I couldn't have told you which it would be, knowing the candidate before." A bit of a shrug, with a faint grimace to go with. It'd be so much easier if there were a checklist!

At least, at the very hard end of it, is another giggle. Cielo rubs at the bridge of his nose and sighs. "I'm sure it will not turn out awful." Ah, let's get some of that fervor and blind optimism in there for the better part. "I am not many things that are expected, I think, but I am… willing to try. I am trusting Garouth's intuition, here." If not intuition, then… something. "I think the power of those expectations can be overwhelming. And… the idea that things could go 'awful' is even worse." Fingers graze back up his arm. "But it doesn't make me want this any less. I won't let you, or Garouth, or any of you regret giving me this."

Can D'lei bottle up that optimism? He could maybe use it later! As it is, that just gets a smile, the sort that the elder so often give to that younger enthusiasm. He head-tilts, more serious but listening as Cielo talks bout what's expected, then smiling faintly at the mention of Garouth before giving a nod. "If it helps… almost every rider is happy with their dragon." Okay, yes, there's an almost in there, but still. "The ones that go awful are usually more about the people around them. I know pairings that are reckless, or manipulative, or cruel… but they still loved each other." He gives a wry smile. "What Garouth sees is… it's like he's listening to untrained singers, and picking ones that might be harpers." As what D'lei thinks is a random example. "Some of them will be. Others won't have the finger-dexterity, or their voice will change ugly, or… they'll just decide they love a different craft instead." D'lei shrugs, just a bit. "Garouth won't be upset. Not as long as you keep on trying for something, whatever it is." D'lei smiles, small but warm. "Neither will I."

The harper metaphor hits ESPECIALLY close to home for Cielo, though this time around he laughs it off. "I was ~thoroughly~ thrown out of the harper halls for my crimes against harmony." This bears mentioning, even if he WAS a teen and maybe that is quite possibly one of the worst times for certain musical inclinations. "It helps a lot," he says. "I love these halls, I love the dragons" yes all of them WHY CANT HE HOLD ALL OF THESE DRAGONS "…and if I am lucky, I will love like that." No matter what way that fortune turns. Somewhere, his hands moving on his own as he grows comfortable, there's a cleaned and stuffed jar. "Thank you, D'lei. I wish I could put the other candidates to ease, but some are.. not so much with words."

D'lei laughs at the joke Cielo makes of his unharpering, though it's the sort with a side of sympathy, and he nods with a smile that's warm. "Whether you impress or not… there are dragons who'll be glad for you." D'lei gestures to the infirmary around, and those patients on their couches… then leans in closer. "Nailii talked to the dragons even before she impressed, you know." Actually, Cielo probably didn't, but… now he does! "Didn't matter if they'd talk back to her or not. She'd still say hi and talk to every one of them." And hey, it worked out for her and Talanoath, didn't it? D'lei smiles to the thanks, though it twitches wry at the end. "You're welcome," he says. That part's simple, at least! As for the rest… "I'm not sure some of them know how." His expression's somewhere between wry smile and grimace, with a weight of thoughts behind the words. "To be at ease, I mean."

Continuing to be the absolute most sappiest sap ever, Cielo nods, a softer smile in his eyes. "I am at ease because we are here, and mostly alone, and we are outnumbered by dragons. They'll.. have their own place, I think." And he did not know of Naili's habits! But now he does, and that automatically makes him like his senior dragonhealer all the more. "I'm glad. It seems strange not to do so. Tending to the body is one thing, but we're as much in need of spiritual care, too. Not that.. too many dragons would feel comfort in some Weyrling pestering them." Finally, a little nod. "As long as they are healthy and loved, I will be content, I think. Of most candidates I've met, I can at least say that they care.."

Dragon eyes are watching! D'lei smiles, listening to Cielo, watching him… getting that second-hand sense of glow, and basking in and appreciating it. He nods, and… "They're people, same as we are," D'lei says, then grins. "More wings, admittedly, but besides that." Such insignificant little details! WHich… is half a joke, and half genuine, because all those thoughts and feelings and personalities and people-nesses are what really matter. The grin softens to a fond smile, then… slips off as D'lei ducks his chin. "Are there candidates you've met that… worry you?"

Dragon eyes feel nice. In a sort of way that human-eyes don't so much. But Cielo is just Weird Like That. "Mm. We'll see about that, once Garouth gets a look at my costume next year." Cielo smiles. If he can hold onto a brick joke for long enough. "They are though, yes. With a need of much bigger nests than us, I admit." Cielo is Reminded of Something which makes him smile off, and ponder, and the question catches him a little off guard. He looks back and gives a gentle shake of his head. "Not… not really. I mean, one or two can be right proper jerks. But no psychosis, no unsettling secrets that would give me serious reservations." A pause. "I've heard vague rumors about Kaellian. But rumors are nasty and unreliable things. I haven't met the man enough to say for myself, though." The dragonhealer gives a little shrug. Appropriateness as a candidate is one thing, but… danger-worry? It hasn't ticked his radar yet.

D'lei laughs, with a glance to the side where nobody in particular is. "Make sure the cliffs you test them with are the ones without sharp rocks at the bottom. Juuust in case." He grins, then gives another nod and… "Heh. I've seen hatchlings try to sleep on their rider's bed. It's just fine, the first night!" ….once the dragon's bigger than the bed, though? Not so much. D'lei listens with a more somber interest as Cielo makes his assessment of the other candidates, nodding to what he says. "There will always be rumors," he acknowledges with a slight quirk of lips. "True or not, they're never the whole story."

"Oh? Has… someone tried that before?" Cielo asks, completely without accusation. He's just not got the snark in his bones for that. Once the dragon is bigger than the bed, though, they can BE the bed. Or the pillow. "I've thought about alternate sleeping arrangements anyway. Not that I have any lack of love for the barracks arrangements." Or his habit of keeping up one friend or another with little whispers. "No, they're not. To get someone's whole story, you practically have to pry it right out of their head. And that's a thing beyond most of us." Probably a bad idea to begin with. He looks up, searching D'lei. "Oh, I wish I could offer better insight, really…"

"Nobody's gotten hurt," D'lei replies, which is not exactly the answer but… also pretty much is. "Or succeeded, either." He grins, then nods. "We're not doing the barracks-length mattress, though. D'merial already asked." Because of course he did. As for prying people's stories out of their heads… "Heh." D'lei reaches up, takes a handful of hair to give a tug… then gives his head a shake. "Beyond me, for sure." He smiles, waving away the regrets. "It's fine. The dragons will choose. They always do." And hey, Pern hasn't collapsed in fire and flames! At least, not yet.

"That's a relief. Honestly, I think everything will be much clearer on the other side. After the impression." A lot less unknown, or at least, a lot better idea of what comes next. Even if that is wild and broad. "Oh man. How many could you fit on that? Well, keeping it clean would be a nightmare, so I'll let it go this time…" He twists a bit of his own hair into a curl and nods. "As you say. Everything'll be fine. Ahh…" His eyes widen and he jolts up a bit. "Tea. You mentioned tea. Did you actually want tea? I know there's a kettle in the back somewhere."

"It will," D'lei agrees. "Right now, you don't know where you'll be in six months, whether it's here or there." A gesture in vaguely the direction of the weyrling barracks, out on the other side of the sands. "Once you know that… the rest is just doing it!" So simple, he makes it sound! There's a grin for that giant bed that won't be happening, and then… a shrug. "I mean, I'd probably take a cup if someone was already making it, but I'm fine without."

"It'll be nice when that's all settled." Cielo smiles. Because, yes, getting past one big fork in the road means the rest of life will be cozy and predictable. Like, ever. Finally, though, he pops a jar shut, slides it back onto a shelf, and nods. Makes a soft *hff* sound that could be easily mistaken for an indignant cat. "If this annex is ever thought of anything less than insistently hospitable, I will eat the barracks-bed. Please, excuse me just a moment." It shouldn't be far; just for a kettle, cups and leaves to put on. And it gives a few moments relief from his incessant chatter.

All the big questions of life arrive in neat packages symbolized by pieces of string! It's just how the universe works, it is. D'lei laughs at Cielo's insistence, and makes a gracious gesture. "If it saves the barracks-bed -" that doesn't exist "- how can I refuse?" This kind of hospitality from healers is much better than the sort where they try to confine him to a bed in the infirmary! Not that the dragonhealers would confine D'lei here in the first place, but even so. Neither he nor Garouth is required to stay overnight - or even to drink anything nasty, unless those leaves turn out to be rather different than what D'lei expects. Which, well, the universe certainly never makes things turn out differently than they're expected, either, but at least in this case it's pretty likely that the tea is, in fact, tea. And there will probably even be time for some of it to be drunk! …probably. It's been suspiciously long that Nailii's been back there, so there might be something else unexpected rearing its head!

"That right there is the wisdom we all count on," Cielo praises, and dips his head. Certainly the months to come would be difficult, no matter what happened, but the Weyr is just so darn supportive. Even the ones with a personality like the wrong side of a porcupine, in their own weird ways. Rest assured, though, Cielo would not be looking to valerian or anything with too many -worts. Mild, herbal… it's probably not good to go for anything too sedative OR that would keep the weyrleader up all night. Still, it feels like a moment or two is missed before he comes hurrying back with steaming cups and settles them down. "Ah. Sorry. Nailii needs an extra set of hands right quick." Surely it would not be too long and then they could ALL avail to whatever the heck the junior healer had put up. Yes.

Tea! And conversa… not so -tion. D'lei hehs, with an understanding nod and another of those encouraging gestures. "Of course, of course. I know better than to get in the way." A lie, but he's at least capable of doing it this time, staying where he is and sipping tea until… well, okay, until it turns out he has to go because that minor issue turned into a significantly more complicated one while not being so major that even the non-dragonhealers are conscripted to help. Still, at least the tea's herbal, so the remaining cups will probably just be cold and strong, not astringent enough to be confused with the medical supplies.

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