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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Midday and there is no denying that it is full blown Winter at Xanadu Weyr. Thankfully the big cutting table for preparing dragon worthy bites of meat takes up a portion of the barracks. Moncerath is currently sleeping off her earlier energetic spurt of playful exploration, as are alot of the other younger dragons. It's is mostly the younger pairs remaining inside, the older weyrlings being off at their own lessons or excercises. Minimur is supervising Kera's work, occassionally sampling a few smaller bits that are too small for a dragon to really notice. When two buckets are full, Kera cleans up the area before not quite dragging them towards Moncerath's couch. In no way does she expect her young lifemate to eat it all, but it never hurts to have food ready on hand when other young ones wake.

Kairoikyriath is curled up on her couch half-asleep, listening drowsily as Innes reads aloud to her. The girl in question leans up against the gold's pale side, a book in her hands as she softly regales the young dragon with whatever lies between the pages. She looks a bit drowsy herself, with her head tilted to the side, propped up just enough by Kairoikyriath's body to allow her to see what she's reading. Kera's passing receives a lazy wave, as well as a curious glance from the gold. Is that food? She stretches over the cot as best she can without disturbing her rider too much, sniffing in Kera's direction. That's definitely food.

Kera purposely settled Moncerath in a couch by both Innes and Bowyn, no need to be yelling across the barracks that way. Nodding to Innes when she walks by, smiling as she reads to Kairo and pretty much everyone within reach of her voice. Setting the buckets down between the two couches, pulling one closer to Moncerath's as she eases down to sit on the edge, hand reaching out to rub gently along the green's eye ridges. Gesturing with her free hand as she speaks softly, mindful of sleeping dragons "I cut up extra, probably not near enough to fill her belly, but enough to put something in there while ya prepare more." Moncerath's head shifts marginally before lifting her muzzle, then her maul opens into a wide open lazy yawn. This of coarse is accompanied by a slow full body stretch that wraps up with a twitchy flutter of wings and the tip of her spaded tail. Kera grins in amusement, never having seen anything cuter and leans against the green's side for a few seconds. Now then hungry young one to feed. Reaching over, she's flicking through a couple of meat bits then offering them to the snuffling snout. "Careful, remember what happen last night." This to her young lifemate of coarse, not to Innes.

"She's not getting any more," Innes explains with a little poke to the gold's belly. This gets a sharp look and a huff from Kairoikyriath, who doesn't seem to think much of such an indignity. "She ate not too long ago, she doesn't need more." There's a short-lived staring contest between the pair, punctuated by a few firm no's from Innes, and culminating in the redhead throwing her hands up in frustration. "You're not getting more out of me, you're not stealing Moncerath's supply, so I don't know what you think you're going to do." And then, just to drive the point home, she gets to her feet and straddles the young dragon who seems to think she's going to go hunting for herself. She's careful with her weight and placement, and while Kairoikyriath could probably throw her off, so far this seems to be doing the trick. "What happened last night?" she asks Kera as though nothing had just happened. "Did she eat too fast?"

Kera hadn't intended to cause a disturbance in the force between Innes and Kairo, but it seems that's just what she's done. While she chooses bits of meat at a 'too slow' pace for Moncerath's liking, she continues none the less forcing a measured pace to the young green's feeding. Nodding to Innes as she casually leans over and tugs the other prepared meat bucket to the other side of Moncerath's couch. Out of Kairo's sight, out of Kairo's mind right? "A little bit yea. Tried eating two peices at once I think. A little bit of a mess to clean up, but it didn't affect her appetite." More bloody bits are doled out to the hungry green, who cants her muzzle to peer steadily at her weyrling, causing a little smirk and affectionate leans against the green's side from Kera. Peering back to the goldling pair, "So, is the reading for your benefit or Kairo's?"

Innes' lips curl in a smirk as she stands there partially astride Kairoikyriath's back. It's not the most comfortable of positions, but for the moment it's keeping the young gold from attempting an escape. "Better take it easy, Moncerath. You don't want to worry poor Kera too much." She grins and then glances down at the gold dragon beneath her, canting her head and listening to the voice only she can hear. After a moment, her eyes narrow and she gives a slight nod of her head. There seems to be a general consensus between them, because Innes slips off of Kairo's side and back to her former position leaning against the gold. "It's for both of us," she answers, "it keeps her sort of occupied, and it keeps me from having to have adventures in the snow."

Kera watches the pair, managing to not chuckle as Innes climbs over the queenling to keep the growing young one down. Nodding to her friend's reasoning, she seems to consider as Moncerath slows down now that the majority of the bucket is gone. "Maybe I should read my Healer manuals to Moncerath." With a grin, she tilts her gaze to her dragonmate. "But that might incite her to seek out new hiding spots as an excuse to not be bored." Moncerath pauses in her munching for a not too dainty burping belch in the very near area of Kera's face "Eww Mon, that wasn't very nice, or pleasant to smell." She's already fanning the bad air away and nudging the bucket out of the side. The green spends a few minutes alternating between grooming and burping from her meal. Feeding done, Kera gets to her feet already grabbing what she needs for the next thing on the young green's todo list: Reoiling. Coming back she smiles to Innes and Kairo with a curious lift to her brow. "Have you run into any problem with Kairo's feeding's?"

Innes laughs, leaning her head back against Kairoikyriath's side and trying to get comfortable again. "You don't want that, especially in this weather. That's why I'm trying to keep Kairo busy." And not let the gold in on the fascinating thing that is snow, lest Innes end up stuck outside for hours with the curious young dragon. "Atta girl, Moncerath," she calls out at the green's belching. She's never much help when it comes to manners, after all. She reaches out to grab the book that was dropped when she half-climbed astride Kairoikyriath, carefully straightening a bent page before setting it aside. While they'll never be enough for the young gold, books at least keep her temporarily occupied. For now. "Sometimes she tries to eat too fast. Or too much. I just have to be careful about it."

Kera sends a mock glare to Innes over her encouraging bad manners in her dragonmate "Oh cut that out you. I bet you would find it amusing if all the dragons burped and belched their way through the graduation we'll have one day, wouldn't you." Sticking her tongue out at Innes, she cracks into a grin and and starts smearing oil generously over Moncerath's hide. Her efforts concentrate on where the green seems to be itching the most for the moment, the young dragon's head and wings drooping as she enjoys the attention from her weyrling healer. Kera's attention drifts between Moncerath and Innes settled by Kairo. Minimur flutters over from where he was half dozing after hiw own meal and chitters happily to his newest family member and the gold pair. The brown jumps right in as he 'helps' oil Moncerath. "What were you reading to her anyway? Something new I've not had a chance to see yet maybe?"

"Of course I would," Innes answers in a tone that says it ought to have been painfully obvious. "As long as Kairo isn't doing it, I'll be happy." The gold snorts at this, and whatever short exchange exists between them has Innes rolling her eyes. Her gaze shifts to to Moncerath and the little brown firelizard, watching in bemusement at the brown's antics. "Oh, just something someone wrote about their travels. It keeps her engaged, for now." It also inspires the young gold to seek out new adventures, but that's something Innes can hopefully keep quelled until the weather is slightly less snowy. "So Moncerath likes hiding?"

Kera rolls her eyes at Innes, refraining from making a face this time as she returns her attention back to Moncerath. Having smeared oil over the itchy spots, her efforts go back to the green's ridgey head. Gentle swipes of her fingers rub along delicate features and works it into the hide in little circles. The brown lizard churls happily as he 'helps', by rubbing his paws and cheek along the smooth hide. Moncerath swivels her head around, snuffling the small brown with a gentle nuzzle before stretch her neck out again. Kera nods "Can I read it when ya finish, or do you have to return it?" A brow arched as she dips more oil and starts slathering it on and working it in. Grinning over the inquiry of a game her dragonmate likes, the weyrling healer chuckles. "Yea, she likes to play. Of coarse, she thinks that her first hiding spot, her shell, was a good one, she thought it was a little cramped." Kera laughs at that as Moncerath shuffles around on the couch, allowing better access to her overlarge wings. "Eager to see what spots she can find in the 'white stuff' as she calls it." smoothing more oil over the wingsails, she thinks for a moment "Won't reading to her of adventures just make her that much more eager and restless?" She's referring to Kairo of coarse.

c-rus had recieved a letter from V'dim indicating that he could go visit the new weyrlings. Some of them he has met and some of them he has never even laid eyes on. There is one in particular that he is anxious to see. He makes his way into the cavern and takes a gander at it. It doesn't look remarkably different from many of the other caverns about the weyr, but it is seeing something new. He doesn't get out of the infirmary much. Never was the social type anyway. He does, however, spot Innes, Kera, Moncerath, Kairo, and the amazing, astounding..Minimur, "Hello." he says to make his presence known. Not wanting to barge in unannouced, though really thats what he is doing. Hey..he has permission and everything!

Innes shoves the book toward the edge of the couch, in Kera's direction. "You're welcome to it, it's one of mine," she offers. They're at a pause in the reading, after all, and who knows if it will hold Kairoikyriath's interest the next time she makes an attempt to keep the gold occupied. "The shell was a good one. We didn't even know what color she'd be. She peaked so young," she jokes with a grin. The idea of oiling is starting to seem like a good one, but Kairoikyriath seems so calm and close to sleep that Innes is loathe to rouse her again. "It will, eventually, yeah. But for now it's working." Her gaze lifts, brows arching with surprise as Cyrus makes his way into the barracks. "Can we help you?"

Kera smiles as the book is offered up quickly. "Thanks. I'll try not to smudge it too horribly." With an amsued wink, she wiggle oily fingers towards the book in a threatening manner before returning to swiping oil over the azure sails of her green dragonmate. A broad grins slips over her features and she nods agreeably "All the eggs were pretty, though I admit I thought a few were more eye catching than others." An affectionately rub to the green muzzle extending towards her "Yes Moncerath, yours was one of the prettiest to me." After the little reassurance to her attention is caught by the greeting, but Innes is quicker to spot the visitor. When the WeyrHealer is spotted, she waves and oily rag enthusiastically "G'afternoon Journeyman Cyrus!" Wincing quickly and looking around to the slumbering young dragons further along the line of couches. An appologetic shrug offered before waving Cyrus closer, gesturing towards her cot if a seat is wanted. "Moncerath, this is Journeyman Cyrus." The young green wuffles and extends her muzzle towards the older healer and snuffles, perhaps a greeting.

Cyrus makes his way further into the barracks and looks between Innes, Kera and the dragons. It seems that everyone is getting comfy for the evening. Which is good. This doesn't have to be a big crowded event, "Actually I was about to ask you the same question. I recieved a letter from V'dim and it invited me to come over and check on you all and see how things were going." he says to Innes in answer to her question before giving most of his attention back to Kera, "Hello." he says to the dragon. Even if he doesn't particularly like them there is no reason to be impolite…at least at the moment, "So…" he says. Not really sure how to begin. He isn't particularly pleased and is doing his absolute best not to let it show.

Kairoikyriath lifts her head curiously as her rider's attention shifts to the doorway, surveying the new arrival with a lazily whirling gaze. Innes' evident suspicion of the Weyrhealer is reflected in the way the gold stares hard at him, only settling her head down upon her couch again when her rider places a gentle hand upon her hide. "Journeyman Cyrus?" Seeing as Kera seems to know him, Innes gives him the benefit of the doubt for the moment. "What are you here to check on us all about?" she questions, gaze narrowing slightly. "They're in perfectly good health." Her hand strokes over Kairoikyriath's pale hide, doing her best not to allow her suspicion regarding a healer's inspection to unsettle the young gold.

Kera swings her gaze around to Cyrus and Innes frequently as she continues her tsk, finishing the overlarge wings and resuming her way along the green's hide. Moncerath bobbles her head a couple of times as she watches the new person curiously. Innes's tone towards the weyrhealer gets a little frown, but lets it go for now, instead flashing a smile to the Journeyman but does nod agreeably with the goldling. "There was a little issue with Moncerath trying to eat too fast, thankfully, she's had no other issues." Her head cants at the mindhealer "But I don't think that's what you are inquiring about is it sir?" Pausing in her work, and glancing to Innes and Kairo a couple of seconds before easing down to the edge of Moncerath's couch. She's almost done with her oiling, just a few…more…swipes…done.

Cyrus is perfectly used to suspicion, it goes with the territory. So Inne's and the dragons doesn't really bother him all that much, "It isn't the dragons that I'm here to check on. The letter specified that you mind melds with the dragons are new and that I'm to make sure that they are progressing in a manner that is healthy and right." he says as he manages to spit those words out. He, personally, doesn't think a mind meld with a dragon could ever be healthy or right. The time of dragons, in his mind, has long outlived its usefulness. It is a tradition that should have fallen by the wayside long ago and been forgotten, "You are right Kera. I'm here to check on you."

Innes cants her head, her gaze narrowing further as Cyrus explains his true purpose. She liked it better when she thought that he was merely here to inspect the dragons physically. "How would you know if it's healthy or right?" she questions, keeping a cautious reign on her tone. Although Kairoikyriath hasn't moved from her reclined position, she keeps one whirling eye carefully fixed on Cyrus, prepared at any moment to act on her rider's uneasy mood. "I don't need someone to check up on my mind. We're fine."

Kera works to retain her smile as Innes doesn't have the most welcome of tones towards the Journeyhealer. Flashing a quick look of annoyance to her friend, before turning her gaze back to Cyrus. Considering the journeyman's words a few seconds while wiping excess oil from her hands and chuckling. "Well, I guess it has been about a turn since my last mental inquiry." A quick gesture is sent around the barracks "I'm probably more up to date than my fellow weyrlings though, who you probably wish to speak with as well?" A curious lift of her brow to Cyrus before going on "But I don't mind being the one to get the ball rolling, maybe it will put the other weyrlings at ease." Moncerath isn't sending any unease from her weyrling towards the visitor, so doesn't make a display of herself. The young green merely spends a few circuits of her couch getting comfortable. She's just fed and freshly oiled, what's a young dragonet to do but enjoy a nice little snooze. Peering to the goldling and her dragonmate, Kera smirks "Or if you wish, you can chat with Journeyman Cyrus first." But really, there is no reason the Mindhealer couldn't already be making his accessment of their mentalities.

Cyrus is indeed already working, more or less anyway. He can tell, obviously, that Innes is a bit wary. If this is a change in her behavior he would have no idea. Though having an adverse reaction to someone wanting to poke around in your mind is probably healthy enough, "So you're fine then? No changes in behavior?" he asks Innes. Not that she would be aware of them if they they were necessarily. He'll just have to make his best guess if she doesn't want to have a chat about things. Cyrus knows Kera will want to have a chat, so he isn't concerned about that in the least. He offers something like a sigh though. Why did she have to do this? She would have been much better off had she stayed in the infirmary and focused on her studies.

Innes curls up against Kairoikyriath's side, still watching Cyrus, but attempting to do so only out of the edge of her vision. It's much better to ignore him. It keeps her from getting too irritated with the who situation. Any glances she picks up from Kera are ignored; while she recognizes that her fellow weyrling knows the man fairly well, it plays no role in her opinion on the situation. She's still uncomfortable, which would make her lash out were it not for the gold dragon at her side. "No changes in behavior," she confirms, waving the idea away with one hand. "We're very similar. There's not much to change."

Kera leans lightly against Moncerath's side as the green rest her chin daintily on her crossed paws, faceted eyes watch her clutchmate and weyrling in the next couch as they chat with Cyrus. Minimur is working of falling asleep, tucked half under the green's wing. Knowing how the Journeyman works after working quite a few duty shifts as his assistant, she follows along with the logic of his questions. Canting her attention, she thinks about Innes's respnses, either nodding agreeably or disagreeably. Ocassionally a headshake, snort or even an eye roll will express her further observations. Otherwise, she'll remain quiet for the time, simply smiling innocently if Innes were to look towards the greenlings.

Cyrus eyes Innes for a moment. Trying to figure out just how much effort he is going to put into this whole business. He must have determined not much effort at all because he simply nods, "Wonderful. You're good to go." is all he says in response. He probably would have ignored V'dims letter anyway had it not been for the fact that Kera was one of the weyrlings in question. It was the quickest and easiest way to get to have a conversation with her, "So Kera…how about you?" he asks, "What have you noticed?" He's going to try to be really super polite, but given that he has no apprentice at the moment (ok he has Perri) thats going to be something of a big task. He doesn't do good without some kind of moderating factor in his life.

Kera reaches over and starts rubbing Moncerath's eye ridges, grinning as the brown lizard happily curls up with his much bigger cousin, distant cousin at least. When Innes's seems to have answered questions to Cyrus's satisfaction, Kera looks over to her Journeyman, gesturing him to a spot on her cot to sit since she's on the edge of Moncerath's couch. Flashing a little grin to her dragonmate as she thinks "Well, I have noticed a few things, but we were warned to expect them. Like when she's hungry or itchy. Especially when she's excited and happy. I feel giddy or….bouncy.." An affectionate little pat on the green's shoulder before Cyrus gets her attention again. "We've been warned it can work likewise for negative things as well."

Cyrus nods his head as she explains what has been going on with her behavior. Thankfully there doesn't seem to be anything to terribly wrong with her at the present moment though that will likely change. At least as far as his opinion of the situation goes. Though he isn't quite ready to mention that yet. Though many questions do flood his mind. Most of which are a variation on the same thing. Why would you consider putting yourself in this position? Being a slave to a creature of less than human intelligence. He does his best to not let his irritation show as he answers, "Ahhhhh.."

Kera watches the Journeyman as she finishes, canting her attention back to Moncerath as she shifts her position on the couch. The small green dragonet extends her muzzle towards Cyrus, whuffling a warm breathe towards the Journeyhealer. After her curious little inspection, her full belly and oiled hide get the better of her and soon her slim muzzle rest on the edge of the couch. Kera grins for some reason and looks quickly around to a weyrling snoring loudly before he startled himself awake at the end of the row. With a little smirk, the greenling's attention goes back to Cyrus. "She's rather drowsy right now cause she just ate." And amused wink is flashed "And while she's sleeping, I'm able to catch up on a couple other things."

Cyrus watches closely as the dragon begins to fall asleep. Thats probably for the best. He wouldn't want to accidentally himself her. Just because he doesn't think all that highly of dragons doesn't mean that they don't have feelings. And Moncerath didn't do anything to him, at least not yet, "I'm sure that when she's young she'll do alot of sleeping. All little ones do when they get started." He glances around the barracks to see who else might be about before speaking to Kera once more, "So what is it that they have you doing all the time anyway?" he asks.

Bowyn hasn't really been on top of things today. She's been sleeping soundly next to Saeth for the last hour or so, after having fed him and oiled his hide. She wakes up just in time to hear Cyrus ask Kera a question, and she rubs her eyes as she checks to see that Saeth is still sleeping before sitting up. "Hey, who's this? What's going on?" she says, in a sleepy, croaky voice. Her blue lifemate shifts in his sleep. His wings drop, one off the side of the couch, and the other partially in Bowyn's lap. Snort. Rumble.

Kera 's amused eyeroll drifts to Bowyn when croaks out her version of a greeting. Looking back to Cyrus with a grin "Catching up on our own sleep, for one thing, as Bowyn demonstrates." A soft chuckle slips before she continues. "And we have to prepare the meat for them to eat. And they are teaching us about basic dragon care, or starting to at least." Tilting her head to Bowyn for Cyrus's benefit "And the croaking one over there by Saeth's couch is Bowyn." The hunter gets her attention then "Bowyn, this is Journeyman Cyrus. He's here to speak with us, and probably needs ya to croak back at him as well." So wake your butt up is said without actually sayin it.

Cyrus knows there is a good deal that they have to learn. Proper care and feeding of dragons probably being near the top of the list. There probably is a manual laying around here somewhere 'How to train your Dragon' or perhaps for the dragons, 'How to train your human.' He does give another look around the barracks and seeing nothing of the kind he turns back to Kera, but only for a moment before looking in the direction of Bowyn. Who is this? He hasn't met this one before, thankfully Kera introduces him, "Hello." he says to Bowyn before turning back to Kera, "So…I'm curious do weyrlings ever get thrown out of the program for not doing it right?"

Bowyn doesn't like being ignored. She croaks a couple more 'heys' before she's answered, and then only replies with "…Oh. Hullo. What are we talking about?" She stretches, lets out an aggressive yawn, and then moves so she can lean on the sleeping blue more. Cyrus' last question has the hunter wrinkling her nose, and she butts in. "I don't really think they can do that. You get punished for causing trouble, but they can't just kick you out when you have a baby dragon who can't even function on its own yet to take care of." She gives the Journeyman a look like "…really?" as she looks between him and Kera. "I've never heard of it anyway."

Kera gives a thoughtful frown at Cyrus's question, thankfully Bowyn's response gives her a little time to think about it herself. After a few seconds, she can only nod agreeably with the blueling. "I don't think they would stop being a weyrling, quite the opposite I think. I would bet that they would be a weyrling til they got it right?" A brow lifted to Bowyn, as if silently asking what she thinks. She looks around the area to the couches spaced throughout the barracks then back to Cyrus "Why, have you seen someone doing something wrong?"

Cyrus gives a little shake of his head, "Nahh. I was just thinking out loud." He does know that Kera has a penchant for getting herself into some hot water. So does he really. There might be hope yet for Kera to get kicked out, at least that was the thought process behind the question, but that hope is promptly dashed by Bowyn's answer. Crap. Oh well. It was worth a shot, "I'm sure that you all are behaving yourselves." he adds. He ponders what to ask next and comes up with a whole lot of nothing. Crud.

Bowyn nods to Kera. "Sounds about right. Someone was talking about a weyrling who's dragon was already four turns old before they graduated. Don't know if it was true or not, but the thought is…uh…amusing? Or sad. I can't really decide." At the end of this tale, Saeth finally wakes from his slumber with a great sigh. How can he sleep with all this talking? But oh, his clutchsisters are here! The blue whuffles in Moncerath's direction since she's closest, and croons sleepily to her with whirling green eyes. Cyrus' comment about the weyrlings behaving themselves causes Bowyn to look over at the greenriding weyrling with a cool expression. Oh sure. They're behaving themselves /just fine/. "I suppose we are…right?"

Kera nods to Cyrus when it seems he was just musing out loud, but gives a mock igdignant look to the journeyman before cracking into a grin "Of coarse we're behaving." Kera gives a too casual wave around "It has to have been….months since I got in trouble last…" She seems to consider her recent actions then nods more certainly "I'm pretty sure…" Something does tick through her mind and she cast a peek to Bowyn "There /was/ that order from the Headwoman to iron that candidate robe, that I wasn't able to for obvious reasons." Kera chuckles over that and peers down to Moncerath as Saeth's greeting causes her to stir as well. The young green warbles to the waking blue as Kera nods to Cyrus "Well, I'm reasonably sure I'm staying out of trouble."

Cyrus isn't one to tell anyone else to stay out of trouble. In fact he might be more inclined to tell people to get into trouble. A: Its job security, and B: It's a good deal more fun, "Well if you ever get bored behaving yourself. I'm sure that you could find a way to liven things up." he says to Kera. Since he doens't know Bowyn at all he can hardly say what sort of trouble she might get herself into or not, "You too of course." he adds. Not wanting her to feel left out, "It wouldn't be proper to let your teachers off the hook by being too good."

Bowyn narrows her eyes at the Journeyman when she's included, catching the effort he's making to not leave her out. She just kind of…smirks. "Hey, there's thing, though…even if we're being good they're still after us for something. There's always something." Or is it just her? Who really knows? Kera's ever-changing statement of how long she's stayed out of trouble earns a stifled chuckle from the blueling and she clears her throat after. "/Reasonably/ sure, huh?" Grin. "Hey, are you giving us that mental check thing? Is that what's going on?" she asks Cyrus. "I forgot that that was a thing that happens." Moncerath's warble is returned by the little (but definitely growing) blue. He stretches his neck in her direction to get closer for cuddles. He likes cuddles.

Kera laughs with a quick shake of her head "I don't normally have a problem when I want to liven things up. But I think Moncerath stirred things up enough for the time being." An affectionate rub along the green's shoulder when leans towards her clutchsibling, cuddles are good, as long as she doesn't have to move, too much. Kera stands from the edge of the couch, wincing as she stretches a bit. A quick nod to Bowyn in partial answer "Yea, I think so." She gestures over to where the notice board is "I think there was a messege about it from the Weyrlingmaster."

Cyrus nods his head to Bowyn, "Yes. Thats why I'm here. Just to make sure that you all are adjusting well and all that." Given that he hasn't met anyone here but Kera it's sort of slow going. He hasn't heard anything today that would indicate a serious problem, beyond what he considers to be an already serious mental problem of sharing your brain with a dragon. He isn't even sure what he would do if he found something. Dealing with humans is one thing, but dealing with dragons is something different entirely, "I'm glad to hear that you both seem to be doing reasonably well." He does catch Kera wincing though. Hopefully they are treating them well, "You alright?" he asks.

Bowyn seems satisfied enough with Cyrus' answer. "Arright. How long have you been working with Weyrlings then?" she asks, narrowing her eyes again. She's not sure she even likes being analyzed, if that's truly what's going on. She has to test these waters. Kera's gesture to the notice board is given a brief glance, and the hunter responds with "Oh right, we have a board." There seems to be a lack of attention span on her part, at least lately. Saeth doesn't make Moncerath move much for cuddles, instead taking it upon himself to slide half of himself off of his couch so that his head can rest next to the green, on her couch, his torso can be on the ground, and his butt facing Bowyn on his own. It looks…uncomfortable. And it causes his lifemate to sigh and shake her head, muttering something unintelligable under her breath.

Kera nods to Cyrus as she finishes stretching her back and arms some "Yea, just some of the task we have to do now make you aware of muscles that don't normally scream at ya." A quick gesture to the couches around, then the meat tables where buckets of meat are there to be hauled somewhere. "Cleaning the couches, carrying all that heavy meat.." A little shrug lifts her shoulders then Bowyn's mutterings get her attention. Peering to the young dragons she simply chuckles with a grin "Oh leave him be Bowyn, he's not bothering anything." With a little smirk, she winks to Cyrus then clear her throat to Bowyn and points "I think maybe he's trying to tell ya his butt needs oiling…maybe?"

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