Drinks Between Friends

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

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Keziah eyes Lan and then snorts, "Mayhap its not Morale but morals yet needing. And maybe he just doesn't like yer pretty face.or maybe he does and he doesn't like that." Her fingers wriggle a little under his hand. "maybe ask him, I dunno."

Maybe he didn't realize that he had kept his hand over her own, until her fingers wiggle and he quickly removes his as if in embarrassment. He gives her a half smile, feigned to cover over the awkwardness. He does grunt, "Reckon that could be true… He is narh bad looking…" a half considered thought, then a shrug a he finishes off another ale. "Then again, yer narh bad looking and I got a knee in the balls for trying to communicate that ta you the last time… Best just keep my head in the dirt and butt in the air, work how he wants me to work and grumble about it over a glass of ale. Better than bein' dropped to the floor in agony again." He retells it like a joke, even if it was only a Turn or so ago.

Keziah coughs a little "Well, twas a bad thing ya pulled, in the barracks no less." she murmurs and looks a little sheepish. "And well, you did umm try to force the issue and all and umm well, I umm." she coughs a little and then looks away. "There's others who're prettier than I am." she notes after a moment. "Though well, one would think you had umm balls of steel with the beating they take and you still walkin'"

"Aye, was a bit… untimely of me-" he notes with a subtle scratch of the back of his head, kinking his head to one side and then the other. "'ere now," he turns to her with a silly grin on his face, "Ya at least have to admit yee liked it just a tiny smidgin'," he expresses with his fingers almost touching, as if to indicate the smallest fraction possible, leaning in a bit to bump shoulders with her, whispering, "Reckon we be done out of the weyrling wing now, yer secret be safe with me." As for the prettier remark, he snorts, leaning toward her, "Yer out of yer mind ya know. Just take a compliment when a fella be givin ya one. I fer one dun-narh be kissing ugly fih fer a hobby. Yer no fish, let me tell ya." He wobbles his stool a little closer to her own, rocking back and forth to push it along without having to stand up from it, "Reckon I be sterile by now…" he mutters quietly, matter-of-fact manner too.

Keziah turns back and eyes Lan "I don't have to admit anything." she notes and then hmmphs. "Well, I'm glad you don't think I'm a fish." she wrinkles her nose a bit at that and then she notices him getting closer and she shifts a little looking just a tad nervous. Or at least she fidgets with her cup and then quickly finishes it. She does stiffen, or maybe that was a slight shiver at the shoulder bump. "Well, does it matter if yer sterile or not?" she asks with a tilt of her head "I mean, were ya lookin' fer having kids?" she eyes him a moment "Course, I suppose if it affects yer performance, I could see your issue."

"Take it to yer grave, I get that…" the man stifles a laugh, smirking behind a lifted mug of ale, going through a fair bit of ale since the woman came to the bar. Her reaction to the 'fish' comparison has him nearly choke on some of his ale, left to sputter into an arm sleeve as he side glances at Keziah, noticing then her figetting and general nervousness, especially at the stiffening. Well, her conversation about his manhood does get him to give her space yet again, as he grumbles, "Ya dun have ta talk about it like that. I reckon I can do… fine." OOO. Hesitation. Second guessing himself? Definitely. "Reckon I also did narh want kids… still reckon I do narh…" He makes a face, "Like I dun have enough ta worry bout… raisin a kid on top of it, hah…!"

Keziah gives a little sigh, of relief? as he moves over. At his choking she looks at him with concern, "You okay there? You ain't supposed to breathe it in." Still there's a bit of a smirk at his objection to her phrasing "What? Like how?" Course, she is a beastcrafter afterall. "What's wrong with what I said? And iffen you don't want a kid, why worry about being sterile? If you are, you wouldn't have to worry about procreating and the like. So that shouldn't be a problem. And if you're performing up to par, whats your worry? Laera hasn't complained has she?" she asks curiously and looks thoughtful "Course, I suppose if she is having an issue with it, I guess that would be cause for concern. Perhaps you should see a healer about it."

Ers'lan thumps his hand on the bar top, his head having been ducked down and now it turns on that downward angle to near-glare at Keziah, "-NO- she hasn't complained…" he grunts, "and that's the sharding problem." His head drops and his fingers slide through the lengths, muttering, "And she -IS- a healer…" He reminds with a roll of his shoulder as he huffs loudly, "Arg… jus drop it ok…" He slumps forward onto the bartop now, nearly leaning his head on his arms, sighing, "I jus want ta get drunk. Need another cider?" he asks with a head turning toward her, eyeing up her glass.

Keziah blinks a little "It's a problem because she hasn't complained?" she shakes her head a little "Strange man." she notes "And iffen you don't wanna talk about, why did you brig the subject up?" she asks curiously with a tilt of her head and seeming quite more at ease again, and perhaps it's because he's seeming a bit put off by her now. "Sure, I think another cider would be good." she notes "Though why you'ld wanna get drunk and suffer hangovers is beyond me."

There is a pitiful whine in his throat as he admittedly whines, "Reckon I dunnnn know why… Reckon ta give ya more ammo to heckle me with…" He sits up and seems to shrink his shoulders around himself, then grumbles under his breath, "Ta make me less threatening to…" He guzzles down the rest of his third mug of ale, which means he takes a near full mug and does not stop until he empties it clean. As she does agree to have another cider, he straightens out a bit, enough to flag down the bartender and order another for her - he even takes care of the cost!! As for the last remark, he snorts, "Reckon so that it be I dun have ta remember …"

Keziah is silent for a moment and she looks a bit concerned and then there's the cider and she smiles "Thank you." she notes and well it seems as if the concerned look is whisked away. "What, ya think I need help to heckle?" she asks and blinks a moment "You ain't threatening. Honestly. Why would I be afeared of you. I deal with crazy swamp people, I 've been abduc.. err well I've dealt with worse than you, and iffen you don't wanna remember our conversation I can go ahead and go now." she hmmphs a little.

"Ya seem to like it, jus gave ya more material to work with…" he notes with a dry tone of voice, muttering to the bartender to get another pint of ale, which is dealt with in a speedy manner. He turns his eye on her at her comment that he isn't treatening, a disbelieving stare given to her, "Aye, reckon I am. Yer flinching a lot …" he wrinkles his nose, happy to have a beer distract him as he quickly goes into another one. "Swamp people… ?" this has him reconsider her again, "A story ya best tell me." The word she doesn't finish has his brows shoot up, "Nao ya got me attention. Spill it…" His accent is coming back full force, thicker with each beer down his gullet. "Nay… Shardin girl.. why do ya always think I be slightin ya?"

Keziah head shakes a little and then she blatently ignores the bit about spillin it and instead goes on about the swamp people "Tis the holdin' I rescue the critters out of the swamp for, been doin' it fer turns. Been workin' with 'em to bring 'em up to speed so to speak. Thea was appalled to hear they didn't even have firelizards, but then it really ain't ideal conditions there for egg layin' and all. Still, they've got a fair amount of dry land and all. Just tucked away deep in the swamps with only a narrow strip connectin' them to real land." she notes and then eyes him a bit "Well, aren't you?"

"Nay…" he casually leans his elbow up on the bartop, the one supporting his beer, with fingertips grabbing the top of the rim and finding a drink that way, "I reckon I did narh mean it the way ya take it…" he shakes his head with a heave of a sigh, "Ya jus take things too personally… I reckon I dun understand. Ya hate me, ya tolerate me, ya hate me…" He gestures a circle with his finger, canting his head toward her again. He tends to listen to the swamp story, but it doesn't hold as much fascination as he first suspected. He lets the conversation ebb a bit, waiting for her to continue and when it seems like he has a moment to contemplate, he asks, "Whar was the 'abduc' thing all bout?"

Keziah shrugs a little "I wouldn't say I hate you." she murmurs as she talks more into cup than to Ers'lan. She's silent and then lets out a little sigh. "I know. I'm not a very nice person. I dunno why you put up with me." she snorts a bit. "So how are you and Laera doing anyways? Things going well between you two?" she asks as she completely jumps to a different tangent and doesn't even remark on the word that was cut off. Nope. Not her.

Ers'lan gives a half snort half chuckle into his mug when she shrugs and murmurs of hate, "Aye, but I reckon I make ya feel annoyed 99% of the time." He half cants his head as he continues to consume his ale, regarding her drink from the corner of his eye to ensure that if the bartender doesn't keep on a refill for her, he will. "Yer fine. Speak yer mind, tell it is how it is. Reckon I feel ya still want ta put me in my place all the time…as iffin I be a weyrling still." The man notes the subject change and grunts, "Suppose we all have our secrets…" He looks disappointed, rolling a shoulder casually, "Jus fine, why, ya wan'na snuggle with her?" Tease.

Keziah snorts "Not 99 of the time." There's a pause and then there's a canted smile. "Well maybe, 98.9 of the time." she admits and then sighs "I dunno why you annoy me, y a just do, but I think yer decent too, so well. It don't add up." There is a snort "Nah, I don't wanna snuggle with her. Was just jokin earlier." she looks over at him. "I don't really like talking about it." she says in a quiet voice. "It still scares me." she murmurs softly.

"Ahhhh, reckon that be an improvement from 99% of the time," he chuckles, listening to her admittely say that he does annoy her, a time spent with self-reflection in the liquid of his mug. He doesn't add anything to that, joking aside. For the part of Laera, he murmurs, "Tell ya truth, I dun think I would mind seeing ya both snuggle…" A wink thrown to her to keep the jesting atmosphere alive before it gets serious. Though, it does. He shifts at her quiet voice, eyes lingering on her, "Ya wanna go some where more private? A booth maybe?" Sensing the conversation shouldn't be overheard by others, "Reckon ya never know iffin it will help ta talk bout it until ya do."

Keziah just blinks a little at Ers'lan and then snorts. ""Fraid I don't tend to swing that way. Only happens on flights and then not too often." she murmurs and blushes a bit. SHe then glances around a little and nods "Yeah, lets find a booth." she says as she gets up and then orders up another cider. "I think I'll need more to drink." she notes as she heads towards a booth back in the corner. "Dunno if it'll help. Never does, but what the heck."

Ers'lan makes a disappointed cluck of his tongue for the idea of the womanly entanglement shot down. "Ahhh, t'was worth an askin," he notes, smiling back at her considering her blush upon her cheeks. "Suits ya," he compliments, "Makes ya look cute-" the back of his fingers moved up to indicate her blush if she doesn't move away from the attempted graze of her cheek. Then they're packing up to move, his legs sweeping off the stool as he deftly takes his drink in one hand and his gear in the other. "Reckon ya could be surprised…" he glances back to the relatively quiet tavern, blue eyes flickering back and approving of the selected table. He all but sinks into it, the booze slopping over his hand slightly in his jiggling to get a comfortable seat. At least the booth is all one piece, a rounded bench to suit several more people than just their two, but it works nicely - high rise back rests that protects conversation from drifting too far.

The color in her cheeks deepens even more at the brush of fingers, but with having moved onto the booth she removes herself a bit from that. "I suppose, I've been surprised before." she notes as she stares down into her mug and then waits for the next one to be brought over before she says anything more. More like giving herself a chance to collect herself "It was Turns ago, and it really never gets easier." she says after the waitress leaves. "Even before Mirai." she adds as a means of dating it. "I was asst. stablemaster at the time." She takes in a deep breath "Have you heard of…Kefai?"

Ers'lan eases back into the more comfortable backing of the booth seat, slouching into it as he thanks the waitress for the refills as it were. The man then settles into listening, holding onto an encouraging expression, though it is not without a curiosity quickly seen in his eyes. He bobs his head as he actively listens, enjoying a pull of ale in the meantime until the question of Kefai is asked, at which he stills himself. Slowly he edges the mug down back on the surface of the table, nodding, "Reckon so…Renegade ain't he?"

Keziah gives a nod. "Aye, and a crazy one." she murmurs softly "There's really not much to say though. I was singled out, along with someone else and we were kidnapped and taken to his area. He wanted us to join him. There were so many children there, they all looked like him. He had them all kill themselves except for a few that went with him. Only a few kids were freed from that. All those children." she swallows and then takes another drink. "He can so easily come into the Weyr. He's been back you know. A man that can have a goldrider kidnapped. Who can so easily slip in and out of a Weyr with impunity? Who has so brainwashed his children that his own daughter leaves us with her golddragon. That man is so charming it's scary. It… I.. I almost can believe him. He's so convincing. Of course Thread is never showing up, but there's that little kernal of doubt. But still. So many Turns have passed since then and well, obvioulsy no Thread like he believes."

"Kidnapped…" Ers'lan murmurs in a surprised tone, shuffling a bit closer to her, leaning so that she didn't have to speak louder than what was necessary to talk between them. "Kill themselves?!" an astonished expression washes over his face, brows lifted as he watches her closely while she reveals more of what she endured. "So… wait… wait…" he lifts a hand, "Whar be hee's whole purpose behind the kidnappin? Whar did he gain from it? Reckon I dun narh get why he made 'em kill themselves. Whar do be his plan?"

Keziah shakes her head a little "I dunno all he was hopin to gain. What I do know was he was wantin' to get support of a Weyr." There's another pause "And breeding. They said they chose only those who have qualities to be passed on." The last part is said with a shudder. "He was crazy though, he was saying a big meteor shower would herald the return of Thread by the end of the Turn. His voice was quite mesmerizing. I swear I still here it in my sleep at times. But when we didn't buy into it, he was less charming and more." she pauses a moment and then continues "He was polite, but he was still threatening."

Ers'lan seems to 'huff' slightly at the indication that a renegade was trying to get the support of a Weyr, his fingers tightening on the mug of ale, the obvious hatred for 'renegades' showing through by his hardening frown with eyes that contained a glimmer of spite. He snaps his head toward Keziah at the 'breeding' part, "Shardin bastards… did they hurt ya?" He reaches out instinctively to put a hand on her leg (since he did shimmie himself close). The rest of it gets a strong exhale and inhale, a hissing promise that doesn't have any words behind it but the intent was clear. He loathed renegades. "The lands should be scowered 'til every last one be strung up…" and there was a cold underlying tone in his voice that meant every breath of it.

There is a slight shudder at the touch on her leg, but for once she doesn't react anymore than that. "Not pysically, really." she says softly. "But, to have several large men manhandle you, and then have the world go black? It scared me. It still terrifies me." she admits. "I wish we could. I would gladdly have them all wiped off the face of the planet. It's why I took in Mirai. I think, I think her mother was someone who'ld been 'taken' in by some group. I think her mother wanted her daughter to not have that kind of life. It's why I have to help everyone that I can."

"Aye… sadly I know how that be…" He states when she speaks of being 'manhandled'… Ers'lan lets his hand slide off her leg and recup his mug, slouching forward to lean against the table, dropping his head some, "Thar be a reason I meself can narh stand ta see a renegade, why I be wantin ta see them all at the bottom of the sea…" He looks over at her, half smiling though his tone rings with long repressed anger, "But whar terrifies us do make us stronger when we do face them…" He looks out across at the empty bar tables nearest to the booth, "Tis why I dun narh mind being in Galaxy… Thar be a chance I can see justice done…" He grows quiet, nodding about Mirai, "A child can narh help whar they be born… iffin her mother be a part of them, tis good you have Mirai now."

Keziah glances over at Ers'lan "What, what did they do to you?" she asks softly. "If, umm, you don't mind telling me?" she bites her lower lip a little "I understand if you can't talk about it." she adds in a soft voice. There is compassion in her voice and understanding. "Mirai is lucky to have the Weyr as her home and her family." she smiles softly "And I'm lucky to have her."

Ers'lan flashes a tiny flicker of a smirk, though there is no humor behind such a look. "T'was servin on a fishin fleet that me father owned…Our schooner was boarded by pirates. T'was … mm.. fifteen or so.. young at the time… Watched 'em kill the cap'n and throw him over board. They beat on anyone who be talkin or fightin or strugglin… Pirates, renegades… be the same scum off a different boot." He tosses back a few more hearty gulps of ale, noddin at her, "Tis hard to talk bout, but ya told me yers." Though he rolls his jaw a bit, looking away off into the distance, considering what to tell and what not to tell. "I can't remember too much after I be dragged below deck… only remember being covered in me own blood when I woke up and me father's disgust as he saw me. Aye. Me father and the rest came to our aid, but too late fer dem pirates were long gone and either took everything that we owened or took the lives of those who did narh own nuthin. Took our fish too…"

Keziah shudders a little "That be worse I'm thinkin'" she notes quietly and tentatively reaches out a hand towards his and then self-conciously starts to pull it back. "Thank you, for telling me." she shifts a little nervously. There's a look on her face of almost now what do I do? So what does she do? She falls back on her old tricks. "So, how bout those latest drills." And likely falls flat.

Ers'lan squints his eyes at the memory, then toward her for the quiet remark drawn on the conversation. He does notice the hand reaching toward him, also noting the fact that she means to pull it back. So what does he do? The ever brazen brownrider reaches out and grapples her fingers within his own, scolding her lightly, "Thar is no need ta be awkward bout it." Though whether he means the hand holding or the subject at hand is hard to garner. He squeezes her hand gently, speaking plainly, "Tis the past though, fer both of us. Whar did happen brought us ta this point, ta meet our lifemates and ta be in a place with friends…" he doesn't add in family, but rather continues, "I regret that I did narh have the courage ta fight 'em, ta stop their attacks… but I dun narh regret living through it either. Reckon I met me next cap'n, Jonas, because of it… rest his soul." He mutters, "With out all the bad, thar would narh be all the good… like us two sittin here havin a drink.. who would have believed that!" A winning smile there at the last.

Keziah swallows a little as he not only takes her hand, but actually grasps her fingers. Okay, now what? Miricle of miricles she doesn't yank her hand back, though she does tense a little. Nervous much? She does smile as her mind shifts to Alosynth and she relaxes a little as she touches minds with the green. "Yeah, I suppose sittin here with a drink with me is a good thing." she says with a little quirk of a smile. There's a pause and then she relents a little "And tis a good thing to be drinking with you." Did someone spike her drink? Nah.

Ers'lan half shakes his head at Keziah's reaction, likely aware of her tension even if a smile does find her face eventually. "I reckon we all did suffer some loss 'n hardships in our life… without it, t'would narh be with our lifemates and be it that, which drives me ta enjoy each day 'n live beyond whar cruel minds did." He reaches over with his other hand and sets it on both of theirs, "See, tis good. Be pleasant…"

Keziah hehs a bit "Well." she stops there and then frowns a moment. Not a bad frown, more like on of consternation. "Tis good." she finally settles upon. She's not relaxed, but she's not as tense either. "So, umm. What do you do on yer free time, aside from drinkin?" she asks after a moment "I mean, I've known you how long? And I don't even really know you."

Ers'lan seems to tense up a bit as he's asked about his 'free time' as if he's suddenly put on the spot, all things considered. He blinks a few times and then laughs, a hearty good-natured laugh, honestly putting to her, "Whar free time is that?" Eyebrows perched up, "Aside from sleepin, duties ta the dragon, duties ta the wing, learnin with the harpers, and catching time with Laera, gettin in some runnin and exercise… tis all I can do to get a spare moment fer a drink." He does shrug his shoulders a bit, "Iffin ya mean outside of all that, uh," he squints as if really considering the truth, "Get inta wrestlin some, though I reckon I like kickball (soccer on pern?) - even iffin I'm none too good at it. Fishin too. Going ta catch a runner race once an a while or a schooner race. Reckon stuff like that, narh that I get ta do any of it very often…"

Keziah hmms a little as she tilts her head a little "Yeah, I could see you doin' wrestlin'." Is that an appreciative look there in her eyes? There is a smile though "I do enjoy a good runner race. Been a long time since I've participated in one though. Kinda miss it. But I do tend to prefer the longer distance ones." She smiles fondly. "Was in one that ran from here to Eastern. There was about fifteen of us. I came in sixth. That was a fun time."

Amazed, Ers'lan's first response is, "Ya rode in a runner race!" He looks up and down Keziah in a new profound way, "Hah, reckon that be a crazy thing ta do. Whar be it like? How'd it feel?" He grins, taking an interest in her 'after work' activities as it were.

Keziah can't help but laugh "Several races actually, mostly short distance, but it was a good way to earn some marks. Birthin' caprines not usually as much." She hehs a little as she ponders how to describe it. "Freedom. It was absolute freedom. Just you, the runner and the wind." She sighs softly "There's a connection that you feel with the runner beneath you. There's no mind touch, but you know what's going on by the feel of the muscles between your legs, the heavy breath and the thuds against the earth that you can feel in your chest.'

The man is completely enraptured, certainly by the end if not the beginning. Why? It's likely because his mind has gone to the dogs and the dogs were in the gutter, because he sputters out, "Reckon thar narh be the only time the feel of muscle between yer legs can get that kind of reaction…" He says it before he even realizes it. Well, he is a guy and that type of 'expression' only made him think one thought.

Keziah blinks a moment and then laugh. There's a twinkle in her eyes. "Runners can have that effect on people." she smirks a little "But you're right, the feel of a dragon, there's no beating that." Slam down? She just shakes her head a little "As for well." She pauses a moment and then she shrugs a little. "Reckon it all be dragon." she notes after a moment "So I guess I couldn't really give you an accurate account."

Ers'lan side glances at her with an sarcastic tilt to his brow, not commenting at first until she speaks of not being able to give an accurate account. That right there has his mouth open a thumbs width, snorting, "Yer kiddin right? Ya truly serious that ya never felt … outside of it being because of dragons?" He returns a look to his ale and just bottom-ups it, grunting as he regards her again, "Ya gotta get out more."

Keziah is silent for a long time "Well, I suppose I am. There was a few times 'fore Alo. Nothing remarkable and not always fun." She shrugs a little "I don't need to get out more. It's just not in me to bounce around between beds like some other greenriders. Or well, I don't want to just bounce around between beds I guess. I mean there, oh." she stops and then eyes his drink "You generally don't remember after drinking right?"

"Bad bedmates…" he chalks up the 'not always fun' part to, growlin, "tis supposed ta be bout fun…" as if some other bloke's poor performance between the sheets has tarnished them all! Or something. In any case he flags down for more booze, seeing on how he's getting on a roll. "Ahh, reckon iffin that the way ya be, that the way ya be… ya jus can miss out on some opportunities. Reckon it can be all bout fun before it have ta be serious." A beat, "Bet ya can bounce 'round in a bed better than any of 'em." Oh the brute. He's getting on a path he is going to find harder to stray from the more beers in him. Sailors! A look toward her, "Aye…mostly only pieces aye. Ya mean what?"

Keziah gives a little nod and seems almost thankful that he's gettin' another round. Course, there's a blush on her cheeks again. "Well, they say it's fun and all, but well." she shrugs and then there's an odd look on her face "I don't think I've ever bounced around on the bed." She just eyes him "It'd be a wonder that it didn't break." She heh a little at the change of topic, though she supposes the one is better than the other. "You umm, ever race a schooner?"

Ers'lan gives a laugh, though it isn't mocking, maybe not in the way she thinks, still he grins over at her, "Yer so cute…" and that's all he says. No indication what made him laugh or what he said what he said. There's just a stupid grin on his face afterward. He does zero in on the blush. Damn women with their rosy cheeks. If there ever was a sucker for those, he's it - cause his hand reaches up to graze the backs of his fingers over them again. "Yah jus need a confidence boost is all…" he mutters in a low tone, about to do something but then the waitress is there with his drink and another for Keziah. He bobs his head and sends her away with a good sized tip. Getting generous. A turn back to Keziah as she tries to divert the subject, anwering with a noise between his teeth to indicate he hasn't. Instead of falling for it more than that, he means to hook his finger underneath her chin and turn her face toward him, and if she lets him get that far he'll say, "Trying to break the bed is all part of the fun."

There's a snort as she mutters under her breath "Cute's for puppy dogs a babies." But it's sad more as if by rote then with any true feeling to it.Maybe she's tipsy one the fumes or something, but her eyes are just a little wide at the finger grazing. Then there's an almost sigh of relief or maybe that was disappointment as the waitress comes by again. But then the subject hasn't been changed and the just looks back at him with those pale blue eyes that widen evgen more. Maybe it's the finger under the chin or maybe "Why would you wanna go and do that? Such a waste ta be breakin somethin like that on purpose I would think."

The finger settled curled under her chin slides away back toward her ear when it seems as if she's going to hold her face there without his support. Fingers sweep back hair away from her ear as he leans in close, face suddenly right close to her own, with his facial whiskers probably even touching her cheek as his whispers touch her ear, "Tis a secret, but ya dun actually ever break the bed…reckon tryin be half the fun…" As he seems to be pulling his face back, his other hand sneaks up with fingers aimed to turn her face just enough so that when he cants his head, his lips are aptly upon her own. Just as the last time he tried this, he does it really without her consent… although he is not as forceful as he was last time, this is something quieter, softer, more patient and subdued than the last time he just grabbed her for a kiss.

There's a little shiver at Keziah's hair is swept away by his fingers and she swallows. There's twitch on her face at the feel of his whiskers. As he whispers, well there's certainly a sharp intake of breath. She's just watching him though and she starts to shake her head a little at his words but suddenly she's being kissed, and though some part of her was likely expecting something of the sort happening. She's not that dumb after all. It still catches her by surprise, however. Perhaps it's the fact that they're in a booth and he's next to her and thus makes it hard to attack, or maybe it's because of the shared tragedies. Or perhaps that it's just so gentle of a kiss. Either way, she doesn't resist. She doesn't kiss back, at least not at first and then there's a tentative parting of her lips and then she's kissing back. And then, she's sitting back her eyes wide and she's shaking her head "I'm sorry."

No, he wasn't dumb either. Or maybe he was. Was she just trying to be friends or had she put up with his 'annoyances' just so she could see what he is all about? The fact of the matter is that when the kiss isn't rejected with a punch to the crotch or a kick to the shin, or even a BITE, there's a slight grin against each touch of lips. When she does start to take to him and kiss him back, he shimmies closer to comb his fingers through her hair to settle on the back of her neck, tempering his kissing to get more involved, amping it up. Until, she breaks it off, by sitting back. Letting his hand drop to the table surface, the other is thrown up on the edge of the booth, a brow lifted as he considers her, "Nothing ta be sorry bout. T'was good Kezi, try again…" he encourages, though this time he doesn't make the move, he just sits there, observing.

Keziah shakes her head again. "I don't, I didn't, I'm umm." she closes her eyes and shakes her head again "I don't wanna lead you on." she finally settles on. "I mean." A pause. "I don't know what I mean." Another pause. "It was good?" she purses her lips a little and then at the suggestion of try again and him just sitting there, it's not just her cheeks that go red, but her whole face. She can practically feel the heat pouring off. "I couldn't, I mean, I umm. Oh sweet Faranth." She takes a deep breath. She is certainly feeling out of her depths here. What was she ever thinking? Or likely she wasn't thinking. Help? There's a brief unfocusing of her eyes and then there's a slight look of annoyance at whatever she discovered with that and then droops a little and finds herself more leanding against him and then she's sitting up again and then a leaning forward and then she slumps. "I can't. Oh shells. For once I think I want a drink. But I don't. That wouldn't be good. " There's another pause and a glance at him and then "Shard it all anyways." And with that she leans to kiss him back.

Ers'lan watches her go through the motions, his expression readable. It's an expression of amusement at first, then humble patience and understanding. He pushed it on her when she wasn't expecting it the first time. This time it was half-expected, and now he put the ball in her court. He waited. It was her time to decide if she wanted to be co-workers, friends, or more than that. More than that could get complicated, but a kiss didn't have to mean complication. He nods encouragement for her pursed lips as she questions the quality of it, keeping a quiet smile on his lips as she decides the outcome. His arm outstretches behind her when she first leans against him, but that is all he does, so that he doesn't make her feel caged. As she attempts with a failure turning into a droop, he cants his head to the side with a questioning arch of a brow and a tugging at his lips. Her final decision has his other arm shifting so that a hand rests likely on a hip in their current position, while her intentional lean to kiss him does not go without its rewards. There is a distinct feeling during the kiss that he's letting her do the driving, only correcting or adjusting the wheel when necessary… but she's in control.

Keziah explores a little with her kissing. She's never really taken much time to actually explore the intricacies of it before and well, she's not doing too much now. Just trying it on for size in a way. Still she seems a little less unsure of it when she stops and pulls back. She sits there a moment and doesn't say anything. Then she tilts her head a little to one side and gets a little half grin, though her eyes show some trepidation still. Still she really can't help her mouth sometimes and can't help but say "That really wasn't all that bad. It didn't kill me or nothin'." Perhaps an attempt to toss up barriors again, or well, it is Kezi. "Should I say thank you? Or does that sound trite." she shakes her head "I umm" she looks away and then murmurs "I liked it. I guess." she looks around a little "I really should probably go though." If for any reason that she's not to sure on anything else.

As the kiss fails to result in any ball bustin, he does lean into the booth with his one side, so that he in a way curls his body toward her. His hand on her hip start to settle more on her thigh, slowly rubbing a soothing line and circle, no where near anything else, just staying in a relative safe spot. "Aye, nor did ya kick me…" he winks, shrugging one shoulder, "Iffin ya want, ya can say thank you, but tis only iffin ya ever wanted jus the one kiss from me… iffin ya want more, thar be other ways ta show gratitude." He lets her go through her paces, her low self-esteem getting in the way. The last has him mutter, "Iffin ya want to go, I won't stop ya. Iffin ya want to stay, I'd like that. Iffin ya want me to go with ya, I can. Be it completely up to yah."

No, no ball bustin' after all, he's got enough of that recently hasn't he? Keziah sit's still and she is actually thinking a little and then she smies "I'm thinkin I should probably go alone." she says almost more to herself than anything. "I'm not sure I'm ready for more." Least not sober and the likelyhood of her actually drinking is pretty low. "I think I'd like to, to try more later, but I don't think I'm quite ready for more." There's a pause "Give me time." There's a little smirk "Maybe I'll even talk myself into at least cuddling with Laera." she says as she starts to slip out from the booth.

As promised, he doesn't prevent her from going, though he does at least keep her back for one last attempt at a kiss, something to leave her toes tingling at the very least. He's a sailor, he knows the ropes when it comes to good kissing. Then, he just lets her go. She's free to slip away from him. Despite his free release of her, there is some hint of disappointment at her choice but it isn't all that bad, since there is an empathic understanding within his expression and tones as well. "Good eve then, be it that pleasant dreams do be finding ya when you do sleep," a sincere fairwell for her, though he does chuckle to the remark about Laera, "Iffin that day ever come, reckon I be dreaming so deep I may never wake!" He winks, saluting her with a lift of his mug. He'll watch over the rim of his mug of ale as she leaves and until she's out of sight, then, then, it's back to the hard core drinking - the kind of drinking men do without women around to judge.

Keziah does let herself be pulled back for one last kiss. It'll certainly give her something to sleep on. She smiles softly "Sleep sweet when you get the chance." she notes quietly "And thank you, for listening. Perhaps it did help." Or maybe it was the after stuff that did." She then slips out, a thoughful look on her face. She pauses at the door and then glances back over her shoulder. "Well then, we'd just have to make sure that you know yer not dreamin'" And she leaves it at that as she steps out.

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