Dragons vs. Doors: Round One. FIGHT

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate and Weyrling Barracks
Xanadu's barracks are a massive, L-shaped amalgamation of caverns and construction, squared on one end, rough-hewn and oblong on the other, with weyrlings and candidates separated from one another by a large communal area. Wood and stone floors meet in a clever spiral pattern that interlaces and spreads, creating harmony in a space meant for completion of chores, classes, and storage of both dragon supplies and bedding for humans. A singular wooden door leads into an office for the weyrlingstaff.

Windows stretch the length of the candidate barracks, a long, low-ceilinged room that opens off the training grounds. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the hatching arena, with a locked door closing off a tunnel that leads onto the sands. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands; candidates seldom need more than a light blanket, but a diminutive hearth is available for the warming of beverages or the occasional firelizard-surprise.

The weyrling half of the barracks have been burrowed back into stone. Close and dark when shutters to the outside world are drawn, the ample paths between dragon couches have been lit with dim strips of light. Smaller couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings, while the largest ones at the back are for those close to graduation. A second small hearth abuts a massive cavern opening that slopes gently down to the training grounds outside.

The time is now. Kovagath has done his surveillance. He has watched The Door. He has studied it. He's probably licked it. And now, it is time to see what is behind it. Sh'y is asleep. That is probably why the weyrling blue is allowed to sit and stare and study without being distracted — because his weyrling is unaware of what plots are being plotted. « Alright, » he decides. « I think we can do this. » HE THINKS?? He knows. « We can. » Yes. That door is going down. Rising onto all fours, he boldly stalks toward the unsuspecting door and presses his snout to the handle. « This is how the humans get in. I don't think it will work for us. »

Navenath is immediately awake, despite the fact that Ajral's ability to get a good night's sleep has been kind of terrible for the past few days. Between naps while Navenath has been playing in the pool, and the occasional zone out, she's still been awake waaaay more than is healthy, so when Nav let her go to bed, she slept soundly. And now Nav has to try EXTRA HARD not to wake her up. Which is, at least so far, working … « I'M HERE, » announces psychedelic skeleton army. « And … hm. No. Did you try biting it? Do you want me to try biting it? »

Getting off her couch without waking Avi was a very slow, very careful process for Mirieth. Many a time, she had had to pause and play statue until her little human had settled back into sleep. Still, she is free and following Kovagath through the rows of couches with a shocking measure of care. « We have got this! » She's certain of it. « No door stands a chance of not falling before the two of you. » Course, there is a moment, or two, where the eensy green teeters and nearly tumbles, she catches herself though with a spastic flair of wing and an immediate freeze. Right now, 'whispering' is the hardest part for Miri.

Thankfully, they are probably small enough that the aisle between couches are still quite large (since, presumably, they'll be navigating them when they are so much bigger). Not that Kovagath wants Mirieth to fall, of course! Just that, if she did, it (probably) wouldn't wake anyone. « I have not tried biting it, » confirms Kova. If the blue could narrow his eyes in suspicion, he might have done so. Instead, it is his mind that carries that tone of 'study the enemy' as he reaches out and tentatively touches teeth to handle. Stop. Back up. « If you want to bite it, please do, » he offers, moving out of the way for Navenath and her dancing skeletons. « If that does not work… » Well. There's always brute strength, right? « Stand with me, Miri, » is encouraged as he wiggle-worms his way out of the place just before the door. « And be prepared. » For what?!

If biting fails, all three of them can break the door down at once!!! Navenath is sure that plan will work, but first she has to try attacking this knob creature with all the might of her skull-face. Teeth chomp down, first gently and then with FIRM DETERMINATION. She even shakes it, but doesn't manage to figure out the whole concept of having to 'turn' it all the way, and so while at first she is triumphant, « It's moving! » she is not smart enough in the way of doorknobs to keep it going in the same direction, and sags after a moment with, « … It's not moving. It died. I think I bit it too hard. Shit. »

Wiggling is something Miri is VERY GOOD at and the excitement that washes over her? It definitely inclines her to wiggling. Course, there's a little bounding as well, enough to get her out of her much larger sister's way and have her scooting up next to Kovagath. Her « This is SO EXCITING » is maybe a hair to loud, but she's is nearly vibrating as she presses up against Kovagath's side. « You have to /turn/ it, » she provides to Navenath in a wash of strawberries and glee. « I've been watching the weyrlingmaster when they go in and out and they grab it and turn it before pushing! » She might not be the largest, or most coordinated, but she's VERY SMART and has done her homework.

Kovagath perks up at the first declaration, wings briefly mantled in a show of excitement before they drop right back down when the door does not budge. « Hmm, » comes with a wash of numbers and figures and contemplation before he moves to try and snake his head in to push his nose against the door. Ineffective. « I think it was already dead. » So at least she didn't kill it? Settling back, Mirieth's observation is given due consideration before he says, « they do seem to use their paws on it before it opens. And the other side has two points of contact with the wall. » Hinges! « Maybe if you bite it, and we all lean into it… »

GOOD PLAN. Navenath is going to take the cue and the tips and try again, because she can definitely manage to turn this thing, she just, she didn't know she was supposed to. « Okay, I'll make it turn and then we can all push! » is neon-sign bright and pulsating with excited yellow beats. « Also I'm not sure it was alive ever, but I think Ajral thinks it was, so maybe it was … before it was a door … This isn't important, » at least she kind of? has priorities? She's trying the biting thing again, this time sitting up on her haunches for a better angle and twisting the knob in the direction she just RUDELY BORROWS FROM MIRIETH'S THOUGHTS instead of actually asking. Clutchmate hivemind. « Turn turn turn turn … is this enough? Something went CLICK. »

« PUSH! » Yes, that was WAY to loud and is promptly followed with Mirieth's not so whispered « SHHHHH. » The click though? Oh that glorious click, both it and Navenath's announcement have the considerably smaller green vibrating in her spot next to Kovagath. Course, there is a good deal of Ehehehehe'ing and preening for her advance problem solving skills. Her mind, though? And open book, she's more then willing to share with her clutchsiblings any time they want.

« Push! » Kovagath's mind echoes Mirieths, just at a considerably lower volume. He follows words with action, leaping from his spot to body slam shove his whole dang self into the door. Is he also shoving into Navenath? Probably. It's gonna be a dragon pile in a moment, but they're getting through that door! The real question is… will the door survive?

THIS IS FINE. The door, um … well, it's kind of still a door. At the top? But as Navenath also pushes, and Kovagath and Mirieth are going to push into both Navenath and the door, and Navenath is turning that knob while shoving her shoulder and wings in and … well. Okay. So that part wasn't that quiet as the door collapses inward partially, off the bottom set of hinges, the wood is bent, dented and probably has a couple of holes in it and the pile of dragons are on the other side of the door. « I. Think we double killed it? » Navenath doesn't even say 'ow,' even as she tumbled forward as soon as the opening started and the knob basically tossed her off itself. Dragons can't dislocate teeth, right?

« OW » Is definately something that escapes Mirieth as goes tumbling into the door with the others. Fortunately, the ow is more a sound of surprise then distress or pain. « What can you see? Can you see anything? » Whatever lies beyond that mysterious door? She is absolutely certain it is glorious. « Remember not to touch the little desk! » Which would be /great/ if ANY of them knew what a desk was. >.>

Don't break a tooth, Navenath!! The dragons go tumbling, the door gets… killed, and somehow Sh'y does not wake up. Maybe it's because his bed is way over there as far as he can get from the weyrlingmsater's office? (Totally by accident of course >.>) . Kovagath makes no sounds of surprise or pain, but there's definitely a sprawling of wings and limbs as the door gives way and the babies go tumbling. « Well done! » is offered to Navenath as he works to disentangle himself and push back to his feet. No heroic pose for him! He's already off and investigating, snuffling around the base of a desk. « I think we're supposed to aim for the little desk, » he considers, but really… would he even know the difference? Desks. Bookcases. Chairs. All is worthy of examination. And maybe a lick or two.

Navenath is the one who definitely has no idea, and while pulling herself up from the ground, asks, « What's a desk? Little compared to what? » She can't even remember when this came up or if it was a target or not. Her memory bank, Ajral, is sleeping the sleep of someone who was awake for nearly two days. Since it's just her two clutchmates, while she DOES strike a 'total hero badass bitch' pose for about three seconds, that's all — THEY already KNOW she's awesome. « Thank you, » she remembers to add, for the praise. She's also giving the floor a lick, juuuust in case. Even if she's still pretty sure spit is gross.

CAN three dragons fit in that office? Sure, they are relatively small at the moment, but it's probably going to be a tight squeeze. Mirieth is polite though, hanging back and acting as 'lookout' for a few moments before wedging her head, neck and shoulders through the doorway. « It's beautiful » she declares as her head turns this way and that. « What does it taste like? » Wiggling a bit further into the room, she stretches her neck way out, nosing at papers and chairs and cabinets with a curious aire.

« Dirt. » Tastes like dirt. « And something else. » Paper. Wood. Ink. By now Kovagath's got his head over the desks, peering at the paperwork (that he has no idea is paperwork) and watching in delight as it flutters away when he snorts at it. « Hey! Hey look at this! » A great breath is given and the entire contents of a folder ends up scattering into the air to float down like snow. « Hah! » He'll just go ahead and do it again. And again. And again. Until there's nothing left on the desk that can be moved by breath alone. And then a duck of his head beneath the desk. « They have little caves that smell like feet! » Why is this exciting? « I wonder what they keep down here. »

« And stone. » Navenath licked the floor, so that's what THAT tastes like. Dirty stone, but there's stone underneath. The flying papers? Are great. She doesn't have enough space to really jump, but she rises up on her back legs to try to catch one, and even succeeds! And bites her way through it. « Whoops. Those aren't very sturdy. Don't tell anyone. » She's not sure why, but she's pretty sure it would be bad if anyone knew she messed that up inexorably. « Is it just me or is this room like … extremely small? »

« Feet. » Miri's helpful response is uttered as she wiggles a bit further into the room, her tail lashing behind her as she SQUEEZES into the space with her clutchsibs. « Or boots! Or boots /and/ feet! » The fluttering paper is enchanting to her, though, her eyes whirling a merry green as she calls « Do it again! » Course, now that everything but her BUTT is in the office, there is not much room to do anything more then try to stay out of Navenath's way when she rears up. « I don't think I fit all the way in…» And she's the smallest! Course, that does not stop her from trying, a wiggling squirm ending up with her pressed between Kovagath and Navenath in a way that is not entirely comfortable.

There is definitely some sort of tangled wings-limbs-tails business happening, but it's fine. They're all family so Kova doesn't mind getting nice and cozy/ with his sisters. Just don't step on his tail, please! « It's a little small to store feet. » He's thinking of his feet. « Hm. » It's on //the way out that his head collides with the underside of the desks and he discovers « It moves! » with the delight of one who is definitely going to be overturning that desk at some point. « And it has moving parts! » Drawers. Another bump of his head has the whole desk wobbling and the blue's mind dancing in delight. There might not be any skeletons to join in, but the glee is apparent. « Hmm, » comes in curiosity for the bitten paper, and he assures Navenath that, he « Won't tell as soul, » as he snakes his head around to nip at one experimentally. It moves, too, but a paw pressed down stops that nonsense so that Kova can give the page a good, long lick that tears the page. « Blech! Oh! I broke it. » He'll just scoot that over there with the other one Navenath bit. « It's a tight squeeze, » he agrees, trying unsuccessfully to get to the other desk and finding the way impeded by other baby dragons.

It was right around where she realized that the room seemed a lot smaller than she was expecting that Navenath, who also doesn't quite process that she is growing, tried to turn around and found that she didn't really have a lot of room to do that either, so she can't really … leave so easily. « I think you changed the color of it though, » she flashes brightly, noticing that the torn page is now WET the way the bitten-in-half one kinda wasn't. « It would be baller if there were just feet down there though! » The skeletons join in the glee dancing, because they can, because she isn't good at restricting them. « Like. Feet bones. How great would that be. » Even if they might be trapped there forever. FEET BONES.

« I'm not sure that would be great, » Mirieth admits as she tries to make herself small around her wriggling siblings. « That mean someone was missing feet! » And she's pretty sure that that would be a bad thing. It's with parts and bits bumping into her that she tries to wiggle back and realizes. « I'm stuck. » She's not /stuck/ stuck, but she can't crane her neck enough to see that she needs to press her wings flat and wiggle backwards to get back out. Backing up the bus is NOT a move they have practiced.

Kovagath has not yet discovered that they are (probably, definitely) stuck in the office. He's way too interested in the idea of feet-bones (or any bones, really) being under the desk, and the color-changing paper. « There are no bones under this desk, » he is sorry to report. « But maybe under that other one? » As for this paper here… « Maybe it's a secret message! Let me lick another… » Which he will promptly do, which is how he ends up with a paper stuck to his tongue. « Ugh, no, it's attacking my tongue!! Get it off! » There's a bit of head-slinging, and a few furious swipes of his paw at his face that simply results in the wet paper tearing a bit. And, of course, a whole lot of bumping into things, including his sisters. Eventually, either alone or with help, he manages to get most of the (very, thoroughly destroyed) paper off his tongue. « Stuck? What do you mean, stuck? I'll help! » Except that going one way bumps into a desk, the other way into a wall, this third way into Navenath… « Hm. NO ONE PANIC but. The room might be shrinking. » IT'S A TRAP!

Navenath is gonna try to check the other desk, because it might have feet bones. « Bones usually come from after people don't need them anymore, » she recites, as if Ajral has told her these exact words. She won't worry about what the 'usually' means. « So I could have them. I'll go loo — » She will not go look, because she's going to crash into furniture or another dragon no matter where she goes. « OH NO YOU'RE RIGHT. We've been CAUGHT and are now being BOXED IN until the room shuts ON US AND WE SUFFOCATE AND DIE. » Ajral is now having one weird nightmare. But that's normal with Navenath, so … « We may have to aggressively smash our way out. »

It is, perhaps, a little known fact that yelling NO ONE PANIC is probably the quickest way to inspire panic. Or, it's a known fact, if one is not a BABY DRAGON. And, while Mirieth is more then happy to catch the paper between her teeth and help free Kovagath, the moment he says not to panic? There is an immediate surge of PANIC and a more frantic wiggle that has the remaining door hinge cracking free of the wall and the wood of the jam splintering around her hips. « I'm NOT PANICKING! » She is TOTALLY PANICKING, particularly when the sound of wood splintering and groaning reaches her. « WHAT WAS THAT! » For his part, the moment that Miri presses the panic button, Avi is sitting bolt upright on the bed, his hands moving to push his hair out of his eyes as tries desperately to shake off sleep and figure out what is going on. "Miri?" That she is not on her couch has his heartskipping a beat, the frantic « HELP! HELP! » Pushing him to feet. It's sight of his dragon's back end sticking out of the office, her tail lashing wildly, that takes him momentarily aback.


[Dragon/Xanadu] Navenath actually isn't panicking, because panic isn't her game, but she is just like, SO CONFUSED, y'all, that she's gonna add a surprisingly dull-shaded, « IT MIGHT JUST BE THIS ONE WE'RE NOT SURE YET, » just in case someone has a safer door they don't entirely want to disengage from? « BUT WE DO, UM, MAYBE REQUIRE A LITTLE HELP. »

« EVERYONE JUST STAY CALM! » would probably be a lot more effective if Kovagath wasn't yelling it to the world in a shrill and slightly panicked mindvoice. Alarms are definitely going off, lights are flashing. There's no way that someone (Sh'y) can sleep through this racket. As Kovagath does his best to NOT PANIC in his PANICKING, Sh'y is having a rude awakening that definitely involves doors with teeth. And… toes? At least he's quick about catching on that something is wrong, throwing covers aside as he tries to figure out where his blue has gotten himself stuck. And Kovagath? Well. He's definitely //shoving at things and at least trying to throw his weight in the same direction as Navenath so they can be a united front against the room that seeks to eat trap them!

[Dragon/Xanadu] Mirieth is totally panicking! She tried not to, but she is and that is abundantly clear in the « HELP! HELP! » that erupts from her.

[Dragon/Xanadu] Neifeth bubbles forward with wicked laughter edging through her mind, spiney red vines crawling into view. «IF it's busy killing you then the rest of us are fine, it'll probably get tired once it's through. Or indigestion. Thank you for your sacrifice, you will be remembered, blah blah blah.»

[Dragon/Xanadu] Inasyth is panicking OMG DON'T LEAVE HER OUT! « BABIES!!!! DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE? CAN I OFFER MY WINGS IN YOUR TRYING TIMES??? » Just bubbles and golden chicken feathers showering over everything.

Ajral is accustomed to waking up suddenly in emergencies, which this most definitely is, ven if she's completely confused about how it happened. Navenath, OF COURSE, is gone. She is not where she was left. Ajral hates her life right now, and rubbing an eye, pulls herself to her feet and moves in the direction of Where Navenath Went, which is at least always a very clear map for her. And it isn't that far. She also sees Mirieth first, and looks as lost as she feels, that is to say: almost completely, and just … stnads there for a moment trying to get a read on the situation. Navenath is no help. « I'm gonna try to turn around, » she announces, and immediately smacks her head on C'con's desk corner. « SHIT BUCKETS, I am NOT gonna try to turn around anymore. The closing-in room can just FIGHT ME. BRING IT BITCH. » Ajral exhales. "Shells," she groans, "what on Pern."


There are moments in life when one simply has no words. Seeing his lifemate's hindquarters and tail flailing wildly while wedged firmly in the entrance to the weyrlingmaster's office? One of those moments. "I…. How?" Course, Mirieth is in a full blown panic, her tail reaping a swath of unintentional destruction behind her. "Mirieth! Calm down!" Which is, as an aside, never a helpful thing to say. Scrubbing his hand over his face, Avi does his level best to jump over that lashing tail, moving in until he is close enough to get a look at what is going on all up close and personal. « I can't see youuuuuuuu » Mirieth's wail is plaintive as she twists and turns (as much as she can in the position she is in) no doubt wreaking just as much havoc inside as outside.

[Dragon/Xanadu] Inasyth is on the job! « I'LL SAVE YOU MY BABIES WHO ARE ACTUALLY LEIRITH'S BABIES BUT SHARING IS CARING AND I CARE FOR YOU ALL. EVEN YOU NEIFETH CAUSE I KNOW YOU WOULDN'T ACTUALLY SACRIFICE THE YOUNG ONES! LOOK AT THOSE FACES! » The little chibi baby dragon faces with overly large eyes and cheeks plastered onto her mental champagne bubbles.

Sh'y is quick to catch up, at least physically. Mentally? He's still in that 'what the hell?' moment of trying to figure out exactly what has happened and whether it's real or not. But the panicking appears to be real enough, and the lashing green tail is definitely real. "Kova!" He doesn't actually need to shout given the whole telepathy thing, but he does. For emphasis. The blue is being called to task, though Navenath's battle cry is quickly picked up by him as well. « WE SHALL FIGHT TOGETHER, MY SISTER! I HAVE YOUR BACK! » And her side. And her wing, probably. Kovagath will just snake his head out and bite at the wall, which is about as effective as one might imagine it to be. Outside the office, Sh'y is less inclined to try and scale Mirieth, but is definitely interested in getting a look at what's going on. "Can you see what they're stuck on?" IS HE PANICKING?? No. Maybe? He's trying not too but… baby emotions be strong, yo.

[Dragon/Xanadu] Neifeth watches the chibi dragon with a neon purple wave of disgust, washing over it but not harming it's likenes. Small favors. «First thing, get my name off your tongue. SECOND thing, I have seen them and they look nothing like that. THIRD, does no one around here do there job? Where's one eye and his merry crew? IS every dragon in this cursed place expected to be free child care? Dear children, pick your least favorite clutchmate, push them down and run. You're welcome.»


"Each other? Everything? Nav hit her head on something," Ajral sounds exhausted, WHICH SHE IS BECAUSE THEY WERE FINALLY ASLEEP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, but also a bit lightheaded. Because trying to figure out what's going on from Navenath's perspective is causing that. "That room is … just not big enough for them." Her sigh is the sigh of someone who never should have believed her dragon was going to stay asleep. « YOU TELL IT, » Nav is cheering on Kovagath's biting, and scratching irritably at the floor. Then she whacks a desk with her tail and probably cracks some of the wood, AND gives herself a splinter, so she lets out a dissatisfied noise loud enough for Ajral to bodily cringe as if she's been hit.

The thunder is both physical and mental, but definitely not any weather-related incident. Doesn't matter where Inasyth was, the gold got a distress call from some very upset weyrlings and so she is ON HER WAY, just barrelling into the barracks. Good thing the entrance took into account some weyrling masters might be full sized bronzes because she does actually fit in… barely. And bugling, loudly. If any weyrlings were still asleep… congratulations? « DON'T WORRY! I'M HERE! AND… » Her head swoops around the barracks expecting to see the little dragons in some sort of trouble in their actual areas but no fire or flood around the main area. « But what room are you in? It's not on fire in there, is it? » She'll calm down with the shouting once she spots Mirieth's wiggling butt. Inasyth might not remember the actual Great Barracks Fire of Clutch 29, but Rhody does and that counts enough. Rhody also isn't running in cause 1. She has much smaller legs than her lifemate and 2. Someone had to probably round up some dragonhealers or maybe the weyrlingmasters.

Mirieth pauses in her panic to cheer Navenath and Kovagath on. She may not ever be a heroic figure, but she's absolutely dandy with playing faithful sidekick. « Make with the slaying! Have at thee… wall..door.. desk.. disembodied feets? Bite it! » Course, this inspires tail lashing of a different sort, Mirieth's posture taking on that of the 'little dog' more then happy to jump and bark and snarl from behind the safety of the dobermen is lives with. At the SAME TIME? Anything in the general vicinity of her tail? Probably taking a thumping. Fortunately, Avi is small enough to press up against the wall alongside the door, desperately trying to make heads or tails of what is going on in the room beyond. "Miri," he soothes as he rests a hand on her flank. "You have to calm down.."


Kovagath will just have to try again with the biting. This time, it's at the desk, which he successfully gets his teeth into. At least he manages not to give himself a splinter (yet). « My Sh'y! » is NOT RELIEVED OR ANYTHING « THE DOOR HAS LURED US INTO A TRAP! IT IS CUNNING AND WICKED; DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT » That's definitely how it went down. Sh'y shoots Ajral a look, one that is both empathetic and exasperated because… baby dragons. And then he's trying to get in there and get his own look, managing to hop over Mirieth's tail on it's first lash. On the second lash, however, he's getting his feet knocked out from under him and landing hard on his rump. « INASYTH! » Definitely relieved. « THIS ROOM OF DESKS AND DUST HAS EATEN US! » "Avi! What can you see?" since Sh'y is clearly not going to make it. And, well. Then there is Inasyth, and any hope of being subtle (HAHAHAH That option went away the moment they opened the door) is out the window.

Meanwhile, Ajral is just … not sure what to do with this entire situation. Her eyes are wide and puffy at the same time from tiredness and disorientation, though she definitely makes that same face back at Sh'y. That 'why is this our life' face. Inasyth, she's glad to see, and grins at as if Rhodelia's dragon has all the solutions in the world, even if … that makes no sense … because she's known Inasyth a long time and she's usually a beacon of either problem solving, or problems. Odds are the gold can't make this one worse, but Ajral is not going to say that out loud either. « The ROOM, » Navenath starts to explain, because she is big brain am winning again, « IS SOME WEIRD KIND OF TRAP LIKE IT DOESN' T WANT US TO HAVE FEET BONES. » A confused face from Ajral, "There are disembodied feet in there? What?" « We got IN but we can't get back OUT and it doesn't make SENSE OKAY. »

[Dragon/Xanadu] Neifeth is only speaking to Inasyth because she's dreadfully hard to ignore, but there's a giant whine in her tone. «MY name.» Nearly a hiss, the vines growing in number and towering upward. «I gave my best advice, what do you expect?» She's totally whining, pitiful and self indulgent. «Little urchlings, someone will come rescue you. We've not lost an urchling in turns.»

"NO BITING!" That's the sound of C'con returning from what he thought was a rather brief trip to see Kataka and Vaangth to the dragonhealer's yard for a trip that found a talon caught in a wingsail. Luckily not as bad as it sounds or could have been. The weyrlingmaster seems just as exasperated as the weyrlings themselves as he makes a quick assessment of the chaos… and notes the golden interloper as well. "Inayth, if you'd be so kind, while I still have at least something of an office left…" He waves and the gold's eyes whirl softly as she thinks and then oh yeah, she gets the hint and leans in close enough that she actually boops Mirieth's flank since she's the only of the litle dragons she can physically reach although a flood of sunshine and champagne fizz wash out towards all three, combination of distraction and calming. « They are right. You should calm… you are not eaten. Herdsbeasts don't talk when they're in your little bellies, do they? And the door did not shrink. » If anything, the doorway got bigger in the destruction. « This is just a little puzzle. You have to be calm and clever and listen to your lifemates and the weyrlingmaster. Do what they say and they'll help get you out of the door. Doing what you did but in reverse, probably? » She hasn't really done much puzzles herself but she assumes that's how they work!

Avi cranes his neck, peering over Mirieth at the room beyond her hindquarters. It's a mess. They are in SO MUCH TROUBLE. But, what he says is "They're fine." How they got in there? He has no idea. "We just have to back Mirieth out and they should be able to wiggle out. Mirieth…" And here his words turn calm and soothing, one hand smoothing over her flank in a tender caress. "You have to calm down, darling… Just relax and stop thrashing." « I'm thrashing? » "Your hindend is thrashing, yes. Breath… nice and slow, in and out, and we'll get you right out of there…" Fortunately, Inasyth's booping her butt and flooding her with champagne fizz and sunshine and calm. « Ok. Making with the calm now. » It's the last little bit though, the 'do what you did in reverse' that has that lightbulb going on over Mirieth's head. A moment later and she is wiggle squirming, but SLOWLY, back until her butt is unjammed and she pops like a cork from a bottle. « I'm FREE! » For his part, Avi looks at Inasyth like he just might kiss her, whispering a faint, "Thank you so much," as he guides the distressed little green away from the dragon eating door.

Maybe one more bite? Just for good measure? Kovagath might have done it, too, but there's not much left within reach that he hasn't already bitten (except Navenath, and he is not going to bite her!). The champagne bubbles and calm logic — « No. They are dead when they are in our bellies. I guess we are not eaten yet » — has him at least a little more thinking-brained rather than fighting-brained. Sh'y will just… cringe a little, looking some combination of resigned, embarrassed and worried over the state of things. Really, he thought he was past the days of being reprimanded (He's a journeyman! He gets to do the reprimanding now!) but, well. Apparently not with a dragon. He scoots himself out of the way before Mirieth can smoosh him in her backing, hauls himself to his feet and dusts himself off as she pops free. And then he's at the doorway, trying to push into the mess of green-and-blue. "Kovagath, let Navenath out first." He might not like this idea, but will concede that it « Makes sense, » since he's the biggest. « You can step on me if you need to. » To turn around, if that's how she wants to get out of here.

Does Navenath have any brain besides fighting brain? No. But she does at least tip her fighting brain down to a low simmer instead of a technicolor battle explosion. "Come on, Nav," Ajral encourages. She's a senior journeyman and is completely and totally humiliated, but she'll deal with those feelings once Navenath isn't obstructing anything or trapped in place. « I will jump over you! » she starts to declare, but between Inasyth and Ajral, that's actually a hard no: « I will … carefully step over you. » It's more of a slide-hop, but one of her back paws does end up touching Kovagath's back for a couple of seconds there. She is fast and springy and pretty big, but he's still bigger. And she shows NO GUILT as she scuttles out of the room and just whirls her eyes BRILLIANTLY up at Inasyth. « HI. Thanks for comin'. That room was a jerk. »

Some sort of reprimand will undoubtedly be coming later, but for now, C'con is equally focused on getting those little dragons out of his office where they will be in less danger of hurting themselves and everything around them. His words right now are saved for the more soothing phrases to help with weyrling extraction of "That's it… easy does it… EASY! No jumps!" Add another hard no on Navenath's bright idea, but C'con nods as she does the careful slide hop. Inasyth has backed a few steps away and as each dragon manages to free themselves from the room, she's not gonna get in the way of the weyrlings being able to inspect their lifemates for damages, but she'll give her own inspection mostly off nose boops to the side. « I'm here for you any time. But now you know, doors might not just be in your way. They can also be there to protect you from things. Like jerk rooms that just want to trap you inside. I believe it's called an Office. And they're places that will trap those like C'con for HOURS! No fun at all, really. »

Mirieth doesn't have a fighting brain. Of if she does, it's a long way off before even coming close to rearing it's head. That being the case, she is nothing if not relieved, crooning softly as she does her level best to wrap herself around Avi while still watching to make sure that her siblings escape the trap they had all been in. « It was horrible, » she laments. « The door was all bitey and the room all shrinky and it smells like feet. » That last bit, probably the worst bit. Still, there is a wash of relief as Navenath emerges from the office, a croon bestowed upon her sister before her neck is craning to watch for Kovagath, as well.

Kovagath will weather it like the man-blue that he is! SCARS ARE JUST BADGES OF HONOR (even if Navenath didn't scar him. Just saying he wouldn't've minded if she did. Accidentally). BUT NO. There shall be no ichor spilt this night. With the other green free, it is time for Kovagath to make his escape. Wings tight and game face on (even if you can't tell because his face basically always looks like that), he twists around as tightly as possible, definitely knocks the desks a few more times (They're good and dead at this point) and finally smooshes himself through the door and to « VICTORY! ». And right into Sh'y's waiting hands. Hands which are definitely moving all over him and assessing the damage. Some bumps. Some bruises. A few scrapes. Nothing that needs more than a little bit of antiseptic to clean it up. Great golden nose-boops are met with happy croons and maybe even a lick, if Kovagath can manage to catch Inasyth's snout before it withdraws. « It was the vilest of traps. Insidiously designed to lure us in to an ambush. I should have seen it coming. » He will know better for next time!

The desks are dead, the door is EXTRA dead, the papers are … a problem … and as Navenath presses up against Ajral oh-so-briefly before moving away again, no one saw that, she doesn't need to touch this absurd human and make sure they're both real to make herself feel better after something scary, especially as how she wasn't even a little bit scared anyway thanks, SHE'S FINE AND THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Ajral has relaxed some, reaching out to pat Nav's nose and lets her shoulders slump. Because now she's becoming scared in addition to tired - they're in trouble, and she should have stopped this. Three experienced, competent crafters, reduced to people who are Totally Grounded, because Dragons. « We learned, » Nav tells the others enthusiastically. "And your face has a splinter." Ajral noticed that. "I'm not sure I want to — " She has to look at the Weyrlingmaster for this. "I can remove that myself, but maybe — " Maybe someone else should, because she is not a dragonhealer?

[Dragon/Xanadu] Tsarziath, laconically, « Then it's about time, isn't it? »

The weyrling barracks are definitely no stranger to splinters in weird places and C'con has enough training he's a certified Splinter Remover, as long as it's not super big or near anything super sensitive. Giant Tweezers and some antiseptic he fetches. "I can get this out, but you will all need to be looked over by the dragonhealers just in case. Now while I'm doing this, can somebody tell me what happened?" Apparently whatever their reprimand might be, it's not coming just yet. The man wants the story! The Full Story!

[Dragon/Xanadu] Kovagath is happy to report that they were VICTORIOUS! THE ROOM HAS BEEN DEFEATED! THE DOOR HAS BEEN DESTROYED! THEY ARE FREE AND NOT EATEN. Carry on.

[Dragon/Xanadu] Navenath still has A THING in her face though. DESK BITE.

[Dragon/Xanadu] Tsarziath snorts, moonlight shimmering through ruffled fur. « Pictures or it did not happen. » Something to be said about being one of two dragons in the world who can say that with a straight face.

Mirieth looks immediately relieved the moment that Kovagath is free from the office, as well. Flopping on the ground, she remains still while Avi checks her over for signs of injury, only her tail lashing across the floor in an oddly feline display of aggitation. « We were patrolling, » she explains to C'con in quietly embarassed tones. « Making sure the barracks were safe.. And there are doors and they trap you all the time and we thought there must be monsters behind there.. Monsters that smell like feet, » she adds with a tip of her snout to Kovagath. « You're safe now. Navenath and Kovagath are very brave and fierce. » Throughout her retelling Avi watches Miri with varying degrees of disbelief, a glance slanted toward Ajral and Sh'y before he shakes his head and runs a hand over her eyeridges. "How about we leave the patrolling and monster slaying to the weyrlingmasters?"

C'CON WANTS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH?! WELL. HE'S PROBABLY ABOUT TO GET THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF IT. Mirieth says they were patrolling. Kovagath says « We were staking out the door, » while Sh'y says, "I was sleeping," which was probably his first mistake. He shoots a look at the blue who does not even have the grace to look guilty. « As I was saying. We were staking out the door. We knew there were secrets behind it. Dangerous secrets. When the moons were high, we struck! It fought back, but he wrestled it into submission. Navenath took point. I came in as back-up. Mirieth… was very supportive. » Their adorable green cheerleader. « Inside, we were lured into a trap of the most nefarious design! But not before we discovered the dangers of the desk, and the color-changing papers. » Look. Listen. There's nothing in that office that has not been licked, headbutted or bitten at this point, okay? Even the floor was not shown mercy.

Yeah, about that. Ajral was getting some kind of dreaming version, but she thought it was another one of Navenath's CREEPY ASS NINTH-HOUSE-NONSENSE dreams, and was therefore completely ignoring it until the part with the screaming. Unfortunately, Navenath is still herself, meaning that since the other two already provided an explanation? All she's going to do is proviate, « What they said, » followed by, « Also this wood thing called a desk COMPLETELY attacked me out of nowhere. » She's the one who licked the floor, too. Ajral's sigh is loud enough to be heard across the room, and her face is completely down in her hand now. "I was also sleeping," quiet, almost pathetic, from between her fingers.

"One, two…" If you thought C'con would wait until three, you're wrong! He attacks the splinter by suprise, but he's an expert at it and so Navenath's face probably doesn't have anything to fear. Unlike those desks. He looks over the spot once more before giving a nod. "Still to the dragonhealers before too long. We'll cover proper patrols much later, but sounds like somebody's got way too much energy." Or more like three somebodies. And three very exhausted somebody's. "But I think we can figure out something about that… Charybdth was saying Ila'den should be here soon…" Just let THAT threat hang there. Inasyth realizes there is no actual trouble left and now things are getting to the punishment phase of things which… no thanks. She only wants to be the Fun Mom and so she's already backing herself out the barracks. « They should sing a song. About the wonders and importance of doors! Lessons always stick better when you make them a sooooong!!! » She sings herself as she exits, stage right!

Avi doesn't know what to think of the stories the babies tell and it shows as he glances between them before cupping Mirieth's head between his hands. "You can't do things like that without talking to me first, Miri." While it is a reprimand, it is gentle and loving and coupled with his head lowering to press his brow against her own. "Any of you could have gotten hurt." And that's not something he wants to think about. « We were careful, » Miri laments in woeful tones. « -ish. Mostly. » But Avi's kissing on her head and she's immediately coiling around him crooning her strawberry scented croon. "Are they both alright," he asks as he glances at the others.

WHAT IS THE SAYING? SPEAK OF THE DEVIL AND THE DEVIL WILL COME? Well C'con said the magic words, and here the devil comes. Ila'den arrives, sporting a steaming mug of Klah and — despite the fact that he always appears tousled to some degree (hair unruly in its defiance of gravity, the presence of an I-couldn't-be-bothered-to-shave-yesterday-and-probably-not-the-day-before-either scruff clinging to his jaw, the red rimming the only eye he's got left) — looking like he was pulled from the comfort of his bed to be here now, with Teimyrth in tow. And to be fair, he'd be here anyway because he does, on occasion, find himself assigned the overnight shifts and it's likely he has come to relieve C'con, but THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT. What's important is the way the too-big man looms in the doorway, the way that grey eye slowly tracks from retreating gold and Weyrlingmaster to Weyrlings one, two, three, and their dragons. Slow, slow, slow, Ila'den's attention lifts to the ruin of the office door. One, two, three moments pass in passive observation, broken only by the way Ila'den lifts his drink to his lips as if it's too early for this and he just can't bring himself to actually care (or process) what it is that he's seeing. Even, measured steps eventually carry him forward, the indifference of a predator sure of its next step carrying him, wordlessly, across the barracks to look even closer. Teimyrth looks too, lumbering slowly behind Ila'den until he can drop his head to see. AND IF YOU THOUGHT ILA'DEN WAS GOING TO BE ANGRY, there's a hint of canines in the beginnings of laughter that he snuffs out with another sip of his Klah. It's Teimyrth — distantly amused — who injects, « And did you escape unscathed, mine's mine's mine's heroic adventurers? » Listen, Ila'den probably had dragon-words crossed with C'con (WHO SEEMS TO BE DOING OTHER THINGS NOW, RIP C'CON), so there's NOBODY LEFT to turn and face when Ila'den finally brings his gaze from the detritus of what was once a workable office to THE GUILTY PARTIES INVOLVED. "I see you're learning how to use your bodies," comes on a low, gritty rasp somehow managing to convey his amusement, "well done." Now it's onto the Weyrlings. "Despite the fact that you were sleeping," or so he's been told, "I feel like tomorrow we should practice exerting the restraint we have over our lifemates." A beat, and another hint of canines, before he offers, "And I feel like Inasyth is right: a song does tend to help lessons stick. So — Sh'y, Avi, Ajral — you will be required to write one, and then perform it for the Weyrling Staff." PROBABLY BECAUSE IT WILL AMUSE ALL OF THEM WHILE THEY SORT OUT WHAT PAPERWORK IS MISSING. "Questions?"

Kovagath is unrepentant! HE FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT AND HE WON! That door is toast. They discovered the secrets of the office. ANOTHER DRAGON might claim it was their fault for closing doors in the first place and tempting these three (or, really, two because Miri is probably mostly innocent) into breaking down doors. IF THEY DID NOT WANT THEM IN THERE, WHY DID THEY MAKE IT SO ENTICING?! « We… escaped. » DEFINE UNSCAHTED! LOOK. Listen. YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER GUY! That office? DEFINITELY looks worse than the dragons. Sh'y is still sorting out the damage, minimal though it is, and every now and then his fingers find a bruise that makes Kovagath wince a little. But he's mostly just a little scraped; nothing worse than the equivalent of a skinned knee — not even any ichor. It is a tired sigh that comes for Ila, though he accepts these words with all the reserved resignation they deserve because this is his life now. Practicing control? Yes. He can do that. WRITE AND PERFORM A SONG?! That gets a look of almost horror — what cruel and unusual punishment is this?! "Uhh…" At least that's all he'll say about it.

Navenath almost doesn't hear the whole 'punishment' part because she is busy CATERWAULING MENTALLY — but only mentally, be glad for your ears — as the splinter was pulled out of her face. So that's the 'mostly' part of mostly unscathed. « I was wounded but it was WORTH IT, natch, » she says proudly, and Ajral squints out of her hands-covering-face look to ask quietly, "Nav, what does that even mean," and can't even muster the uptalk at the end. "Other than the splinter I think she's okay, she did step on Kovagath though." She straightens up a little more, to a perfect five foot ten and a half, upon realizing that hey, she actually should have been saluting all these people this whole time. Because she is a nothing weyrling and they are weyrlingmasters. To her punishment she only nods, long and slow, as while that indeed sounds KIND OF AWFUL, in Ajral's perspective she likely deserved it because she made the mistake of thinking that Navenath ever actually needed a normal amount of sleep on a normal schedule.

Avi doesn't know what to say. Usually, he feels like a full grown man (Even if he hasn't grown very much). Right now, though, he feels pretty much like an apprentice. Mirieth, however, is offering a chipper, strawberry scented croon to Ila'den and Teimyrth, her head swiveling to track them as they move. « They were very brave. I was brave, too, in a side-kicky kinda way. » But she's OK with being a sidekick to her more bold brethern. "A song…?" Hey now, he's a Harper.. Er.. was a Harper.. but he's not THAT kinda Harper. He's not going to argue about it, though. If Ila'den REALLY want to do that to his ears? Who is Avi to tell him otherwise.

(As far as Ajral is concerned, at least it's Ila'den who is actually close to twice her age, because if M'tras had been the one issuing a punishment she would have bristled against that SUPER HARD so everyone hold out for that one next!)

"Or a poem," Ila'den amends, because CRUEL AND UNUSUAL ONLY GOES SO FAR. "Or an apologetic play." But there's a long pause, a quiet moment when that grey eye rakes over dragonets and future riders, when his attention is drawn back to the office and then up to his own bronze. "Stay," comes for Teimyrth, and the dragon issues a low growl that could just as easily be ascent as dissidence for being issued a command. Either way, Ila'den seems unfazed, reaching out gently pat his dragon's maw before jerking his chin toward the door. GIVE HIM ANOTHER MOMENT TO SIP MORE KLAH (LOOK, IT'S EARLY AND Y'ALL UP TO SOME BULLSHITTERY AT DOES-THIS-HOUR-EVEN-EXIST-O'CLOCK, LET THE MAN HAVE HIS MAGIC GOGO JUICE), for Teimyrth to inject, « I would like to hear of your escape, and your injuries, and your daring. But only after you have rested. » and then Ila's rasping, "I'm sure you were very brave, Mirieth, and that you were a force of reckoning, Navenath. Come on, all of you. We need to get you looked over by the dragonhealers." And then probably Ila'den will let you sleep. BUT COME THE MORNING, trust those hands will probably be put to work helping clean up what messes dragons made. Leave it to Ila'den to pull What Remains of that door closed, watch as it Gives Up altogether, and falls INTO THE OTHER MESS OF DEBRIS THAT AWAITS FROM ITS ONCE PROTECTED INSIDES. Ila'den lingers for along moment to watch it, sips more of his Klah, and then low-pitched, rumbling laughter rises from his chest, lingers in the corners of his lips and the set of his eye before he gestures to the door again. "Move." He never raises his voice, but the last comes in a tone that says he expects to be obeyed. "You can tell me whatever else you need on the way." And he'll wait until the three of them head out first to follow behind. WHAT. THERE MIGHT BE MORE DOORS WITH TEMPTING SECRETS ALONG THE WAY. He just wants to make sure they aren't too tempting.

Prepare for a poem that rhymes in all of the worst ways. Maybe RIP the weyrlingmasters; will they survive this performance? Kovagath is unconcerned — he'll be leaving the poem-bits to Sh'y. HE DID HIS JOB, NOW SH'Y CAN DO HIS. (They might have words later). « I have emerged unscathed from this battle, » he announces proudly. « But I will go as moral support. » And maybe to get his bruises numbed up. And to appease the powers that be. Sh'y just yawns, sighs, yawns again, and reaches for a coat (HOPEFULLY IT IS HIS COAT). He doesn't even bristle at the expectation of obedience because honestly, at this point, his dignity is as destroyed as that door. SO MUCH SO that he does not even flinch as it falls but simply accepts this because… yup. Sounds about right. (Just ignore Kovagath looking way too proud over there — THAT DOOR NEVER STOOD A CHANCE). And if you think he learned a valuable lesson, well… The hushed not-a-whisper of « I think there are other doors on the other side of the wall, » to Navenath is sure to spell doom for any future obstacle that stands in his way. "Do you think they'd let us put halters on them?" wonders Sh'y to both Ajral and Avi. Because that might be the only hope of stopping them.

Guys, Navenath would write a song. Or a poem. But you don't want her to, that's the thing. You just … don't. It would be full of swears and dirty language, and if she were old enough to know what sex was that would be in there too, and Ajral just wants nothing to do with that. « I might have smushed you a little with my claw, » Navenath informs Kovagath, like, well, JUST IN CASE. She also stands tall and proud as she lets her be escorted for a check-over of those bruises and splinters and … she might have slightly displaced a tooth on that doorknob. Despite that, she is STRUTTING AND SHOWING OFF HER BADASSERY, just look at these incredible door-beating dragons. « We know how the turn-part works now. We're ready. » Ajral can't help but laugh, the tired and pathetic empty laughter of someone who just. Didn't. Get enough rest. "That would be such a good idea."

Mirieth's tinkling laughter (Or what passes for tinkling laughter) erupts in the wake of that door falling over, her body uncoiling from around Avi to move when they are told to move. Unfortunately, Avi is not thinking about coats (a fact he will regret later) and just moves after Mirieth, rubbing his eyes and slanting a wry look at Sh'y. "I wish. It would be so much easier." No, Avi, no it would not. Unless you consider being dragged around by and excited greendragon easier. Course, Mirieth is listening to her siblings, prancing along next to them in an effort to keep up. « But maybe this time not so much with the licking and head butting? » Otherwise, she is IN.

Don't worry, Avi. Ila wears layers. Don't be surprised if he notices any shivers and drops the heavy leather of his riding jacket over your head. YOU CAN THROW IT TO DRAGONS or use it AS YOU WISH, and he will still have on long sleeves under. EITHER WAY, ONWARD! TINY MISCHIEVOUS BEASTS TO THE 'HEALERS!

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